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  • uniqueartisanconnoisseur
    04.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    State of Sound Exhibit at the ALPLM!

    State of Sound Exhibit at the ALPLM!

    Calling all music lovers! The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum (ALPLM) has a new exhibit. The exhibit is titled, “The State of Sound: A World of Music from Illinois”, which opened on April 30th and will run through January 23, 2022. I toured the exhibit and was excited to see artifacts and history of Illinois musicians. “We are really excited to focus people’s attention on…

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  • throughthesevainsawolfbloodflows
    26.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    What’s the soundtrack of your childhood?

    You Dress Up For Armageddon - The Hives

    Jukebox Hero - Foreigner

    Closer to Fine - Indigo Girls

    You’ve Got a Friend - James Taylor

    I Think About You - Collin Raye

    Leave It All To Me - Miranda Cosgrove

    Hello, Dolly! - Hello, Dolly!

    Billy Don’t Be A Hero - Bo Donaldson & The Heywoods

    I Wish I Were - Da Vinci’s Notebook

    Hearts and Bones - Paul Simon

    I’ll Fly Away - Gillian Welch, Allison Krauss

    Carolina in My Mind - James Taylor

    Fins - Jimmy Buffett

    Just This - Birdtalker

    Lord, I Lift Your Name On High - Cedarmont Kids

    Thank You for Being a Friend - Andrew Gold

    Cornelius - ApologetiX

    I’m Wishing/One Song - Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

    I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas

    Strawberry Swing - Coldplay

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  • kelbasco
    25.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    It Doesn’t Matter

    It doesn’t matter what I want It doesn’t matter what I need It doesn’t matter if I cry Don’t matter if I bleed You’ve been on a road Don’t know where it goes or where it leads

    It doesn’t matter what I want It doesn't matter what I need You’ve made up your mind to go I won’t beg you to stay You’ve been in a cage Throw you to the wind you fly away

    It doesn’t matter what I want It doesn’t matter what I need It doesn’t matter if I cry Don’t matter if I bleed Feel the sting of tears Falling on this face you’ve loved for years

    Written by: Harley Allen

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  • serendipitystyles
    09.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    hi i think that the saddest song that i’ve ever heard (based on how much i’ve sobbed to it) is whiskey lullaby

    #by brad paisley feat #allison krauss #it's very sad
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  • of-faunsandyellowflowers
    04.02.2021 - 3 monts ago
    #bluegrass#country#allison krauss #weird how everyone says my singing voice sounds like her #probably because i can get that high #but also sing like fiona apple so idk what i am lmao #Spotify
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  • aigle-suisse
    23.12.2020 - 4 monts ago
    #valerie#June#valeriejune#valjune#music#moonshine#folk#roots#organic#memphis music#mtv#$5 Cover#Craig Brewer#muck sticky#amy lavere#al kapone#folk artist#gillian welch#tracy chapman #allison krauss valerie June valeriejune valjune music moonshine roots organic memphis music mtv $5 Cover Craig Brewer muck sticky amy lavere #rasta
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  • thediaryofatheatrekid
    08.12.2020 - 4 monts ago

    Casting Goals: Aida

    “My strongest suit!”

    Dan’yelle Williamson as Aida

    Rachelle Ann Go as Amneris

    Jordan Donica as Radames

    Adam Pascal as Zoser

    Adante Carter as Mereb

    Mariah Lyttle as Nehebka

    Ken Page as Pharaoh

    Phillip Boykin as Amonasro

    Afra Hines as Ensemble

    Ahmad Maksoud as Ensemble (Zoser u/s, Pharaoh u/s)

    Blaine Alden Krauss as Ensemble (Radames u/s, Mereb u/s)

    Brian Sears as Ensemble (Radames u/s)

    Charis Vaughn as Ensemble

    Colette Guitart as Ensemble (Amneris u/s)

    Curtis Holland as Ensemble (Mereb u/s)

    David Jennings as Ensemble (Zoser u/s, Amonasro u/s)

