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    The Eren brainrot is very strong today. Please recommend some good Eren x reader fics 🥴🥴🥴

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    07.12.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    The evolution of Eren Jaeger

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    07.12.2021 - 44 minutes ago
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    07.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    a shitty meme from my side.

    stan aruani or i'll steal your kneecaps

    #armin arlet#annie leonhart#aot#snk#aruani #armin x annie #aot meme#snk meme#armin#annie #HEY GUYS CAN I PLS TALK TO ANY ARUANI FAN #NO PLS SERIOUSLY I HAVE NO AOT FRIENDS
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    07.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    baseball ⚾️

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    07.12.2021 - 1 hour ago
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    07.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Yumihisu is the best canon aot ship, no one can change my mind

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    07.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Work-In-Progress Whenever

    I was tagged by @starknstarswars, (thank you, my friend 😊 )

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    [ [This is a little snippet from my Attack on Titan fic Born in A Thunderstorm ] ]

    He took all their money. The scumbag at the stables took all their money to get their own damn horse back. Carina bit back a curse that would have earned her hiding if her mother had heard her and resisted the urge to scream. Dammit, she would have taken that hiding just so her mother could be around to give it to her.

    Winnie's hooves pelted the ground hard as she rode over the rolling hills within Wall Rose. The sun had long since set behind the Walls and the only light guiding them home was that of the moon and stars. It would have been a peaceful, lovely sight if her tears didn't wet the wind behind her.

    Brie had long since cried herself to sleep, curling into her chest. Carina struggled with her little sister and holding onto the reins at the same time. Winnie, who was normally stubborn when she had been pressed by a long day’s journey, must have sensed that now was not the time to act up for she rode steadfastly and did not break her gallop the entire ride back from Trost.

    Carina gritted her teeth and shook her head. She needed to focus if she was to get them all home intact. Otherwise, she would already be failing her mother's instructions. Carina told herself that her mother was just going off to help the refugees settle in, to volunteer and hand out rations. Her mother was generous that way, always willing to help in whatever way she could. It was possible that she was only going to ask people for news, and she would be riding into Dauper the next morn.

    A choked sob escaped her throat.

    Who was she kidding? Her mother had said goodbye. She left them and she was never coming back.

    The thought stayed with her the entire way home, all the way up the mountain and deep into the forest where her father stood waiting anxiously on the porch of their log cabin. His blue eyes, lined with worry and age, took in the tear stains that marred their cheeks, their lack of coin and their lack of mother.

    Without a word, their father lifted them from their horse and handed Winnie off to someone else before wrapping them up in his arms and promising them that they would be okay. However, he couldn't hide the way his eyes searched the forest behind them, as if hoping that his wife would suddenly appear with a smirk and a raised brow, as if teasing him for thinking her really gone.

    But he knew it, just as his daughters knew it, that she was, and that she was never coming back.

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  • thelemondraws
    07.12.2021 - 2 hours ago
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  • deliahscrush2003
    07.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Fandom: Attack on Titan (anime), Shingeki no Kyojin

    Face Claim: Crystal Reed (Teen Wolf)

    Fic Series: Born in a Thunderstorm.

    Fic Playlist: Born in a Thunderstorm Playlist.

    Story Board: Born in a Thunderstorm.

    Pinterest Board: Carina Gunner.

    Headcannons: 1 | 2 | 3 |

    Concept Art: N/A

    Moodboard: 1 |

    Full Name: Carina Gunner (Kariina Gannaa カリーナガンナー)

    Nicknames: Rina (Sasha, her sisters), Sweetheart (Jean Kirstein), Sharpshooter (cadet nickname)

    Rank: Cadet Gunner of the 104th Training Corps.

    Gender: Female.

    DOB: 734

    Star sign: Sagittarius.

    Age: 11 (845) 13 (847) 13-16 (847-849) 16 (850) 17 (851) 20 (854)

    Affiliation: 104th Training Corps (currently), the village of Dauper (formerly)

    Occupation: Cadet in the Training Corps (currently)

    Sexuality: Heterosexual.

