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  • hitchell-mope
    26.07.2021 - 6 days ago

    She might have HIV. She’s stoned out of her gourd. And she’s just jumped her coworker. And she’s supposed to be the mature one ☝️

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  • the-anti-dean-cas-stan
    16.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    (disclaimer - this is about FICTIONAL Monsters and Hunters! I don’t believe most of this stuff is real, and this isn’t a server for talking about “real” supernatural/non-human beings or irl ghost/cryptid/monster hunting!)

    Do you like monsters? Do you think that the way most Hunters treat them is messed-up and wrong? Do you think that non-humans are people too, and that they deserve to be treated as such? Do you think that non-humans are really cool, and attractive, and don’t deserve to be killed just for being what they are?

    Do you dislike Hunters? Do you get annoyed or pissed off with the constant glorification of monster-killing? Do you think it’s wrong when fics and rps portray the Hunters as the “oppressed” ones, portray them as the “heroes” just because they hunt monsters, and portray them as the only ones that can feel grief or have trauma without being considered villains for it?

    If either of these is you, then you’ve come to the right place! You’ll fit right in here in Monster-Lovers United! This is a server for anyone who loves Monsters and/or who hates Hunters!

    It is mostly about SPN and Teen Wolf Hunters/Monsters, since those are the fandoms I know the best and that I am into the most, but any and all fandoms with Monsters and Monster-Hunters are welcome!

    And just talking about the concepts of ‘Monsters’ and 'Monster Hunters’ as a whole, regardless of fandom, is also allowed and encouraged!

    Also, there are off-topic channels for talking about other things, and sharing pictures, selfies, memes, arts and crafts projects, etc. There are also roleplay rooms for anyone who wants to roleplay anything!

    We are LGBT+ Friendly, Mentally Ill/Neurodivergent Friendly, POC Friendly, and basically friendly to everyone except Bigots, TERFs, and N/zis!

    So, if you love Monsters or hate Hunters, then come on in, and have fun with your fellow monster-lovers! https://discord.gg/CUYr4sYvcJ

    #anti hunters #anti spn hunters #anti spn hunting #anti teen wolf hunters #anti teen wolf hunting #anti dean winchester #anti john winchester #anti winchesters #anti kate argent #anti gerard argent #anti allison argent #anti argents#pro monsters#pro werewolves#spn#supernatural#teen wolf#tw#btvs#shadowhunters#grimm#danny phantom #american dragon jack long #and any other things with monsters and monster-hunters
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  • arsonsamruby
    06.06.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #hot thank you for the ask #allison arsonsamwinchester hijacking every ask to talk about her thesis on the mechanism of hunting in supernatural <3
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  • bericas
    06.06.2021 - 1 mont ago


