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    We just played hide and seek in the dorm and now I'm thinkin about Henry leading a game of hide and seek at the dorms of Ingolstadt as a way to cheer everybody up during finals week and I am having feelings ;~;

    #thinkin about Victor being a little hesitant to join in but then going along with it #and Victor obviously finding the best hiding spot but then gets really freaked out by being there alone #and he has a little panic attack and then Henry finds him and suggests that- #maybe instead of hiding they can both do the seeking together as a team ;0; #and they along with their dormmates just have a genuinely good time ;~; #yes i am aware that victor got his own appartment but i dont care i think he would spend a lot of time with Henry at the dorm and vice vers #;~; #Just thinking about wholesome soft times with the boys ;0; #yes i *know* it's silly and dumb but it's also very cute so there's that >:^(
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    Open Fandom RP (to all fandoms)

    “I know I will never be forgiven for my actions. I have accepted this. I know what I have done and the roll I played in how many lives have been lost. However, it will not stop me from continuing to move forward and try making a future, regardless of what others think of me.” 

    #open rp#open #open to anyone #open to all #open to everyone #rp #open to all fandoms #open fandom#open anime #open anime rp #attack on titan #Shingeki no kyojin #annie leonhart#anime#anime rp#fandom#fandom rp
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    eren jeager x fem!reader

    WARNING(S): angst. slight manipulation. s4 spoilers. brief mentions of (but not actually) throwing up at the end.

    word count: 5.9k

    song: a soulmate who wasn't meant to be // jess benko

    note(s): oh, that sound? it's just the sound of my tears whilst writing this oneshot. no biggie

    The prison cells underneath headquarters were as dark and dreary as ever as you stood opposite them. Whilst the windows were generously large, the night sky was not so giving. Clouds were gloomy and blocked out the moon and stars, replacing it with a heavy downpour of rain. If you listened closely, you could pick up on the faint 'pitter patter' as droplets met the pebbled ground outside, the sound comforting compared to the echoing silence within the walls. Mattresses were placed in the corners of each cell, old and tattered after years of use by many different faces. You could only imagine their discomfort as you'd never been required to sleep on them, your record in the Scout Regiment practically a clean slate after your years of service. You were someone who took your position as a soldier seriously; respected your superiors and did as told when told.

    As for Eren Jeager? It seemed in recent events he was past the point of caring.

    Such a fact was blatant as you stared at him through the prison bars, your back pressed against the wall, body stiff and fearful of what would happen if you tried to step closer. Eren's gaze was terrifying to witness even from the odd angle you stared at him. His eyes locked on the ceiling as he lay flat on his back on the bed of his cell. His hair had been pulled back into a messy bun, some strands not long enough to reach so far back were fated to live a life of their own. They glued to his temples and forehead and even entwined with the strands pulled back. You couldn't decide if the look was flattering or not.

    "I...," You blurted out without thought of what you planned to actually say, your pathetic attempt at making conversation followed up with a nervous whimper. Eren barely inched a muscle when you broke the quiet, from his eyes to his hands that lay lifeless at his side. He remained laid down as if you weren't even there. That made your heart weep in the worst of ways and your mind qualm - to think the last time you were together he was holding you in his arms as you gazed under the stars. And now he could barely spare you a second glance.

    "It's been a while since you were last cooped up in one of these cells," You eventually tried again, calming yourself down as best you could by trying to be light-hearted. "Remember when we would play cards through the bars when I could visit? Those were fun times," You smiled sadly at the memories, eyes drifting away from Eren and towards nothing in particular. The smile then faded, the yearn to experience easier days once more hitting you as hard as stone. "If only we could experience them again,"

    Your tone lowered, left unhinged since you knew mourning for what was no more was a waste of time. But you couldn't help yourself. All you wanted was to live in the past, where the titans were slane and the Scouts had reached the sea. All you wanted was to live out your days with your friends, talk and laugh with no need to worry about the rest of the world. All you wanted was to fall into Eren's embrace, to love him with all your might as he did you. There was a short period where that was your life, one filled with simplicity and peace after years of blood and death and gore that haunted your every nightmare. It had been pleasant, and you missed it. More than you were willing to admit.

    If only Eren hadn't pushed things too far.

    Eren's eyes shifted after a prolonged silence, travelling from the ceiling to you across the way. He was quick to take note of your vacancy, your conflict as you stared at him. How you created your own form of a jail cell by restricting yourself to the opposite side of the room. Maintaining a safe distance like you sensed you would get hurt stepping too far. Eren sighed loudly at that fact. Which caught your attention, E/C eyes flicking back to him at the sound. Eren pushed himself upright, eyes leaving you to stare at the floor before he hoisted himself off of the bed. Then, he turned to face you, searching for you through the wisps of his unkempt fringe.

    You held your breath when he did, unable to fathom just how uncomfortable his gaze made you feel. Typically, Eren looking your way would send butterflies to your stomach. Your heart would perform somersaults and beat soundly with joy. Your cheeks would heat up, to which he would smile and tease and call it cute - merely deepening your flustered state like it was some fun game.

    But this time, upon him meeting your gaze, nausea swiftly followed after. Rising concern over unconditional love based on his expression alone. It was empty. Unreadable. Nothing you had ever seen him display before. You had witnessed most if not all his worst moments up front but none of them - none of them, came close to just how desolately devoid he looked in that moment.

    His lips didn't twitch, firmly held together as they added to his glaring aura. His brows arched sterner than Captain Levi's when you failed to clean a room up to standards, you didn't think it was possible for them to be so closely knit. But the worst part that made you truly sick to the stomach at the unfamiliarity of it all, were his eyes. Their usual bright and gleaming jade green blend that had entranced you from the instant you met Eren were now bleaker and more stationary than ever. They no longer held a zest and determination that motivated you to fight another day, no notable twinkle against the dimly lit room. Only a barren vacancy the most broken are succumbed to display.

    You felt the need to comment on it, communicate to Eren just how worried you were. That you wanted to help him because you cared about him more than anyone else in the entire world. You were willing to lay your life down for him, and had even nearly become an anonymous number in the ranks because of that sheer will alone. However, before you had the chance to open your mouth, Eren beat you to it.

    "Did Hange send you down here to try and sway me?" Eren asked half-rhetorically, taking a couple of steps forwards until the bars of his cell stopped him. "You of all people should know you can't stop me, so why even bother?"

    You were taken back by his bluntness, even more so by his disregard for your previous words. Like you had never said them in the first place and he was the one initiating conversation. Perhaps it was so Eren felt he had the control, asserting dominance in a relationship where he already held more than half of it. His aim was unclear, but you persisted nonetheless.

    "No, they didn't," You said. "I came here on my own accord, Eren," You shrugged your shoulders aimlessly. "I wanted to see you. I-I've missed you," Eren's eyes narrowed in suspicion, studying your frame for any sign indicating you were lying. He came out with no clear answer as from the instant you had set foot in the room you'd been shaking like a lamb bleating after its mother. Afraid. His arms crossed over his broad chest still in doubt, the action reminding you just how much he'd changed over the last few years. He was taller, looming over you even whilst feet apart. He was no doubt stronger, evident with or without the fact he held the power of three titans within him. Eren was no longer the vigorous and unruly boy he once was, who devoted his strength to rid the world of all the titans. He was now an indestructible force that vouched for freedom, his will to fight unshaken by no one.

