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  • hitmanboyfriend
    03.12.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    I swear I kin Gwess only as a joke

    #when the /j stops being /j #I just wuld love to put my fav anime men in a hamster wheel I think it could be pleasurable even fun for them #personal
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    03.12.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    Jacques-André Boiffard

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  • skelizard
    03.12.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    On low-energy/uninspired days where I really feel like painting somethin I tend to gravitate to drawing animal portraits, so here’s a cassowary.

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  • aimanshaboury
    03.12.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Starchild: Malaysian kids say they love animals, they like pets

    Starchild: Malaysian kids say they love animals, they like pets

    Do you like cats, parrots, dogs or fish? Some people like to keep pets, such as hamsters and guinea pigs. Others prefer caring for exotic creatures, such as scorpions, spiders, and snakes. Many children love to keep pets because they are unselfish partners. Pets teach us about friendship, responsibility and loyalty. Did you know that pet ownership makes children more active? Walking a dog or…

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  • screensofanime
    03.12.2021 - 6 minutes ago
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  • planet--anime
    03.12.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean Is #1 on Netflix Japan, #6 in U.S.

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    03.12.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    inline reddit: animememes

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  • boredcatsyndrome
    03.12.2021 - 6 minutes ago


    It had been two days, five hours and 40 minutes since Kakashi Hatake arrived to Konoha medical centre, Waiting for you to wake up...

    Note : Please read part 1 & part 2 if you haven't.

    Warning : Slight cursing, slight yandere.

    It was a cold morning in konoha, harsh wind blew outside rattling the windows, people rushed inside tea houses to treat themselves to a warm cup of tea before beginning their day, Mothers ran after children to get them to wear their warm clothes, after weeks of scorching days this cold was welcomed by all.

    But the picture on fourth floor of konoha medical centre was different, there sat a silver haired jonin clutching a red scarf in his hand. Deadly silence surrounding him. Kakashi doesn’t remember whether he woke up or he didn’t sleep at all, His breath shallow , head lowered as he whispered to himself

    “happy birthday y/n”.

    As the nurse doing her routine check up left the room Kakashi entered and took his spot next to your bed. His friend in green suit entered next holding two cups of tea, he sat next to the jonin ,

    “aah it’s her birthday today”

    “yes it is”

    “have hope Kakashi”

    Kakashi covered your neck with the red scarf, annoyed at the nurse who didn’t cover you properly. He planted a kiss on your forehead and then another on your cheek. Gai who watched this silently smiled to himself, his rival wasn’t so sneaky after all only confirming what gai suspected all this time.

    Kakashi sat down and drank his tea, it was warm, in contrast to your cold hand. He kept the cup aside and rubbed his palms together, warming them up before cupping your palm between them. He did this multiple times until he was convinced you were warm. Kakashi sat next to you and Gai retreated to his post outside your room, knowing that kakashi wanted to be alone with you.


    Kakashi felt it, your chakra getting stronger, he saw your eyelids flutter, was he still hallucinating? Then he felt it again, your chakra it was getting stronger,

    "Gai!", Gai rushed inside and felt it too

    He looked at gai who looked as shocked as him.

    He held your hand more firmly “y/n can you hear me? Are you there? Y/n!”

    Your eyelids fluttered and your heartbeat increased, the insistent beeping of the monitor alerted the jonin, something was happening to you, “Gai go get the nurse now!”

    “Y/n, calm down, I’m here, y/n are you there? Are you…-“


    “y/n yes I’m here, I’m right here-“

    “Kakashi-san please step aside”

    Nurses rushed to your side checking your pulse, Dr.Mori soon followed them.

    Kakashi could not stop pacing outside the room, gai sat on the bench his hands clasped elbows resting on his knees., silently praying for you.

    Kakashi saw rin coming from the other side, he grabbed her by the shoulders “she woke up! She …she… said my name .. she’s awake…I told you she’ll be back ..”