    Nationality: Eldian.

    Species: Human.

    Location: Dauper, Wall Rose.

    Moral Alignment: Neutral Good.

    MBTI: ISTJ - Logistician.


    During a rare thunderstorm in the wake of winter in the year 734, Carina Gunner was born to a lone rider by the name of Céline, who was rumoured to have run away from her village due to an affair.

    She arrived in the village of Dauper in the pouring rain and approached the cabin belonging to a young hunter named Arthur Gunner who gave her and her child both aid and sanctuary.

    Following the months of Céline's arrival and her stay in Arthur's cabin, the two fell in love and were married later in the following year when Carina had turned one.

    In the year 347 when Carina was three-years old her parents gave her birth to her younger sister, Else. The year after that, her youngest sister, Brie was born.

    Carina felt deeply protective of her younger siblings and would play with them or invite them out when she would feet with her best friend, Sasha Blouse.

    At age 5, Carina started to join her father in the woods where she watched him set traps and hunt wild game, learning his techniques and the rules that kept them both safe and ensured a successful hunt.

    When she was not with her father, she would often join her mother in the kitchen, learning to prepare the meat and memorizing the recipes that her mother had brought from her 'home', a mysterious place that went unnamed for as long as she could recall.

    It was not until she was 7 years-old that Arthur began to teach Carina how to shoot, allowing her to construct her own bow and arrows in order to teach her the importance of the weapon, reminding her that it was not a toy and it was not to be handled lightly.

    In their village, weapons were not used for protection or for sport, but out of necessity and survival. They were a hunting village and valued what life meant and how precious it was, especially in terms of preventing a depletion in game.

    By ten, Carina was shooting small game (rabbits and birds) in the forest with her father but was still too young to join the rest of the seasoned hunters in hunting parties deeper in the woods.

    In the year 345, Carina (11) and her sister Brie (7) joined her mother in Trost District where Céline frequented to sell the leftover game Arthur caught in his hunts, exchanging them for fresh produce, dairy and bread sold in the local market square.

    It was late afternoon when Carina and Brie were causing mischief with one of the vendors, an old, grumpy man who had not the patience of dealing with children - especially savage children from those uncivilized folk living up in the mountains - when the bells tolled out in the district.

    Then the ferries poured in from the canals, boats overcrowded with people who looked as if they had just been through the hell of hells. Covered in blood, soot and filth, their cries carried to the market square where Carina and her family stood.

    Something came over her mother and the next thing Carina knew, her mother was charging her with her sister's safety and ordering her to retrieve their horse, Winnie from the stables. She ordered her to go straight home and embraced her, pleading with her to do what she said.

    Céline had tears in her eyes as she embraced her daughters, tying the green ribbon she always wore in her hair around Carina's braid and asking that she protect her sisters while she was gone.

    The last thing Carina saw before the marketplace flooded with people was her mother's dark hair waving in the wind behind her, walking as if to her own death.

    Carina followed her mother's orders, so desperate to get her younger sister out of the chaos of Trost that she did not put up much of a struggle when the stableman took all their money to return their horse to them.

    When they returned to Dauper that night, her father knew instantly that something was wrong but did not question her as he put them both to bed. That night, Carina wrapped her mother's hair ribbon around her wrist and cried herself to sleep.

    The next morning, it was announced to all that Wall Maria had been breached by the Armoured and Colossal Titan and that it was now uninhabitable.

    Carina knew without question that her mother had left through the gates of Trost that day and that she was probably dead.

    During the months following her mother's abandonment, Carina started to take her request serious, holding her sister's welfare as her responsibility. She looked after them while her father was away on hunts and trading trips, taking up the job of cooking and preparing for meals.

    At twelve, she struggled to shoulder the burden her mother left behind but was determined to do this one last thing for her, even if her absence had caused Carina to despise her.