    Deon'te Goodman as Ensemble

    Domonique Paton as Ensemble (Nehebka u/s)

    Heath Saunders as Ensemble (Radames u/s)

    Kathryn Allison as Ensemble

    Malcolm Armwood as Ensemble

    Morgan Bryant as Ensemble

    Moyo Odulaja as Ensemble (Nehebka u/s)

    Nikisha Williams as Ensemble (Aida u/s)

    Voltaire Wade-Greene as Ensemble

    Xavier Reyes as Ensemble (Pharaoh u/s)

    Ahmad Simmons as Swing

    Andrew Chapelle as Swing

    Cherry Torres as Swing (Amneris u/s)

    Kimberly Marable as Swing (Aida u/s)

    Natalie Pilkington as Swing (Amneris u/s)

    T. Oliver Reid as Swing (Amonasro u/s)

    Danielle Steers as Aida (s/b)

    Honorable Mentions: Alexia Khadime as Aida Ari'el Stachel as Radames Brandi Chavonne Massey as Aida Ciara Renée as Aida Marie Eife as Ensemble (Amneris u/s) Ryan Vasquez as Radames Samantha Marie Ware as Aida (s/b) Tiana Okoye as Ensemble (Aida u/s)

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  • underthetweed
    24.11.2020 - 5 monts ago

    [Image description: Against a backdrop of autumn acorns, an embroidery hoop featuring white silk fabric and multicolored hand embroidery. The embroidery depicts two gold rings and a partial wreath of leaves and flowers, along with the lyrics “for the things you do endear you to me, oh you know I will”]

    I’m posting this a month late, but here’s the embroidery I made for my wife on our anniversary. I mashed together a few different Canva templates for the pattern, and chose all the colors and stitches myself.

    Since the traditional 14th anniversary gift is gold jewelry, I chose to stitch gold wedding rings, along with lyrics from our wedding song and flowers from our bouquets, onto a piece of my wedding dress. Turns out that stitching on silk is rather difficult, and DMC Diamant floss frays easily, so this piece was surprisingly challenging! But I like it anyway 💜

    #in which i stitch #yes we walked down the aisle to a Beatles song #but it was the Allison Krauss arrangement played on a fiddle b/c we got married in Appalachia #embroidery#hand embroidery#needlework #queer nerd marriage
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  • iimmortalists
    21.11.2020 - 5 monts ago

    going 2 cry over country music brb

    #ONLY GOOD COUNTRY MUSIC THO #stadium does NOT count #i am talking abt gregory alan isakov. im talking abt orville peck. im talking abt allison krauss. im talking abt dolly parton #shem speaks #this IS abt virginia may by gregory alan isakov thank u for asking
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  • callumnova
    29.08.2020 - 8 monts ago
    I know I loved you too much
    I'll go alone to get through
    #for your ears #allison krauss pls sing me to sleep #Spotify
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  • dolores-hazy
    01.08.2020 - 9 monts ago

    Silence can be charged

    Electric eye contact

    Pressing pressure on the hand

    Skin to skin telegraph

    Careful caress, feathersoft

    Sigh of contentment

    Concerned expression, considering

    Needs and wants; lips

    Grazing with palpable gratitude

    Gleeful giggle catching

    Gesturing come hither

    A gentle pat on the back

    Kneading shoulder rub

    Tickling trail along arms then

    Flying open to fall into

    Yes, words are not needed

    Indeed sometimes may even

    Be a buffering blockade

    Inspired by Ronan Keating's version of "When You Say Nothing At All", suggested by @writeinmysoul  
    #knew this song from the Keith Whitley and Allison Krauss versions...so good! #when you say nothing at all #ronan keating#original poetry#my poetry#inspired#playlist poetry#prompted#poetsandwriters#wnq writers#spilled ink#spilled poetry #when words get in the way #words words words #wordsnquotes#poem#poetry#writing community
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  • randyleanear-love
    05.05.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • oursongisaslammingscreendoor
    09.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    ‘don’t you’ sounds like an allison krauss song GOD I’VE MISSED COUNTRY TAYLOR

