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    Kindergarten: Amelia and Owen are still together and it is time to put Leo into school. They go to take him to Kindergarten and they meet his teacher, Mr.Lincoln. 

    Professional Development: After the events of the conference Bailey ships all the department heads to a camp for a week.

    Completed  Series: 

    Then you Came: What if Christopher never died? Amelia is a single mom fresh out of the relationship. Link is the new doctor in town. What will happen when the two meet?

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     Songbirds Shuffle: Amelinks love story told through a series of one-shots based on songs.  

    Tuesdays  Love Like This  U & Us Scared Like I’m Gonna Lose You Ghost of You

     Then you Came One-shots: One-shots surrounding Amelia, Link, Christopher and the family they build.

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  • Songbirds Shuffle - Ghost of You

    Song: Ghost of You by 5 Seconds of Summer

    Background: Link gives Amelia time to think after finding out Owen might be the father, right after Like I’m Gonna Lose


        After her appointment with Carina Amelia went home, alone. This was the first time in forever that she didn’t have Link making stupid jokes or singing purposely off pitch just to make her laugh. The car ride was painfully silent so she turned on the radio but it didn’t help in the slightest. She missed him and there was no running away from it. She missed him and he was probably only 10 minutes away, a reality that was unbearable to say the least. She wanted him by her side, no she needed him by her side but she screwed up and she had no other choice but to wait it out. She just hoped she wouldn’t be waiting too long.

        If she thought the car ride was unbearable she had no hope in surviving their bedroom. His clothes were all over the place, I mean he practically lived there. He really only went to his apartment when he needed a special shirt or to reference old textbooks and medical journals. She wondered what he was wearing, not in like creepy way but he definitely didn’t have a lot of choices back at his place. As she looked around she knew there was no way she was going to be able to sleep surrounding by reminders of him but she had to at least try.

        She stripped off her clothes and put on his old Mariners t-shirt, it was her favorite one and at the moment none of hers fit so she was wearing a lot of his. It was soft and it still smelled just like him despite her many uses and for some reason it was weirdly comforting. It was like he was still there by her side. She went to the bed only to find a note sitting on her pillow case, it must of been from before his accident. It read.

        Amelia, I’m so lucky to have the both of you in my life. I know this isn’t what we planned but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love you and I can’t wait to meet our little peanut.

        There was no way she was going to be able to sleep in this room so she gathered up her blanket and headed down the hallway to Maggies room. “Maggie,” she quietly spoke not wanting to wake the kids “Maggie” she repeated a little louder when there was no response.

        “Amelia, is everything okay?” Maggie questioned she opened the door only to be met with a red eye Amelia.

        “No,” she breathed out Maggies question only causing Amelia to finally break, “Link left and I can’t sleep in that room” she began to explain but Maggie knew where this was going.

        “Come in” she ushered Amelia in and helped her get into the bed. She kept on repeating “I got you” in attempts to calm her down, she couldn’t really tell If it was working. Once the two of the them were situated in the bed Amelia explained everything that happened and she just let all her emotions run out. Maggie didn’t talk at all, that’s not what Amelia needed right now, right now all she needed to do was vent.

        “Can you text Link for me,” she finished up her story getting a very concerned look from Maggie, “I told him I would tell him how the appointment went and I don’t really trust myself texting him” she reached for her phone on the nightstand, “please,” she pleaded once last time giving Maggie the look that always made her break.

    “Fine” she grudgingly grabbed onto the phone, “What do you want me to say?”

    “Umm” she thought out for a second not wanting it to sound to attached or emotional. He just needed the facts. “Hey Link, the appointment went well. Peanut is as healthy as can be,” She told Maggie not knowing if it was too much, “Hows that?” She questioned.

    “Well it better be good because it already sent” she tried to joke around, “can we please go to bed now?” she pleaded to Amelia who looked like she was winding down a bit.

    “ Fine but you have to turn off the lights.”

    .     .      .

    Amelia woke up to a text from Link, well not woke up because that would imply that she had any sleep. The text was simple but it was stuck in Amelia head. It read.

    That’s great news!!! I’m so glad the two of you are good :)

    The two of you, that’s what was stuck in her head. Link was glad that the two of them were good, the baby and her. I mean the rational part of her knew Link and she knew he would still care but the other side of her, the pregnant and emotional side, was stuck on those simple words. He still cared maybe she wouldn’t have to do too much waiting after all, she just had to figure out who the father was.

    .      .       .

    She had just finished up the test when she spotted Link, he was standing next to Jo and he didn’t look well. He must have not gotten any sleep either because bags seemed to make their home under his eyes. They weren’t laughing just talking, Link had said something about Alex being away so she assumed Link was staying with her.

    Whatever they were talking about must not have painted Amelia in the best like because when she looked back Jo was staring at her, giving her the look. She took that as her sign to leave, deciding to check up on one of her patients before Link spotted her.

    . . .

    The next time she saw him they were in surgery. It was an emergency case so she had no choice but to page Link. The OR was silent and that wasn’t really Amelias speciality so she blurted out, “I did a paternity test,”

    “Okay” Link simply stated as if it was a mundane task. There was hardly even a reaction in his face and Amelia couldn’t take the silence she was forming so she continued on.

    “So you can just go down to the lab anytime to take it too,” she looked for his response again and there was still none, “If you want that is”

    “Okay,” silence again, “I’m all done so page me if you need me,” he finished looking towards Nico and then left, leaving Amelia alone once again, well alone surrounded by the OR staff. An OR staff that was trying to hide the fact they already knew what was going on.

    . . .

    Okay. Okay! Really that was all you could think off Link thought as he scrubbed out. He could have said a million different things. He could have said how he missed her, how he loved her, and how he regretted everything he said yesterday because all of it was true. He kept on replaying that moment trying to think of anything else he could have said but it was all blank. He wasn’t lying when he said he was scared she might go back to Owen, that option always seemed to be there and once he finally thought they had gotten past it all, she might be pregnant with his baby. He knew Owen would want to be in the picture and he was terrified that he would be pushed out so he did it for her, he left and he hated himself for it.

    He always played it safe, he wasn’t uptight or anything but he never risked it when things really mattered, when his heart was on the line. This was a trait he always credited his parents for and right now it wasn’t protecting him, at this moment it was only causing damaging. Sure, there was a chance that Amelia would leave, a there chance that things won’t work out but Link was willing to risk it this time. He was willing to risk the potential pain if that meant he could have Amelia and their little family but he told her to take her time so all he could do was wait. Both of them now waiting for the other to make up there mind.

    . . .

    It was Friday when Amelia got the results back and she hadn’t seen Link since the day in the OR. Jo said he was taking some time off and Amelia honestly thought he just needed space so she gave it too him. But she nervous, completely and utterly nervous. She knew that these results would change her life completely. She hoped it was Links but she knew there was good chance it was Owens, and if it was Owens… She didn’t want to think about what would happen if it was Owens. She already chose Link and opening the results was proving to be quite difficult so she just stared at them, sitting down in the plant room all alone.

    .       .        .

        Link was spending his time off preparing his big gesture for Amelia. If he had any shot to be with her, he was going to go down swinging. So he had spent the last week fixing up the house. The house that would hopefully be theirs one day. He wanted to get her input on it first but the circumstances didn’t really allow for it so he just went in full force and the house was almost completely done, with the exception of some bedroom furniture and the finishing touches on the nursery. He really couldn’t wait to show Amelia. The truth was he missed her, putting the house together was just a flash of memories they would miss if he wasn’t her choice.

        Today was his first day back and he was on mission to find her. He had to see her and  tell her it didn’t matter, that he wanted her even if she didn’t want him back. He wanted to see her, to talk to her, to do everything with her, so he made his way to their place, the plant room.

    .     .       . 

        When he got there that was he saw her. She was sitting on the chair with her eyes fixated on the envelope in front of her, she didn’t even flinch when he opened the door.

        “Is that it?” He questions after clearing his throat, she jumps a little so he makes his way towards the chair next to her. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you” he gives a little smile before sitting down and continuing “Are those the test results?”

        “Yah” she mutters out, looking up and force out a slight smile, “I can’t seem to open them”

        “Do you want me to leave?” He asks knowing how worried she must be and he didn’t want to make it worse.

        “No” she looks up at him before placing her palm on his “Please stay.” He stayed silent just giving her a slight nod to acknowledge her request. The two of them just staring down at the envelope. “Link, I’m scared” she admits “What if it’s Owens?” her voice shakes a little at the thought and Links heart breaks for her. He knew this must be killing her.

        “Come with me,” he simply responds only somewhat ignoring what Amelia had just said, “I want to show you something”

    .       .        . 

