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    13.05.2021 - 8 minutes ago
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  • laslloronas
    13.05.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    Might try that fucking. Tinder account for weed shit bc man. MAN.

    #havent gotten high or anything since april 20th n i miss it
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  • queen-of-deans-booty
    13.05.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    April Drabble Masterlist

    Jared Padalecki:

    always keep fighting

    Sam Winchester:

    one of the good ones


    one of those times

    wing kink


    love of your life

    No Pairing:

    nothing ever does

    you can always count on them

    Steve Rogers:

    it’s romantic

    Penelope x Luke:

    talk dirty to me

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  • toitlselfindulgenz
    13.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I just realized i never posted this here holy shit anyways crimes!!

    #rottmnt #rise of the tmnt #rottmnt casey jones #rottmnt april #listen i believe that casey KNOWS what is right and wrong but she still has some issues recognizing what is legal and what isnt #and april isnt gonna bother telling her bc sometimes u gotta do what u gotta do #the context is actually super dumb i just didnt clean the other drawing HDKGLWLELALD
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  • sextonsharpwinhalstead
    13.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    You want to know something kind of sad? The names; Yaya Dacosta and April Sexton have NEVER been the popular related tags in the Chicago Med tag on Tumblr until it was announced she was leaving and that kind of says everything.

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  • maeo-png
    13.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    we could’ve had bradford being even scarier huh

    #ducktales #the scariest we got was that little ‘’Welcome home #April’’ #LIKE HOLY CRAP #it was so scarily manipulative and it was like you could trust him but you knew he’s a bad person
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  • galaxyghost4081
    13.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I have a feeling May is going to be my Sam & Max month and to be honest I think I’m okay with that too

    #please don't reblog #random#s&m #(sorry S&M community I am not tagging this as actual s&m :<) #the spiritual successor to my 'March was my Mad Rat month' post #in the first half of 2021 I introduced myself to two fictional character couples #and both characters in each pair just so happen to be animals #making all four characters in total unique different animal species in their own relationships #no thoughts head empty only Sam & Max #replace the M in May with a G and you've got the exact reason for my current emotions :) #(AND LAST MONTH WAS GAYPRIL TOO. APRIL) #(hehe references are nice :) ) #OH AND THE CROSSOVERS I WANT TO MAKE WITH MRD ARE TREMENDOUS #THE MEDLEY OF CHAOS AND CLOSE PARTNERSHIPS WITH BOTH DUOS IS PERFECT!
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  • feelshz
    13.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #your lie in april #kaori miyazono#anime #shigatsu wa kimi no uso #kousei arima #kousei x kaori #anime gif#anime aesthetic
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  • addams-beineke
    13.05.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #teenage bounty hunters #stepril#sterling wesley#april stevens #sterling x april
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  • gins-potter
    13.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    The Yaya and Torrey of it all...

    To distract myself from the fact that Chicago Med likely won’t be uploaded for hours yet, and also because I’ve been kind of slack about posting about One Chicago lately, I thought I’d write down some thoughts I’ve been having about Yaya and Torrey leaving.

    At first I was stunned, like I did not see that coming at all.  Tbh I’d forgotten completely that with this being the sixth season most of the main casts contracts would be up.  Fire owns my heart so I’ve mostly been following news about Jesse and Taylor’s contracts, while keeping half an eye on news about PD contracts - Med was so not on my radar.  But once I think about it, Torrey and Yaya leaving kind of makes sense.... emphasis on kinda.

    (it got kinda long so full thoughts under the cut)

    April Sexton - Nurse Practitioner

    I think everyone agrees that this is the departure that makes the most sense of the two.  I think I remember being a little worried when this storyline started that this was a way of writing April out but I guess I just settled into the assumption that she would study off-screen and maintain a work/study balance ala Penelope from ODAAT (if you’ve never seen that show the main character Penelope works as a nurse while studying to be a NP at the same time and both are shown on screen).  Presumably now April will just be written out completely to go study.  

    I’ve seen some theories floating around that she’ll move out of state to be with Noah (where did he move to? Atlanta?) and I think that could really work.  I do wonder how this might be tied in with Archer’s offer to get her into that school she wanted.  I cold see April going back and forth for a few episodes deciding if she wants to take him up on his offer or not, so I’ll be interested to see how that develops.

