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  • Did I really just update my phone so I could make a widget of my avengers meme album so every time I scroll to that page I get to laugh or smile from reading something amazing? Yes, yes I did.

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  • Nick Fury explaining the Avengers: you see, they all have about 6 brain cells between them.

    Bruce has 3 of them at all times, Natasha has one and so does Steve.

    Clint has none, Thor has half of one and Tony thinks he has one but it’s actually just Pepper whispering in his ear.

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    another stevetony dooooodle

    [Do not repost, use, or edit ✨]

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    R: shit … we have problems

    T: you mean you have problems

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  • someone call a damn ambulance ‘cause i’m dying of platonic sibling fluff

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  • summary: in which you struggle to tell the difference between liking him as a friend or something more. until one fateful moment forces you to decide where you ultimately stand.

    words: ~3.9k

    warnings: mentions of death, blood, overused friends to lovers, slight enemies to lovers LOL

    a/n: i suffered through this WIP for like, 3 mf MONTHS before i was finally able to finish it off. i feel so relieved. but i will warn you, it’s terrible


    Originally posted by red-blue-velvet



    You exchanged curt nods with him as you went to grab yourself some water after attending a meeting with Fury. Ever since Sharon started showing up more often, you began to distance yourself from him because you know that lingering by will only make you feel worse.He doesn’t know why you’re acting so cold all of a sudden, but decides not to question it as it won’t help the situation in any way whatsoever.

    He was quick to break the awkward silence that had fallen. “Where are you being sent off?”

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  • Part 2 *Avengers about to fight a new enemy*

    Steve: Don’t underestimate us.

    Tony: Yeah! Our motto is “maybe we’ll get lucky this time”!

    Part 1

    Bucky: Weird, that was Steve’s motto before the serum…

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    Originally posted by wandawwilson

    Summary: You can teach an old dog new tricks, but it’s going to cost you.

    Fifth in a part of eight responses to the “9 Months” challenge by crackleviolet on Lunaescence Archives.

    Rating/Warnings: T for sexual references, portrayal of pregnancy, multiple pregnancy, discussion of psychotherapy, physical violence against a pregnant woman (accidentally, by a villain), child abduction, and some foul language

    Chapter 3: How You Told Him

    Okay, so you chickened out. A week later and you still hadn’t broke the news to Bucky. But it wasn’t entirely your fault! He came home so calm and happy from therapy that you couldn’t bear to ruin his mood, and then one thing led to another, which led to another, which led to you out in the field with the rest of the team. The middle of a battle did not seem to be the proper place for your big reveal, no matter what Steve might have thought to the contrary. He’d made sure you got paired with him for the day, and had made his feelings clear the minute everyone else headed for their assigned stations.

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    #fan fic #where gods do fear to tread #straw writes#bucky barnes #james buchanan barnes #winter soldier#avengers#marvel#mcu#reader insert #second person pov #bucky x reader #reader x bucky #white wolf #bucky barnes x reader #reader x bucky barnes #james buchanan barnes x reader #reader x james buchanan barnes #winter soldier x reader #reader x winter soldier #white wolf x reader #reader x white wolf #avengers x reader #reader x avengers #marvel x reader #reader x marvel #mcu x reader #reader x mcu #pregnancy fic#challenge fic
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  • Part 1

    Summary:  You treat Bucky differently than the other Avengers do.

    A/N: Hope you guys enjoy!! xx pls ignore any typos 

    Tag list is at the end. Let me know if you want to be added xx


    Requests: OPEN {CLOSED}

    ** Rules for Requesting **

    ** Who I Write For **

    ********************************************************************************************NOT MY GIF, CREDIT TO OWNERS


    Originally posted by coporolight

    “You killed my parents! I don’t think I could ever forgive you for that!”

     “I know, Tony and I wish I could take it all back! I really do! But I can’t, that was not me. It was the Winter Soldier!” 

    You’d just sat down in your room to catch up on reading when yelling pulled you from your room. You quickly headed toward the yelling and found Tony and Bucky toe to toe. The other avengers surrounding them. 