        When they got to the house, Amelia was confused to say the least.

        “Link what are we doing here?” She questions looking around at the now dimly lit neighborhood as Link helped her out of the car and guided her towards the door. “Whose house is this?”

        “It’s ours” he simply states waiting to see Amelia’s reaction, “If you want it, it ours” he looked straight into her eyes this time and he could see her mind trying to wrap around his words. “I want this Amelia, I want you and our little peanut no matter who the father is. I don’t need test results to tell me what I already know, I love you” he pauses and puts his hand on her stomach “I love the both of you no matter what and I want this” his hands gesturing between the pair of them, “the question is do you?”

        Her response was simple but completely clear. She took his hand off her belly and intertwined them with her own. She looked straight into his eyes before getting up on her tip toes and planting a soft kiss and muttering “I want this too” before looking straight back into his eyes, she wanted to get everything out too. “I want you and only you. You” she pauses for a minute “You make me feel brand new Atticus Lincoln. When we started this I was scared, I’ll admit it” she paused again to chuckle about all the fears she had a year ago heck even an hour ago, “I was scared because you made feel so so perfect and I thought something had to be wrong, I didn’t deserve it but you proved me wrong. You are the best thing to ever happen” she wiped the tears off her cheek and grabbed onto his hand. “Now show me our house”



    That’s it for this little miniseries folks. I know I almost took as big of a hiatus as Greys working on this one but life has been crazy (and this time I fully heartily mean it). I just finished moving and recently started college so I’m still trying to get a good schedule but I hope to at least start writing one chapter a week because I love to write this couple hopefully as much as you like to read them. Sorry if this chapter was a bit eww, I started it like three different times (months inbetween) and have been lacking inspiration since I finished my 3rd Greys rewatch. Sorry for the wait and till me what you want to see next

    Story note: I know the events of this series don’t add up exactly, try to just focus on each miniseries as their own little universe.

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  • Songbirds Shuffle - Like I’m Gonna Lose You

    Song: Like I’m Gonna Lose You by Meghan Trainor, John Legend

    Background: Follows Links recovery period, directly after “Scared”


        “You ready to go home” Amelia cues as she enters Link hospital rooms. She already knew the answer. Link had been itching to get out of this room since the second he got in and Amelia wasn’t really a fan of the hospital beds either. Link kept on insisting that she g0 home and get an actual good night rest but she wasn’t going to let that happen. She didn’t want to leave his side at all and no amount of his reasoning was going to change that. It didn’t matter if he was right, a fact that was evident by the back pain she had been sporting for the last week.

        “You kidding me, never been more ready. One week is way too long” He laughs practically jumping up off the bed completely ignoring his cast and the bandages still wrapped around his chest.

        “Wow Cowboy, you still have broken ribs, take it easy” she moved to his side and grabbed onto his hands to steady him in front of her. She knew he didn’t want to be babied but she was going to do no matter if he liked it or not. “You got it?” she asked as they continued to walk towards his wheelchair, he was stumbling and doing a terrible job at hiding it.

        “Amelia I can walk by myself” he reminded her, “All you should be worrying about right now is taking care of our little peanut,”

        “Oh okay so you wouldn’t mind if I just” she joked as she let go of Links hands and acted like she was going to push him over.

        “Amelia Shepherd don’t you dare” he yelped out towards her trying his best to stabilize himself on his uneven cast

        “I thought you didn’t need my help” she laughed at the image in front of her.

        “Well maybe I was wrong” he flirted as he reached out toward her and managed to wrap his hands around her waist “Come here” he whispers before pulling her in and looking down into her eyes and giving her his famous smile. “I know exactly what you can help me with” he continued to flirt as he pushed her hair behind her ear and rested his thumb on her chin.

        “You are in no shape for that mister” she jokingly pulled back and slapped his arm.

        “I was gonna ask you to push me to the car, get your mind out of the gutter lady I don’t need my child absorbing all your nasty thoughts” He joked back and he pulled her in as close her stomach would allow. He wasn’t aware of the thoughts flooding her mind due to the ending of his comment. She needed to tell him or at least figure it out what she was going to do.

        “You were gonna ask that? Really?” She smiled knowing where this was heading.

    “Really” he caressed he cheek again before leaning in and meeting his lips to her. It was a simple kiss but it was perfect for the moment. The two parting shortly after and just continuing their gaze on each other.

        “Uhum” Nico cleared his throat causing the couple to force their attention back on them, “I have the release papers for you to sign,” he put up the papers in his hand as he continued to stand in the door frame, awkwardly.

        “Thank you” the two whispered towards him before Amelia went over to sign the paperwork, when she turned back around Link was already sitting in the wheelchair with their bags resting on his lap. “Well someone is anxious to leave” she laughs before pushing him out the door, Link telling her to stop by Nico so he could make sure everything in his service was squared away.

    “Okay lets head home” he placed his hand on her and the two headed toward the car.

    . . .

        It was Links third day home and Amelia was still waiting on him hand and foot. He felt bad, he was suppose to be taking her not the other way around. I mean she was over halfway through her pregnancy and instead of using her vacation days for rest she was using it making sure he was okay but he had to admit she was doing amazing. Her compassion only proved to him that she was going to be an amazing mother.

        When they first got home she had Meredith and Maggie bring the mattress down stairs and she had made their own makeshift bedroom in the family room, he thought that was were it was really going to stop but it was just the beginning. Since then she had been making him breakfast, lunch, and dinner (all of them being breakfast food but he didn’t mind) and constantly asking if he needed anything. If this was under any other circumstance her attentiveness would be cute but all of her kindness just made him feel more guilty. Guilty for not being the man she needed right now.

        “Amelia you really don’t have to do all this” he began when they were eating their lunch.

        “I want to” she reassures him placing a soft kiss on his cheek before getting up, “What do you want to drink?,” she asks as she heads into the kitchen.

        “I don’t want anything” he slightly snaps at Amelia not realizing before it was already done “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to”

    “It’s okay,” She made her way back to the couch and played with his hair in attempts to relax him a bit. “What’s wrong, Link?’ She continues to play with his hair as she moves his face so their eyes meet, "you can tell me anything, you know?”

    “It just … I feel useless” he admits breathing out,  “I’m suppose to be taking care of you, making you food and getting you drinks not the other way around ,”

    “Link, I told you I don’t mind” She rests her hands on his cheek and slightly carcasses it.

    “But I do,” he said placing his hand on hers but still trying his best not to look into her eyes when he makes his admission “I feel guilty.” The mention of guilt reminding Amelia of all she been hiding the past few days. The thing that had been eating her alive, the thing she had been trying to compensate for with happy memories hoping he wouldn’t leave when he found out.

    “Don’t” she reassured him, “I’m fine, I want to do this trust me” she emphasized the want but she could tell it still wasn’t enough for him so she shifted around so her head was now rested on his shoulder. “When you were in the bar” she stopped at the memory of the event before starting again, “when you were in the bar I have never been more scared” she looks up at him to see his reaction and was met with this softened eyes, “Just ask Jackson I was a complete mess,” she laughed a little. “I thought I was going to lose you and I don’t ever want to lose you” she rested her hand on his chest to make sure that he was still here, that he hadn’t disappeared, “I don’t want your name to ever be added to that list” she didn’t go into more detail because Link knew the list she was referring to, the list of all the men she had loved and lost forever.

    “Ame-” he started

    “Don’t say anything” she interrupted as she toyed with the buttons at the top of his shirt, pausing a second before lifting her head up to meet his eyes, “Just let me take care of you” her hands now back on his cheeks, one on each side, “please just suck up your guilt and let me do this and then when you are all better you can spoil us rotten,” she laughed out a bit and touched their noses together. “Deal?”

    “Deal’” he softly smiled down at her before going in for a small peck on the lips.

    “Now get lets get dressed, the kids are going to be home anytime and I kinda said they could draw on Uncle Links cast” she laughed before jumping up  “I swear they are great artists,” Link giving Amelia his goofy grin as his response, “What?” She smiled

    “I just love you”

    “Well, I love you too” she responded grabbing the pillow next to her and chucking it at Link, “now get up!”

    .     .      .

    Today was finally the day that Link was getting his cast off and he couldn’t wait. His ribs were all healed up so that meant that after today he could finally take care of Amelia again. It also meant that he could go back to work but as Amelias due date came closer that idea became less and less desirable and he hoped he could talk to Bailey about taking some more time off so he could get everything set up before their little peanut arrived. He refused to let Amelia do anything without him so they had a lot to set up.

