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    730ish.com: Celebrating a Decade of Deconstruction

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    He noticed our page! 🔱❤️

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  • La amistad es algo simple como extraordinario.

    La amistad es una cosa que simplemente dicen que se gana pero bajo mi experiencia 🧾 te digo una cosa he averiguado que simplemente hay ciertas veces 🤷🏾‍♂️ llegas a notar en unas personas qué mediatamente el encontrarlas 🧐 se ganan tu amistad esas son cosas que simplemente no se llegan a entender con buenas apariencias físicas ni por primeras impresiones.

    Es un suceso extraordinario 🙌🏽 que pocas veces puedes llegar a encontrar pues se compone de suerte 🍀, coincidencias 💭 y situaciones ☄️ en otras palabras una prueba del destino. Con pocas 👌🏽 personas se puede decir eso a menos de mi parte 😅

    De mi punto de vista tu has Sido una de ellas la verdad 🖐🏽 pero sabes una cosa no solo es esa coincidencia cómo suerte pues hay otra que es el como se desarrolla está amistad 💗 por ello es que todo tipo de relación se llega a amplificar tendrá un lugar en tu vida de cualquier índole en un en cada persona 👤 por ello te lo digo a ti que las actitudes y acciones qué has tomado simplemente conmigo que me ayudaste asentimiento integrante en tu grupo la verdad todo eso se llega agradecer 😭 eres increíble, fantástica, incluso extraordinaria pues lo comprueba tu madurez, mente abierta, lo bondadosa, como empática.

    Eso es la amistad

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  • 📚 The Timepiece

    The is the second book in a two-book series about an Amish girl whose life is turned upside down when she opens her father’s tinderbox. I liked the first book better because this book seemed like there was a lot of build-up and then the book seemed to close too quickly. It was like the last chapter or two were just like a summary of what happened next. I don’t know, it was still a good book, I just didn’t like how it ended.

    Rating: 7/10

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  • Last week, I read (from start to finish!) A Wells Landing Christmas by Amy Lillard. This was the first book I’ve read by this author. I realized at the end of the book that it’s actually #8 in the A Wells Landing Romance series by Lillard. The author did a good job of making this a stand-alone book, so I understood it all without having read the previous seven books (although of course there are mentions of previous main characters from other books).

    I like reading Amish fiction and I LOVE Christmas, so it was a fun read overall. I had never read an Amish book set in Oklahoma before (usually they’re set in Pennsylvania or Ohio). So that was a different twist. Also I had never heard of the Beachy Amish before - I thought it was because they lived in Florida lol! But then when I googled it, I realized that this more liberal Amish sect is named after a Bishop Moses Beachy. So it was interesting to learn about them and their belief system.

    Anyways, the book is about young Ivy Weaver. She’s only 22 but that’s already considered an old maid in her conservative Amish community. Her father passed away unexpectedly a few years before, and then her mother decides to remarry and move with her new husband to an Amish community in Indiana. Ivy is left in Wells Landing, Oklahoma, to take care of her aging grandfather. As the story progresses, it becomes apparent that her Dawdi is suffering from dementia/Alzheimer’s. Ivy works full time to support the two of them, but is called away from work several times to come get her grandfather who has wandered away or gotten lost. And other times she arrives home after work to find her grandfather missing. The situation gets more and more stressful to Ivy as time goes on.

    Ivy had fallen in love with Zeb Brenneman a few years before, but because neither of them had joined the church yet, they were not allowed to date. (I don’t think I had realized this about the Amish religion - that the young adults must join the church before they can even be allowed to date, let alone be married!) So they ended up sneaking around behind everyone’s backs, and eventually fall into temptation. Zeb eventually joined the church, but Ivy missed the baptismal classes (which are only offered every-other-year - good grief!!). Then after some unexpected turns of events, Ivy and Zeb broke up and he headed off to Florida and joined the Beachy Amish. Heart-broken, Ivy goes on a wild rumspringa and develops a very bad reputation in Wells Landing, to the point that basically no one in the community will have anything to do with her. In the Amish religion, a member of the church must confess before the entire congregation their (major) sins. Ivy technically doesn’t have to do this because she hasn’t joined, but she feels incredible guilt. And she knows that Zeb, as a member of the church, would have to confess their sins publicly. She just can’t bring herself to admit to everyone what they’ve done. It becomes a vicious cycle and she still hasn’t joined the church.

    Right when Ivy is at her wits’ end as to what to do with her ailing grandfather who keeps on disappearing or getting lost, Zeb shows back up in town for the holidays. He offers to help take care of Dawdi so Ivy can work. Ivy wants nothing to do with Zeb, but realizes she needs the help.

