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  • sylphscope
    08.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Pokecember Day 6: Fighting-type Pokemon

    *Breloom victory dab*

    I’ve drawn Breloom for the Fighting-type day every single year I’ve done Pokecember. I wonder if it’s time I changed it up?



    ...naahhhh :D That’d be silly

    #alternate caption: MOM SAID IT'S MY TURN TO DO POKECEMBER #pokemon#my art#pokecember#breloom#bewear#pokecember 2021 #Been a busy couple days and trying to get back on track xD
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  • pagesofkenna
    08.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    ngl BTS's debut song We Are Bulletproof still gets stuck in my head a lot, it is a banger

    #kenna learns about bts #I've slowly been working through their discography and they've got a lot of sappy love songs #which totally! they're not bad! that's just not my thing #definitely love their more angry teen rebellion tracks #any song that just lets the rap line throw it back and forth to each other is a good one
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  • vespertine-legacy
    08.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Helped with a teaching run of SM Dxun yesterday and my lag/desync was so bad I died 4 times on Trandos ;-;

    #november plays swtor #november vs swtor #jump to kronissius and he’s already doing his frigid attack #step out of it (or so I think) #but get stunned by it (so apparently not out of it) #and somehow it’s enough to murder me #get res’d get k-boy back get him to the tracks #get stunned with him as he hits torpor and die with him #get res’d titax immediately leaps to me and kills me #get res’d on tracks and train murdered as punishment for sandbagging??? #woo 70k+ repair bill on SM Trandos #like just stop res’ing me at that point good christ
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  • heyheyfuck0
    08.12.2021 - 16 hours ago

    haha weed go brrrrrrrr.//.

    #.//. #ok guys i have to tell u this because its so funny to me lol #fully found actual empirical evidence that stopping smoking weed (and also a mental breakdown) is what made me bad at my job #i stopped smoking weed in july of 2020 rite and was having an mental breakdown for the proceeding like month then idk rest of that year #but today! we got new graphs at work that were built out to track out key performance indicators #and literally i would post the graph but it is confidential internal document #but like.. literally july and then more in august my stats just start TANKING lmao #i always thought my stats were just not that good and when they raised the kpis it showed more but nope i just looked back to 2019 #and literally that is the same month my stats just DROP #and now that iv been smoking again my stats r trending up again over the last two months #i mean its early to call this month but like of the 1 shift ive had iv caught 100% of the fraud #so #like thats crazy #i deleted the post about how i thought it was funky how my friends remark about me smoking again cause its almost like their relieved #cause i think i was cooler and chiller and funnier and sexier as a stoner #so its funny that that is probably true but also so is that weed made me better at my actual job ha ha #still not going to smoke as much as i used to cause that was out of hand and out of pocket but my littel joints at teh end of my day rules #anyway <3 had a suprise meeting with my managers and it was actually chill cause im feeling good ha also maybe cause weed #im not gonna explain my own headcanon psych behind why i think weed is super good for me actually but trust me its thought out #anyway im on lunch so pretty picture blog time <3 hope u enjoy
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  • asspostasy
    08.12.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Me: puts in effort every single day to gain weight

    Me: starts to actually see the weight gain on my body

    Me: what the fuck wgat the fuck what the fuck what the fuck wyat the f

    #i feel huge. my waist is wider than it's been in like a year. or two. idk i cant keep track of time #ive always felt like i look bloated and gross from the side but now its even worse #but im still not at the point yet where any fat is going to my ass/legs/boobs. so it's all settling on my torso #because my genetics are fucking garbage and i have a stupid ugly fucking rectangle for a body #im going to lose my mind i feel absolutely repulsive. like more than usual #I haven't even gained any muscle yet because im still in the early stages of establishing a workout routine #plus i haven't been totally consistent #god im just so fucking gross. i hate my fucking body and my face and my hair and everything its all shit i hate myself #i would kill just to be pretty. im so jealous of people with naturally attractive features #ive always been ugly and im worried the harder i try the more ill realize that im just stuck this way forever #god my appearance might be the number 1 thing that consistently makes me wish i was dead #on the best of days ill have a split second where i see myself and im like ''wait am i kind of pretty?'' #but then i look and its like my face molds back into what it actually is. idk how to describe it #but i see how it really looks and i remember that it's me and i remember that im disgusting #a lot of days im too ashamed to even leave the house. i have nightmares about how i look #i just wish i was beautiful. it's like the one thing ive always wanted but ill never get it without surgery #because my genetics are garbage. it just feels unfair that some people get to look the way they do while i look like this #AND my face started breaking out this morning. wtf #my posts #ask to tag #tw ed
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  • cannibalcorpse
    08.12.2021 - 16 hours ago

