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  • james-a-b
    18.05.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    me: yeah i like batman

    them: oh cool do you have a favourite comic?

    me: reAd tHe cOmIcS? who do you think i am, a nerd?!

    #jk the Real reason i don't want to read the comics is I've heard the characterizations are inconsistent and lots of it is apparently garbage #besides my favourite part is the found family aspect and appaz they're.. not much of a family in canon #batman#superheroes
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  • ghostjay
    18.05.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    *sends it to Bruce’s snap by accident*

    #bruce has a snap I stg y’all #steph or Cass made it for him #so they could spam him with photos of his children doing stupid things #he checks it bc that’s how he knows his kids are even alive lmao #bruce wayne#batfamily#batfam art#art tutorial#art#drawing#art tips#art help#stephanie brown #incorrect batman quotes #social media batfam #gotham memes #i made an art
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  • thebackgroundworld
    18.05.2021 - 49 minutes ago
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  • kathryn-133
    18.05.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    Is Bruce and Selina being but not fucking legally married canon or not canon? Like, do fans accept it or not?

    I actually liked the idea of both of them coming to terms that Selina didn't feel heroic about leaving Bruce for Batman and Bruce learning that being Batman and being happy is not exclusive. Except, the fact that they both jumped into marriage immediately (when they should go to actually dating because they have issues that a day worth of talking isn't enough to get their shit together for a lasting relationship) and without legally getting papers to do so only reinforces my belief that BatCat is not my cup of tea or a solid relationship.

    Bruce and Selina have never spent any time together for prolonged time as a normal couple. For people like them, they need to be able to grow familiar to each other's less than thrilling lifestyle (by which I mean, not as Cat or Bat, always needing the sense of chase between them but as Bruce who can't do house chores and neither can Selina despite popular belief), which they are clearly not as Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. Selina needs to get familiarize with Bruce's children, Bruce fucking needs to understand that having a relationship means co-parenting (his youngest is Damian, who is a 13-year-old, and his children are always his children, no matter their age) and Selina needs to realize that too.

    She's not marrying Bruce, she's marrying all the shit that Bruce is also going to put his hoard of children/family though.

    Also, this is probably a personal thing but I strongly believed that by legally officiating their marriage, it would have done a SOLID on their relationship. Like, Bruce didn't turn on the opposite side of law because he thought he was above it or something. He thought it was corrupt and justice couldn't be carried out because of it.

    Clearly they haven't talked much about this kind of topics, and that just emphasized that Selina is great at understanding Batman but not the inner stuffs that don't surfaces during their rooftop flirting dresses as furry animals, but legalizing his relationship actually means a lot to Bruce.

    I mean, he adopted Jason, Dick, Cass, and Tim. He didn't need to adopt Dick, not when he was an adult, but he did. He didn't actually need to adopt Cass or Tim, but he did. The same with Jason too. He didn't need to, but he wanted to and it brought both Bruce and his children's happiness.

    Like, Bruce not wanting to legalize his marriage is bullshit. He wanted to legalize his relationship to Dick and Tim as his adopted son, waited to do so and struggled to find the right moment to bring it up because he feared the rejection.

    That is not the same guy who does not care to legalize his marriage to a lady he wants to be happy with. Bruce will totally want to have a legalized marriage.

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  • nicebulki
    18.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    But i fear it more than you

    I fear it more than you

    #batman#joker#batjokes #idk quick vent art или что-то типа того
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  • jumanji2
    18.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i love that scene in batman v superman so much where clark is fighting doomsday and they land in heroes park and there they are, clark and the monster and the statue, because it sums up the relationship clark has with bruce and lex, his two “enemies”, so well. lex sees him as this big god (the statue) he wants to destroy because he has personal beef with ‘god’ and people “need to see what a fraud he is” and “if god is all-powerful he cannot be all-good, and if he’s all-good then he cannot be all-powerful” etc; and bruce sees him as this alien monster (doomsday) he has to stop and kill before it kills humanity first ....

    and then there’s clark himself, this poor farmer from kansas, who just tries to save people because he has the power to do it; literally all he wants to do is do some good in the world. but, as that dude in the tv said, “we have always created icons in our image; what we’ve done is we project ourselves onto him. the fact is, maybe he’s not some sort of devil or jesus character, maybe he’s just a guy trying to do the right thing.”

    #i just have a lot of feelings #dc #batman v superman #bvs#clark kent#superman#bruce wayne#batman#lex luthor#text #🍏.txt
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  • rewrittens-ads
    18.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
                    the year is 2012  …  again .   the  avengers  had  thought  that  it  was  a  done  deal :   they  go  back  in  time  ,   they  stop  thanos  ,   &  everything  goes  back  to  normal  -  and  of  course  ,   they  get  back  the  people  they  were  missing  for  those  five  years  .   alas  ,   nothing  would  go  perfect  for  the  avengers  ,   would  they ?   something  goes  wrong  ,   and  when  they  try  to  go  back  …  there's  a  flash  .   everyone  wakes  up  moments  later  .   and  they’re  still  in  2012  .  

