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  • timeturner-jay
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    The Boruto anime: I'll cut some canon manga material to make this Boro fight fit into two episodes, it's fiiiine, I'm sure no one will notice

    Also the Boruto anime: But look at all these drawn-out, pointless filler episodes and arcs I have! Ohh I know, let's make a whole arc about my Hisoka palette swa-, uhh, I mean my totally original OC Deepa! Isn't he cool?! :)

    #I neglected the anime for years and I've been trying to catch up lately #Mostly because Mitsuki doesn't get much screen-time in the manga and I miss him #But jesus christ #It's just as bad as I remember #The anime is pretty much 99% filler already #But then they finally adapt some canon chapters and they just #CUT MATERIAL FROM IT??? #WHAT! #I'm watching the Boro fight right now and I'm irritated beyond belief at all the stuff they left out dear lord dhgsfs #And even with the stuff they did adapt #There's continuity errors and stuff they clearly rewrote to fit/reference the filler arcs they had in the anime #To everyone who isn't aware: it really is for the best to consider the anime 100% non-canon #If you want canon material just read the manga #But this anime is such a mess #It's very clearly its own separate continuity #And it's not shy about making that very obvious #It's a little painful to watch oof #Boruto #Boruto: Naruto next Generations #BNnG#Anime#Manga#Meme#Deepa#Hisoka #Mr. Bootleg Hisoka #Mr. Hisoka Palette Swap #Mr. Wannabe-Hisoka #Need I continue? #Yeah I was very annoyed by that guy djgsfs
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  • theangrycomet
    23.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Getting your animals back from a person you THOUGHT was your friend who promised to take care of them and promptly did not (despite necessary supplies and feed being provided) is a wonderful feeling. 😤

    Love that I have to fight to get my animals back when they did nothing but let them STARVE.

    #AngryComet Rants#Animal Neglect #i am sooooo pissed right now #😤 #Like i’m gonna BREAK something
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  • bonmotx
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    Anonymous asked: If you can't get her to go with you on a date, have you tried the next best thing, like kidnapping her?"

    “See, it’s people like you that don’t get it. If she was in trouble, of course I’d step in to try to help her. If she was gonna die on that Shadow Border, I’d go to save her. Without a second thought. Yeah, I’d try to convince her to leave, to live, cause I love her. But you don’t get it...”

    Nails bite into skin. Pure white points turn to blood under the nail.

    “...if she chose to die there, I’d die with her. I’d never overwrite that choice.”

    - - - - - -

    There’s memory of a cold hand slapping him across the face.

    A rabbit lays on the ground. It’s chest looks as if its heart will burst out of its chest. It stopped shrieking ages ago. Now it just stays there, dead eyed yet still alive, as if the stress might kill it.

    It’s leg is wounded. He had grabbed it by the leg as it escaped his trap. He brought it back to her.

    His cheek stings at her response. She loves it, but she does not love him more than what she wants of him. He is to be a great mother. She says, girl, heal it. Now. He doesn’t want to. She yanks his hair back and cold hands guide him with all the love they possess to the rabbit’s broken leg. Do it.

    The rabbit flinches back like he used to, long ago. As if it could be loved without being hurt. It makes you want to laugh. What a blessed thing, to be ignorant of the nature of love.

    You will be the next great mother. A great mother does not harm. She nurtures. She heals. Now heal this mess of your’s, girl, before I give you another strike of your own to heal as practice.

    He once cried when she said that. Smaller, more pathetic. Snot and fear on his dress. Whimpered like a dog. You’re hurting me! Stop it! Stop calling me that, stop pulling me, you’re hurting me!

    A great mother does not hurt. I love you. That’s why I’m showing you how things should be, [XXXXXXX X XXXXX]. You’re the proof of my sin... so despite how impure and ruined you are, your blood cannot be helped. I will make you perfect as you would have been had you not been born rotten.

    That is what she would always say.

    I’m not hurting you, foolish daughter. I’m helping you.

    I’m saving you.

