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    17.01.2022 - 1 minute ago
    #it’s blorbo and scrunkly from my shows #Jayce’s coat does nothing flattering for all the ass he’s got #viktor#viktor arcane#jayce#jayce arcane#jayvik
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  • notagaininlove
    17.01.2022 - 2 minutes ago

    Okay, okay, listen up

    ... this is so specific, but ... just imagine ... Viktor being really good ... at whistling.

    He probably doesn’t have a huge interest in music and even less for things like singing. But if a catchy tune manages to get stuck in his brain, he will probably whistle it while working in the lab. 

    And he is so good at it, his whistling is loud and clear. A natural whistler.  And while whistling he will tap his foot to the beat.

    I don’t know why but this is so hot to me, heeeeeelp ,,,,,

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  • msmagicmane
    17.01.2022 - 4 minutes ago


    Silco and Jinx both get legs injuries.

    Other excuse for this post is you can stare at Silco’s flat ass.

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  • lynmbo
    17.01.2022 - 6 minutes ago

    Safe & Sound Pt. 2

    Young!Silco x GN!Reader

    Category: Fluff/Angst

    Part Two

    Part 1 

    CW: Depictions of violence and gore. References of altercations. Lots of blood. Flashback sequence of hurt reader.

    Synopsis: After making your escape from your apartment away from Vander, Silco takes you to an abandon warehouse in a deeper part of The Undercity to hide away in for the time being.

    Author’s Note: Here’s is part two of Safe & Sound! I cannot express how grateful I am that you guys enjoyed part one so much. It makes me so happy!
    There is a flashback sequence in this part that just shows the love interest building/close bonding between the reader and Silco and how much he cares for them. It is written in when it begins and ends. I wanted to make Younger Silco more in touch with his emotions before he became the hardened criminal we know and love. ;)
    Enjoy! <3 Have a wonderful week!

    No words were spoken between either of you as he led you to an old abandoned factory building a good distance away from your apartment. Occasional glances were shared, small affirming smiles given to your form that felt. You felt safe but also nervous for what the world held.

    You wondered if you made the correct decision. Should you two go back? Would Vander be willing to talk to you both about what happened? Even after all of this? Would he ever speak to you again?

    Once you two entered the building, he rested himself against a barrel that was propped up next to the wall. He took the bag off his shoulder and searched through it, pulling out a pack of cigarettes and lighter before tossing it beside him. He placed one of the ends between his lips, holding it between his cracked front teeth. He brought the lighter up to the other end of the stick, clicking the button a few times but to no avail. Being already agitated enough, he threw both the cigar and the lighter across the building. The lighter skittered across the concrete, the small noises from the impact echoing through the building.

    Silco placed his palms on either side of his head, fluttering his eyelashes closed as his fingers intertwined on top of one another at the top of his head. He tapped his foot impatiently, his chest rising and falling as he clenched his teeth together. Silco had a bit of a temper sometimes, especially in high stress situations. You had always let him ride them out on his own, knowing he would mostly just tuck himself away for a short while, and eventually he would always come back and confide with you when the time was right.

    Kneeling down in front of him, you shimmied off the medical bag you had over your shoulders, setting it down in front of you and opening it up. While you knew very little about anything medical, you felt obligated to learn for the safety of the boys constantly fighting with Enforcers and other ruffians in The Lanes.

    You opened the bag, taking out the small kit inside. Clicking it open, you rummaged through what little supplies had remained in the beaten up box, pulling out a small slightly soiled cloth, gauze and tape. You grabbed the bag again, looking through it to see if there was anything you could use to wipe away the blood all over Silco’s face, to make patching him up a bit less messy. There was a small canteen in the bag, and you flicked open the top, placing it under your nose and inhaling to see if there was any scent. There was no smell so you tipped a bit onto the rag, noticing the liquid came out clear. You hoped that it had just been water, or possibly any kind of disinfectant.

    But one thing was for sure though, that it’s better than nothing.

    You poured some of the contents onto the cloth before returning your attention to Silco’s mauled face. Scooting closer to him and sitting up a bit, you took a hair tie that you always kept on your wrist and started grabbing his damp hair and pulling it back, some of his shorter baby hairs staying in place to frame his face. He watched your concentrated face as you styled his hair into a bun. You gave a small smile as you sat back on your knees to admire your work, planting a kiss onto his forehead before settling back down in a relaxed position. Silco could feel his face heat up as your lips met his skin.

    Delicately grabbing his chin and turning his angular face towards you, you pressed the cloth down on his skin, being gentle not to go too close to his actual sunken socket, not wanting to risk damaging it anymore.