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  • whydoiwrite
    05.04.2021 - 1 mont ago
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  • lilbabydutchmaster
    11.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Cant find it on here but::: Forget About It-Allison Krauss...🤧😩🙃👹😸🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️💃💃💃🔪🔪🛀🛀👠👠🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

    #these emojis r like my Mania Schedule
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  • glassamphibians
    10.03.2021 - 1 mont ago
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  • thchildoflight
    08.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    The Captain's Daughter

    //Just a little ficlet of Joli meeting Anduin. Yes...this is a ship fic.//

    //Song: The Captain's Daughter - sung by Allison Krauss//

    It had been weeks since he had been able to slip away from the Keep and don his disguise, but Anduin needed a night where he wasn't King of Stormwind. The armistice negotiations weren't going well, especially when it concerned Tyrande. He had tried to talk to her. Thrall had tried to talk to her but it was no use. The Night Elf leader remained on Mount Hyjal, refusing to discuss any kind of peace until Sylvanas had been captured and executed. Everything that had happened...even with Sira...nothing had softened Tyrande's heart. Anduin doubted that even the death of Sylvanas would temper the Night Warrior's anger.

    He sighed softly as he slid off his horse. It was a plain chesnut mare who was a gentle and sturdy steed. There was no way he could ride here on Reverence. The loyal steed was far too grand, even without the royal chasings, to bring to a small inn in Elwynn Forest. The young king gave the mare an affectionate stroke on the muzzle and a dried apple from one of the saddlebags.

    "Why is it you never give me treats like that?" came a familar, very smug, voice from the shadows. Anduin winced under his hood before he looked towards the source. A lithe figure was leaning against a tree, arms folded over his chest and a smirk on a handsome face as glowing crimson eyes looked straight past the disguise and right at the king it hid.

    "Maybe because she doesn't stalk me," Anduin replied, though the barb was good-natured. With the threat of N'Zoth eliminated, he hadn't seen much of the black dragon. Wrathion seemed to spend his time with his new-found brother, Ebyssian, who wore the bi-pedal form of the Highmountain Tauren spiritwalker, Ebonhorn.

    "Stalk you? You wound me," Wrathion teased, placing a hand on his chest, the closing of his eyes not quite hiding the glowing crimson, "I simply came here to enjoy some good music and drink. It feels like it's been ages since I was last able to." The dragon smirked at Anduin. "And good fortune has made it so I can enjoy them with a good friend."

    "Oh?" Anduin couldn't hide the chuckle in his voice, "Well, then, shall we?" He had only taken a step towards the inn when he stopped, his eyes looking at Wrathion's form, "Um...would you mind toning this-" he gestured to the form his friend had taken "-down some? People know who you are and if they see you come in with me-"

    "-Your disguise would be useless," Wrathion finished for him, then sighed as he looked down at himself, "Very well...I suppose I can make myself look less grand." The dragon closed his eyes and seemed to melt into a sudden plume of smoke as his shape shifting powers worked. When the smoke cleared, where the smug Black Prince had stood in his rather lavish attire was still a tall and handsome man, but without the glowing crimson eyes and a tattered hood to hide his black hair. It wasn't a complete transformation, but it might work for the night. "Will this work, And-"

    "-Jerek," Anduin corrected the dragon with a stern look, "My name is Jerek. And I suppose that will work..."

    "You should have more faith in me, old friend," Wrathion chuckled as they made their way towards the tavern, already hearing the sound of music inside and a rather lovely voice singing that seemed to make Anduin's steps quicken as he entered the tavern.

    "I'm a poor boy as you know But I love the Captain's daughter so If I begged her would she go? Or would she tell me no, no, no, no, no?"