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    #Bucky Barnes #james buchanan barnes #bucky fanfic #bucky barnes fanfic #bucky barnes x reader #bucky barnes fanfiction #bucky barnes x #bucky barnes x you #bucky barnes x y/n #bucky barnes x female!reader #james buchanan barnes imagines #james buchanan barnes x rogers!reader #the avengers #the avengers imagines #the avengers fanfiction #the avengers fanfic #avengers#avengers fanfiction#avengers fanfic#avengers imagines#marvel imagines#marvel fanfiction#marvel fanfic #bucky barnes imagines #bucky barnes imagine
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  • We’re in the endgame now.

    #2020 election #you fuckers better VOTE BLUE #WE ARE IN SUCH DEEP SHIT #rbg #ruth bader ginsburg #endgame#coronapocalypse#avengers
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  • Idk I just really like the idea of Tony being this really overprotective father of Morgan (not overbearing, but yknow: teaches her self defense when she’s like 11, does background checks on her friends’ families to make sure they’re not axe murderers or HYDRA operatives, and all that good stuff) so when Morgan gets her first friend that is a boy when she’s in high school, he goes absolutely ballistic.


    “Dad, we’re just friends. Promise.”


    “Tony, honey, please don’t become a full fledged life360 helicopter parent because she met a boy—“

    It just brings me great joy. I wish I knew why.

    And side note: in my fics Morgan is biromantic asexual so :D

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  • How about this potential crossover in MCU?  Intense!

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  • [a Star Wars x Avengers crossover]

    • Summary: Anakin realizes that he is falling for you, hard. He doesn’t want to hurt Padme, so instead, he distances himself from you.
    • Warnings: a couple of curse words, mentions of cheating, my writing
    • WC: 2.3k
    • A/N: Initially this was supposed to be ch 4.5 cause I started writing this when I was halfway thru with the original ch 5. but shit happens so here we are. p.s. I pulled this out of my ass so sorry if its bad.

    Originally posted by anakinskywalkerpls

    read chapter 4 here

    “took a minute, but I figured it out. The problem with me is you.” - Problem With You by Sabrina Claudio

    You practically bolted out of the ship once Anakin landed it, not wanting to face the consequences of your actions. It was stupid really, pining after someone you couldn’t have. I shouldn’t have reciprocated his kiss. The thought of it alone was selfish, stealing away the husband and soon-to-be father from Padme. Your task was to save the universe, by any means necessary. Well, Fury did suggest that I get close to him. But he also said to not do anything to drastically change their timeline. But it just doesn’t make sense. How was I supposed to befriend him without changing the timeline? For all I know, my arrival here has already severely altered their timeline.

    You went to your room while Obi wan and Yoda went to a meeting, Anakin was nowhere to be found. You sat yourself on the edge of your bed, hands roughly combing through your hair. All you wanted for Anakin was from him to be happy. Of course, you could accept the fact that maybe it wouldn’t have anything to do with you, if only that were true. In the short time you’ve been on Coruscant, you’ve noticed something change in him. But you didn’t know him, the real him. The only version of him that you knew was the one that existed on screen; The one who loved his wife so much, that he turned his back on the ones he loved the most to save her. Only to ultimately lead her to her demise.

    The Anakin you were getting to know was different, in a good way, yet he was still so complicated. After training, you would eat together, whether it was in the cantina or at Dex’s, it was always the two of you. Some nights, he would come to your room to talk. And you let him. You let him rant about how unfair the council was, the pressure of being the chosen one- whatever he had to say, you listened to him. He did his best to express his emotions to you, but still got overwhelmed by them. At times, neither of you knew what to do. So you both sat in a comfortable silence, the mere presence of each other was enough for the both of you. Sometimes the two of you sat outside of the temple, watching the sunset as the nightlife emerged. Other times you would sit outside in the garden, meditating together. You’ve gotten to see the side of Anakin that no one really knew. Well besides Obi wan, Ahsoka, and Padme. You have yet to meet Padme., only hearing whispers of her from the other Jedi.

    While you did train under Obi wan and Anakin, you rarely got to see Ahsoka. After coming to Coruscant, she became Plo Koon’s temporary padawan so that Anakin didn’t have to train the two of you at the same time. Although it wasn’t the same as completely leaving the Jedi Order, you could tell how much it affected Anakin. As you sat on your bed you couldn’t help the question that came to your mind. When it comes down to it, will I be the reason he falls?