    You stopped as you felt a hand grasp onto your hip tightly, noticing Silco had reached out to hold you and his fingernails pressed firmly into your skin. A small hint of pink brushed across his right cheek as you stared into his eye.

    “It.. stings..” He spoke up, voice shaky as he was trying to hide his pain.

    So, the mysterious clear liquid WAS disinfectant. You made a mental note, exhaling through your nostrils.

    “I’m sorry, Sil..” clearing your dry throat, “but hopefully this means that it will help the cuts until we can get you some proper help..” you finished speaking and brought the cloth back to your work area.

    Carefully continuing to clean up the wounds around his eye, Silco stared off into space, still holding onto your waist, and giving gentle squeezes when the alcohol burned a bit too much.

    “I should be the one apologizing to you.” Silco spoke up after a few minutes, not looking at you, his gaze was glossed over, lost in thought and far away. “I got you in the middle of this and I know Vander will never forgive me, but I don’t think he’ll forgive you now either.”

    You stayed silent as he spoke, his fingers drawing small shapes through the cloth of your shirt, still refusing to make eye contact with you. You worked your way down the rest of his face, reaching to his chin finally and getting the last bit of red from his face.

    Placing your index finger underneath his chin, you pushed his head back to try and get to the blood that had dripped down his neck, eyes widening as you noticed large red welts that lined up on the side of his neck. Silco’s steady breathing faltered as you stared at them, feeling the same weighted anger as you did leaving Vander to his own devices back at the apartment.

    “Silco..” the two of you locked eyes, and you folded the cloth up as you finished up, placing it back in the bag in a swift motion. “Are you going to tell me what actually happened?” Your hands picked up the gauze and tape you set down earlier, placing the gauze against his eye gently. Watching his blood soak into the singular square cotton pad, you reached over into the kit for another, placing it on top.

    Once you finished dressing his wound, he told you about what happened at the lake. What the whole situation was about, why he rushed you from the apartment building. All of the betrayal he felt inside of his body and the agitation it caused.

    Vander and Silco’s end goals had never had a matched end result and you knew that from the beginning when you had met them both a long time ago. Silco would stop at nothing to achieve freedom, and while Vander had been like that in the beginning, he quickly became complacent and comfortable, wanting to just make peace with the fact that Zaun will never be independent, but would do anything to protect everything he had that wasn’t yet taken away from him. Silco didn’t just want protection for the people. As a freedom fighter, he wanted independence too. That’s where they clashed a lot of the time.

    All the fighting that had broken out between the two in the last few months, you finally had a reason why they had done it so much. Benzo usually remained quiet, trying to keep the peace between the brothers, you usually locked yourself away in your bedroom until it became quiet, either from one of the two leaving, knocking each other out or Benzo forcefully getting them to be quiet.

    There had been a particular fight that stuck in your mind ever since it happened. You had gotten into a quarrel with an Enforcer who had threatened a smaller Zaun child while on your way home from working. You had only been trying to protect the younger kid, but ended up getting beaten badly by the soldier, who left you a bloody mess on the pavement.


    The boys had gone looking for you, noticing you hadn’t been home in awhile, chatting with your Uncle about your possible whereabouts and which route you took home every night.

    Silco had leaned against the brick wall of an alleyway he was assigned to check, a feeling of dread making his heart twist and turn in his chest. He pulled out a cigarette from his pocket, lighting it in one swift moment before shoving it back in his pocket and inhaling the smoke into his lungs.

    He heard a quiet groan of agony come further down the alley as he blew the smoke from his mouth. His head shot in the direction of the noise as he dropped the cigarette, feeling compelled to run towards the noise.

    You had been leaned up against a building, hiding behind a trash can, holding onto your abdomen. There had definitely been a few bruises that would form, but it thankfully did not seem like there was anything broken. Your nose had been bleeding and your lip was split rather deep, which allowed a pool of red to sit in your mouth every so often before you spit it out. Your clothes had been tattered and ripped and a few scratches and cuts littered your arms, face and neck.

    You heard footsteps and rolled your eyes.

    “Come back for another round?” you chuckled weakly, wincing at the pain in your chest.


    You opened your eyes, looking up at the crouched person in front of you.


    “What happened to you?” he questioned you, examining your beaten body, worry was clear on his harsh features.

    “Enforcers. There was a kid-” Silco wrapped an arm around you, trying to lift you up into a standing position, which made you stop mid-sentence. Taking a deep breath, you leaned your body weight into him, wrapping your arm around his shoulder.

    “There was a kid who had been caught trying to pickpocket a soldier. I saw them go down this alley. The kid only looked about 10 and there were 3 soldiers. I didn’t want the kid to get hurt so I followed.”

