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  • garadinervi
    20.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    «Texto Poético», No. 9,  Directed by Bartolomé Ferrando and Grupo Texto Poético, 1989 [Fondazione Bonotto, Molvena (VI)]. Feat. Bartolomé Ferrando, Manuel Costa, Vicente Plá, Carmen Navarro, Jiří Valoch

    «… La pooesía oral de acción contemporánea, en su intención de volver a hallar el gesto del poema, reinventa el telar simbólico que organiza la palabra en sus hilos para vestir al hombre de escrituras» – Serge Pey, 1999
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  • feeling-snipsy
    17.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    @eunoiastarz and I were thinking about how the one, the only Garth Fitzgerald IV would fit into bloodboyfriends <33 

    Garth enrolled at Stanford with his highschool sweetheart Bess to study child psychology, which is how he ends up rooming with fellow child psych student Castiel. The two (well, three <3) hit it off and become besties right away. They find comfort in finding people just as genuine as they are in a world where people are so hard to understand. Alongside Anna (well, the demon possessing Anna unbeknownst to Cas...), Garth and Bess are the first friends Cas makes when he finally gets out of the MoL cult. 

    One day while on the road with Balthazar and Gabriel, Cas gets a call from Bess, who tells him that Garth has gone missing. The three of them head back to Stanford, as much to use their tracking skills from hunting to figure out what happened to Garth as to comfort Bess. The three of them end up finding out that Garth was turned into a werewolf and went into hiding. While Cas and Gabe slip back into the anti-monster ideals tortured into them since childhood in the cult, Balthazar does something different-- he saves Garth. Balthazar was forced to change species against his will; he knows firsthand what it’s like and that being a “monster” doesn’t necessarily make you evil. He convinces Cas and Gabe to stand down (harder than you’d think, because even if neither of them want to kill Garth, their training in the cult is hard to overcome). 

    Garth gets his happy ending, of course. He doesn’t become a hunter, rather he learns how to live in his new situation while going back to finish school and continue building a life with Bess. The boys work cases for him when Garth brings them to their attention. 

    And now for the specifics :)

    Garth and Castiel study and work on psych projects together. They made sock puppets, including Mr Fizzles, together for one of these projects, and Garth keeps all of them.

    However, only a small amount of studying is actually done during their study sessions. Most of these sessions are spent gushing about their loved ones-- and about all the school gossip. Garth and Cas are pretty quiet, the kind of quiet that makes others forget they’re there at all, so the more popular kids will gossip in front of them without even thinking about it (plus, Garth and Cas are always open and upfront once you start talking to them; they just have those faces and personalities that make you want to open up and say everything to them, and people will start saying things they should really keep to themselves before they know they’re doing it)

    Because they know literally everything that goes on in school, they’re the first people Bal turns to when he needs blackmail material against those who annoy him. After leaving Stanford, Cas tells Gabriel the stories he’s lived and heard on long car rides. Gabe ends up finding himself remembering names and coherent lives of these random people cas never even interacted with— he tells Cas he’s like a podcast.

    Garth ends up teaching Cas how to dance for Balthazar <3 Cas and Bal still end up tripping over each other’s feet the whole time tho

    Bess helped pick Castiel’s outfit for his and Bal’s first date, and is sure to include Cas’ trench coat because the battered old thing is comforting to him

    Garth is one of the first people to show him any affection after he left Anael behind in the MoL cult; Garth hugs him and when cas just starts randomly crying he’s SO concerned he did something wrong but cas just hugs him tighter

    Cas still isn’t sure he’s worthy of any kindness after the way he was treated in the cult (would it have even happened to him if he hadn’t deserved it? No, he reminds himself, because Anael went through the same-- worse, actually, and she never deserved it for a second) and leaving Anael behind, but Garth and Bess help him with this so much

    Snips ends up being afraid of Garth after he turns into a werewolf, even though, just like Balthazar, they were really close before. Garth doesn’t hold it against Snips, of course, but Gabriel makes a joke about how cats and dogs don’t get along and Bal and Cas hit him upside the head.

