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    11.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Decided to explore a few possibilities for a logo.

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  • oscarpmlopes
    11.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    I just produced an “Aromatic Jazz” cover upgrade!

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  • oscarpmlopes
    10.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    I’m defining guidelines for a new project: “Aromatic Jazz” 

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  • countessmillarca
    08.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Lady Dimitrescu Headcanons

    She loves to paint and most of the pictures in her castle were painted by her.

    The other paints represents the lineage of House Dimitrescu.

    She likes to experiment and spends a lot of time in her basement lab.

    She loves arts and sciences.

    She loves music, although her favorite is classical and jazz.

    Her favorite song is Danse Macabre

    She can sing and she loves sing opera and jazz.

    She can play the piano and violin, although I can no longer play as much as I would like because of her height.

    She has a record collection.

    she knows ballroom dancing

    She loves to read and finds it interesting how humans imagine vampires in books.

    Her library is huge.

    She likes philosophy, poetry and horror books.

    She writes poems in several languages.

    She likes opera.

    She also likes theater.

    She is very cultured

    She loves bathing and takes a long time. Aromatic baths, bubble baths... whatever.

    She loves to bathe in maiden's blood.

    Speaking of blood, every time Bela bathes in man's blood, the maids have to clean the bathtub thoroughly because otherwise Lady Dimitrescu will refuse to bathe.

    If she wants to bathe in maiden blood and it coincides with Bela, she will pout.

    She prefers the flesh of women

    She hates eating intestines.

    She likes heart and lungs.

    Drinks tea with maiden's blood.

    She puts maiden's blood in all her drinks.

    She does not like men's blood.

    All the staff of her castle is composed of women.

    She has never married and has had no biological children.

    She has not changed the size of the castle gates because she loves the reaction of the maidens when they see her enter.

    Her sense of humor is elegant.

    Her laughter is scandalous.

    It is almost impossible to get bored talking to her, unless she wants you to.

    She pouts every time she gets stressed, frustrated or angry. She also drinks when she gets too upset.

    She smokes when she is very stressed.

    If she walks distractedly, she will bang on doors.

    She sleeps with her maids.

    She has depravation kink and praise kink.

    She likes to have everything under control. If something gets out of her control, she will pout or throw the nearest object.

    She is lenient with her punishments, until she runs out of patience.

    The worst punishment for a maiden is to turn her into wine.

    She is hematophilic.

    She wears make-up to hide her facial scars and because she loves to look fabulous.

    She has a great sense of fashion.

    You will never see her underdressed.

    She is bad at new technologies. In fact, she hates them.

    You will always see her at the library or listening to music.

    She is a lesbian.

    She considers man meat "junk food".

    She knows several languages

    She likes sunny days, but is photophobic.

    She hates garlic

    She once punished a maid for putting too much garlic in the food.

    She knows the language of flowers.

    She was raised in a bostom marriage, thats means she has two moms.

    She had a jazz band with her brothers called "Miss D and the Pallboys"

    She feels insecure about her grey skin and that's why she wears cap and gloves.

    Also she feels insecure about her cadou scar and that's why she wears a hat.

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  • iamyoursinblog
    17.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Hotel loneliness

    Pairing: Park Jimin x Reader

    Genre: fluff

    Word Count:  2.5 k




    And is this my fate? There is not even anyone to drink with ... Jimin thought as he opened a new bottle.

    As soon as the shooting was over, everyone scattered to their separate rooms, and even Jungkook, who always kept him company, left him today. Because of these thoughts, he wanted even more today to get drunk to unconsciousness. Taking his glass, he sat down on the floor by the bed, looking out of the large window at the city at night. Interestingly, there is at least someone in this big city who is as lonely as he is now.

    _ _ _

    Auuhhh ... Heavy... Head! Someone chop off that damn head with terrible ache from his body. Oh no, let stay in place for now, then he can feel that delicious smell of caramel popcorn. His inner voice sounded far away, trying to wake him up. Don't even think, I have a day off today, just let me die. He tried to come to an agreement with himself. His voice sounded like a light at the end of a tunnel. Maybe he just died of an alcohol overdose. Okay, I agree. Consciousness - see you tomorrow, he conducted an internal dialogue with himself. He wanted to curl up in a ball to hide from everyone and was not found, but he could not move, as if something pressed his body to the bed. Gravity, - he mentally laughed at this (not)joke ...