    “Always had to be a hero, huh?” Silco chuckled, adjusting his foot placement so you two could start walking out of the alley.

    “The kid’s alright. So I’d say I was pretty successful.”

    “I wouldn’t call it success, lovely.” His eyes raked your body as he spoke, a sly smirk painted across his lips.

    You scoffed, rolling your eyes at his comment but trying to hide the embarrassment and warm feeling his playful smirk gave you.

    You both met up with Vander and Benzo, and all returned to the apartment together, Silco offering to patch you up. Vander and Benzo waited out in the living room space, giving the both of you some privacy.

    Silco got you to the bathroom, setting you down on the side of the bathtub carefully.

    “I’ll be right back.” He exited the bathroom, coming back a few moments later with a shirt and a pair of pants of yours. “Let’s get you cleaned up so you can get changed and rest.” He placed the articles on the sink and sat next to you, opening up the medical kit from the bathroom.

    Your lips pulled into a smile as you looked up at him.

    “I appreciate it, Sil.”

    He returned your smile, his hands shaking slightly as he began to treat your wounds, the delicate touches he left that lingered on your skin made you feel at home and safe. He wasn’t used to doing anything like this, since it had always been you to help them. You softly gave him pointers and talked him through it.

    Once he was done and satisfied with his work, he gave you some privacy to change, closing the bathroom door behind him. You let it click shut before you stripped yourself out of your dirty and bloodied articles, tossing them on the floor in a pile near the corner. You opened the door to reveal Silco leaning against the wall, yelling something to Vander and Benzo about dinner you presumed, since it had gotten rather late. Silco turned his head to face you.

    His staring made you shift the weight in your feet, biting your lip and attempting to ignore the obvious fact he was checking you out. You cleared your throat, a shy smile appeared on your face. The noise you made caught Silco’s attention and he was extremely grateful that the darkness of the hallway covered his face.

    “Let’s get you to bed so you can get some rest, hm?” He held his arm out to you and you reached out to grab it, allowing him to lead you to your room. He tucked you in, making sure the sheets were comfortably tucked into your body so that you would stay warm.

    “I’ll bring you something to eat when dinner is done. Just stay here and rest.”

    You nodded, Silco getting up and exiting the room, closing the door behind him.

    Allowing your eyes to slip shut, you hadn’t realized just how exhausted you were as you let sleep easily overcome you.

    You had been woken up by arguing about an hour after you closed your eyes. It sounded like Vander and Silco got into another fight. Rolling your eyes, you carefully kicked the blanket off of you, groaning about the lack of warmth. You gripped the door knob, cracking open the door trying to avoid the creaking noises, even though you were sure they could barely be heard because of the two young men raising their voices.

    Limping, you made your way to the corner of the hallway, peering out into the living area, Benzo was sitting at the table with his head in his hands, seemingly not wanting anything to do with the two at the moment.

    “You’re seriously going to just sit back and not do anything? You’re just giving up?” Silco yelled in Vander’s face, glaring at him.

    “ ‘Co, all that I’m saying is that I’m content not letting this go so far. Maybe if we just give in, it’ll be a lot more peaceful.”

    “Peaceful?” Silco furrowed his brows together, stepping away from his brother and pointing at the door to the room he thought your body had been resting in.

    “You think peaceful is the correct word to use? They hurt (Y/N).”

    Benzo looked up from his slouched position, eyes switching between the two men. Vander crossed his arms uncomfortably, gripping onto his biceps and pressing his nails into his skin, looking away from Silco in dismay.

    “If I recall correctly,” Silco’s voice was laced and dripping with mockery and sarcasm, as he looked up at the ceiling in thought, “they were in extremely poor conditions, all they were trying to do was protect a kid.” His gaze returned to Vander’s form.

    Vander remained quiet so Silco took a step further to him, wrapping his fingers in the fabric of Vander’s shirt before tugging him close.

    “If you think they still won’t hurt us if we back down..” Silco’s voice shook in anger, he had been getting choked up, rethinking about the way he had found you, the way you had been hurt just because you stepped up to Enforcer, just to protect some random innocent Zaunite kid from whatever horrid punishment had been coming their way.

    What if he had never found you? Would the Enforcer’s come back to finish the job? What if they arrested you? What if they beat you even more?

    Vander pulled Silco into a tight hug, his muscular arms wrapping around Silco’s slender frame. You heard small sobs coming from the shorter man, his arms weren’t even bothering to wrap around his roommate, he just wept into his chest. You had never seen Silco cry before. Your chest felt tight and your eyes welled up with tears as Silco’s sobs escaped him.