    What Amelia didn’t know was that Link had spent the last two weeks secretly house hunting from the couch and he had finally found the perfect one. It was 4 bedrooms, had a big backyard, and was walking distance from best school in the district, he knew all those things were kinda far ahead but he was pretty confident that they would make it there. They were perfect and he was going to surprise Amelia with their perfect home after their appointments.

    “Well don’t you look excited” she smiles down at the giddy Link as she walks down the stairs

    “Of course I am, I get to get this torture device off” both knowing he was referring to the boot and he limped his way over to Amelia “and I get to see my little peanut for the first time” he placed his hands on Amelias belly and just smiled. Their exchange only making what Amelia knew she had to say harder so once again she waited, trying to hold onto the happiness. She knew It would bite her in the butt but she couldn’t help it.

    .     .      .

    “Okay you’re all set,” Nico chimed in after taking of Links cast, “I’ll spare you the details boss”

    “Thanks,” Link shook his hand “I’ll be back on Monday, so hold down the fort until then,” and with that Nico left the room leaving just Link and Amelia alone. Link was now behind Amelia with his arms wrapped around her waist “I can’t wait to see my little peanut, 24 weeks strong” He kissed her cheek and rocked her back and forth.

    “Um 32 actually” she whispered hoping her wouldn’t question any further but knowing he probably would.

    “32 weeks, that’s not right,” he just continued to rock her back and forth as if she simply misspoke.

    “Um actually it is, Carina told me last time” she turned to face Link trying to see the look on his face.

    “Why didn’t you tell me,” he smiled still not figuring out the importance of those 8 weeks, “We have so much we need to do” he grabbed onto her hands.

    “I didn’t know how too, I didn’t want to lose you,” she could she confusion set in on his face, confusion he just seemed to shake off. He was good at shaking things off.

    “You are never gonna lose me Amelia” he tried to reassure her thinking she was still speaking about the accident, “I’m right here, I’m always going to be here.”

    “The baby might not be yours Link” She interrupted as she backed away from him, maybe that wasn’t the best way to tell him she thought

    “What?” She could hear his voice break a little bit, “What do you mean he may not be mine?” He paused before finally putting two and two together “It’s Owens isn’t it?” He sat down and rubbed his hands through his hair.

    “There is a chance it is, yes” she confirmed his belief and with that sentence all of Links plans fell down on top of him and he desperately needed to sit down, “but Link this doesn’t change anything for me,” she sat down next to him but he didn’t even acknowledge her.

    “You don’t know that” he muttered still looking down at his legs “You don’t know that,” he repeated slower.

    “Yes I do,” she grabbed his hand but he brushed it off, “Link I love you.”

    “You loved Owen too and I was just your rebound remember, you don’t know if it really changes anything,” he got up and headed towards the door, “listen I love you Amelia, I do, I love the both of you” he looked down at her belly  “and if it was anybody else it wouldn’t matter. But it’s Owen and I’m not stupid enough to not think you might still have feelings for him, that the both of you might still have feelings,” he paused trying to work up the nerve to finish what he needed to say, “You need to think about what you want and I need to think about what I want.”

    “I want you Link” she pleaded as she walked towards her.

    “Just take some time Amelia,” he looked at her one more time “and text me about the appointment,  please” and with that he walked out of the room leaving Amelia behind.

    “I guess I did lose you” she whispered to herself


    Thank you so much for reading, I have one more part I am going to push out for this storyline and then I’m on the the next so if you have any song recommendations or any ideas that you’d like to see now is the time to reach out. As always don’t be afraid to leave your thoughts and reach out. Thank you so much for reading and I’ll type you later.

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  • Hey, Omelia-Fans :) After a pretty long time, I have this new Oneshot. It´s about Owen being requested for a service in Iraq and how he decides, if to go or not. I hope you´ll like it!

    It was 7am and Owen finished his night shift, when he got a call. „Hello?“, he said. „Major Hunt. This is Lieutenant Cullen…“, a men answered. „I´m calling because…“, he continued and Owen listened to him attentively.              „Service… Leave… 4 months.“ These were the words, which got stuck in Owen´s head after he  hung up. He had to get out of here. He pushed his way through the crowd of doctors, patients and gurneys and finally stepped out of the hospital. He took a deep breath and sat down on a bench. He looked at his phone in his hand. They wanted him to serve in the army. They wanted him to go to Iraq. Again. Should he go? Could he?! Could he leave Seattle, the Hospital,… Amelia?! He knew it was just for a few months; for the army it was nothing… but here… so much could happen in 4 months in Seattle. Owen didn´t know what to do. How could he decide wether or not to go?! Without further ado he called Megan. „Hey Owen“, she answered pleased. „Megan? Megan, they called me, the Army called me. They want me to serve in Iraq…“, he told her desperately. „What? When? And why?“, she asked after some seconds, not knowing what to say. Owen sighed to answer less hectically. „The flight would be in 8 days. They said they need people.“ Silence. „Do you want to go?“, Megan asked. „I don´t know. You know me, I really want to help. And… but… I don´t know if I can leave Seattle.“, he answered. „When do you have to decide?“, Megan wanted to know. „I said I would call within the next three days. What should I do?“, Owen asked her distressed. „Calm down, you don´t need to decide today. But it´s your decision. You need to take your time and figure out if you want to go to Iraq for these months.“, Megan said reassuring. Owen sighed. „Would you go?“, he asked. „Owen… after all what happened, I don´t think I could. But helping and being there felt good. I enjoyed my service… until… you know. I don´t have the same memories as you, but I know that you felt very good helping there, too. That´s all I can tell you, Owen.“, Megan answered. „Thank you, Megan“, Owen said, „I´ll call you soon, okay?“ He knew that she nodded although he couldn´t see and hear her. So he hung up the phone and went to his car. He didn´t have to decide now. But he still was afraid to decide. What if he would take the wrong decision? What would Amelia say? Oh no, was Amelia at home? Did he have to tell her now?! Owen´s head was spinning the whole way home. When he stood in front of the door, one part of him hoped to see Amelia and forget all his worries. Another part wished, she wouldn´t be there, so that he wouldn´t have to tell her everything. He opened the door.

    „Owen.“, Amelia said and stepped out of the kitchen. Owen closed his eyes slowly. Okay, she was here… he should tell her now. „How was your shift? Any exciting cases?“, Amelia asked curiously. „No… it was a pretty calm night.“, Owen answered distracted, while he stowed his jacket. „Oh, okay. Then… you can´t be that tired. We could spend the night awake.“, Amelia said seductive. Owen swallowed. „Ehmm, you know, I´m actually pretty tired.“, Owen said quietly. Amelia looked disappointed. „You don´t feel like it.“, she said. Owen hesitated. „Actually… I have other things on my mind… well one thing… and…“ „What is it?“, Amelia interrupted him, „Sorry… It´s just… you seem so distant.“, she said with a lower voice. Owen felt bad for her. It was not her fault. „I´m sorry, Amelia. It has nothing to do with you, believe me… It´s…“, Owen lowered his head and almost whispered: „The army called me this morning…“ Amelia looked at him confused. The army? Why would the army call him?! But then she understood and turned around. „And now you´re going to leave Seattle, am I right?“ Owen didn´t answer. „You´re gonna leave me and everyone here…“, she said while she got a lump in her throat. „Let me explain it to you“, Owen said. „No! I understand. They called you. They need you and you want to go. It´s okay.“, Amelia said in a choked voice and walked upstairs quickly. How could he do that to her?! Everyone left her. Was there not even one person, who could stay with her?!

    Owen sat on the couch motionless. He had thought about running after her, but he decided to let her alone a little while. He understood that she was upset. But she got the whole thing wrong. He needed her to understand, why he considered to leave Seattle. After a few minutes he went upstairs, assuming Amelia to be in their bedroom. He entered and saw her standing at the window. She didn´t look at him, but Owen knew she was crying. When she noticed him, she wiped away her tears, but she still didn´t turn around. Owen sat down on their bed and sighed. „I don´t know if I´m going… Yes, they requested me, because they need help, but I didn´t say yes… Well, I didn´t say no either. I have to decide within the next three days… I just want you to know, that – also if I´m going – I´m not going to leave you. I would be away for 4 months and then… I would come back.“, he said softly. He hoped Amelia would say something, but she didn´t answer and stared out of the window. „The army services are a part of me, Amelia. This is not an easy decision. Do you think I want to leave Seattle, my friends and you? Of course not, but I also want to help outthere. It´s a different work than I do here, and it´s important to me. I like to be there and help. It´s exciting and fulfilling.“, he tried to explain. Amelia turned around slowly and sat down next to him. She laid her head on his shoulder, what surprised Owen. He didn´t move and looked down at her hair. „I don´t want you to go.“, she said quietly, „I know this is selfish, but… everyone I love leaves me, and I don´t know if I can handle another loss… But… I´m not gonna stop you. You need to do what feels right, Owen“ Owen´s heart grew heavy. She made his decision even harder. He wrapped his arms around her and whispered: „I´m not gonna leave you! You´re not gonna lose me! I will call you and 4 months will be over faster than you think. “ Amelia knew what he meant, but she was afraid he would come back and be another person. He already had problems with PTSD. Now he said he wouldn´t leave her, but would he think like that after his service, too? She knew she couldn´t stand in his way. If he wanted to go, she would have to accept it. But it hurt. The idea that he could leave and not come back hurt so much.