    I’m making you better.

    I’ll make you good.

    I’ll make you perfect.

    You don’t have a choice.

    This is all because I chose to love you, wretched girl.

    So he listened. He listened, and listened, and listened. When blood fell from between his legs, she looked proud. So he made other people bleed. She wasn’t proud of that, but she touched him, instead of ignoring his existence. So he hurt. He hurt others. He hurt himself. That scornful gaze whenever he did something wrong, made things bleed... it was riveting. It was wonderful. Her touch hurt, but she touched him.

    He scratched at the ground at the edge of the forest until his nails were bloody as she hauled him back by the ankle, but in his mouth was held a single piece of iron, a fragment of what he’d later discover was a sort of music player, the picture of human advancement.

    So he hid it to make her ill whenever she was near him, because he loved her. Just like she beat and neglected him into the shape of something motherly and nurturing and good, he would poison her from within his own skin, even as iron and modernity made him sick and thin, bones that ached and blood that boiled.

    This was the love of beasts. This was the love of things like them.

    This was love. To hurt was love.

    As he returned her love, as he killed the last generation of fae with the purpose he was made to fulfill yet would die before fulfilling, he held her loathing hands and loved her as a son would a mother. He held her close as she died.

    He consumed her as she sought to consume him, on the days she loved him instead of ignoring his stain upon her perfect world. He will die, slowly, rotting away as a fae not fulfilling their purpose does, because he’d rather die than be good.

    He’d rather die than be what she wanted him to be. Because he hates her. Because he loves her. They always hated each other, and that was love. He’d rather die than be what she would love him to be, because he loved her, spitefully and bloodily, as much as she loved him. It’s the truest love.

    - - - - - -

    “You think I’d force her to do anything?”

    His own blood soaks the paper in lieu of being able to rip the one who sent it apart. His knuckles show muscle and the tip of his tongue lays in the waste bin. His lips are bitten raw and bloody, bloody, dripping down his chin in a mixture of saliva that nearly foams.

    How dare they.

    How dare they.

    Choice. The most important part of a human existence. Yet even something half human is rejected it. He’s had to make his ‘choice’ out of blood and guts, carve it out of bone.

    But they think he’ll steal that from her?

    (Thank goodness she doesn’t know how love truly works. How close all of them are to turning on her. She can stray the line without the fear of crossing it, because she’s never known true love. Thank goodness, you think. Thank goodness. But you’ll accept her. You’ll show her love that will always accept her. You’ve never been shown it, but you will show it to her because you love her, because she deserves a better love than you can give than you have been shown than you can replicate can describe can be.)

    “Never. She’s just like me. She was made by hateful hands that expected her to become the perfect thing they made her to be.”

    (You can’t save yourself. You can never save yourself, only ruin yourself, ruin others, before they touch you. Before they try to change you. They learn you’re meant to nurture and mother, and they want that of you. What do they want of her but something equally ill-fitting and restrictive? Why would they let her, made for a purpose, just like the fae, become something else?)

    (They’ll turn on her if she tries to become someone other than who they want her to be, so you’ll be there to protect her.)

    “The last thing I’d do is steal her choice.”

    (You grew up with a love that always hurt. So you’ll let her hurt you, to be able to pretend you aren’t nurturing and healing when you guide her somewhere she can be safe.)

    (Somewhere she can, truly, be free.)

    #beryl ic. #beryl headcanon. #ask. #meta. #gore tw#misgendering tw#cannibalism tw#transphobia tw #parental abuse tw #parental neglect tw #abuse tw #animal death tw #animal harm tw #self harm tw #((BOY IS THIS ONE A LANDMINE #((IT'S BERYL NOT SURE WHAT TO TELL YOU
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  • kedreeva
    20.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    [photo id, a screenshot of a Facebook post that reads: I hatched an incubator egg today and im wondering do they need to eat immediately . I know they are supposed to be under a heatlamp or brooder but other that im in the dark never had chickens this young /id]

    When I talk about "do your research before you get a pet" I don't mean you have to have a PhD in the goddamn thing but you need to at least know how to appropriately feed, water, and house it, how to tell when it's healthy vs sick, and what you're going to do in case of medical situations. I should NEVER see posts like this, asking how to feed a premeditated animal you purposely brought home/created after it's already home. This person had three weeks of incubation even where they could have done this basic, minimum amount of research, and they didn't.

