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  • 55 years ago… Gemini V … 8 Days in a Garbage Can
    September 1965, Gemini V astronauts Charles Pete Conrad and Gordon Cooper waved at officials while boarding a plane to leave Cape Canaveral Florida for NASA MSC in Houston Texas. Note Conrad wore his Glycine Airman automatic pilot watch, which he later also wore onboard Gemini X in September 1966. In this way, his  trusty Glycine Airman GMT pilot watch accumulated 10 days 22 hours in space, of which 2 hours 45  minutes exposed to outer space!
    Pete Conrad described the mission in the tiny two men Gemini capsule as “ 8 days in a garbage can ”.
    (Photo: NASA)

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  • The 36 mm waterproof stainless steel Glycine Airman automatic was designed in 1953 to be the perfect pilot’s watch. A matte black 24 hours dial contrasts with the prominent arrow shaped hour hand and distinctive pencil minute hand. The Glycine Airman had an adjustable 24 hours bezel with lockdown thumbscrew,  a domed acrylic plexiglass with date magnifier and a precise seconds hacking mechanism, an important feature for time synchronization used by military personnel.
    It became the first automatic wrist watch to be used & exposed to outer space, by NASA astronaut Charles Pete Conrad respectively on Gemini V (August 1965) and Gemini XI (September 1966) spaceflight missions.
    A pilot watch favorite with civil airline pilots & military air crew of all forces alike… Army, Coast Guard, Navy, USAF, USMC & US Space Force.
    (Photo: MoonwatchUniverse)

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  • Heres my theory.

    The pages before are all the doomed right? so no glitches.

    But when john enters it glitches. Okay?

    Maybe its not an alpha time line but maybe its Alpha john. Another words hes come from another time line and hes popped into the doomed one?

    This could mean its not the alpha timeline but just alpha john visiting the time line.

    Oh well. Just a theory.

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  • #roleplay #rp w/ dandom #alpha time#alpha dandom #alpha shaman king
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  • The once happy house, haunted though it was, became silent two weeks ago. A tall figure in a cloak with strange hair was often seen walking the premises, almost gliding above the earth like a shadow during the night, and simply leaning on fences casually during the daytime.

    And then the Shaman King fandom disappeared, without a word and without a trace.

    While the figure seems to be waiting for something, he does not seem to be in any hurry. He can often be seen wandering around far from the house, though he always returns to it.

    What will you do?

    #open rp#roleplay#rp starter #shaman king fandom #alpha time #alpha shaman king #suspicious shadows #suspicious shadows starter
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  • (( The starter will be open for as many people to reply as however many want to reply. It’ll be fun I swears. …It’s kind of late now so I’ll sleep and write it when I’m awake. Would anyone be interested in a roleplay starter to interact with the Alpha? ))

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  • I’m about to open my Porth & Gomez Homestead lots for the first time since I updated for Batuu.

    If you never hear from me again it’s because I died replacing the broken windows.

    #nonsims#chrissy rambles #hindsight is 2020 y'all #I also have to update all The Watcher crew #to MM... #because it was a full alpha save before #WISH ME LUCK #but also #save my wishy washy ass #from starting this story over for the third time LMAO
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  • ✨Pierre Gasly✨

    #f1#Pierre Gasly#pg10 #red bull racing #toro rosso#alpha tauri#fancam#f1 fancam #I am Pierre trash now ✌️ #absolutely had the best time doing this enjoy #my edit#my fancam
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  • realistic sands of time au…

    #its like realistic minecraft au #but minecraft desert temples are elaborate tombs (aka sands of time) #and dream team & co are tombraiders (is that a thing or did i just make that up idk) #and like... Dream helping george through the temple and doing his alpha male strong thing #like #george makes a parkour jump and stumbles a little bit #and dream grabs him by the hand and hip to steady him #and they laugh and george looks up at dream #and neither are pulling away #and when they do they just awkwardly trudge through the sand and go deeper into the labrinyth #sticking together closer than can be reasonably justified #the homoeroticism of raiding centuries old minecraft temples <3 yeah #my posts#mcyt#dnf
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  • #jikook#jikook au#abo#abo au #first time ever writing abo #Jungkook is alpha #Jimin is omega #this was for a abo exchange #lone wolf Jungkook #Bangtan is the pack he finds #Jimin gets hurt by another alpha #taegi are a side ship with pups #Namjin are a side ship #Namjoon is head alpha #bts fanfic#myfanfic
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  • you ever just read the text too fast

    due to recent events, I have made the executive decision to return to 2014

    #my art#me talking#pokemon#sword comic #in 2014 i ended up drawing a bunch of dumb comics about my playing alpha sapphire for the first time #i burned out pretty quickly on attempting to make any sort of narrative about it #and I was HELLA sloppy in the realm of making digital comics #but there was a spirit of the thing i always wanted to go back ot #ive played pokemon sword before already #but I need something thats hillariously low stakes to work on #in the year of our Lord 2020
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  • requests i can take:

    -any bear requests (the ask blog or a drawing on this blog)

    -beanie baby redraws

    -screenshot redraws for bear

    -cursed image redraw (never said i wasnt doing that anymore)

    #roblox bear#bear roblox#bear alpha #ive been pushing off requests for quite some time #so just #give me requests and force me to do them
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  • nesta archeron is a top.



