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  • kim-seung-mo
    09.12.2021 - 5 minutes ago
    #stray kids#skz#skz imagines #stray kids imagines #skz x reader #stray kids x reader #skz reactions #stray kids reactions #skz headcanons #stray kids headcanons #skz scenarios #stray kids scenarios #skz angst #stray kids angst #bang chan x reader #bang chan angst #bang chan imagines #lee know x reader #lee know imagines #lee know angst
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  • swankpalanquin
    09.12.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    As much as I want Tom to leave the Roy family for his own mental health and well-being, as an audience member I would have so much fun watching power-mad, vengeance-bent, C(o)unt of Monte Cristo Tom just like tear up Waystar as a top executive.

    #like i want him crazy dark sided sticking it to everyone who ever said something mean about him #would he be actually competent at the job... probably not #would he be petty as fuck... yes! #i just think it would be a good time... no angst just laughs #succession
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  • we-all-horny-here
    09.12.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    I have a lot of feelings about Remus and Rolling Girl by wowaka ngl.

    [Re//om shippers/supporters DNI.]

    [Consider supporting me on Ko-fi :3.]

    @rigels-nigels @jl-artsandcreations @what-is-love-babey-dont-hurt-me @punkquoththeraven @thereisnoneedtocallmesir @peridot-the-kitten @noble-hibiscus @effortiswhatmatters @ollyollyoxinfree @allergictobshh @astronomical-bagel @dizzy-duke @zadi-jyne @life-reboot-now @boopypastaissalty @enby-ralsei @book-limerence @caffiniated-gremlin

    #sanders sides #sanders sides fanart #remus sanders#remus angst #sanders sides remus #artster#ts art#ts remus #ts remus angst #ask to tag
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  • mxxstiq
    09.12.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    cw: blood, cursing, major injuries, sword

    something i thought of in class today. shinobu x reader angst. we shall suffer together

    you and Shinobu are fighting a demon. Shinobu is considerably stronger than you but you want to be as much help as you can, even if it’s support. she stands in front of the hulking creature, her haori flowing even so slightly with the chill of the night. you stand off to her left, also staring up at the demon but you’re shaking slightly. a terrible feeling washes over you. the demon swings for Shinobu from the shadows.

    “Shinobu!” you yell.

    despite knowing your partner could very well dodge the attack, you lunge forward and shove her out of the way. the demons attack collides with your side, sending you flying backwards. your back slams into one of the many trees in the forest, a sickening crack echoing through the night.

    “[name]?” you hear softly.

    “[NAME]!” you hear again, this time the voice riddled with rage.

    you open your eyes slowly so meet your lovers own eyes, a mix of fear and anger dancing in her purple irises. she whipped around the face the demon.

    “you’ll die for that. i’ll kill you, you filthy fucking demon!” you hear her yell as your vision slowly faces to black.

    it was peaceful. the silence. the ringing in your ears stopped shortly after your eyes closed. the pain that racked through your body seemed to slowly disappear. Shinobu will save the day, she always does.



    love you all <3333 this is what i thought of during math today. you better give it some love 😤

    #kocho shinobu x reader #shinobu x reader #demon slayer #demon slayer season 2 #x reader #demon slayer angst #suffering#im cryin#character death#demon #kocho x reader #shinobu kochō#oneshot #i wanna hear shinobu swear #shinobu<3
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  • that-one-weeb-buts-its-the-main
    09.12.2021 - 12 minutes ago



    Warning: death, diluc x fem reader implied,

    Reader: female

    Here's the dump ♡♡ Genshin Masterlist

    "Is today then end?....I would not say so. And neither would she, she; Y/n."

    "She. She was more than a knight, she was a friend, a dear one at that."

    "A Lantern that walked through my darkest days by my side, and I thank her for that."

    "A woman of history, of the present, of the future, Y/n was everything, she helped these cities more than anyone could imagine. She took on gods, angried with fury and the heart broken by loneliness and gave them a home within her swollen heart."

    "As Unlucky as I am. I was lucky to meet Y/n. She believed in me the most. I would be nothing without her and I don't think most of us would be anything if it wasn't for her smile."

    It was silent for a while. The sky dark and rain threating to pour. A solemn day for the heros of Tevyat.

    The red hair stood our from everyone elses, the bright red looking even brighter against the dark sky. The man rose to his feet, walking towards the front of the crowd. It as silent as before.

    "I." He tried to speak, "I miss her, we all miss her. Y/n will always be my love, and I will not deny that, wherever the wind may take her. I know her home will always be in Mondstat....with us...with me."

    It was silent, he walking back to his orginal spot, the group looking down at the simple marked grave.


    "I don't wanna talk now Kaeya. Okay?" He protested softly.

