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  • dollibloode
    28.01.2022 - 35 minutes ago

    ・❥・ valentines day is coming up , let’s make love letters ! !

    request are open :: 

    (genshin fest) - writing to a character in a letter for valentines day. it’s up to you with whatever detail you want to include. 

    prompts ::





    things unsaid

    song lyrics

    “missing you” letters

    ╰┈➤ the arrows above are the prompts you want to include in your request. you have to make it detailed and specific and this is for genshin characters only. i will write gn! readers and fem! readers as long as you let me know. though i will choose if you don’t tell me ! !

    anyways, lets make this fun and simple. and i can’t wait to hear your ideas ! !

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  • friendlystarfruit
    27.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    requested fan fiction Arataki Itto/Reader he forgets your birthday and has to make it up to you somehow!

    This is fan fiction request. Itto forgets your birthday and has to find a way to make it up to you in a really cute way , then the two of you fuck xD

    https://archiveofourown.org/works/36701056?view_full_work=true also you can give kudos xx)

    For the anon who requested this please tell me what you thought =D

    Your character I wrote as pretty adorable , she has cute little pointy dog ears and a bushy fox tail, she is busty and has curvy hips but shes only 5 foot so is still tiny, she loves animals and is very gentle and sweet , can be a little shy , she is very playful too. Shes is written perfect for Itto's praise kink. ;) you know his little pet that feeds his ego but also is fun to be around, shes acts little child like , I felt that works seeing he is so good with kids it also brings out his protective side.

    This was a request was for this character you role play as , I kind of developed her character over the other fanfics as being a little bit of a cry baby , I find her to be really cute but some people might want a more neutral or tougher personality type of reader x Itto , seeing the person who requested this fanfic liked her character, I was glad I could let her personality shine through it , I also really like how she brings out Itto's protective side it's cute and she makes him feel important , cus most people roll their eyes and don't take him seriously.

    I always try to write humour into my fics, it at least made me laugh what I wrote but you should at least find it cute.

    Smut is chapter 2.


    Sorry for any dyslexic errors !! Please be kind I do my best (= If you spot anything that makes the text hard to read let me know and I'll correct it. Sometimes spelling errors, grammar errors or missing words are missed by me when I edit.

    Chapter 1

    You where super excited today was your birthday , you had asked Itto to hang out with you today for a picnic , Itto said he’d like to be the one to prepare the meal you thought this meant he’d have a surprise for you.

    You had the day off work, you’d already had a small party with family and friends and it was evening , the sun would be setting it would be so romantic!!!!!!

    You beamed thinking of all the things Itto would have in store for you , “I bet we’ll play together then he’ll surprise me with a big over the top gift!!!!!!!”

    “Or maybe he’ll beat box to me like he did for the traveller” your heart was swollen with excitement you where skipping about , humming and sighing romantically as he waited for him in the spot he’d agree to me.

    You leaned against a while with a big smile on your face as Itto swaggered up to you “Hey, hey my lil lady aren’t you just a ray of sunshine? Ya happy to see your boi Itto” He radiated flashing his fangs.

    You giggled and he smirked at your excitement to see him , never got bored of his cute little pet fan girling over him , he even posed combing his hair.

    “alright lets get this picnic started , I think I out did myself this time but hey you deserve it“ he grinned “check it out “ he purred showing all the food he packed

    “And lookie HERE , see what your master Oni Itto did for yea ? look how I painted this cupcake for you”

    You looked at the cupcake seeing a tiny icing drawn picture of what appeared to be a not very well drawn super buff man with long hair” (him)

    “That’s right baby , I drew you, your’s truly on your cupcake, I mean it’s hard to get icing to truly capture my charm but hey I think I did a pretty good job, I should have baked a whole batch but was low and flour but seeing I’m the generous guy I am I made sure to get my lil pet a treat”

    “I wonder if he drew himself on my cake too” You glowed a big smile on your face light irradiating from your eyes , tail wagging so happy and excited.

    Itto caught sight of this and puffed out his chest flicking his hair proud of himself. “Impressed by my culinary brilliance eh baby ? go a head have a bite now”

    You hummed to yourself all happy and bit into the cupcake suddenly you froze you went pale “What the hell is this shit “ you thought to yourself.

    Itto was staring at you waiting for your approval

    “huh?” he starred with his mouth open a little worried at your expression. (basically the same expression he made when his beetle was loosing the fight in game)

    “It’s so good” you faked (it tasted like he had forgotten to put sugar in it or some weird ingredient instead of sugar)

    He smiled “gooooooooooooooooood was a lil worried for a sec when I saw your face, I won’t lie , but of course it’s good ,this is Arataki Itto we’re talking about anything I make is gonna be good baby”

    “mmhm” You lie forcing yourself to swallow it.

    “can I have a taste?”

    “uhhhhhhhhhh” You stuff the whole cupcake in your mouth “opps all done”

    “HEY “ he scowls

    You didn’t want him to find out this cupcake was utter shit , after all how sweet it was for him to bake it for you ? Maybe he had used the rest of the flour on your birthday cake.

    “it was just so good I couldn’t help myself” you muffle as you force yourself to eat another bite on front of him.

    “hmmmmmm ok “ He pets your head “come on lets get going, I picked us out the BEST spot on the hill for our picnic “

    He swaggers forward and you spit out the cupcake, he looks back and you awkwardly smile at him "heh heh" He was too dumb to read your guilty forced smile.

    “don’t fall behind kiddo , let’s get going”

    You run up beside him “A special spot “ you think to yourself you imagine candles , candy him gazing into your eye telling you happy birthday and all your friends jumping out of the bushes for your surprise party”

    your tail wags uncontrollably and Itto catches this “Hey lil one , you thinking of me?” he chuckles.

    “YES” you squeak excited your heart pounding as you get closer to the hill you grab on to him and beam up to him and he pulls you close affectionately smirking at your clinginess “can’t enough of the supreme “ he mutters to himself.

    Finally , you where here and…………..you saw people playing chess and suddenly Itto moans “oh darn it that was gonna be our spot, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh c’mon I’ll find another good spot maybe even better no it has to be better! “

    I guess there was no surprise party then you thought to yourself.

    He pulls you everywhere searching for the right spot “too shaded” , “hey if we eat here you’ll get distracted by the fish I need all the attention of you on meeee”

    - you where getting tired he was determined to get the perfect spot, it had to be a better spot than the first spot he picked the new spot couldn’t be second best not for Itto this was sweet but kind of exhausting you wanted to spend a romantic day to him but instead you where picnic spot rating with him.

    You sighed watching the sunset and you follow Itto like his loyal pet.

    You pull on Itto “Come on Itto lets sit here "

    Itto grumbled there's a flock of birds on that tree , you'll only get distracted!!!!!!

    You secretly rolled your eyes (He was jealous of you looking at birds instead of him)

    " I promise, Itto I won't get distracted by the birds they'll be falling a sleep soon and leaving look at the sun set, it’ll be perfect as long as we’re together”

    “Lets try up this hill”

    “Ahh he smiles this is a great spot”

    You sigh finally “There where lots of great spots”

    “uh yeah but this spot is better than the chess players spot that is what is important” he smirked childishly.

    You rolled your eyes and sat down , any time you roll your eyes at him you try not to let him catch you, you know how big his ego is.

    Suddenly a group of men approached “yo this is our spot Oni boi”

    “HAH Oni boi? I am an Oni are you sure you want to mess with one, I’m pride of Oni Itto”

    “SHIT’ You scuffed not another competition, you knew he had an ego you knew he’d turn everything into a stupid duel but it was your birthday…

    “Oni scum, think you can get yourself a little fox girl instead of sticking your own kind” The guy taunts.

    “Eh excuse me” Itto huffs “OH it’s on , you guys against me NOW but hey I’ll be sure to hand you some autograph’s after I wipe the floor with you guys ”

    You come up to Itto and pull on him “Itto lets it go what about our date”

    “shhhhhh I’ll be done in a sec ok?”

    “but Itto”

    “Itto please we will miss the sunset” you pine to him like a helpless puppy you look over at the sun setting shaking him harder.