    On the hearth of the large fireplace sat a young woman playing a guitar. The normally rowdy crowd were quiet as she played and sang. Anduin watched the girl as she entertained the patrons of the inn. She was rather lovely...her hair was caught in a ponytail at the back of her head and was as golden as ripe wheat in the fields, the loose strands catching the light from the fire and giving her an almost-angelic glow. She was dressed in a leather vest with a long-sleeved tunic underneath, a pair of linen trousers and knee-high leather boots. It was simple garb but it fit her, showing off the curves of waist, hip, and bust.

    "Daddy is a sailor man Your fresh from the farm land He said when you ask my hand For me to tell you no, no, no, no, no."

    Anduin felt a jab in his side and turned his eyes towards the smirking dragon at his side. He narrowed his eyes on the dragon's face and, when all he got was that insufferably-smug smirk, the young king turned and went to a table where he could at least watch the girl play. Wrathion, still smug, followed Anduin and took the seat next to him, waving at the serving girl for a couple of drinks.

    "Your daddy's gone away to sea You're as lovely as can be Come and go away with me Oh, don't you tell me no, no, no, no, no."

    The young king, for his part, turned his attention back to the girl on the hearth. She wasn't alone in her playing, there were a few accompanying musicians with her, but there was no denying that she was the center of this performance. Her voice was so lovely...high and clear as a bell...her slender fingers were nimble as they danced along the guitar strings to strum out the melody and he wondered how it would feel to take those delicate hands into his own and hold those slender fingers.

    "My daddy owns a clipper ship He brings me pearls on every trip Pink champagne for me to sip And you're the poorest boy I know, know, know, know, know."

    Wrathion had never taken his eyes off his old friend, smirking as he noticed how enraptured Anduin had become with the mystery singer. There was no denying her beauty and she was definitely of noble birth if the bone structure of her face told anything. She could garb herself in plain clothes but, like Anduin, there was no covering the nobility in her stance and bearing. But that did bring up a couple of questions for the black dragon: Who was she and what was she doing playing in a tavern?

    "I've got no pearls to give you I've got two arms and heart that's true We could start with a dream or two Oh won't you say you'll go, go?"

    "The poor boy came from the farm land She was the daughter of a sailor man The Captain says 'When he begs your hand You better tell him no, no, no, no, no'."

    Anduin barely noticed when the serving girl brought them the drinks Wrathion had ordered. He hadn't even noticed Wrathion ordering drinks or how the black dragon was watching him watch the singer. He couldn't help it. He'd seen her a couple times that he'd managed to get out of the Keep and had felt drawn to her. There was something about her that seemed familiar. Almost as if she were like him, a noble girl hiding amongst the common folk. That also fed his own curiosity since he didn't know any noble family that had a daughter that looked anything like this girl...and, under the pressure to get married and provide the kingdom with a queen and heirs, he had seen many of the eligible noble girls from Stormwind and even Kul Tiras.

    "She said 'Papa don't you worry please The poor begs me upon his knees I'd never leave this life of ease' And with the poor boy go."

    "The captain kissed her and he went to sea The poor boy said 'Go away with me You're lonely and you shouldn't be Oh, don't you tell me no, no, no, no, no'."

    The black dragon sipped his drink as he watched his friend, taking in Anduin's complete ignorance of anything going on around him as the girl sang and played. This gave Wrathion an idea. Smirking, the Black Prince waved the serving girl over and whispered something in her ear. The serving girl's eyes flicked from Wrathion to Anduin and, once the dragon nodded, she scurried off to the bar and whispered to the innkeep, who looked over at the pair of men and then at the singer before looking back at the serving girl and nodding. Wrathion grinned wolfishly at this and raised his drink towards the innkeep before taking a swallow.

    "My daddy owns a clipper ship He brings me pearls on every trip Pink champagne for me to sip And you're the poorest boy I know, know, know, know, know."

    "Your daddy's given you a home But you've got nobody when he is gone I'll go and leave you all alone If the answer is still no, no, no, no, no."