    After a few solemn moments most walked off, Diluc looking down at the site. Others silently ushered the others off to leave the man to morn in peice.

    The gray tinted blonde man watched from a far, where no one could see, "You believe this is the right choice?"

    She looked besides her, where the man stood, "yes."

    "It is harsh. Even for me."

    "I can not break his heart no more, one last time will suffice."

    "And your's? My dear sister?"

    She looked back at him, "Albedo...we knew mine was created as same as your's. If it breaks...it can mannually be put back together."

    "What do you plan to do with this new found death then. Y/n surely is not what you'll go by." Albedo questioned.

    Y/n turned her head, a crack of thunder and lighting only a few feet away, both not flinching at the sound or the bright light.

    "I'm going to find Gold."

    "You believe she's still out there-"

    "And kill her."

    Albedo's expression never changed arms crossed, "You let your emotions drive you, and I thought I was the emotional one."

    "Don't try and talk me out of it."

    "Oh I won't." Albedo contuined, "I have one question for you, brother to sister. Synthetic to another."

    "What?" She pushed

    "Why?" He questioned.

    Y/n looked back, Diluc being pulled away by Kaeya, his arm tightly around his brother to pull him to a group of people still there, ready to be there for him.

    "The wonders of the world. There not my expertise, you'll find an answer before I ever will Albedo."

    #genshin impact #genshin impact x reader #genshin diluc #genshin impact kaeya #genshin albedo#gi albedo#gi diluc#gi Kaeya #genshin impact diluc #genshin impact angst
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  • bargainbincringe
    08.12.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    UUUGHFJEHHE I KINDA WISH MERA STUCK AROUND AS A MAIN VILLIAN BECAUSE IM REWARCH8JG EE AND I LOVE HER????? HELP??? Also itd be cool if Slyvie losing his epithet had more consequences


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  • nct-nari
    08.12.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    You're Okay

    With Nari and Renjun being the only members Chenle felt completely comfortable communicating with it wasn't surprising he began to rely on them.

    Takes place in the first few months of 2017.

    Word Count: 2.2K

    "Hey Chenle, you okay?"

    Chenle's head drifted to look up at Nari. The older girl was standing beside him, her backpack slung over her left shoulder as her eyes bore into his own.

    "Huh? Oh yeah yeah of course! Practise was a bit tiring today."

    The smile and laugh that Chenle gave off were real, yet there was a lingering disbelief beneath Nari's smile.

    "Agreed. Your pronunciation was really good today, I can tell you've been working hard." Nari smiled, her gaze momentarily moving away from Chenle's face "Ah, ... looks like I need to go back to my dorms now. See you tomorrow!"

    After waving goodbye to Nari Chenle remained frozen in the empty practise room. Had he been that obvious? None of the other members had seemed to notice. Shaking his head Chenle picked up his bag and made his way down to where his mum would meet him. Although he hadn't been upset with his pronunciation today, he's still felt unusually neutral after they'd finished practise. Although he'd been too shocked to tell her, Chenle felt very thankful for Nari's kind words.


    "Hey Chenle, you okay?"

    Chenle couldn't help but feel confused by Nari's question. Though he'd been reluctant to go for a walk when Nari had asked him after practise, he'd absolutely loved the hour they'd spent aimlessly walking. He'd gotten to tell Nari about his developing love of basketball and she'd eagerly listened to his rants about the list of things he wanted to work on and try once their comeback promotions were over. Even when his voice had become tired and Nari had scolded him with Chinese he didn't know she knew he'd simply laughed, catching the scarf she threw at him as they settled into a comfortable silence.

    "Yes, I'm fine! Why are you asking?"

    "Just ..." Nari trailed off, biting her lip before smiling down at Chenle "Your Korean is getting really good these days. It's a hard language you know and ... well ... you already have so many other things filling up your day. You shouldn't feel annoyed for not being perfect yet. Being annoyed isn't going to help you improve. It's more important to realise that you've already learnt so much."

    Although Chenle had felt startled by Nari's question, he found himself significantly more shocked by her answer. Having spent the past hour laughing and smiling with his friend Chenle had almost completely forgotten how frustrated he'd been earlier in the day after forgetting such a simple word during their schedules. Even during the filming he'd happily laughed it off. Had Nari really picked up on his slight annoyance?

    "Yeah but ... 'just' is such a simple word. I shouldn't have forgotten it." Chenle muttered into Nari's scarf, his gaze fixated on the ground in front of him.

    "Mmm" Nari hummed, a more serious expression making it's way onto her face as she took in the disappointment and bitterness in Chenle's tone. "Still, it was only a silly mistake. It doesn't say anything about your actual skills. It just means you were tired or distracted at that moment. You shouldn't beat yourself up over it."