    In the year following, as villagers took in refugees from Wall Maria, life in the village of Dauper changed. The game population in the mountains was threatened by over-crowding and their lifestyle would not be able to sustain all the mouths they needed to feed.

    Their village elders turned towards new ways of life, adopting agriculture and farming in their community and announcing that meat would only be stored for winter, having become a precious and rare resource not to be wasted or indulged in.

    The new rules put a strain on many in the village, including Carina's best friend, Sasha, who was renown for her love for meat and food. Carina, too, felt the limits on rations in her own household, as she started to divide half of her portion towards her younger sisters.

    Over time, Carina realized that her father could not afford to feed all three of them and started looking for options outside of the village. She made the decision that on her thirteenth birthday, she would join the military.



    Céline Gunner (mother, presumed dead) †

    Arthur Gunner (adopted father)

    Else Gunner (younger sister)

    Brie Gunner (youngest sister)


    Sasha Blouse (best friend, childhood friend, partner in crime)

    Jean Kirstein (best friend, crush and pain in her ass)

    Marco Bodt (best friend, confidante, the golden child of the group)

    Connie Springer (close friend, the actual child of the group)

    Reiner Braun (good friend, little flirtation on the side)

    Annie Leonhart (bunk mate and friend, doesn't want to admit it)

    Mikasa Ackerman (friend, smiled at her once so they're def friends)

    Ymir (friend, secretly her wingman since day 1)

    Krista Lenz (friend, an actual angel, must protect)

    Armin Arlert (friend, study budy)

    Eren Yeager (friend, actually tolerable when he's not talking about titans)

    Bertholdt Hoover (friend, shared his quiet spot with her so he's the best)

    Frenemy: N/A


    Titans (currently)

    Love Interest: Jean Kirstein ( best friend and crush).



    • wears a hunter green ribbon in her hair to remember her mother • has a slight accent from her mother • is willing to delegate her responsibilities in the military in order to prioritize the safety of others • affinity for long range weapons such as the bow and arrow • her concern of others is both her biggest weakness as well as her greatest strength • has a white mare named Ada • when she cries, its always silently • enjoys the cold • Jean Kirstein calls her sweetheart to piss her off but she secretly likes it • always covers for Sasha when she steals food • calls Marco "freckles" • respects everyone's reasons for joining the military unlike some people *cough, cough* Eren•

    [ [ If you have any questions about Carina Gunner, don't be afraid to drop an asks in the inbox ] ]

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  • curious-alien
    07.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    What's the last chapter of the manga that was animated for S3 of aot? I've just finished rewatching the first 3 seasons for the hundreth time and I wanna pick up in the manga

    #ive already read it but i cant remember which chapter it is #attack on Titan #aot#snk
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    07.12.2021 - 2 hours ago
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  • inkbetweenthekeys
    07.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Happy 1 year anniversary to Jean's chin aka the day the Jean simps went feral

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  • sshaw0l
    07.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    what was Eren so pretty for during season 3 though 👀

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    𝘦𝘳𝘦𝘯 𝘺𝘦𝘢𝘨𝘦𝘳 𝘪𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘴₊˚⊹

    like or reblog if you save
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    07.12.2021 - 3 hours ago
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    07.12.2021 - 5 hours ago