    “ENOUGH , there will be plenty of sunsets “

    “b-but this one is special “

    “SHH stop whinnying alright ?this is important , go sit over there and enjoy the show” he pointed and you lumbered to the spot.

    He signalled to you

    You titled his head!!

    “cheer me on !!!!!! While I fight” he shouted.

    He sauntered over to the men “I can take down all three of you ,it is show time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    You make up the spot for the picnic while the men all fight, Itto will win he’s an oni and these punks didn’t seem so tough. They where picking a fight with him because of his race, you knew standing up for himself was important but why hadn’t he been a little bit more understanding, he hadn’t even mentioned your birthday and the chance of “I pretended to forget your birthday” felt unlikely

    “Go Itto “your forced yourself but a little tear shed down your cheek and you wiped it away composing yourself “Itto is the –“

    Itto looks over “You ok babe ?”

    You nod at him and pretend to smile and he gets back to kicking ass.

    After he’d finishing kicking ass the block headed man returned.

    “So my lil lady your cheering seemed a little , well sucky what’s up huh?” He smiled at you reassuringly ruffling your hair.

    “catch that action? , see all my moves I didn’t go too hard on them just hard enough “

    “Oh” you sigh

    Itto looks at you concerned “, what’s got your fur all ruffled eh? Usually you are all full of praise so what’s up , my little cheer leader got a stomach ache?”

    “It’s, it’s nothing- hey Itto “

    “Yaaaaaa sure ? well ok then”

    “Do you have other plans for today”

    He sat down poking enthusiastically through the picnic basket. “mm lots of sweets” he grins “ and well, yeah ,sure , maybe me and the gang will go out do some stuff ya know? , I always make time for mah homies , and I might play hide and seek with the local kids or something, well maybe it'll be too dark to do that , but I'll find something hadn’t really properly planned anything ya know? ”

    “You hadn’t planned anything?”

    “ehhhh not that I recall”

    “but what about this”

    “Ehhh didn’t you plan this ? I guess I planned to come though so ” He grinned “hey sunshine you trying to get some dick” he bellows in laughter.

    You blush and turn your head “not right now , d- do you do remember what day is today”

    “uh-uh yeah “ he chuckles stuffing his face with candy “mmm so good”


    “It’s another special day made by yours truly, I swear this candy is so good , you think my horns would look good in the color of this candy stic---” He looks over to see the tears welling in your eyes “uhh I was just kidding , I won’t change my horns to this candy color”

    You run away crying, Itto is filled with alarm “Hey I’m keeping my horns red!!! Come back, look I’ve got candy , cmere!!!!!”

    He catches up to you and runs on front of you “Hey look I didn’t know candy horns upset you so much , did you choke on a candy stick as a kid?“

    “It’s not that”

    “Well ya are crying after I said –“

    “It’s what you didn’t say” you whimpered and cuddled your tail.

    “I know you’re a cry baby but come on like what did you want some candy, you think I wasn’t gonna share? I was calling out to give yeh some maybe you just didn't hear me !!” (He’s this dumb)

    “no , you forgot something important “


    “Today is my birthday” you sighed with your ears dropped

    Itto froze in horror “It’s your , your, what?” he gulped “oh no” he thought.

    “You remembered the traveler's birthday but forgot your own girlfriends”you sniffle.

    You run away and Itto stands there feeling annoyed at himself..

    “Ah dang it” he growls and kicks a pebble in frustration the pebble flies in your direction and hits you on the back of the head and you fall.

    "Uhhh double dang it, babe you ok “ He races over and helps you up

    “ You rub the back of your head " I just need to be alone”

    “You know I’ll out run you , I’m not letting you get away”

    You run anyway , Itto runs anyway but trips ,"Dammit" he had got his shorts caught on a thorny bush that he had fallen beside.

    “ “how to I fix this?”he sighs.

    He frees him self from the thorn and picks himself up but you were now long gone.

    He sighs sadly , then clenches his fists "I'll find her " He sees it's getting dark and is feeling worried , if you go too far while it's getting dark you could bump into some bad guys, he had to make sure to protect you and cheer you up. That was his mission !!

    He would not back down!!

    Chapter 2

    : Happy Birthday Summary:

    Itto thinks of a really adorable way to make up for forgetting your birthday then of course you and him fuck , you two dogs ;)

    You sat behind a fallen log and cried “I’m I not good enough for him, why would he forget my birthday but remember the travellers “ (your character is such an over emotional pup and being important to Itto means everything to her)

    It was getting dark and Itto began to rain you where cold and wet but you just froze in your little spot.

    Itto was looking everywhere for you , he was starting to get worried he even had his gang look for you too he even had his bull looking for you.

    You had your head buried in you hands crying and then you heard a little noise , a little moo, a plump little bull came up to you and licked your fingers you picked up the bull and held him tight.

    Itto walked over “There you are, ya had me worried ! It’s getting dark and it’s my job to protect ya! I knew my boi Ushi would find ya and I knew you couldn’t resist petting him , was I right?” chuckled

    You let Ushi go and he moos .

    “I like his dance”

    Itto scotches in closer “ya ?I like your smile”

    You sniffle

    “c’mere cry baby come sit on my lap”

    You get on his lap and he holds you close “I’m sorry I forget your birthday , but you know I love you right?”

    You nod a little “I guess”

    “What do ya mean “I guess” ? I love yer guts silly ,so don’t insult me with that "I guess" , me and the gang have been just so busy, it must of slipped my mind ? “

    “ are you bored of me?”

    “bored of you? nah how could I ever get bored of you?!!!!!!! I love you , we have fun together don’t we?


    “play all sorts of games , eat good food

    "We do " you sigh.

    "remember how I let you ride me and steer me by my horns it turned out it was fun lil embarrassing, but fun !! and don’t I let you carry around my warrior beetles even though I think you baby them too and that is why they keep losing and how much do I let you play with Ushi, you two dance together and you fed him apples “ (Your character is a sucker for animals)

    You nod.

    “I don't just do those things with anyone , no sir " he smiles then his smile broke and he was a little more serious " and I look out for ya don’t I?”


    “C MERE” he holds you tight and kisses the back of your head, then he strokes your head “I love petting these ears “ he grins your lil tail starts to wag “Atta girl” he purrs “You know I love you”

    “Y-yea sometimes I just worry”

    Itto rolls his eyes , it’s something he can’t understand when it comes to you, your egos you’re his opposite , he’d be loud and egotistical and your quite and self-conscious, he is brash and angry and your are gentle and sweet, his blood boils over the tiniest things, you are more “Just let it go “ type of person he never lets that anger go which often is to do with his ego. You are two are familiar in many ways but so different in others the person you are though makes him want to protect you and make you smile.

    “I’m always here to protect you , my lil pet “ Itto coos to you.

    You cling to him helplessly “I love you Itto”

    He smiles at the little helpless fluff holding him tight , a frown appears on his face and his eyebrows furrow , he has to do more.

    “Hey I have an idea do you have your notepad you take orders with in your bag”.

    You nod at him.

    “give it here “ He smirks “and the pencil too.”

    You hand it over and he starts writing you lean over “no peaking missy” you turn away and wait patiently.

    After a while of him writing and erasing and rewriting !!!!!!!!!” HE clears his throat. Heh-hum

    “Your birthday letter from the best boyfriend ever. Dear my cute little pet, my little ray of sunshine , today is your birthday, a very special day , the day Itto’s lil ,solemate, his lil cheerleader came into this world. I forgot your birthday and I’m sorry , it really makes me feel bad , but you know what I never forget? I didn’t forget how fuzzy and warm you make me feel, your kindness how I want you all to myself all those things I remember all the time" he stops and winks at you " and I respect and love how sweet you are to everyone you are a crybaby and a clutzz but you are cute a button , you’re not the toughest and I’m always rescuing you and protecting you. You make me feel important , cus sometimes people don’’t take me seriously they roll their eyes at me, some people shun me based on my race and too many of my friends don’t rely on me enough but you always make me feel needed and appreciated . WE are pretty different but we’re the same when it comes to what matters, having fun and wanting to have a better tomorrow for those around us, annnd you rarely annoy me , you don’t nag at me , you let me do things my way and ok maybe ,I get into trouble but you know I’m the leader and I like that. You are a ray of sunshine to me , you make me feel like a new man, I can’t imagine my life without you in my arms , Im a strive to keep smiling but if I was to ever to lose you, ugh the thought even haunts me me “ uh-hum you spot a little tear in his eye.