    “We’re not going to let them get hurt ever again. ‘M sorry, Sil.”


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    #origin #fighter!jinx au #arcanecorner #he still needs her to go in the ring she's imp for business lol #jinx#arcane
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    Kinda tempted to name that arcane Oc I mentioned last night Graves..

    #It’s a bit weird but I like it. #Either that or Xanthe #Not the spinning ninja show #Arcane oc #kinda nervous cause idk how the arcane/lol fandom is about ocs #Aries posts#Might delete #They could be nicknamed Gray #Though that’d be weird cause I have another oc named Gray..
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    #i could not for the life of my remember either of their outfits and was too lazy to google it so dont ask me what theyre wearing <3 #arcane#critical role#fjord#jayce#aceart
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    mylo looks like my brother when he was younger

    #same eyes#same brows #same fucking dumb brain #joodeer#arcane#mylo#vi #vi and jinx #powder arcane #vi and powder #vander
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    Arcane Brainrot Making me paint

    Grayson brainrot hehe also im terrible at taking fotos

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  • incorrect-fandomquotes
    17.01.2022 - 18 minutes ago

    Powder: I’m sorry but you’ve had us tied up for, what, hours? And you still haven’t had us confirm what we are?

    Enforcer: What are you?

    Powder: I'm a Pisces!

    Ekko: HA!

    #source: helluva boss #arcane #incorrect arcane quotes #powder arcane#ekko arcane
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    17.01.2022 - 21 minutes ago
    #arcane#arcane headcanon #arcane x reader #ekko #ekko x reader #x reader #x gn reader
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  • nemideia
    17.01.2022 - 25 minutes ago

    I think one of Arcane biggest flaws is Viktor.

    Viktor is from the Undercity, he was able to rise up, he became assitant of a councelour, so he knows who the council works. But we don't know how he feels about Undercity, the way the council doesn't give a shit to the place where he comes from, we don't know how he feels about shimmer, about Undercity becoming its own nation. We don't know if he knows about Silco, and if he knows how does he feel about it. What have he tried to help Undercity regarding the problem with Shimmer?

    Was Viktor from that place more troubled of the Undercity, where there were gangs? Or maybe he was from that part that is right near to topside with the industries?

    I don't know.

    I just think the series failed to really explore this side of him.

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    arcane m.list



    - no content yet


    - no content yet


    #{ navi } #arcane #league of legends arcane #arcane x reader #arcane x you #arcane x y/n #arcane fluff #league of legends arcane x reader #arcane headcanon#arcane drabbles#arcane imagines
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    17.01.2022 - 29 minutes ago

    caitlyn: while I’m gone, vi, you’re in charge


    caitlyn, whispering: jinx, you’re secretly in charge

    jinx: obviously

    #arcane #incorrect arcane quotes #jinx arcane#caitlyn arcane#vi arcane#incorrect quotes #caitlyn knows she's gonna return to an absolute disaster and has accepted it
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  • lizzybizzyart
    17.01.2022 - 29 minutes ago

    no i’m still not over them thank u for asking

    #i have decided that it is in fact all about the lines #caitlyn kiramman#vi#caitvi#violyn#vi arcane#arcane #league of legends #piltover's finest #vi x caitlyn #mine
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    Putting an Animated Character Into a Different Animated TV Show (Day 52)

    ꜱʜᴇ ʀᴀ ᴀɴᴅ ᴛʜᴇ ᴘʀɪɴᴄᴇꜱꜱᴇꜱ ᴏꜰ ᴘᴏᴡᴇʀ x ᴀʀᴄᴀɴᴇ

    #arcane#arcane netflix#arcane memes#arcane fanart#arcane edit#shera catra#catradora#carta#She Ra #she ra netflix #She Ra and the Princesses of Power #shera and the princesses of power #shera#spop#spop fanart#caitvi#caitlyn arcane#vi arcane#powder arcane #jinx and silco #jinx arcane#silco arcane #she ra fanart #she ra season 5 #THE OWL HOUSE #she ra catra #Arcane vi#arcane powder#arcane caitlyn #she ra memes
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    17.01.2022 - 35 minutes ago

    “And it's sad to know that we are not alone And it's sad to know there's no honest way out“

    #A bit of a sneak peek of my incoming animatic! #the arcane order #kiwifae draws#nari#skrael#toa rott #tales of arcadia #skrael of the north wind #wizards toa #nari of the eternal forest
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  • fulcrum-art-fox
    17.01.2022 - 36 minutes ago

    The tea party scene really was like “the main course will be trauma, with a starter of trauma and a side dish of trauma and a little extra trauma. As a dessert.”

