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  • up-the-family-tree
    28.07.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    If I had a nickel for every time Barr's pastor went out of his way to write a slutshaming note in the church books about ancestors of mine who copulated outside of marriage, I'd have two nickels. Which isn't a lot but it's weird that it happened twice.

    #coupables du pêché de fornication depuis 1598 #branche alsacienne
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  • musclesandhammering
    28.07.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    Can’t decide if I want an au where Loki and Mobius run away sometime during episode 2 and end up settling down in a suburban California town in the 80s, having cheesy office jobs, and occasionally going to the beach to ride jetskis


    an au where Loki and Mobius run away sometime during episode 2 and end up settling down in a beach town in Florida in the 90s, owning a jetski shop, and occasionally going to theme parks.

    Either way, they somehow manage to make friends(ish) with their neighbours/coworkers/clientele, and the rest of this hypothetical show/fanfic could be them going about their sitcom-ish daily lives with little inhuman things happening every so often to remind us that they are, in fact, not typical humans. They could run into supervillain-type threats, or Loki could have issues with his magic, or they could do small things that reveal them as being from a different time period. Whatever, just something to make things seem strange and off to everyone around them. And the overarching fear/threat/worry for Loki and Mobius is of course that the TVA will eventually come looking for them, and that creates all kind of juicy angst.

    It’d have a real sitcom-with-a-touch-of-psychological-thriller-and-cosmic-mystery vibe to it. Sort of like Wandavision but with a couple that’s actually interesting, both alive, and without one of the main characters holding an entire town hostage (Yes that’s shade).

    #FURTHER EXPLANATION: #at this point in time Loki and Mobius still wouldn’t know about all the dark secrets behind the TVA #they just know it wants to control people and there’s something off about it and they don’t want to be a part of it anymore #naturally B-15 is the one Renslayer tasks with hunting them down #and after a few episodes/chapters she does find them #but they manage to make a sort of ally out of her #and she doesn’t tell renslayer that she’s found them. instead she just leaves them be and pretends to keep looking #and eventually like way later in the show/fic #sylvie would show up #and she’d sort of be like their information guy iykwim #she explains to them exactly what the TVA is and tells Mobius he’s a variant and helps Loki perfect his enchanting powers #all while also jumping back and forth from different apocalypses to loki and mobius’s current timeline #so that she’s not caught either #she just sort of pops in every few episodes/chapters lol and she’s always real mysterious and aloof #oh btw loki found some magical way to keep the TVA from figuring out which timeline and branch they’re specifically in #like maybe he messes with all the minds of the people around them just a tad to make sure they’d make all the same major choices #that they would’ve if they hadn’t met Loki & Mobius #you know so that way the timeline would never branch and the TVA would never know where they were #it was actually mobius’s idea #and then they’re moral greyness comes into play bc ok maybe it’s not so great that Loki’s messing with people’s minds #just so he and his bf can be happy and keep hiding #and Mobius is very iffy on the whole thing bc he’s slightly less morally grey than loki #in fact Mobius is just torn about the whole situation #even though it was his idea #so yeah #lots of angst lots of feels lots of cool storylines for all characters involved #and there’s mystery and creepy-ness and altered reality #AND stupid sitcom comedy with beach visits and office days and an 80-90s aesthetic #lokius #loki series negativity
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  • transmanbranch
    28.07.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    Bro shut upppppppp

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  • hzdtrees
    28.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Back To The Roots

    A series of pictures of Aloy flinging herself through trees in pursuit of Ruwas' real murderers during Frontier Justice. The differences in lighting are due to the fact that I forgot to change the time of day from 8.26am to 12.35pm (accomodation for the ubiquitous lens flare in the first tree) halfway through and only remembered later.

    #horizon zero dawn #hzd #hzd the frozen wilds #hzd photomode #i'd like to thank 'that one observant friend' for providing the title #those are some very sturdy tree branches #i mean #aloy is relatively small and light #but two of those banuk were grown men #and the force you put on these branches after such a leap is quite something too
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  • dartier
    28.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Ballad: The Inadvertent Climb of the Ancient Mariner — Part 1

    Q tells the ancient Mariner,

    “Your prime has long since passed.

    You will get no tech from Q Branch

    While you are in that cast.”

    Bond looms, glowers, and has a fit,

    Bond calls him snot-nosed boy.

    “It won’t be snot you half blind bat.

    Find others to annoy.”

    Dismissed. —Q turns his gaze away,—

    Bond feels alone and cold.

    Just then Q nibbles on his lip,

    Bond hankers for a scold.

    Bond wants those burning eyes on him,

    unleash his massive…wit.

    He will shut him up nice and good,

    Then make it hard to sit.

    Heated looks, a seductive purr,

    a comment on his spots,

    the boy will eat out of his hand,

    then Bond will call the shots.

    Bond turns on the charm, casts his bait

    —It’ll only take one night—

    But cannot catch a bite all week,

    He can’t catch one green light.

    Bond stalks his prey back to his flat,

    but they don’t get it on.

    Q sets him to cooking dinner,

    Bond deems it a long con.

    Bond comes back and he cooks some more,

    Q rubs him like a burr.

    Bond does scowl, but he looks some more,

    Bond feels an ancient stir,

    To grab hold of that mop of hair

    And put Q in his place,

    Be the one to give the orders,

    Wipe the…smug from his face.