    "Yeah ..." Chenle sighed.

    "Come on, there's some street food a small walk away from here. How about I buy us some hot food and I can tell you about the way Haechan embarrassed himself in front of our whole class yesterday."

    "Huh? What did he do?!" Chenle eagerly laughed.

    "What did he do?!" He cried out again after Nari wiggled her eyebrows before taking off.

    Letting out a laugh Chenle eagerly began to chase after his friend.


    "Hey Chenle, you okay?"

    Nari's voice cut through the silent rage that had been building in Chenle for the past few minutes. The boy couldn't help but quickly check to see if anyone else was paying attention to him. However, just like the last time he'd looked up from his workbook, all of their staff and members remained busy. All his members except Nari that was.

    "Huh? Yeah I'm fine. Just wish homework didn't exist." Chenle mumbled, frustrated that he couldn't answer the this particular maths question.

    "Ha, if only," Nari laughed before her face turned the slightest bit more serious as she asked "Do you want some help with the question you're doing?"

    "Hmm? Oh no, I'm fine. I just got distracted for a bit."

    Nari gave Chenle a small nod even though it was clear on her face that the older girl hadn't fallen for his lie. After giving him a few words of encouragement Chenle watched as Nari picked up her pen and once again leant over her own book.

    Although the members of NCT DREAM were known to be quite loud and chaotic at times, it was also common for their area backstage to remain relatively quiet. Today was one of those days when the only noises in their Show Campion waiting room were the muffled voices of their staff, the scratches of pens on paper and the tapping of fingers typing away at laptops.

    Maybe it was the silence that made time seem to go slower. Chenle felt as if he'd spent an eternity scribbling answers to the question, never actually managing to find an end that made sense.

    Chenle stole a quick glance at his members before shuffling closer to Nari where they were both sat on the floor.

    "Actually ... could you maybe just explain what formulas I have to use and why?"

    Chenle watched as a big smile made it's way onto Nari's face. It didn't take long for Chenle to realise where he'd been muddling his working out. There was a genuine smile on his face as he thanked Nari before returning to his work.


    "Hey Chenle, you okay?"

    Upon exiting the practice room Nari had quickly spotted Chenle. Even though Mark had told her he'd be out here, Nari hadn't expected to see the boy with his shoulders slumped and his arms crossed, leaning against the wall as if he wanted to disappear into it.

    The exhaustion Nari had felt after finishing practise for the day quickly turned into confusion when Mark entered the practice room and dragged the tired girl over to the side. Her confusion only grew when Mark had informed her that Chenle was waiting for her outside the practise room.

    However now that Nari actually got a chance to look at Chenle her confusion had almost completely been replaced by concern for the boy.

    Instead of replying to Nari's question Chenle let out a small sigh as he walked up to Nari.

    "Do you have any more schedules today?"

    "No," Nari replied as she tried to figure out what Chenle was feeling "Do you want to hang out for a bit?"

    Chenle nodded his head as they began to make their way out of the SM building.

    "Renjun and I had another fight."

    Nari could almost feel a sense of relief upon hearing Chenle's words. Though she hated to see her friends and group members fighting, at least this was a situation where she could try and help.

    "Okay" Nari spoke softly "How about we go find a nice park somewhere and you can tell me all the stupid things Renjun said and then afterwards we can head back to the dorms and you and Renjun can work things out. Sound good?"

    Chenle felt the smallest bit of tension leave his body after hearing Nari's proposal.

    "Yeah that sounds good. Thanks Nari."

    "You don't need to thank me. I'll always be here for you."


    "Yo Chenle have you .... huh ... wait Chenle what's wrong?"

    The initial excitement that could be heard in Jisung's voice had quickly died after he got a chance to look at the boy who was sat in front of him. After their most recent comeback life had somewhat returned to what Jisung considered normal. He'd woken up, made his way to school, fudged his way through his classes and instead of returning home after the final bell for the day had rung, he'd made his way to the SM building.

    Jisung had been eager to meet up with Chenle and eat dinner together. The four members of DREAM who weren't currently preparing for anything had been split up for their afternoon classes, with Jeno and him doing dance whilst Renjun and Chenle had joined Nari for a vocal lesson.

    "It's just ..." Chenle muttered, his dinner in front of him still untouched "Nari seems to be too busy to talk these days."

    "Huh, really?" Jisung replied, confusion evident in his voice. Of course he knew Nari was busy and tired. He'd enjoyed calling her a zombie from time to time at their dorms. She always seemed to come up with a new way to threaten him or tackle him after hearing his teasing tone. It was a fun way that Jisung got to see Nari laugh. The moments reminded him a lot of the time he spent with his own older brother.

    "Oh ... maybe she just doesn't want to talk to me."

