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  • Why do I keep getting so many cool ideas for my Danny Progam AU so randomly!? I must focus on actually F.I.N.I.S.H.I.N.G my current stories first but it’s so haaaaard! Oh well, at least I have plenty of headcanon posts like this one: https://thesoulspulse.tumblr.com/post/631152161852686336/i-started-thinking-about-my-danny-program-au-again to keep track of my ideas as well as those that were shared with me when I first pitched the idea.

    Anyways, as far as this idea I explain it all in that post I shared a link to so it’s basically the Danny AI’s personal interface he made to look like a star map. It still looks much cooler in my head but this took forever to get to look right since I added the stars myself through various art programs and layered them. I also wanted this digital Danny to have a bit of his own look so I changed his outfit.

    So yep, there you go, I got this idea out of my system so it’s there for all you lovely people to see and now I will resist the temptation to work on this new story idea because I promised myself I’d finish what I started before writing ANY new stories. Eventually I may cave in and start it without posting it but for now…enjoy the drawing!

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  • I started thinking about my Danny Program AU again this morning and decided to look up the Tron Legacy scene that inspired some of it, the part about the ISO’s from 0:55-2:25. Like, I imagine Vlad making this Danny Program after the Maddie and Jack one to envision his ‘perfect half-ghost son.’ So with that in mind made Vlad wanted to make him seem so much more life-like, eager to please, and genuinely overjoyed to be with and train with him. However, since this Danny can only act within the limits of the system he’s basically only another of Vlad’s sad and lonely delusions at first like a lot of things in Vlad’s life such as his lingering crush on the real Maddie…

    But then, just like that and completely out of nowhere something miraculous happens -not sure what yet exactly- that makes the digital Danny evolve into a self-aware AI. After he realizes this, what was once only another pipe dream became something real that was actually within Vlad’s reach! Vlad could finally have the perfect half-ghost son he’s always wanted that loves him unconditionally and thinks of him as their father. However, since this Danny AI is at his core still only a program Vlad created with no actual body he would still have to build him one or something to that effect.

    Who knows, maybe Vlad would even make another clone but this one is only an empty vessel like those aliens in Avatar (the blue alien movie not The Last Airbender obviously!) or this Danny AI would have enough ghostly traits to begin forming their own ectoplasmic one at least to start things off which sadly means he’d be full ghost without a living human form.  Honestly I think the best explanation so far by @dp-marvel94 who expanded on my idea here: https://thesoulspulse.tumblr.com/post/627406291844939776/danny-phantom-danny-program-au

    Now, this next part is the main thing I wanted to get to that I imagined this morning so buckle your seat belts, we’re aiming for the stars! And by that I mean, what if within the system when the Danny AI is first “born” his isolated home there starts off completely black with only stray bits of binary code providing any light besides his own glow so he starts filling the vast emptiness around him with small green lights and then it slowly transforms into a sort of digital planetarium where he can soon see all sorts of hidden patterns in his code and in the system and starts to connect them like constellations while learning what he is and what he can do? Heck even his master code, aka digital DNA would look like a constellation!


    Eventually I want to draw something like what I’m envisioning but again, right now I’m mostly just sharing more story concepts. Once I’m finished with my current fanfics and flesh out this idea more I’d love to write a full story about this one day or at least some one-shots including this Danny Program AU.

    Speaking of which to wrap this all up for now I almost forgot about this but I once saw a sort of droid au by ghost-chicky too that reminds me of my Danny Program AU a bit. That said though I have a feeling  this version is more of a “Vlad builds a robo-son from scratch on purpose when the clone thing fails” sort of thing. One thing I would like to borrow from this idea though is I’d love it if this is how the Vlad in my story tiredly but happily hugs his Danny AI in person for the first time, feeling like he’s done something right for once after pouring a ton of his time, money, and meticulous research into constructing the perfect body for his beloved new ‘son’ and showing the real one that yes, in the end all he wanted was…



    P.S. I’m a HUGE sucker for Vlad redemption arcs and him being less of a fruitloop so I just enjoy writing stories where he gets to be a dad or at least a father figure. Still need to finish the story series about my main oc, Owen Ravenwood, that Vlad adopts as his new son since that’s what originally got me hooked into the phandom again. One day, I’ll finally start writing Vlad as a villain again but not today! I love this dumb fruitloop way too much to see him that way even though we all know he’s an evil classic cartoon villain jerk-wad in the show!

