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  • It was nothing strange for Ames to be delivering various letters and items to other zones and areas, but this time was… Different.

    Unlike most other errands, this time he wasn’t allowed to know the contents of the message. His soul felt like it was about to leave his body when he was ordered into Dedans office, and the strict orders to not question his directions and to just deliver the letter to the guardian of Zone 3 had not made it better.

    Sure, he might not be afraid of the metal guardian, unlike the others of his kind, but that didn’t stop him from feeling the the ever so present aura of danger radiating from the man. He felt that this was not one of the times where he was allowed to mess up, he didn’t want to find out the consequences.

    So he had quickly packed his traveling backpack, figuring that if he’s going to Zone 3 anyway he might as well bring other letters and items and deliver them too. But other than items for the various errands he also brought with him various healing items - He’s not a strong fighter, and he’s very aware of that fact. His best bet would always be to run away and to rely on the help of the luck tickets.

    Somehow the backpack felt heavier than usual as he entered the quiet and barren nothingness, and his breathing short and hasty. Something was wrong, he could feel it. And maybe that letter had something to do with it.

    The echoing whispers of the dark emptiness only made his anxiety heighten and he wastes no time making his way over to the star like spot on the ground that marked the third zone.

    The zone of the factories.

    Ames presses the Pisces card against the ground, and in an instance the darkness around him fades and his surroundings becamo clear and vivid once again. The first building loomed ominously ahead, the tall chimneys polluting the air in the distance with dark smoke. But despite the almost dirty and worn look of the area, the air smelled sweet…

    It had been so long since he visited his previous home. He wonders if he’ll even get lost whilst trying to find his way to the big misters office.

    No matter what, he has to deliver this letter to Enoch.

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    “Hehe bat go bonk hehe”

    #oh god oh fuck he cant hear us #my art#own art#off (game)#off#off oc#oc#ames #ames the elsen #elsen oc#batter
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  • I think “Lucy” is less about Jake wishing he had gone for her number and more abt her being an example of the choices Jake could’ve made that could’ve given him a happy or at least different ending. Throughout the film she keeps morphing into these different versions of herself to satisfy Jake’s fantasy of a dream girl but it doesn’t change the fact that it ends in what he would believe is a breakup. Hence why it starts from “her” perspective and the viewer is led to believe that the movie is abt her secretly wanting to leave him. In the looping staircase scene the audience hears “Lucy” thinking about how Jake needs to be seen and validated by her to feel good about himself but in the end he never actually got her number probably because he never felt worthy of that kind of love in the first place. So he never even tried and ends up not living the life he truly wanted for himself

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  • Ames- Flowers for Anna

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  • Ames finds a random knife and decides it’s a great idea to go around and show off what cool thing he just found

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  • Vote Theresa Greenfield for Senate for the great state of Iowa and Joe Biden for President on Nov 3rd!

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  • .

    Mind numbing was the only way he could even think of describing the feeling of what seemed to be never ending pain, as he laid in the small room dedicated for caring for the hurt elsens like him.

    It had been a few days since the accident, and the only times since then that he had fallen asleep was due to him passing out from pure exhaustion. The pain consuming his whole body was too agonizing and even the simplest thing like breathing caused him discomfort, which made it impossible for him to even attempt falling asleep.

    Though he wish he could, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if he wasn’t conscious.

    So instead he had just been staring up at the ceiling laying as still as he could and occasionally letting out small whimpers of pain. By now he had managed to memorize every single small imperfection about the ceiling above him; some cracks over there, some kind of smudge in that corner, unpainted parts over there…

    Although Ames wasn’t allowed to leave, let alone get up from where he was laying, he had heard whispers here and there about what was going on in the rest of the zone. Apparently the two workers who had mistook him for dead had been severely punished for their mistake by getting suspended from their work positions for a time forward, as well as a large cut down on their rewards for their labour.

    He couldn’t help but think it was a bit too harsh, after all they had no idea that he was still alive and it probably could’ve happened to anyone.

    But another rumor that had caught his attention involved none other than himself, and strangely enough the director.

    According to some there had been talks about Enoch discussing with the other guardians about what to do with Ames, and talks about him potentially getting moved out of the zone to a different one… But why? Was he really that badly hurt..? Did he believe Ames wouldn’t want to continue working in the factories? Did he believe he simply wouldn’t be able to? Perhaps. But at the end of it all he truly didn’t know, and definitely didn’t know if it was true at all what the other elsens were saying.

    But that was his last thought before he passed out…

    A new day has risen, and he’s finally well enough to be able to be up and about, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t still feel the numbing pain from his still present burns.

    As he inspects himself in one of the very few mirrors around, he cringes somewhat at the sight of the new dark and dead looking patch covering parts of his face. Covering most of it was a medical patch, which he can’t help but to gently scratch at with his small fingers.

    “A- Ah! Don’t do that! I- It might fall off, and y- you might get hurt!”

    He flinches and looks over at the other elsen in the room, feeling the all too familiar sensation of panic rising within him from being somewhat scolded.

    “Oh… Hh.. Sorry…”

    He returns to looking at his reflection. The small humanoid ruffles slightly at the fluff on his head, then straightens his tie, fixing his sleeves and cuffs…

    Today he was gonna leave zone three on orders from the director. It was obvious when they had talked that the director didn’t want this for any other reason but for Ames own safety and health.

    “The possibility of you getting seriously hurt once more is very high Ames, I think it would be for the best if you moved to a different zone…”

    So this was it… When he finally has his strength back, it is time for him to leave.

    Maybe one day he’ll return.


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  • Ames tempts fate and steals one of Batters bats cause he thought it was cool looking

    #ames the elsen #ames#off oc#off#off batter#off (game)#batter #He's not gonna use it for anything specific #He just thinks its cool to have it
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  • “I… I wonder who that is… What are they doing here…? Hhh… S- Strange…”

    The small messenger Elsen sneaks closer, hoping not to wake this stranger…

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  • ames: i used to play bass until some tinder girl told me my hands were sooo big and my fingers were sooo long that i should give guitar a shot. so i did

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  • Hello! I’m Michel, but you can call me Mick. This is my second account specifically for OFF :)

    So! Some short info about me. I’m an artist and aspiring animator, as well as RPer. So if you see me posting art, don’t worry! I’m the one who’s drawn it, I don’t repost! Reblogs only :) I’ve been in the fandom since 2014 2015 I think?

    I’m a semi literate RPer and I don’t use icons. I RP both canon characters and OCs, as well spinOFF characters (if I know about them). I’m always open to interaction!

    Below the cut is two of my OCs for those interested!

    Keep reading

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  • Everyday is Halloween at Third Eye 💀🎃– we just got in a restock of Edward Gorey puzzles!!

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    Carry like sack of potatoes

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    The Reiman Gardens Butterfly garden 🦋

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