    hey everyone sorry i rarely post here anymore. i'm back to shill though, if any of you like noise/harsh noise i finally got my bandcamp set up so i thought i'd start spreading it around :] thank u

    #🔨 #there's only one track rn but i'm getting back into the album i was working on
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  • echoesofnewords
    08.12.2021 - 18 hours ago
    #answered#bpacksanta #like i wonder what life would have been like if she released a version of better man and babe back in teh day #like maybe a live version? #i just think since ive heard their versions for so long i struggle to appreciate the changes she made #hot take - babe tv is not as good as sugarland's version (specifically the chorus) #that eh eh eh section did not slap as hard in the vault track and that was disappointing #also did not like the promises bit #i like the concept of breaking promises but not the way that section is added #idk its jarring to me
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  • clumsyclifford
    08.12.2021 - 19 hours ago
    #i hate myself i hate myself thsi is the funniest worst thing ive ever done with my time and words #i finally repay the debt i owe you for dedicating that zack xreader but really xadri fic to me back when you did taht #that#fubfggdhgsrdhfltrthdfhgsrdtlfmhgrehtlgmdfkjhgdflkjgsdgmkhdj#adri#ask#cringeycal #i did not proofread this. it has not earned a second read #rate my adri dialogue from 1-10 please #i want to cry #this is so funny and so stupid and so #yeah #i dont even know how to tag this i cant fic tag it but ia lso dont want to lose track of it just in case #my fic#ugh#fine
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  • fictionallyinparadise
    08.12.2021 - 19 hours ago

    I posted 1,804 times in 2021

    184 posts created (10%)

    1620 posts reblogged (90%)

    For every post I created, I reblogged 8.8 posts.

    I added 597 tags in 2021

    #🌼; his lawman - 103 posts

    #💊; just two downers - 83 posts

    #🥽; goggled and dangerous - 61 posts

    #💘; devil's dancemate - 59 posts

    #❤️; the agent's partner - 58 posts

    #👔; fbi and anarchist - 54 posts

    #🌲; down in our forest - 48 posts

    #🏒; softly kills - 44 posts

    #🔨; oh beloved - 44 posts

    #✨; star crossed - 43 posts

    Longest Tag: 119 characters

    #though i did consider a self ship with elementary's sherlock and watson that would be them dating me and not each other

    My Top Posts in 2021


    List of characters I'm considering for romantic f/os 👉👈

    -Luke Skywalker, Star Wars

    -Armitage Hux, Star Wars

    -Rey Skywalker, Star Wars

    -Jonathan Sims and Martin Blackwood, The Magnus Archives

    -The Butler from Clue, Idr his name

    -Zelda and Link, specifically from Hyrule Warriors

    -Din Djarin, The Mandolorian

    Pwhdjsifi yeah 👉👈 I'll update the pinned post if any of these crushes become official f/os! If any new crushes emerge I'll reblog this post.

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    Ahhh I wanna ramble about Skully,,,but Idk how to start,,,help,,,

    5 notes • Posted 2021-05-09 03:49:03 GMT


    *shakes can* 🔧? please sir 🥧?? *rattle rattle* any 🕊? please *shake shake*

    *starts dumping ideas everywhere*

    Okay okay head FULL

    -Cas teaching Honora some basic fighting things and Dean watching all proud because that's his girl learning how to fight off either icky strange dudes or monsters!!! That's his girl!!!