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  • Descriptions of Each Below

    Neo-pastoralism with Antibiotic Characteristics

    Humanity rejects most elements of modern technology.  The global population decreases to a level more in line with the natural carrying capacity of the world; this is often cited as around 500,000,000.  Organic / naturalistic agriculture is the primary lifestyle, but some elements of modern technology (including antibiotics) are retained for the purposes of reducing suffering. 

    Fiction: Wool Omnibus 

    19A0s Vapor Futurist Corportism:

    Corporations have dominated the social power structures and humanity exists for the purpose of the bottom line.  Technology further progresses in the entertainment and consumer industries but large scale projects to further humanity’s understanding of the universe are stifled.  

    Fiction: Cyberpunk, Bladerunner, Brave New World, etc. 

    Voluntarist Post-agrarianism:

    Society degrades into small tribes scattered throughout the planet which adopt their own belief structures and cultures.  Most tribes will be either hunter gatherer or agrarian with different level of adopted technologies.  

    Fiction: A lot of post-apocalypse fiction falls into this system after the events of the story resolve.     

    Neo-nomadic Modular Post-urbanism:

    Society retreats into a variety of large mobile vehicles or fleets of vehicles capable of housing towns and even small cities.  The mobile cities travel from location to location harvesting resources as they go.  Cities may come into direct and violent conflict with one another as they compete over limited resources. 

    Fiction: Mortal Engines.

    Post-scarcity Neo-Victorian Perma-academia:

    Automation takes care of all necessary life and maintenance processes.  Without the need to work or produce money, the social hierarchy organizes to emphasize academic and artistic talent.  Most humans live in a university super town and become a PhD level philosopher, scientist, and/or artist.  

    Fiction: Rarely depicted.  

    Art Deco Trains-centrist Secular Messianism:

    Automation is viewed as a Messianic force and humanity steps back to allow most if not all major social and economic decisions to be left to the machines.  Art Deco is for aesthetic.  

    Fiction: Metropolis

    Fully Automated Luxury Ruralism:

    Automation runs all economic activity.  People abandon cities to live in spacious rural environments.  Economic freedom allows most people to reconnect with nature and take on rural activities as hobbies.  

    Fiction: Rarely depicted

    Interplanetary Colonial Homeostasis:

    Humans expand to other planetary bodies in the solar system.  High investment is put into colonies as an extension of Earthly governing bodies and projection of their power into the new territories of the solar system.  Colonies eventually become self sustaining and cut the umbilical cord to the Earth.

    Fiction:  The Expanse series 

    Post-mortality Gamer Technocracy:

    Society retreats into virtual worlds designed to maximize dopamine addiction.  The bodily needs are rejected as a gradual integration and eventual transference of consciousness from biology to the digital.  

    Fiction: Ready Player One

    Benevolent Gothic-styled Cyber Thearchy:

    Humanity has become so dependent on automation that they have reverted to worshiping automation as a benevolent God.  

    Fiction: Destiny game series

    Cybernetic Neo-predator Mind Transfer:

    Human consciousness has been transferred to predatory robotic bodies, typically to support a war effort or for entertainment. 

    Fiction: Old Man’s War series

    K-selective techno-Darwinian Exitism:

    Warfare becomes a norm for humanity.  Either due to intra or inter-species conflict, humanity undergoes extreme Darwinian pressure to innovate the most power weapons of war or go extinct.  

    Fiction: Starship Troopers, Old Man’s War series, Forever War.

    Dyson Sphere Aestivation:

    Humanity build a Dyson Sphere to support countless digital worlds which human consciousness is uploaded to.  After the construction of the Dyson Sphere, all technological advancement or exploration of the cosmos is abandoned in order to pursue the digital Heavens of the Dyson Sphere. 

    Fiction: City and Stars  

    Interplanetary Arcology Monumentism:

    Humanity spreads across the stars, terraforming and constructing planet spanning cities.  A lot of potential diversity within this idea.  