    Anakin is already in the room when you show up for training. There are no remarks or comebacks made as the two of you prep, just pure silence. Silence, was something that you hated. It was different from the sunset-watching silence you always shared. This was tense, heavy, and just straight up unbearable. Your movements were awkward as you took out your lightsaber and got into a fighting stance.

    “So who talks first? You talk first? I talk first?” You said, breaking the silence, not realizing you had just quoted Poe.

    Anakin glares at you before responding, “There’s nothing to talk about.” He ignites his lightsaber and stalks towards you.

    “Oh come on, don’t pretend like yesterday didn’t happen.” You replied, gripping your lightsaber in both hands as you ignited it.

    “I’d rather not think about it. Now be quiet and focus.” He said, swinging his saber only for you to block his attack. You complied and trained with him in silence, save for the occasional grunt that you let out.

    As the minutes passed, you grew more tired as Anakin’s actions became assertive. He began swinging his saber more aggressively, the pace so fast you almost couldn’t keep up. He was going to back you into the corner if he didn’t stop.

    “Anakin, stop!” You pleaded. Your words seemed to have no effect on him as he continued, his eyebrows scrunching together as he knocked your saber out of your hand. He raises his lightsaber, ready to strike you down. With no weapon in hand and no way out, you use the force to push him back.

    “WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?” You screamed at him once he was a good feet away from you.

    Anakin wanted to tell you the truth. That loving you was his problem. That with each passing day, the feelings he had felt so many years for Padme, had nearly diminished. With your arrival, it felt like he had been reborn. He began to see life in a new light, maybe even cherished it more. And deep down, he knew that you were always meant to be his, and he was always meant to be yours. At night he would lie awake thinking of you, of what your lives could’ve been like together. Oh, how he would curse and scream at the stars for this twisted fate. But Anakin knew that he couldn’t be with you, no matter how much he wanted you.

    He hated himself for being unfaithful to Padme, and in return he directed his internalized anger towards you, the source of his problems.

    “You. Are. My. Problem.” He said, accusingly pointing his finger at you whilst stepping closer with each word he said.

    “ME? I’m your problem?”

    “Yes, you!.” He replied, pausing while trying to think of something to say. “I know what you’re trying to do, and it isn’t going to work. You’re trying to stray me away from my path. I will not indulge in your activities. I am loyal to the Jedi Order and my duties.” Anakin felt bad, he truly did. He didn’t want to lead you on, but it seemed like it was already too late.

    “You’re the one who kissed me!” How ironic, he’s only loyal to the Jedi, but apparently not to his wife.

    “Because you seduced me!” He countered.

    “I did no such thing.” You replied. “It wasn’t my fault that you saw me swinging my saber and got turned on. That’s on you Anakin. Also, if you have so many problems with training me, why don’t you ask the Council to swap you out for someone else?”

    He opens his mouth, as if he’s going to reply, but it quickly shuts.

    “Yeah, that’s what I thought.” You pick up your saber and exit the training room.

    Now alone, he lays on the floor, with his limbs sprawled out while mindlessly staring at the ceiling. He knows that he’s just ruined every chance, no matter how small or big, of being with you in the future. Anakin could only beg the makers that one day, some very distant day, or possibly in another life, that the two of you would’ve been together.


    You waste no time calling Fury when you return to your room. The device takes a while trying to connect with FRIDAY back on Earth, but she alerts Fury, along with Tony and Peter, that they had an incoming call from you.

    Three faces pop up onto the hologram, Peter was basically screaming at you. You quickly greeted him back before telling them what just happened, or well the shortened version of what happened.

    “I fucked up.”

    “What do you mean fucked up?” Tony asks.

    “Okay, so Fury, you know how like you told me to get close to Anakin– but not really that close. Just close enough so that he could y’know, slaughter his fellow Jedi and the younglings but not me. And then he would eventually become big bad Daddy- oops hehe, sorry I meant Darth. Darth Vader. And kill all of these people with his extremely cool but extremely dangerous weapon. But not close enough that it would alter their timeline. Which doesn’t really make sense if you think about it. Like how do I get close to him without getting close to him, y’know? Also how am I supposed to know where Thanos-“ Your rambling gets cut off by Fury.