    Jisung's eyes widened upon hearing Chenle's defeated tone. Jisung stumbled to find the right words, cursing himself the longer the silence between them grew.

    "No! I'm sure ... I mean ... I don't think that's really possible. Have you talked to her about it?"

    "Huh? No. How am I even supposed to do that? What would I say?"

    "Uh," Jisung found his hand absentmindedly scratching at the back of his head. He really had no idea how to answer Chenle's questions. He could always make something up, but Jisung wasn't sure if that would actually be useful right now.

    "Ah, I don't really know. But ... I reckon it'd still be a good idea to just like talk with her yeah? That way you could find out if she's annoyed at you?"

    "Yeah I guess. Do you know if she's free later this evening?"


    It had taken a lot of courage (and encouragement from Jisung) for Chenle to ask Nari if she wanted to go for a walk after she'd finished practise. It almost annoyed him when Nari had easily agreed. All that worry and for nothing. But then here he was now on a walk with Nari. His worry only grew as he tried to figure out what to say.

    In the end Chenle allowed Nari to lead the conversation. The pair laughing about recent anecdotes and stories they hadn't been able to talk about since their last promotional period. It wasn't until Nari suggested they sit down on some grass at a park that looked out onto the Han river that Chenle was able to pin point the reason his worries had been escalating.

    "You aren't leaving NCT right?"

    Chenle couldn't believe the speed that Nari's head snapped around to look at him. Gone was her previous smile. Suddenly replaced by wide eyes and furrowed eyebrows. Those eyes of hers somehow able to read his soul as if it were a kids book.

    It took a while for Nari to answer but when she did Chenle couldn't help but feel as if his body had been drained of the approaching summer heat.

    "I promise I will do everything I can to stay in NCT."

    It wasn't just her words. It was her tone of voice. The way she sounded. It seemed to mirror the way that Chenle had felt when he'd spoken to Jisung at dinner.

    "I won't let you leave," Chenle blurted out. Almost embarrassed as he realised he said the words he'd thought out loud. "I mean ... like, if people try and kick you out .. or if SM wants you to leave then ... then I'll leave too."

    Chenle's expression turned into a frown as he heard Nari's joyful laughter.

    "I'm serious." Chenle repeated. Although he'd turned his gaze away from Nari, the strength in his tone was enough to make her stop laughing.

    "Where is this coming from?"

    Chenle remained silent unsure of how to explain the emotions he'd been feeling. The way he'd tried to let Nari know how he felt earlier in the day during their vocal lessons. The sadness he'd felt when Nari hadn't noticed like she always did. The sudden sense of loneliness he'd experienced when she's gone off to practise for her upcoming debut. The thoughts that had plagued his mind during dinner. He hadn't realised just how much he'd been relying on Nari until now. Of course it made sense. Renjun and her were the only members who he could fully communicate with. He hated the thought of not having Nari beside him whilst he was still figuring out this new way of life in a country he'd only lived in for a year.

    "Hey Chenle, you're okay."

    It was like a trigger had been pulled in his brain. Chenle hadn't even realised he'd been shaking until he felt Nari's arms as they wrapped around him. He couldn't remember when he'd started crying.

    Still, Chenle felt comfort knowing that one of his closest friends was there for him.


    a/n: ewww idk why I hate the title for this so much. I couldn't think of anything better though :( Thank you so much for reading all the way through this post 💚 I hope you enjoyed it and are having a good day/night wherever you are in the world

    #nct oc#kpop oc#nct addition #nct female addition #nct female member #nct dream 8th member #nct dream oc #nct 24th member #nct nari#kpop addition #nct dream angst
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  • magnificentmisfits
    08.12.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Angst meme. Bold what applies to your muse.

    been cheated on |  been bullied | told a horrible lie | stolen something of value | overdosed on drugs  | been drunk |  cheated  |  bullied | punched someone in the face | been beaten up | broken a bone | been admitted to a hospital |  had a near-death experience |  been drugged | done drugs | smoked  | kissed someone you weren’t attracted to  | bled severely | killed someone | had an attempt on your life |  made an attempt on your own life | lost someone | loved someone | gone without food for over three days |  gone without sleep for over three days | been tortured  |  been slapped by a parent or higher up | been abused by someone who should have loved / appreciated / valued you |  had a panic attack |  been in a car accident  | had sex | had sex with a stranger | passed out from pain |  cried yourself to sleep | spent a whole day in bed | hurt yourself | taken your anger out on yourself | taken your anger out on someone you love | been used | felt used |  used  | been terrified | played a cruel game on someone | been dominant | been submissive |  been forced to smile  | felt too many things at once | laughed when you felt like crying
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  • pre-successful
    08.12.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    God, they really had to have Carisi carry that little girl’s body out of the woods all alone? Like, what the fuck,,

    #svu lb #child death cw #he’s just a little guy and was probably the most emotionally invested?? #which I guess is why he probably insisted he do it I guess #but goddamn #I hope y’all angst-lovers took full advantage of that #(I am one of you but alas I was not in the fandom when it happened so)
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  • numbah34
    08.12.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    Pidge vs. Gamemaster

    May the odds be ever in your favor, Pidge.