    scott’s willingness to do what needs to be done often means sacrifice, and it’s often a burden he takes onto himself; however, it doesn’t always mean self-sacrifice. 
    (aka: talk shit get hit!!!)
    #twedit#scott mccall#scottmccalledit#scottmccallweek #HELLO I LOVE HIM!!!!!! #so ive honestly never been heavily involved in other fandoms so i dont really know if this is unique or not but i think something about tw #is that it has so many characters that often they get flattened into archetypes by fandom to make them distinguishable #which makes sense!!!! but also leads to ignoring the entirety of the character in favor of tropes #and while scott is often willing to kill monsters (the beast when it stops being mason and is just the beast; the anukite; etc) #he often tries to be forgiving when the lines are blurred (theo; the betas who killed hunters in s5; the hunters in s6) #and i think a lot of that genuinely is because of who he was in s1!! he was someone who WANTED to kill peter. he wanted to. he would've #and as time goes on who he is and what he's willing to do changes and he goes from someone willing to kill to willing to die #(which: not that scott was some kind of monster in s1. he was a kid who was traumatized and hunted by a monster and so even when peter was a #dying human on the forest floor it was VERY easy to not see him this way and VERY easy to not care because scott WAS going to die; allison's #father at this point was VERY WILLING to kill him; and being a werewolf was a death sentence; and killing peter was supposed to cure him) #BUT he never actually....... is not willing to kill? it's just ALWAYS the worst case scenario. it's always the last option #and we see a lot of him being at his end in 3a especially (which is also before stiles gets posessed and blurs the lines in a big way again) #right like gerard is out of chances; jennifer is going to kill his mother and the sheriff and chris she is out of chances; deucalion #harassed him for the entirety of 3a and his pack killed people he's out of chances) #but then as it goes on the threats become other kids. become reflections of him; of allison; of stiles. these are not people he is willing #to put down. these are not people deserving of being put down. and so we see a lot less of this!!!! #so i tried to choose scenes where he wasn't joking or talking hypothetically; he was looking at (or in the case of the last gif about to fac #e down) the people he was threatening and it was not a hypothetical it was a FACT; this is what will happen next #let me kill peter; i poisoned gerard; i will kill gerard; i will kill jennifer; i will kill deucalion; i will fight for my life against pete #r; i will kill this random dude who tried to kill me if he makes me; i will put gerard down to end this war #and it's these moments that make everything else SO POIGNANT and i wish we got this explored in s5 so much more bc s5 was the season of Oh! #Scott's Baby! AND FRANKLY THEO DESERVED TO GET KNOCKED ON HIS ASS!!!!! like i know liam had fucked scott up pretty bad already when theo get #s there but SCOTT EVENT TELLS LIAM!! I CANT LET YOU KILL ME!!!!!! HE SHOULDVE LET THEO KNOW THAT HES WILLING TO KILL ACTUALLY! #IF HE WAS NOT SO CLOSE TO DEAD. IF THEO HAD COME FOR HIS FIRST. THEO WOULD NOT HAVE MADE IT OUT OF THE FIGHT. AND SCOTT SHOULDVE TOLD HIM #THATTTT WE DESERVED IT AS A CHARACTER MOMENT!!!!
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  • andrew-minyards-bitch
    05.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Neil Josten has definitely done the thing Daniel Radcliffe did where he wears a certain outfit for six months to piss of the paparazzi…except Neil does this subconsciously it wasn’t on purpose it’s just the way he dresses

    #allison: r they rlly trying to hunt this idiot down #nicky: his dreadful sense of fashion actually worked 😩 #neil: *off screen* so give me the freedom to dress however the fuck i want #renee: neil..I don’t think that’s a good idea #neil: why? #also neil: [wears a black leathered jacket with a leopard paw print jean but somehow still making it look good] #aftg #all for the game #the foxhole court #andrew minyard#tfc#neil josten
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  • ilcovodelbikergrunf
    10.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    La provincia americana e i suoi indicibili orrori sono il fulcro di una storia di sparizioni, incentrata su una famiglia che si trova sull’orlo di una crisi. Lo script parte dal dubbio che queste sparizioni, le quali vanno dai bambini per strada fino ai coltelli nel cassetto, possano essere sovrannaturali.

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  • williamrablan
    14.04.2021 - 3 monts ago

    The Bad Guys of the San Luis Valley - The Tarnished Badge.

    The Bad Guys of the San Luis Valley – The Tarnished Badge.

    There were no restaurant guides in June of 1881 to give a review in. But if there had been, Deputy Frank Hyatt of the Conejos County Sheriff’s office would probably have left of a review of “dismal décor, but service is good, and food isn’t bad. But they really need to do something about some of the people they allow in.” History doesn’t record what he was eating that morning. Since it was in…

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  • soldierheartcd
    06.04.2021 - 3 monts ago
    #(one chapter in a good story | delia) #(my heart and soul she does it all | teddy) #(he's like my surrogate dad | owen) #Teddy Altman#Grey's Anatomy#Owen Hunt #Allison Altman Hunt #Allison Hunt
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  • soldierheartcd
    31.03.2021 - 4 monts ago
    #(one chapter in a good story | delia) #(my heart and soul she does it all | teddy) #Teddy Altman#Grey's Anatomy #Allison Altman Hunt #Allison Hunt
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  • jazy3
    27.03.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Thoughts on Grey’s Anatomy: 17X9


    I loved this episode! The writing was excellent, the cinematography was phenomenal, the acting was great, and the sets and costumes were gorgeous! They did some very interesting shots. It was very avant-garde and when done right I love that kind of thing. Also, we got to see Meredith back in action as she wandered around Teddy's dreamscape and talked to her which I loved. They took a risk with this episode and I think it paid off.

    This episode was really beautiful in terms of the sets and costumes that we’re used. I loved Meredith’s jacket, the blue wedding dress that Teddy wears is gorgeous, and I loved her silk pyjama set and robe. Very fierce. I love that they recreated Teddy’s apartment in Germany and dressed it up for the wedding. That set was really cool! The flower arrangements were interesting, and the disco balls were a nice touch. I loved the hotel set where Tom and Teddy run away to. It was very flowy and surreal. Teddy’s bedroom in New York was also well done. The wicker bedframe made it feel particularly true to the era.