    “kakashi calm down-“ rin was taken aback by Kakashi's behaviour, her best friend who remained composed in most dangerous of situations was loosing his mind in front of her, is this the same Kakashi who's feared by many nations? the one who remained unfazed by everything?

    “No! You don’t get it she’s.. she’s awake ..and they are checking on her .. i don't..i don't know what's happening..”

    Rin looked at gai who gave her a nod of confirmation.

    You had been good friends with rin, and like gai , rin too had her doubts about you two, she too noticed how pissed Kakashi would get everytime you’d get hurt, no matter how many people he is fighting he would always look towards you to make sure you were okay, how relaxed he was around you. But rin couldn’t ignore her feelings and often took pride whenever Kakashi stood by her side abandoning yours. Over the time she started to think of you as less of a friend and more of a third wheel, so when she saw Kakashi loosing his mind in front of her it was hard for her to hold back her tears. She couldn’t let Kakashi know all that was in her heart, this isn’t the time for that. Right now she needs to be his best friend.

    "Calm down kakashi, they are trying to stabilize her, she's just woken up, they need to make sure she's stable".

    This seemed to have calmed the jonin..for now.


    Inside the room you could feel people around you, you could hear muffled sounds of people speaking and machines, your body ached but felt numb at the same time, you swore you heard Kakashi a while ago where was he now? What is this red thing around you? You zoned in and out of consciousness, doctor and nurses trying their best to stabilize your condition.

    After what seemed like hours, you began to see clearly now, you could hear words properly, four nurses and one doctor stood around you, you tried moving your eyes around but everything hurts, you saw the scarf lying discarded on the chair next to you, Kakashi was here.

    “Y/n? Can you hear me?” you focused your eyes to where the sound was coming from, It was Dr.Mori. You couldn’t speak, your words stuck inside your throat, you gave a feeble nod to doctor. He seemed content. The nurse checked your pulse and gave a hopeful nod to doctor. How long has it been? How did you end up here? Right… the rogues..the mission… who saved you? Last thing you could think of was fainting on the ground not far from main gates.

    “You don’t need to think too much, try to move your fingers for me” you managed to lift your fingers slowly, next your tried wiggling your toes, you could feel your limbs now.

    Dr.Mori sat next to you and explained you everything. “you have recovered and we’re glad about it, but you’re still weak, you will have to stay here for couple of days until we are satisfied that you are fit.”

    As a ninja you were no stranger to hospital or Dr.Mori, that didn’t mean you liked being here, but it can't be helped now. Two nurses focused some chakra over your diaphragm, you could feel some energy, it felt warm, Dr.Mori helped you sit up handing you a cup of medicinal tea to drink.

    “Doctor, did someone come here to see me?”

    Dr.Mori chuckled “yes two of your friends came to see you and one hasn’t left since two days”

    “can I see them now?”

    “in a while, you need to finish your tea and take your medicine first”

    Dr.Mori stepped outside and was met with Kakashi standing right at the door. “calm down Kakashi, I’ll explain everything”

    Kakashi followed Dr.Mori into his office, the jonin wasn’t the one to waste time “how is she? Is everything okay?”

    “Y/n is fine, she's stable now. She has gained consciousness but it will take her some time to recover completely, we are going to keep her here till then, you have nothing to worry about”

    Kakashi froze. His mind and body seemed to have given up on him. You were fine. You will recover, he’ll make sure of it. You’ll never get hurt like this ever again, he’ll make sure of it. He is always going to be by your side. Kakashi thanked doctor and stepped outside.

    Each step he took towards your room was filled with guilt. He wanted to see you, but did you want to see him? What if you leave him? You sure deserved better. What if you refuse to meet him? What if…what if you hated him? You have enough reason to do that. Kakashi didn’t realise he was standing outside your room, gai and rin were already inside, he could hear your voice, Kakashi didn’t remember last time he cried out of happiness or relief, now his visible eye was glossed with tear.

    “Oye Kakashi come inside!” gai waved at him.