    The closing bars echoed off the walls of the tavern as the girl finished her song before the gathered patrons erupted into applause and calls for more. Wrathion noticed that they called the girl "Joli". Well, that was a rather pretty, if plain, name. He wondered if it was short for anything. Anduin beside him was watching her still, completely drawn to her even without the siren song.

    "Now, now," the girl chuckled, her accent obviously Kul Tiran in nature, as she waved away the requests for another song, "I need to rest my voice, otherwise I'll be right useless. How about we let the boys play and give me a rest?" Even though there were objections, the girl placed her guitar in it's case, pausing when the serving girl stepped up to her and whispered in her ear. She blinked at the serving girl and was pointed over to Wrathion and Anduin's table.

    This Anduin noticed and he looked at his friend, hissing a soft "what did you do?!" as the girl walked over to them, a smile on her face as she plopped down in the chair across from them. Anduin felt his throat tighten up as he stared at the girl's eyes. They were as blue and clear as the sky on a summer day, like a pair of shimmering sapphires glinting with amusement. The young king, who was normally very eloquent, was at a loss for words and only emitted a few unintelligible sounds that made Wrathion chuckle. It was this chuckle that broke Anduin out of this spell and he glared at his friend before looking back at the girl.

    "Mattie told me you wanted to meet me," the girl smiled at Anduin, then held out her hand, "Well, then, I'm Jolianne. My mates call me Joli." Anduin stared at the hand before he wrapped it in his own, reveling in the feel of her slender hand in his.

    #world of warcraft #warcraft#anduin wrynn#wrathion#wow rp#fanfic #oc x andiun
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  • lyricalporcupine
    05.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    It doesn't matter what I want It doesn't matter what I need If you've made up your mind to go I won't beg you to stay You've been in a cage Throw you to the wind You fly away

    --Allison Krauss

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  • cartoonfangirl1218
    28.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Ultimate Spider man soundtrack

    Here you go @im-rewriting-ultimate-spider-man. It’s long so I put the others under the cut. Luke’s songs are very much 2000-2010s mainstream with some TSwift and more romantic songs thrown in: Titanium (David Guetta)

    One Call Away (Charlie Puth)

    If I got locked away (Adam Levine)

    Grenade (Bruno Mars)

    Juice (Lizzo)

    Finesse (Bruno Mars)

    Centuries (Fall Out Boy)

    Lazy Song (Bruno Mars)

    On the floor (Jennifer Lopez)

    Can't hold us (Macklemore)

    Domino (Jessie J)

    Heartless (Kanye West)

    This is America (Childish Bambino)

    Ain't no mountain high enough (Marvin Gaye)

    24k Magic (Bruno Mars)

    I just want to dance with you (George Strait)

    Stronger (Kelly Clarkson)

    Fighter (Christina Augilera)

    I want to dance with somebody (Whitney Housten)

    Crazy in love (Beyonce)

    Uptown Girl (Billy Joel)

    When I was your man (Bruno Mars)

    Safety Dance (Men without hats)

    You give love a bad name (Bon Jovi) Scrubs (TLC)

    Coming for you (Nuella)

    Fight the Power (Public Enemy)

    Laugh now, Cry Later (Drake)

    Better than he can (Shawn Mendes)

    Ten Feet Tall (Afrojack) 

    Still Standing (Elton John) 

    Danny’s songs tend to be more soothing and happy and thoughtful. Bar one or two, don’t really have profanity or any sort of sexual overtones. Tends to folk and country: Danny Boy (Celtic Thunder)

    Turn Away (Celtic Thunder)

    Nature Boy (Nat King Cole)

    Hey Delilah (Plain White Tees)

    Three Little Birds (Bob Marley)

    Who am I? (Les Miserables)

    Ronin (Taylor Swift)

    Perfect (Ed Sheeran)

    Don't stop the music (Rihanna)

    Devil Inside (Digital Daggers)

    Still here (Digital Daggers)

    No one is alone (Into the Woods)