    Too much light, he closed his eyes tightly after trying to open his eyes slightly. And why they make such large windows in the rooms?, he complained. Fighting the headache, he was able to open one eye. Where did he get these shoes, he wondered when he saw in his hand a woman's high-heeled shoes. He's probably still sleeping. Just look how beautiful my hands are with thin long fingers. Precisely! It was definitely a dream, he thought, closing his eyes. He turned his head slightly and his chin rested on something. What again ... He again slightly opened his eye and met a beautiful face, the owner of which was lying on his collarbone. He smiled, closing his eyes. A stranger girl in his bed, and when this dream turned into an erotic one. Ah, then that explains the presence of heels, although why should he hold the shoes in his hand. It was not his hand, but the hand of a girl! He would be mentally clap to himself for his detective skills, but that would be too noisy. Ah so that's why he could move because the girl was sleeping on him. Wow, Jimin, you're a natural born detective!, he praised himself with a mental giggle.

    Opening his eyes, he praised himself again. His imagination surpassed all his expectations, creating such a beautiful girl with dark long hair and an angelic face. Wow, he whispered as you opened your eyes and he met incredibly beautiful eyes. He wondered if such a deep eye color existed in nature.

    "What the hell?" you muttered under your breath, examining his face.

    Wait ... Is this not a dream? he thought, examining your surprised face.

    "You?!" you sat up abruptly, pointing at him, which apparently caused your head to ache. You wanted to grab your head, but you hit yourself with the shoe that was in your hand. You continued to swear while he tried to fully comprehend what was happening.

    “Why are you in my bed? Why are you in my room? " he asked in bewilderment, also seat on bed. And why did you look like you were at the Moulin Rouge party? He added mentally.

    “Me interesting too. What's going on here?" You barely got out of bed and headed for the exit in one shoe, still holding the other in your hand.

    He fell back into bed. What the hell? Who is this girl and how did she end up in his bed? Why can't he remember anything?

    You came back in a minute. "What?" he asked, staring at you again

    “Actually, this is my room,” you said

    "How did I end up in your room?" he stared at you

    “I don’t know, but I have a more important question!”

    "Which one?" his eyes widened and his voice trembled. Thousands of options flashed through his head, forcing him to actively remember what happened between the two of you that night. Mentally, he was already on his knees in front of his manager, begging for mercy for getting involved in a scandal with a girl.

    "Why is everything around in fucking popcorn?" you asked looking around the room.

    He turned his head and his mouth opened. The entire floor and bed were practically strewn with popcorn. You removed the popcorn from the neckline of your corset as you scanned the room. Walking over to the bed, you grabbed the edge of the blanket and tugged at it, making a popcorn fireworks display that showered it. You fell on the bed next to him and he stared at you. “My head hurts too much, and I also think I'm still too drunk to figure out what the hell is going on here” you stretched out on the bed “If you want - you can sleep here, if don't - I think you’ll find the door by yourself” you said, closing eyes.

    He slowly got out of bed, looking around. His body swayed, you were right, he was still drunk too. How did he get here, didn't he drink in his room? He left your room and stopped, realizing that his room was opposite. He took the keycard from his pocket and went into his room. Bed! He smiled broadly as he entered the bedroom. He can figure it out when he wakes up. Hopefully by then I'll be able to remember at least something, he muttered, wrapping himself in a blanket.

    He was still slightly shaky and had a headache when he had to get out of bed. And why they even remembered about him. Unlike yesterday evening, today he wanted to be all alone in his bed. He silently followed Taehyung and Jungkook as they practically dragged him out for breakfast. He wore dark glasses on purpose, because the abundance of light made his head ache more. Although this gave rise to jokes from the guys. They sat down at the table and he gratefully took a sip of aromatic coffee.

    "Who is it?" asked Taehyung looking at the entrance

    “Our new art director,” Jungkook said, turning his head towards the entrance. He looked up and his eyes widened as he saw you enter the hall with several of their managers. He smiled slightly that you were wearing dark glasses too. “They say she had a fabulous Moulin Rouge rooftop party yesterday. All our staff were delighted. I even regret that I did not go there yesterday” said Jungkook

    He gasped when he remembered that yesterday, leaving the room, he saw his manager in a suit from the 20s.

    "What?" asked Taehyung looking at him.

    “It's just a headache,” he smiled.

    He left his room yesterday to go and have a drink at the bar. He was just approaching the elevator when he saw his manager, who was heading to the roof. He just followed him. His memories began to return. Exactly, so that's how he got to this party. His jaw practically hit the floor as he stepped out onto the roof. It felt like he was back in time. Everyone was in costumes and jazz music perfectly complemented this whole atmosphere. He greeted everyone as he walked towards the bar. It was incredibly interesting to watch what was happening, every moment his eyes were attracted by a new action. After ordering a drink, he sat down at the bar, continuing to look around with interest.

    “Wow, I didn't even think that one of our 'golden boys' would attend the party.” A female voice caught his attention. Turning his head towards the bar, his heart stopped beating. He saw a girl sitting on the bar, but her face was hidden behind a mask.

    Even now, remembering that moment, his heart skipped a beat. You took off your mask and smiled at him, although your face was unfamiliar to him. "Excuse me, who are you?" he asked politely. He understood that if someone with such an appearance could work in the company, she would not was unheeded.