    Kakashi entered the room, eyes on the floor. He stood at the foot of your bed, refusing to meet your eyes. He was at loss of words…he waited for this day and now he was at loss of words..

    “Hi…” , No answer.

    "Kakashi?" you spoke looking at him. Why was he not looking at you? Kakashi walked outside the room, leaving everyone inside confused.

    He sat on the bench, his leg bouncing with anxiety as he got up, walked straight inside your room, stood at the foot of your bed,three pairs of confused eyes staring at him, he looked at you, sighed and walked out again.

    God! What was happening to him right now! He wanted to tell you so many things, he wanted to apologise…right he will start with apologising..

    Kakashi got up again, walked inside the room, stood at the foot of your bed, looked at you, you sat on your bed, legs crossed and tucked in your blanket, hair in a messy bun, you looked so confused, so tired, so hurt, forehead covered in bandage, ..He took a deep breath, opened his mouth wanting to apologise..


    “kakashi…are you-?”

    “I love you….” He couldn’t believe himself, he should have apologised first!

    “i…uh…” you looked at kakashi and then at your friends sitting next to you.

    Kakashi was going to walk out of room again when you spoke up “stop”, Kakashi froze in his tracks, eyes still fixed on the ground.

    Gai chuckled “aye rin I think we should give them some time” and nudged rin to get up. Rin got up hesitantly looking at Kakashi and left the room.


    Kakashi nodded and sat on his chair.

    “Hi” Kakashi said looking at your hand.


    "how you feeling?"

    "I'm fine, better.."

    "Does it hurt?"

    "Not much.."

    "I'm sorry .."

    "kakashi stop, please it's not your fault" you felt a tear drop on your hand, You placed your hand on top of Kakashi's, turning towards him.

    Kakashi's eyes ramained fixed on your hand, he finally gathered his courage and looked at you.

    “y/n…I am sorry for everything…for not being good to you, for not taking your side for everything…for all the dates I missed and everything..I was terrible in every way possible and this is my fault, I should have stayed with you, I should have listened to you, I should have at least come back with you, you’re here because of me and I am so sorry, I..I thought about this for a long time and there is no reason for you to be with me anymore but…but please. Forgive me..I don’t know what to do without you, I can’t think straight .. I can’t-“

    “shut up…”

    Kakashi clenched your hand.

    “This is on me and I don’t hate you Kakashi, I am not going to leave you, I love you.. I do..” you reached for his face, placing your palm on exposed side of his face, he leaned in your palms, kissing this inside of your palm.

    Before you could say anything more, Kakashi crashed his unmasked lips on yours, he wanted to feel your warmth, confrim that you're still here and this is not just a dream. You kissed him back,moving your lips with his', His palms cupped your cheek, your placed your hand on his palm, you could feel him shiver. The kiss was gentle but desperate, careful but needy, he missed you and you missed him. You broke away first trying to catch your breath, Kakashi rested his forehead against yours and whispered “I’m so sorry, for everything”..

    "shut up hatake", kakashi smiled, it was a welcoming sight .

    “Happy Birthday y/n. I love you.. So much..”

    You chuckled “thanks Kakashi”

    This wasn’t the birthday you had imagined but as long as it was with Kakashi by your side you were happy.

    “oh and you just confessed in front of rin and gai so they might doubt us”

    “I don’t care anymore. I… fuck it.. I’ll tell everyone myself”, kakashi said tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear, his thumb grazing your cheek softly.

    “kashi, are you sure?”


    There was knock on the door with smiling gai and rin next to him. "Power of youth!", you laughed at gai and his enthusiasm, you were glad for having a friend like him.


    Soon Kakashi and gai left to get food, Kakashi knew you hated hospital food. Leaving you and rin alone.

    “Thank you for being here”

    “No problem y/n, I’m glad you’re okay, you had us worried”

    “yaa sorry about that, did Kakashi give you a hard time?”

    “Gai dealt with him, he refused to leave even for a second, gai had to force him to clean up and eat something”

    You laughed at this, this sounded like Kakashi.