    Ena never really gets a lot of time alone like this with Miche Zacharias. She doesn’t need to, job-wise, and it isn’t demanded of her to be buddy-buddy with him. And she doesn’t have a secret motive, like a perverse crush on the mysterious man. Still, she finds herself, when they do have moments alone together, speaking her inner thoughts aloud. He has an aura of trustworthiness that compels her. It’s not often she gets the chance to be completely honest. Miche seems to welcome it, and the smaller blonde trusts him. This time, she hadn’t said much. The taller scout leader had gotten so used to her spoken inner turmoil filling the silence, that he almost felt the need to say something. He was a man of few words, all super calculated. He worried he had done something to disturb their weird relationship. He didn’t. When she packed up, done with her late night paperwork, still smiling. “I didn’t have much to say today, sorry. But. . . I wanted to thank you. You know me more than anyone else here. It’s a good feeling. Not only that, but to know I’m not judged for who I am.” She takes her leave, pausing in the doorway. There’s an inner debate, a hesitation. No, she’s calculating. “If you ever need anything, you know where to find me, Miche.” He nods, and wishes her goodnight. When they speak next, Miche is the first one to engage. He holds out something carefully wrapped in a napkin. “Erwin mentioned you liked the banana bread, but often miss it. Here.” She takes it, muttering her gratitude, before digging in. It was only an hour later, when she finds him again. He is overlooking Keith Shadis training the cadets from his assigned post, questions waiting impatiently on her tongue. “So. . .” She begins quietly, leaning over, “how often does Erwin mention me?” There was a certain look that he briefly sent Ena. He almost smiles, because he knows all too well about the crush she has on the commander. He’s joked in the past about it being inappropriate, but he didn’t mean it. They were both adults, Erwin being slightly older by a few years. “He mentions you at times.” Too vague for the smaller blonde’s liking, shown by her cute little pout, but she was still pleased. Miche waits a beat before adding, “He seems to keep notes on your emotions, and your likes. Do with that what you will.” She nods slowly, her eyes still on the training scouts. It was strange to see the “infamous” Eren Jaeger training, but at least he wasn’t paired up with Jean Kirschtein. Those two have been known to have clashing egos that get in the way of their sparring sessions. She sees how each pairing can improve. For instance, it’s way too obvious Mikasa Ackerman lives for Eren Jaeger. There’s nothing wrong with being inspired to live by someone, as Ena operates similarly, having issues living for herself. However, she is easily distracted by Eren getting hurt. It is a small, fatal flaw that Ena can identify within seconds. On the other hand, there’s someone like Connie Springer, who naturally holds back. In the way he moves and strikes—it’s like he’s afraid to hurt someone. Even in battle, there’s moments where he hesitates a beat too long before striking the titan down. That could result in someone dying or injured. She almost says something, but it isn’t her place. It’s Keith’s job, and he isn’t the one to work with an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, just wanted everyone to focus on doing the task with the correct form and strength. That’s how most army generals operate in his position. She remembers when she was first training, seven years ago, and she would whimper every time he yelled at her. She hates confrontation; having just run from that in Wall Sina. Now she can see how important that was. It was less about her personal self esteem, and more about preparing her to get used to the loud noise other people make during missions. She’s grateful, and can be fond of those memories now. There’s a tap on her shoulder, and she turns, seeing Miche gesture behind them. It’s Captain Levi, who whistled like a disappointed but

    lazy dad for their attention. “He’s calling for you,” Miche says, and she gives a quick nod before rushing over. She was quick on her feet, knowing the shorter male wasn’t the one who wanted her. He was more of a messenger for the commander when he wasn’t spinning like some sort of metal top to kill titans.