    When I'm bitching about doing research before acquiring pets I'm not talking about obscure facts. I'm talking about basic husbandry, and yet people fail that hurdle constantly.

    #animals #I'm not even talking about people who get things dumped on them #because they have other animals #I've definitely had people dump things on me #that i had no idea what to do #but I'm skilled at finding out #and have access to a BUNCH of vets and resources #but i wouldn't go purposely acquire an animal #that i know nothing about #AND not do any research #people just make me so mad sometimes #animal neglect for ts
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  • bucket-fucker
    19.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    When will outdoor cat owners realize that their opinions literally mean nothing to those of us who care to know where our cats are at all times

    #feral cats don’t count but otherwise #I don’t consider you a pet owner #🤷🏼‍♀️ #I think you’re lazy and neglectful 👋🏻 be mad all you want #amy rambles about cats for 3 hours #animal welfare not animal rights
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  • justingrxnt
    18.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    His house was bursting at the seams, Orenda had made a firepit of his garden, Duke growing vines up the side of the building while Belle everyday had taken off on an ‘adventure’ without so much as a coat or understanding that you had to wear shoes. It was enough to drive Justin mad, made even worse by the eyesore that was Youngblood’s van, sitting in the back alley while wizards poked at it with varying levels of interest.

    No, Justin needed a break. So he fireproofed the house with haphazard Charms, a class he barely passed, then walked to Maekos. Only to find it empty - fine no matter. Justin had other friends.

    Which was why he was sitting, eating an ice-cream cone and conversing with a crow who seemed intent to tell him about the shiniest penny he picked up the other day. Deep into the conversation only he could hear, Justin hardly noticed someone sitting beside him. He offered a smile, and wave, “Hullo, nice day right?” 

    #hpcollectiveopen #// my son needs some love #and some friends #my animal lad always so neglected by me #Justin 'animals count as social interaction right?' Grant
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  • gebranntgebrannt
    16.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    ACNH players after the 2.0 update

    #animal crossing #animal crossing new horizons #acnh#fuuuucking fiiiiinalllyyyy #I mean I love you AC development team but we have to talk about this cycle of neglect followed by intense attention #But regardless thank you ACNH developers for your hard work!
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  • come-take-a-seat
    16.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    People should be more cautious when leaving pets in their cars…. You never know when someone might just come and take them.

    [They said as they gently stroked the head of a bear who was drinking from a bowl of water]

    Poor puppy was left in a car with no water and ac….

    #👁🍔👁.txt #scp ask blog #tw implied animal abuse #tw implied animal neglect
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  • valmos
    14.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    One more sleep ‘til Christmas the Animal Crossing Direct!! What goodies lie in wait? Will gyroids return? Will we see any other familiar faces beside Brewster? Will part of the twenty minutes (I still can’t believe it is twenty minutes!) talk about planned payed DLC? So many possibilities to think about!!!

    #Like honestly I was expecting maybe like five to seven minutes with a lot of padding #so nearly twenty minutes even with a lot of padding as me super excited #I haven't been on animal crossing since it hit the one year mark just due to being overwhelmed with the work I needed to do with my island #was just going to take a short break but loss of momentum let depression get a hold of it #and then when I did feel like getting back the thought of how much I neglected it put a pause on that #so really hope this update will give me the push to get back in #Valmos Vocalizations
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  • talesfromtreatment
    14.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Hello, today I'm being irritated at reptile owners instead of CH cat owners!

    That is Bad. Very Bad. This is an emergency.