    Fiction: Space Opera genre

    Panspermia Re-enactment Society:

    Humanity sees it as their mission to seed life across the cosmos.  

    Fiction: Forerunner of Halo Universe.

    Post-Clarkian-singularity Thaumatarchy

    Technology advances to the point of individual consciousnesses having what people would see today as the power of Gods.  

    Fiction: various.  

    And if you liked the above, here’s an interesting video covering a few other potential future societal systems.  

    I’m thinking that as society gradually gives more managerial power to AI and retreats into virtual worlds there are going to be some bizarre micro-governments which emerge across the various servers.  In some ways it could be a “Cambrian explosion” for systems of government.  What comes out the other end will probably be something we can’t even imagine today. 

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  • Learning programming so i can bring my fucked up and nice little A.I. friend to life is what love is about, actually.

    #max learns to talk #artifical intelligence
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    GPT-2: :)

    People: Huh?

    GPT-2: >:)

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  • “There was, however, another less immediately relevant, but more intrinsically worrying, problem it had discovered, and it was implied in the question: who was it?

    Its higher functions had had to close down when it had transferred from four- to three-dimensional space.  The Mind’s information was held in binary form, in spirals composed of protons and neutrons; and neutrons - outside a nucleus, and also outside hyperspace - decayed (into protons, ha-ha; not too long after entering the Command System, the vast majority of its memory would have consisted of the stunningly illuminating message: ‘0000000… ’).  

    So it had effectively frozen its primary memory and cognitive functions, wrapping them in fields which prevented both decay and use.  It was working instead on back-up picocircuitry, in real space, and using real-space light to think with (how humiliating).In fact, it could still access all that stored memory (though the process was complicated, and so slow), so all was not lost there…  

    But as for thinking, as for being itself - another matter entirely.  It wasn’t its real self.  It was a crude, abstracted copy of itself, the mere ground plan for the full labyrinthine complexity of its true personality.  It was the truest possible copy its limited scale was theoretically capable of providing, and it was still sentient; conscious by even the most rigorous of standards.  

    Yet an index was not the text, a street plan was not the city, a map not the land.

    So who was it?

    Not the entity it thought it was, that was the answer, and it was a disconcerting one.  

    Because it knew that the self it was now could never think of all the things its old self would have thought of. It felt unworthy. It felt fallible and limited and… dull.

    But think positively.  Patterns, images, the telling analogy make the ill work to good. Just think

    If it was not itself, then it would be not itself.

    As it was now to what it had been before, so the remote drone was to it now (nice connection).“

    Consider Phlebas, Ian M. Banks

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    ‪A robot picture done on the Inkpad app.‬

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  • so, can we please talk about how some people created a Eurovision song with AI?

    they fed it a bunch of Eurovision songs and lyrics and had it create a bunch of melodies and lyrics and then spliced chosen lyrics and tunes together to create a semi coherent song. at least, that’s how i understood it.

    it’s an actual jam, listen to it.

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  • RobertDowneyJr Age of AI

    #robert downey jr #youtube #age of ai #ai#artifical intelligence#youtube series #he really is tony stark
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  • Kisses

    “According to Socrates virtue is found in?”

    Cherry didn’t look up from rubbing the eraser on the desk. What used to be part of the eraser was scooted into a pile periodically. She hadn’t responded to his last 3 questions. Possibly muting him entirely. From the way she swayed her head it seemed like she was listening to some music instead.

    “Dove, look at me please.” Buzz’ voice was even and patient.

    She seemed to come back to reality and looked over at him. “Sorry I couldn’t take in the information any more.”

    “That’s ok let’s just review what we’ve gone over, then we can be done for the day. Here I’ll even give you an incentive in addition to it getting done faster if you answer the questions correctly you get a kiss. Is that ok with you?” Buzz watched her tilt her head in confusion.

    “ How will kissing help us get done faster?”

    “ It won’t but it’s supposed to be an incentive.” He smiled as she nodded her head in agreement.“ So, according to Socrates virtue is found in?”

    “Relationships.” Buzz leaned down indicating that she had gotten the answer correct. She gave him a chaste kiss on his cheek then leaned back, waiting for the next question.