    “Levi, is there anything I—” “Captain,” he corrects. Ah, so this must be serious. She corrects herself after a quiet apology. “. . . Did I do anything wrong?” They pause at Erwin’s door. It was a bit of a walk, but they both sped walk like it was urgent. “I’m not sure. He didn’t say.” She thanks him, sucking in a breath as she pushes his office door open. He was going over something in a folder, not looking up until the doors closed behind her. She salutes him. “Ena Bristol, you were not at your post.” “My post? I wasn’t given direct orders to stand anywhere, Commander.” He didn't meet her gaze, eyes buried in the documents on his desk. “Yes you were. You should have been standing outside my office, preventing any of the military police from coming in until two.” He explains, eyes flickering up for the briefest second. “Isn’t it Levi’s job to be your guard dog?” Maybe she was a tad out of line saying that. In any other situation, he might have laughed. But he was playing his stupid little mind game with her. This was the only way he knew how to get alone time with the shorter blonde. He’s been transfixed on her as of late, wanting an excuse to see her more. “I don’t understand this act. You’re a cadet, and yet you act above it all.” “I ‘act above it all’? Sir, may I speak freely?” He doesn’t answer her, so she sighs before continuing. “To be fair, I’m older than the 104th. I’ve been fighting for seven years, so forgive me if I act ‘above it all’, but don’t forget to take some of the blame. You put me in a position where I almost operate as a financial officer, but you keep me on this line where I can only taste the beginning of my job.” “Oh?” He looks up, cocking his eyebrow. Something hits Ena, and she realizes something. This is a set up to this little daytime game he plays. He used to play his little mind game with Levi, if memory serves her right, but now it’s on her. She pockets that thought for now. “This game of yours is exhausting. You know, Commander, you don’t need to pretend to yell at me to talk to me, right? People may get the wrong impression of me. That I’m ‘insubordinate’.” “And you're not?” She covers her face with her hand to laugh. Something about Erwin makes it hard to be mad at him forever. He sighs, sitting back some. Today’s game is over, and he’s retreating. “You’re right, though. Apologies for wasting your time. I did, however, mean to send out that your post was in front of my office, and I will take full responsibility. In the meantime, shall we discuss your future position as a financial officer?” Ena was surprised how easy that was. She pulls up a seat, beginning to ask about her job. While the smaller blonde was off, probably flirting her way out of a fake argument with the commander, Miche had time to think. Not that he couldn’t think with Ena there, but his post changed. He could sit down, with a drink, and think over everything. She was going to come back, a story in hand, and probably ask for advice. “Something, something, taking life by the balls,” she’d say. He sighs, pushing that aside for battle plans for his squad. Erwin reviewed them, making any edits he felt necessary. He looks at the notes closely, thrown off for a second. “Act like you’re intercepting, but continuing riding until you circle back to the collective group.” It occurs to him he’s heard those exact notes. But who said them? And, furthermore, didn’t that start an argument? Wait. That’s what Ena said, verbatim, and it didn’t start an argument. It sparked a very interesting back and forth between her and Cadet Arlert. He remembers leaving with a headache because of how loudly passionate she got with the cadet, firing different tactics back and forth. He can recall the fire that was brewing in Erwin Smith’s eyes, studying the two blondes without saying much. He had this creepy look in his eyes, especially towards the end, where his eyes were only on Ena speaking freely and excitedly. It’s been years since he’s looked so passionate at someone. Heh. . . Oh no. They both like each