    From: "A Bird in the Hand" by @rueitae For the @pidgeangstbang 2021

    #34’s art #pidge angst bang 2021 #vld pidge#vld fanfiction#vld fanart #another fun alien to design! #part of the joy of these events is the collaboration #deciding on Gamemaster's look was one of my favorite conversations #i award you points if you can tell what influenced his color scheme #my family was curious and a little concerned about the sheer magnitude and volume of giggles coming from that conversation #ALSO gotta shout out to damy for the excellent color suggestions! #not just an amazing writing beta but art beta too! #Y'ALL GO READ THE STORY
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  • hangesidekick
    08.12.2021 - 25 minutes ago


    |f l u f f ☀︎︎|a n g s t ☁︎︎|m a t u r e ☂︎︎|h u r t - c o m f o r t ☕︎︎| 16+ ☘︎︎

    |f a n f a v o r i t e s ☏| a u t h o r f a v o r i t e s ✍︎︎|


    you giving them a valentine ☀︎︎☏✍︎︎
    first kisses ☀︎︎☏
    their s/o getting hit by an akuma attack ☁︎︎☏
    unrequited love ☁︎︎☏✍︎︎
    confessions ☀︎︎
    your skirt riding up ☀︎︎☏✍︎︎
    first dates ☀︎︎
    their s/o falling ☁︎︎☏✍︎︎
    you accidentally hurting yourself ☀︎︎☏
    comfort calls ☕︎︎
    not coming home from an akuma attack ☁︎︎☂︎︎☘︎︎✍︎︎
    nicknames - part two ☀︎︎☏
    miraculous holder!reader ☀︎︎☏
    caught simping ☀︎︎☏
    in their city ☀︎︎
    quiet!reader ☕︎︎☏✍︎︎
    helping them without a miraculous ☀︎︎


    you giving them a valentine ☀︎︎☏✍︎︎
    first kisses ☀︎︎☏
    their s/o getting hit by an akuma attack ☁︎︎☏✍︎︎
    confessions ☀︎︎
    your skirt riding up ☀︎︎☏✍︎︎
    first dates ☀︎︎
    their s/o falling ☁︎︎☏✍︎︎
    you accidentally hurting yourself ☀︎︎☏
    nicknames ☀︎︎☏


    you giving them a valentine ☀︎︎☏✍︎︎
    nicknames ☀︎︎☏
    chubby!reader ☕︎︎☏✍︎︎
    miraculous holder!reader ☀︎︎☏
    caught simping ☀︎︎☏
    as your best friend ☀︎︎☏✍︎︎
    trying to impress you ☀︎︎☏
    dating headcanons ☕︎︎
    scary movies ☀︎︎☏
    quiet!reader ☕︎︎☏✍︎︎
    pouty!reader ☕︎︎☏✍︎︎


    nicknames ☀︎︎☏
    pouty!reader ☕︎︎☏✍︎︎


    nicknames (jess) ☀︎︎☏
    caught simping (lila) ☀︎︎☏
    in their city (jess, aeon, fei) ☀︎︎
    as your best friend (juleka, alix) ☀︎︎☏✍︎︎
    as your best friend (lila) ☀︎︎☏
    planning a surprise birthday for you (all) ☀︎︎
    falling in love with you (zoé) ☀︎︎☏✍︎︎
    birthday headcanons (all) ☀︎︎
    dating headcanons (lila) ☕︎︎
    scary movies (rose, juleka) ☀︎︎
    #🐞:drabble#🐞:fluff#🐞:angst #miraculous les aventures de ladybug et chat noir #miraculous tales of ladybug and chat noir #miraculoustalesofladybugandcatnoir#miraculous ladybug #miraculous season 4 #miraculous writing#miraculous fic #marinette dupain cheng #ml ladybug#miraculous lb#chloe bourgeois#queen bee#zoé lee#ml vesperia#rena rouge#rena furtive#lila rossi#juleka couffaine#tigress pourpre#purple tigress#kagami tsurugi#ml ryuko #marinette x reader #chloe bourgeois x reader #alya cesaire x reader #kagami x reader #miraculous ladybug x reader
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  • hangesidekick
    08.12.2021 - 25 minutes ago


    |f l u f f ☀︎︎|a n g s t ☁︎︎|m a t u r e ☂︎︎| h u r t - c o m f o r t ☕︎︎| 16+ ☘︎︎