    “Get to the point.” He says.

    “Right…. so…. like I said, I did something and I fucked up. He basically wants nothing to do with me now.” You replied.

    “I don’t care. Do whatever you need to do to get back on his good side. Use one of those mind tricks you learned if you need to.”

    “Those won’t work on him.” You sighed, your body hunched over as you tried to think of possible solutions.

    “Then do what you need to, or else I’ll be forced to take you off the mission. I don’t want to repeat myself again” Fury hands the device to Tony, “I’ll give you some time to speak with her. But I expect a plan the next time you call.” He says before leaving the room.

    “So, how’s life over there treating you, Star?” Tony asks. “What happened between you and.. what do you call him? Flyguy? No, umm-”

    “Listen, I don’t really want to talk about it. But besides that, it’s been okay. Not really different from back home. I wake up, eat, train, eat, explore, eat again, then go to sleep. Basically the same routine. The food here is alright, nothing compared to what I was eating back at home. But I’m grateful that they’re giving me food and shelter.” The rest of your night was filled with chatter and laughter, the previous events from the grueling day slowly drifting away from your mind.


    It’s been two weeks since Anakin had confronted you, and almost nothing had changed. Well except for those couple of days where you thought he had taken up on your suggestion, only for him to show up for a day of training then leave again. The first day he was gone, you thought nothing of it. Only that he might’ve needed some space. But another day passed and there was still no contact from him. Of course you could’ve taken this issue up to the Jedi Council, but what were they going to do? Offer to switch out Anakin for a Jedi Master? No, you wouldn’t allow that to happen. Instead you tried to reach out to him using the bond you two shared, only to find yourself blocked off from the connection.

    Without Anakin by your side, it felt as though you became vulnerable to your emotions and the dark side. More specifically, you could feel someone lingering in your head. It certainly wasn’t Anakin. This person, the force around them was dark. They commanded respect, power, and fear. The day they intruded your head was the very day you began having nightmares.

    Your body was sprawled on the ground, as if someone had pushed you back. The ground is hardened, it makes you let out a groan. Propping yourself up on your elbows, you noticed the two figures in the distance. You could only see them below their collarbones, their faces were blurred.

    One of them wore a dark robe while the other was wearing ordinary civilian clothing. It seemed like the two of them were arguing, particularly, they were arguing about you.

    “You will not take her from me!” The man in the robe declared.

    “She was never yours.” The other man calmly replied, his hands held up showing he did not want to fight, hoping the robed man would comply. He doesn’t, instead he stretches out his hand, using the force to bring the man into his grasp. He turns around the civilian, so that they are both facing you, and forces him to his knees.

    “If I can’t have her, then you can’t either.” It was like time began to slow as he said those words. You could hear yourself sharply intake air as the man takes out his saber. All life around you goes to a standstill as you see a red light illuminate your surroundings, a blade protruding from the man’s lower stomach. The sound of your own blood pumping is loud, but not as loud as the gasps emitting from the wounded man.

    “KAZ!” You screamed, calling out for the man. It was then you realized that this person wasn’t you. You certainly didn’t know anyone with that name. Or perhaps this was someone you had yet to meet.

    The robed figure retracts his saber, Kaz’s body falling in front of him. If you acted quickly, you could retrieve his body and save him.

    “You see, Kaz. My intention from the beginning was to kill you. However, I think I’d like to watch you suffer instead.” That voice, it sounded so familiar, yet you couldn’t place your finger on who it was.

    “What do you mean?” Kaz uttered weakly.

    The man gave no response, only a glance towards Kaz before he began making his way towards you.

    “No, stay away from her!” He pleaded.

    The glow of his red saber became more clear then closer he got to you. The last thing you see is his saber coming your way before everything fades to black.