    This episode made me feel like I have a better understanding of where Teddy is coming from now and it made her a lot more sympathetic and understandable than in the past. I’ve been open about the fact that I’ve found Teddy’s motivations and point of view difficult to understand this season. She spent the first half of the season treating Tom horribly for no discernable reason. She’s been cruel to Owen after finally getting what she wanted all these years and I repeatedly found myself wondering what she expected to have happen after she acted the way that she did.

    I didn’t think it was possible for me to like Teddy after the way she’s been acting all season and the careless way she’s been treating other people, but this episode made me understand her a lot more and actually have sympathy for her. What this episode addressed in a big way is that Teddy has never gotten treatment or really dealt with the trauma that she has experienced in the way that other characters have.

    Owen, Teddy, Megan, Riggs, April, and Parker all served in the military and experienced trauma as a result. But Teddy has never gotten treatment or any kind of help for what happened to her. We’ve seen Owen go through therapy for his PTSD and other issues multiple times across the seasons. We saw Megan receive treatment and she talks to Owen about the fact that both her and Riggs go to individual and couples’ therapy weekly to deal with their trauma and issues.

    While we don’t see April go to therapy we do see her work through the trauma of having served, losing her son Samuel, losing her marriage, and we see her go through a crises of faith later on. We see her process those emotions and get help from those around her. Last we see of resident Casey Parker, Teddy and Amelia are admitting him for treatment and he’s reported to be doing better. We never see Teddy do any of that. We see her go to a grief group after Henry dies, but that’s it. As Amelia says to Owen in this episode, they have both openly acknowledged and received treatment for their illnesses and issues. Teddy never has and clearly that's been affecting her more than any of them, including Teddy, realized. This episode addressed the long standing issues that Teddy has and I’d like to see her get therapy going forward. Through Teddy’s dreams we find out that she blames herself for Allison’s death because she wanted to stay in and make her pancakes for breakfast, but Teddy said no.

    Allison wound up going to the restaurant Windows on the World for breakfast and then to work at the World Trade Centre and Teddy grabbed something quickly and then went into work at the hospital. Teddy feels that if she had just said yes to breakfast and to Allison making her pancakes or if they’d both called into work and taken the day off that Allison wouldn’t have died, but as this episode makes clear Teddy couldn’t have known what was going to happen. And having breakfast with Allison may not have saved her life. She could have been somewhere nearby the day of the attack and suffered smoke inhalation or been hit by debris.

    Or she could have randomly been hit by a car walking down the street. You just don't know what’s going to happen. But nevertheless, Teddy blames herself. In her flashbacks we see Teddy learn of her mother’s sudden and unexpected death at the age of 50. We learn that Teddy’s father was sick for years before he died that same year. That Allison carried her through that and that’s how they fell in love.

    So, when Allison died in a horrific unexplainable terrorist attack that same year Teddy was gutted and so she ran away and joined the military in order to try and help the people who were trying to get the people who killed Allison. While serving in Iraq she fell in love with someone who was engaged and when she was discharged and they reconnected she found out he felt the same way but was with someone else who he later married.

    So, she moved on and fell in love with someone else who promptly died. Owen then fired her so she would take her dream job at MedCom in Germany and when they reconnected once again, she found him married to someone else. He flew all the way to Germany to see her and she finally thought they were going to have their moment only to discover that he’d been sleeping with Amelia the night before. She kicked him out only to realize afterwards that she was pregnant.

    She once again returned to Seattle only to find out that Owen and Amelia had gotten back together and had kids. So, she started over and began a relationship with Tom only for Owen to once again declare his love for her at the worst possible moment. They got back together and she thought she was happy, but the moment she realized that Amelia’s baby might be Owen’s she panicked and ran back to Tom.

    Only to discover that the baby was Link’s and that she just blew her life up for no reason. She couldn’t admit to what she’d done because all of that is tied to her previous trauma that she still hasn’t dealt with. She couldn’t face Tom because she didn’t know how to explain her actions. She couldn’t tell Owen because she still doesn’t understand why did what she did and all of that is wrapped up in those past events that she still hasn’t come to terms with. Then Owen can’t forgive her because that lie makes him feel like everything about their relationship has been a lie.