    | r e a d e r f a v o r i t e s ☏| a u t h o r f a v o r i t e s ✍︎︎|


    you giving them a valentine ☀︎︎☏✍︎︎
    first kisses ☀︎︎☏
    getting hit by an akuma attack ☁︎︎☏
    confessions ☀︎︎
    your skirt riding up ☀︎︎☏✍︎︎
    unrequited love ☁︎︎☏✍︎︎
    first dates ☀︎︎
    their s/o falling ☁︎︎☏✍︎︎
    breaking up over the phone ☁︎︎
    sibling!reader gets akumatized ☁︎︎
    you accidentally hurting yourself ☕︎︎☏
    breaking a bone ☀︎︎
    comfort calls ☕︎︎☏
    not making it home after an akuma attack ☁︎︎☂︎︎☘︎︎✍︎︎
    zombie apocalypse ☁︎︎✍︎︎
    nicknames ☀︎︎☏
    akumatized!reader ☁︎︎☏✍︎︎
    chubby!reader - part two ☕︎︎☏✍︎︎
    caught simping - part two ☀︎︎
    trying to impress you ☀︎︎☏
    when they love someone else ☁︎︎☘︎︎✍︎︎
    comforting you ☕︎︎☏
    study dates ☀︎︎☏✍︎︎
    vibrant!reader ☕︎︎☏✍︎︎
    quiet!reader ☕︎︎☏
    pouty!reader ☀︎︎☏
    helping them without a miraculous ☀︎︎


    you giving them a valentine ☀︎︎☏✍︎︎
    first kisses ☀︎︎☏
    getting hit by an akuma attack ☁︎︎☏✍︎︎
    confessions ☀︎︎
    your skirt riding up ☀︎︎☏✍︎︎
    unrequited love ☁︎︎☏✍︎︎
    first dates ☀︎︎
    their s/o falling ☁︎︎☏✍︎︎
    breaking up over the phone ☁︎︎
    you accidentally hurting yourself ☕︎☏
    comforting you after a breakdown ☕︎︎
    breaking a bone ☕︎︎
    comfort calls ☕︎︎☏
    nicknames ☀︎︎☏
    akumatized!reader ☁︎︎☏✍︎︎
    chubby!reader ☕︎︎☏✍︎︎
    miraculous holder!reader ☀︎︎☏
    caught simping ☀︎︎☏
    you dating them on a bet ☁︎︎✍︎︎
    as your best friend ☀︎︎☏✍︎︎
    falling in love with you ☀︎︎☏
    study dates ☀︎︎☏
    vibrant!reader ☕︎︎☏✍︎︎
    pouty!reader ☕︎☏
    helping them without a miraculous ☀︎︎


    getting hit by an akuma attack ☁︎︎☏✍︎︎
    nicknames ☀︎︎☏
    trying to impress you ☀︎︎☏
    comforting you ☕︎︎☏
    study dates ☀︎︎☏✍︎︎
    vibrant!reader ☕︎︎☏✍︎︎


    breaking a bone ☕︎︎
    nicknames ☀︎︎☏
    as your best friend - part two ☀︎︎☏✍︎︎
    akumatized!reader ☁︎︎☏✍︎︎
    falling in love with you ☀︎︎☏
    dating headcanons ☕︎︎✍︎︎


    you accidentally hurting yourself (nathaniel) ☕︎︎☏
    breaking a bone (nathaniel)
    caught simping (nathaniel) ☀︎︎☏
    as you best friend (kim) ☀︎︎☏✍︎︎
    crushes (gabriel) ☀︎︎
    birthday headcannons (all) ☀︎︎
    #🐞:drabble#🐞:fluff#🐞:angst #miraculous les aventures de ladybug et chat noir #miraculous tales of ladybug and chat noir #miraculoustalesofladybugandcatnoir#miraculous writing#miraculous fic#miraculous ladybug #miraculous ladybug x reader #adrien agreste#chat noir#chat blanc #adrien agreste x reader #chat noir x reader #miraculous lb#luka couffaine #luka couffaine x reader #viperion #viperion x reader #nino lahiffe #nino x reader #carapace #nathaniel x reader #nathaniel kurtzberg #felix graham de vanily #gabriel agreste#hawkmoth #le chien kim #miraculous season 4
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  • hoefflepuffarchives
    08.12.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    — 300 followers event

    To celebrate me just hitting 300 followers (thank youuuu) I figured we could play a little game! Send a prompt in the askbox and I shall write a little drabble based on it! All characters of the Harry Potter universe are fair game!