    REWRITTENHQS  is  a  marvel  +  dc  rpg  centered  around  the  multiverse  ,   taking  place  in  the  middle  of  ENDGAME.  instead  of  the  avengers  returning  back  to  their  timeline  ,   not  only  are  they  STUCK  in  2012  ,   but  it  seems  others  have  been  brought  back  to  2012  nyc  just  as  well  .   


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  • heroesdelomniverso
    18.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ¿Qué opinas de Miss Marvel? Kamala Khan la joven heroína de Marvel que recogió el legado de Carol Danvers. Una joven y fuerte heroína que tiene una calidez y frescura extraodinarias. Sí te gusta Kamala o cualquier otro personaje Marvel de DC o cualquier cómic heroico ven a rolear con nosotros.


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  • emilyphee
    18.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Incorrect Quotes #2

    Marinette: Hey Bruce, Jay, *shudders* Damian. Guess what I drove today!

    Jason: where too?

    Marinette: the post office, Tim needed to drop off some packages, and Alfred was busy! *Smiles*

    Bruce: That’s good. I was thinking you went somewhere better than that though

    Marinette: No, where would I go?

    Jason: The world is your oyster.

    Marinette: And my room is the best part of it

    The others:...

    Marinette: Plus at home I have Netflix, HBO, and Hulu!

    Marinette: and my sewing supplies and WiFi!

    Bruce *annoyed by his daughter’s not wanting to ever leave the house*: I guess.

    Marinate: Also what would I do, look around Target for fun? I’m not Dick

    *Jason and Damian try not to laugh*

    Marinette: If I was gonna go out I’d like to do something like see a movie, fight a dragon, or take over the world

    Bruce *he’s trying*: you could go feed some ducks?

    *Jason losing it and Damian getting hopeful eyes of feeding ducks*

    Marinette *stares at B unimpressed*: huh

    Bruce *really trying*: the ducks are hungry?

    I love the idea that Dick just walks around target like a basic white girl. Maybe a Starbucks frappe-chino (?) in his hand. Also just like the last Incorrect Quote I made this was inspired by a conversation I had with my dad.

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  • rachielynne728
    18.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Turning in a little earlier than what I have been lately, Goodnight Guys!! and Sweet Dreams to you all!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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  • meshlasolus
    18.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Cruel Irony


    Bale!Bruce Wayne x Reader

    I'm gonna start rewriting a steve rogers fic I wrote a while back before my old blog was deleted. Back then it was called captain but I'm probably gonna rename it. Anyways carry on.

    Series Summary: Growing up on infinity Island, Moyra is taught very well in the art of assassination. As the daughter of Ra's Al Ghul, she sits highly amongst the brotherhood known as the League of Shadows. When her father orders her to lure a stranger from the outside to be recruited amongst the mysterious clan, she will question everything she's ever believed.

    Chapter Warnings: mentions of sex (no smut) angst, mad moyra??

    The day that Alfred suggested that Bruce should start acting more like a regular billionaire, in the stereotypical sense at least, was the day I began to get jealous for the first time. He'd been taking different women out recently, and last evening he decided to take a woman out to a fancy dinner, bringing her home with him after.

    I was too petrified to leave my room for the sounds I heard coming from his. Bruce Wayne was sleeping with a movie star in the room across from mine, and it made my blood boil.

    I had no right to be jealous, or even upset. He wasn't in any position to be holding back in his love life, especially not for my sake. Neither of us had any obligations such as that, but of course I knew I wouldn't pursue any romantic advances to any other man. I was enthralled with the man I lived with, but I hadn't expressed anything to him, so why should I have any right to lay a claim over him.

    I couldn't really sleep that night, for even after the loud whimpers and pathetic squeals from his partner had stopped, my mind raced with the fact that he was now laying side by side with someone he didn't even care about, the same way he laid with me some nights. I hadn't known if he felt anything for me, but even if he did, I wasn't in that room right now.

    I know that Alfred meant well when he suggested to Bruce that he should begin to pursue a life that would avoid suspicion, but I secretly despised his efforts. I could not find it in my heart to be truly angry at Alfred, he'd only ever shown me kindness. I was just unhappy with his words.

    When the alarm on my clock went off, I looked over to see the usual morning time of eight o'clock AM. I was very happy to get out of bed and busy myself getting ready for work, instead of laying in bed any longer, not being able to sleep and simply thinking of the events across the hall.