    #no i will not take criticism #you know its true #she is #the no of times sjm called her queen and alpha? #its HUGE #oh and also #cassian is a bottom #hes literally a soldier #obeying is second nature #an instinct #i said what i said #and i stand by it #nesta archeron#nesta#nesta acotar#nessian#cassian#nessian trash#pro nesta#acosf#pro acosf
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    Watched CoryxKenshin and Dashie, thought of this afterward and now I dream of making an animatic of the alpha idiots playing Among us

    #homestuck#hs#alpha trolls#rufioh nitram#meenah peixes #oNE MORE TIME #repost#gif #sorry about all the reposting #years on this site and I still dont know a darn thing #tag shenanigans you know
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  • .

    #url anon #i don't want to open this can of worms because i could literally go off about her for hours #she's so manipulative in the way that she has painted herself as a victim and ignored how her words and actions have hurt people #she's transphobic because she misunderstood people calling harry trans as saying he's a trans woman #and gave her spicy take about how that wasn't true which was basically about his body and his pronouns being masculine #(and somehow ignored how that is harmful af to trans women and trans femmes regardless of her personal belief about harry) #i'm sure at some point she recognized that it wasn't the case and that people were just saying he was non-binary #but she never admitted it or apologized for anything she said #she gave one half assed attempt at a plea for forgiveness by asking people to explain to her what she did wrong #except she has basically blocked everyone on this website who didn't agree with her and would have felt bold enough to say something #so who was she asking to educate her? no one she just wanted someone to coddle her and tell her she did nothing wrong #she's not transphobic because she has any ill feelings towards trans people (except those she openly and deliberately mocked but 🤷) #she's transphobic because she's ignorant and instead of trying to educate herself she doubled down on her stance #she's transphobic because she insisted that trans people had an agenda for saying harry was trans too #and she's a big time fucking hypocrite for doing all of this with her blouie bullshit #i think anyone who has ever referred to harry as haddy or alpha should automatically not be allowed to have opinions on his gender #because they truly lost the fucking plot the minute they started projecting things onto harry that weren't true #but that's just my very humbly opinion #wow look at that i guess i did open that can of worms ahdkshdj
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  • Summery: Pierre is feeling under the weather and Esteban drives him over to Charles.

    Testing negative for Covid 19 was probably the single highlight of Pierre’s week so far and didn’t that say everything about how utterly terrible things have been going for him these past couple of days.

    Why on God’s green earth was he getting sick now?

    He didn’t get sick often.  

    He could count on one hand the amount of times he’s ever felt this poorly before. So, it honestly shouldn’t have come as a surprise that when he eventually did succumb to the illness, it hit him hard, making him absolutely miserable.  

    It just royally sucked.  

    Stuffing his hands deeper in the pockets of Daniil’s stolen hoodie, he continues to make his way down to the garage. Feet carrying him across the familiar terrain as his mind slips longingly away to the warmth of his hotel room and the inviting temptations of his bed.

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    #f1#pierre gasly#esteban ocon#charles leclerc#daniil kvyat#f1 fanfic#f1 fic#formula 1#gen fic#alpha tauri#Ferrari#renaults #formula 1 fanfic #fanfic#fic#my fic #first time I've written anything long in months #so I'm a bit worried about how it turned out #slightly disappointed #but oh well #i hope you guys like it anyways #my first f1 fic ever #so please be moderately nice? ok? #thanks
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  • grease is the word

    #he's so ugly i love him #i'm trying to find a maxis hair that for him because literally only that One alpha hair looks good on him #i took the time to recolor the white swatch on this one so ig it'll have to do #i think i'm gonna try to retexture the alpha hair to be mm #probably won't be able to post it though since it's s*mpliciaty and i got it on dwp lmaooooo #didn't they steal that mesh from second life though...... anyway #it's hotels #i have nothing insightful to add to the conversation #pack cool#ts4#s4 #the sims 4 #s4 edit#ts4 edit#luca
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  • I really do wish aloy could find ted faro’s dessicated corpse so she could trample him to dust tbh

    #marion plays hzd #gaming adventures #this be the mood after seeing the footage of him killing all the alphas #like for real these are people who worked tirelessly to finish PZD in time #and i dont even think they finished it #Margo said she had 3 years of work ahead of her #and he just... zapped them out og existence #:/// #i hatz ted faro with the fury of a thousand burning suns
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  • narrowing down your ao3 search is like

    #no hate if you enjoy any of these things but I’m a simple gal #i enjoy a simple high school au and that’s as spicy as it gets #my kingdom for the amount of times I’ve gone to click on a fic and then seen alpha beta omega in the tags #thank u ao3 tagging system for not making me waste my time
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  • i’m sure my Alpha is sick of me whining all the time but ya boi wants to have kids/pups- been wanting to for years and i really would like one before i hit 30

    #tib speaks #i’m 1 month from 26 #we’re narrowed down to a three year time window if you consider gestation #@ alpha: give me pups
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