    “are you and Kakashi together now?”. Rin knew this wasn’t the time to ask this question but she had to, she couldn’t bear the ache in her, she needed an answer.

    “Uhm.. we like eachother a lot yaa..” You didn’t know what to say, you knew about her feelings but you couldn't deny your own.

    “Ahh..we all suspected it,well as long as you both are happy” rin smiled at you. As long as Kakashi was happy she’ll be happy.


    “stop with the nickname gai, you will disturb other patients in the hospital” Kakashi spoke with a sigh

    You room which was filled with despair and tears, now was filled with laughter. As you sat in your bed surrounded by friends you felt happy, it was a long way to recovery but you knew you’d make it.

    After breakfast gai and rin left, leaving you and kakashi alone.

    “You should rest now y/n, I’ll be right here if you need anything” Kakashi said as he wrapped the scarf around your neck, kissing your nose.

    “you should go home and get some sleep, I know you haven’t slept properly”

    “I’ll be fine trust me and how dare you suggest that I leave? You’re stuck with me. End of discussion”

    You knew it was pointless to coax Kakashi when he had made up his mind about something so you took your medicine and slept holding Kakashi’s hand, knowing that when you wake up he is going to be there. So you slept holding his hand waking up to find your fingers intertwined in his and him asleep with his head resting near your hand. You smiled and went back to sleep again.


    Kakashi stayed by your side till the day you were discharged, soon the word spread around about copy ninja Kakashi being head over heels in love with you. Some were happy, some were not, Kurenai won her bet with Asuma, she was always more perceptive than him.

    You and Kakashi started a new phase of your relationship. Where he cooked for you and you read for him, where he asked you to move in with him and you agreed.

    He did become extremely protective of you, how could he not? He had lost many people in his life and you were the last person he wanted to lose, Not letting you take anything above B grade mission without him, at least of his ninken was always with you whenever Kakashi had to go away, at night when you slept next to him , Kakashi traced the scars on your body with his fingers, promising you that he would never let this happen to you ever again and he kept that promise..


    Hey guys, Let me know your thoughts about this one :)

    My requests are open now, I take request for HCs and drabbles for Naruto and JJK!


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    03.12.2021 - 7 minutes ago
    #Anime#Manga#Japan #Toradora! (Ryuuji 💘 Taiga) [AMV] anime mix - Chord Overstreet🌼 Hold On #Tokyo
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    03.12.2021 - 8 minutes ago

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    #Big Animal Plush
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    03.12.2021 - 10 minutes ago
    #animal crossing memes #animal crossing#acnh#acnh memes#nintendo #animal crossing new horizons #animal crossing switch #Redd#redd art
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  • krawdad
    03.12.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    I thought I would watch the first episode of Goof Troop because all i remember about that show is the theme song and i was hoping that it would be at least that entertaining and I'm like actually mad about how good the first episode is

    #like holy fuck that's the sort of shit that made me want to do animation #it's a shame that's too expensive or whatever #they were allowed to pull such funny ugly faces back then #the model sheet was like a suggestion #sets up the whole series really efficiently #you understand who everyone is #AND holy shit full animation AND funny drawings? #for. a Goofy sitcom. #it's like they hired people who were good at entertaining then like. gave them enough resources to actually do it. #i feel like I'm losing my mind #i didn't expect it to be impressive i expected it to be embarrassing and dated #for 'what if we gave goofy a son so he can be in a feuding neighbors sitcom' they pulled out all the stops i don't know how to feel #i wish i saw as much investment in weird ass ideas these days I've seen some great candidates
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    03.12.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    Is this not the most "Given" thing ever ❤ 💙 💜 💖 💗 💘 ❤

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    #3d walkthrough animation services #3d architectural walkthrough company #3d Fly-through animation #3d Floor plan rendering
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    In love with Coco

    #animal crossing #animal crossing new horizons #acnh#acnh hhp#acnh coco #coco animal crossing
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    i cant stop thinking about this

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