    "Oh, right, we didn't get time to know each other" You laughed as you jumped to the floor. “I'm yours new art director, ________. Nice to meet you ”you held out your hand to him

    “Me too,” he replied, shaking your hand. "Your welcome gift?" he pointed at the party

    “You can say so. In a couple of days we will have to work hard, but everyone is tired enough both physically and mentally. What could be better than a party to rejuvenate yourself? ”You sat down next to him

    "Why weren't we invited?" he kept looking at you

    “I asked Namjoon. He said it would be better for all of you to just let you rest in silence and do what you want.” You shrugged your shoulders, taking a sip of your cocktail.

    “He's probably right, even if some of us didn’t want to come here, they would come here of courtesy”

    "That's it. He knows you better than anyone.” You smiled. “That's why I was surprised to see you here,” you looked at him with a wide smile.

    “Actually, I got in purely by accident, seeing the manager in strange clothes. Today this is just what I need” he pointed to the people having fun “It was too lonely in my room” he looked at the glass in his hand, remembering his feelings while sitting on the floor in the room. This brought back the sadness he had been trying to fight all evening.

    You lightly slapped his cheeks with your palms, making him gasp in surprise, “No, no, and no again! Any sadness at this party! ” you smiled “Only fun!” you stood up and pulled his hand behind you. “You can be anyone here! Forget about everything that makes you sad, and just enjoy the moment! " you said laughing, making your way to the middle of the dance floor.

    "I like!" he said smiling broadly at you

    Dancing. Funny games. Alcohol. Lots of fun. Remembering this, he realized that it was one of the brightest and most fun nights in his life in recent times. Even his cheekbones and abs hurt from how much he laughed. Even now, remembering that, the smile reappeared on his face. But despite the fact that he remembered how he got to the party, he did not remember how he left there, and even more so, how he ended up in your room.

    "I remembered!" He stood up abruptly, causing his chair to crash to the floor with loud.

    "Are you nut?" Taehyung and Jungkook asked him together, staring at him with wide eyes in fear.

    “Sorry,” he smiled at them. “We'll talk later,” he lifted a chair and then headed for the exit. "I remembered" he say, when he was catch up with you near the lift.

    "Congratulations" you nodded your head "Do you remember how you came to the party?"

    "No" He shook his head "Or rather, that I remembered too" he laughed "I remembered why everything was in popcorn" he clapped his hands, but regretted it when the loud sound made his head hurt again

    "Oh, why are you so noisy" you slapped him on the shoulder and he chuckled. "And why?" you asked taking off your glasses

    Wow, your eyes hit him again, like they did in the morning, making him forget how to breathe. He needs to pull himself together, he mentally scolded himself. "We made a cinema at room" he smiled broadly at you

    "What? Cinema?" you raised an eyebrow in surprise at him.

    “We decided to watch a movie after the party, because 'THIS IS KIDS TIME, JUST TO GO TO SLEEP NOW' ” he laughed, “What is a cinema without popcorn? So we ordered popcorn, a lot of popcorn. We danced and jumped on the bed so thats why everything was in popcorn."

    “This is the only moment that I don’t remember. So the cinema ...” you laughed. “It looks like the truth. I'm glad that everything was decent" you smiled with a sigh of relief and entering the elevator, pressed on your floor.

    "You're so sure of that." He chuckled as the elevator door began to close, making you stare at him wide-eyed. He heard you tapping buttons as the door closed in his face. What a cutie, he whispered under his breath.

    "What do you mean by that?" You asked when the elevator door opened again.

    He went inside until you put your back against the wall. He put his hand next to your head, leaning forward to your face. “You're sure everything was innocent between us last night.” He smirked, making you blush.

    “After all, we were fully clothed when we woke up” you stared at him.

    "You're right, we have not had sex..." He shook his head in agreement. He smiled smugly, closing his eyes. Even now, the same excitement burned him when he remembered that kiss. The way you pushed him onto the bed sitting on top of him, pressing your body against him. The way your tongue slid and intertwined with his tongue The way his hands caress your body The way you squeezed his hair deepening the kiss The way his fingers dug into your thighs when you rubbed against his dick. The way you looked at him with a seductive look. The way you teased him, caressing his body with your hands. And how much effort he had to make stopping him only on this damn hot kiss. "Perhaps I will leave these memories only for myself." He opened his eyes and took a step back smiling.

    "What?" you looked at him with surprise "What happened between us?" you grabbed his shirt, making him giggle with your impatience.

    "Mmm ..." he shook his head, removing your hand.

    “Park Jimin! Answer me!" you said sternly, but it only made him more aroused.

    “Oh, that’s going to be fun,” he laughed as he stepped out of the elevator. “I wonder what you’ll be do when you remember.” He giggled as he hurried toward his room.