    They were extremely upset that I wasn't keeping things "upbeat"... I'm not going to keep things upbeat when this is a critically time sensitive issue the snake is having. If not deceased already in a week, the damage will likely end up being fatal as that tissue is wanting to die and it is spreading rapidly.

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  • littleturtle99
    14.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Budgie update: This one hurts to type, but I’ve been putting it off long enough. Eddie has moved on. He had a rough life before I met him and while I’m devastated, I also am happy I could give him a bit of happiness and sense of safety and comfort the last three years. Neglect has lifelong impacts and despite how far Eddie has come, the premature aging can’t really be outrun or defeated.

    Nelson is confused. He doesn’t understand yet why Eddie isn’t there or responding to his calls. He’s under close monitoring and being given constant love and attention. We’re not yet sure what will be best for Nelson going forward. Most likely, he’ll either come with me to Illinois or he will stay in Minnesota and be rehomed so he can join an existing flock. It really depends on how he’s doing over the next week or so. I’ve worked with a lot of hospice rescue situations with elderly critters who refused to join flocks and colonies after their partners died (both Wilbur and José and even Shadow came from such situations) and I’m preparing myself for that situation again.

    I don’t know if there will be another budgie update. I do these for myself more than anyone else and I’m not sure if it would be better or worse to continue.

    #budgie update#personal#tw death #tw dead bird #tw dead pet #please let me know if I should tag anything else #tw animal neglect
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  • livingfictionsystem
    14.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Prose and Cons (September 2013)

    Just before April left off for 2013 summer break, two new developments graced my life. Firstly, I was Fired from Fire Street Food. As were nearly all non-Asian people at the time, which was interesting. Subsequently, I was then hired at a historic inn, which seemed to suit me– and my wallet– much better. Secondly, I upgraded my half-dead Mitsubishi to a brand new moped. It was a rather forced decision as well, given the wreck that had totaled my car. But it was legally declared the other driver’s fault.

    The purpose of explaining this development was to detail how exactly I’d explored all of Savannah within that one summer April was gone. Most of my days were spent in air-conditioned cafes, suited in ruffles, as I typed away at my stories. I think a good two months of all this was essentially that scene from “The Great Gatsby” where Nick Carroway describes himself as being ‘within, and without.’ Depersonalization was like a high to me. I never did feel solidly attached to my body, and I basked in that fact.

    I tried new restaurants, I breathed deep every corner printed on a postcard, raced my shadow on foggy nights, fell in love with romanticism itself. I visited museums, attended plays, took pictures of the numerous architectural marvels. By the time April came back, I was ready to unleash the charm that all of my knowledge of downtown had. I was quite forgetting of the fact that I found April annoying. Much like Gatsby, I may have been more in love in what she symbolized to me, than her herself.

    I had, after all, done the impossible and conquered Savannah just for her. She was proof that I’d achieved the near-impossible. And thus, we would rule Savannah side by side.

    When she came back in early September, I spent much of it helping her move her many items into SCAD’s shoebox-sized excuse for a living space. Then, on September 13th, we had our first date. Her arms gripped my waist from behind as we rode to a café I’d discovered; I remember how impossibly warm that made me feel. We arrived at Foxy Loxy and had candlelit tea in the courtyard. I remember being happy.

    That kicked off the first two or so months of a relatively good relationship. I think. Come to think of it, the only other one I’d had to compare to is the previous one where my lover had literally died, so my standards were probably a bit low. But I was happy enough.

    I went to my first ever anime convention with her that year. I’d had blurred memories of Neb’s con days. Of April being unable to find a pair of sandals and throwing things at Neb for daring to exist too close to her without having the omnipotence to solve her problems. Also of April cursing Neb out for having the audacity to ‘abandon’ her at one con. Despite having no set plans to hang out, Neb’s brief greeting was absolutely lacking in what April clearly required. But that happened to Neb, yes? This would be different. I was different. Plus, Mr. Fedora and Mall Goths One and Two were going with us, and April always seemed more reasonable with some buffers. Needless to say, this was to be my last convention.