    I’ll definitely miss April, she was never my favourite character, but I think season 6 was really good for her and seeing her work in two different areas she was clearly passionate about was nice to see.  And as far as storylines go, writing her out so she can advance her career is a good way to do it, it’s hard to be too sad about her leaving when you’re happy for her as a character.  I am a little bummed in terms of the Chexton of it all just because I did ship them for a little while, and I did kinda see them getting back together eventually, but I guess that won’t be happening now.  I’m not too heartbroken about it but I did think they had moments where they were good together.  I think one of the biggest downsides to writing April out is that it means we’ve completely lost another sibling duo in the One Chicago universe (and if I’m counting right that leaves only the Halstead bros standing?)(editing to clarify I mean siblings who are main characters/regulars on the shows not characters who have siblings in general).  But it sounds like Yaya already has a new show lined up in which she’s the lead (correct me if I’m wrong about that part) and I think this NP storyline really serves for a good exit for April and Yaya both.

    Natalie Manning - Where the hell does she go from here?

    The one that makes less sense to me has to be Nat’s exit.  And I say that in the context of the entire show, her current storyline trajectory makes a lot of sense actually.  Obviously we don’t know for sure what’s going to happen but there’s a lot of theories going around that make a lot of sense.  Where we’re at as of writing this post (I haven’t seen 6x14 yet) Nat’s taken the pills, Will’s in trouble for it, and she knows he’s in trouble for it.  It seems plausible to me that from here we get a couple episode of Nat fucking around trying to come up with a way to get Will out of trouble, before ultimately coming clean to save his ass, the repercussions of this being that she has to leave the hospital.  I have two problems with this.

    The first, where the hell does this leave Natalie?  Because at this point we’re contending with two different entities, the drug company who was in charge of the trial (spacing on the name) and Chicago Med as a hospital.  Will’s in trouble with the former so to save him that’s who Nat’s primarily gonna have to come clean to, and I’m having a hard time seeing how realistically they wouldn’t want to charge her with the theft.  But where would that leave Nat besides probably in jail and Owen on his own with a sick grandma?  It’s kind of a shit ending for Torrey’s character, and I just can’t see the Med writers going that route.  So I guess my theory is that Sharon steps in and brokers some kind of deal with the drug company where she convinces them not to press charges but to show that Nat is facing consequences she’s fired.  Then she either stays in the city with Owen and just (presumably) finds a new job, or I can even see her also moving out of state as I think her parents live in Seattle?

    My other problem is that this kind of doesn’t make sense in the broader context of the show.  The Chicago Med docs are always up to shady shit, Will and Nat most especially, why is now suddenly the time they face consequences for their actions (besides the fact that Torrey is leaving of course).  It just seems mighty convenient to me, and that’s not something I particularly like about character exits like this.

    In terms of Nat’s character in general leaving, my feelings are pretty similar to April’s exit.  While I think the exit itself hasn’t been set up great (I much prefer how they’ve set up April’s) I am vaguely sad about Torrey/Nat leaving.  Much like April, Nat was never my favourite character, in fact I swung wildly between eh she’s alright and oh my god I hate this chick for a while there.  But again, like April, season 6 was good for her, and I even got on board with Mancel (rip that relationship) and it’s sad to see her go just when I was starting to like her again after really really not liking the way Manstead ended.  Speaking of, I think even more so than Chexton I fully expected Manstead to get back together by the end of the show, and I even thought they were setting that up by giving them storylines together in the back half of this season (now I just wonder if they wanted to give fans a chance to see them interact again before Torrey left).  So it feels very weird to me that we won’t see them again now after spending seasons thinking of them as an endgame ship.  I can see there being some kind of final romantic moment between them, especially if Nat’s written to move out of state but idk if I would want that or if it would just be rubbing salt in an open would.  That all being said I wish Torrey all the best, I read that she already has a movie gig lined up so that’s awesome for her.

    Final Thoughts

    Look, the writing on Med has always struck me as kind of repetitive if not weak in general so I can’t really blame either Yaya or Torrey for wanting to move on to new things.  Even if it was the best writing in the world, playing the same character for 6 years is a long time and while there are plenty of actors who like a steady gig there are also plenty more who like the challenge of new characters/stories/sets etc.  And like I said above, they already have new gigs lined up so this is clearly something they both want so I’m at least glad that that allowed the writers to set up somewhat believable exits for them both.  I don’t know if I would say I hope they come back someday, but it seems like they’re certainly going to leave it open for that.  Unless they pull an Ava Bekker-esque last minute death, it seems like they’re both going to leave the show alive and somewhat happy so there’s always a chance they bring them back one day (this feels more likely for April/Yaya then Nat/Torrey but you never know).  All in all definitely not the worst character exits I’ve seen in this franchise, or even this show, yeah I’m looking at you Ava Bekker.