    "Stop! Right now!" you hissed, trying to catch up with him

    “Don't even hope. Let's talk when you remember everything" he was childish, running along the corridor from you, quickly entering the room and closing the door. He giggled when you snarled and slammed your hand on his door.

    "What a naughty kid!" you hissed through clenched teeth.

    “You didn't think so yesterday,” he said, opening thin the door before closing it again.

    He entered the room falling on the bed and laughed. It really amuses him that you resembled their kiss. “Wish you soon would have remembered it!” he moaned, closing his eyes “I want more,” he smiled again remembering that kiss.


    More: Park Jimin x Reader

    It can become a reality (smut)

    Dance with a devil (smut)

    The way you look at me (fluff, smut)

    The LOOP (fluff)


    LIST  (BTS & GOT7)


    #bts #jimin x reader #jimin x you #jimin x y/n #bts jimin #bts park jimin #bts x reader #bts x y/n #bts x you #jimin#park jimin
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    15.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Jazzing Up Your Candles Secrets

    top article with a dear question a cathartic effect on our soul. All those unsaid feelings, the positive and negative moments spent with individual and that great sense of loss usually tend to all take the shape of a memorial. Our society that special place where we might and find our lost loved a person. We need that physical remembrance of your companion. It is nearly like worshipping. This wax is natural as it comes down from soy beans. The oil that is removed around the flakes of soybean it's hydrogenated, Soybean is mostly grown in U.S. it is known that the candles fabricated from the soy burn cleaner than as well as people made from the paraffin wax, and will be said to become true in order to some certain scope. As we truly realize that all candles remove soot, additionally can relax about this tool. But the candles made of soy remove white soot and paraffin candles remove black soot. Although in their cases soot is not really harmful to people, suggest thing is that white soot is considerably cleaner than black friday 2010 soot.

    The living room is the ideal room for working with candles. Several so several kinds of candles and they are all perfect for use the actual planet living position. Wall sconces can be a striking way of burning candles in your hall and living accommodations. In fact, candles do not have to get lit to lend an environment to your living opportunity. Aromatic candles are perfect for moulding the ambiance to using want. To generate a dog memorial, simply obtain template card and getting yourself. There's an easy great benefit of making cards because you can print them on demand anytime you must. So you don't to help purchase rrn excess of you would like. Give this as a gift to a friend which recently lost their dog, it will sure be appreciated and is particularly a wonderful, thoughtful gift!

    2) Publicitaire. If you will to have a main speaker, make sure it was someone who was close on the person offers passed. Sincerity and love will radiate from all they need say. Ask a few different people ahead of time to upward and tell stories. Giving them some warning a few days before they often be sure for getting prepared the best memories reveal. If you will find young ones, have them participate in a number way, play an instrument, sing an audio lesson or maybe just relax the production. Heart and love tattoos can even be used to memorialize another person. If you have a loved engineered so has passed on, you'll use heart and love tattoos as in loving memory tattoos. Try to take a step other than write their name across a tat. The way come across unique tattoo designs will be always to go as well as look through galleries.

    Look at the different suggestions. Is there a certain font style that you connects more with person you are inking tribute to? Would a banner work better for the accompanying design?

    To sum up, purchasing flameless candles with timer can be very easy if you retain the two main tips in thought. These candles are not really useful for you, however are also perfect gifts for the one you love friends. The name of the author is Chester but he never really liked that name. My family lives in Ma. Distributing production is how she supports her family. It's not referred to as thing but what I want doing would be to play hockey but Irrrve never made a dime with the software.

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  • ladyjunosteelofcarteblanche
    24.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    The Carte Blanche and their signature scents

    Peter Ransom: Bad Boy - Carolina Herrera

    my Nureyev kinnie gf wears this and I feel like that’s enough evidence but regardless, Juno’s description of Peter smelling like « earth and spice » in What Lies Beyond p3 is further proof. it’s a pretty woody and amber based perfume making it really warm and spicy but the top and mid notes of pepper, sage, and cedar balance it out to create that earthy spicy smell. he definitely matches his perfumes to his bath products so even if he isn’t wearing a scent, he still smells good, hence why even when the cologne wore off, his bed still smelled nice. (also the name is really iconic afsjshxhd)

    Juno Steel: Black Saffron - Byredo

    with warm spicy, leathery mid notes, this is something that gives me very noir detective vibes but then there are the top notes of saffron, juniper berries and chinese grapefruit which shift the narrative a little and turn it from an entirely brooding scent to one that is more light. it’s a really androgynous perfume in that it ties together the more traditionally masculine smelling woody leather with the more traditionally feminine violets and spiced citrus smell. the base note of cashmeran gives it a softer and sweeter dry down but the vetiver pulls through with that earthy leather smell, perfectly encapsulating our dear detective in a single bottle. he would also would wear Whispers in the Library but that’s just me projecting

    Buddy Aurinko: Jazz Club - Replica

    this fragrance is super boozy which already fits Buddy so well but on top of that, there are the tobacco and vanilla base notes that give it a very sweet but smoky scent. the styrax gives it that floral smell with some dry, spicy bite bringing in that powerful feminine energy (we stan), the other notes are more citrusy and spicy and are really prominent at the top but the dry down is what really makes this perfume, it’s intoxicating, heady, and bold, just perfect for Mrs. Aurinko.

