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  • krispyweiss
    22.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Album Review: John Hiatt with the Jerry Douglas Band - Leftover Feelings

    Leftover Feelings is an album that plays like a musical memoir.

    Singer/songwriter extraordinaire John Hiatt is backed by the Jerry Douglas Band on this collection of Hiatt originals that proves percussive blues and rock ‘n’ roll - like balladic folk, bluegrass and country music - work just fine without drums. And with words telling stories as varied as the music to which they’re set, the album seems a culmination of everything - musical and otherwise - that led to this point.

    Douglas’ Dobro co-stars with Hiatt’s lyrics, voice and guitar - there’s plenty of fiddle, banjo and mando, too. But Leftover Feelings is pretty much a Hiatt solo album with an exceptional backing band.

    Kicking off with “Long Black Electric Cadillac,” Hiatt offers part two of his Little Village burner “Solar Sex Panel,” thus making renewable energy sexy again. “I’m in Asheville” is a heart-rendering story - I’m sorry/I wanted this with you, a rueful Hiatt rasps - of love doomed to failure.

    At times raucous, other times languid; embracing grimy blues (“Mississippi Phone Booth”), folksy spirituality (“Light of the Burning Sun”) early rock ‘n’ roll (“Little Goodnight”) and much of everything in between, Leftover Feelings leaves little to the imagination.

    Grade card: John Hiatt with the Jerry Douglas Band - Leftover Feelings - B+


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  • fangirlstarot
    21.06.2021 - 4 days ago


    Loss. Bereavement. Depression.

    1. Depression - Nakuu (feat. Young Verse) 2. Gloomy Sunday - Billie Holiday 3. Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now - The Smiths 4. Mad World - Gary Jules 5. Til It Happens To You - Lady Gaga 6. Real Death - Mount Eerie 7. Not A Day Goes By - Lonestar 8. What Hurts The Most - Rascal Flatts 9. Hurt - Johnny Cash 10. World Spins Madly On - The Weepies 11. Sorrow - Flyleaf 12. It Doesn't Matter - Alison Krauss 13. Mama's Arms - Joshua Kadison 14. Sad Sad World - Sheryl Crow 15. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry - Al Green 16. The Sound Of Silence - Simon & Garfunkel 17. When She Cries - Britt Nicole 18. As Tears Go By - Nancy Sinatra 19. Flirted With You All My Life - Vic Chesnutt 20. Cry - Kelly Clarkson

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  • juluzsg
    11.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Nota: 8/10

    AOTY: 2009

    Robert Plant & Alison Krauss' Raising Sand 

    Definitivamente folk/country não é muito meu estilo. É uma bom álbum, um show no instrumental, nos vocais e a dupla harmoniza bem. Led Zeppelin não é uma das minhas bandas favs então essa vitória para o plant não foi tão emocionante

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  • krispyweiss
    08.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Quarter Notes: Blurbs & Briefs from Sound Bites

    FOO YORK STATE OF MIND: The Foo Fighters will host the June 20 reopening of Madison Square Garden with the venue’s first concert since March 2020.

    “We’ve been waiting for this day for over a year,” Dave Grohl said in a statement.

    All concertgoers over 16 will need to show proof of full vaccination; fans 16 and younger can get in with a negative COVID-19 test or proof of vaccination.

    THE BOSS OF BROADWAY RETURNS: Bruce Springsteen is reviving his 2017-’18 Springsteen on Broadway shows - which yielded a movie and album - with performances June 26-Sept. 4 at Jujamcyn's St. James Theatre.

    All showgoers over 16 will need to show proof of full vaccination; fans 16 and younger can get in with a negative COVID-19 test or proof of vaccination.

    “I loved doing Springsteen on Broadway and I’m thrilled to have been asked to reprise the show as part of the reopening of Broadway,” the Boss of E Street said in a statement.

    DR. DOG TO TOUR, RETIRE FROM TOURING: Dr. Dog will tour from August until the end of the year. Then, the band will stop touring - forever.

    “It's important to us that you understand that this is not a break up or anything like that,” the group said in a statement. “We don't know what Dr. Dog will do, we just know it won’t include going on tour, except the tour we're announcing now, which is going to rule.”

    PLANT/KRAUSS RAISING MORE SAND?: Robert Plant and Alison Krauss have reportedly recorded a followup to 2007’s Raising Sand.

    “(Plant) doing another record with - has done another record with - Alison Krauss and I heard a track from it the other day,” Greg Leisz said in comments carried by Ultimate Classic Rock.

    The song, titled “Searching for My Baby,” is “incredible,” Leisz, who played pedal steel on the duo’s first LP, said.

    “It’s going to blow your mind,” he said. “It’s fantastic.”


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  • krispyweiss
    08.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Album Review: Mark Rubin - Jew of Oklahoma - The Triumph of Assimilation

    Mark Rubin is angry. He’s disheartened. But he’s also funny. And he mixes these emotions with bluegrass, folk, jazz, blues and klezmer music to make his point on the Triumph of Assimilation.

    The self-proclaimed Jew of Oklahoma and former Bad Livers bassist announces a message of kindness, peace and love on “A Day of Revenge,” which kicks off the album, a half-hour treatise on being Jewish in America, on a hopeful note.

    Things turn darker on “The Murder of Leo Frank,” a true-story murder ballad-cum-tale of false accusations whose refrain is: hang that little Jew. And joy comes back via the instrumental - and self-explanatory - “Yiddish Banjo Songs” and “Good Shabbes” a solo-acoustic bit of country blues that imagines how the Rev. Gary Davis might’ve sounded as a rabbi.