    “Itto are you crying?”

    “what no, no " he blushed and turns his head “uh where was I - em , let me keep reading: if you ever left me it would turn your boi Itto ,the beaming sun into a cloudy sky, and come on what would the world be without my smile? so never leave me, keep by my side and know that I love you more than anything , happy birthday and thanx for making it feel like it’s my birthday everyday ”

    You of course you cry and hold him tight

    He pats your back “sooooooooo does that mean you like it”

    “Of course I do”

    He playfully rolls his eyes and pets you on the head “

    He leans down to kiss you , his enthusiastic lips against yours feels amazing, he makes the kiss passionate and fiery full.

    You break off his lips and peer into his crimson sexual eyes.

    “I have another birthday present for ya“

    “huh” you look up at him and he bounces his knee ,so you to feel the vibrations.

    You gasp a little and he smiles at your helplessness .

    He signals to his crouch with his eyes.

    you blush “Itto I”

    “Ugh damn the rain had messed up my hair , hold on a sec” he combs his mane.

    “now where were we” he smirks ,he runs his hands over you’re your skirt , and he nibbles your neck and breaths on you then he nips you a little with his fangs”

    You sigh a little feeling a little nervous “ I- itto we’re outdoors” your voice trembling only arouses him more.

    “aww don’t worry , look I’ll put Ushi on guard duty , oi lil guy you're our look out ok?”

    “moo” the chubby bull sees him point at something and walks to where he pointed. “Atta boy” the bull walks forward with a few gentle moos under his breath, and he was dancing as he walked (REALLY CUTE)

    “Don’t let his size full you, you've seen him fight right? , he’s almost as tough as yours truly and besides I don’t want that innocent little bull to see what I was gonna do to you” he chuckles

    You look at him bewildered “does his bull even understand him? , maybe he’s just being dumb and believes that. I mean, clearly Ushi knew to go to where Itto pointed but knowing that bull, he’d probably just stand somewhere and dance, even in battle all he did was dance , throwing him in to battle was his attack then he’d just jam so it’s not the best security unless somebody stops overcome by the lil bull’s cuteness” you thought to yourself.

    Itto licks your face and smiles at you.

    You bite your lip nervously and Itto licks his lips.

    “I don’t know Itto I , I think--- “ you pull away and he pulls you right back

    “now , now ,now my little pet where ya think yer going eh?, you don’t wanna miss out on all the fun do ya?”


    “sit yourself back down and let master Itto work his magic” he brags.

    Itto runs his hands up your skirt “Itto “ you gasp

    He purrs on your neck sending shivers down your spine.

    He works your clit with his hand and you melt “Oh Itto”

    “Say my whole name “ he purrs”

    “Arataki Itto “ you purr as the pleasure engulfs you.

    his voice vibrates against your neck and your pussy is pooled with wetness, he can feel it against his fingers , he removes his hand and licks your juices “You taste so good” he growls licking his finger seductively , he watches you staring with your mouth open a little drool dribbling down your chin “Heh my pet, hungry for me ? it’s show time he whispers in your eye, Itto could be such a master at seduction when it came to you, the man could be a doofus at times but when it came to seducing his little pet he knew exactly how to tickle her between her legs and have her in sexual awe of him. (Honestly the man is a badass in battle so he's a badass in bed too ;) )

    Itto grabs your tits and you gasp, he takes off your top and massages your full tits in his hands “Such lovely and plump tits” he bites his lip as his cocks roars with arousal twitching in his pants , he paws at it too sooth it’s ache over his shorts, rubbing his fingers up the indent and rubbing his thumb on the tip while his other hand squeezed one of your tits, you run your hand down to massage your clit and Itto smiles , you can fell his super hard throbbing cock against you , you can’t hold back the arousal sensations tickling between your legs , you moan a sigh of relief with your hand pushing the folds of your pussy against your clit

    “Itto you have such power over me”

    Precum leaked though his shorts listening to you praise him “I’ve never met a man more handsome, even your horns they make you look strong and bad ass” you whimpered a little as he stroked him over his pants, his cock painfully strained against his clothing begging to get proper attention , rubbing it gently with his fingers helped ease the tension but he needed more.

    He pushes you to the ground and mounts you ,he looks at your vulnerable blushing face and smiles as he unbuckles himself you began to help him “Excited aren’t we” he chuckles

    “I can’t help it Itto the things you do to me are –“

    Itto drinks in the compliment , he can almost feel his cock thud hearing those words.

    “There is something I wanna try he purrs” he takes off your top and works his way up to your breasts now straddling your chest , I want you to rub me off with your tits babe”

    You nod and push your tits as tight as you can against his cock and rub them up and down “uhhh my pet good girl” he purrs , you reach up and such the tip of his dick while you tit fuck him “Ugh atta girl” he purrs in pleasure.

    You can taste the preum on your lips , Oni cum tastes like earthy salty caramel , it’s very sweet so you lap up every oozing reward , you tickle your tongue on the tip of his cock teasing him a little , and he groans “get to work my pet give your boi the full course” then you massage your whole mouth on his dick , he can feel your lips massaging the sweet spot while his shaft is met with the soft pillowy tits that give his dick soft friction . “aw yea” He responds as you suck him, you kiss and massage your lips on his cock then take the whole head in your mouth , using your lips to stimulate every needy nerve on the head of his mushroom headed cock.

    He buckles a little at the pleasure.

    “master I need some attention too please “ you whine

    he pulls off you lowering his cock to your sweet little entrance “Well since you asks so nicely” he chuckled and pushes his cock into you and fucks you , you stimulate your clit while he is on top of you , you feel his hot cock inside you and he feels the warm tight, spongy wet cave of your little pussy.

    “Such a good girl for your master” he purrs

    “Oh Itto thank you”

    He thrusts deeper , panting on top of you, he cups your face and faces you to him “Good girl” he pants

    “Oh master Itto , you are the undefeated champion of fucking”

    The more praise you gave him the better he got off, the friction of your tight pussy pampered the nerves of his cock , pleasure in all the right places.

    “master let me suck you off properly “

    “HE smiles say please”


    He forces himself out of you and stands above you, you get on your knees, wagging your tail in excitement , he grins flashing his sharp fangs down at you, a mighty man towering over you with those red horns , you blush and look up “master you are so beautiful”

    “ of course I am now take my cock”

    “Yes master " you oblige , you rub your hands up his cock and suck , you drool onto his dick and smile at him , he shutters almost loosing his cool as your big dilated sexual eyes caught him causing his heart to fall and then his chest to tighten.

    You tease the pulsating head with his tongue and he gets flustered by you gently nibble his cock and locking eyes with him then you purr against his cock sending warm humid vibrations on to it, he nearly faints "Don't tease" he growls you obey him but secretly you enjoy teasing Itto his desperate arousal is a big turn on .

    Then you squeeze your lips and start working his cock up and down your lips while you also jacked him off with one hand , you took your other hand and started touching yourself.

    Itto arched his back “Fuck that feels good” he roared.

    You concentrated on the throbs in your mouth, Itto's heavy panting , how good he was feeling because of you , he petted you “such a good fucking girl” he says he starts push your head harder and fuck your mouth , at this point you can feel yourself cumming , all with one hand rubbing yourself the other on his cock , while sucking him off, it is having an effect on you , you are really getting you off, you break of his cock for one second with a trail of drool connecting your mouth to the tip of his cock “master “Itto I’m cumming”

    “UGH FUCk YES” Itto groaned he was so worried he’d cum too soon , he was just so aroused , getting off ,so well , it would have been forced to edge himself and that was a nightmare for such a horny beast.

    Your pussy contracted and your moans where pathetic and needy , they where muffled by Itto’s cock , both your hearts where racing , Itto felt you suck him off harder, your plump lips closing tighter against him and his cock , exciting him greatly it was like sucking you off was pleasuring you at the same time, but it was even if it was your hand on your needy pussy it was his pleasure that was getting you off , it was his pleasure that resulted in you cumming for him.