    That night, you woke up drenched in sweat and panting as if you had just ran a marathon. If there was one thing that you understood, it was the fact that the force didn’t want you here. Your destiny was supposed to be fulfilled on Earth. Only time could tell you the consequences for trying to interfere. But you didn’t care, you were going to do whatever you could to save your friends.


    tags are open :P

    #Anakin#Anakin Skywalker #anakin skywalker x reader #anakin skywalker x you #anakin skywalker fanfiction #anakin skywalker fanfic #Anakin Skywalker x Padme Amidala #star wars#sw #star wars fanfiction #peter parker#tony stark#Nick Fury#Avengers#spiderman#MCU#marvel #marvel cinematic universe #star wars x avengers
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  • “Hey” Steve whispers, gently grabbing Tony’s cheek, forcing him to look into Steve’s bright blue eyes, “I love you, Tony.”

    Tony’s eyes water up. He stares into Steve’s eyes, flickering between both eyes, “I love you too, Steve.” He whispers back, feeling a tear escape his right eye. He sniffs quietly, wiping his face with his sleeve, “I love you so much.” Tony sobs out, grabbing onto Steve’s sweater and pulling him into a hug, sobbing onto his shoulder.

    #pov: tony stark #stony #i dont know really know what this is #tony stark#steve rogers#fan fiction #au in comments? #avengers#kinda maybe#highschool au #??
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  • Fandom: Avengers  

    Count: 5611

    Warnings: Graphic Whump / ANGST

    Rating: M (for whump and language)

    Summary:  What if despair had a name and liked to eat your nightmares for breakfast? The Avengers are out on a routine mission when despair comes calling, and it sets its sight on our favorite genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. As the team rallies to rescue their friend, they are brought face to face with the fact that they don’t really know Tony at all.


    Chapter 5 - Bigger is Better

    Tony was so damn tired. All he wanted to do was sleep, but he couldn’t do that. Why couldn’t he do that? 

    Right. He remembered, the deadline for the project was coming up fast, tomorrow morning in fact. On the bright side he had to be more than halfway at this point. He was 12 now, which meant it’d been two years already, and per their deal, he’d completed every project his father had demanded of him. His high school graduation was only a year away after all. Maybe one or two more demands, and he’d have a free pass to the college of his choice. He just had to make it through this last day. He could do that. For the chance to go to MIT, he could do anything. 

    He stumbled into the lab at a jerky jaunt, and Ronan looked up at the very obvious sounds of shuffling feet. 

    “Sorry I’m late,” Tony said in greeting.

    “Are you even awake right now?” Ronan smiled warmly, eyes creasing in concern. 

    “Pretty sure,” Tony quipped on a yawn, “But we can take a scan of my brainwaves and compare it to the ones on file of me sleeping.”

    He hopped up onto the chair next to the middle-aged engineer who had become an unlikely friend. They hadn’t started that way. His father had demanded he collaborate with the specialist, regardless of Tony’s insistence that he didn’t need an assistant. He’d been wrong, of course. He was always wrong when it came to his father. But this time it didn’t sting quite as much as the others; mostly because Ronan was the first person to treat him as an equal and not a child, or a punching bag, or a way to butter up his father. He wasn’t here to babysit Tony or report on him to his father about how hard he was working. No, they were mutual developers. Partners. Tony liked that. 

    “You have scans of your brainwaves on file?” Ronan asked, turning towards him. Their knees brushed as they often did in such close proximity, and Tony sent his chair into a slow spin, counting the seconds until the nausea began.

    “Yep. Weeks worth,” he shrugged.  


    “I was really into cerebral electrical fields when I was 8.” 

    “Tony. You’re amazing, you know that?”

    Tony lost count as he slowed to a stop and looked at the man. Ronan was much taller than Tony, but when sitting they were more level, and he searched those blue eyes for the sarcasm or hidden objective that usually accompanied such a complement. He didn’t find any though, and soon he felt his face begin to warm at the realization that Ronan really meant it. He thought Tony was amazing. 

    “It’s not like I cured cancer..” he mumbled, unsure how to respond to such sentiment. 

    “I mean it.” Ronan said, leaning in and placing a hand on Tony’s thigh. The blatant physical touch made Tony jerk. He ignored the uncomfortable feeling it produced, and it died quickly when pain didn’t immediately follow.