    other. Great. That means everyone will have to bear witness to them pussy-footing another their feelings while blatantly flirting. . . Dammit, he didn’t want to get anymore involved, but if Ena’s going to start talking about him more, it’s going to become annoying. He pinches the bridge of his nose, pulling himself out of his emotions. He needs to be tactical and sneaky, while carefully choosing his words. If he does that right, maybe getting Nanaba in on it too, he can expedite the process. As if on cue, Ena Bristol barges into his office with a folder. She’s beaming, and demands they talk if he’s not too busy. Curious, he let’s her sit down and say what she needs to say. “Miche, I finally am getting cleared! I’m going to be the first in-regiment female financial advisor! All those times I checked over the wrong crunched numbers are no longer! It’s official.” She announces with excitement. Miche wonders, briefly, if he’s the first she’s told. It’s a sweet thought, but he doesn’t ask. “In the past, we’ve hired men from outside the regiment to come in and crunch the numbers, but they’ve always been off. I’ve proven myself to be able to do the math, and I’m saving the Survey Corps hundreds by doing so.” He tilts his head to the side. “How so?” “It always costs us hundreds in coins to hire an advisor from the capital. The men there are begging for work, but also want to be compensated like kings. But with me, I get a ten coin pay raise, thus directing more money into what we actually need to do. Research, food, cadet clothing—did you know Cadet Springer has been sleeping on a broken bed since the Battle of Trost? Now we can finally get him a new bed!” Ena’s hands move as she talks. She’s not randomly gesturing, it’s like she can’t stop them from flapping about. It’s cute how excited and into her job she is. Admirable, too. “I’m glad you’re actually invested in your job.” He says, simply, and the shorter blonde is back to beaming happily. “Thank you! I’m sorry for firing off at the mouth, I just wanted you to be the first one I told. That’s what the meeting with Erwin was about.” Miche presses his lips into a small smile, his heart warmed by the information. Despite their job, which causes them to risk their lives, it was nice to find solace in moments like this—pure moments in time where death was not on the mind, where they can be friends. It was rare. Well, memory says so, but the human brain is literally programmed to hold onto bad memories, so who’s to say if peaceful moments are truly rare? “I’m surprised. I thought you were going to talk about Commander Erwin the whole time.” Okay, maybe that was too bluntly said. Regardless, Ena laughs. “Nah. . . What good is it boring you? Besides, I’m not going to pursue him. I already hear rumors of how I slept with him to get where I was before. I don’t like how people think I’m just some common slut instead of what I am—a soldier.” She sighs, and he feels guilty for bringing the topic up. “I don’t think you’d be a common slut if you pursue him. Who knows. . . Maybe it’s worth it.” Ena tilts her head to the side, a small smile on her face. Even when she constantly annoys him with gossip she’s heard and questioning his group’s strategies, he’s still a good friend. It makes her feel warm, even if she knows she’ll never be able to thank him properly for all the help he’s provided. “Good to know you think I’m not just some common slut.” He puts his hands up in defense. “Hey, everyone knows what you did to that one Garrison official—” “It was for the good of the Survey Corps—you know that!” She shouts, cutting him off. She stands, raising her folder to hit him playfully over the head. Just then, there’s a knock on the door. Commander Erwin, Captain Levi, and Hanji Zoe walk in. They stiffen into a salute, which is met with the commander telling them to rest. “It’s dinner. I was wondering if you two would show your faces with the rest of the veterans. Unless,” he backtracks, glancing between Ena and Miche with this look that wasn’t quite skepticism or

    jealousy, but an angry mixture of the two, “we’re interrupting something?” “Not at all, sir. We’ll be happy to join you for dinner.” “Is Nanaba joining?” Miche asks. Ena turns to him, not even concealing the smug smirk on her face. She knows those two are an unofficial couple, and she supports their relationship wholeheartedly. “Yes, she’s there.” “What are we waiting for? Let’s go!” Hanji shouts, turning and practically running towards the mess hall. Ena and Erwin stay back, watching. When they’re alone, they begin walking. The commander clears his throat, looking forward. His question was too awkward for him to look her in the eyes. He was true enough with himself to know when he’s a coward, but proud enough not to admit it allowed. “May I inquire about the closeness between you and Squad Leader Miche Zacharius?” “You’re asking to ask?” the smaller blonde snorts, rolling her eyes. “He’s one of my best friends. I know it’s hard for you to tell, but we’re not dating. He’s after Nanaba. But he won’t tell me if they’re dating or not.” “They’re engaged.” Ena stops, gasping. Erwin halts at her side, even though he could keep walking. It was an excuse to be near her, and to get more alone time with her. “That rat! How have they both kept that from me? I went to both of them for love advice. I gave both of them love advice.” “Maybe he couldn’t find the right time to tell you? I’m sure they wanted to. You’re a close-knit group.” They both start walking again. “Maybe. Or, maybe they were scared I was going to be loud about it. They are quiet people, and I know I’m intense.” “I like that you’re intense.” “Well, you surround yourself with intense people already. I’m sure one more impassioned person makes no difference.” “What do you mean?” “You’re close with Hanji Zoe, Captain Levi, and Miche Zacharius. They’re all intense. Captain Levi and Miche specifically in battle. Seeing those two take down titans is like watching a magic show in Wall Sina.” She explains, gesturing lazily and mindlessly. The commander has never stood and watched a magic show in Wall Sina, but he doesn’t question her about it; he’s sure she’s right. He trusts her judgement more than he knows. “I suppose. But you’re not too intense. Whatever passion you bring to the table is admirable. I like seeing you all. . . is ‘fired up’ a good turn of phrase to use? It’s inspiring to see, which is why I let you and Cadet Arlert go back and forth last week. Two passionate strategists going back and forth with new but informed tactics. . . Sorry, you’re probably tired of me going on about work.” Erwin cuts himself short, politely. Ena’s eyes turn away from the commander, cheeks rosy with blush. She’s not used to being complimented like that from her superior. She is beside herself with glee. Just then, from the end of the split corridor, she hears her name. Her head spins, seeing some of the 104th cadets. “Miss Ena—” They see Erwin with her and still, saluting. “Uhm—” He laughs it off. “At ease.” He turns to her. “I guess you won’t be joining us for dinner?” “Sorry. Maybe another time?” she offers, and he nods. Her hand touches his arm, reassuringly. “We can continue talking tonight if I catch you, okay? See you later, Commander.” He watches the newly appointed financial officer join the cadets, engaging herself in whatever childish conversation they were all having. He makes notice of how motherly she is to them, even if she’s scolding them. As he turns to join his friends in the mess hall, he can’t help but wonder what she’d be like with a child of her own. The thought was stupid and selfish; he couldn’t possibly claim Ena like that. Dating isn’t discouraged, but it’s sad when in the Survey Corps. Not to mention the burden of being with a commander. Even still. . . Seeing her with someone else, letting someone else claim someone he’s interested in again. . . Sitting down at the veterans table, he sighs internally. So much to consider. “Where’s Ena?” “The cadets piqued her interest before we got down here.” Erwin answers,