    "If you missed me so much," He started, looking down at you with what only felt like shame. "What took you so long to visit?" Raising a brow, you realised he held a point with his inquiry. If you proposed you missed him why hadn't you visited? The truth was you were scared of who you would find on the other side when you did. Levi and Hange had given you the option since the first day Eren was placed in his cell. But no matter the undying need to have Eren in your line of sights again, you failed to find the courage to make that final step.

    "I wanted to, I-I really did," You said in a panic. "I was just scared! I didn't know what to say or how to speak to you after... after...,"

    "After what?" Eren reprimanded, glowering at you as his hands wrapped around the iron bars. Your eyes widened and you whimpered, shaking your head frantically as a means to apologise.

    "N-No Eren. I didn't mean it like that I just -," You swallowed thickly, your breathing quickening as Eren's pressing stare intimidated you more and more by the second. You hated how much you were falling apart. Where had your Eren gone?! Your Eren who always fretted over you during and after battles. Your Eren who grew antsy at Jean or Connie if they got a little too comfortable in your company. Your Eren who snuck into your room past curfew to share stories of his life late into the night. Your Eren who crammed his lips on yours when he couldn't hide his feelings any longer, confirming your relationship would turn from friendship to deepened love. You missed your Eren. You wanted your Eren back. Was that so much to ask?!

    "You just what?" He spoke harshly, impatience riddled within every letter and syllable. You were quick to notice his grip on the bars tighten to the point you thought he'd snap them clean in two.

    "I...," You trailed off, finishing your cut sentence with a defeated sigh. Your hands lowered to your sides as your head hung forwards. Perhaps being upfront with him was the only way you could go. "You killed people, Eren. Innocent people that hadn't done anything wrong! You ate somebody. Women, men and children crushed under debris like they were nothing. Y-You... you made Armin destroy that port and your decision making got Sasha killed!" You brought a hand to your forehead, not realising how distressed you sounded as you recalled that night. Tears started forming in your eyes, lip trembling. "Shit! I nearly... if Jean hadn't shot that Marley soldier first then I would've...,"

    You had experienced a rocky start during the raid on Marley. One of your biggest flaws as a soldier was your will to take another life. Life as in... a human life. You despised the concept and did everything in your power to avoid it all costs, even if your fellow soldiers disagreed (especially Levi's, who persisted humans could be just as bad as titans when it came to killing). That exact flaw came forth when you first encountered a Marleyan soldier, and your hesitation almost ended with a bullet between your eyes. Had Jean not been behind you just in time... your grave would have been undoubtedly determined. There was a time where Eren was the same as you, never wanting to act and inflict harm on other humans. But times had changed since then. Oh, how you hated how much it had changed since then. None of it was fair.

    A silence ensued, your stifled sobs the only thing willing to break it. Eren watched you motionlessly, the glare still apparent on his face as your emotions got the better of you. You hadn't realised just how shaken up you were from what happened. Sure, you had faced death many times, but always at the hand of titans. Where you had to evade giant swooshing limbs and teeth that could churn your flesh as cows do cud. Never had you looked another human in the eye and watched them contemplate killing you. To aim a gun directly your way and prep the shot as you realised what their intentions were. Then a feeble attempt to escape approaching death, all too distracted with your life flashing before your eyes for you to see the way out. That was one of the scariest moments of your life. You never wanted to endure it again. Never.

    "Come here,"

    You stiffened up, looking at Eren amidst dishevelled strands of H/C hair falling over your face. His glare had left and his face had returned to its neutral state, his eyes boring into you with his demand lingering in the air. You wiped your nose on your sleeve as well as your eyes, confused by the abrupt change in atmosphere. A truly weird circumstance and turn of events you weren't expecting indeed. At first, you weren't sure doing as Eren said was a smart idea, having heard Hange's experience with him during a debrief. You didn't believe Eren would treat you with the same sort of disrespect, but you also didn't want to take that risk just in case.


    "Just do it," He roughly snapped, suspense in his tone kicking you up the hind to move. With a yelp, you pushed yourself off of the wall - back sighing out in bliss after starting to ache because of the uneven rocky surface. You gingerly stepped towards Eren, biting down on your lip to stop it trembling in fright. You came to a stop once close enough to the iron bars, hands going to wrap themselves around them, around the same ones as Eren. Whether you intended for that or it was just subconscious instinct you didn't know. Finally, your eyes dropped to the floor, lost on where to focus. Eren hummed a complacent sigh at your actions, head tilting to the side as he looked you up and down. You couldn't find an answer to what was running through his mind, blank gaze concealing all form of emotion and clarity. Then, just as you thought the silence couldn't grow any more powerful, Eren lifted his hand and reached out for you.

    You gasped at the sudden contact, the feeling of Eren's hand cupping your face sending all sorts of sensations through you. His palm was warm despite the cool air of the prison cell. It was as though his hand was constructed to cradle your cheek, moulded into the perfect structure to which you filled in the empty spaces. His hand felt soft even after years of wear and tear of fighting and training, fingers long but not at all discomforting. You had forgotten just how pleasant the feel of Eren's thumb across your cheekbone was until he initiated the motion, almost a way to lure you in. And with your deprivation of his touch - of him. That was enough to have you wrapped around his finger.

    "I forgot how nice it was to hold you like this," Eren declared monotonously, though his expression betrayed his lack of care. Something about it had calmed, but he didn't allow it to stay for long, gone so fast that if you blinked you would have missed it. You inhaled deeply, head tilting to the side as you nuzzled into his hand. Seeming satisfied with that, Eren proceeded. "That and just how easily you melt under my touch,"

    "Eren," You uttered no louder than a whisper, eyes closing tight as you welcomed his touch. You despised how much he was correct, that you became putty without him even needing to try. That was the impact of love, after all, it makes people act in crazy ways and do some incredibly crazy things. But you couldn't ignore the odd funny feeling still pitting your gut, begging you to stop falling to Eren's will before it was too late. You couldn't get carried away, he had committed obscene criminal acts without jurisdiction. That was more than enough to get him locked up for life, regardless of the war you were fighting. You should be disgusted by his actions, his corrupted thinking and the way he went behind the Military's backs to further his own idea of freedom. You were disgusted.

    But you also loved him. Way, way more than you were disgusted.

    A frown merged onto your face, blending awkwardly with the once peaceful content that Eren noticed as fast as it appeared. He managed to figure out the thoughts running through your mind also, the young adult lamenting a sigh and he opened his mouth to speak. Not before his hand drifted down to your chin, tilting your head up to make you look at him. His thumb planted on your bottom lip as he grazed over it.

