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  • Ch 9: Hurtful Words and Apologies

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    A/N: I know that it’s 3am, but I really just wanted to get this posted. Writing this was difficult - in a writing sense, but also in a different way. I think I lost my love for this story for a little bit. I’m not quite sure why. But, I finished up this chapter and then re-read all the other ones to make sure it worked and fit. And I fell in love. I remembered why I wrote this, how I felt writing it. And I love it again. I can’t wait to continue it.

    Also, I’m celebrating 800 followers right now! I’m doing personalized drabbles and personalized text stories. If you’d like one, you have until 10pm eastern time, January 28th.


    Originally posted by dailymarvel

    “What happened with the Accords,well it wasn’t ideal,” Tony began.

    “Yeah, I’ll say,” Clint huffed, crossing his arms. Nat sent him a sideways glance, unamused. You shifted, already uncomfortable with Tony being there. And Peter already kept trying to catch your eyes, probably seeking some sort of comfort in the fact that you were both close to the same age and were both freaking out over what happened.

    Keep reading

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    Just thought I’d make this :)

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  • If Brother Voodoo debut on DSitMoM, should they get Daniel Drumm’s actor to play him since Daniel Drumm is twin brother of Brother Voodoo?

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  • Someone drew this dope mysterio on the tester pads at office works!

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  • blue

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  • You guys! It’s time again for Lellie’s Wild Speculations Based on Minimal Footage!*

    Let’s see what we have here.

    Tom/Loki in midair, in a behind-the-scenes practice session stunt-leap for the Loki series production.^


    What might this image tell us about the Loki series?

    1. First, it appears that Tom’s particular physical strengths will be effectively showcased in the stunt choreography on this production. This is a good sign.

    • Tom is surprisingly adept at gymnastic stunts for such a tall man. Please note the perfect arch in Tom’s form here. This leap is so well executed. Look at the elegance of Tom’s form, his left arm so gracefully extended. Look at that amazing wingspan!
    • If this clip is typical of the type of stuntwork Tom will be doing, this production will effectively exercise his physical strengths: flexibility, fluidity, agility, precision, and speed. (These are also Loki’s strengths.) If someone is putting this kind of thought into the fight choreography, can we extrapolate that they might be putting as much thought into the production overall?
    • Tom is just a little slow on his timing to stick the landing on this particular jump—but what an awesome landing it will be when he nails it! By his posture on impact, it appears to be intended to be the classic superhero landing (on one knee).
    • But we’re not just talking about a landing in this case: Tom is doing the full leap, start to finish. This is a lot harder than being CGI’ed for 20 feet and dropped two feet for the last bit. If they manage to capture Tom visibly doing this entire leap himself—with the superhero landing—on camera, in one shot, it will be an awesome look.

    2. Nobody does the big, superhuman stunt leaps like Tom Hiddleston. There’s a reason we’ve seen Loki perform some of the largest, longest, and highest complete jumps in the MCU: Tom is very good at aerial work.


    On a spectrum:

    • CH has great physical strength, but he’s not so agile when he’s at Thor weight.
    • CEvans is both incredibly agile and strong—he’s an amazing all-around athlete.
    • Tom has balletic agility and grace. He’s not weak—he’s wiry. He’s flexible and he’s got stamina. He’s built to fly.

    3. More importantly, have a look at Tom’s right hand in the new behind-the-scenes clip from the Loki series.


    The stuntwork in this new clip is clearly a practice run, but look what he’s practicing: his right hand in a grip held up, extended far away from his body—he will be holding something in his right hand in the final version of this stunt.

    • This positioning is undoubtedly deliberate. As any gymnast could tell you, an uneven positioning of the hands will throw off your balance. Tom is going to have to keep a perfect balance despite this additional element, and land this stunt—without the use of his right hand!
    • What could this object in his right hand possibly be? Hmmm… I think his arm is out so far because the object he will be holding is something that could otherwise get entangled in his legs and/or upper body. Something that extends both upward and downward from his grip: a staff or scepter. Does this mean that in the Loki series Loki will have his scepter from Avengers1 (Assemble)?!
    • Loki’s scepter holds the Mind Stone. So, will Loki have both the Tesseract (Space Stone) and the Mind Stone in the series?
    • We know Loki will be traveling through time in the series: will he also have the Time Stone?
    • With possibly three of the Infinity Stones in hand will the series be about Loki questing for all of the Infinity Stones? Six episodes—six stones?
    • Why would Loki go on a quest to collect all of the Infinity Stones knowing Thanos is also searching for them? (Thanos would still be alive in Loki’s alternate reality.) Does Loki want to collect the stones to use them as a bargaining chip with Thanos? Or does Loki plan to use the Infinity Stones himself? Perhaps to defeat Thanos—who tortured Loki and used mind control on him? Or to overpower Odin and take the throne of Asgard—this time in his own form? Would he then also claim Jotunheim?