    When Amelia woke up the next day, she noticed the empty place next to her. She sat up tired. She didn´t sleep very well. The thought of Owen going to Iraq stopped her from sleeping. She looked at the clock and saw that it was almost 1pm. How could she oversleep the whole morning?! She remembered that Owen was at the hospital today and that she had the night shift, so she probably wouldn´t see him. She swallowed; maybe he was away in a few days. Why did he not wake her up? She changed her clothes and walked down the stairs. Then she saw Owen sitting at the table with his laptop. „Owen? I thought you were at the hospital?“, she asked confused. „I reported sick. I needed a day of. To think.“ Amelia nodded. He still had to take a decision. She went to the kitchen, to prepare her breakfast. „I´m not going“, Owen said looking at her. She stopped and turned around. Did he mean it? „What?! Owen, are you sure? I didn´t want to influence your decision. What I said…“, she said. „I´m sure.“, Owen said firmly, „I already told them. And what you said yesterday didn´t influence my decision. From the beginning, you were the main reason why I had to take a decision. And why it was so hard. Without you I think I would´ve said yes without much thought. But now… I don´t want to go, because I can´t leave you. I don´t wanna leave you! I love you and I need to be here with you.“ Amelia looked at Owen´s eyes, which were filled with honesty. „You´re not going.“, she said, more to herself than to him. „I´m not“, he said and smiled. He stood up and took her hands. She smiled back and pressed her lips against his. „I hope you´re not going to regret this.“, she said then. „Definitely not“, Owen stated and kissed her again. He felt like his decision had been made already when he got the call. Inside, he had known he wouldn´t go, from the outset. He just had needed a little while to realize that his time as a soldier was over.

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  • Truth or dare

    “Link we’re in a rut.” Amelia said hitting her boyfriend. “…Mhm…” he replied still half sleep. “Link, help me.” She said as she straddled and got on top of him.  Link, who was laying on his back opened his eyes and sighed. “Linnnnnkkkk, I’m bored.” She was now hitting and poking his chest. “Amelia I- ” “Im bored.” She interrupted. “Huh really, babe why didn’t you tell me sooner.” He joked.  “Ok, ok  let’s play a game.” He said and Amelia got off of him.

    They were now sitting up on the on-call room bed across from each other. “Mmm, okay truth or dare.” Amelia said as she put her hair up.  “Truth.” He responded.  “What is your biggest regret?” Her eyebrows furrowed. “I don’t know, I’ve never really thought about it. Everything happens for a reason, no regrets.” Amelia smiled.

    “Your turn, truth or dare?” “Dare.” She smirked. “Ok, uh- I dare you to kiss me.” She rolled her eyes and scooted closer to him while link grinned link a child. She went in and kissed his lips, his neck, and his lips again.  “There you happy?” She laughed.  “Very.” He looked her up and down.  “Oh my god, ok truth or dare."  "Dare.” Link said excitedly.  “I dare you to get me fries."  "Ameliaaaa.” Link groaned.  “What happened babe you were so excited.” She acted. “Fine, but when I get back you better choose dare."  He tried so hard to be serious and Amelia cackled.

    When link came back he said "truth or dare.” Seriously as he put the fries on the bed.  “Truth.” She blew a raspberry at him. “Amelia Frances Shepherd."  Link said in surprise.  Amelia was crying at how funny she thought the situation was and link just stood there with his mouth wide open. "Okay, alright dare."  Amelia said as she put a fry in her mouth. Link sat down, "I dare you to take you’re hair down.” “You really threw a fit for me to take my hair down.” Amelia said dumbfounded. “ I like it better down.” he said matter of fact-ly.  Amelia took it down and link couldn’t stop looking at her. “Stop it.” She said. “I really can’t, ask me it’s my turn.” “Fine, truth or dare.” She said.  “Dare.” “Now,  we’re talking.  I dare you to take off your scrub top off and give it to me.” Amelia said completely “innocent”. Link took it off and Amelia stared at his abs, she snapped out of it and took her shirt off, she took link’s shirt and put it on throwing hers to the side shamelessly. she liked his clothes better than her own and link adored it.  Link felt the need to feel her next to him, he moved the fries and pulled Amelia close to him. He positioned them so that Amelia was in between his legs and they were against the wall. He wrapped his arms around amelia’s stomach and Amelia leaned back in complete content.  “Truth or dare."  "Truth."  "What are three of your favorite things about me?” She smiled “you mean besides everything?"  "Yes exactly, besides everything.” She laughed.  “I love the way you fiddle with stuff unconsciously.” He kissed her forehead.   “I love the way you take care of others like their your own.” He kissed her cheek and Amelia hummed.  “And I love your hair,  I can get lost in it… the smell and the feel I just-” he paused and started again “sorry that was weird."  He was getting weaker as she looked into his eyes, he looked down and Amelia lifted his chin with her hand just so he was looking at her more intensely.  "Tell me more.” she said vulnerably.  “I love how kind you are.” He said slowly and continued “I love how you steal my clothes.” He shuttered  “I love how close you are to your sisters."  "I love your eyes.” He buried his head into her hair inhaling her shampoo.  Amelia looked up at him and link started “I love you, everything about you."  Amelia got out of links grasp and laid down under the covers in the bed, link followed and re-tangled himself in her.  Amelia snuggled up to link and said  "for the record, I love everything about you to.” Closing her eyes.

    A couple minutes had passed and Amelia and link were falling asleep that is until their pagers went off…


    A/n: this is garbage again, but I had this old prompt… please leave comments and prompts <3

    Sorry this is short ❤️

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  • (Home can be another person pt.1)

    “Hey, Owen glad I found you- actually- I kinda need to ask you something.” Amelia became flustered not because HE made her “nervous” but because what she was about to ask was going to be hell… and she knew it.

    “Yeah, Amelia what’s going on?” He was curious now.

    Her face now buried in the ground looking for words to say disappeared as she jumped the gun. “I want to take Leo for a few days, me and link—“ he cut her off “No Amelia!” They we’re still walking as they stumbled into the double doors of the cafeteria. He pushed it open almost closing it directly on her face as she scoffed and slipped through the door.

    “You think I deserve that, really Owen. “Amelia said angrily

    “What about what I deserve, Amelia.” He returned her statement.

    “You’ve gotta be freakin’ kidding me, you have Teddy, Allison, and Leo.” “your point?” He scoffed…

    “My point is that you have them, and I’m asking you for Leo for a few days who by the way I’m parenting too, Betty gave him to both of us.”

    “You have link.” He yelled; so loud the whole cafeteria could hear him. Many stares went through the room darting to an angry Owen and an annoyed Amelia.

    “Leave my boyfriend out of it” she stated firmly as she pushed him out the door.

    “For someone who doesn’t like labels you certainly slapped one on him.”

    At this moment Amelia became mad, she shoved Owen into an on-call room. “Owen what is it you want that you aren’t getting, what is making you act like this. I am asking for my s— for my Leo — for a few days.”

    “I know you’re right…” he said looking down at the floor.

    “What’s wrong Owen?”


    “Ok, I’m not gonna beg… I’m taking Leo, I just realized I don’t have to ask.” Amelia said as she walked out of the on-call room rolling her eyes so far back into her head she could see “stars.”


    “Hey, you okay?” link said beaming from ear to ear.

    “Yeah, little peanut decided to kick all morning. plus Owen decided to go all Alec Baldwin, I’m starting to think I’m cursed.”

    “You aren’t cursed you have me.” he joked “shut up.” Amelia implied bluntly.

    “Listen, how about we go to an on-call room later. Just you, me, and- “Nope” Amelia finished his assertion sing-song like as if he were implying, well you know…

    “I was gonna say burgers.” He jumped but laughed at the thought. She smiled, he loved her smile. “Just-come on…please?” He asked hopefully smirking at her.

    “fine only because you promised me food, —you better have food. “ she said as she was walking away. As she did so, link said “That and because I’m cute.” she turned around and dreamily rolled her eyes leaving him giddy and ready for their little date.