    Vespa Ilkay: Wood Sage and Sea Salt - Jo Malone

    Vespa doesn’t really seem like the type to wear perfumes all that much but at some point Buddy drags her to a fragrance shop her and Buddy went shopping and Vespa found this scent (it’s also the perfume she wore on their wedding day). it’s a very aromatic scent with lots of notes of citrus and salty fresh air, it also has some musky herbal notes which fit her vibes pretty well. while it’s not exactly something you would expect her to wear at first, the dichotomy between the bright scent and her abrasive nature and the likeness between the rugged mineral musk and her projected persona makes this a fun choice.

    Rita [Redacted]: Cloud - Ariana Grande

    It’s sweet and playful which is already a scent I feel like rita would love but it also has notes of coconut, praline and vanilla that really add some complexity to the scent, while most of the notes are sugary and lactonic, the top notes of lavender, pear and bergamot create a nice balance with them. she is happy go lucky and sweeter than sugar but she is also a character with layers and is more than just a superficial persona which this perfume does a good job of encompassing. I also feel like she switches between this perfume and A Whiff of Waffle Cone from Salt and Straw sometimes depending on how sweet she wants to go.

    Jet Siquliak: Old Spice Dynasty Deodorant but sometimes Duel - Annick Goutal

    l i s t e n I can’t imagine the big guy caring much for fragrances when the only thing it’ll add is an extra step to his morning routine so (according to him), it would be much more efficient to just wear a deodorant that has a very distinct smell, hence Old Spice Dynasty, a very woody and leathery scent meant to replicate modern masculine colognes. Occasionally he’ll wear Duel but not very often, it’s similar to Dynasty with the woody, spicy and leathery notes but is also a bit more fresh with orris root, petitgrain and artemisia.

    The Ruby 7: Molecule 01 - Escentric Molecules

    this funky little perfume deals with some pretty futuristic stuff in terms of its scent profile, it is made of one note and one note only, a molecule called Iso E. It’s a velvety sensual cedarwood but varies greatly depending on the person (or car) who is wearing it, the scent wears close to the skin and has a distinctive smell depending on how it reacts to your body chemistry, some will adore the fragrance on them, some may not even be able to smell it while others will find the scent downright offensive, this perfectly encapsulates the radical nature of the Ruby and there really isn’t a better fitting perfume.

    I could talk for hours about all the different fragrances everyone in the penumbra pod wears and I’ll probably be making a separate post just on all of the signature scents of Nureyev’s aliases lol 

    #i definitely didn’t do this instead of my classwork😃 #the penumbra podcast #juno steel#peter nureyev#jupeter#buddy aurinko#vespa ilkay#vesbud#rita [redacted]#tpp rita#jet siquiliak #the crime family #the carte blanche #the aurinko crime family #aurinko crime family #tpp juno#tpp peter#tpp buddy#tpp vespa#tpp jet#junoverse#juniverse#penumbra podcast#penumbra pod #the ruby 7 #ruby 7 #the ruby seven #tpp
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    20.03.2021 - 2 monts ago


    prompt: reader goes on a date with bucky words: 548 warnings: fluff notes: female reader

    Despite working the whole week and being nothing but exhausted he never let you down; turning up to the venue on time with appropriate attire and a delighted demeanor. The wooden chair made an almost inaudible grating noise along the buffed walnut flooring as he ever so gently pulled it back for you out of courtesy and chivalry. If there was one thing for certain, it’s that his mother would be proud.

    You seated yourself before your spouse followed suit and sat himself opposite you. The ambience was immaculate and you felt as if you were the star of your own romantic movie: gentle clattering from cutlery from other diners, tender conversations accompanied with light jazz that was being orhcestrated live whilst the whole room fell under a dim yet intimate warmth from the numerous candles that dotted each table. It was lovely to be able to look out the window beside you, rain droplets racing down the glass as it softly showered outside in the night shrouded city of New York.