    "I'm trying to build a future for Eldia, Y/N," Eren spoke firmly, your heart having a brief elation to the way he said your name. It had been far too long since you had heard him say it. "A future for us, where we can be free and live our lives the way we want to,"

    "I know," You began, eyes opening to meet Eren's. "But there are other ways, Eren. More humane ways. We don't have to kill anymore if we just-,"

    "There isn't another way," Eren interrupted, his ministrations of stroking your chin coming to an abrupt halt. "We've tried other ways and they haven't worked," Eren evaded your disheartened stare. "I'm sick of it not working,"

    "We all are, Eren. Stop making out that you're the only victim here," You paid no mind to Eren's reaction. "We're all victims of this shitshow that's our reality, and we're all just as much the culprits of it as well! All w-we do is fight fire with fire and add more ashes to the pile with each person we slaughter," You felt your grip tighten on the bars, gritting your teeth harshly together. "I'm sick of all the violence and suffering! I just want to go back to the days when we could be at peace. Where we could laugh and joke because the main problem - the titans, were dealt with! I became a soldier to fight titans, not to embark on an endless war where both sides are human and neither is willing to cooperate with the other,"

    "Those days are gone," Eren spoke sternly, though it softened up when he noticed you look away. "But they can return," He pressed his forehead against the iron bars, staring at you through deadened eyes. "We can live a life of freedom together once I finish what I started, all I need you to do is stay by my side and to have faith,"

    Your eyes widened, gawking at Eren with complete and utter disbelief at his words. His persistence came off like the cruellest of sicknesses, corrupting Eren's mind to the point of insanity. His moral compass was in shambles as was his sense of humanity. The way his eyes were numbed right down to their pupils, blinded by his visions of a future for Eldia that came with the cost of the rest of the world's suffering. It pained you to witness such a change, to witness Eren's descent into madness as war took over his every thought and breath. Suddenly that foreign feeling in your stomach became clear as day, and you abhorred it with a deadly passion.

    "I don't want to be free in a world built on other people's suffering," Your hands fell down to your sides, heartbeat racing as you avoided Eren's gaze. He quirked a brow, eyes piercing into you once he realised what you meant, and his chosen tone suggested he didn't like that one bit.

    "What are you trying to say?"

    You faltered, both as a mental brace and a state of refusal to your next actions. A second or so passed before you took a step back, creating a distance that did more damage than healing. With a shaky breath, you answered his question.

    "I love you Eren, with everything I am. B-but I can't stand by your side if this is the path you're going to take," The tears were already brewing, doing everything you could to blink them away. "I won't sit by and watch the rest of the world crumble because of your selfish desires,"

    You hated the words you were saying, how you said them and who you were saying them to. That it had all come to this, where Eren became the threat to humanity rather than its saviour. He only had so much time left and had you known that his way of spending it was to spiral the world into chaos - perhaps you wouldn't have grown so attached.

    "I can't - I...," Since he hadn't said anything, you felt the urgency to speak. "Eren you have no idea how much I want to but this isn't how I saw our future -,"

    "What future?" Eren persisted, not giving you a chance to reply. "Eldia has no future within the walls, these cages! It's time we give the world a taste of its own medicine, so what if a couple of lives are taken out on the way? It's not like they give a damn about ours," Eren scoffed when you shook your head, tears pricking at your eyes and the stinging sensation that came with it was painful to deal with.

    "Please, Eren. Think about what you're saying," You pleaded and begged. But you knew it was no use, Eren too fixated on his 'destiny' to see logical reason. Merely the look in his eyes was proof enough to tell you that. "What happened to you? When did you become so heartless? Where's the Eren I knew all those years ago gone? Don't you miss it back then? When we weren't cheating death and we could simply be us? Be two dumb teens in love and the only thing that mattered was that love we shared? Do you even think about that anymore? About me? What about -,"

    "Stop it," Eren stopped you, voice acting as a silencer to your blubbering drabble. Flinching at the interruption your mouth clamped shut, and your eyes darted for Eren in surprise. Despite locked behind bars, you were still terrified, and it felt more like you were the prisoner of the pair. With a low growl, Eren raised a clenched fist and thrashed it harshly against the bars. It made a low but loud 'thunk!' sound that hit your ears like impending doom, deafening all around you excluding that of Eren and the words he uttered next. "I'm sick of listening to you whine about shit that's not even important,"

    "W-what?" You stammered in question, voice unsteady. "What do you mean it's not important?"

    "Do you really think that amidst all of this I have time to be playing boyfriend?" Eren half-mocked. "I've got bigger priorities than you right now," He didn't look you in the eye, nostrils flared as his gaze lingered on the floor. Your legs nearly gave way at what you were hearing, each word a fatal stab to the stomach. Each stab even more malicious than the last. So that was it? You didn't matter anymore? Were you just some pawn in Eren's plan until he didn't feel he needed you anymore? Had his love ever been real or was it all a hoax to manipulate your every waking thought?

    A minute passed of still silence, one of the many that evening. Your eyes never left Eren, searching for something to indicate he was joking. As well as contemplating pinching yourself in hopes you woke up from this horrible nightmare. Maybe you'd wake up in your Eren's arms, safe and secure as you lay beside him - his gentle breaths from deep sleep tickling the back of your neck and helping you forget the entire reason you woke up. But sadly, no such thing happened. You never woke up from anything but were instead left to face an Eren you barely knew anymore. Endure the pain as he pounded words into your head that gashed crueller than the worst of war wounds.

    Realising this, you felt an urge to laugh, unsure what else there was you really could do. Crying was ineffective, and there was no way you could let Eren get the better of you. That's probably what he wanted anyway, for you to turn around and beg on your hands and knees. So as your hand met your face, you released the smallest of chuckles, lacking in humour but overwhelmed with an unforeseen emptiness. It definitely caught Eren by surprise, but he was fast to not hide it as he pressured that vacant stare onto you yet again.

    "You insist your plan is the only way to get us our future, but I'm not even sure what future you mean anymore," You hesitated, trying to gain control of your lip which began to quiver erratically. "Clearly it's not the one we imagined together when we were younger,"

    "If only you weren't so blinded by your emotions," Eren avoided your words, something you noticed and felt more agonised by than relieved. "Stop thinking with your feelings and see the logic, already. It's so annoying,"

    Almost choking on the sob you tried to hold down, you bit down harshly on your lip - any harder and you probably would have drawn blood. You did everything you could to ignore Eren's words, but you were so hurt that you were losing the means to do so.

    But you couldn't let his words consume you and manifest them into truth. You had to be strong, use whatever power you had left to regain your composure and come out the bigger person. Eren had always been a stubborn brat, Levi's nickname reigning true now more than ever.

    "Use your head and think, Y/N," Eren spoke slowly, leaning his weight back onto one foot. He stretched his arm out towards you, held out for you to take. "Maybe if you stop caring for those that'll just kill you off for sport you'll actually comprehend why you're following the wrong cause,"

    His words were suffocating and barbaric, not at all inspiring or persuading in the slightest. It didn't make you feel hopeful, it made you feel trapped. All you wanted was for it to stop. It wasn't love no matter how much you adored him. It wasn't healthy no matter the good memories you had shared. You had to stop the past messing with your head. You had to stop Eren messing with your head. You wanted to get out and escape. You needed to and as soon as possible. So, taking a moment to regain your composure, your hands raised to adjust the collar of your jacket and you looked over at Eren. An apologetic expression on your face for deciding to cut the visit short.

    "I think I should... should go check on Armin and the others," You started, not sure what Eren would make of that. He appeared to show confusion, blinking once your words processed and frowning based on how sudden they were.

    "Why would you need to do that?"