    As for the show choosing to introduce and explore Teddy’s deep love for Allison this late into Teddy's tenure I'm of two minds. On the one hand, I wish they had introduced or hinted at Teddy being bisexual or being in love with Allison earlier on in the series as it would have made more sense and been less of a shock. On the other hand, I've really enjoyed seeing the show explore this storyline more and dive deep into what trauma does to people and how the devastation of losing someone in a tragic incident such as 9/11 can make you close off parts of yourself. The actress who plays Allison, Sherri Saum, does a fantastic job and her and Kim Raver, who plays Teddy, have great chemistry. I found their scenes particularly moving.

    As for Owen’s behaviour in this episode, while I understand why Owen was upset, I felt it was hypocritical of him to be so mad at Teddy for not telling him that her and Allison were lovers when he got involved with and married both Cristina and Amelia without telling them that Teddy existed. They both found out after or around the time they got married to him that he was in love with Teddy when she showed up in Seattle. What Teddy did was awful, but Owen's no saint. He's done just as bad and worse. I think it's time for him to let go of his animosity toward her and forgive her. I'm also just really sick of watching them fight all the time. No thank you.

    As Amelia says to Owen in this episode, forgiving her doesn't mean that they get back together. It can simply mean that he chooses to let go of his angry and work through his emotions so that they can be friends and co-parent together as he and Amelia have done. I thought Amelia was great in this episode. We saw her step up and advocate for Teddy and counsel Owen even though she didn’t have to.

    She told Owen what he needed to hear knowing he was likely to listen to her more than others. She supported Teddy and advocated for her even though she didn't have to because that's who Amelia is and she wants Teddy to experience the same sanity and peace that she's attained now that she's had her brain tumour removed and has her addiction under control. Plus, I think she genuinely wants Owen to be happy and for the kids that they are all raising together to be happy. Happy parents make for happy children. She wants that for them.

    Amelia has grown so so much in the past few seasons. She’s gone from someone who was mentally unstable and out of control to the point that she refused help for what were clearly serious issues for literal years and then treated Meredith horribly after Derek’s death and made everything about her and whined and complained when Owen and Meredith pointed out that she wasn’t the only one who missed Derek and that Meredith did not have the luxury of falling apart because she had three small children who need her to someone who is sane and stable and has her addiction under control to the point that she is able to advocate and help others and is able to support Meredith and look after her kids with kindness and compassion.

    I loved the Beth and Cristina mentions in this episode and all of the flashbacks especially the early one to when Teddy first shows up and we the audience learn that her and Owen have been in love forever, but he's with Cristina and before that he was engaged to Beth. In this episode we saw Meredith and DeLuca accompany and guide Teddy throughout her dreamscapes which I thought worked really well.

    I loved seeing Meredith up and about and talking to Teddy and guiding her through her trauma and her response to it. Meredith is Teddy's patient, she wants her to live, and because Cristina and Amelia are her sisters and she's known Owen by extension for a long time she has information that's useful to Teddy so I thought that made sense. I particularly loved the field of bodies scene in the snow where Teddy is blaming herself for Allison, Henry, and DeLuca’s death and Meredith’s tells her there’s nothing she could have done.

    Then at the end Meredith says to her, “Come on let’s leave this place.” And Teddy looks at her and says, “Please don’t die.” And Meredith says, “I’ll try.” I thought was funny and also very poignant. DeLuca helping to guide her made sense to me in that he was someone she worked with closely during the pandemic and who died on her table. She desperately wanted to turn back time and save him the same way she wanted to save Allison, her parents, and Henry.

    While I’ve never been a DeLuca fan, I genuinely thought his scenes in this episode were funny and the actor had good comedic timing. The road trip with Tom and DeLuca was hilarious. It makes me wonder what the character could have been if they gone with a more comedic route. What would have happened if in Season 15 instead of pivoting and going in a completely differently direction they had stayed the course and after getting his mojo back had him continue to pursue Neurosurgery as a speciality, had Amelia continue to mentor him, and given him more comedic dialogue.

    I think that really could have worked well because from Seasons 12 to 14 DeLuca worked well as a side character and in a supporting role. I didn’t have a particularly strong opinion on the character back then and I only started to hate him as a character in Season 15 when they turned him into a complete asshole who was rude and disrespectful to everybody for no good reason. Presumably out of fondness for the actor they decided to give him a bigger role in Season 15 and made the choice to pivot from him having a supporting role to a romantic storyline and then a dramatic one.