    “A bottle of red, please,” Bucky smiled towards the waiter who nodded in return and sauntered away towards the kitchen which once he opened the door allowed an amalgamation of aromatic food scents to waft towards you, promptly causing you to salivate. “You look as beautiful as ever, doll,” Bucky admitted with an amorous smirk lingering on his lips as he shamelessly looked you up and down but taking a considerable amount of time to study your face, ultimately leaving your cheeks flushed and hot. His smoldering cerulean eyes were half the reason why your heart was beating as fast as it was. “Well, I’m just lucky a girl like me could have someone as handsome as you,” you flirted back as you watched him try to hide a bashful smile that accompanied his blushed complexion.

    The waiter finally returned with the wine and two glasses, gently placing the glasses on the clothed table top alongside the chilled bottle. He promptly took both of your orders making his best efforts to accomodate the both of you as he cracked a few jokes here and there. Whilst Bucky tried his hardest to fixate on the waiter whilst they were conversing, he couldn’t help his wandering eyes that would always fall on you and gratify himself with your being with a smirk before returning his attention to where it needed to be, not where he wanted it to be.

    He tenderly held the recently opened bottle of red and poured the glasses with a generous amount and yet surprisingly not spilling a single crimson droplet on the white linen. The pair of you clinked your glasses with a light chuckle before taking a delicate sip and allowing the zesty opulent flavours to coat your tastebuds before placing your glass down, the garnet alcohol sloshing around in the glass as you did so. Bucky gingerly reached his hand over to yours, grazing his thumb over the back of your hand lovingly before taking your hand into his with a delicate squeeze. “You really are the best thing to happen to me, Y/N,” he stated hushedly with a sincere state of contentedness on his face, “I know I tell you this every day but I really need you to know how much I love you, doll.”


    = masterlist =

    #marvel#mcu #bucky barnes x reader #bucky barnes #james buchanan barnes #bucky barnes imagine #bucky barnes headcanon #bucky barnes oneshot #bucky barnes fanfiction #tfaws#imagine#oneshot#headcanon#nomadthor
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    14.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Final Fantasy VII Characters as Fragrances

    OK so, I already did FFXV characters as fragrances. Of course its FFVII's turn!

    Again, these are just my interpretations. Like last time, I know that 99% of these are typically "female" perfumes but 1. This is based off of my current collection and I am a girl, and 2. assigning a gender to a smell bewilders me; you should experiment and smell however the heck you want!

    Let's goooooo!


    Cloud Strife - Cloud by Ariana Grande

    Scent Vibe: Sweet, dreamy, woody

    Top Notes: Lavender, pear, bergamot

    Heart Notes: Whipped cream, praline, coconut, vanilla orchid

    Base Notes: Musk, woody notes

    'EbTh YoU cAn'T sAy tHaT cLoUd WeArS cLoUd PeRfUmE jUsT bEcAuSe Of ThE nAmE' - hear me out. Cloud is a stunning fragrance. It opens up so sweet and warm and bursting with light - you can almost taste it. It is fluffy, dreamy and soft. There is unguarded optimism and love in this perfume and despite his 'cool guy' exterior, this suits Cloud perfectly. The fragrance dries to leave a lingering warmth that feels safe, and leans into aftershave territory in the best possible way. The scent of a dream, of a vision just beyond your reach, of roads undiscovered and a journey just beginning. This is what Cloud EDP is.


    Tifa Lockheart - Karma by Lush/Gorilla Perfumes

    Scent Vibe: Sexy, energetic, smoky

    Top Notes: Orange, lemongrass, lavender

    Heart Notes: Pine tree, lemon, cassis

    Base Notes: Patchouli, cinnamon, resin

    Karma is energetic yet mellow, strong yet delicate, comforting yet confident. Its warm incense notes and tantalizing kick of sweet oranges conjures up images of Tifa's flowing black hair to me, with this beautiful aroma accentuating her natural beauty. Karma is a perfume to get lost in, just as Tifa is a woman to get lost with.


    Aerith Gainsborough - Rose by Paul Smith

    Scent Vibe: Floral, sweet, fresh

    Top Notes: Rose, green tea, violet

    Heart Notes: Turkish rose, magnolia

    Base Notes: Musk, cedar

    Of course it had to be florals for Aerith. Rose is a modern twist on an age-old note, with the green tea lifting the sweetness of the rose, and the violet lending a beautiful freshness to the perfume. This is the smell that hits you when you walk around the corner and into Aerith's garden for the first time; crisp and fresh and floral, softly caressed by a warm summer breeze, her hand small and warm in your own.


    Zack Fair - Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

    Scent Vibe: Fresh, citrus, aromatic

    Top Notes: Sicilian lemon, apple, cedar, bellflower

    Heart Notes: Bamboo, jasmine, white rose

    Base Notes: Cedar, musk, amber

    Zack Fair smells fresh. Clean, cool and uplifting like the ocean mist on a hot day. Lemon and green citrus are the stars here, drying to an eventual shampoo-esque clean sweetness that is just as alluring as the sparkling citrus top notes. This smell rolls off Zack when he holds out a hand and asks where you would like to go, adventure and excitement and the promise that you will see the sun set. It is in his hair, on his clothes, and dried to a wonderfully woody aroma on his skin.