    Ivy also volunteers at a local Englischer nursing home in town, and becomes particularly close with one old man, who is dying. Ivy feels like the nursing home is the only place where she is accepted, because her Amish community certainly does not make her feel welcome. 

    Zeb tries to draw her back into their Amish community, but it is easier said than done. There are so many words left unsaid and unhealed wounds from years back. 

    I won’t say more, but this was a good book overall. I’d give it 3 out of 5 stars. I felt like it was slow / repetitive for a majority of the book. Zeb reaches out to Ivy, Ivy spurns him and tells him they can never be together, Ivy is wracked with guilt over the past, repeat. Then at about 85% through the book (I was reading on my Kindle thus I know the percentage lol!), things picked up speed and got super complicated. The last 15% of the book was jam-packed and went lickety-split! I have no idea why the author tried to cram sooooo much into the last couple chapters of the book. It felt rushed and unruly. I really wish she had not had so much repetition in the first 85% of the book and then made a mad-dash to the finish line at the end. It was just unnecessary, and not good writing style / technique. I’m really surprised an editor didn’t catch this major flaw.

    That being said, it was still an enjoyable book for the most part. If you want to read this, I would recommend reading the first seven books in the series before, so that this one makes a little more sense.

    I received a complimentary copy of this book from Netgalley for this review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed are my own.

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    A Legacy of Love - An Amish Heirloom Novella (Part of the Amish Homestead series) by Amy Clipston.

    2 stars out of 5 ⭐️⭐️


    Local volunteer fire fighter Leon King agrees to repair his ex-girlfriend Susie Bontrager’s grandparents’ antique rocking chairs for her future home with her fiance and is forced to acknowledge that his feelings for her have not quite gone away. As Susie spends time with Leon, she begins to recognize she is marrying the wrong man for all the wrong reasons.

    My Review: (minor spoilers)

    A Legacy of Love is part of the Amish Homestead series.

    Everything that I have read so far from Amy Clipston I have enjoyed, until A Legacy of Love. The sole purpose of my iffy feelings toward this story is that I was bored and couldn’t care less about Leon. I have yet to read the Amish Homestead series, and I will, so maybe I’m missing some insight to Leon, who I assume is a side character in some of those books. A Legacy of Love is well written, but I couldn’t really bring myself to care about the story.

    Leon and Susie are old flames who run into each other a few years after their relationship fell apart. Susie is now engaged to Josh, and she asks Leon to restore her grandparents rocking chairs. Leon and Susie begin to bond again and poor Josh has a front row seat to it. Susie has to make a decision but I don’t care. I actually liked Susie, her character was great, and you felt for her. Leon on the other hand, he only gets a clue about where he went wrong a little to late in the game for me. This by no means puts me off of anything written by Amy Clipston, just that this particular story just didn’t do it for me.

    #a legacy of love #an amish heirloom #amish homestead series #amy clipston#amish fiction#christian fiction#novella#contemporary#romance#kindle #not my cup of tea #my reviews
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  • I recently finished reading The Little Amish Matchmaker by Linda Byler. Below is the description from Amazon:

    Simon can’t stop thinking about the pretty Amish teacher at the local one-room school. But he’s ignored the sparks between them because he’s so shy. So Simon’s little brother, Isaac, takes matters into his own hands. He’s determined to give his brother the best Christmas present ever—a date with his favorite teacher. Amish novelist Byler brings her tender humor and skillful observation of family relationships to this holiday story. “I love Isaac’s self-confidence and scheming as he prods his reluctant older brother,” she smiles knowingly about the characters she’s created. Byler takes her reader straight into the Amish world as Isaac is both charmed and annoyed by his too talkative, but quite bright, Mam. He can barely tolerate his little nieces and nephews, who substantially outnumber the grown-ups when the whole family gets together. And he loves his humble circumspect Dat, although he isn’t always pleased by how well Isaac sweeps the forebay in the barn. As anticipation for the Christmas program at the schoolhouse builds, Isaac cares for troubled Ruthie who stutters miserably when she practices her poem. And he wonders how much he’ll have to help his brother Sim act on his growing affection for Teacher Catherine!

    I really enjoyed this book, and would definitely recommend it. This was my first time reading a book by Linda Byler, who is actually Amish! I’ve read plenty of Amish fiction before but never a book actually written by an Amish person who is so familiar with the community. Byler’s writing style was a bit simplified, but it was easy to ignore that since I was getting such an authentic and genuine glimpse into the Amish community. This is a great Christmastime read - make sure to read it this holiday season! :)

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  • Under the Harvest Moon: An Amish Harvest Novella by Beth Wiseman

    5 stars out of 5 ✨✨✨✨✨

    Official Synopsis - When Naomi Dienner is suddenly widowed, she never expects to find love again … until she meets Brock Mulligan, an English family friend hired at harvest time. As a sinister presence begins to threaten Naomi, Brock seeks to prove himself trustworthy while struggling with growing feelings for Naomi and her children. Will God open Naomi’s heart–and give Brock his own second chance at love?