    Meet me in ten… she read the text from link and smiled, but the minutes became to get longer.

    When it was finally time Amelia walked as fast as she could to their favorite on-call room only to see link eating on the floor. “See, food.” He said as he pointed to his burger handing Amelia hers, She closed the door and sat across from him on the floor.

    Shoving— no inhaling the burger in her mouth, she hadn’t eaten much, and when she did it didn’t stay down. Link glanced at her in awe like always. they made eye contact and he took it as an opportunity to ask “so, what did you and Owen fight about.” He looked concerned.

    Remember last night when I was at your place and we were talking about going to the beach you, me and “Leo” they said at the same time, link dragging it out.

    “Well Amelia, what did you ask?”

    “I asked him if we could take Leo for a few days” she said while shoving a fry into her mouth. “Which turned into a whole fight about labels, and who has actual custody over Leo, and - I don’t know it just got messy… I will say I did get a little mad at the end and I told him I didn’t have to ask so if the offer is still on the table we can go, we just need to figure out when.” She continued.

    “Amelia of course I want to go, we need the practice and I’m gonna be in Leo’s life but you have to understand you guys were in love at a point in time and Leo was like you and Owens love child.” He got honest.

    “I know but I have the right to take Leo- no the child I’m raising to the beach with my boyfriend and he has no right to tell me otherwise. You know it and I know it link. ”

    “Amelia” he tilted his head sideways trying to come to an understanding, he looked into her eyes leaned forwards, and kissed her. She forgot in that moment what they were talking about and moved closer to him deepening the kiss, She pulled back and closed her eyes while link smiled… He always smiled when they were finished.

    When she opened her eyes link began “you know he has a right to be hesitant, and I know you have a right to be upset but babe you walked out in the middle of the conversation, I would’ve to but maybe—“ ”link” she cut in. “Maybe you should talk to him again.” “ I know.” She replied, She was stubborn, but he loved it.

    “You wanna stay over tonight?” He questioned.

    “ I can watch baseball while you make fun of my reactions and pretend to understand.” His voice got more high pitched by the end of that sentence, he was hopeful.

    “Yeah, anything beats staying at mer’s right now”

    “Everything okay over there” he made a face.

    “Yeah, I’d just rather be with you.”

    He grinned hearing that statement. she really meant it, he could tell because she was doing that thing where she was playing with her fingers and looking down. She was nervous— why was she nervous— well vulnerable.

    “You don’t have to be nervous” he laughed. “I know— you just make me nervous.” she bit her lip right after those words came out her mouth damming herself for being this vulnerable, plus the hormones. Pregnancy had its ups but it definitely had its downs.

    “You think you don’t make me nervous.” he said smilingly, “I walk in a room debating whether or not to stand next to you because I’ll get distracted, I go to the place by the coffee cart to see if you are there at your normal time(7:00 am on morning shifts and 9:00 pm on evening shifts) and when your not I almost kill myself trying to look for you, and sometimes when we’re in bed I hold you like my life depends on it because it does but then I freak out trying to adjust myself because you’re so tiny I think I’m gonna crush you- he’s laughing hysterically now. “ you do these things to me without trying Amelia.”

    Without any other words he goes and sits on the bed, Amelia follows him and sits right beside him. She pulls him into a hug and whispers in his ear “sometimes home can be another person” he holds her tighter now, trying to savor the moment and then he repeats “sometimes home can be another person.” He pulls away and says “let’s go, we have a game to catch…”

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  • This is my first Amelink Fic! I’m just getting back into writing so this took Iike ten times as long to write as normal but i hope you enjoy. Plz leave me prompts because coming up with ideas is so hard haha. I was also too lazy to edit so I’m praying that there’s not too many mistakes <3

    “Hey, baby.” Amelia awoke to a soft voice coming from her midsection. “It’s your daddy here. You doing okay in there?”

    “Link, what are you doing,” She groaned, opening her eyes to peer down at the grinning face resting on her belly.

    “Morning, sorry for waking you up,” he answered, sheepishly.

    “It’s fine.” Amelia smiled. “What time is it?”

    “Quarter past six. My shift starts at seven thirty.”

    “I’m on call but I might get a ride with you to pick up some stuff from my office.” She undid her hair and let her chocolate curls fall to her shoulders. “Breakfast?”

    “Sounds good,” he replied, brushing a piece of hair behind her ear. “Maggie already left but I think Meredith is still getting the kids ready.” She nodded in response, her eyes falling to where Link was rubbing protective circles around her midsection.

    “Don’t get too attached,” she joked. “Anything can happen in the first trimester.” Link sensed a look of worry as she removed his hand from her stomach and stood up from the bed.


    “It’s fine, Link. Can we not talk about it right now?” She pulled on a oversized t shirt and a pair of leggings. Link stood, wrapping her in a hug.

    “Of course. I just know the last couple of weeks have been a lot for you and after our talk last night…I just want to make sure you’re okay.”

    “I’m fine,” she assured him as look of dizziness passed across her face.

    “Feeling okay?” His eyes full of concern.

    “Link, I’m fine!” She snapped, as they made their way down the stairs. Link shrugged, trying not to notice the slight wobble in her step and wanting desperately to place a hand on her back for support. As they made their way to the kitchen Amelia caught smell of presumably the bacon that Meredith was cooking for the kids.

    “Auntie Melia!” Ellis shrieked as Amelia entered the room.

    “Hi, Ellie.” Amelia smiled, lifting the toddler into her arms. Ellie wrapped her pudgy hands around Amelia’s neck and wailed when Amelia tried to set her down. “Come on sweetheart, you gotta eat your eggs,” she laughed as she finally set her down in her highchair.

    “Thor!” Ellis had refused to call Link anything else since Halloween and although Link had tried to teach her otherwise, Amelia knew he secretly adored it.

    “That’s not Thor,” Zola exclaimed between bites of bacon and eggs, “that’s Link.” Amelia chuckled at her exasperated tone.

    “You feeling okay, Amelia?” Meredith asked, noting on her pale appearance. “The kids had a bug last week and I think you babysat the night that Bailey had it.” Amelia nodded. Despite Link wanting to share the news of the baby with everyone, Amelia had decided she wanted to get through her first trimester before telling anyone. This meant a lot of time spent at Link’s apartment and a lot of suspicion from her sisters.

    “All good,” she responded, avoiding Link’s side eye. She went to open the fridge, gagging as the unbearable smell of bacon hit her full force. The next thing she knew she was in the bathroom. She felt Link pull back her hair as she emptied her stomach into the toilet.

    “Oh honey…” Link sighed, as he rubbed her back in small circles. This had become a regular start to their day for the last week and he’d become tired of watching her petite body heaving over the ceramic bowl. He could hear Zola asking softly to her mother if auntie Amelia was alright.

    “This is why we should’ve stayed at your place last night,” she told him weakly as she leaned her head back against the wall of the bathroom.

    “You said you wanted to come here last night because it was closer and you were.”

    “Well you’re supposed to take me to your place anyways, that’s our rule.”

    “I’m sorry,” he answered apologetically. “It didn’t seem like a bad idea in the moment.”

    “I’m not hungry. Can we just go to the hospital?” She asked, too tired to answer Meredith’s questions. Link nodded, watching as Amelia bypassed the kitchen and started pulling on her boots.

    “What’s up with her?” Meredith asked as Link went to grab his keys from the kitchen counter. “If she’s sick she shouldn’t be seeing patients.”

    “She’s okay,” Link responded, not knowing what to say. He couldn’t read Meredith’s expression. “See you at the hospital.”

    “Bye, Thor.” Was the last thing they heard as they left the house.

    “You can’t keep doing this,” Amelia mumbled, without looking up from her computer. “Bringing me food and reminding me to drink water and constantly checking in on me. People are going to notice.”

    Link placed the banana and yogurt he’d been carrying on her office desk. “Amelia, you’re already six weeks. People are going to notice eventually.”

    “Quit looking so happy about that,” she answered, not having to glance up to know that he had a smile stretched upon his face.

    “I can’t help it, Amelia. It would be nice if you could share a little of my excitement.”

    Her glare softened. “I’m trying, Link.”

    Link bit his lip. “I know you are. It would just be nice to get a scan or something. If Carina knew you were six weeks along and hadn’t had a scan—”

    “I’ve been busy.” Amelia finally met his eyes and was surprised by the desperation in his expression. “I’ll go to her today.”

    “Thank you. Page me?”

    “Of course.”

    Carina was definitely surprised as the neurosurgeon finally made her way down the the OB/GYN floor. “Amelia what can I do to—”

    “I’m pregnant. Six weeks. I need a scan or whatever.” She clasped her hands together to keep them from shaking.