    #yes I’m talking about the cupcake scene #well all of it #but the pun is that bit #seriously though this scene #jeez the trauma #arcane#jinx#vi#Caitlyn
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    17.01.2022 - 37 minutes ago

    mlm and wlw solidarity

    #ekko arcane#ekko icons#ekko#vi icons#vi arcane#arcane edit#arcane icons#arcane edits#arcane #arcane league of legends #league of legends edit #league of legends icons #league of legends #matching icons#matching pfps
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  • nemideia
    17.01.2022 - 37 minutes ago

    Jinx and Love

    It is important to say that this analysis will be confusing because I cannot find the words to properly explain myself and I feel like I'm almost connecting two dots, but I haven't been able to do so.

    Anyway, I think Jinx has a very distorced idea of what love is. I believe she learned what love was through two people, Vi and Silco.

    What Vi taught her:

    I'm not saying this is Vi's fault, but what Vi taught Jinx was that family sticks together and there are two scenes where we see how this impacted Jinx.

    First it is when Jinx was having a mentalbreakdown because she thought Vi abandoned her and Silco found her. What did she said to Silco?

    "She left me. She is not my sister anymore"

    The thing is that if family sticks together, when you leave them or you are apart from each other you are not family anymore. Vi left her, therefore she is not her family anymore, thus they aren't sisters.

    Then there is when Jinx thought Silco was going to give her to Piltover. She just decided to betray him in that moment. And again he is going to abandon her so he wasn't her family anymore.

    If you are not family anymore, you don't love this person anymore.

    What Silco taught her:

    Throught the series Silco called Jinx perfect a lot of times and this shows perfectly the kind of love he gave to Jinx. It is a love that accepts and not let the bad traits be but encourages them. In the last ep Jinx said that Silco always said things like: make people fear you Jinx. And this shows how he not only embraces her bad traits but make them thrive. And this is essencial to how Jinx sees love.

    One of the first things she did when she met Vi again for the first time in years was to say that she changed, she made bad things. She was worried about how Vi would react to it. Would Vi still love her?

    And I have those three situations that I think explain better how I think Jinx sees love.

    Situation 1: A and B are friends. B really likes cartoons but A think this is childish. So A wants B to stop watching cartoons. Or A stops talking to B because they think B is too childish.

    Situation 2: A and B are friends. B is really desorganized. A wants to help B be less disorganized.

    Situation 3: A and B are friends. B is very violent and has a short temper. So A starts encouraging B to get into fights and this sort of stuff.

    I believe love is situation 2. Because when you love someone, you accept their good and bad traits but you also want the person to be the best version of themself. Like Shrek for example.

    Silco's love to Jinx is situation 3, however Jinx thinks it is situation 2. And Vi's love to Jinx is situation 2 but she thinks it would be situation 1. I think Ekko was situation 1 to Jinx, except he left her because she was violent, agressive, didn't have any regard to other people's life, worked for Silco, etc.

    And if Ekko was situation 1 this explains why Jinx was so quick to think Vi would be too (this and her abandonment issues).

    How I think it affects her abandonment issues:

    Now this is the trick part wher I don't know how to explain myself and didn't have a closure to my thoughts.

    Anyway in Brazil we have this expression: oito ou oitenta. Eight or eighty. When you say someone is oito ou oitenta it basically means that it is nothing or everything to the person, no midterm. And for Jinx love is like that. Situation 1 or 3, no midterm.

    She thinks people either will totally embrace her bad traits like Silco or abandon her like idk Ekko.

    And applying this to Vi things get interisting. She said she thought Vi could still love her even though she is different (she has done bad to horrible things), but it never passed through her mind the idea to change the way she acts, to be better.

    Because to Jinx things are always either situation 1 or situation 3. And this puts so much weight on others and not her. It is all about the way the other people will react. Like she is always trying to show how useful she is, how much she deserved to be part of stuff, how much she wants to be loved. But she barely shows how much she loves.

    And I think she does that thing of putting the guilty of things on others. Like she said that Vi changed too and for me it is implied that she thinks it is Vi's fault that Vi cannot love her. She doesn't really consider her actions, her wrongdoings, she doesn't really acknowledge them.

    It is Silco who needs to see how she can be useful not her that needs to prove it, if what I am saying makes any sense.

    And I know she is insecure and there is so much self hatred voices in her head, but I think to her it is easier to put people leaving her, giving up on her, as other people's fault than result of her actions. At least this is her first reaction, it is a coping mechanism.

    Again thsi makes no sense because I don't know how to explain something I didn't really get. But that's how I think Jinx sees love and how this affects her.

    Best regards,


    Ps. If I said bullshit please someone correct me.

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