    An Oklahoma native who once witnessed a cross burning in his yard and subsequently transplanted to New Orleans, Rubin celebrates all he is on the banjo-and-Yiddish “Avinu Malkeinu” (Our Father, Our King); with the Hanukkah-in-summertime “Spin the Dreidel,” featuring the Panorama Jazz Band; and on “Down South Kosher,” which bounces along on tuba, accordion, snare drum and banjo.

    I used bacon as a garnish and ham hock as a spice/if you wanna keep kosher gotta work real hard/cause everything here’s gotta a little bit of lard/you make accommodations when you live in the south/don’t ask too many questions ’bout what goes in your mouth/don’t wanna stick out you wanna get along/so eat that crawfish and sing my little song, Rubin intones.

    Elsewhere, he reunites with the Livers’ Danny Barnes on “My Resting Place,” a close musical cousin of “Man of Constant Sorrow.”

    And while only a Jew could get away with a song like “Unnatural Disasters” - it’s not always easy to tell one when you see one/so someone you like might turn out to be one/it's the Jews/it’s always the Jews/we cause global warming and he give you the blues, Rubin sings to a shuffle not unlike an acoustic arrangement of the Grateful Dead’s “Loose Lucy” - one needn’t be Jewish to relate to the Triumph of Assimilation.

    But it’s funnier - and cuts closer to the bone - if you are.

    Grade card: Mark Rubin - Jew of Oklahoma - The Triumph of Assimilation - B+


    #mark rubin the jew of oklahoma #mark rubin #the triumph of assimilation #the bad livers #alison krauss and union station #grateful dead#2021 albums #the rev. gary davis #danny barnes #the panorama jazz band
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  • heartodaygrowntomorrow
    04.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    1,645.) Fri Jun. 4, 2021

    The Song of the Day is: Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - “Killing the Blues”(2007) #SongoftheDay #music #parenting #Robertplant #alisonkrauss @RobertPlant @AlisonKrauss #americana #folkmusic #journal #HearTodayGrownTomorrow Support the Blog - Click Below

    The Song of the Day is: Robert Plant & Alison Krauss – “Killing the Blues” From the album Raising Sand (2007) Leaves were falling, just like embersIn colors red and gold they set us on fireBurning just like a moonbeam in our eyesSomebody said they saw meSwinging the world by the tailBouncing over a white cloudKilling the bluesRoly Jon Salley When it was announced that Robert Plant and Alison…

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  • same-ole-me
    03.06.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Every sweet thing that mattered

    Has been broken in two

    All my dreams have been shattered

    How's the World Treating You

    #Alison Krauss#James Taylor #how’s the world treating you #country music#Spotify
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  • pastyourstreet35
    01.06.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Alison krauss- Down to the river to Pray

    #Alison krauss #down to the river to pray #o brother where art thou
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  • pastyourstreet35
    01.06.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Let your loss be your lesson- Robert plant and Alison krauss

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  • pastyourstreet35
    01.06.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Alison krauss & union station-paper airplane

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  • pastyourstreet35
    24.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    “Give you a song and a one night stand, you’ll be looking at a happy man”

    #alison krauss #the lucky one #video #alison krauss and union station
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  • krispyweiss
    23.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Sarah Jarosz: A Prodigy Looks at 30

    A precocious prodigy who’s morphed into a prolific singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist in her own right, Sarah Jarosz turns 30 today.

    Born May 23, 1991, Jarosz picked up the mandolin 10 years later and also plays guitar, banjo and octave mandolin. By the time she recorded her debut, Song up in Her Head, in 2009, Jarosz’s rep was such that Chris Thile, Darrell Scott and Jerry Douglas were among those who pitched in.

    By 2015 - in addition to keeping up her solo work - Jarosz had formed I’m With Her with Sara Watkins and Aoife O’Donovan, creating an contemporary, classic harmony group.

    Since the pandemic began, Jarosz issued two additional LPs, 2020’s World on the Ground and 2021’s Blue Heron Suite, both masterful releases any artist would be happy to conjure up over the course of a career let alone within a year. As the pandemic appears to be winding down, Jarosz appears to be just warming up.

    No one ever knows what the future holds. But if Jarosz’s past is any sort of prologue, it’s going to be glorious for her and her fans.


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  • the-zildjian-king
    19.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I seem to be in the mood for this album today.

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  • krispyweiss
    06.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Song Review: John Hiatt with the Jerry Douglas Band - “I’m in Asheville”

    “I’m in Asheville” is a stab in the heart.

    A sad song of regret credited to John Hiatt with the Jerry Douglas Band - and the fourth single from their forthcoming (May 21) Leftover Feelings LP - “I’m in Asheville” is essentially Hiatt solo. He’s in full-on, John Prine mode, singing over a sparse, atmospheric arrangement that shrouds the lyrics in appropriate, grey-sky sonics.

    There’s some things you can’t come back from/if there’s some things you won’t go through/I’m in Asheville/I’m sorry/I wanted this with you, Hiatt rasps, reaching high into his vocal range for an extra dose of heartbreak.

    He didn’t wanna do it. He had to do it. And that makes the deed all the more painful. It’s all there in three, minutes, 26 seconds of masterful, sorrowful storytelling.

    For Hiatt’s sake, one hopes it’s fictionalized.

    Grade card: John Hiatt with the Jerry Douglas Band - “I’m in Asheville” - A


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  • nonbinary-gremlin-child
    26.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    ”With a note that said ‘I’ll love her till I die.’”

    — Whiskey Lullaby, Brad Paisley (feat. Alison Krauss)

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