    Empty Gold (Halsey)

    Fearless (Taylor Swift)

    Good time (Carly Rae Jepsen & Owl City)

    Wide Awake (Katy Perry)

    The Rose (Bette Midler)

    I'm yours (Jason Marsz) Honey, I'm good (Andy Grammer)

    Keep your head up (Andy Grammer)

    In case you didn't know (Brett Young)

    Moon and Back (Dolly Parton)

    Beautiful (Christina Augliera)

    Brighter than the sun (Colbie Caillat)

    That's the way it is (Celine Dion) The Power of Love (Huey Lewis)

    Walking on Sunshine (Katrina and the Waves)

    9 to 5 (Dolly Parton)

    Thousand Years (Christina Perri)

    House that Built Me (Miranda Lambert)

    Imagine (John Lennon)

    If I can dream (Elvis Presley)

    Catch my breath (Kelly Clarkson) 

    Hope you dance (Lee Ann Womack)

    Gold (Britt Nicole)

    Never gonna let you down (Colbie Caillat)

    How to save a life (The Fray)

    See you again (Wiz Khalifa)

    Home (Phillip Phillips)

    The Impossible Dream (Man of La Macha)

    From now on (Greatest Showman)

    Whiskey Lullaby (Allison Krauss)

    All of Me (John Legend)

    Dark Side (Kelly Clarkson)

    Hurt (Johnny Cash)

    Demons (Imagine Dragon)

    You’ll be in my heart (Phil Collins) 

    Honesty (Elton John) 

    Sounds of Silence (Simon and Garfunkel) 

    Ava’s songs tend to veer to more anger, like Control, but the spanish ones lean toward romance and sadness: Control (Halsey) Alyssa Greene (The Prom)

    Just breathe (In the heights) Grow a pear (Ke$ha)

    Women (Ke$ha)

    Truth Hurts (Lizzo)

    Temptation (Cote de Pablo)

    Wolves (Selena Gomez)

    Animal City (Shakira)

    Cellblock Tango (Chicago)

    Hold me down (Halsey)

    Toy (Netta) Shut up (Caitlyn Taylor Love)

    Even if it kills me (Caitlyn Taylor Love)

    Castle (Halsey)

    Jar of Hearts (Christina Perri)

    Game of Survival (Ruella)

    She wolf (Shakira)

    Esclavo de sus besos (David Bisbal) 

    Maria (Ricky Martin ) 

    No me compares (Alejandro Sanz)

    Lo mejor de tu vida (Julio Iglesias) Cuando me enamoro (Enrique Iglesias)

    Nunca Te Olvidare (Enrique Iglesias)

    La camisa negra (Juanes)

    Imagineme sin ti (Luis Fonsi)

    Como la flor (Selena) 

    Como se sufre se baila (Pedro Alonso) 

    Darte un beso (Prince Royce) 

    Vuelve (Ricky Martin) 

    El Amor que perdimos (Prince Royce)

    Fotos y Recuerdos (Selena)

    Cada Día (Raquel Sofia)

    Que Me Quedes Tu (Shakira)

    Camino de rosas (Alejandro Sanz) 

    Calma (Pedro Capo) 

    Bailando (Enrique Iglesias) 

    Vivir mi vida (Marc Anthony) 

    Ahora quien (Marc Anthony) 

    Creo en mí (Natalie Jímez) 

    La bicicleta (Carlos Vives & Shakira) 

    Si No Te Hubieras Ido (Marco Antonio Solis) 

    Que Sera (Doris Day) 

    Peter’s songs are heavily influenced by Uncle Ben and Aunt May’s music taste so there’s a lot of classic 80s music. But a few current pop stars do pop up: Believer (Imagine Dragons) 

    Dancing in the dark (Ed Sheeran)

    Another one bites the dust (Queen)

    Don't stop believing (Journey)

    Shut up and dance with me (Walk two moons)

    Wake me up before you go (Wham)

    Hot in herre (Nelly) 