    Also I think Garth and Bess would be really overprotective of Cas. They’d know from how little information about American society Cas has, his less than stellar social skills, and his apparent lack of a past that there’s something... not quite right. They don’t know what it is and don’t want to speculate, but... they know it’s bad. Garth couldn’t tell you how many times he’s been woken up at night by Cas screaming or whimpering in his sleep, he’s seen the scars on Cas’ skin occasionally in the moments where Cas doesn’t pull on clothing fast enough, scars that Garth has no earthly idea how to tell what the causes were because he’s seen nothing like them. They’ve heard Cas mutter names of people they don’t know when Cas thinks no one can hear, alongside things like “i’m sorry,” and “if only you were here too.” It practically killed them when Cas disappeared right after Balthazar died. Cas had gotten rid of his phone entirely, hoping (with Gabe’s encouragment-- at first, at least) that if he cut everyone from Stanford off entirely, leaving them behind wouldn’t hurt as much, because he’d forget them and how much he loves them, and they wouldn’t remind him of Balthazar. But eventually Cas gets taken in by the police because Garth and Bess filed him as a missing person, and that’s when Cas gets a new phone and assures them that he’s okay, he’s just... leaving for a bit. Needs to clear his head after everything that happened. The three of them stay in contact after that, but never more so than after Garth gets turned and Cas tells them everything (well, mostly everything) about the things he’s experienced in his lifetime.

    #what's this?? you're telling me olivia and kats finally starting using the dms instead of ONLY communicating through tags?? #inconceivable! #bloodboyfriends #garth fitzgerald iv #castiel #stanford era cas #lol love how that's a tag now :) #anyway imagining garth's kids is funny to me bc obv one will be named after cas #(since cas takes sam's place) #and that leaves the other infant... #will sam take castiel's place as resident angel of tfw? therefore having it so both garth's twins are named castiel and sam? #or allow me to raise you #garth naming his child after meg <3 #*sighs* love the idea of meg becoming the resident tfw angel but also it doesn't work bc she just wants to be human #and she deserves to be human #she deserves it so much after everything <3
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  • matoitech
    21.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    i do think prmr fans r rly bad abt letting galo autism man express ‘negative’ emotions tho . we r sliding too far in2 disabled ppl (esp developmentally disabled adults) perfect angel who have no feelings and exist entirely for other ppl territory back away from the ledge

    #galo doesnt have any emotions he is a golden retriever his only emotion is Peppy Cute Happy Cheerleader. no he has no trauma #and if he does it doesnt matter!!! #nothing affects him so i can write other chars doing and saying whatever they want 2 him and its fine! its cool! #triggers 2 hour movie runtime having 2 function like that does not mean ur 100k fanfiction should. come on #also still think the movie functioning like that didnt Have to be like that trigger just did not care enough #but my point remains #also not gonna get in2 it but 4 the record the perfect angel disabled adult is not always true #bcuz disabled ppl may also b viewed as threatening #but in galos case hes generally infantalized #or treated like a sex toy #sometimes both at once #mine
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  • modemerkenonline-nl
    15.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Angel Infante


    Angel Infante
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  • noonfaerie
    05.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    thinking about her (miss odetta)

    #ambie.txt #oc: odetta d'pavensei #i miss my lawful evil wife so much #and i miss playing tyranny a lot #ive been listening to her playlist and im yearning #i just love her so much! #the way her aesthetic is all righteous angel fighting to upheld the law #but shes here burning villages and killing infants #all for the greater good #the way being evil is written in this game... never seen anything like it #she fully believes shes doing it for the greater good.. never falters #but deep down knows her traumatic past has already caught up with her #god... best villain i would perish for her
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  • paganminiskirt
    02.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Any thoughts on the headcanon that Joseph’s first daughter’s name was Faith Seed and his recruitment of the Faiths into Eden’s Gate was his way of trying to reconnect with a feeling of fatherhood for the daughter he martyrized / his killing of each of the Faiths was a result of them failing to live up to the unreachable standard of the infant he idealized in death or is that Too Much