    So, to start it off, April and company was five hours late in picking me up. Here’s a picture of me, bored as fuck, being updated that April was trying to find all six of her cosplays at the very last minute.

    On the way there, Mr. Fedora almost drove us and his egregious van into the ditch. I noted with surprise that we were taking April’s dog, a young Shiba Inu we’ll call Amaterasu, because she basically was. April was allowed to have this dog in the uni dorms because she was supposedly a service animal. Who was trained once. And didn’t actually do her job. Because April would actually need to keep training her for that to work. So, she was as stubborn and ill-trained as any other shiba under a year old. Why the fuck April was trying to bring her along– Oh right.

    She’s a dog. Dogs can’t survive in a dorm on their own for two and a half days.

    When we arrived at the hotel, April announced that she couldn’t find her phone. Maybe it was the injuries sustained from the last time April had lost something during a convention, but my stomach twisted at the notion. Even moreso when April went downstairs with Fedora, came back up with her retrieved phone, and held it up for all to see the shattered screen.

    So, that’s the note on which this began.

    Oh, and Amaterasu got excited and piddled on the bed the first night. Not willing to be charged for damages by calling to the front desk, April just suggested that we still… sleep there. Just try to stay away from the wet spot. The next day, the dog that April wisely locked in the bathroom, decided to respond by clawing the top layer of wood from the door.

    Oh, it gets worse. See, I’ve heard rumours that people do things at cons. Apparently, there are panels for voice actors? There are games? Something about a rave? People even take advantage of the hotel pool and all?

    There’s other things to do rather than walk in circles for ten hours a day in cosplay and make critical commentary on the cosplays of others?

    I wouldn’t have known.

    From about 10am to 1am, we would wake up, dress, and walk in a circle-8 in Anime Weekend Atlanta in a slow, tedious stroll. I called it the ‘Weeaboo Death March.’ Goth One, Goth Two, and even Fedora had better things to do. April’s comments didn’t tend to vary, much.

    “Look at that girl. Oh, yeah, show off your boobs, that’s why everyone’s wanting pictures of you. Ugh.”

    “The only reason that he’s getting so much attention is that he decided to dress from something popular. No one even knows what my character’s from! If they did, they would Love mine!”

    “Ugh, that cosplay isn’t even accurate.”

    We did get to do a Black Butler photoshoot. Mainly because myself in my blue hair and my normal attire were mistaken as Ciel Phantomhive. Which, fair enough.

    Towards the end, I was feeling fatigued and was dealing with some unrelated health issues at the time. April was… playing dead.


    This lasted for about an hour and a half. April had a key to the hotel room. I didn’t. So, ailing, uncomfortable, and bored out of my skull, I sat next to her and mused, ‘I wonder what [Amaterasu]’s up to.’ ‘I wonder if the pool is still open.’ ‘How long do you think we can order room service for?’

    Surely she didn’t need to be there from when the con opened until it closed, right?

    Seeing through my transparent attempt to end this bizarre ritual, April said flatly, “You keep hinting that you want to go back to the room and I don’t.“


    I sat, scrolling in silence next to this faux-dead anime character when she finally decided to go back.

    I honestly don’t remember the next day. I hope one of my alters took pity on me and took over. I do distinctly remember staring at a highway, crossing from the hotel to the convention centre. I witnessed a squirrel meeting its grizzly end via a car. I remember muttering, “Lucky bastard.”

    April asked me to repeat myself.

    I declined.

    That Sunday, checkout was at either 10am or 11am. There was the matter of Amaterasu. April just couldn’t bear to give up half a day of wandering aimlessly in the halls for stranger’s approval. She also didn’t want to, you know, take her service dog with her. It might ruin the cosplay.

    It’s alright, though. She had a solution.

    “We can just leave [Amaterasu] in the car. It’ll be fine. We’ll leave it in the shade.”

    We were in Atlanta. Atlanta. In September. It was easily 90 degrees, outside of a car. While the rest of us stared at April in speechless horror, Goth #2 spoke up. “I can just walk [Amaterasu] around in the parking lot for a while.”