    4. If Loki will be holding his Avengers scepter in the final version of this stunt, this will be a very risky stunt for a lead actor to perform, himself.

    Let me explain why I think this is a particularly risky stunt. As previously discussed, this type of aerial stunt is harder than it looks, particularly because Tom will be holding something in his right hand, which will require him to do some tricky balancing.

    Obviously, in this stunt, Tom is also moving at a high speed, and at a substantial height in the air, and for a significant distance. But on top of all that, if he is carrying Loki’s scepter, he will be making this leap while holding a heavy, big, pointy thing. Not a hammer, not a shield, not even a knife—a pointy thing that has multiple blades coming out at different angles.


    Of course, they would use a blunted version of the scepter for this stunt. But even a blunted prop weapon would be extremely dangerous at such a speed, with a landing of this force.

    Tom once told a story about the Jotunheim fight scene on the Thor set, when he used Loki’s throwing knives. (I can’t find the clip where he talks about this, but it would have been from an interview he did sometime between 2010 and 2013.) Tom said that after they finished filming the scene, he couldn’t find one of the blunted prop knives he’d thrown. It turned out that he had thrown it so hard the knife was imbedded in the wall of the set.

    5. Tom Hiddleston has no fear, and he is all-in on the Loki show.

    Based on Tom’s own words and the comments of others, we know:

    • Tom always wants to perform as many of his own stunts as they will let him.
    • Tom is a perfectionist.
    • Tom is emotionally invested in this production, not only because he loves Loki, but also because this is his first chance, after 11 years, to perform as the lead in a Marvel production.

    Thus, I surmise that Tom is prepared to put everything he’s got into this production. Like, even more than usual—and he usually puts his whole body, heart, and soul into his work. This series could contain Tom’s finest work yet.

    6. The fact that Marvel is allowing Tom to do a stunt as dangerous as this one could reflect that he has significantly more decision-making power on this series than in the previous films.

    Tom has done big stunts like this before, but never when he was playing the lead character, with the entire production depending on his safety. He’s more valuable to Marvel now, and also more expensive as a commodity, since he’s more famous and successful now.

    So, why is Marvel allowing Tom to do this difficult and risky stunt, himself? I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’s because Tom insists—and on this production, unlike others in the past, he actually has the clout to make executive decisions. If so, this would be a very good sign for the Loki series.

    *Note: Lelliefant’s speculations are sometimes uncannily correct but occasionally way, way off base. Lelliefant claims no responsibility for any lost bets or damages otherwise incurred by Tumblr readers resulting from adherence to the aforementioned speculations.

    ^Credit to @sabine-leo for original screenshots

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  • Tony: *Scrolling through all the religious Tumblr posts* I LOVE SUCKING DICK. I LOVE SUCKING DICK. I LOVE SUCKING DICK.

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  • DON’T BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE! I didn’t know where else to post this but under the Marvel subreddit was an option. These people sell MCU products but also many other things. THEY ARE A SCAM. Me and aswell as two other people I have asked have said they never got their product. Tryna save some folks!

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  • ((ADMIN: You must be talking about this doll. If anyone’s interested, you can pre-order the Bucky doll from here, the Steve one is already available here. I think they need 15 more pre-orders for the Bucky doll before Jan 30 for it to be put into production, so if you’d like one go place an order!!))

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  • Wanda Maximoff x Reader

    Word Count: 1313

    Living in a building with a bunch of superheroes meant there was a lot of excess energy. Weeks without missions were few and far between, but when they did come…let’s just say things in the tower got a little wild.

    Tony usually started with the pranks and then whoever his target was would retaliate. Somebody would inevitably get caught in the crossfire and soon enough everyone was in on it. For a group of highly intelligent, highly trained individuals, the pranks always remained pretty childish. You all needed a good laugh.

    You’re not sure what started it this time but when a bucket of water fell on your head, you were in. Of course you dragged your girlfriend, Wanda into it too. She tried to say she was too mature, but you knew she had as much fun as the rest of you.

    “Y/n, are you sure this is a good idea?” Wanda whispers as you hid around the corner from Tony’s room.