    Tears streamed down your face you broke off his cock while vigorously rubbed him with one of your hands “master Itto , you are what dreams are made of “

    “UGH FUCK YES MY PET “ he roared he as you mouthed his cock again , he buckled into you “HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL, MY GOOD PET” Itto screeched helplessly as he shot his load down your throat then the second pump of cum he took his cock from your mouth and he aimed for your tits , both of you panted satisfied , you tits painted in cum , you licked your lips and wagged your tail beaming up at him , he gasped for one second overcome the happiness cutest pair of eyes he’d ever seen ,

    He smiled panting and petted your head “that’s my girl” he breathed heavily.

    The moment was broken however “Hey Ushi , you looking for the bosses girl too?”

    It was one of his gang, both of your hearts sank as you both scrambled getting dressed.

    You where barley dressed , Itto had now got his shorts back on and stood protectively on front of you , when one of his gang appeared and saw the cute little twitching ear hiding behind Itto and a clearly half dressed girl still visible girl the gap of Itto’s legs , he smiled “So you too made up”

    Itto pouted “hey ya better wipe that smirk off your face and look the other way , she an't dressed“

    “Sorry boss” he walked away trying to hold back his laughter.

    Itto sighed “I hope he didn’t see too much , your mine “ he pouted he turned around looking down at you powerful and hungry while you finished getting dressed he smirked and you gasped looking up this mighty intimating man.

    He picked you up cradling you in his arms “I’ll take you home, babe you must be tired “ he winked at you and chuckled.

    It was true you actually fell asleep in his arms , you where so cute too , he blushed at the sight off your ears twitching and you murmuring “Itto” in your sleep, it made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside and he was overcome with pride that you where dreaming about him.

    Once he took was a the door he gently sat you down so not to wake you and looked at the spot you had recently told him there was a hidden key, he unlocked the door and picked up and put you in bed.

    Your little breath as you slept was so cute, he stroked your forehead and smiled. Then he walked away looking back “Happy birthday baby’

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    ﹕  ˚ ♡ ꒱ GENSHIN IMPACT ; 

      Ҩ KAEYA , CRYO 














    Ҩ GOROU , GEO 




    ﹕  ˚ ♡ ꒱ KIMETSU NO YAIBA ;
























    #kny #kimetsu no yaiba #kny x reader #kimetsu no yaiba x reader #kimetsu no yaiba hashira #hashira x reader #genshin x reader #genshin impact #genshin impact x reader #arataki itto x reader #kaeya x reader #xiao x reader #albedo x reader #zhongli x reader #gorou x reader #mitsuri x reader #uzui x reader #rengoku x reader #sanemi x reader #tanjiro x reader #zenitsu x reader #iguro x reader #shinobu x reader #muzan x reader
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    Sometimes I forget I can post my art here 🙈if you wqn4 want to see more, pls follow me on Instagram SHADES_ARTWORK

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    she/he sara so true

    #genshin impact#ittosara#ittogorou#arataki itto#kujou sara#gorou #gorou and sara like to call itto their grilfriend when with others #people arent expecting a loud oni
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    That one bench at Dawn Winery.

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    bowl over my pride

    blurb: arataki itto may be the reigning champion of onikabuto fights but can he best a bowling alley?
    pairing: itto/reader (very itto-centric though)
    content: modern au?
    genre: fluff, kind of crack, slice of life
    author’s note: this is based off of one of my friends that i went bowling with last week. spoiler, my friend sucked

    “round ten”, the tv display presents in bright red font.

    this is the second game of bowling between yourself and your lovely boyfriend itto, with you being the previous victor. the first game went rather… interestingly. for someone who claimed to be a “bowling champion”, itto was definitely landing one too many gutter balls.

    “i’m just… off my game, that’s all!” he reasoned. hmm.

    with a modest score of 77 on the screen, you sit on the leather lounge while you await the results of itto’s final round. his fingers reach for the heaviest ball in the alley as he saunters to his lane to bowl. the red ball looks oddly comfortable in his hand. a turn of his head and his devilish grin is facing you, his almost shark-like teeth baring.

    “i’m gonna beat you, babe!” he taunts.

    you shake your head in disbelief but turn your gaze towards the tv once again. expecting to see any number between 0 and 10 next to his name, you’re surprised to read 72 instead. perhaps he does have a chance.

    “i hope you get two gutter balls in a row!” you tease in kind. you’re confident that he’ll hit at least two pins, this is your hard headed and overly-competitive man after all. but wouldn’t it be funny to see the pout that decorates his face if he doesn’t?

    itto readies his stance, knees bent and arms in position. a quick three steps and the ball launches from his hand, landing with a slight bounce on the lane. you’re pretty sure that’s not supposed to happen in any round of bowling.

    a flurry of red spins down the lane, inching closer and closer to the right hand side. with each spin, it looks awfully close to being a miss. right as you’re convinced that he’ll score at least a 3, the ball slides right into the gutter.

    “man, now i’ve lost my win streak! and i was going strong with 4 non-misses in a row…” are itto’s fighting words. though you’d love to be a little more sympathetic, a hearty chuckle escapes your lips.

    “don’t laugh at me, i’ll make sure that i’ll win this game instead!” he bites back, though it’s half hearted. you can tell with the way he’s trying to stop a soft smile from reaching his face.

    to cut a long story short, he does get two gutter balls in a row. itto accuses you of cursing his final round but what can you say? maybe he just sucks.

    #genshin imagines #genshin impact imagines #arataki itto #itto genshin impact #arataki itto x reader #itto x reader #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact one shot #genshin impact fluff #genshin impact writing #how else do i tag hmm #it’s funny bc i’m not an itto girl but i love writing him #something something fun character #it helps that i have a friend irl who embodies itto to a t #like dude is a kickboxer but man is he terrible at bowling
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    special anniversary | genshin x gn!reader


    salutations. how they celebrate your anniversary (w/ gn!reader)
    addressed. diluc, kaeya, albedo, jean, lisa, eula, venti, zhongli, tartaglia, xiao, ganyu, ningguang, beidou, kaedehara kazuha, thoma, gorou, arataki itto, yae miko, and raiden shogun
    content. fluff/small-angst, spoilers to inazuma archon quest act 3, spoilers to into the perilous labyrinth of fog event, not proof-read (apologies in advance if there's any errors in this fic!!)
    sypnosis. short hcs on how they celebrate your first anniversary
    penpals. @scaraslover @saving-for-xiao @dawgimsohot @kazu-topia @chiruru @aqualesha @renamichii
    links. teyvat's penpal service
    post-script. i decided to make a special post dedicated to my one year anniversary of my blog (january 26, 2021) soo here it is ! hope you guys enjoy this <<3

    TAKES YOU OUT TO EAT - zhongli, lisa, ningguang, arataki itto, yae miko, gorou

    ZHONGLI would take you out to have a nice dinner in third-round knockout, thinking that the best way to celebrate each other's anniversary is to retrace the memory of how the both of you met and the memory of your first date. unlike most of the dates you've went to with this man, this one was more intimate and romantic.

    the staff of the restaurant was happy enough to make things more romantic by making someone play an instrument as the iron-tongue tian tells many stories in the background. it was really nice, you admit. it felt like it all happened yesterday when you first met zhongli at the same spot and same time.

    later on after eating, the both of you would start strolling around the harbor together as the stars shines above you, causing you to be busy looking at them to not notice how your lover looks at you with love-eyes, thinking about how he's glad to meet someone like you. it honestly felt like deja-vu throughout the whole date, because it felt like he fell in love with you all over again.

    LISA will take a day off to spend her day with you. the first thing the both of you did is have a tea session together, talking about whatever comes into your minds for hours on end. it really lightens the whole atmosphere to hear the two of you laughing over your conversations.

    the both of you will also spend time taking a stroll around mondstadt and shop together, with lisa willing to dress up for you and you the same. it's a sweet sight for people passing by to see the humble librarian of the knights of favonius spending time together with her lover - it felt like windblume festival already returned with all the romance between you.

    afterwards, the both of you will spend time eating dinner in good hunter eating each other's favorite foods. when sara found out about your anniversary, she immediately cooked another food that's on the house, much to you and lisa's delight. by the end of the day, you two lay on your bed in each other's arms, thinking about the future that lies ahead the both of you.