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  • If You Were Here

    Rating: PG-13

    Warnings: mentions of death, implied/referenced alcoholism, depression, implied/referenced suicidal tendencies, language

    Characters: Thor Odinson, Loki Odinson, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff, Peter Parker, Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, James Rhodes, Stephen Strange, Wong, Peter Quill, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, Groot, Mantis, Nebula, Bruce Banner

    Mentioned: Thanos, Scott Lang, Amora, Eitri, Frigga, Odin, Vision, Heimdall, Brunnhilde, Korg, Miek, Jane Foster, Hela Odindottir

    Thor sat on a rock, glancing around at everyone around him. Now that the battle was over, those who had lost their friends and family finally had the chance to reunite. He saw Steve with Sam and — what was his name again? Bucky? They never really met, but Steve had mentioned him from time to time. Clint, Natasha, and Wanda were standing nearby, Clint talking on his phone with a small smile on his face.

    A little farther away the young boy — he called himself Spider-Man? He looked far too young to be called a man, but Thor wasn’t going to judge. — was talking excitedly in front of Tony, Pepper, and Rhodey. Dr. Strange was watching nearby with a small smile, a short, round man standing next to him.

    The Guardians were crowded a few feet from them, laughing at a joke or some funny story. Rocket had said that Thor could come with them when they leave Midgard, but he wasn’t so sure he would join them yet. He knew that they were already a family. While him and Rocket had become good friends since the Snap, he didn’t want to intrude.

    Thor felt something hit the back of his head and let out a growl, bringing his hand up to rub it. From the dust, he guessed it must have been a rock. A surge of anger flowed through him, because who would dare throw something at him while he was mourning? Couldn’t they see that he wasn’t in the mood to jest right now?

    He picked up Stormbreaker and started to stand, turning to face whoever had bothered him. He didn’t realize that everyone around him had fallen silent. Maybe if he had, he would have realized who his provoker was sooner. Instead, he didn’t realize until he saw long, black hair. His eyes widened at the sight and he dropped his weapon. “Loki?”

    “Hello, Brother.” Loki looked the same as he had on the Statesman. Down to the fact that his skin was pale and bloody and his eyes shone with pain. His hair was messy and knotted and his clothes were dirty. “I’m here.”

    Thor looked him over for a moment before running forward and wrapping around him tightly. He noticed his brother flinch a bit, grunting with pain, but he still relaxed slightly, letting his own arms wrap around Thor hesitantly. “I thought you were dead.”

    “I, um, I was. Seriously this time.” Thor pulled him away to look at him. He remembered watching his brother die. He had watched Thanos snap his neck. He had said there was no resurrections this time. He was really dead. “You know I’m telling the truth, Thor.”

    “I don’t understand…”

    “Maybe I can help with that.” The two looked up to see Dr. Strange coming closer. “He speaks the truth. I came after the Statesman exploded. I still had the Time Stone at the time, and was able to use it to reverse his death.”

    “Hold up, hold up.” A new voice cut in. Bruce — BruceHulk? — was coming from where he had been helping Scott with the Quantum Portal. He looked shocked and slightly offended as he glared at Dr. Strange. “You acted like you didn’t know who Thanos was.”

    “I had to do what I had to do.”

    “Can someone please explain what is going on here?” Loki asked, looking from Thor, to Bruce, then to Stephen. “All the sorcerer told me was I was needed for another time. I am extremely confused.”

    “I still find it ironic you call me a sorcerer when you once learned from an apprentice sorceress,” Stephen grunted, smirking as Loki’s eyes widened with surprise. “Yes, I know about her. I know everything.”

    “We don’t speak of Amora,” Thor murmured, noticing the hurt look in Loki’s eyes. “Come, Brother, let’s go somewhere private and I will explain all that has happened.”

    Thor summoned Stormbreaker again and Loki gave him a look of confusion. “Where did that come from?”

    “Eitri,” Thor shrugged, raising the axe and watching the amazement in Loki’s eyes as the Bifrost appeared. He seemed almost dizzy as they reappeared in Norway, not far from New Asgard. He swayed a bit an Thor grabbed his arm to steady him. “You okay?”

    “Just give me a second,” Loki huffed, leaning against Thor slightly. “Apologies, it’s only been a few minutes since this fight for me.”