    My Review -

    After the first chapter I knew I wouldn’t be able to put this down, completely absorbed by the story. I instantly fell in love with Naomi and Brock, and wished the story was longer so I wouldn’t say goodbye to these characters just yet. Well written, earnest, funny, charming, and clearly written with a lot of heart.

    #under the harvest moon #an amish harvest #beth wiseman#amish fiction#christian fiction#romance#contemporary#novella #i could not put this down #i love this so much #kindle#my reviews
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  • Love in Store: An Amish Novella by Vannetta Chapman

    3 stars out of 5

    Official Synopsis - Stella Schrock works at the Old Mill in Nappanee, Indiana, with new employee David Stoltzfus, a recent widower. When strange happenings begin occurring around town, it appears as if someone wants to close the mill. Stella and David have to work together to solve the mystery of what is happening at the Old Amish Mill, and in the process they might just find that God has more in store for their future than they would ever have dreamed possible.“

    My Review - A nice little romance story with a bit of mystery thrown in about an older couple, Stella and David, coming together. The mystery started off promising, I liked how Stella and David put their heads together to solve it, but the resolve of the mystery ended up being somewhat flat. The ending felt rushed to me, like a beat was skipped here and there.

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  • Sweeter than Honey: An Amish Market Novella (Amish of Bee County Series) by Kelly Irvin

    2 stars out of 5

    Official Synopsis - Shattering a jar of pickled beets wasn’t the impression Isabella hoped to make on her first trip to the local Combination Store of Bee County, Texas. But as embarrassed as she was by the accident, she didn’t think it warranted the frosty reaction from the handsome manager of the store, Will Glick. As she soon learns, though, Will’s heart has been broken one too many times. And now, for some reason, Isabella finds herself determined to be the one to repair that broken heart and renew his faith in love.

    My Review - I really couldn’t connect or like the characters very much. At times I found it a tad to preachy. This novella is part of the Amish of Bee County series, which I haven’t read, and the character of Will Glick plays a role in the second book, “The Bishop’s Son”. While you don’t need to read the series to understand what’s going on or what was happening in Sweeter Than Honey, as previous events in Will’s life are explained, I think it could of helped me like Will in general. I might read the series one day, but I’m not super interested based off this novella.

    #sweeter then honey #an amish market #kelly irvin#amish fiction#christian fiction#contemporary#romance#novella#kindle#my reviews #amish of bee county series
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  • A Bid For Love: An Amish Market Novella by Kathleen Fuller

    5 stars out of 5

    Official Synopsis - Every week, Hannah Lynne brings her home-churned butter to the local market. And every week Ezra stops by to purchase some. Hannah Lynne knows not to read too much into it, Ezra is a confirmed bachelor and barely even glances her way, despite any hope to the contrary. But when Ezra bids an exorbitant amount to win the quilt she had her heart set on, Hannah Lynne can’t stop her heart from taking over her mind. Could Ezra finally be in the market for love?

    My Review - Adorable. Absolutely loved it, my favorite of the stories included in this collection. I loved, loved, loved Hannah and Ezra. They were so cute and clueless half the time. Such a fun read, one I know I will revisit quite often.

    #a bid for love #an amish market #kathleen fuller#amish fiction#christian fiction#contemporary#romance#novella#kindle #i could not put this down #i love this so much #my reviews
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  • Love Birds: An Amish Market Novella (Amish Heirloom Series) by Amy Clipston

    3 ½ stars out of 5

    Official Synopsis - While Ellie Lapp and her mother are still mourning the loss of her brother, Seth, Ellie starts working at one of the gift shops in town. Seth’s friend Lloyd is talented at carving wooden birds, but his father disapproves and expects him to take over the family farm someday. Ellie sees the beauty in Lloyd s creations and insists Lloyd sell the birds in the gift shop where she works. As Ellie and Lloyd spend more time together, they begin to develop feelings for one another, but she accidentally betrays his trust. Will she lose any hope of a future with him?

    My review - This was a sweet story. Well written, a little slow to start for me. Just when I started to get into the story it was over. That said, I really liked Ellie and Lloyd, and was invested in them. I enjoyed these characters so much I’m planning on reading the series, Amish Heirloom, this novella is a part of.

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