    Which was a real shame because it took DeLuca from being a decent side character that most fans either liked or were neutral on to being a real asshole that most fans hated and couldn’t stand. The reality is that character and that actor just didn’t work in a romantic storyline with the main character and his mental health storyline did not come across as intended. I think that’s because the actor and character were best suited to a supporting or comedic role and just didn’t work as a romantic lead or in a dramatic storyline.

    My favourite scene of the episode was when Tom and Teddy were in the hotel room and the grenade suddenly appeared and then it went off! I didn't expect it to actually go off and blow up Tom! That shocked me and made for an interesting transition. I really liked seeing more of Tom in this episode. He’s a great character and he’s contracting of COVID-19 has really sidelined him recently so I enjoyed seeing him back in action. The actor, Greg Germann, has great comedic timing so that was a treat to see and I loved seeing more of Tom and Teddy together at the hotel room.

    Until next time!

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  • popchoc
    26.03.2021 - 4 monts ago

    So where was Henry in all this?

    They took an entire episode to unravel Teddy's road to misery, analyzing every important relationship (as well as Owen's). And don’t get me wrong, I like that it went all the way back to Allison - though honestly mainly because it's really hard not to love Sherri Saum. That it went back to her guilt, and the effect of all that in later life.

    But there was a time when she was doing alright. When she didn’t seem to be bothered by her past. It was when she was with Henry. Who meant more to her than Tom, and maybe even than Owen. And who's death was traumatizing too. Yet they never bothered to included that. They didn’t show any of that chapter of her life, and didn’t care to mention him till the last minute (by that time I wasn’t even expecting it any more).

    Isn't that at least a little weird?!

    Ps. Amelia is still the absolute best! ❤

    #grey's#henry burton#teddy altman#owen hunt#allison brown#amelia shepherd#thoughts #(the answer is yes and also no because this is KV and she has the memory of a goldfish)
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  • benson-shelby
    26.03.2021 - 4 monts ago
    baby Allison with her mommy ❤️😭
    #grey's anatomy#greysedit#teddy altman#dailytvfilmgifs#tvandfilmdaily#tvseriessource#tvedit#allison hunt#by christina #my precious baby alli #she so cute #so happy to see baby allison with her mommy
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  • momowoah
    26.03.2021 - 4 monts ago


    This was written just after 17x07 was released, I had just re-watched a bunch of episodes from seasons 5-9 and a couple from season 15-17, and realized something about Teddy's voice.

    Do you remember that patient that Cristina, Lexie and Mark treated back in season 6 I think, the one with severe headaches who said his pain was always at level 7? Do you remember how Cristina said Meredith was like this, how she was always in pain? This is Teddy Altman right now.

    I re-watched the couple episodes when Henry dies yesterday and heard Teddy's voice crack at some point, either because she was worried or because she discovered he died. In the early seasons, she only had that voice in two situations: when she was really sad or when she was talking to Owen. When she was with Koracick, it was still like that. When she got back together with Owen, though, that became her normal voice, and still is. Teddy is miserable, seeing the guy who she actually loves suffering because of her and forcing herself to be with her former best friend just because they wanted that ten years ago and he's single for the first time since. It was like Tom said in s16 finale - she was forcing herself to marry Owen. And now Teddy's life keeps falling apart and there's no one by her side. They're all mad at her for cheating as if half of them hadn't cheated too. And it seems like she will lose yet another person next week (based on 17x09 summary), as if she needs anything else. I really don't want Tom to die, not only because I really like, but also because Teddy already had two people she loved die and she definitely doesn't need a third one.

    Thoughts after 17x09:

    So, I still think Teddy is in love with Tom, but I just can't understand her relationship with Owen. I'm pretty sure she loves him but not like that. Kinda reminds me of Derek choosing Addie because she was his family. I still think people hated her for nothing, since most of them did someone similar at some point, and I hope this will change at some point. It made me happy to see at least Amelia had her back.

    I think I kinda exaggerated when I said she was miserable, but I had no idea what was really behind her sadness. I thought it was just about Allison dying and Owen (who helped her survive her loss) treating her as a consolation prize, so it shocked me to see she blamed herself for Allison's death, and Meredith's speech about how she was always running made me realized I was seeing all of this in a wrong perspective. I still stand by most of the things I said, tho.