    Reno - Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande

    Back at it again with Ariana's perfumes lmao

    Scent Vibe: Sweet, sexy, almond

    Top Notes: Raspberry, pear

    Heart Notes: Coconut, pink rose

    Base Notes: Macarons, musk

    Sexy, sexy, sexy. Confident, coquettish, sweet and did I mention sexy? This is indeed a fragrance for a heartbreaker. The lingering scent of coconut and almond conjure up a glimpse of striking red hair at the very edge of your consciousness, a tangy spark of juicy pear hitting you like a lightning strike. This suits Reno, and he knows it. It is in the sway of his hips and the tilt of his head as he taunts you, a cocky grin on his lips and his wrists alight with saccharine almond and raspberry.


    Rude - Jazz Club by Maison Martin Margiela

    Scent Vibe: Smoky, woody, boozy

    Top Notes: Pink pepper, neroli, lemon

    Heart Notes: Rum, clary sage

    Base Notes: Tobacco, vanilla

    Rude is an enigma. Quiet, mysterious and puzzling as he hides his gaze behind his signature shades. Smoke and mirrors and class in a strong, sexy and powerful frame. Jazz club echoes this; it is altogether sweet and familiar, yet bold and exciting. A midnight rendezvous, a pulse-racing jaunt through silent streets, a tantalising glimpse of the man behind the sunglasses...


    Sephiroth - Angel by Mugler

    Scent Vibe: Sweet, sexy, intoxicating

    Top Notes: Coconut, cotton candy, cassis, bergamot, jasmine

    Heart Notes: Honey, plum, blackberry, nutmeg, rose

    Base Notes: Chocolate, patchouli, carmel, vanilla, amber

    Intoxicating, unique, powerful, and sexy. Angel by name, but not by nature. Complex, and indecipherable. This is Angel, and this is Sephiroth. Nothing else quite like Angel has ever come along since, just like Sephiroth is a unique and formidable foe. Tempered by sweetness and truly one-of-a-kind, it lingers and reappears on your skin when you least expect it to, the tides of heady chocolate and honey dragging you under into unimaginable throes of pleasure and adoration.


    Voila! My hot takes on some delicious fragrances for the FFVII cast!

    Just a quick side note: I can detect a lot of the notes in these fragrances myself now that I've had some practice, but I did look them up on Fragrantica.com just to make sure I was right. Fragrantica is an absolute treasure trove of knowledge about THOUSANDS of different perfumes and the designers that make them so if you're interested in perfume, or want to know more about any of these, then it's a great place to start! 🥰

    As always, these are just my interpretations/opinions. I am forever learning about new fragrances and the exciting cocktails of new and unique formulas, so I'm eager to learn about any more that I may have missed or not considered!

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  • your-astro-mami
    28.02.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Perfume Recommendations Masterpost  - Part Two.

    Look at your Venus-Rising sign combo.

    Note: If you like something by the description, try it. Almost all of these are ones that I love and recommend.

    Aries-Gemini: Florabotanica (Balenciaga) A fresh, green, rose perfume. Lively and adventurous, spring in a human form. Reminiscent of the time when plants and flowers grow back again into life. 

    Aries-Libra: Pure XS (Paco Rabanne) Vanilla pop corn. Playful, popular and flirtacious. Berry lips and a big smile. Cola by Lana Del Rey, Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body. 

    Aries-Capricorn: 24 Faubourg (Hermes) This is what a classy yet rebellious heiress smells like. A New York city aristocrat living in a luxurious penthouse.

    Aries-Aquarius: Rush (Gucci) A cool girl, who does her own thing, is very authentic and individualistic yet everyone likes and admires her. Red lipstick in a bottle.

    Aries-Pisces: Eclat d’Arpège (Lanvin) Spring walk in a garden full of flowers in a bottle. Lilac, tea leaves, peony. For the person with a childlike spirit and courage, a dreamer.

    Taurus-Gemini: Pure Nectar (Issey Miyake) Honey covered roses. Reminiscent of spring, a new life, but also home and comfort. 

    Taurus-Libra: Si (Giorgio Armani) The prettiest scent. Woody, aromatic vanilla that will be loved by everyone. Gives both confidence to charm people and comfort. 

    Taurus-Capricorn: By the Fireplace (Maison Margiela). Smells like a winter vacation in a fancy cabin. Woody scent with comforting and sweet spices.

    Taurus-Pisces: L'Instant Magic (Guerlain) Takes you inside of a fairytale, a story that happened a long time ago yet it still feels familiar and inviting. Iris, almonds and vanilla. 