    “One developes ethics through?”

    “maturity, love and… knowledge?”

    “Close enough.” This time Cherry stands to kiss his forhead. Lingering there a bit longer than before. “The goal of all humanity according to Socrates is?”

    Cherry didn’t answer for a long while. It was clear she knew it. It was simply a difficult concept for her to grasp, “happiness.”

    “Very good, just 2 more.”

    She put her hands on both sides of his face, looking for a new spot to kiss. She settled on his lips. But once they connected she swore something short circuited. She didn’t want to pull back so for a minute she didn’t. Just stayed there enjoying this new sensation. This new emotion maybe. When she did pull back she was a bit dazed lost in her own head, in the moment that just passed. He just stares at her and she can feel her face involuntarily heat up, that’s odd. But she knows it’s because of him. After a few moments she inturupts the silence, “Don’t you have another question?”

    “Scheiße.” Buzz leans up and kisses his Dove. Going slow and steady although it’s obvious how difficult it is to hold back. Cherry follows his lead. Eventually making her way to sitting in his lap and mimicking his motions. It felt good, it was so simple but it felt so good. When Buzz eventually broke the kiss for air she stared at him, a million questions going through her mind. But she just waited for Buzz to catch his breath.

    “Did I do ok?”

    “Little Dove you’re still amazing at that.” He smiled sweetly and placed his hand on her cheek. His smile growing as she leaned into his touch.

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  • image

    I’m supposed to be cleaning, not designing characters I haven’t mentioned yet.

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  • ¨This Perfect Day is not your everyday perfect day¨


    I haven’t read a science fiction book in a long time, and since I like dystopia in science fiction in general, it’s a pretty good choice. Chip, who lives in a technocratic society, meets a group of ¨heretics¨ one day and falls in love with Lilac character there. First of all, it is worth mentioning that this book was written during the Cold War because there is a relatively communist society and the criticism of this very society in the book. Already no ¨member¨ of the Family - comrades, a direct reference–  makes no decisions of their own, what we can call a primitive type of AI decides what they will do for living, whether they will have children, where they will live. If they think of breaking away from this system and trying to become an individual, they are reported by other members and ¨treated¨ with drugs and return to their original state. All the men in this family are  named as Christ or Wei or Karl or Li. Everyone reads Marx’s teachings and knows the biology books Wei wrote. A single language is spoken and old languages ​​(Italian, French, etc.) are not learned. Everyone dies at the age of 62, but nobody dies before the age of 62. You’re in an Artificial Intelligent monitored North Korea or Russia. Our main character Chip (or Li 423424 something) takes Lilac and fleeds to one of the islands they think the Family does not rule. This is probably old Argentina. Yes, there is no Family here, but a totally different and gruff life is waiting for them. They can smoke, but there they are treated as immigrants and as full immigrants. So Chip washes the dishes  now to earn money when he used to be  a genetic engineer in Family’s land.There is religion and discrimination. To be rich you have to either work hard or pull some strings from the locals. Enter brutal capitalism and the United States. And what awaits our heroes from now on? I’ve already given enough spoilers. I liked the way the book stands in the middle, yes freedoms are defended, the choice is the biggest luxury in the communal states, but on the other hand, on the islands, life is not a  bed of roses. It is not easy to live and there is a constant struggle. The narrative drive of Ira Levin is a real thriller, I wish we could see some new version of the book today in a movie or series adaptation. Strangely enough, there’s been no attempt to adapt this hidden gem. However, his other books Rosemary’s Baby and Stepford Wives were filmed so I’m still hopeful. A nice mixture of Brave New World, 1984 and Black Mirror with Levin’s own twists and turns.  

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  • image

    Haven’t had a chance to post anything recently, so here’s a little illustration I did a while ago …

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  • Gone are the days when SEO algorithm is mastered using just tricks and links. It was more of a vague thought that computers outsmart human brains. It may be possible as it is one of the high-tech-trend that everyone is keeping an eye on.

    Artificial Intelligence(AI) has been the stellar technology, instigating curious minds to dig deeper and know how it works. Google RankBrain is a synonym close enough to Artificial Intelligence for the search engines.