    #‘Faith’ is a very Him name for a child isn’t it #and also like #he says ‘angelic’ twice in the game #once to describe Faith after her death & once to describe his daughter #he and his wife both seemed to have dark hair judging by the tattoo & the first Faith had black hair #Rachel-Faith is 24 in game which judging by Joseph’s description of his and his wife’s age when they got pregnant #is about how old his daughter would be if she were alive in fc5 #oh look now I’ve made myself sad #faith seed#joseph seed #far cry 5 #infant death tw
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  • modemerkenonline-nl
    27.07.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Angel Infantes


    Angel Infantes
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  • successfulblackparenting
    12.07.2021 - 2 monts ago

    First Family of Basketball — The Curry’s

    First Family of Basketball — The Curry’s

    by Janice Celeste Video by the NBA YouTube Channel We adore the Curry family. From the first time we saw little Riley with her dad at his post-game press conferences to Ayesha’s social media videos, they had us at ‘Hello.’ They are indeed a cute family, but it runs deeper than that. They have a wholesome image that many relationships strive for A.K.A. #RelationshipGoals. His foundation,…

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  • z0ne-l1ft
    19.06.2021 - 3 monts ago

    i wish i could find my god, they were so kind and generous to me. gods were like section leaders, under a supreme God. and my god was very kind to a demon runaway like myself

    #there is an infant trying to grab my phone as i am typing this #demonkin#angelkin#actually demonic#actually angelic #pls o lovely god come back to me
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  • wwprice1
    18.05.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Still not sure what I thought of X-Corp #1. It was interesting, but I’m not sure if I enjoyed it. These were cool moments though.

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  • noonfaerie
    08.05.2021 - 4 monts ago

    in-game clothing options aside, i’ve decided that odetta now dresses in white only. like long dresses, lace, elegant coats with golden jewelry and accents. she literally looks like an angel but she can and will kill you. idk its just really big brained of me to be like: she dresses like that because she sees herself as the messenger of the divine will - she believes she’s doing the good thing by upholding the Law and Order and dresses accordingly. but like she’s still peak Evil. sexi evil lady with the best fashion sense go off!

    #ambie.txt #oc: odetta d'pavensei #(my tyranny oc if anybody doesnt know ghgn) #shes my comfort evil oc and i love her so much #angel but like... angel of destruction #listen she can put on a pretty white dress and then set people on fire #go off queen #(this is a woman who has literally smothered an infant to death yikey) #(but she looked very pretty doing so)
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  • dealingdreams
    04.05.2021 - 4 monts ago

    'you only like him cause he's hot'

    So?? Honestly... regardless of that statements validity why would that matter?? Why does a person enjoying something simply for shallow reasons matter??? when the thing they are enjoying is SUPPOSED TO BE ENTERTAINING??

    Maybe it is isn't always that deep hmmm?

    #musing #for the sake of this argument ill put the rest here #but this is ignoring the implications that women cant process complexity when presented with a pretty face #its infantizing #also this argument only comes up when women have the audacity to like a villainous or morally gray character #because why else would we like them #women must remain pure right...we cant empathize or understand the villain right because that might mean we aren't pure little angels right? #there is so much effort point into censoring what women consume and what they are allowed to like #moral police act like we can't tell the difference between fiction and reality...act like we need saving #its fucking frustrating #generally these types of arguments are focused towards women but i know non binary and men have faced this shit before also #it ugh im tired...been dealing with this particular rhetoric for like 8 years now
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  • fallendom
    04.05.2021 - 4 monts ago

      “FATHER UNINTENTIONALLY granted me the ability to create life, the same he uses to manifest his angels. Whether or not he meant to give this ‘gift’ to me...at least it has its benefits for certain situations.”

    #♚ ┇ ❝ ` THE DEVIL HAS A CHARMING & HELLISH SMILE ` / ( IC ) #( just imagine spawning lil luci demon/human/angel babies. ) #( one morning his s/o wakes up and sees luci is embracing a crying infant that was created....yes this is how it happens. ) #( the process itself is the fun part..... )
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  • subbydean
    26.04.2021 - 5 monts ago

    how come we never saw them stuck in a traffic jam??? 4/5 of the show is inside that goddamn car!!