    Ex: Sub!Ron with a pet playing kink

    Ex: Coming back from work to find Wife!Luna painting with your kids

    Ex: Professor!Draco is disappointed in you for loosing Slytherin 50 pointsm

    #harry potter #harry potter smut #hp#hp smut#hp fluff #harry potter fluff #hp angst #harry potter angst
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  • domique
    08.12.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    “Why wasn’t it me? It should’ve been me...” Tears streamed down her face while lost in the past. Forever holding onto the guilt of the loss of her dear brother.

    @vampkinned​ , sc .
    #vampkinned #𝐃𝐎𝐌𝐈𝐍𝐈𝐐𝐔𝐄 ,in character . #death mention // #i give you /ANGST/
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  • hansoulchews
    08.12.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    Exile ft. Bon Iver (5/11 of Exile) | Vernon Chwe x reader

    Pairing: Vernon Chwe x gn! reader / past Park Seo Joon x gn! reader

    Genre: fluff, angst, strangers to lovers

    Warnings: None for this chapter

    Series Masterlist | Next

    In the only collaborative track, the lead singer of Bon Iver, Justin Vernon, lends his voice to Exile, an indie-folk gospel ballad song that encapsulated a bleak discussion of two estranged lovers who are at different points of a breakup, one being the person who has yet to move on, and the other already has. The fusion of y/n’s soft vocals with Justin’s deep baritone voice highlights the juxtaposition of two former lovers, having an unarticulated conversation of their past relationship. The song was structured in a call and response format, funnily, as the artists sing about the lack of communication that lead to their dismay. It is safe to say, this song showcases the sonic beauty of y/n’s musicality.

    August 2019

    “That’s literally the worst way someone can pour wine,” Minghao said in a deadpanned voice. You cackled, knowing that you have successfully riled him up. In the past few months, you have been trying your best to integrate back into socializing with new people, mainly other Seventeen members as well as some other musicians. You have not dared to reach out to your friends in the acting industry, not knowing where you stand with them and what they thought of you.

    Woozi and Hoshi helped you out a lot with this process. They slowly introduced you to Joshua and Minghao, knowing that their funny but calm demeanours were a good acclimation process to you befriending other (more active and talkative) members. Minghao was a friend who you never knew what to expect from. He was a silent menace who was unpredictable but hilarious. Both of you enjoyed online shopping together, roping each other to buy fashionable goods from the same sites, getting free shipping by default. (Yes, you both are millionaires, yes, free shipping is still greatly appreciated.)

    With Joshua, you were able to speak more English, feeling glad that you could speak your other native language. Both of you would also exchange American pop culture references in these conversations. He was the most geeked out when you mentioned that you were working with Bon Iver for a song.

    “I didn’t know you were even making records right now.” He said at your bi-weekly dinner get-togethers. “Hey, hey, no English in our presence please!” Hoshi screamed out from the kitchen.

    “Y/N is making a song with this cool band, Bon Iver!” Joshua shouted back, looping Hoshi into the conversation. Hoshi came back out from the kitchen with a childish pout. “I remember when I used to be the first to get updates…” He sighed dramatically.

    “I knew before Joshua.” Woozi purposely said, teasing Hoshi. Hoshi just pouted even more.

    “Well, you, I understand because you were first in line as y/n’s friend, but Joshua? Unforgivable!”

    Joshua just rolled his eyes teasingly as you simply smiled widely at the scene before you. Joshua turned back to you and said (in Korean for the benefit of everybody), “So, how’s the recording process like so far?”

    “I’ve got the lyrics and Justin and I have been exchanging ideas on how his lyrics could go. He’s writing his and I’m making revisions on mine.”

    You had been hesitant at opening the can of worms that was your relationship with Seo Joon. But penning down your thoughts and expressing them through the best way you know how — songwriting and composition, had been a cathartic experience that helped you process how you used to feel back in the relationship, how you were feeling about the break up and now, the aftermath.

    It’s a bit painful to see Seo Joon on screens and billboards. It’s not that you missed him or anything, but the reminder of these grand gestures of reverence towards him made you inevitably gaslight yourself. Was it you who overreacted? Did you make the wrong decision? Were you too hard on him?

    You felt isolated and in exile. It was hard to see the man who caused you so much pain, hurt, anger and frustration being loved irrevocably by basically everyone. And he’s still getting gigs. The Divine Fury, a cameo in a distinguished film, Parasite, not to mention the remnants of how good his performance in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim that is still securing him for roles in Kdramas. And here you are, having articles putting you on blast for pouring ramen on him and people reducing your craft and talent to a manipulative tactic to lure men in as your lovers only to break up with them as a source of inspiration for your next album.

    “That’s really cool. Are you planning to make an album?” Minghao chimed in. You shrugged.

    “It’s just one track. I don’t know if I’m brave enough to put myself out there just yet.”