    -Honora being able to drive at age 13 because of course and Dean absolutely screaming in celebration. Cas is the Adult Supervision™ in the car and he just. Confused joy. And Honora absolutely losing it once she gets out of the car like she fuckin sprints to Dean and gets twirl hugged and is all like "DAD I DROVE I DROVE!!! DAD!!!! DIDJA SEE ME PARK!!!!!"

    -Cas not knowing what the hell to do for Christmas so he just clears out a candy isle. As you do when you have a teenage daughter that you didn't expect. And Honora just. "I love the gift Pops but also like I will get sugar high so you might wanna hide some of it!". And Dean's losing it in the background. (He got her a keychain with a copy of the Impala's key on it,,,)

    -Dean going to Sam in fucking tears like "SHE CALLED ME DAD AND IT WASN'T IN A JOKING WAY" and Sam just. Doesn't know what the fuck to do either.

    -All of Dean's funky lil car rules Honora knows by heart. And also fights for shotgun. It's absolutely chaotic.

    -This one is angsty but Dean not knowing how to parent™ so he just. "Alright what's the opposite of what Dad would do in this situation". 99% of the time it works so I mean™.

    -Dean's music taste rubbing off on Honora!!! Her researching and watching all the old-ish things so she can get references and also make them as well!!! Her aggressively air guitaring in the car and Dean drumming on the steering wheel and Sam about to barrel roll out!!!!

    -Uh oh another angsty one but Dean like. Will take any chance he can to tell her that he's proud of her. Like it could be from her doing research or she could pour a bowl of cereal and he'd say it.

    -Not a headcanon this is Honora facts but she would beat the shit out of J*hn Winchester and she barely knows shit about him.

    -Honora rambling about some "useless" info she found while looking for the needed research on a hunt. Cas just sitting there absolutely happy and overjoyed to hear about it. Dean vibing in the background with a proud little grin. Sam joining the conversation late but absolutely thriving. Bobby also being in the background pretending that he isn't listening but he IS and he is trying so hard not to smile.

    -Honora laying on the couch and tossing a ball up in the air then suddenly sitting up, sprinting to Sam, and asking "dO MY DADS KNOW THEY'RE GAY" and Sam nearly screams.

    Bonus pride month thought bc I can:

    -Its Dean's first pride and Honora goes all out like she gets a shitton of bisexual shit for him and herself, she gets some Gender™ things for her, Cas, and Sam, she goes absolutely crazy and everything is fine and good and happy 🥺

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    Welcome to paradise!!


    The Self Insert Document

    Enjoy your stay in my little Eden <33!

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    I should get around to posting the PicCrsws of my s/is that I've made,,,

    25 notes • Posted 2021-05-11 03:09:18 GMT

    Get your Tumblr 2021 Year in Review →

    #not self ship #OF COURSE BOTH ARTHURS ARE MY MOST USED TAGS #also 47 hehe <33 #also god throw back to when i used to keep track of my crushes #now i just fuck around and fall in love #shoutout to nio for the ask about dean and cas <3333 #also v glad that two of my more important posts are my top ones lol
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  • imma-bs-it
    08.12.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Dean was recently possessed by an archangel and as established after Sam was possessed by gadreel angles leave some of their grace so couldn’t they just you know get some grace for jack from him???

    I might not be far enough into the ep for them to come to this conclusion but this has been obvious to me since they mentioned needing archangel grace

    #also they would presumably be looking for Michael during s14 and established in like s5 (4?) is that angels and their former vessels have... #a connection (I believe Cas called it an open line of communication or something to that effect) #and I have to imagine the could be a way to track down an angel on earth or at they very least a way to set a trap #also I find it very sus that their has not been a single Michael sight in mentioned or any incidents involving him since dean came back #I wouldn’t be surprised if Michael wasn’t actually gone and just like chilling in deans subconscious biding his time #spn rewatch #I wish I had been watching this live because reading all the fan theories as it all was happening would have been fun
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  • sofijaeger
    08.12.2021 - 22 hours ago
    #thx for putting me back on track babe #dk what i was thinking… 👀 #sofi chats <3 #sofi anons #sofi needs bsd content
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  • macgargan
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #scorpion.txt #i dropped off from modern marvel after secret empire started #i come back when i catch wind of a character i like being in comics but i don't keep track of events or anything
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  • rubsjuice
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Spamton Lightner AU