    “Sit down,” Thor insisted, lowering his brother to sit on a rock. Loki didn’t protest. He sat down and slowly let go of Thor. “Do you need anything? We’re not far from New Asgard.”

    “New Asgard?” Loki murmured, raising an eyebrow. Thor took the moment to switch to more comfortable clothes and saw Loki’s eyes widen again at his appearance. He looked in his eyes and must have noticed the distant look that always haunted his eyes now. “Brother… You’re not okay, are you?”

    “Not now, Loki,” Thor sighed, shaking his head. “You’re hurt. You’re basically half-dead right now. You were dead. We’re going to take care of you first.”

    “No, Thor.” Loki stood, still a bit shaky, and looked his brother in the eyes. For a moment he was silent, but Thor could tell that he was on the brink of losing his temper. “Thor, I know that d*mn look and I’m not going to let it slide. I am not going to live on a planet that hates my existence without my f*cking brother.”

    Thor was surprised to see tears starting to shine in Loki’s eyes. He had seen them there many times before, but it was never for him. He never thought that Loki could cry for him. “I’m here, lillebror,” Thor told him softly. He held out an arm and let Loki fall against his chest. “I’m not going anywhere.”

    Loki balled up a fist and weakly hit Thor’s chest. “I know that look,” Loki cried. “I know that look, storebror. Please. You’re hurting. I know. I can see it.”

    “Loki, look at me.” Loki pulled away and looked at him. “You’re right. I’m not okay. I am hurting. But you have to listen to why before you freak out on me, okay? Let’s sit down and talk.”

    Thor waited for Loki to nod before leading him back to the rock and sitting next to him. Memories of them talking like this when they were younger flooded his memories. There was a time that whenever either of them were upset, they would sit and talk it out. It was something Frigga encouraged, and it usually did help. But that stopped after what Odin saw in the Godseye Mirror.

    “After… After what happened on the Statesman, I went to Eitri to craft Stormbreaker,” he started. He might as well get the whole story out of the way while Loki was listening to him. “Thanos was heading to Earth to take the Time Stone and the Mind Stone, and I knew that I needed to get to Midgard to help Bruce and the others. I got there in time. I was relieved. Vision was still fighting. Thanos wasn’t there yet… But he ended up taking the Stone anyway. He had it. He had all of them. And I stabbed him with Stormbreaker, but it didn’t kill him. He used the Stones. He wiped out half of all creatures. Told me I should have gone for the head.”

    Thor felt a hand on his knee and sighed, closing his eyes. “I felt like I had failed. I was meant to avenge you and Heimdall and all the Asgardians he killed that day, but I failed. Not only that, but it was my fault that humanity was destroyed.”


    Thor shook his head. “We went back and found him. He had used the Stones again, and we thought that now that we were all together… All of us that were left, anyway… We thought we could overpower him and use the Stones to bring everyone back.”

    “He destroyed them,” Loki murmured. Thor nodded, glancing over at him. He had forgot that his brother worked for Thanos at one point.

    “He destroyed them,” Thor confirmed. “I… And I killed him. I killed him even though it meant nothing. Because everyone that I loved was gone.

    “Val and Korg and Miek… They helped me set up New Asgard here, but it wasn’t enough. I locked myself away. They were the only ones who were allowed to see me unless I came out for supplies.”

    “Supplies?” Loki questioned, raising an eyebrow.

    “Alcohol. Food… That was about it,” Thor admitted. “Spent most of the day playing Fortnite with Korg and Miek. I just kept drinking, hoping that I would finally reach my limit, but it never happened. Five years and it never happened.”

    “Hold up — five years?!” Loki asked. “It’s been five years?”

    Thor nodded slowly. “About a month or so ago, Bruce and Rabbit came and found me. Told me they thought they had found a way to bring everyone back. I didn’t feel like I should come back with them. I… I didn’t feel like I should be considered an Avenger anymore, but they convinced me to come back.”

    “And how, exactly, did you bring everyone back?” Loki asked. “The Infinity Stones are gone. That shouldn’t be possible.”

    “Stark figures out time travel,” Thor shrugged. He saw Loki’s eyes widen a bit. “We split up and went to collect the Stones from different times. Rabbit and I… We traveled to Asgard. When the Aether was in Jane.”