    “Okay,” Carina answered nonchalantly. “I actually just had a cancellation so I can do it now if you want.”

    “Oh…sure, I’ll page Link.”

    “Great, you can just take a seat here and roll up your scrub top,” Carina ordered as she moved the machine next to the reclined patient bed. “You said six weeks?”

    “I think so,” Amelia replied numbly, lifting her navy scrub top over her flat stomach. “It just doesn’t really feel real yet.”

    “Probably because you haven’t had a scan,” Carina answered, spreading the gel on Amelia’s stomach as the machine whirled to life. “But definitely real. You can see the outline of the little bambino.” she smiled warmly. “First pregnancy?”

    “No,” Amelia replied. Her eyes flicking to the door for what seemed like the thousandth time. Where was Link? “I had an anencephalic baby a couple of years back… I—I know its rare but is it possible that it could happen again?”

    “The chances of that are very little,” Carina responded, eyeing the worried neurosurgeon sympathetically. “It too early to tell but we can confirm in a scan soon. Do not stress, Amelia.”

    Amelia seemed to be doing the exact opposite as she gritted her teeth, trying to avoid looking at the scan.

    “Hey,” Link breathlessly barged into the room. “Sorry, I was with a patient and…” he trailed off as his eyes found the screen. “Is that our baby?”

    “That’s our baby,” Amelia answered, immediately relaxed at the sight of him. He kissed her forehead, keeping his eyes fixed on the picture.

    “Can we get a picture?” He asked, his voice filled with awe.

    “Of course,” Carina responded. “Though there isn’t much to see now. How about we set an appointment for two weeks from now. We can get a better picture then. I know it’s soon but I’m sure that being able to find out more as soon as we can will put you both at ease.” She apologized as her pager lit up and she quietly exited the room.

    “That’s our baby,” Link breathed. Amelia turned to see his eyes filled with tears. “You’re going to be such a good Mom, Amelia. I know you’re worried but everything is going to be okay.” His lips brushed hers cautiously.

    “It’s weird,” she noted, “having someone here with me.”

    “Good weird?”

    “Yes, good weird,” her eyes finding the scan and for the first time not feeling her heart skip with fear.

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  • Link: I don’t know why I’m so angry! When I was little I couldn’t wait for them to get back together! I also tried to make “parents trapped”!
    Amelia: Really?!
    Link: I convinced them to take me to see “Love insomnia”, but my father hated romantic comedies and my mother hated my father so it didn’t work!
    Amelia: I don’t think you’re angry because they are remarrying ..
    Link: Oh, well, I’m pretty sure they are behind this anger.
    Amelia: This day should be dedicated to you: you are their son, you have survived cancer and they are spinning your “tumor anniversary” around them again.
    Link: Yeah! For someone who claims to be bad with their parents, you understand mine well!
    Amelia: Well, I understand family dysfunctions! If you want to leave, we can. Or you can give them a chance to improve.

    - Grey’s Anatomy, 16x06

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  • image

    the cute of these two is just unreal omg 💗🥼

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  • Hello! Here’s another chapter to the Amelink/Linelia episode series (EARLY). I hope you like it. Please let me know what you’d like to read next xxx

    Link to previous chapter

    Link to masterpost

    Enjoy xxx

    Amelia felt exhausted as she climbed from Link’s car, she felt weathered. She stood for a moment, by the car door, feeling the cool rain patter against her face. She closed her eyes. She could see Derek, he was smiling. Her heart throbbed at the memory, a small smile tugged at her lips. 

    It had been a difficult day. Though she’d not performed any surgery, she watched the man responsible for Derek’s death have his brain operated on, and watched him meet his maker. That man would never touch another patient, never cut open another person in the name of medicine. 

    “Amelia?” Amelia opened her eyes slowly. Looking across the top of the car to Link. He stood there, flinching slightly under the rainfall. The white beamed streetlight had the blue of his eyes so light that they were almost silver. He smiled warmly, and nodded slightly towards the house. “You okay?” He spoke softly, the street was quiet, they could hear the rain dropping against leaves of the trees.

    “Yeah… just thinking about Derek” She said, wistfully, peacefully smiling as she rounded the car. Link held out his hand and she took it gratefully and walked with him up to the house. 

    “I wish I could have met him” Link said, squeezing her hand.

    “He would have liked you” Amelia said, smiling wider, picturing the two of them. “You would have been two heartthrobs together.” 

    Link chuckled, swapping the hand he held hers with and wrapping his arm around her. Amelia sighed when they reached the top of the steps, suppressing a yawn. “I’m exhausted” 

    “I can only imagine… are you hungry?” 

    Amelia unlocked the front door and they stepped out of the cold. She hummed, “babies are hungry.” 

    “Not you? Just the babies? How does that work?”

    “They want that gross soup you like… With the mushy spaghetti” Amelia grimaced, taking off her jacket. Link took it and hung it up for her, laughing. 

    “You’re so smug! You don’t know what it’s like to completely hate what you’re eating, but to crave it, and think about it all day, and love it” she said, heading for the kitchen.

    “You’ve been thinking about it all day?” Link laughed harder, following her. 

    “Thinking about what all day?” Meredith and Maggie were standing together in the kitchen, steaming mugs in their hands. 

    Amelia shook her head, smiling “Minestrone soup.”

    “I didn’t think you liked soup?” 

    “She doesn’t” Link chuckled, opening the fridge, taking out a tub of it he’d coincidentally made for himself. 

    “He didn’t just impregnate me with twins, he also planted the desire for mushy spaghetti” 

    “You could just make it without the spaghetti” 

    “No Maggie, I want the spaghetti, the disgusting, falls apart in your mouth, sludgy spaghetti” 

    “She really gets the appeal” Link said, putting a bowl of it into the microwave. 

    “Well… I’m so sorry Amelia” Maggie laughed, sitting across from her at the table. 

    “You want some tea Amelia?” Meredith asked, though she was already getting a mug from the cupboard, dropping a teabag in it. 

    “Uuum…” Amelia was busy unbuttoning her pants, they always felt tighter in the evening, and she was quickly growing out of her current pair. 

    “Too late, I made you a chamomile” Meredith said, placing it down on the table. Amelia just smiled, eyes alight, looking up at Meredith. “Thank you Mer” 

    “You’re welcome” Meredith said, shrugging her shoulders against a chill as she sat down at the table, enclosing her mug in her hands. 

    Link leant against the counter, waiting on the microwave, watching the interaction. He felt thankful too, that Amelia had so many people around her who cared for and loved her, and that he could be one of them.  

    “What a day huh?” Amelia said, sitting forward to plump the small pillow behind her. She’d placed it there a week ago and had been moving it between what every chair she sat to support her aching back. 

    “I know right! It’s been crazy” 

    “Dramatic” Maggie said. 

    “Yeah… is it… is it weird that I feel a little closure? I mean someone died… but… you know?” Amelia said, furrowing her brows, and twisting her lips as she spoke, it was a confusing feeling to express.

    Meredith dropped her head, half smiling. “It’s odd, but I feel it too” she said, nodding.

    “Here… Careful, its real hot” Link set down a hot bowl of soup in front of Amelia, handing her a spoon. 

    Amelia sat up, moistening her bottom lip. Her eyes widened with greed as she saw the bowl. Meredith and Maggie both chuckled aloud, watching her sudden hunger take affect. 

    “You sure do like that spaghetti” Meredith said, through her chuckles. Amelia looked up, and nodded, raising her brows as she blew a stream of cool air over a spoonful of soup. Link put another bowl in the microwave for himself and then returned to Amelia with a pint of water. 

    Amelia took the spoonful in her mouth and then groaned blissfully, flopping back against her chair. She closed her eyes, resting one hand against the top of her stomach. 

    “Good?” Link asked, smiling toothily, sitting down beside her.

    Amelia nodded emphatically, “Oh yeah,” she said, taking another spoonful. Link shook his head in disbelief. He, Maggie and Meredith all smiled at one another, continually amused by these types of manifestations of Amelia’s pregnancy. 

    “Congratulations again Meredith, on your license. It would have been a tragedy had it gone the other way” Link said. He folded his arms, crossing his ankles under the table. 

    Meredith inhaled deeply and allowed herself to feel a repeat of the relief she’d been feeling since hearing the result. “Thank you, yes. I actually got my job back”

    “You did? That was quick!” Amelia said. 

    “Yeah, I know, I was as surprised as you” 

    “Bailey really had a change of heart today, she was ready to burn you at the stake a week ago” Maggie said.

    “She’s been hormonal, it’s confusing being pregnant” Amelia said, finishing her soup. She slumped back, rubbing her stomach, looking around at the group with a satisfied smirk on her face. Link side-eyed her, smiling to himself at the sight of her. 