    NINGGUANG will wear the most beautiful dress made with the finest clothing the city harbor could offer to their tianquan, wondering what the special occasion is that made the woman dress up so nicely. to her three secretaries, they know full well enough that their superior will be meeting the special someone in her abode.

    obviously, the special someone is you.

    given her status and reputation, ningguang made sure to pull every string she has so that no one can know about you and the fact that you're her spouse – mainly because she didn't want any person in her city to look badly on you and the dangers that could be brought to you for being with someone like ningguang.

    hence why she decided to celebrate her anniversary with you by letting her staff take a day off outside of the jade chamber and immediately take you in, her eyes brightening at the sight of you arriving her home in your best outfit that you manage to get and buy.

    it was a quiet evening to say the least, but it was peaceful enough for you and ningguang to enjoy your date together. she knows you long enough to know what food you like the most, knowing that it puts a smile on your face when you see the wondrous sight of your favorite food plastered over the table, so when she sees how you're so happy eating, it makes her happy as well.

    however, what took her by surprise is your response when she asks you about your opinion about the food.

    "it makes me happy, of course." you said with a smile. "though, not as much as spending time with the one i'm in love with."

    she immediately covers her face with her fan, trying not to smile too much from your response. but you know her long enough to know that she's flustered from your words, causing you to laugh a little at the sight of the flustered tianquan.

    deep inside, it does make ningguang happy that she gets to spend time with you without any interruptions from her duties. despite having all the luxury she has that now resides in her new jade chamber, none of them compares to the luxury of happiness that she feels when she spends time with you.

    when ARATAKI ITTO finds out that today's your anniversary, he'll immediately invite you to go out with him and eat together in a ramen restaurant. oh, you don't have to worry about the money, a certain fox lady owes him free ramen after a competition many moons ago.

    although the place he chose for you is something that isn't something worth in awe for, your lover makes it up by the atmosphere and the pleasant conversation the both of you have. with itto, it's like the both of you can talk about any topic you want and he'll make it fun.

    and what's better than spending time with your lover in the best ramen restaurant in town? giving your lover the best beetle of course!

    by the time the both of you are finished with your meals, itto will immediately surprise you with a rather large box that turns out to be a special gift from your man. you expected something like a jewelry, a matching hairbrush, or even a trinket that he got from a kid who lost to him, but never a giant looking beetle sleeping. of course, your reaction is up to you – either way, you'll hear your lover laugh.

    YAE MIKO will be all too happy to show you just how much she loves you more than any human known in this world during your anniversary. you're not sure why but she seems to be more affectionate when it comes to special occasions – which you don't mind of course.

    to start the day, she’ll smother you with so much kisses on your face when the both of you meet up just to see your flustered state. could you blame her? you’re just so cute that she just had to kiss you!

    she'll give you a special light novel that hasn't been established in her store yet along with a charm that'll surely give you luck and prosperity as a gift (or rather, gifts). she'll be more delighted if you too give her a gift even if it's less special than hers.

    she'll then take you to a nice restaurant where the both of you can be alone and enjoy the meals you share. it'll only take a while before the woman decides to sit next to you and offer to feed you with her chopsticks, laughing in amusement from your flustered state.

    "oh but i insist on feeding you!" she said when you tried to protest her request. "this is what couples do sometimes is it not? now open your mouth and say "ah" hehe"

    it feels strange to be in narukami island despite visiting there multiple times, GOROU would admit. however, if it's for you, then he's all too willing to come over and spend time with you. especially during an occasion as important as an anniversary.

    the two of you decided to spend time together by going to a restaurant and introduce gorou to many dishes that he had missed back when he was busy with his duties, alongside letting him eat his favorite dessert after not being able to eat them for so long.

    however, gorou then insisted in trying out a new dish that he'd like to share with you alongside his desserts, not knowing what's in store for him as he excitedly tries the food with you.

    the food stored onions.

    the moment gorou took his first bite, he instantly froze like a deer caught in the headlights, realizing his mistake as he feels the contents of his food rising up his throat.

    "gorou? what–"

    "i'm sorry y/n, i can't hold it!" he exclaims, rushing out from the door and towards the bathroom that's beside your reservation room before he pukes his guts out on the toilet.

    later after that, gorou swears to always ask merchants if there's onions in the food as you try to make it up to your lover with sweets.

    SPEND TIME WITH FRIENDS AND/OR FAMILY - tartaglia, beidou, venti, ganyu, jean

    TARTAGLIA will spend the anniversary with you by inviting you to come to snezhnaya with him and meet his family, who are all too willing and excited to meet the person who has stolen his heart and has been mentioned in many letters written by yours truly.

    he values his family more than anything alongside you, so seeing you and the people he shares the same blood with getting along makes him happy - especially if they approve your relationship and you as a person overall.

    expect them to ask you many questions about yourself and what you think about your lover, who watches the whole thing with a genuine smile on his face – until he spots his mother sneakily bringing out a very familiar photobook that he intends to hide from you in fear of embarrassment, that's when his smile will drop 6 feet underground and try to stop her from showing you many pictures of childe as a kid.

    not to worry though, because his smile will easily return when he overhears a conversation between you and his mother while he’s cleaning up the table, listening to you two talking about how his mom is happy that childe has someone as special as you to be his spouse. his smile could only widen more when you confess to her about something that'll change your lives for the better.

    BEIDOU was very enthusiastic when she finds out that you're okay with celebrating your anniversary together with her crew, who are all more than happy to help their captain plan the occasion alongside xinyan and xiangling. spending time with the crux honestly feels like you're in a wedding reception with you and beidou being the newly-wed couple, which you admit, does make you feel a bit flustered to think about.

    the whole night, your lover always has her arm wrapped around your shoulder or is beside you, the both of you leaning on each other for warmth and comfort as you celebrate your first anniversary with the people your lover considers as family.

    while xinyan takes her cue to start preparing for her performance, beidou takes her cue to take you far away from where her crewmates are, her palms begins to sweat from her nervousness as you follow her without any clue of her intentions.

    it wasn't until the woman slowly pulls out a small box and opens it for you to see the inside, causing your eyes to widen at the sight of two shiny rings.

    "it's a matching promise ring," she said, smiling. "i uh, i found this on display while doing some errands around the harbor, so i thought it would be great if you and i can have matching rings. think of it as a charm that you and i can take whenever one of us is away from the other, haha.."

    if only your lover knew that you too have a small box that has a ring, a ring that represents your willingness to spend your whole life together with her by the sea and her crew.

    VENTI is more than happy to take you out from the city of freedom and explore around the nation with the help of his dearest friend, dvalin. given that it's the first time meeting the dragon that people feared long ago, you honestly were nervous on how your encounter will turn out.

    "so you're the human that my friend has been chatting about for ages," dvalin spoke in an amused tone, causing you to get spooked because of the fact that the creature can talk. "it's pleasant to meet you."

    without letting you reply, he instantly starts flapping his wings together, causing strong winds to come at you and venti. "come, i shall take you around and show what mondstadt can offer."

    windwail highland, brightcrown mountains, starfell valley, and galesong hill – you name it. dvalin took you and venti everywhere as you hold onto your lover in fear of how high the both of you are, paying no mind to how venti starts laughing at the sight of your scared form.

    by the time dvalin lands in windrise – the last stop – the first thing that caught your eye was a blanket that sprawled foods near the statue. although this was an endearing sight, you could only wonder how on earth venti managed to make sara from good hunter make so much food.