    Loki thought for a minute, and Thor guessed he was trying to place the time in his mind. Then a dark look clouded his eyes. “That would have been when I was imprisoned,” he murmured.

    Thor nodded sadly. “I… It was the day mother died,” he admitted, lowering his head to his hands. “I spoke to her. I tried to hide, but you know there’s no hiding from mother. She told me to leave the sneaking to you.”

    Thor smiled over at Loki and saw him return it sadly. “I wanted to warn her, but she told me that I was there to fix my future, not save hers. I… I think she knew she was going to die, Loki.”

    “She visited me earlier that day,” Loki said quietly, his voice sad. Thor looked over at him again, curious. Their mother was not meant to visit Loki. No one was meant to. “The last thing I told her was that she wasn’t my mother.”

    “I’m sure she knows you didn’t mean that,” Thor assured him. “She knows everything.”

    Loki chuckled, the laugh wet from the tears that were gathering in his eyes. “Odin said that she would be proud of me,” he recalled. Thor remembered their father saying this after they found him in this spot. Loki had cast a spell on him that took him years to break. “I don’t know how she could be, though. I was never the son she wanted me to be.”

    “She loved you, Loki,” Thor pressed. “And I believe she would be proud. Maybe you weren’t perfect, but neither was I. What matters is that we learn from our mistakes. That’s what she always said, remember?”

    “Yeah… Yeah, I remember. I just…” Loki trailed off, glancing out at the water. “I fulfilled the prophecy.”

    Thor realized what he meant immediately. He remembered the feast. He remembered the terror on Odin’s face. He remembered finding Loki listening to his and Frigga’s conversation through a goblet. He had immediately known that it was Loki that Odin had seen in the vision. Of course it was Loki. He was the secret sorcerer. The god of mischief.

    They always knew that Loki would bring Ragnarok to Asgard, but something about it seemed off to Thor. “I don’t think that the prophecy was what Odin thought it to be,” Thor told him.

    “The Godseye Mirror was never wrong, storebror,” Loki muttered. He was looking at his hands, and Thor guessed he was remembering how he and Amora broke the mirror trying to see the vision that was given to Odin.

    “But Father was many times.”

    Loki’s eyebrows knitted together as he thought. Thor saw the change immediately as Loki realized what he meant. “You think Odin was confused?”

    “Odin saw one of his children leading an army of the dead,” Thor reminded him. “You didn’t do that, Hela did.”

    “He saw one of his sons, Thor. Not just one of his children,” Loki reminded him.

    “He thought he did,” Thor countered. “No offense, but you and Hela resemble each other quite a bit. If I didn’t know better, I would think I was the adopted one. Perhaps he saw her and thought it was you.”

    There was a flicker of hope and desperation in Loki’s eyes. Thor smiled at it, letting his muscles relax as he saw the change in his expression. “That… That actually makes sense.”

    Thor nodded in agreement, standing up. At first he just stared out at the water, then he turned and reached out a hand to help Loki up. “Let’s go into the city and have your wounds checked. Then you can rest,” Thor insisted. “You have living quarters in my home place.”

    Loki froze, his face reflecting a mixture of emotions that Thor didn’t automatically recognize. For a moment he was worried his brother might deny the request, but when he spoke, his voice shook with emotion. “You have a room for me? Even… Even though you thought I was dead.”

    “Of course,” Thor smiled weakly. “I… I wanted you to have a place if you ever came back. I thought I knew it was final this time, but I couldn’t push past the thought that it might have not been. And I’m glad now that I listened to myself.”

    Loki looked lost for words. He looked around, his eyes darting here and there as he processed what Thor was saying. Then, before Thor understood what was happening, he felt arms wrap around him and a face pressed into his shoulder. Loki was hugging him. “Thank you, Brother.”

    Thor returned the hug tightly, lowering his head until his face was in Loki’s tangled hair. “Of course,” he whispered. “I love you.”

    “I… I love you too, Thor,” Loki breathed. Thor couldn’t remember the last time he heard his brother say that. It must have been before he was cast out of Asgard so many years ago. “Always, more than anyone else.”

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