    “It’s just a party popper, it’ll be fine,” you reassure her. You had taped the popper on the door jam and the string to the door so when Tony opened the door it would go off.

    You see him walking down the hall towards his room and duck your head back behind the wall. You hear a bang followed by his loud scream and you couldn’t hold in your laughter.

    “I’ll get you for that y/l/n!” you hear Tony scream as you and Wanda escape to your room.

    “See, told you everything would be fine,” you manage to get out through your laughter and Wanda rolls her eyes.

    “When he gets us back, I blame you,” she takes your hand and drags you towards the bed.

    “Please babe, you and I both know you’re immune to this. You’re too sweet for anyone to target,” you kiss her cheek as she blushes.

    “Yeah well if you keep antagonizing everyone I’m bound to be collateral damage,” she snuggles into your chest and you chuckle.

    “I promise I’ll protect you.”


    When team is all sitting around the table eating breakfast the next morning you catch up on what’s happened so far

    “Wait so you’re telling me you scared Clint with the stupid plastic spider again?” you ask in disbelief.

    “Works every time,” Nat smirks from across the table.

    “In my defense!” Clint chimes in, “she always sneaks in in the middle of the night! It’s hard to be prepared when it’s 6am and I’ve just woken up!”

    “Still,” Sam jumps in, “this is like the fifth time she’s used the same tactic. This is getting a little ridiculous, man.”

    “Yeah, whatever,” Clint grumbles into his coffee as everyone laughs.

    “I still can’t believe Bucky. He covered my entire room in cups of water! They were even on my bed!” Steve whines followed by another round of laughter.

    “Dude, you gotta admit that was hilarious,” Bucky argues earning a glare from Steve.

    “It took me two hours to clean up!”

    You see Wanda go to the fridge to grab a drink. You grab the bottle of Coke out of her hands as she sits down and set it on the table. “I wouldn’t drink that if I were you, love,” you whisper in her ear, “would you like me to make you some tea or something?”

    “Hey!” Tony yells, “stop being all coupley, it’s family breakfast not date night.”

    “Yeah! Too much cuteness too early in the morning,” Sam cuts in grabbing the soda.

    “Sam-” Wanda tries and you chuckle grabbing her hand under the table, smiling as she leans into your side.

    “You two disgust me,” Sam teases taking a sip of the drink before promptly spitting it out. “Who the hell put soy sauce in the soda bottle!”

    “I was gonna warn you. Maybe next time you’ll let me talk to my girlfriend in peace,” Wanda teases.

    “Y/n! You did this? Is that why you knew not to let Wanda drink it?” Sam accuses and you raise your free hand in surrender.

    “Wasn’t me, I just saw right through it.”

    “Hey! It’s a good prank!” Steve defends.

    “I never said it wasn’t, I loved that one when I was twelve,” you say with a laugh.


    You and Wanda make the mistake of taking a nap without locking your door. That’s rule number one of prank week, you knew better. You hear the door open and shut before music is being blasted in the room. You and Wanda both shoot up, her eyes glow red as she throws herself in front of you.

    “Hey, you’re okay,” you take her hand and feel some of the tension leave her body. She relaxes fully as she spots the bluetooth speaker currently playing a pop remix of cotton eyed joe.

    “Sam, no doubt,” she says rolling the speaker back out into the hallway.

    “I’m sure. Are you okay?” you ask, pulling her back into your arms and she nods against your chest.

    “Just startled me. I’m okay, love. I promise.”


    Later that night the two of you are crouched outside of Sam’s room.

    “You ready?” you ask and Wanda sighs.

    “I fully expect to have lost all respect I have for myself by the end of this. Let’s go.” you stifle a laugh and nod to her before tightening the zip tie around the febreze bottle. You throw it into Sam’s room and quickly close the door. You hadn’t accounted on him still being awake and Wanda quickly holds the door shut with her powers before he can escape.

    “Come on, Maximoff!” He screams from inside and you double over laughing.

    “Payback, Wilson!” She yells back.


    “See?” you say as you walk back to your room, “it’s fun when you join in!”

    “I guess it is,” Wanda laughs as you open your door to see two glowing eyes. Before you can process what’s happening you punch and your hand connects with something hard and cold.

    “Ahh Mother of God!” you yell, clutching your hand to your chest. The lights in the room turn on and Tony retracts the face shield on his suit, his eyes wide.

    “Y/n, are you okay?” Wanda asks gently stepping between you and Tony before you can punch him again. She can feel how angry you are.