    simply. The smaller male makes an annoyed sound. “I just wanted to know if she likes tea.” He huffs, grabbing his cup from the top. Miche speaks up, from the end of the table. “She does, but you won’t like how she takes it.” Levi scoffs. “What, does she take it with a bunch of sugar?” “No, she had it with milk and honey. Sometimes sugar, too, if she needs to stay up.” His face reflects nothing but disgust. Milk and honey? Fine, depending on the tea. But also with sugar? . . . He supposed if she only does it to help her stay up, he can’t blame her too much. Still, it doesn’t beat pure tea by itself. Ena finds herself outside the commander’s office. She feels bad for declining the dinner invitation. Especially since she was so adamant about saying yes. Even still, she didn’t know if it was “proper” to be outside, awaiting him like this. Just then, her best friend rounds the corner. Miche Zacharias in the flesh. “Good evening, Miche.” She kept her voice low, stepping carefully away from the door. She doesn’t want Erwin to know she’s been pacing outside of it, mustering up the courage to talk to him. Her taller friend did not engage in such dances. “You should see him. He didn’t talk much during dinner, but I bet he wanted you there.” She nods quietly. Miche walks past her, turning in for the night. She stops him before he gets too far. “You’d tell me if you and Nanaba were official, right? That’s how close we are?” His lips slide into a small smile. Such a shy tone for someone so unabashedly themself. This Erwin situation has certainly done a number on her. All should be behind her after tonight. “Of course.” A beat passes. “We’ve been engaged for two weeks. You’re the first person I told.” Ena smiles, wishing him a good night. It feels good to have a friend to run to with good news, or to encourage. Once he leaves the corridor, she sucks in a breath and knocks on Erwin’s door. He is at the door in seconds, opening it and welcoming her in. “Financial advisor, what brings you here this late? Have any inquiries about next month’s budget?” He steps aside so she can enter. She does, slowly, taking it all in. When she was in her earlier, she was more concerned about fighting for her position than to admire the interior decoration. “You should have seen this office before I became commander. It was a lot more bland. Like a holding cell.” She nods along slowly to what he says, her finger absently running along the books. It’s no surprise that there’s no dust. Erwin chooses to be friends with the Captain Levi, so his office must be spotless. While her eyes wander, Erwin sits down and watches her. From what he can tell, she’s not analyzing him critically. She’s not analyzing him at all, in fact, because she’s thinking about what to say. Her lips part, “Sorry to come here so late. I want to apologize for bailing on your dinner invitation. I didn’t expect the cadets to have taken up that much time, I—” “You don’t need to apologize. I’m not offended. It’s admirable how the cadets have all taken a liking to you. You’re like their stand-in mother. They all need that.” The advisor’s face turns beet red, and she makes her way to his desk. She puts her hands on the desk, leaning over. Despite her red face and his status, she doesn’t hesitate to tease him. “Do you walk around and make note of all the female soldiers and their ability to be maternal? Or do you have some sort of obsession with me?” Erwin made sure to keep his eyes on her face while she taunts him, trying to convince himself that this still can be a professional conversation, but he couldn’t help but dip his gaze a little lower when she glances away. He wasn’t quick enough, however, because he was caught. He swallows dryly, realizing he’s played right into her game. “You can stand to be a bit less obvious, Commander.” He’s used to having the name spat at him with all the poison in the world, but the way Ena practically purred the title made him adjust in his seat. All words have left his mind, leaving him red and speechless. “What’s on your