    So Bond flexes and unleashes

    The smolder that disarms,

    But Q won't pay him any mind,

    He won't fall to his charms.

    Q, oblivious to his ploy,

    Never fails to scold him.

    Bond shouldn't worry for the boy,

    Nor have want to hold him.

    Q should take more care with his health,

    Bond hangs around a bunch,

    Makes sure Q’s naps are undisturbed

    and brings him tea and lunch.

    Bond still stalks the boffin

    He watches and he waits

    Bond fancies himself a lion

    Though his heart complicates.

    Bond has put a lot of time in,

    He's waiting for the perk.

    Until Q will do his bidding,

    Bond will still scheme and lurk

    Bond goes in to requalify

    He’ll settle for no less.

    Abatement is not an option

    Nothing is left to guess

    Retirement is not for him.

    Bond will die in the field.

    He will burn this place down before

    he will agree to yield

    He leaves in a daze, shakes his head,

    and hears the door swing shut.

    He goes over the afternoon,

    All he can say is “What?”

    “What the fuck just happened?” Bond asks.

    He takes Q and shakes him

    “You wanted to call the shots, Bond.

    So you are our new M.”

    That smirking boy, that fluffy brat.

    Insolent little shite.

    He's done it now, Bond’s on the hook.

    The devil’s eyes shine bright.

    He settles in, he grinds his teeth,

    He looms over meetings

    he cannot shoot his way out of,

    longs for ease of beatings.

    He digs in, he clenches his jaw

    He looms and he forebodes

    He strives to keep the ship on course

    No matter how Q goads.

    The heads all need a poisoning,

    The agents should be shot.

    Don’t get him started on Finance

    And funds they won’t allot.

    All week they comb through the intel

    for something sinister

    it all comes down to they’ve a right

    Twat for Prime Minister

    Q, the demanding little shite

    Won't let him place a hit

    “Thought I was meant to call the shots,”

    Bond mutters, “I could quit.”

    “Now, now you ridiculous lug,

    Careful what you wish for.”

    “I wished for you in bed,” Bond says.

    “And I have yet to score.”

    “You hoped I would be so enthralled

    By your much vaunted cock

    When I rebuffed your seduction

    I’m sure it was a shock.” (Cont.)

    Poetry Prompt Table: Ballad & 2017 Prompt No. 64 James becomes M AU

    #team q branch #007 fest 2021 #bringitbackinonepiece#qb e1#00q#teamqbranch #poetry prompt table #ballad
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  • fartemeisia
    28.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i know witches aren't supposed to mix magic, but does choosing a specific track in school lock you into a limited career path?

    i mean if you go into the healing or construction tracks, you'll probably go into a medical or construction worker coven, which makes sense.

    but if you're like a bard, could you only become an entertainer, or is there like a music therapy coven you could join? can only bards and illusionists be in the artist covens? can a potionist become a cosmetologist? can you use your magic for a different career than the obvious ones?

    #the coven system isn't complicated but for some reason i cant fully wrap my head around it #like using bard magic to heal instead of healing magic to heal isn't mixing magic right? #the owl house #the coven system #okay to rb im mostly thinking outloud here #i imagine there are a lot of coven options that branch off the main 9 #im just curious about it #i think an Oracle would do great in the medical field. a potionist might make a great chef. a plant witch could do great in construction #and like angmar should us in the glass ruins a plant witch could do great with animals
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  • squares-self-blog
    28.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Is thundering and I wan my f/os to hold meeee

    #not that im scared #but i jus like cuddlin a lot an i lov thw vibe of softly snugglin while it thunders or spmethin #i would prefer if it rained instead of only thunder but I'll take it i suppos!! #also im a terrible sucker for the trope of getting caught in the rain together jfkdfgkndj🥺🥺🥺 #so many things can branch off from that its great #knock on wood i might do a fic👀👀👉👈👉👈 #man i better dangit
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  • secretly17frogs-in-a-cardigan
    28.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    weather in europe rn

    #after having to lay around all day in damp towels #mother nature decided to bless us with a thunderstorm #i love thunderstorms #up until you could literally hear branches snapping #followed by alarms and ambulance sirens #shut up uno
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  • glupshittostan
    28.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I changed my irl for no fucking reason other than ameliarosebuds is my username for my normie social medias so. Glup shitto time

    #my posts #you can follow me on insta or tiktok under ameliarosebuds but imma branch out here
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  • get-shiggy-with-it
    28.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    new fic droppin friday y'all

    #bee.talks #get excited #it's aizawa tho #I'm ~branching out~ a bit #I got hit with a random lil concept so I ran with it #also the first time I've written without an outline #it feels kinda messy tbh but I'm done fucking around with it
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  • gavinom
    28.07.2021 - 4 hours ago
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  • happyqueenandgrumpydork
    28.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Hope perform a song for you

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  • dartier
    28.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Calligram: The Vesper Martini

    The Vesper Martini

    Three measures of grief

    One measure of betrayal

    Half a measure of bliss

    Shake well until it is as cold as a corpse

    Pour into a glass chilled with regret

    For 007 Fest 2021: Poetry Prompt Table - Calligram and Food Prompt Table - Vesper Martini

    #team q branch #007 fest 2021 #bringitbackinonepiece#qb e1#teamqbranch#007 fest #poetry prompt table #calligram #Food Prompt Table #Vesper Martini
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  • hiimlesphotos
    28.07.2021 - 6 hours ago


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