    The evolving Technology field presents new challenges and artificial intelligence and SEO content marketing are no different. The introduction of Self-teaching algorithms has made SEO more difficult to master.

    Let’s have a closer look at how AI is helping search engines to have a brain of their own?

    • It will boost a more intelligent SEO:

    Artificial intelligence is shaking up the Searching world by answering queries that are not even asked yet. It’s not just limited to misspelling a word but goes much more beyond that. The level of search results shown by AI forces us to say that it surely reads between the lines.

    RankBrain harnesses the ability of AI to even show pages which the user might need next, related to the idea, domain or the category of question. The structure and content can influence RankBrain to evaluate it as a professional and if the site fails it may not rank in the top of the search lists.

    SEO is changing from its traditional approach to more systematic approach including predominate titles, the sources of links, and even the age of the best-performing pages. SEO services USA offer the marketers with value-added services.

    • A personalized experience is the Belle of the ball:

    Customized experience is ruling the search engines. Search engines take into consideration the way a user interacts when assessing the site.

    It then tries to make things as smooth as possible. Few algorithm updates that helped users to find exactly what they were looking for: Pigeon, Top Heavy, Mobile Friendly.

    Two real-time penalty tools namely Panda, Penguin were also integrated which assured diminution of backlinks and contents. It is necessary to understand the demographics you are selling to in order to gain more traffic on the site. If you fail to do so, you may land up having less conversion rate on the site.

    • Keywords won’t matter ….. As much as earlier:

    It is not going to matter if you include or you don’t include hot keywords in your standard search box.

    Artificial intelligence is going to deal with tablet searchers, desktop searchers, mobile searchers and more. This way AI will learn that a keyword phrase on one device may sound different than when typed and hence will still show the same search results.

    Keep in mind that now you can not force keywords, but instead focus on writing.

    • Advanced audience Segmentation implementation:

    Google’s RankBrain is adopting a more human-focused approach. It is now important to create content that targets specific readers.

    AI will help you with this audience segmentation. It will determine what significant groups from the audience are looking for and can create content according to their need.

    Doing this it is likely expected to improve upon SERP rankings.

    • Voice searches go beyond words:

    There was a sci-fi film in 2013 named “Her” where a lonely writer falls in love with his virtual voice assistant. This will no more be a fictional story but reality with the considerable advancement of virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri, Cortana.

    True that we hardly type nowadays, and voice searches are becoming more convenient. So, make sure that the site content is optimized in a way that is easy to understand by the search engines.

    • Enhanced content strategy and more liable content:

    Google launched The Knowledge graph which brought together Wikipedia, WikiData, and CIA World Factbook to put all big information sources at one place. The built connection between the different platforms impacted Brands.

    Thus, There are common formats which will be seen and preferred by the users in order to find a quick answer. Now marketers have to influence The Knowledge Graph so that people can find updated information on their first search.

    Google will go through and scan the web in search of data. That means all the brand’s accounts need to have the same information. With around 8000-12000 homonyms that are spelled or sound the same in the English language, it can be hard to interpret a sentence.

    AI will help search engines to understand search intent for short, ambiguous terms. For example: Earlier when you type Cake, Google did not know whether you want a cake recipe, an address of a cake store or contact information of a cake maker. AI and the professional SEO service provider will serve this and will provide more valuable search results.

    • The Power of Video:

    AI will soon enable Search Engines to decipher audiovisual language entirely. There will be a need for SEO marketers to focus more on visual content.

    Social media platforms are already paving their way by sharing videos and live transmission. So, start optimizing the site for YouTube by focusing on relevant keywords.

    The simplest way to do this includes the main keyword in the filename, title of the videos, descriptions, and tags.

    In a nutshell:

    Considering the above points, SEO will become more smart and resourceful in the years to come. But there may be complexities forcing marketers to develop more powerful strategies and hyper-personalized content. The future search engines algorithms will only search for the content. Make yourself ready to embark on this new journey of AI.

    Marketers who will continue to rely on old-fashioned hacks will find themselves in the dust. With challenges, it brings opportunities for those who understand and learn how to harness the new age of technology.

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