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  • more-hats
    26.03.2021 - 4 monts ago

    I will forever stand by the fact that Teddy naming her and Owen’s daughter after the love of her life that she had an affair with and that died in 9/11 is the funniest thing ever. And also that she only told Owen about after he was finally willing to forgive her for cheating on him with Koracick and it was broadcasted to the whole OR. Like...name something funnier.

    #greys anatomy spoilers #greys anatomy#teddy altman#owen hunt#tom koracick#allison brown#allison hunt #greys anatomy s17 #when I first heard that I was....flabbergasted #but I just think it’s so funny and good lmaooo
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  • in-tua-deep
    03.03.2021 - 4 monts ago
    #little girls aren't the only ones that get a monopoly on being weird #i used to hunt for fossils in the rock pit at recess when i was 10 or 11 #i'm sure a combo would be a what? 11 and a half year old even angrier child #combo five would just like yell at everyone #i'm sure show!allison would be more concerned the younger five would get tbh #did comics allison have a kid??? #Anonymous
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  • dykeavawilson
    23.02.2021 - 5 monts ago

    “we hunt those who hunt us” LOVE WHAT DID BOYD AND ERICA EVER DO TO YOU

    #hunt more like torture teenagers and lead to their death!! #vernon boyd#erica reyes #so sick of allison argent but i’m past her now!! finished season three!!
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  • crazy-fangirl2524
    13.02.2021 - 5 monts ago


    #and they all with their significant other and I’m stuck with my books sobbing :)))) #Andrew minyard if you are free I’ll be willing to commit arson or homicide with you #Neil josten if you want to run away I’ll pack the bags with you #Alastair carstairs let’s go to Paris on our not date #Jem carstairs play violin with me please #Percy Jackson let’s go swim today #will Herondale let’s read together we can read a tale of two city #Renee Walker let’s spar together you can kick my ass and then kiss it better ;)) #allison Reynolds please give me a makeover and the whole time I can gap at your astounding beauty #Kevin day let’s go practice exy together #jean Moreau speak french to me please #Julian blackthorn paint me like one of your french girls #Matthew Fairchild I’ll drink with you #Anna lightwood come date me once and then break my heart break it into pieces I give you permission #Adrian ivashkov you can drink my blood hello please are you free today? #ronan lynch you can dream me something #kaz brekker let’s go break into the ice court together and eat the fucking rich let’s go #inej ghafa we can go hunt some slave traders I’ll kill with you🥰🥰🥰 #Nina zenik let’s go get waffles!!! #Christopher lightwood you can talk science and bacteria to me all day today are you free? #Alec lightwood let’s go out on a date and gush about the magnus bane together #maven calore I’ll be your red queen are you free today #achilles I’ll wear your armour and go to fight your battles for you dw stay in the tent with your lover go spend feb 14 together #the shadowhunters chronicles #all for the game #the foxhole court #the last hours #the infernal devices #the dark artifices #the mortal instruments
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  • criedwxlf
    10.02.2021 - 5 monts ago
    @vandbaerer​ asked:   do you want me to walk you home?  meme.

              the question catches him off guard. honestly, stiles hadn't thought that far ahead, hadn't realized he'd need to get home without his trusty jeep. god, what the fuck was he going to do without a vehicle for the next few weeks? he'd never been without it for so long, not since the accident with the kanima and it being impounded, and now.. he sighs, hand scrubbing over his face in a fit of frustration, before blowing air through his lips and allowing his gaze to lift up to her.   "that's not necessary, allie."   while it would be really nice to have company on what was probably going to be at least an hour walk home, stiles knew they'd come to her apartment first. he wasn't about to ask her to walk forty-five minutes out of the way, and then have her turn around and walk forty-five minutes back by herself. that was just asinine.   "i'll be okay by myself. the fresh air will do me some good."   as if they hadn't just been chased through the good ole' open outdoors by a rogue omega that wanted to make them dinner for the last three hours.

    #vandbaerer #vandbaerer / allison. #meme reply. #inbox. #canon divergent. #a/u where she lives #maybe they're in coll/ege hunting baddies
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  • beautifulfaaces
    26.01.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Allison Shrum


    American actress


    Abby [Ouija Craft: 2020]

    Brooke [American Hunt: 2019]

    Heather [Yes, God, Yes: 2019]

    Lizzie [The Son: 2017]



    brown eyes


    playable: teenager, young adult

    #Allison Shrum#fem american#ouija craft#american hunt #yes god yes #the son #ginger fem teen #ginger fem young #brown eyes fem teen #brown eyes fem young #teenager female #young adult female
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