    Gemini-Gemini: L'Imperatrice (D&G) Eating watermelon at a summer party. A fragrance for everyone's favourite fun, outgoing friend, ready to accompany you to every summer adventure.

    Gemini-Virgo: Whispers in the Library (Maison Margiela) Woody vanilla. The comfort of isolating yourself with a pile of books for days while it’s raining outside. 

    Gemini-Sagittarius: Light Blue (D&G) Easygoing lemon-woody scent, good for all summer occasions and all types of fun. She is chill and up for anything.

    Cancer-Cancer: La vie est belle (Lancome) The sweetest perfume for the sweetest humans. Comforting, likeable and reliable reminiscent of being in a fancy candy store.

    Cancer-Leo: Mon Paris (YSL) The sweetest summer fruits and patchouli. For someone sweet and generous, a good friend and lover with the warmest heart. 

    Cancer-Scorpio: Private Accord (Boss) A sweet orange covered in chocolate in a bottle. Comforting and reminiscent of sweet desserts and private moments during the winter months. 

    Cancer-Sagittarius: L'Initial (Guerlain) Iris, vanilla, orange. Sweet and adventurous, nostalgic for the past but hopeful for the future. Reminiscent of the South of France or Italy. 

    Cancer-Capricorn: Narciso (Narciso Rodriguez) Soft, but definitely has character. Perfect for someone ambitious who also wants to stay close to home and their roots. Comforting, but not 

    Cancer-Pisces: This is her (Zadig & Voltaire) Chestnut-vanilla flavoured whipped cream. A perfume for absolute angels with kind hearts. 

    Leo-Leo: Baccarat Rouge 540 (Maison Francis Kurkdjian) Epitome of the modern, glamorous woman. She’s popular, wealthy and her presence is always felt by everyone. Head turner. 

    Leo-Virgo: Red Roses (Jo Malone) A big, fresh bouquet of roses. Fancy and classy at the same time. 

    Leo-Libra: La Panthere (Cartier) A modern Elizabeth Taylor. Class, sex appeal, a strong character hidden behind a soft voice and a beautiful scent.

    Leo-Sagittarius: Nilang (Lalique) Fun and adventurous. A fancy sweets&fruits feast at a summer party. 

    Leo-Pisces: Le Parfum (Elie Saab). If Jolene was a perfume. Sweet and charismatic, quite shy but you will feel her presence. A sunny person that lights up the whole room.

    Virgo-Virgo: Lazy Sunday Morning (Maison Margiela) A soft, clean, musky-rose scent. The way the skin would smell after taking a bath in a rose scented bath bomb. Sophisticated, put-together and perfect.

    Virgo-Aquarius: Jazz Club (Maison Margiela). Strong tobacco, rum, vanilla, sweet pepper. Reminds me of someone who loves books, Old Hollywood, drinking and socializing with smart people only. 

    Virgo-Pisces: Pure Poison (Dior) White flowers, sandalwood and orange. The rational dreamer. A nymph with flowers on her head.

    Libra-Libra: Coco Mademoiselle (Chanel) Modern, trendy and young, but put-together. A mix of Blair and Serena (Gossip Girl).

    Libra-Capricorn: Spiritueuse Double Vanille (Guerlain) A luxurious smokey, wooody, vanilla scent, A femme fatale in a 1940s movie with a drink and a cigar near a fireplace. 

    Libra-Pisces: Amethyst (Lalique) A cold, berry cocktail. Sweet, but keeps her distance. The innocent heartbreaker. 

    Scorpio-Scorpio: Addict (Dior) A sexy, strong vanilla scent. Mysterious and captivating, under each layer you find more. Reminds me of a b&w boudoir photoshoot in La Perla lingerie. 

    Sagittarius-Sagittarius: Eau des Merveilles (Hermes) Perfectly captures the spirit of the adventurous soul, a traveller open to every culture and every person, a person with big curiosity for the world and its secrets. If you want to feel like a pirate, try the Bleue version.

    Sagittarius-Capricorn: Jicky (Guerlain) She’s classy and playful, she’s a seductress with a child-like spirit and curiosity. She’s like Bardot in ”And God created woman”.

    Sagittarius-Pisces: Mémoire d’une Odeur (Gucci) An older fairy, living in a small cabin in the woods surrounded by herbs and flowers, away from humanity. 

    Capricorn-Capricorn: Santal 33 (Le Labo) Smells like someone successful living in New York. Modern, but distinctive and different. Definitely has character. 

    Capricorn-Pisces: Shalimar Souffle (Guerlain) Classy, but soft and quite youthful and modern. If the perfume of an old heiress was modernized in a special way for her granddaughter to wear it and feel the nostalgia.

    Aquarius-Aquarius: Womanity(Mugler) A recognizable and unique fragrance, very different from everyone else. Fig and caviar. Not everyone understand it, but those who do are lucky enough.

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