    mind?” Her feigned innocence has him swallowing. Maybe it was just him? He was just imagining her tone change, and making this all awkward? Even if he was, he couldn’t go back. In fact, his feelings were incredibly hard to push down. Maybe it was because it was late, and the tension in the room was poisoning his brain. He gathers some words, watching as she walks around the side of his desk. She leans against the desk, crossing her arms over her chest. “I want to try something. It’s. . . unprofessional of me, however. My position. . . it could look like I’m taking advantage of—” “You? Unprofessional?” She briefly leans closer to him, her tone oozing playful sarcasm. “Never.” Her face softens. She’s not going to tease him. “Sorry, I couldn’t help but tease you when your face gets like that. Please continue. What did you want to try?” Erwin’s hands reach up to touch his face, feeling the warmth radiating off of his cheeks. All because of her, his brand new financial advisor. He clears his throat, his eyes tracing the floorboards. “I do wonder, though, if you would think lowly of me if I told you that I have yet to. . .” He shakes the thought from his head. “Ena, if I may, I would like to kiss you. I want to know what it feels like.” He’s never seen her face go so red. All her movements still, her face drops from prideful to surprised. She swallows, and moves closer. The commander doesn’t hesitate to grab her arm to yank her closer, their faces hovering inches from each other. He scans her face, taking in the laughing marks and the contrasting bags under her eyes. Her perfect blue eyes, her hooked nose, and finally, her lips. Currently she’s biting them, nervous, as one of Erwin's hands travels to her nape. It rests there comfortably, while the other is on her hip. She cannot fully comprehend what is happening, sure this is a hallucination of some kind. Then he pulls her in, from the hand on her neck, and kisses her. It’s so gentle and soft, unlike anything she could imagine. Their eyes open slowly, she can’t help but smile. Today is full of wins, and her getting Erwin to herself is the cherry on top of her promotion. “I don’t want anyone else to have you,” he admits, quietly. The hand from her nape leaves to cup her face. “I’m so fond of you, but I will get you killed.” “It would be an honor,” Ena breathes, laying into his touch, “to die by your command, my love.”

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    New Chapter of To Honesty and Comeuppance, a Levi/OC Fic

    Chapter 62 of To Honesty and Comeuppance is live on Ao3! You may have seen this on tumblr a few months ago, but the author got shadowbanned because she wasn’t active other than posting chapters. She’s still been posting on Ao3 this whole time though. Currently, it’s ranked #3 for comments in the Levi/OC pairing!

    Chapter 62 is a reimagined take on the fight in the crystal cave under the Reiss Church, with inventive usage of horses, rifles, and corpses. Enjoy!

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