    lightner au where spamton is berdly's estranged uncle who inherited grandpa's money and came to live in hometown from the big city because him being the sole benefactor of grandpa's will turned into a family crisis

    because the family doesn't want him to get the money, he sets up shop in the outskirts of town and sells used cars, lives in the back office and employs Nobody (mettaton) to pick up calls and do stuff around the car lot

    spamton is friends with burgerpants because they get coffee and cigarettes from the same 7-11 every monday and because they're both financially hanging by a thread. Spamton also nurtures a very ???? distant friendship with seam, who owns a bodega near the edge of town, because they're an immigrant from the card kingdom and know what it's like to be away from family

    there are a lot more details i could talk about it forever i'm just so incredibly obsessed with this little au me and my friend came up with, let me know if you wanna know more about it (even about stuff i didn't mention here, i got tons of material)

    #like imagine spamton gets tracked down by his nephews and they're like 'dude youre rich now' #and then he comes back home and he hasnt been there in like 20 years and everyone kinda hates him here #and everyone kinda hates him back in the big city too because he constantly fucks himself over #hes a bit of an outcast but he finds solace and friendship in people who are also outcasts like seam and kris and jevil #mafa talks#lightner au#deltarune#deltarune au
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  • panclownrights
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago


    #you know when you have that little voice screaming in the back of your head #asking what the fuck is wrong with you??? #but then there’s a louder voice telling that one to shut up and keep fucking going #yep that’s where I’m at #I’m not even complaining which is the crazy thing #there’s just this war going on inside of me right now #my body is on complete autopilot with a one track mind #and I refuse to stop until I reach the finish line #which isn’t motivational at all #this is bad #very bad and very unhealthy and honestly just plain stupid #yet I still don’t care??? #like I said war going on inside me right now #eh it’s fine I have time to drop dead tomorrow night when this is all over #anyway these are my thoughts as I sit in my car on my 4th hour of my 15 hour work day
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  • shirp-p
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    What's up with gay artists and singing about their exes in songs related to cabs ?

    #i saw Taxi in the tracks of the last album of Angèle and i knew it would be the same vibes that Back of a cab lmao #taxi#angèle #back of a cab
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  • grifalinas
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    "Comeon! Wehavetodigivolvetoourmegaformssowecanreleasethegoldendigieggs!"

    #god i love dub nonsense #nothing about the back half of the movie tracks and they're desperately scrambling to fill in gaps #that wouldn't be there if they'd have just dubbed all the specials and released them as such #it's wonderful
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  • ryeloza
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Oh season 2 of Friday Night Lights, why are you the way that you are?

    #i'm trying to remember if there is anything really worth watching this season #bc i am only one episode in and remembering how much i hated this weird murder cover up plot #and matt's affair with that nurse is this season #which is at least the third example of a statutory rape relationship in just two seasons #it sounds like i am not enjoying this rewatch but i really am #s1 is just so stellar #and s2 is...not #and i know it gets back on track in season 3 #so do i just power through s2? #or skip? #i wish i could remember the other plotlines #friday night lights
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  • demisexual-culture-is
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #demisexual culture is #anon ask #the demi experience #please help anon if you can #demisexual#admin Link#random sidenote #wet socks are a form of torture #fight me on this #unrequited feelings and wet socks are two of my biggest sources of pain #does this need a tw or cw? #idek #but back on track #i will try to answer questions today in between baking projects
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  • catboykeats
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Doom scrolling about omicron

    I think I will eat ice cream for dinner.

    #i feel so selfish for being like ‘wah poor me’ but #I JUST got my life back on track #i’m in my own place again and I start school next month #if i’m stuck in my apartment all alone in a new city where I don’t know anyone I don’t know what i’ll do #covid#text
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  • ask-scp-aisling
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago
    #ash.txt #ask#anon#janus dni #ooc: speaking of that goddamn M!A #I've been forgetting to keep track. #whoops. #Lemme go back and fix that real quick.
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