    #dean would be so impatient and mad and annoying #and he'd bicket with sam and sam's like shut up you petulant infant but also starts getting antsy too #and cas pops in still has angelic powers #and dean's like awesome now you can zap us out of here and back on the road #and cas goes all no cant do. he's being shady or smth who knows and disappears #cue in classic 'son of a bitch!' #oh also there's a pop song playing on the radio and by the start dean hates it but since it's playing in every other station (cassettes bro- #ken idk) he ends up singing the chorus by the end of it #spn thoughts
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  • undeanlich
    22.04.2021 - 5 monts ago

    good day. im unwell

    #c.txt #dark angel t #got to his ep today thankfully its his only one in s1 bc so far ive already paused So many times #the first cap........ infant
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  • magnetish
    11.04.2021 - 5 monts ago

    Nina is so cute honestly I’d probably want to destroy the world too.

    #ooc #erik vc: behold! my offspring is a literal angel and i have no idea how that happened but i love her #:') #i'm really gonna need you all to picture dadneto moments #erik doing his part taking care of a newborn #doing cute shit with his infant daughter #nina learning to talk and all those adorable milestones #them learning nina is a mutant and can commune with animals #anD THEN SHE DIES #THANKS #didn't need my heart anyway #tbd
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  • thealtarof
    21.03.2021 - 6 monts ago

    the bedlund cut is all that matters

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  • littlelunardove
    11.03.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Okay I have absolutely no rational reason to be like this but something about a friend of mine naming her new puppy Persephone rubs me the wrong way??? Like it bothers me so fucking much and I don’t know why???

    #like idk maybe it’s the way she’s talking about the dog vs. my personal relationship with Persephone?? #almost like she’s infantalizing Persephone ‘my sweet little angel uwu’ like nah I’m sorry that goddess will in fact step on your neck if- #-​she finds a reason to #like I know everyone’s relationships with the gods are different but she’s full on atheist/agnostic and just like mythology and idk im just #weirdly bitter about this and i don’t know why #idk ignore this or like someone come psychoanalyze me please and thanks cuz I do not in any way wanna talk to her about this dog now😅😅😅😅 #dove’s voice
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  • gitaeung
    22.02.2021 - 7 monts ago

    i would love to be able to reblog a jungkook gif set without the caption being some stupid shit like “look at my happy barnie bubba baby petal flower doll angel face kookie monster bbs bubs bunny little little infant newborn baby 4yo sweet child of god” pls hes 23 i’m begging you. i’m begging you stop i will bet u $100 his own mother does not even talk abt him that way pls

    #we r the same age i am not calling him a sweet little baby angel pie face unless i’m making fun of him i’m tired #he’s a grown man he’s old enough to be a typical college graduate let’s stop this #there are lots of ppl our age married engaged w kids or on the flip side having sex w different ppl every night like #can we pls pack it up ik he’s cute he has a very sweet personality but he’s not a child #he already told yall he doesn’t wanna be treated like a child too. like pls #he is literally actively on a fckn resolution to Be More Sexy rn endulge him #he’s not a sex object but he’s not an infant either ok there’s a perfectly reasonable normal very large area in between #jungkook
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  • northbndtrain
    15.02.2021 - 7 monts ago
    Velvet Season 1 vs Velvet Season 4 The same composition from the show's score plays during both of these scenes. (Dedicated to the anon who asked for more Alberto/Junior gifs!)
    #velvet#galerias velvet#perioddramaedit #miguel ángel silvestre #miguel angel silvestre #velvetedit#northpost#ana ribera#ana rivera#alberto márquez #alberto márquez junior #ana y alberto #blanca soto#emilio lópez#jonás infantes #alberto and little alberto #velvet102#velvet410 #opted not to go with episode titles or numbers in the caption because of the #netflix numbering being off #alberto carrying ana is in the first episode of the original broadcast #but on netflix it happens in the second episode #reminder that this blog uses netflix numbering for velvet
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