    "They've been busy, and they're probably looking for me," You made up on the spot. "I didn't tell them I was coming to see you," Eren was silent, eyeing you up and down before he scoffed.

    "You know I can tell you're lying, right?"

    "W-Why would I lie?"

    "For the same reason all people lie," Eren said. "To avoid what you're too scared to face," The way Eren spoke made everything feel much, much worse. A heavy amount of disrespect originated from this new flesh of conceit that Eren displayed on full. He had always been one to boast, but never in the form he showed in the present.

    Listening to his slander any longer was something you simply couldn't handle. Not today, anyway. Fatigue was starting to claim control over your thought process, emotionally drained from talking to Eren. He had selfishly left you in a constant state of confusion and agony, making you ask yourself more questions than answering them. It utterly and totally sucked, being honest, and you had no clue where your relationship stood. Was it over? Were you still even together? Had he even seen you both as a couple this entire time or was it all just a big lie?

    "So what were you trying to avoid when you spent all those months lying to us?" You were tempted to leave without another word said, but you knew you'd regret not asking your question. Which had popped into your head at the last moment as you pondered on Eren's words. Using them against you seemed to strike a nerve, as when you expected Eren to talk he did no such thing. Instead, he glared at you for being caught out, prompting your next words to follow. "I'll... I'll see you later, Eren,"

    And with that, you started walking away.

    You did everything in your power to not look back, focusing your gaze on the exit that was a little way ahead. Eren's stare etched itself into your back on the way out, leaving an even deeper wound than before which would probably scar for sure. Your footsteps dragged across the floor like you hauled twice your body weight behind you. Walking upstairs had never been such a demanding challenge before in your life. To think that you possessed the energy to traverse the walls but absolutely none to conquer thirteen mediocre steps.

    You made it around ten steps up, just about to reach out for the door handle - when Eren's voice finally filled the room again. It brought your rushed exit to a halt with ease, much to your dismay, and what he had to say did nothing to help your situation.

    "Who's to say I ever lied?"

    Your heart both soared and sank at the same time, the conflict in your head skyrocketing as your thoughts drove you mad. What did Eren mean by that? Lie about what exactly? It was the way his words were always so devoid of clarity that hurt the most. The brunette was exceedingly blunt yet always left you inquiring more, prying further until it was too late. A mind game that pulled you in and kept you playing. You admittedly almost swayed.

    But so close to the door, your hand wavering in the air just begging to open it - it was enough to prevent such a thing a happening. You knew if you headed back it would be the end, you would somehow get more hurt than you already had. It was a risky move you didn't want to place your bets on, you had come too far to be foolish.

    So taking a deep breath you reached out for the handle and gripped it tight. You turned the knob and braced yourself to leave, blocking Eren from your mind as you lifted your foot to the eleventh step. Then the twelfth. Then the thirteenth, and finally onto the floor above the jail cells.

    Closing that door behind you felt like the freshest of cleanses, your body sighing out in relief when it clicked shut.

    Sadly though, you didn't have time to celebrate. The whole encounter surely caught up with you, as did the tears you had been saving for when you were finally alone. Just like they guaranteed, the hot, salty liquid singed the corners of your eyes and the tears returned. Before you could do anything, a cry broke out and you staggered until your back hit the door. The hinges jolted loudly, most likely attracting the attention of someone nearby. Whether it be a guard around the corner or one of your friends in search of your location. Maybe even Hange or Levi coming to check up on you. Whichever it was, they were in for a shock.

    Your heart raced with anxiety, mind and body overwhelmed by inner turmoil that made you sick to your gut. The nausea was so bad you had to hold your stomach with your spare arm, fighting the urge to violently vomit all whilst controlling your reckless sobs that didn't cease their slander. Your vision went blurry from how much you broke down, unable to blink the tears away no matter your efforts.

    Fearing the unknown had always been a part of who you were. But had somewhat simmered down as you grew older and developed mentally through being a soldier. However, all that progress reversed in an instant as your mind flashed back to the thought of Eren. How someone who used to possess so much passion now resorted to an empty vessel. The way he admitted to your insignificance with such little struggle, only to proceed to confuse you even more by implying he had never told a single lie. Was he even talking about you when he said that? Or something else completely unrelated?

    A little bit of confirmation wouldn't hurt anybody.

    It was odd to have Eren be the reason for your tears after so many years of him typically being the one to dry them off your face. Though thinking about it, he had been the leading cause for a lot of things as of late. The number a very concerning amount indeed. You barely even recognised him anymore. The once caring soul you fell in love with was no longer there, replaced with a man who had discovered the bittersweet lust for power based on a corrupted idealogy. Such a ruthless lust that it no longer mattered how that idealogy came to be, just as long as he managed to taste an essence of it.

    You hated it. You hated that of all people it was Eren who tumbled down that drain. How did you allow yourself to fall in love with someone so possible of committing such atrocities? To worship him and give him everything you had, only to be told it was all for nothing and you were fighting a losing battle. You knew it was hopeless to hold on and believe that your Eren might return but at this rate that seemed unattainable. Not after witnessing him firsthand. The only thing left now was to move on and pray the world was on your side.

    Part of you didn't want to move on though, so familiar with Eren as your crutch that a world without him sounded terrifying. You had grown so used to his presence in your life that all of this still felt so surreal no matter the fact you were very much living in it. Living in an endless hell that never allowed anyone a moment's peace. Not you. Not even Eren. Not a single human being on the planet. Nobody.

    Just... where along the line had it all gone so painfully wrong?

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    Okay so I am fairly new to Anime and am needing some recommendations please!!

    What I have watched - Naruto & AOT Currently watching - Haikyu!!

    #anime#naruto#aot #attack on titan #haikyū!!
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  • genuinelyshallow
    18.05.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    Facebook can burn in Hell!

    Facebook has been erasing Palestinian hashtags and any posts remotely relating to the cause ! And if you persist, you get a pan for 24 hours ?!

    The word “ Israel “ in Arabic alone gets the post deleted.

    Palestinians facing death have been posting on Facebook their last wills. Words like “ Forgive me if I wronged you.” “ Don’t forget us “

    And we woke up to some of them actually dead.

    And let me quote one of many who’s heart is burning right now : “ what more persecution is there ? You’re going to die and you have to use tricks and switch letters so you can post on Facebook to tell your friends goodbye?!!”

    Right now, Egyptians switched to an ancient way of writing Arabic that has not been used in about 1350 years! We’re Egyptians, Mark, we always find a way.

    We will get our voices heard. Even if we go back to Hieroglyphs!

    #palestine #palestinian lives matter #israel #save sheikh jarrah #facebook #stop asian hate #black lives matter #gaza under attack #genocide in gaza
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  • pleasantanathema
    18.05.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    Sour Grapes | Erwin Smith

    Pairing: Step-dad Erwin x Fem!Reader

    Rating: Explicit (18+ Only)

    Word Count: 3.8k

    Warnings: Pseudo incest (step-dad/step-daughter), Daddy Kink, Choking, Cheating, Infidelity, Filming a sexual act without express consent (but it’s still pretty consensual) 

    Sour Grapes: Disdain for something one does not or cannot have. 

              Erwin was burning, scorched by his own jealousy and foolishness. No one made a fool of Erwin. No one except himself, apparently.