    #this was long so i'm fully expecting people not to have read the whole thing #i was going to add a section on possible replacements but this was long enough #i'll make a separate post for that i think #one chicago#chicago med#torrey devitto#Yaya DaCosta#natalie manning#april sexton
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  • oflgtfol
    13.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    i want to walk around in the woods so fucking badly you have no idea

    #going to ask my friends if they can go hiking this weekend #if they cant. guess i'll die #i mean my mom and aunt also wanna go hiking but y'see they're wimps #so like. i cant take them on the REALLY woodsy trails #like im thinking of this one rn and aughgh #so way is my mom going on it though LMFAOOO #so i mean if my mom and/or aunt are up to this weekend if my friends arent then . better than nothing #but. still #i am fantasizing about that one trail so badly............... #especially now that everything is becoming green again AHHHH!!!!! #GREEN I MISSED YOUUUU #also gotta hit up a marsh soon . idk if the beach grass is green again #last i went in like... april though all the beach grass was still flat and dead DX #brot posts
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    13.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    April dan Pelajaran Melepas

    Postingan Bulanan: April dan Pelajaran Melepas

    Lagi-lagi saya kehilangan seorang teman yang baik. Tanggal 9 April, siang, saya dikagetkan oleh sebuah pesan singkat berisi permintaan maaf atas kesalahan-kesalahan almarhum teman saya yang diwakili oleh istrinya, yang juga adalah teman sekaligus mitra bisnis saya. Saking tidak percayanya akan berita itu, saya hanya terdiam dan tidak tahu harus mengucap apa. Bayangkan, saya tidak pernah sekalipun…

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    13.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Chicago Med 6x15 Promo “Stories, Secrets, Half-Truths and Lies” (HD)

    6 Temporada Episódio 15 Promo

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  • lonelier-version-of-you
    13.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    rewatching Johnrik scenes with the knowledge that Henrik is now canonically, undeniably interested in men is something that can actually be so personal

    #i'm still not over this lmao #3 and a (nearly) half years after john was introduced and 2 and a half years after he died... holby FINALLY vindicated us #the way i went from thinking ''lol hanssen is acting like gaskell's his celebrity crush'' in december 2017 to starting to ship them in #september 2018 and then watching henrik's bisexuality actually be confirmed in the show in april 2021
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    13.05.2021 - 2 hours ago


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  • alexfayerose
    13.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I need everyone to know that I did, in fact cry when Alex and April got engaged.

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  • eigwayne
    13.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Raid for the Ruby Nectar is a Go!

    [image description: a scene outside a grey stone temple adorned with crystals, an angel statue, and stained glass. Three characters in fantasy armor are standing around a stone signpost, presumably bantering or arguing. The one with pink accents on her armor is laughing. The logo at the top reads “Raid for the Ruby Nectar” in a decorative font.] 

     Who finally finished the game that was supposed to only take two weeks to make???? THIS GIRL!!!!!!!! Aaaanyways-

    Join professional evil henchpeople Davin, Talia, and Ixvel as an important(?) mission is thrust upon them: Traverse the verdant hills of Yanmar to infiltrate the temple there, and obtain the Ruby Nectar. Why? They don’t know and they’re not gonna ask. How? They’ll figure it out, or they’ll have to admit failure and forfeit the right to wear their fancy custom armor to work.

    This game features optional cooking and crafting to supplement your items and equipment, two possible endings, and in-game skippable tutorials for beginner RPG players. Download files include a game guide with character bios, a map, links to the resources used, and tips on finding some of the secrets. 

    There’s secrets to discover and quips to make, all within about 1-2 hours of easy and irreverent playtime!

    (Download links for Windows, Mac, and Linux will be in the reblog to avoid being blocked from the tags. Give me about 5-10 minutes and please look forward to it!)

    #gamedev#indie games #rpg maker mv #rpg maker #april 2021 personal game jam #raid for the ruby nectar #my projects
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