    “Yeah well I hope she’s settled on having my back for good now” Meredith said, finishing the last dregs of her tea. 

    “When are you back?” Link asked her.


    “Did Alex try and get you to jump ship?” Amelia asked.

    “Oh he did… but Grey Sloan’s got my name on it, and I’ve spent most of my life there. Anywhere else would just feel wrong”

    “Cristina’s letter of recommendation was sweet” Amelia said, habitually rubbing her stomach, realising she ate too much food too quickly. Meredith smiled, “Yeah, today was kind of amazing” 

    “You should ask Alex for all those letters, you could get a real big ego boost” Maggie said, smiling widely. 

    “That is a good idea actually, you could read them before difficult surgeries. Get your ego through the roof” Amelia said, taking a sip of water. “I could use a  bunch of praise letters like that” Amelia said, grinning. 

    “Does Addison know about you?” Meredith asked Amelia, thinking about Addison’s letter.

    “Yes she does, we’ve been trying to find time to have a call, but we keep missing each other”

    “We should go to LA and see her sometime” Link said. Amelia was taken aback slightly, in a good way.

     “Yeah, I’d like that” she said, smiling meeting his gaze. Meredith smirked, watching the pair. “I think she was planning on visiting Seattle soon though.” Amelia said.

    “It’s been a long time,” Meredith said.

    “It has, I’m going to try and convince her to stay” 

    “For your labour?”

    “I’ll frame it that way, and then for their first year, then 2nd and so on” Amelia joked. 

    “She’s a very good OB… one of the best” Meredith said, in explanation to Link.

     Link puffed his cheeks slightly and nodded, “We’ll offer to pay her and then she’ll be obliged” 

    “She won’t accept money!” Amelia said, shaking her head. She slipped one of her hands under her shirt and rested it against her abdomen. 

    “Exactly, she’ll refuse money, say she doesn’t need paying to help you, and then we’ve got her”  

    “That’s smart” Maggie said, pointing a Link.

    Amelia took a sip of her chamomile tea, and as the comfort of it flowed through her she realised how exhausted she was. She slumped further in her chair and sighed, looking to Link. “You ready for bed…” Link asked, knowingly.

    “It’s pretty early for sleep” Maggie said, checking her watch, it was just after eight. 

    “I just want to be horizontal” Amelia said, yawning again. 

    “Yeah, I’m not convinced” Link said, raising his brows. He stood up and collected the two bowls, setting them beside the sink. Amelia began to defend herself but was interrupted by another yawn. 

    “Yeah you’re probably right, but we can put on the TV, some netflix, and I’ll try to stay awake” she said. Link came to stand behind her chair and pulled it out. Amelia looked up at him and he down at her, both smiling. Amelia rest her head against his stomach and closed her eyes.

     “Nah you don’t need to try and stay awake” he said, rubbing her shoulders. 

    “Goodnight guys” Maggie said. Standing up, stretching her arms above her head.

    “Sleep well” Meredith said, standing up too, collecting everyone’s mugs, “See you in the morning.”  


    “I feel especially fat this evening” Amelia said, walking ahead of Link, up the stairs. 

    “Stop with the fat thing Amelia, you’re not getting fat” he said, shaking his head, resting one hand against her lower back as they ascended. 

    “Yeah, yeah” Amelia sighed, “well then, I feel especially pregnant this evening” she said, holding onto the waistband of her unbuttoned pants. 

    “That’s better” Link said, closing the space between them as they walked, placing his hands on her hips. “You’ll be waddling soon” he said, beaming, scrunching his nose. 

    Amelia groaned, “You think, god, you’re probably right, women get big with twins right?” 

    Link hummed, nodding. He observed her concerned expression and laughing softly, “Nah, you’ve got a little while yet Amelia.” 

    “Hmm, yeah” Amelia said, pouting. They both headed to the bathroom, and brushed their teeth. 

    As soon as Amelia entered her bedroom she took off her top, and let her pants drop, kicking them aside. She was too tired to fold and put away or pick up and throw in the wash. She grabbed the tshirt she’d been wearing to bed and paused with it, taking a moment to look down at herself, at her size. 

    “Amelia, stop that” Link said, as soon as he entered the room.

    “Stop what?” Amelia grinned, shrugging, confused.  

    “Getting all up in your head, all thinky” He said, stripping to his boxers. He climbed into bed. 

    Amelia lolled her head to the side, smiling guiltily. She stared at him, shaking her head, wondering how and when he figured her out so well. He just smiled, and tipped his head, indicating she get into bed. 

    She sat down and sighed in relief as she took off her bra. She held her shirt, scrunched, against herself, closing her eyes. She hadn’t realised until then how uncomfortable she’d been feeling in her clothes all day. “You alright?” Link asked, sitting up, shifting closer to her. 

    “Yeah, just feels good to not have clothing constricting me” 

    Link just nodded, shifting closer again, resting his chin against her shoulder. 

    “By the end of this pregnancy you’re going to have seen me more naked and fat than…” 


    “Sorry, you’re going to have seen me more naked and pregnant, than you have seen me not pregnant… you’re not going to even remember, you’ll only know me like this” she said shrugging. 

    “You’re worried about this?” Link asked, moving to sit to her side, capturing eye gaze. 

    She shrugged again, “I don’t know, a little, maybe”  She said, pressing her lips together. slipping her shirt on. 

    “Amelia… Come here” He shifted back across the bed and sat against the headboard. Amelia stood up, and kneeled on the bed, walking, setting down next to him.

    “I love you in a tshirt” he said, winding an arm around her, she moved her legs across his lap.

    “Weird kink Link” Amelia chuckled, curling against him. 

    “It just sits nice… I don’t know” he said. Amelia sniffled a laugh. “Now… Amelia…” He met her eyes. “I have a good memory, and let me tell you now… I vividly remember your body when we first… you know… and every time since. So don’t you worry about me ‘forgetting.’ And you seem to be assuming that I see you as somehow less hot now?”

    “Well we…we were still very fresh, and hot and you know… just, we slowed down in a lot of ways… and my body’s not… my body has,” Link shook his head, soothing his hand up and down her bare thigh, settling it under her tshirt against her waist.

    “Amelia, you are beautiful, gorgeous, that has never changed. I love the changes I see in your body. I am amazed by them, I’m amazed everyday by you. Knowing that you are growing our babies on top of all that…”

    “Okay” Amelia suppressed a smile, “okay.” 

    “Honestly, I find you irresistible, if you could read my mind throughout the day, oh boy” He shook his head, smiling puffing out “wooh.” Amelia grinned, shaking her head, blushing. 

    “Okay, okay stop I get it…thank you” she said, smiling, cheeks flushed. She dropped her head against his shoulder and closed her eyes, a smile still pulling at her lips. 

    Amelia looked up at him. His eyes sparkled. He dropped his head, pressing his lips to hers, warm and firm. He pulled back and pressed another to her forehead. 

    Amelia took a deep breath, resting her head against his shoulder again. “What do you want to watch on the TV?” she asked him, 

    “Now that’s a question, what do you want to fall asleep too?” 

    “I honestly don’t mind” Amelia said, yawning. She sat up, pulling the duvet out from under her, covering herself.

    Link shuffled down in the bed, getting comfortable, turning on the TV. 

    “Come here you” He said, opening himself up for her to curl against his side again. She settled, releasing an exasperated sigh. 

    Amelia had no idea what he decided to watch. Once her head was against his chest, the steady, calming sound of his heartbeat in her ear, his fingers running through her hair, sleep began its persuasion. She wasn’t awake long enough to hear even the first few seconds of the show Link put on.

    Thanks for reading xxx let me know what you thought and what you want to read next xxx

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  • “you fight until you can’t fight anymore”

    Amelia Shepherd

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  • Hey guys, this is the next part to my Amelink episode series. It’s a little shorter, (I’m moving house) but I hope it still hits the spot for you readers xxxx

    Link to Squishy and to Awestruck

    Let me know what you’d like to read next xx

    Enjoy xx

    “Amelia?” Link said her name quietly to himself, placing two X-ray images against a light box. He distractedly looked at them, sideways glancing at Amelia. She was wearing her lab coat over a pair of sweatpants, it was buttoned up tight at the front in an obvious effort to conceal that she was dressed for a nap, on the couch, at home. Instead there she was, shining her penlight in to the eye of a patient, doing a neuro exam.  

    Link pulled his focus from her for a moment, quickly finishing up his consult. He sped straight over and stood a short distance away, hands on his hips, waiting. Amelia didn’t notice him there, even backing up almost into him, stopping just short, placing her hands against her back as she informed the patient of her prognosis. The Intern that Amelia had with her nodded along with what she was saying, swapping between looking at Amelia and looking up at Link. 