               He’d been the one to encourage you to find someone in college, someone your own age. Someone to bring around and thwart any growing suspicions about the rather...unseemly relationship he formed with you. You, the pretty little thing he wasn’t supposed to have but took anyway. You, with your sweet moans and even sweeter flesh that kept him awake at night. You, his forbidden stepdaughter.

               His eyes were fixated on you across the table, watching your delicate neck gulp down wine that stained the corners of your mouth. But he couldn’t help but flicker his gaze toward the man next to you—broad, smiling, blonde, good. Something inside of him had hoped you’d pick some heinous college boy, someone crass, egotistical, someone clearly not in your league. Instead, you’d picked someone admirable, handsome, polite. Someone who made him envious.

               Jealousy licked up the sides of Erwin’s neck and made his jaw ache. The boy was a viable partner for you, much more so than married, older Erwin who could never truly own you outside of the bonds of family. He could give you things that Erwin never could.

              A classic case of sour grapes, which was a defeat that he’d never really tasted before.

               “Reiner’s a second-year law student,” you offered, forcing a smile. Erwin could tell you’d picked up on his unease, that you were suddenly nervous about presenting your new partner to him and your mother. Your eyes were filled with apologies only he could read.

               “Most of your time must be spent studying, then.”

               The big man grinned sheepishly at Erwin’s statement, reaching his arm around the back of your chair to pet your shoulder, “Most of the time, yeah, but I spend as much time as I can with your daughter.”

               Erwin was going to strangle him.

               But he was going to strangle you first.

               Erwin was tempted to hunt you down after dinner, but he didn’t have to. He knew you’d slink into his office after Reiner had gone home and your mother went to bed, knew you’d come in and open your mouth to apologize only to fill your parted lips with his tongue instead.

               Large hands encased your neck, thumbs overlapping, fingers mean against gentle muscle that stretched to meet him. The way you accepted his mouth so eagerly almost had him forgetting he was upset with you, what with your lips hungrily slanting against his and your fingers tangling in the collar of his shirt and pulling him down into you. But he stopped himself from getting too carried away.

              You let out a little whine as he pulled his lips from yours, fingers squeezing your throat for a moment longer before he untangled himself from you.

               “I was only doing what you asked…” you sounded so defeated, so confused, like you truly didn’t understand why he would be disappointed in you following orders.

               “Oh darling,” he sighed and locked the door to his study, walking past you to lean against the front of his desk, “you were supposed to find someone non-threatening, someone who could never take you away from me.”

               He noticed how you didn’t follow him, your feet planted where he left you and your arms crossed across your chest.

               “Reiner’s like the sweetest guy I know, entirely non-threatening.”

               “Did you fuck him?”

               You visibly winced at his directness, “I—no, he’s not my type.”

               Like big, blonde, and broad wasn’t your type.

               “Don’t lie to your dear old dad.”

               The scowl that curved at the corners of your lips made Erwin hum with pleasure. He loved knowing all your buttons, loved that a few years of fucking you senseless had made his sensibilities about you grow into a way he could manipulate the smallest things. You never liked disappointing him in the first place, and you especially hated when you let him down in the fatherly sense.

              Little girls shouldn’t lie to their fathers; even if he didn’t create you, he did raise you in some ways after marrying your mother when you’d barely turned twenty.

               Erwin’s hands gripped the side of his desk as he watched you roll thoughts around your pretty little head.

               “I mean,” you looked away from him, nails anxiously tapping your arm, “no guy is going to be willing to meet my parents without at least fucking me once.”

               “How many times?”


               He stopped you before you could complain, “And do not lie to me. You know what lying leads to.”

               The way you pressed your lips together told him you were remembering the last time you lied to him, swearing you were up late studying in your apartment when in fact you were out at some nasty frat party. He hadn’t minded where you were, he only minded the lie. He knew you weren’t where you said you were when you left him on read when he’d asked for you to video chat so he could watch you stuff your pussy with your fingers before he went to sleep—something you never disobeyed since you adored the chance to watch him get off to the sight and sounds of your wet cunt on screen.

               “I started seeing him last month. After the whole, you know, “people are catching on” speech you gave me.”


               “And we’ve fucked a few times, maybe four, five times tops.”

               Erwin’s teeth hurt from how hard he clenched them, pain seeping into his cheeks. He suddenly felt too hot, fingers ripping at the top few buttons of his dress shirt to give him some breathing room.

               He never should’ve suggested this little idea to you, never encouraged you to find someone else. He thought he could handle it, but picturing the other man he saw tonight with his meaty hands on your body was making Erwin sweat.

               “You don’t remember how many times?”

               The glare you shot him signaled that you were getting fed up with all his questions.

               “I’m sorry, do you want me to make an Excel spreadsheet and catalog every time I fuck someone who isn’t you? Dates, times, positions?”

               “I’d appreciate that very much, actually.”

               You blinked in disbelief to his answer, arms finally uncrossing as you let your guard down.

               “Come here,” he said it warmly, trying to mask the lingering tones of jealousy.

               You obliged his command, bare feet padding along the hardwood like they had so many times before. He let you wrap your arms around him, bury your face into his chest, feel his cock come to life at your touch. All the talk of sex had the blood in his body running south.

               “No one’s going to take me away from you, you know.”

               “Mhm, and why’s that?” Nimble fingers were pulling the zipper of your dress down, peeling the fabric away from your skin.

               You kept your body pressed to his as you worked on further unbuttoning his shirt, sweet lips planting kisses along his chest as you undressed him.

               “You know why.”

              The dress pooled at your feet as his shoulders rolled to free him of his shirt. One of his hands carded through his hair as he watched you fall to your knees, hands making quick work of the familiar buckle of his belt.

              “I do,” he groaned as you pulled at his boxer briefs, letting his already weeping cock spring free in front of your face, “but I like to hear you say it.”

               Erwin was losing composure as your fingers wrapped around him and your tongue licked a flat, wet stripe up the underside of his cock—he’d never get used to that, to watching you be so willing to please him. And then you smiled, big and bright.

               “Because I love my daddy.” The words traveled down his cock and soaked into his stomach as you sucked down his cock, jaw wide and lips so soft as you slid your mouth up and down.

               It always felt like worship when you fell to your knees before him. Cheeks hollow, tongue eager, brows pinched in concentration on pleasing him. Erwin restrained himself from placing his hands in your hair and taking control, instead leaving his knuckles to go white as he gripped the edge of his desk and felt your hand start pumping what your mouth couldn’t take in.

              Your groans and gulps against him had his lower stomach flexing and tightening, your swirling tongue making pleasure crawl across his nerves. The thick veins of his cock pressed against your tongue and cheeks, head skimming against the back of your throat as spit gathered against your fingers wrapped around him. He adored the hot, wet stretch of your cheeks, loved watching your lashes flutter as you moaned and spread your knees a little wider like you were desperate to have something inside of you.

              His cock in his precious step-daughter’s mouth was the most perfect picture, one that fueled him whenever he stroked himself in the shower or had to imagine you to fulfill husbandly duties.

              He quickly decided that this moment was worth remembering.