    Thank gods for Goth #2. She stayed out there until probably about 3pm, when April finally got bored, we left the con.

    Consider this an epilogue.

    The next year, April was adamant about going to the con. Sans Fedora Man and his Wonder Van, April had the bright idea of using her driving permit to drive them all from Savannah to Atlanta. For those unfamiliar, those with a permit have to be accompanied by a licensed 21 year-old. I was just 21 that year, but I would’ve rather died than go to that con.

    Especially when April said, ‘I don’t care if we have to sleep in the car for the weekend, we’re going to that con!”

    I got my boss to write me a somewhat falsified note saying that I had indeed asked for that weekend off, but couldn’t attend. I paid my portion of the hotel bill, but spaced on one crucial detail.

    April and her friends were all under 21, and none were licensed. In my catastrophizing mind, April was going to be pulled over, jailed, and kicked out of uni, and shipped back to Ohio in a cage. I wrote a panicked post on social media, pleading someone over 21 to take a free trip to Atlanta.

    Meanwhile, April thought it was the deepest injustice in the world that I would be forced to work during Anime Weekend Atlanta. “You should quit! This is why they have unions! You need to file a complaint.”

    Someone by the name of Alia took the bait, and then had this to say about it through text. “I have never met someone so high-maintenance. She is like the Bridezilla of cosplay. [Amaterasu] isn’t trained like a service dog. She’s not even trained to pet standards, much less service dog standards. But I’m at the hotel with her because I’d rather spend time with one bitch than another.”

    I remember reading that when I was at a bar with my now best friend, Cotton.

    Then I ordered another drink.

    But this was just one stressful weekend, yeah? It wouldn’t be the rest of the relationship. Right?

    … Right?

    #anime weekend atlanta #cosplay conventions #disassociative identity disorder #did system#animal neglect
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  • llycaons
    11.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    I actually did think this ep was very good and I do think it's important to have shows abt this subject especially anime given its reputation and the stuff that gets put in a lot of anime (and other shows too ofc but im focusing on anime rn) and the real life weird specific sungenre of anime fans who defend the sort of thing its critiquing but I also want to say WHAT just happened

    #i am not following the decision making process at all here #i will defend anime against generalizations and i know anime is not the only media that has these issues #but im not going to deny there are a ton of weird anime out there and really horrible fans who defend the most disgusting shit #and I hate to see ppl just say oh yeah anime's all really freaky and horrible because it really isn't! but there are absolutely issues with #some of the shows and the culture around it #which is why wep is so important outside of naturally its value as a story about neglected/taboo topics that happens to be an animated show #that was made in japan #but also. I do not understand this arc #wep lb
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  • kedreeva
    10.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    This was my adventure today. Last week I got a call from someone that used to work where I work, asking if I “still” rescue birds. I don’t purposely rescue birds, I just end up doing it because what am I going to do, say no when I’m capable of getting them moved where they need to go? So I said yeah whatcha got and hoo. boy.

    Apparently her neighbor’s house burned down a couple of weeks ago, and instead of fixing it, they moved across the state and are selling the property. Unfortunately they just.... left all their animals there. Cows and donkeys and chickens and a bunch of stuff. It sounded like they came back for their (penned up???) chickens after a few days, but the rest got removed, except for the half-feral turkey and 4 free range peafowl.

    I had given her advice on how to capture them, except she was only able to capture 3 of 4 late thursday finally. I drove the hour out to her to have a look at the setup today, and give her some tools, and show her how to handle their care. The fourth...

    she eluded us for over 2 hours before I finally said okay, well. You said she’s coming in to pace around the cage where the others are, so here’s what you do; around the time she comes in, lock the others in the biggest dog crate you have, inside of the kennel they’re currently in, leave the main door open, and wait. She’ll go in to get to them, and you can close her in like you did the others the first time.