    “Yeah,” you grit out, “I’m fine.”

    “What the hell, Kid! What kind of idiot punches a robot in the face?” Tony yells and you glare.

    “Not helping, Stark,” Wanda says pulling your arm from your chest to examine your hand.

    “What kind of idiot stands in someone’s room in the dark! It’s 3am I thought you were Hydra! I panicked!” You tell and Tony’s face drops. He’s one of the only people besides Wanda you’ve confided in. Ever since she joined the team you’ve been afraid Hydra would come for her. Logically you know she doesn’t need you to protect her but you’re still a bit on edge whenever you hear something in the middle of the night. It’s been years and you know they’re not coming for her, but you wouldn’t be able to live with yourself if you didn’t do everything in your power to keep her safe.

    “I’m really sorry, y/n. I wasn’t thinking-” Tony starts and you shake your head.

    “It’s fine. It was a good prank. A little too good,” you smile softly.

    “We need to get this hand checked out,” Wanda says and you nod.


    “How’s the hand?” Nat teases the next morning and you roll your eyes.

    “Hey, I just got six weeks off,” you gesture to the cast on your arm, “I’m gonna be ready for the next prank war. I got nothing but time to plan.”

    “Maybe this time no weapons designed for battle, yeah?” Wanda suggests with a chuckle and Tony nods.


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  • The pain never ends

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  • Masterlist

    Requested: No

    Summary: Y/N is working the bake sale when Peter shows up. She finally gets the chance to ask him the question that’s been on her mind since she saw Spider-Man shoot out of that alley, and it turns out Peter has a question of his own for Y/N.

    Word Count: 2,337

    Category: Fluff

    A/N: I’m thinking about a part 3/final part if people are interested, so if you want me to write that and if you want to be tagged if I do just let me know :) If you want to be tagged in other stuff I write for Peter Parker, other characters, or just everything in the future, feel free to shoot me a message or leave a comment on one of my posts :)


    “Ooo, I’ll take one of the cupcakes please!”

    “Good choice! They’re one of our best sellers, and they come from an amazing family recipe.” I smiled at the woman ordering and turned to Amie to get one of the cupcakes Peter helped me make with Aunt May’s recipe. The bake sale was in full swing, and so far, we were on track to make double what we did last year.

    “Y/N, can you switch me? I think if I have to spend another minute with all this delicious food I’ll just eat it all myself,” whined Amie.

    “Sure thing,” I laughed. I went to get the cupcake, then handed it to her to take up to the front table. “Here, go take this to the lady at the register and finish up the transaction. I’ll stay here and run deserts to people.”

    “Thank you!” Amie smiled, then skipped off to the register. We had four lines of people selling, a bunch of people walking around trying to get people to come to our booth, and me and one other guy getting the baked goods and delivering them to where they were supposed to go.

    I looked around, and we actually had a good crowd. Every register was busy with a few people in line. Almost half of everything we made was already gone. People were spreading the word, and business was picking up quickly.

    “Hey, Y/N, can you do a quick inventory?” asked Nick, one of my debate teammates. “We lost track after the last big rush we got and Mr. Cicco wants to know how much of everything we have left.”

    “Yeah, I can take care of that. You’re on your own for running orders though, and don’t take things from the ‘already counted’ pile.”

    “Will do.” He saluted, then took a tray of cupcakes back to the registers while I got to work. Everyone on the team had baked their asses off, so even with half our inventory gone there was a mountain of things left to sell.

    “Alright, cookies are done. Don’t lose track again, I’m going to brownies next!” I yelled after a while, pointing at Nick and then the rest of the people around me. I shifted to start my count over when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

    I turned around to see Amie looking confused.

    “Ummm Y/N? Peter Parker from Midtown’s decathlon team is at the register asking for you…”

    My heart leapt as I turned to the register. There he was, smiling nervously and giving me a big wave. I smiled back, then turned to Amie again.

    “Can you cover for me for a second? I’m going to go say hi.”

    Amie raised an eyebrow, but didn’t say anything. She just nodded and turned to the brownies.

    “Thank you!” I turned back to the registers and walked over to Peter, who gave me another mile-wide grin as soon as I got closer.

    “Hi Y/N!” he said brightly.

    “Hey Peter! I was actually hoping you’d come by today!”

    “I’m undercover,” he joked, leaning forward and lowering his voice. “I can’t let any of my teammates know that I came to an enemy fundraiser.