              You didn’t even notice him reach around the desk for a moment, the good girl in you striving to concentrate and keep making your daddy hiss and groan. There wasn’t even a flinch from you when his phone’s lock screen clicked open, slurping sounds ringing in your ears.

              Erwin felt his balls tighten as he gazed down at you through his phone camera, thumb pressed against the red record button.

              You were doing your very best to take all of him into your mouth, gasping and nearly sputtering as Erwin moved his hips to where his cock could slide down your open throat. Your nose was brushing the blonde curls at the base of his cock, and the sight of it all on camera made the noises you made suddenly sound so much more vulgar.

              A tumble of curses spilled from his lips before he could stop them, the hand still clutching his desk tightening as you pulled back and repeated to the motions over and over, saliva slipping from your lips.

              “Fuck, darling, say it again.” He wondered how his voice would sound on the recording later, eyes still watching you through the screen.

              You slid your lips slowly down his cock, releasing his head with a wet, suctioned sound before taking a much-needed breath. He watched with tension in his muscles as your stunning eyes blinked open to look up at him, only to find the back of his phone staring down at you.

              In quick succession, he watched confusion, shock, and then sick glee flash through the emotional lens of your eyes.

              Erwin took his cock into his free hand, tapping your cheek with it and smearing spit across your skin as you smirked. He ran the tip of his cock along your swollen lips, nudging them apart. You wrapped your lips around his flared head and whispering words against silken skin that had him shaking.

              “I love my daddy’s cock,” it was mumbled and barely comprehensible, but he could make out the vowels.

              “It’s impolite to talk with your mouth full.”

              You sat still and let him move his hips and wrist to fuck into your awaiting mouth for a few beats, until the corners of your eyes curved upwards in a smile. You quickly closed them and started to put on a show for the camera.

              Erwin twisted his fingers in your hair, not caring if it hurt or if he tugged on your roots, because now he was blinded by the need to cum from the warmth and intoxicating suction of your divine mouth. You moaned and groped at your tits as you let him guide you up and down his length, sucking so hard that little spit bubbles drooled from the edges of your mouth, dripping down onto your chest.

              And he watched it all on the warm haze of his phone screen.

              “Maybe I should send this to your little boyfriend.” He managed a short chuckle before he fell back into his pattern of groans and growls, his delight expanding in his chest as he felt you choke slightly from the head of his cock skimming the back of your throat.

              Some sound of protest vibrated from your lips but it only spurred him on, desperate to feel that rumble again.

              “Bet he’d love to see how much of a whore you are for me, darling. How you love to suck my cock whenever you come home.”

              You whined and it set him on fire, all those lingering notes of sour grapes washing away as he realized he could have you whenever he wanted; perhaps he should let the little video find its way into the world, let everyone finally see that you belonged to him.

              “Such a good fucking girl, my girl.”

              Erwin ended the video on the image of your eyes flashing back up to the camera, tears pooling at your lash line.

              He almost lost it at the sight, using his hand to pull you from his cock before he became too rough with your lips.

              “Desk,” he panted, stepping away to fully rid himself of his pants, “now.”

              It was tempting for him to flick his phone video on again as you assumed your favorite position on his work desk, your pussy spread wide as your back became acquainted with wooden grooves that had been worn into your skin many times before. But he tossed his phone aside, his hands free to paw at the fat of your thighs and test the limits of your flexibility as he pushed them back.

              Your chest was heaving, still catching your breath after having your mouth stuffed for so long, tits rising and falling in anticipation of having him back inside of you after several weeks of being away.

              Erwin leaned over your spread body, elbows on the desk as he kissed your mouth and tasted himself on your tongue. You whimpered as his cock brushed through your folds, your legs pressing against his waist as you tried to draw him in closer.

              “I missed you,” and he could tell you meant it as you spoke against his mouth, fingers brushing loose blonde locks away from his face.

              Sometimes Erwin forgot there was a heart beneath the breasts his fawned over, forgot there was more at stake than just teasing games.

              He kissed your cheek as he started to spear inside of you, your folds parting and encasing around his spit-slick cock.

              “I really do love you, sweetheart,” he couldn’t help but let out a low moan as your sweet body took more of him in, your back arching and head falling back, “you’re so perfect for me.”

              His hand curled around your throat before you could respond, anxious to keep you quiet as he started to thrust into you. Besides, he already knew your response, could feel how much you loved him with you tightly you sucked him in, hips eager to match his pace. Your round ass was slapping against his thighs with his movement, your hands clawing down his back.

              He had half a mind to warn you to not mark him, but this time he wanted you to—he was as much yours as you were his, after all. And you’d been so good for him, tried your hardest to do what he asked. It wasn’t your fault that he was so greedy over you that he couldn’t stand the thought of another man experiencing the bliss he felt from dragging his cock along your sweet walls and feeling you cream around him.

              Kisses were peppered between the fingers on your neck, his tongue weaving between flesh to lick at your pulse and taste your heartbeat in the back of his mouth.

              “God, fuck, Erwin, s-so good,” he caught your moans beneath his hand, trapping them in your throat.

              “This how your little boyfriend fucks you? Does he know how to choke you?”

              You struggled to shake your head no in his hold. Near visible pulses of pleasure raced up your body as your stomach clenched, your thighs trembling. He hooked one of your legs over his shoulder, pressing his weight down on it slightly as he barreled into your depths, your cunt sloppy around him.

              Leaning his head up, he admired the blissed-out look on your face, your lips parted and your lashes fluttering with every flush plunge into your pliant body. He’d molded you to the shape of his cock long ago. Even still, he could tell that you felt dangerously full of him, like any push of his cock could rip you apart. His merciless thrusting had you breathless, gasping for air behind the wall of his hand every time the head of his cock slammed back into you.

              “No one can fuck you like I do, darling. No one loves you like me,” he growled before his lips melded against the juncture of your jaw, teeth nipping at your skin just so he could hear a high-pitched whine squeeze through your throat. There was a concoction of sensations you felt spreading across your body, and his too, the two of you moving together like comets set alight and destined for elysian destruction.

               “Dad-dy,” your words sounded like a plea, a beg for that extra push you needed to fall into the depths of bliss you so deserved.

               Erwin used his free hand to toy with the wetness between your legs, taking a moment to enjoy feeling his cock drumming inside of you before he latched his thumb onto your clit. He swirled hot, quick circles over the bundle of nerves, his eyes shining as he watched your body twitch and spasm at the influx of ecstasy rippling over the webs of nerves that sun beneath your skin.

              “Does he touch your clit like this baby?”

              “N-no, he’s,” you sucked in the best breath you could, tears streaming down your temples, “not as good as you.”

              He tisked, “Shame. You get so fucking tight when you’re played with like this.”

               Truly, he felt like a maestro who finally got his hands back on his favorite instrument: one hand locked around your throat while the other strummed your clit, his cock a consistent, percussive beat, vulgarly slamming into your quivering cunt and just waiting for the crescendo to reach its highest peak.

               “You’re gonna cum soon, I can feel it.” And he could, your pussy sucking him in deeper, your lower body nearly convulsing as he strung you tighter and tighter around him.

               Your hands reached up to anchor yourself around his wrist, nails clawing into his skin and your breasts bouncing against his forearm.