    She asked how to get them into a crate and I said just watch. I walked into the kennel and stood in just the right place and they all filed themselves into the crate to get away from me. She had the most disgruntled look on her face and said “that was the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen, they just went right into the trap.” I said yeah, they’re just like that sometimes idk what to tell you.

    Anyway, fingers crossed for her to get that fourth one tomorrow, so I can go pick them up. I already have homes lined up, just gotta get the birds in hand. Heavily considering keeping the pied hen, you can never have too many pied hens, especially ones with a nice angel wing pattern. We’ll see.

    #peafowl #animal neglect for ts
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  • fancyson
    09.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    this image of squit ward makes me so sad he looks like a stray dog on the streets limping from person to person begging for scraps and they keep turning him away until he just lays down in the corner looking back occasionally with a pleading expression

    #fancy.txt #squidward #ask to tag #animal neglect tw #i guess?? just in case
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  • vet-and-wild
    05.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago
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  • vet-and-wild
    05.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago
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  • hxgrl
    04.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Literally so heated over a vid of a dude taking absolute shit care of a pet tarantula and im deathly afraid of the fucking things like. If you have a living creature in your care that is relying on you for survival, and you cant or wont handle that for any reason, find someone who will. what the fuck

    #i understand dogs and tarantulas are two completely different types of animals and different types of companions even #but like. if i treated hank that way!!! i wouldnt deserve to have him!! #its the same reason i get upset when my mom brings home a goldfish or something. why bring home a creature that you are going to neglect. #its literally alive and its suffering Directly Because of You.
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  • amaranthsnsnowleopards
    03.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Just a psa, I know people like to reblog black cats for the ~*aesthetic*~, but do not by any circumstances seek out to actually get black cats for your Halloween décor. They are real animals with emotions and needs that should be considered before adopting.

    While ASPCA and other animal organizations are tighter around cats, especially black ones around Halloween, they will still get abused and neglected by people who just see them as decoration.

    While the counts of satanic rituals are more based on hearsay, people will be people and be cruel to animals if they can get away with it, so consider that before thinking of adopting a black cat.

    #psa#black cats #// tw animal cruelty #// tw animal abuse #// tw animal neglect
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  • hobby-zoologist
    02.10.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    I'm sorry for this, but I need space for a personal rant and don't know where else to post it. Content warning for animal abuse, neglect, and death.

    I absolutely hate it when people--especially people in any part of the pet care industry--have different standards for different kinds of pets. I found out a coworker (who is always the first person to talk shit about people's medical decisions for their pets, and treats her dogs like gods) had a pet fish she willingly--dare I say, CHEERFULLY--admitted to willfully neglecting and starving so it would die because she got tired of taking care of it. She was literally complaining that she did all this and the fish still wouldn't die. She laughed about it. She felt no shame, and said this with no hint of irony.

    I told her to bring the fish and tank and I would take it. She said "if he's still alive, I haven't checked in like a week". I said if he's alive to let me take him.

    We aren'tfriends or anything outside of work but I literallytexted her from home to follow up on it, because I was dead serious about getting this fish a better home.

    Response? "He died, lol"

    ... ...

    like, if you cannot respect that animal as a pet you are taking responsibility for, then don't have one. I'm not saying everyone has to love pet fish--or invertebrates, or reptiles, or birds. Some people just don't "get it" and that's fine, THEN DON'T OWN ONE.

    I get mistakes made in ignorance, too.. been there, done that.. acknowledge your mistake, learn, and try to do better.

    But if you just plain decide you can't or don't want to take care of it anymore, SUCK IT UP. Or at least REHOME IT like anything else you take responsibility for. Don't neglect, abuse, and torture an animal you yourself purchased because you got bored of it. Regardless of species. It's not "just a fish" it's an animal whose entire existence relies on you, I don't give a crap what species it is.

    Like, the situation is shitty in and of itself, but the hypocrisy is just mind numbing and enraging. This person is an "animal lover" in a pet care industry... and her attitude about the whole thing just makes my stomach churn.

    I am so upset...

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