    I laughed. "Don’t worry, you’re secret’s safe with me. You might have to do some damage control with Amie though.”

    We both looked over at my friend, who was whispering conspiratorially with Nick by the brownies. She looked at us, then blushed and quickly looked away when she realized we noticed.

    “Ha! Yeah, she’s not gonna keep this a secret, is she?”

    “Don’t worry, I can always just tell her you came here to spy on us. She’ll buy it and probably start ranting about Midtown’s willingness to win at any cost.” Peter looked a little offended at first, but I winked and he laughed it off.

    “The perfect cover.”

    He didn’t say anything else, and I paused, trying to decide what I wanted to do next. I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had seen last night. Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man had been on my mind all day.

    “Hey, um, Peter, there’s actually something I was hoping to talk to you about. If you don’t mind waiting a second, I was actually about to take a little break. Maybe we could walk somewhere and chat?”

    “Oh! Uh, sure thing, yeah! Yeah, I don’t mind waiting.”

    “Great! I’ll see you in a sec,” I smiled at him, then headed back to where Amie and Nick were standing. “Amie, I need you to cover for me for longer. Nick, you’re in charge of finishing counting the brownies.”

    “Why, so you can go off with the Midtown kid?” asked Nick.

    “Why is he here? Is he buying stuff from our bake sale?” asked Amie.

    “He’s here to spy,” I said simply. I sooooo wanted to yell at Amie that he helped make half this stuff while she was passed out taking a nap for hours and not answering calls, but I promised Peter I’d cover for him. So I would. “I’m going to get him away from all our trade secrets and then make sure he leaves with nothing to bring back to Midtown.”

    Nick just rolled his eyes and smiled before starting on the brownie-counting, but Amie lit up like a Christmas tree.

    “He’s here to spy? I knew it!” She glared back at Peter, who was the picture of innocence standing at the register smiling at people as they passed. She turned back to me. “Go get him Y/N. I’ve got the register.”

    “Yup, will do.” I said, sidestepping Amie and walking around to the front of the tables. I walked over to Peter, then gestured to the doors leading out of the school. “Shall we?”

    “Let’s do it.” Peter smiled, and we walked together to a little deserted courtyard to the side of my school.

    “Alright, this is as good a place as any,” I said, stopping and turning to face Peter. I was suddenly feeling insanely nervous. What if I was dead wrong? What if I was actually right? I took a deep breath and forced myself to calm down as much as possible. One way or another, I wanted to know. “Okay, I really don’t know how to approach this question, so I’m just going to come out and ask it: Are you Spider-Man?”

    As soon as the words left my mouth I felt like a crazy person for saying them. I instantly regretted it, but that regret started to fade as soon as Peter processed my words.

    He paled and his face went slack for a second, and then he jumped into the most panicked denial I’d ever seen in my life.

    “What—I mean, no—I—that’s crazy! Why— Why would you think that? I mean, I’m not really the hero type, I’m not—”

    I held up a hand to stop him.

    “Okay, wow, I didn’t actually think I was right until that insane reaction. Now that we’re friends and now that I know, the first thing we’re going to do is work on your poker face in case you ever get that question again,” I said. Peter looked shocked, and I guess I probably should have been too, but I mostly just felt happy. Peter was the perfect person to be a super hero, and it made me feel good to know that the famed Spider-Man really was just as cool and sweet in real life.

    Peter was speechless, which was kind of adorable. I felt bad though, for discovering this thing and never even giving him the chance to tell me or make that choice for himself.

    “Don’t worry,” I said quickly, trying to reassure him. “I won’t tell anybody, I swear. I’m great at keeping secrets. I’m like… the anti-Amie.”

    Peter let out a small chuckle when I said that, and it quickly turned into real laughter. I was happy to join in.

    “I can’t believe it,” he finally said once we both calmed down a bit. “Half the people in my life have no idea about this, and they’ve known me forever. I spend, like, less than twenty-four hours with you and you figure it out. How did you know?”

    “I saw you,” I said. “After you left last night I stayed outside for a little bit, just trying to get a breath of fresh air before getting back to all the wrapping I had to do. I saw Spider-Man shoot up from the alley you were in, and you got that intense phone call right before you left, so… I just kind of put a few pieces together and guessed.”

    “Wow. That’s really impressive,” he said, clearly still trying to process.

    “Thanks! And hey, I know there’s really not much I could do, but if you ever think of anything I can do to help, then let me know. You’re an awesome guy and an awesome hero, so seriously. Keep me in mind.”