               Something inside of him snapped, like a switch that he knew could never be turned off had been flipped.

               All these years he always fucked you in secret, rarely having the chance to ever really hear you. Your little pants and whispers that snuck out from behind his fist were sweet enough, but he wanted more, wanted—

               “Want to hear you scream for me.”

               He unwound his hand from your neck, flexing his fingers before latching them onto your hip and dragging your hips down on the desk to meet him more fully. Your head snapped up to look at him incredulously, only to quickly fall again when another hot wave of pleasure knocked you back down.

               “Fuck, I-I can’t, Mom is—”

               “You can and you will.”

               Erwin drove is cock into you harder than before, sweat dripping down the muscles of his back as he decided to let consequences be damned. He always took what he wanted, and he was going to have you. Wholly, openly, exclusively.

               You went silent as orgasm crested over you before you let out a scream that made him wish the camera was still on. It shook him to his core; a beautiful, unadulterated sound that pulled the seed from his balls and made his mind go numb. His veneer of self-composure shattered as your body quaked at its most vulnerable and most powerful, milking every string of cum he had to give as your mind tried to come down from the high.

               It was a mistake; he knew that before uttering the words. But you’d always been the best mistake he’d ever made, someone who broke down his walls and had him treading into taboo waters that thrilled him to no end.

               Sour grapes be damned. You were attainable and you were his.

               He couldn’t bring himself to pull out of you for the longest time. Instead, he let his cock soften inside of you as he braced his weight on his hands that were splayed around your body on his desk. You were blinking at him, heart pounding so loud he could both hear it and feel it thumping around his cock.

               You were both waiting, waiting for something to happen, and when no external force came knocking, you finally spoke.

               “Send it.”

               It wasn’t often that Erwin was caught off guard, but tonight had been full of unforeseen emotional circumstances, “Yeah? Wanna give your boyfriend something to be jealous of?”

               Erwin sure did. He was ready to let someone else steep in envy.

               You sat up on your elbows, leveling your eyesight with his best you could, “To show who I’m leaving him for.”

               Erwin couldn’t remember the last time a smile made his cheeks hurt. He finally pulled out of you, both of you hissing at the loss of contact. He stood back and admired how his cum dripped from your abused hole, slowly trailing down the side of his desk before puddling in the floor.

               You sat up completely, stretching aching muscles before entangling your arms around his neck and kissing him so devotedly that he wondered if you actually worshipped him. Your mouth always felt so good against his, like your lips were created from the same mold as his. He spent his time trying to spill his love into your mouth, only stopping when he heard the tell-tell signs of someone rustling through the house.

               “I’ll probably have to move into your apartment when your mother kicks me out.”

               “That’s fine, you’re the one who pays for it.”

               He knew you would both eventually pay for the sins you’d long committed, and after feeling the hotness in his chest when he realized he could never stand to see you with someone else, he was finally willing to pay the price.

    #Erwin #erwin x reader #erwin smith x reader #erwin smut#tw:incest#Erwin Smith#snk erwin#aot erwin #erwin smith smut #snk#AoT #attack on titan #attack on titan fanfiction #snk x reader #aot x reader #snk erwin x reader #aot erwin x reader #snk fanfiction#aot fanfiction
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  • lianekristel
    18.05.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    Title: Haircut

    Pairings: Levi x fem! Reader

    Summary: You got a haircut but you're not confident of how it turns out so you avoided your boyfriend, Levi so he wouldn't see your new haircut but at the end of the day you still ended up meeting Levi.

    Warnings; Mentions of 18+ thing at the end. Other than that, none.

    Word Count: 1000+

    (This idea just popped into my head today because I just got a new haircut and I feel awful about it :< so this is me tryin' to cheer myself up.)


    You sighed as you looked at yourself in the mirror, “I look awful.” you told yourself as you comb your hair using your fingers, you just got a new haircut, Erwin suggested that you should cut your hair short because it's too long.

    He's not lying though. Eren, Armin, Connie, Jean and the other people that are too many to mention, are always talking about your hair. Every damn time you'd pass by in front of them they'll talk about how long your hair is, your hair has always been in a ponytail down your back.

    And when they saw you while your hair was flowing freely down your back to your hips, everybody's jaw dropped, realizing that your hair is much longer than they thought.

    You've always loved your hair, if there's something that you love about yourself, it is your hair, especially your boyfriend, Captain Levi loves playing with it, he loves smelling it, he even tried braiding your hair. It was bad but he didn't stop trying to perfect the art of braiding.

    But because of Erwin's order, you've decided that your hair could get in the way when you're fighting Titans, so you decided to give yourself a haircut.

    You tied your hair up in a bun, nobody would notice the change in its length once you keep it that way, you find your new haircut awful and there's no way you would let anyone see this new haircut of yours.


    “Did somebody see Y/N around?” Levi asked Connie, the latter shook his head slowly, “I haven't seen her, Captain.” he answered as he proceeded in sweeping the floor.

    “Where the hell is my brat?” Levi asked himself, he needs to see you as soon as possible, or else he wouldn't be able to focus on work. He just had to see you, hug you or talk to you for quite some time so he could finally start working.

    It's already 12 o'clock in the afternoon and he hasn't seen you yet, Connie was the tenth person that he asked about you. Eren told him he saw you feeding the horses but when he went there you're already gone.

    When he approached Armin, the kid just told him you're with Hanji but when he went to look for Hanji you were not with her.

    He's already frustrated of what's happening, is it all coincidence that you're already gone before he could see you or you're purposely avoiding him?

    He tried reflecting on himself, thinking if he did something to make you upset, he didn't sleep beside you last night but you usually don't mind such cases, because you understand that there's too many paper works. What did he do that made you avoid him?


    So far, operation avoid Levi Shorty Ackerman is doing good, you succeeded in avoiding him. When you entered the headquarters your gaze landed at Connie who was passionately sweeping the floor.

    When the bald guy noticed your presence he immediately waved excitingly.

    “Y/N! Captain Levi was looking for you, want me to tell him you arrived?” Connie asked you innocently as he smiles widely.

    You just shook your head politely, “Where did he go?” you asked, you have to know where Levi went so you could go somewhere far from him. Connie thought for a second.

    He actually didn't get to see which way Levi exactly went but he think he saw him headed to the left, “He turned left earlier.” he answered.

    You smiled and pat Connie's bald head before heading to the kitchen, Sasha is probably the only person staying there, you just need some tea right now.

    But instead of Sasha, you saw Levi instead, his grey eyes immediately met yours as he sipped onto his tea, when he placed down the teacup, he stood up and walked towards you.

    You cussed Connie in your head for a hundred times, he told you Levi turned left! That bald kid!

    “You've been avoiding me, I presume.”

    “What? I was just busy.” you denied, you felt cold sweats formed in your forehead, Levi kept on stepping forward but you keep on stepping backwards. He was looking at you intensely, he stopped walking when he noticed that you keep on stepping back.

    You finally get to breathe steadily but he suddenly snatched your arms and pulled you towards him, your body slapping onto his, you shut your eyes because of the impact, not that it hurts so bad, there's just a weird effect when your body slapped against his.

    “I know it when you're lying, brat. What did I do? Is it because I didn't sleep beside you last night? Did I accidentally made you jealous? What did I do?"