    Look at me now (Elton John) 

    Locked out of heaven (Bruno Mars)

    I want to hold your hand (The Beatles) 

    I can't help falling for you (Elvis Presley) I love that old time rocknroll (Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band) Stand by me (Jerry Leiber)

    Stressed Out (Twenty One Pilots) 

    Counting Stars (One Republic)

    Teenage Dream (Katy Perry)

    Want it that way (NSYNC)

    Story of my life (One Direction) 

    Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol) 

    Black and Gold (Sam Sparro)

    Living on a Prayer (Bon Jovi) 

    Total Eclipse of the Heart (Bonnie Tyler) 

    Smooth Criminal (Michael Jackson) 

    Beat it (Michael Jackson) 

    Sherry (The Four Seasons) 

    You spin me round (Dead or Alive) Piano Man (Billy Joel)

    Beat it (Michael Jackson) 

    New York State of Mind (Billy Joel) 

    Staying Alive (Bees Gees) 

    Radioactive (Imagine Dragons) Demons (Imagine Dragons) Only Human (Christina Perri) 

    Candle in the Wind (Elton John) 

    Hey Jude (Beatles) 

    Say something (A Great Big World) If Tomorrow Never Comes (Garth Brooks)  Sam’s songs are more dance party/clubbing mixes that suit his high energy with a few introspective songs thrown in: Someone you loved (Lewis Calpadi)

    All I do is win (DJ Khaled)

    That's what I like (Bruno Mars)

    Starships (Nicki Minaj)

    Let her go (Passenger)

    Lonely (Justin Bieber)

    Let me love you (DJ Snake) Wonder (Shawn Mendes)

    How to be a heartbreaker (Marina and the Diamonds)

    A little party never killed nobody (Fergie)

    Poker Face (Lady Gaga)

    Young Gods (Halsey) New America (Halsey)

    Big bottomed girls (Queen)

    Livin la vida loca (Ricky Martin)

    Fireball (Pitbull) Bombshell Blonde (Owl City)

    I don't care I love it (Icona Pop)

    What the hell (Avril Lavinge)

    Uma Thurman (Fall Out Boy) Turn down for what (DJ Snake) 

    All coming back to me (Celine Dion) Talk Dirty (Jason Derulo)

    Something Bad (Miranda Lambert & Carrie Underwood) 

    Jolene (Dolly Parton)

    Glad you came (The Wanted) 

    Raise your glass (P!nk) So what (P!nk)

    Since u been gone (Kelly Clarkson) 

    Lose yourself (Eminem) 

    Highway to hell (AC/DC)

    Adrenaline (Why Don't We)

    Party Rock Anthem (LMFAO) 

    If I die young (Band Perry)

    I want love (Elton John) 

    Fight for your right to party (Beastie Boys)

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  • fuckmeupindie
    27.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Tagged by misunderstoodcreatures

    name/nickname: goblin

    gender: i have transcended gender

    star sign: virgo

    birthday: september 1st

    favourite bands: NSP, Blink-182, Falling In Reverse, 5SOS. Lots honestly

    fave solo artists: Ed Sheeran maybe? Idk  i dont really listen to solo artists much

    song stuck in my head: Teeth by 5SOS

    last movie:  Austin Powers 2

    last show: NCIS

    when i created this blog: oh lord i dont even know YEARS ago

    last thing i googled:stardew valley shirt options

    do i get asks: no not really, mostly because i dont do those ask things

    following: 10

    why did i choose this url: i used to say ‘fuck me up’ a lot and its an indie blog lmao

    lucky number(s): 7 and 14

    instruments: i used to play french horn

    what im wearing: Beatles shirt and work pants since i’ve got work today

    dream trip: italy, greece, scotland, ireland, south korea

    favourite food: my momma’s enchiladas

    favourite song: When You Say Nothing At All by Allison Krauss & Union Station

    top 3 fictional universes Criminal Minds, NCIS, Stardew Valley

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