    “silly y/n,” venti said with a giggle, helping you come down from dvalin’s back. “who said i bought these?”

    for your anniversary, you and GANYU agreed to take a two-day break from your duties in the qixing and celebrate. to your relief, your request for your break has been approved and assured by the tianquan herself, who immediately gifted you a gift for your anniversary much to you and your lover's delight.

    the first thing you and ganyu did during your anniversary is to visit cloud retainer's abode to pay respects and let ganyu introduce the adeptus to you, who has never met an adeptus in person until now (besides your lover, that is). however, your nervous and doubts have all washed away when cloud retainer expresses how she approves your relationship.

    it didn't take long before the adeptus started telling you embarrassing stories about ganyu in her childhood when your lover decides to drag you away from mt. aocang and send farewell to the adeptus, who swore to you that she'll tell more of her stories, as the both of you head back to wangshu inn, where you'll be staying for the next two nights together.

    unlike most of the characters, you and JEAN weren't able to spend the whole day together thanks to her busy duties as the acting grandmaster. the woman felt guilty when she told you she won't be able to spend the day because of the overwhelming amount of work to do – but you reassured her that it's alright and that there's always next time to celebrate.

    it wasn't alright, you admit deep inside, but you're aware that there's nothing you can do to stop your lover from protecting your homeland with everything she can.

    you were too sad to notice how a lot of knights of favonius members often came in and out from angel's share with questionable boxes and party supplies, and how sara from good hunter seems to be giving you a reassuring smile when you told her that you're just spending time finding a gift for your lover as an anniversary gift.

    however, when you came to angel's share to buy some wine, the first thing you saw when you opened the door was your dearest friends screaming "SURPRISE" at you, causing you to open your mouth agape in shock.

    you were about to ask what was happening, until jean walk towards you and give you a comforting hug with a smile on her face. "i apologize for lying to you. i was spending the afternoon preparing the party for you and wanted to make it a surprise." she explains, kissing your temple.

    "wait, i don't understand.." you mumbled, staring at your lover with wide eyes.

    you looked at the people behind jean, who're all smiling and waiting for your lover's cue to start the party.

    jean then holds out her hand to you.

    "let me make up for the times we've missed."

    ALONE TOGETHER - raiden shogun, diluc, albedo

    as someone who's been in plane of euthymia for so long, EI prefers being alone rather than in a crowded place, hence why she decides to invite you to her palace and spend time with her eating desserts and your choice of food. the archon was honestly relieved that she has yae miko, because if it weren't for her, ei couldn't imagine what she would do to celebrate your anniversary together.

    it didn't help that she feels.. nervous for the first time in centuries. since when was the last time she felt like this? the things you do to her are so different, yet... not so bad. still, it felt strange to be so nervous about giving you a gift that yae miko helped her come up with, and she certainly hopes that you wouldn't notice it.

    if you didn't notice, then the people watching by did.

    it was a surprise sight for people who work in the tenshukaku to see their beloved archon acting like a high-school girl in front of you, a mere commoner mortal who managed to capture ei's heart with unknown reasons. but were they complaining? nope.

    when ei decided to push her nervousness aside and give you your gift, you stopped talking for a moment and stare down at the wrapped box in confusion.

    "you're supposed to.. open it." she clarifies, gesturing the gift.

    you chuckled from her words before doing what she said, the first thing you saw is a kamera.

    "...happy anniversary, y/n." she spoke with a small smile. "it may… not be much to you but i heard from traveler and his companion that this item makes a visual record of you at this very moment in time, so it makes a great souvenir. i-i was thinking that this may be good for you and i whenever we spend time together."

    your eyes brightens from her explanation, an idea instantly came in mind. “why not take a picture of us together right now as our first picture?”

    DILUC decides to spend your anniversary together with him by letting all his staff take the day off and let you stay in dawn winery with him.

    whether it’d be picking up berries together in his vineyard, chase each other around the field, cook meals together, or even chill in front of the fireplace — you name it. as long as diluc gets to spend time with you, he’s satisfied with whatever you want to do.

    with you, he felt like he’s truly at home for the first time in years. the atmosphere have never felt so.. bright and comforting and the place was filled with laughter and happiness shared. not to mention the fact that he actually starts smiling even if it was just small — and you can guarantee that he doesn’t want this day to end.

    which is why he starts to think about the next phase of your relationship as the both of you lay on his bed with you sleeping soundly in his arms. would you say yes if he finally invites you to move in with him?

    ALBEDO finds it comforting to spend your anniversary together in the cold embrace of dragonspine with just the two of you in his labratory beside one another. expect him to make a painting of you with his best ability as you pose for him with a grin on your face. it didn't take long before you jokingly whine about why it was taking so long, causing albedo to chuckle.

    "stand still, dear. i just want to make sure this painting captures your beauty and features that i love." he said, your cheeks feeling warmer than the campfire nearby from his words.

    after a long hour of painting you, albedo will then summon a nice table with dining utensils for you to eat and insists on cooking for you – only for you to protest and want to help him out with cooking your meals.

    despite wanting you to just sit back and relax, albedo would admit that it was more... enjoyable to cook with you rather than cooking by himself. your hand brushing against his as the both of you lend each other items or ingredients never fails to make his heart (does he even have a heart?) beat so fast.

    by the time the both of you finished cooking and serving the food down on the table, he'll immediately pull his and your chair next to each other, letting you sit down first before he does.

    as you compliment his cooking and eat your meal happily, albedo could only smile in response and eat his salad, thinking about how it does taste better than any salad he had ever tried in his life.

    perhaps eating with the ones you love makes food better is true, albedo thought to himself, humming in satisfaction.

    "happy anniversary, y/n."

    STAR-GAZING - kazuha, thoma, xiao, kaeya, eula

    KAZUHA spends your anniversary by taking you to the highest spot of guyun stone forest, where the both of you can watch the stars together as you bask in each other's presence.

    expect him to pull out a small poem that he worked hard for before reciting it to you, who did not expect the poem to be all about you until your name was mentioned along the lines. if only you knew how much poems he wrote about you that are all hidden in the alcor where no one can find them.

    you may not have written a poem for your man, but you do know some of the stars that are shining as always. while you point out some of the stars and explain about it happily, kazuha could simply watch you and listen to you for hours with a loving look on his face.

    it won't take long before beidou calls out for you two, telling you that you should come down with your lover and celebrate your anniversary with the crux, who has a feast waiting for you to eat, reminding you and kazuha that you're no longer as alone as you were back then in inazuma.

    instead of staying in komore's teahouse or explore around inazuma city together, THOMA wanted to change things up a little and take you somewhere far away from the city, which is the amakane island, where the two of you not only will get to star-gaze together but will also get to see a fireworks show prepared by yoimiya.

    the chief retainer could spend years gushing about how amazing you look in your outfit that he hasn’t seen you use until now, his words stumbling because of how breathtaking you look much to your amusement and embarrassment.

    it was a cute sight to see you two like a high-school couple, and merchants did not hesitate to tease thoma right at the spot whenever the two of you stop by to buy something, causing the housekeeper to laugh and ignore the way his face turns even more red. even some of the merchants gave you and thoma a huge discount after finding out that the two of you are celebrating your anniversary toegther.

    not to mention the fact that thoma actually bought himself matching kitsune masks for the both of you to wear – he'll absolutely gush more about this moment too!!

    by the time the both of you found a spot to watch the stars and the fireworks alike, you immediately intertwine your fingers with his, leaning against him with a content sigh as he wraps his arm around you with a grin.

    "did you enjoy it?" you asked him, still staring at the sky.

    "of course," he replied, pulling you closer to him. "why wouldn't i be when i'm with you?"

    coincidentally, your anniversary with XIAO is on the day the lantern rite releases its lanterns and mingxiao lantern, so you decided to take this opportunity to take your lover out from wangshu inn and spend the night watching together.

    if it were any other person, xiao wouldn't hesitate to refuse. however, since it's you, xiao won't mind coming out to spend time with you.

    you decided to make it up to your lover by treating him to dinner in wangshu inn, insisting to your lover that you don't want to watch the lanterns rise with an empty stomach as verr goldet and the rest of the wangshu inn staff watch you both from time to time in adoration, thinking that the both of you look so cute together (xiao knows you and him are being watched, but he won't say anything due to his embarrassment).

    by the time the both of you finished, you decided to go to liyue harbor with the help of your lover's teleportation abilities. you were too busy from preparing yourself to notice the way his face has a light pink shade on his cheeks from how close the both of you are.

    of course, knowing that his karma debt could affect those in liyue harbor, you decided to watch the lanterns with the yaksha at the same area as where you and him watched the previous lanterns together, which is near the entrance to liyue harbor.

    while waiting for the lanterns to rise, you decided to pick up the lanterns that you made with the help of traveler, thinking that it'd be great for xiao to experience wishing in the lantern and let it fly to the sky.

    it was as beautiful as it was before, you admit. watching the lanterns along with yours rise along with the mingxiao lantern as it lights up the starry night was indeed a memorable sight, but not as much as the way your lover's eyes brightens at the sight of his lantern floating high above to the sky in awe.

    there's nothing more romantic than mondstadt’s most famous spot that's perfect for couples to hang out in: the starsnatch cliff. call KAEYA cheesy, but he honestly likes the idea of star-gazing with his love while dining delicious foods and drinking wine instead of spending the night in angel's share – which isn't an ideal date for an anniversary, if you ask him.

    but then again, star-gazing isn't just enough for kaeya, so he decided to plan a scavenger hunt for you to find him and your anniversary spot.

    at first, you found it romantic and a bit cliche – but then you realized just how far you might have to go from the city to wherever the hell kaeya is. maybe it wasn't a good idea to let kaeya plan your anniversary.

    by the time you arrived, kaeya was standing not too far away from where you are with a smirk. "how was the scavenger hunt, sweetheart?" he asked.