    “Nothing. I'm just busy today.”

    “Cut the crap, Y/N. Just tell me why are you killing me like this?” he whispered as he hugged you, burying his face on the crook of your neck as he breathes heavily. “Levi, it's just that...” you gently pushed him away from you and pointed your head, he looked at you in confusion, still not getting it.

    “Well, ahm I did something stupid last night.” you crossed your fingers as you bite your lower lip.

    “What did you do, exactly?” Levi asked curiously, he's hoping you didn't get yourself hurt because he'd go crazy once that happens, you can be hard headed most of the times and you're the most unpredictable woman he'd ever met.

    But that is the reason why he loves you, you're always full of surprises and random things he wouldn't find attractive nor important when it's other people but when it's about you, everything is important.

    Your heart was beating crazy fast as you slowly lift your hands to reach your hair bun, you were closing your eyes as you freed your hair, you let it fall freely in your shoulders, it was cut that short—you still haven't heard Levi spoke yet and it's killing you for real.

    After some moment of silence, Levi's low chuckle echoed through your ear and you clenched your fist, you knew it, he'll make fun of you.

    “I know, I look ugly.” you trailed off but you felt Levi's strong arms made their way on your waist, he pulled you close to him before he leaned down to press a kiss on your lips.

    “You look beautiful, Y/N. I just find it weird that you have to avoid me just because of this haircut.”

    “You loved my long hair right? You told me you love playing with it.” you mumbled as you tried hiding your face from him but Levi nipped your chin using your fingers, before he raised your chin and pressed his lips on yours quickly.

    “Brat, it is you that I love the most. My love is not based on your hairstyle or hair length. You look beautiful in any hairstyle. It will grow back anyways.”

    He raked his fingers on your hair with a smile, “See? I can still play with your hair like this. Don't you ever think that my love for you is shallow. I love you no matter what, you can even shave every single hair in your body and I would still be here, ready to love you.” you don't know what to say, you were out of words at that moment so you decided to just act out what you feel.

    You grabbed him by his collar and pulled him down for a deep passionate kiss, Levi even hummed as he pulled you closer and closer. Not wanting to leave any space between the two of you.

    “I love you, Captain.”

    “I love you too, brat.” he smirked before scooping you up.

    “Levi!” you scolded as you try hitting his back so he could put you down but he didn't, he's not affected.

    “I gotta keep you locked in the bedroom so no one could see how prettier you've become. Fuck my paper works, you're my priority.” he smirked as he playfully cupped your ass.

    “Fuck you.”

    “You already did, brat.”

    #levi attack on titan #levi ackerman fanfiction #captain levi#levi aot #levi x y/n #levi x reader #levi x you #levi fluff#levi fanfiction #aot x y/n #aot fanfiction #aot x you #aot levi#levi ackerman
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    ༣ᅠꉂꉂ(ᴖᗜᴖ*) ៳芸 𝗻ᦸᩚ𝘄 ᖘᩚ𝗼𝘀𝘁 〈☆ˀˀ🐼 ፣ 麷 ☆★ あなたを愛してます﹆ᅠ ๑[▓ເ 𝙲𝗿ɘ𝕕!𝘁᥍ 𝕞𝗲ⴰ!!🗯🐮ᅠ。㍿🛩 ૪૪

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    ༣ᅠꉂꉂ(ᴖᗜᴖ*) ៳芸 𝗻ᦸᩚ𝘄 ᖘᩚ𝗼𝘀𝘁 〈☆ˀˀ🐼 ፣ 麷 ☆★ あなたを愛してます﹆ᅠ ๑[▓ເ 𝙲𝗿ɘ𝕕!𝘁᥍ 𝕞𝗲ⴰ!!🗯🐮ᅠ。㍿🛩 ૪૪

    #icons eren jaeger #eren icons #eren jaeger icons #eren yeager#eren#eren yaegar #eren x levi #eren jaeger #eren mikasa armin #eren jeager x reader #anime icons#icons anime#snk icons#icons snk #shingeki no kyojin icons #icons shingeki no kyojin #icons attack on titan #attack on titan icons #aot icons#icons aot#bwbejacksonpsd #icons pretty boys #boys icons #icons boys grunge #icons boys #site model icons #site model boys #snk packs#eren packs#packs twitter
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  • stock-dehko
    18.05.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Attack the Block 2 will reunite John Boyega and director Joe Cornish

    Attack the Block 2 will reunite John Boyega and director Joe Cornish

    A decade after its original release, sci-fi cult classic Attack the Block is getting a sequel, Deadline revealed on Monday. Returning from the original movie are writer and director Joe Cornish, and star John Boyega. In the original film, Boyega plays Moses, a young resident of South London who, along with his neighbors, have to defend their tower block from extraterrestrial invaders. Moses’…

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    18.05.2021 - 23 minutes ago
    #levi ackerman x reader #levi x reader #leiv ackerman x you #attack on titan x reader #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #aot x reader #snk#aot
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    Eren and Historia - Attack on Titan Junior High

    #eren jaeger#historia#eren#historia reiss #attack on titan #attack on titan junior high
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    “someone find us.”

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  • stardewbrainrot
    18.05.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    I wanted to make a full fledged post with all my thoughts neatly organized but I can’t write to save my life so I’m gonna just say this: Demetrius isn’t bad. I really like the silence guy. He’s overprotective, yeah, but he does nothing negative in game. All negative thoughts come from sebastian, his late twenty something step son living in the basement. Poor Maru is in the middle of it all, wanting a relationship with her brother but being super close to her dad. I just feel like Sebastian didn’t get enough attention as a kid and blames Demetrius.

    #but who know #it’s a pixel game it’s rlly not that deep but my brain likes when I talk about it #also this is mild Sebastian slander but I’m married to him so it’s ok #I love Sebastian guys heehee don’t attack me but that man is DRAMATIC #I’m not gonna tag it as stardew bc my other one got notes and I’m scared I haven’t used tumblr in ages #guys I’m scared... #rant
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    #mack attack <3
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  • wezzaner
    18.05.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    The Biden/Harris administration just approved $735 million weapons sale to Israel, raising red flags for some House Democrats: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2021/05/17/power-up-biden-administration-approves-735-million-weapons-sale-israel-raising-red-flags-some-house-democrats/#click=https://t.co/8L9xUy7Vby

    Also, Israel thanks US for blocking UN statement calling for immediate ceasefire in Gaza: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/israel-us-gaza-gantz-un-b1849101.html

    They stopped a UN measure for cease fire.

    The Biden/Harris administration. Reaffirmed Israel’s eight to defend itself. And has approved. A 735 million weapon sale. To Israel. And stopped the UN measure for immediate cease-fire.

    Let that sink in.

    And here are photos from Gaza during the last hour:

    #palestine#gaza#israel#israeli occupation #genocide in gaza #free palestine #gaza under attack
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    18.05.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    as an avid makeup user who’s also a perfectionist and takes time making sure every last line is done perfectly I can proudly say I’d let Eren Yeager ruin it, no questions asked🤲🏻

    #CALL IT SETTING SPRAY #eren yeager x reader #Eren Yeager smut #Eren smut #eren attack on titan #eren yeager x y/n #eren jeager
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