    Hansol reached his hand out to you. You grabbed it to stabilize yourself. His other hand was holding the picnic basket, filled with sandwiches, some canned drinks, pastries and chips.

    “You alright?” He checked in with you. Both of you decided to hike up another trail on a cool Saturday morning. This trail wasn’t as intense as some of the trails you frequently took with Hoshi and Woozi.

    “Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve gone hiking.” Hansol hummed as he slowed his steps down to match your pace. He knew you were cooped up in the studio, finalizing the album the past 2 months. Now that it’s out, he decided that it was time to celebrate it by doing something you loved.

    You finally reached an area with relatively flat ground and decided to set up your small picnic there. Hansol opened a can of coke for you and handed it to you. You smiled softly.

    “How are you feeling baby?” Hansol broke the silence after giving both of you a moment to enjoy the scenery.

    “I’m okay. I’m pretty nervous about the live performance though.”

    “The one at Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook right?” He recalled the conversation you had with him about the premiere of the live performances for the songs in the album.

    You nodded. You were slowly refamiliarising yourself with the schedules you used to have when you were an active musician. It was inevitably overwhelming but Hansol was there throughout the process, supporting you by being the best listener to all your rants.

    “Mmm, can’t decide if it’s the interview or the live performances I’m more nervous about.”

    “The questions have been screened and curated though, right?” You nodded.

    Hansol then decided to change the subject, knowing that the whole purpose of this trip was to liberate you from the flurry of activities you had planned after releasing the album. “What shall we cook for Friday?”

    You gave him a pointed look. “You mean, what shall I cook for Friday.” He chuckled, his infamous skills (or lack thereof) in the kitchen had you bench him from actual cooking (at least those that require the food to be decent for the consumption of others at the dinner parties).

    “Hey, I’m getting better! I can help with prep.” He said in a jokingly defensive manner. You rolled your eyes, causing him to peck a quick kiss on your cheek as a result of the intense fond feeling he had while looking at your face.

    “Yeah yeah, sure. Minghao suggested steak because he wants to break open a new red wine he got from China.”

    “Hmm… steak sounds good… let’s do that.” Hansol replied.

    You got tired of sitting up so you laid your back onto the picnic mat, propping your head up with a makeshift pillow aka your hiking bag. Hansol picked up your relaxed vibe and decided to lay his head on your belly. Your hands instinctively found his hair, massaging his scalp gently.

    He hummed gently, blending into the white noise of the forest.

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  • atsumwah
    08.12.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    #1 — booked

    masterlist • previous • next

    things to know !

    you instantly became friends with kiyoko in college and met daichi and suga through her
    you nd oikawa met when you were partnered up w him for a project in hs and became friends ever since then
    oikawa and the rest of your seijoh friends don't know who your boyfriend is because a) you met him in college and b) he doesn't like to take pics so it's always vague (ex. pictures of his hands, figure, but never his face)


    phew this took some time but im finally happy to get this series started <333
    taglist is still open so feel free to drop an ask to be tagged <3

    taglist : @iwaizoomiess @babiemay @navymacaroons @savantsoulfinder @mirakeul @alienvarmint @captain-toaster-man @myasaaaam @sunas-chuupets @its-the-aerieljeane @rintarovibes @koutsukki @somniari-94 @a-little-pebbl @yoasobiis

    if you're user us crossed out, that means i can't tag u! pls check ur settings <3

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    08.12.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    in this current rp au: Merle is a nasty Savior, and Rick is Negan’s newest and very abused wife. In this scene they are forced to spend an intimate night together, all for Negan’s amusement. I just wanted to doodle a moment in which they stop hating each other long enough to feel Things, and of course Merle getting very upset about it :’)

    #doodle#rp#rick grimes#merle dixon#trash ship #the walking dead #well its slow going but i do love the angst lmao
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  • kxputteseele
    08.12.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    Sie spricht Dinge die sie stören an, um sie mit dir gemeinsam zu ändern. Nicht um einen Streit auszulösen!

    #krieg im kopf #streit#keine liebe#nur du#leb wohl #ich lebe in angst
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  • numbah34
    08.12.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    "A Bird in the Hand" Fic by @rueitae Art by @numbah34 Beta'd by @nimdamy

    Written/Drawn for the @pidgeangstbang 2021

    #go#34’s art #pidge angst bang 2021 #vld pidge#vld fanfic#vld fanart #working with rue is fabulous as usual #y'all go read her story #it's SO GOOD #the ACTION! #the SUSPENSE! #the delightful cameo at the end! #this was a lot of fun to work on #rue gave me an alien description and said #and i said OKAY!!! #the tail is my favorite part #it would be cute if he wasn't such a loathsome creeper #close second is pidge's glittery dress #GLITTER #also i want that lamp in my house
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