    "terrible, not recommended." you replied in a monotone. "you better have food up there or i'm leaving."

    he chuckles. "leaving so soon? won't you at least stay for the surprise?'

    by the end of the night, kaeya's surprise turned out to be a very expensive wine that you had never seen in your life.

    oh, and a very special ring that made kaeya go from being your boyfriend to your fiance.

    given that you're the first person EULA has dated, it's safe to say that the woman doesn't know what to do to celebrate her first anniversary with you, so you have to be the one to take the lead on this and guide her.

    you made sure that your date isn't somewhere in the city or anywhere that has people, not wanting eula to get another backlash from others on the day of your anniversary, so you chose a spot that's a nice and quiet area around windwail highland that can show you the view of the city of freedom, with springvale not being too far from where you are – it's a perfect area for a picnic with your lover.

    when you and eula meet up in your "secret" spot, expect her to give you a gift – which is a home-made special dish made by yours truly alongside a brooch that matches your usual outfit – however, she won't expect you to give her anything in return, so if you too got her a gift, she'll be surprised and happy.

    the two of you then eat each other's dishes with your choice of drink, enjoying the quiet atmosphere around your surroundings.

    and what else would be great other than amazing meals? dancing with your lover without a care of the world of course !!!

    eula will pretty much invite you to dance with her once she deems that it's enough for your stomachs to rest from eating so much food, and despite your protests that you don't know how, she'll simply insist and pull you away from the picnic blanket.

    "shouldn't we be using music?" you asked, laughing nervously as your lover holds both of your hands.

    "who says we have to use music?" she said with an amused smile. "there's nothing to worry about – just hold onto me and i'll lead the way."

    BONUS - scaramouche

    celebrating without SCARAMOUCHE honestly made you sad, but you understood why he has to go away. just thinking about the things the fatui would do when they find out that the traitor who hasn't returned the electro gnosis to the tsaritsa has a spouse made you shudder in fear.

    you sat alone by the dining table staring at the untouched foods that you made by yourself, wishing that your lover was sitting beside you celebrating this memorable occasion, but alas, fate is too cruel for the both of you to get what you want.

    you wondered what he was doing. is he celebrating alone as well in a hideout? is he safe from the fatui chasing him? you could only sigh, knowing you'll never get to know the answer until then.

    "happy anniversary to you, kunikuzushi." you whispered, smiling in sadness. "please come back here safe and sound someday."

    unnoticed to you, a lone figure stood a few feet away in your cottage, staring at the window where he can see you eating your food alone, which caused his stomach to twist from the sad sight of his lover. there's nothing more scaramouche desires than to enter the place he considers home and have you in his arms, but he knows it'll only risk your safety.

    "...happy anniversary to you too, n/n." he mumbles, covering his face with his hat before walking away, never knowing when will the day come that he'll go back to your waiting arms.

    #sorry scaramouche fans but you won't get any sweet hcs here <<3 #genshin impact x reader #genshin impact fanfiction #zhongli x reader #genshin headcanons #childe x reader #diluc x reader #genshin #kaeya x reader #arataki itto x reader #itto x reader #gorou x reader #thoma x reader #venti x reader #xiao x reader #albedo x reader #kazuha x reader #raiden shogun x reader #ei x reader #yae miko x reader #ganyu x reader #ningguang x reader #genshin jean x reader #jean gunnhildr x reader #lisa minci x reader #beidou x reader #eula x reader #scaramouche x reader #genshin x gn reader #genshin x reader
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    27.01.2022 - 20 hours ago

    itto & diluc commission!

    commission form: here!

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  • selfship-bingus
    27.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    As someone who uses a cane, I feel like itto would try so hard to be slow enough for me but would end up walking ahead talking, turning around, yell sorry that he walked ahead then walk back while I try and keep up. Plus if leg hurts to much? Buff oni man carry

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  • stellumi
    27.01.2022 - 22 hours ago


    ❝ a royal soldier raised by mercenaries, you’re wary of the visitors entering the kingdom and your fellow staff despite knowing them for so long. who’s your ally, who’s your enemy, or who will be the one to capture your heart? ❞

    𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠. albedo + arataki itto + childe + diluc + eula + gorou + jean + kaedehara kazuha + kaeya + kamisato ayato + sangonomiya kokomi + thoma + xiao + zhongli x gn!reader

    𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐦𝐚𝐭. headcanon (written) ; 1.4k

    𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞. royal au ; fluff, suggestive (kokomi)

    𝐜𝐰𝐬. allusions to seduction (kokomi)

    𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐚. uh, hi. i’m here, which means i lied (again) about not posting any more fics during my hiatus lol. anyways, i brought you guys a royal au hc! thanks to fe3h, i became obsessed with them. because i reached 2k, i was thinking of writing 2k words of fics based on this headcanon. what do you guys think?

    𝐚𝐥𝐛𝐞𝐝𝐨. a noble descended from a lineage of alchemists. he prefers to stay at home to avoid social interactions, believing that forming and maintaining relationships is bothersome. and yet, he seems to be only interested in you. to attempt exercising this friendship, he leaves you flowers and food at your door. becoming self-conscious that his efforts may not be sufficient, on the contrary, he sees you so happy when you thank him and compliment his creations. in a split second, you swear you caught an awkward smile gracing upon his lips.

    𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐚𝐤𝐢 𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐨. a mercenary from afar descended from a race of oni. infamous in his hometown for causing trouble with the authorities with his gang, he became famous overnight among the royal staff for his dashing looks and abrasive personality. that’s what you don’t like about him; he’s overly confident. you’ve never met a mercenary as unbearable as him. he keeps disturbing your sparring sessions by challenging you to a duel. he’s a determined and chronic loser, but maybe you’ll indulge him just once, just to see what happens if he finally wins.

    𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐝𝐞. a diplomat from a neighboring kingdom, or so he claims to be. there is something about him that sets him apart from the other diplomats who visited the royal family, and it’s not pleasant. it’s a mutual distrust between the two of you, and yet the space you both share is… tense. one night with crazed eyes and a knife at your neck, he reveals that he’s assigned to assassinate the king and queen, but you’re in the way, and oddly enough he doesn’t want to hurt you. it seems like he’s doing this against his will, and no, it’s the tense air talking.

    𝐝𝐢𝐥𝐮𝐜. head of house ragnvindr. a noble descended from a lineage of wine industry tycoons, everyone is crazy over him, for instance, one of the girls at the flower shop. controversially speaking, there isn’t anything special about him to fawn over. politics is the least of his worries, but it’s a whole different story when the royal guard is in the picture, strongly opposing their operations. it’s very suspicious that his comments align with a vigilante called the darknight hero. you should be upset, but you admire him for wearing a ridiculous costume every night.

    𝐞𝐮𝐥𝐚. exiled member of house lawrence. despite being born into a clan with a tarnished reputation, the king and queen are gracious enough to instigate her into the royal guard, upsetting the majority of the townspeople. you admire her strength of denying her clan’s principles. you wish everyone would see her past her history; she doesn’t deserve hate for something that is beyond her control. you want to befriend her, but her sense of humor is unique in a way that it kind of gives you chills down your spine. if it makes you feel any better, she likes you for seeing her as herself.