    Keep reading

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  • Seattle was carrying on its stereotypical behavior with the nonstop rain. Owen hated having to drive in torrential downpour so late at night but another day at work got away from him with a steady flow of traumas. By the time he parked in the driveway, the clock on his dashboard read 10:28. Maybe his wife would still be up to see him. 

    With his keys and bag hung up on the hooks by the front door, Owen quietly walked through the entryway and into their living room to see what Amelia was up to. Part of him was disappointed to see she was asleep but he couldn’t help but smile when he saw baby Abel still latched to his mother’s breast, both of them contently asleep. He was a miracle no doubt. Born with Down Syndrome and ASD, he had undergone heart surgery at 4 days old to correct the hole in his heart. However he flatlined twice during the procedure which shook the Hunt family to their core. 

    In typical Grey-Sloan surgeon fashion, Amelia and Owen had been up in the surgical theater watching as none other than Sam Bennett operated on their newborn so they witnessed their son come back from the brink of death twice. Amelia decided right then that she would be taking an extended maternity leave. Abel would be immunocompromised more than typical babies with his heart issues, and he already had 2 school aged siblings and 2 parents that worked inside a hospital to provide plenty germs. Owen on the other hand was so bothered by what happened, he didn’t want to think about it ever again. In return, he buried himself in work so he hadn’t been home much the past month other than his one off day he’d take. 

    When Owen leaned in to unlatch Abel to move him to the bassinet in their bedroom, he took a moment to admire Amelia’s beauty. However the longer he looked, the more he noticed. Her cheek bones were more prominent, her collarbone was even more noticeable, and even her ring looked a bit loose on her finger. She was already a petite woman so her apparent weight loss didn’t sit right with Owen. 

    He quickly moved Abel off of Amelia which only startled her awake. 

    “What the hell?”

    “It’s just me. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

    “He was sleeping. We were fine.”

    “I know but you can’t sleep in the recliner all night. Let’s go to bed. It’s coming close to 11 o clock.”

    Amelia was definitely drowsy but was happy to settle in their bed. She wasn’t used to Owen being around anymore. They hadn’t really discussed it which in the long run would only worsen whatever riff they had, but she didn’t know what to say to him anymore. He just wasn’t around. Instead of focusing solely on their newborn son, she also had to split herself for the older three. Flynn had baseball and Bella was in gymnastics. Between two school kids, their sports, a very clingy one and a half year old, and their specially abled baby, both of which she was still nursing, there was no time for herself. She didn’t have Owen around to help offset the heavy load that was their life and honestly she didn’t have it in herself to fight with him about it. Amelia was spread as thin as possible and it showed. The house wasn’t trashed, but it was messier than they usually kept it. She felt that if she could keep the four kids alive, fed, and on time for school and sports each day, that was enough. Anything else could wait for another day. 

    “Well, good night. I hope the kids behaved for you.”

    Amelia hugged into her pillow and not Owen like she normally liked to. 

    “They were great. Flynn and Bella are great helpers. He has a baseball game tomorrow at noon but don’t worry, he already knows Dad will probably be at work. Bella mastered her back handspring tonight so she’s really excited about that. Rosie is cutting all four molars at the same time so she is miserable.”

    “What about Abe?”

    “He’s good. He’s as strong as ever. Not at all scary.”

    Owen shook his head at the very intentional dig she threw at him. While she didn’t care to argue, she would make it known how much she hated that he willingly chose to stay away. 

    “I’m not scared of my own son, Amelia.”

    “Really? When was the last time you held him for more than 5 minutes? I mean hold him just to admire him, not just because I need to brush my teeth and hair. They’re only a baby once.”

    “I saw the monitor both times his heart stopped. It haunts me. I’ve doubted my ability as a parent ever since that day. I wish I could forget that that happened, but I can’t. Instead I save lives. I focus on that.”

    “I was there too! You weren’t the only one. Ya know, I would’ve never done what you did. Then again, I was never given that option. You have three other kids too. They miss their dad. Sam knew what he was doing in the surgery too. Abel is strong and he made it. We clearly aren’t on the same page but just know I’m done covering you with the kids. Flynn and Bella are both old enough to understand what is going on. They will remember when you weren’t around. If you can live with yourself knowing that, okay. I am so exhausted day in and day out. So do what you want but they know Dad has no true reason to always be gone.”

    Not another single word was spoken from either of them. Owen didn’t like knowing how much he was impacting his kids. Apparently he hadn’t thought too much into it until now. 


    Amelia was woken up just after 8 a.m by Bellamy climbing in bed with her. 

    “Mama, Daddy is cooking pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Flynn is helping squeeze oranges for orange juice. Daddy put Rosie in her highchair with some banana and the baby is sleeping.”

    “Oh thank you for coming to see me. Good morning my sweets.”

    “Daddy isn’t working today?”

    “It’s supposed to be his weekend off so he shouldn’t…”

    Bellamy’s face lit up but Amelia didn’t want her to be disappointed in case he elected to go in.

    “… but if he gets paged, then he will have no choice but to go. Mama and Daddy save lives.”

    “And if you and Daddy are here, there are people that may not make it.”

    “Yes but we love you all the same.”

    Bellamy curled up to her mom’s side, basking in the rare moment of being the only one with Amelia. 

    “Mama, can we do something fun today? Like going to the aquarium? I want to see the otters again like we did on my field trip.”

    Amelia kissed the top of her daughter’s head, taking a second to breathe in the sweet scent of Bella’s strawberry shampoo. 

    “Your brother has a baseball game at noon but we can go tomorrow if everyone behaves today. Do you still want to spend the night with Uncle Andrew and Aunt Maggie?”

    “Yes please! They let me help give Emma and Evan their baths at night. It’s so much fun. Will Daddy come to the aquarium on Sunday?”

    “I don’t know, sweets. You’d have to ask him.”
    Amelia laid there a little bit long with her oldest daughter until she heard her youngest start to fuss on his baby monitor.

    “Bella, go see Dad. I’m going to feed Abel then I’ll come eat breakfast with everyone.”
    “Okay mommy! I love you very much.”

    “Love you too sweet girl.”


    By the time the older kids were dropped off with their aunt, uncle, and twin one year old cousins by Owen, Amelia had Rosalie and Abel nursed to sleep for their mid-afternoon naps. Shockingly he had been at home with her and the kids all morning and afternoon. Now she was uncertain of what to do. Amelia wasn’t used to his undivided attention since typically the kids were running circles around them or the whole house was asleep by the time Owen got home at night.

    Owen carefully sat down beside Amelia on the couch.
    “Babe, can we talk about last night?”

    “What about it?”

    Owen ran his fingers through his tousled curls. This wasn’t going to be easy for him but he could only blame himself.

    “There’s no excuse for my absence. I have let my wife down and all of my kids. Sorry won’t suffice, I know. I am just going to work on being here. Seeing you last night with Abel still latched onto you and you both fully asleep, looking like a pair of angels, I noticed you have even lost enough weight for your wedding rings to not fit properly anymore. If there’s no one here to help you, you won’t have time to get proper rest or eat meals that isn’t pb&j and goldfish. That’s my fault and I hate myself for it. I have two weeks left of paternity leave that I haven’t used since I went back to work 2 weeks after Abe was born. I called Bailey on the drive home to let her know I’m using those two weeks effective tomorrow.”

    “But why? You have been so happy since you went back to work…”

    “Absolutely not. I’ve just kept busy. I let my entire family down and now I need to redeem myself. I love you so much Amelia. I love you, Flynn, Bella, Rosie, and baby Abel more than anything. I’m also going to make sure to bond with Abel has much as I can these next two weeks.”

    Owen finished his long winded statement to see Amelia’s eyes filled with tears.
    “Owen, you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to hear you say something like that.”

    She hugged into his side and was happy to have him with her now.
    “It’s true. I promise. I’ll be right here with you. I’m all yours for two weeks straight.”
    “I love you. This doesn’t fix everything but it’s a good start.”

    “I love you too. I know it’s not gonna get back to normal overnight but we can take it day by day together with the kids.”

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  • math:

    ∆ = b² - 4 a c


    S = So + V . t


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  • Amelia Apologizes to Link - Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 Episode 21

    Esses dois ♥ nesse episódio em particular foi onde mais shippei eles, por que eles foram além da quimica, eles estavam um ao lado do outro. 

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  • image

    The power they have 🔥

    (I know the definition sucks and the pic is waaay too old, but ehi who am I to not share some Keverina goodness?)

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