    “You know, I can actually think of a way you can help me,” said Peter, looking a little nervous. “I, uh, I kinda came here to ask you about it before, you know…”

    I rubbed the back of my neck sheephishly. “Yeah, sorry about that. I’d be happy to do whatever it is though! Just don’t ask me to make my team lose to Midtown on purpose,” I joked.

    Peter let out a small laugh, temporarily distracted from his nerves. “Don’t worry, I’d never ask that. Midtown doesn’t need any help beating Bayville in competition.”

    I laughed and rolled my eyes, but didn’t snipe back. I didn’t want to derail Peter from asking what he wanted to ask any longer.

    “So, uh, I was thinking… well, Midtown’s homecoming dance is next weekend and I still need a date, so I thought maybe you’d want to go with me?” My mouth dropped in shock. He was asking me to homecoming? I figured out Spider-Man in a few hours, how did this question catch me so off-guard?


    “If you don’t want to it’s totally okay! Or if you’re busy or something! I just thought I’d ask, since, you know—”

    “Peter, I’d love to go with you!” I interrupted. He came to an abrupt halt and just looked at me for a second, and then his face broke into a grin.


    “Really! I’m so glad you asked!” I returned Peter’s smile, and he jumped up and punched the air, which was pretty much the most adorable thing I’d ever seen.

    “Yes!” He turned back to me and wrapped me in a hug, literally sweeping me off my feet. He swung me around once before putting me back down, and I suddenly understood just how strong 'superstrength’ was.

    I laughed, completely unable to wipe the smile off my face. The sun shined brighter, the grass looked greener, and Peter’s smile felt even warmer.

    If I had the choice, I would’ve chosen to stay exactly in this moment until homecoming next weekend. Unfortunately, there were other people in the world besides me and Peter, and I had a bake sale to get back to.

    “We should probably head back in,” I said reluctantly.

    “Yeah…” Peter paused, looking thoughtful, then smiled and slung one arm around my shoulder. “It’s probably gonna be harder to convince Amie that I was just here to spy now.”

    I laughed. “Yeah. Yeah, that might be a little harder now. Oh well, she’ll just have to deal with it. And if she tries to give me any grief about it, I’ll remind her that this whole thing started because she bailed on me for hours of baking.”

    “So I guess we kinda have her to thank then, right?” asked Peter.

    I scowled. “No. She does not need that idea in her head.”

    It was Peter’s turn to laugh as we got closer to the school doors. I couldn’t shake the feeling of floating on air, partly because my head was planted firmly in the clouds, thinking about homecoming and all the fancy clothes and spending time together that would come before then. Suddenly, a thought occurred to me. I remembered hearing something about Midtown’s last homecoming.

    “Okay wait a minute, correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Spider-Man fighting a supervillain on the same night as Midtown’s homecoming last year?”

    “Yeah, that was a really bad night. It’s kind of a long story, but that won’t happen again this year, I promise,” said Peter.

    “Huh. I sure hope not.” I thought for a minute, then spoke up again. “But hey, if it does, we’ve got a second shot. Bayville’s homecoming is the week after Midtown’s.”

    Peter grinned at me, and we didn’t even try to hide how close we’d become in just twenty-four hours as we walked back inside. Amie’s jaw dropped from the bake sale counter, and Nick had an 'I knew it’ look on his face next to the brownies, but I ignored them both.

    “Do you want to hang out after school tomorrow?” I asked Peter, turning to him. “I have to get back to the bake sale now, but I want to make sure I get to see you again before homecoming.”

    “Tomorrow after school sounds great! I’ll text you and we can figure out where we want to meet.”

    “Yeah, we have to find some neutral ground,” I joked. Peter laughed, and we finished saying goodbye. He waved over his shoulder as he walked off, and I couldn’t stop smiling for the life of me. Even our confused teacher and Amie’s questions couldn’t touch my glowing, golden mood.

    I was going to go to homecoming with the sweetest, most amazing guy. I was going to go to homecoming with Peter Parker.

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    “What a tragic loss…@kobebryant” RDJ’s tribute to Kobe Bryant on IG. 😭😭😭

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  • In Spider-Man Homecoming right before the MJ reveal, a tiger is seen running across the background, which could be seen as a subtle nod to MJ calling Peter “Tiger” throughout the comics

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    Really messy, but I like them. There’s also a part two but I haven’t learned to link things here yet, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  • y’all just gonna forget that peter parker’s knowledge of 80s movies is what saved dr strange from space squidward or,,

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