    𝐠𝐨𝐫𝐨𝐮. retainer of sangonomiya kokomi. a descendant of beast-like warriors, fighting is in his blood. nicknamed top dog, he’s the army general of the house and its strongest bowman, being able to take down seven men at once at one point. however, most people don’t believe this at first because of his adorable dog-like appearance, a feature he grew self-conscious of. you’re one of the few people who sees him as a fighter and acknowledges his strength, though you’re tempted to pet him like you do when you come across dogs in town — scratching his ears and grooming his tail.

    𝐣𝐞𝐚𝐧. head of house gunnhildr. known as the dandelion knight, she dedicates her life to serve the kingdom, though to the point where she tends to overwork herself. she’s more worried about the state of the kingdom, she doesn’t know how to reconnect with her younger sister and doesn’t know what romance feels like out of the romance novels she reads. as someone who spends most of their time inside the kingdom, you sympathize with her, thus helping her to resolve them. after all, the both of you deserve a break. she’s confused as to why she feels warm when you’re around.

    𝐤𝐚𝐞𝐝𝐞𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚 𝐤𝐚𝐳𝐮𝐡𝐚. a former refugee from a neighboring kingdom. upon entering your kingdom a few years ago, he became dependent on stealing which he got arrested for, but was pardoned by the king and queen by giving him the option to live here and serve them. in the present he’s patrolling the seas on the crux fleet to fend off any intruders. at the end of his shift, he’ll disappear from his group just to find you. the captain knows him too well; he’s smitten with you, the soldier with a spirit of a mercenary. the poems he recites at sea are basically his love letters in hopes to make you his one day.

    𝐤𝐚𝐞𝐲𝐚. a fellow royal soldier adopted into house ragnvindr. he may appear to be the grandson that all the elderly people in town want, but he’s suspiciously sly, purposefully misleading some soldiers to another direction of the crime scenes and dodging your questions regarding his whereabouts. the townspeople seem to be involved in his antics, avoiding eye contact with you when you mentioned him. apparently, you’re dense, failing to notice the signs of him trying to make a move on you. he’s been doing those things to make you pay attention to him and have you all to himself in private.

    𝐤𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐬𝐚𝐭𝐨 𝐚𝐲𝐚𝐭𝐨. head of house kamisato. responsible for managing external affairs, he’s required to travel, which means he has to visit other kingdoms to establish alliances with them. although he’s said to go on business trips most of the time, his appearance is a top mystery. rumored to be tall, with short, white hair and a mole near his mouth, everyone joins in the hunt to find him at the royal party. your dance partner happens to fit the description perfectly. when the guests find out that you were dancing with the kamisato ayato, he kisses your hand and whisks away into the night.

    𝐬𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐨𝐧𝐨𝐦𝐢𝐲𝐚 𝐤𝐨𝐤𝐨𝐦𝐢. head of house sangonomiya. known as the divine priestess, she’s the military strategist of the house. having the ability to foresee another army’s tactics and the outcomes, she’s a force to be reckoned with and a valuable ally to the kingdom. you had the pleasure of being invited to the guest room, where she was waiting for you with an extremely thin nightgown. it’s strange to see her so amused, and she beckons you to come inside. not only is she well-versed in the art of war, she’s surprisingly an expert in the art of seduction as well.

    𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐦𝐚. retainer of house kamisato. he became very popular among the royal staff and even the royal family by being the exact servant they needed. if you have to be honest, you don’t like him. but at the same time you don’t dislike him; he’s just too perfect for your taste. it’s annoying to hear him profusely apologize for things he isn’t at fault for and saying yes to every request from the servants along the way. as he serves a clan full of swordsmen, he should know how to fight. when you unleashed a surprise attack on him, he’s afraid — afraid of another person like he did in the past.

    𝐱𝐢𝐚𝐨. a deity sworn to protect the kingdom centuries ago. he finds humans strange, but you’re even stranger because you captured his attention from the moment he first saw you as a young mercenary fighting against a wild animal by yourself in the forest. although he despises crowds with a passion, he decides to pose as a soldier of the royal guard just to meet you. when you encounter a dangerous creature during your patrol, he comes to your rescue and whispers into your ear to call his name in times like this before disappearing into thin air.

    𝐳𝐡𝐨𝐧𝐠𝐥𝐢. a knowledgeable man who works as a librarian inside the castle. he’s friendly and likes having casual conversations over tea and games. there isn’t anyone from the castle who he hasn’t invited into his corner of the library. you’ve been there so many times that you already lost count. from your meetings, you can’t help but take note of his amber eyes. sure, they’re mesmerizing indeed. but you swear that you’ve seen those eyes in some history books you read — on a draconic deity that once presided over this kingdom. what nonsense, you may say, but the glint in his eyes says otherwise.

    𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭. (if your url is in bold, that means i can’t tag you!)

    @aibiito​ ; @aqualesha​ ; @blissmal​ ; @bluexiao​ ; @bokutosworld​ ; @dreamiehrs​ ; @fadedjae​ ; @help-wtf-am-i-even-doing​ ; @lilikags​ ; @pastelsicheng​ ; @philosopher-of-fandoms​ ; @shxnosuke​ ; @sleepyyangyang​ ; @sucrosia​ ; @sunfloweritea​ ; @xriin ; @yeetmeoffjueyunkarst​​

    #genshin impact #genshin impact x reader #albedo x reader #arataki itto x reader #childe x reader #diluc x reader #eula x reader #gorou x reader #jean x reader #kaedehara kazuha x reader #kaeya x reader #kamisato ayato x reader #sangonomiya kokomi x reader #thoma x reader #xiao x reader #zhongli x reader #genshin impact headcanons #genshin impact royal au #genshin impact fluff
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    #drooling rn#albedos-canvas#chats#cw breeding #tw age gap #itto x reader #itto arataki x reader #arataki itto x reader
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    ok but um like- why do my knees buckle when i hear itto’s voice??? i can’t even play with my friends who have him without screaming

    when he yells “ATTA’ BOY” i lose my fucking marblesbrhahaahhrjfnn

    just want his big oni cock 🥺🤪 JFJSHS in all seriousness he’s so hot mannn i’d pay for that guy to fuck my brains out

    he’s such a big himbo, he’d prolly go all pussy drunk when he does fuck his partner, going crazy about how tight they are waaahdhaj poor baby would end up over stimulating the both of you!

    #.ɢᴜᴛᴢɢᴇɴ #.ᴜʜᴏʜ!sᴍᴜᴛ #thirsting hours#just thirsting#arataki itto#itto thoughts #genshin impact x reader #genshin smut #arataki itto x reader #itto smut
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    #genshin sagau#genshin imapct #genshin impact self aware #genshin impact self aware au #genshin impact sagau #sagau#arataki itto#genshin itto#traveler#genshin traveler
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  • ragingblood
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    cw ↠ angst, an apology of sorts for being gone

    『 the room was cold but their hand seemed colder. he was always used to that hand being so warm that sometimes it overwhelmed him when the whether heated up during summer or how he clung to it so closely to his face whenever the biting winds of winter came around.

    it was just supposed to be a mission like any other. find the bounty. kill said bounty and get home. it was routine by the time one had done enough missions involving bounties. the bland taste loss stung at his bones.

    people had come and gone to pay their respects. those who were there with them came to say apologies, their faces saying words of ‘if only i was’ but they seemed to cut short in their throats before the words could even be formed. besides, it’s not like they would’ve helped but either way, he didn’t blame them. they weren’t as experienced when it came to bounties, they did what they could and were preoccupied, it was their fault yet he understood the bone snapping pain of being there but just not being enough.

    their family would come and , like him , they cried just as much as he had. their tears were his and vice versa. they probably wouldn't want to see the people they held so close crying like that but he would never be able to hear their teasing tone, the light laughs they would make. their hands pinching at his cheeks and their hands wrapping around him to hold him in their warm embrace.

    they were cold and he realized how much he hated it.』

    #genshin roleplay #arataki itto roleplay #closed sample#angst sample #!!ANGST!!
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    How much COD he be playing?

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    We... Accepted a commission to bring you back... What's so wrong with that? She didn't insult you.

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