    I pulled myself from the sheets, feeling a bit weaker than usual due to the lack of sleep. I shook it off and headed to my bathroom, deciding that I wouldn't look in the mirror right away. I already knew I hadn't slept, I didn't need to see the evidence of it.

    I did my morning routine the best I could, trying not to fall over while doing so. I nearly fell asleep on the toilet, not that anyone needs to know that part. I barely was able to put on enough makeup to look presentable, but I needed to get finished as soon as possible. The sooner I got downstairs to the coffee, the sooner I would be able to function like an actual human being.

    I was not in the mood to do my hair the way I'd learned how to for this job. I pulled it back into a hairtie and heaved a sigh in the mirror. Even under the concealer, the dark bags under my eyes could easily be seen.

    I went out to the hall, hearing a faint giggle, signifying that the love birds were awake. I did not lag my steps, scared of the chance that I might run into one of them in the hallway. I couldn't even imagine having to face Bruce later and tell him of my predicament.

    I carefully made my way down the stairs, accidentally tripping on the last step and falling against the railing, gripping it for dear life. I stood back up and composed myself. I was getting more annoyed at this point, simply because there was a reason for my lack of sleep, and it was still upstairs probably being smothered by it's one night conquest.

    I went into the kitchen, heaving myself up onto a barstool by the counter. The kitchen was quiet and serene, and before I could even convince myself to stand up and make a pot of coffee, my face began to lean foward to the countertop in a haze.

    "Good morning, miss Moyra." Alfred appeared into the room with a sweet smile on his face. If there was one thing I always appreciated in the morning it was how chipper he was.

    "I wish it were, Alfred. I wish it were." I nearly collapsed again, so I just placed my elbow up and let my face fall to my hand instead.

    "I'm sorry to hear it, how did you sleep?" He asked, taking my exhaustion as a queue to make the pot of coffee and help me to wake up a little.

    "I didn't." I said shortly, and with annoyance. I wasn't annoyed with him, but I couldn't help but take it out on the only person I'd seen today.

    "Oh, I see." Alfred immediately knew what the problem was. This hadn't ever happened before, which meant the only thing out of place in the situation was what Bruce did last night.

    "Yup." I said, taking the coffee mug from Alfred with a grateful smile. I thanked him quietly and he nodded.

    I took a few sips and began to feel better. The caffeine was doing it's job, but I was probably going to need to either drink more coffee periodically through the day to get by, or leave work a little early to come home and rest.

    As if the morning couldn't get any worse, Alfred turned and smiled towards the door, making me spin around. I nearly spit my coffee onto the floor.

    "Hello there." Alfred greeted the gorgeous brunette, her blue eyes shining like diamonds in a mine. She was only a bit shorter than me, with the figure of an hourglass. Her appearance caught my eye for a moment, but her attire was what I now focused on. The most minuscule pair of shorts I had ever seen, along with a shirt I'd seen one too many times. I'd actually worn it the first day I arrived here. Bruce's shirt.

    I raised an eyebrow as she approached us further into the kitchen, comming to sit on the stool by mine.

    "Hi." I said, dragging out the I. I took a long sip of coffee, preparing myself for an awkward conversation.

    "Morning, miss." Alfred said to her, but this time when the words came out the smile wasn't as genuine as earlier. He was anything if not polite, but even I could tell he was faking it.

    "Good morning, I hope I'm not being a bother." She said with her bright smile. She looked too dimwitted to notice the tension in the room, for she seemed to be perfectly comfortable.

    "Not at all." I told her with a fake smile of my own, she seemed to not know the difference and nodded. Alfred brought her a cup of coffee as well. "Not anymore at least..." I mumbled into my coffee cup. Alfred heard me, and while his back was turned, he smirked, but the beautiful girl didn't take notice of my words. I'm not sure she heard them.

    "How'd you sleep, miss?" Alfred kept the conversation going, fearful that my somewhat sarcastic nature might take things overboard if I was given the chance.

    "I slept wonderful, thank you." She replied, to which I chuckled a little.

    "I bet you did." I said suggestively, my face staring straight on to the refrigerator in waiting of how she would respond.

    Alfred shot me a playful but narrow look that said 'watch it' and I knew that perhaps I should stop my antics.

    "What was that?" She said sweetly, she must not have heard me. I just raised my eye brows and turned back to her.

    "Oh I just said I'm glad you slept well."

    She smiled again and leaned over in her seat. She finished her coffee then set the cup back down on the counter before grabbing the bag she'd set down that I somehow had missed.

    Alfred dismissed himself from the room, claiming he had something to attend to. I knew right away that he meant he was going to go chastise Bruce, but our guest here didn't need to know that.

    "So, you live here?" She turned and asked me.

    "Yeah, I actually moved in a little after Bruce got back." I lied, knowing that I was supposed to tell a certain story to avoid suspicion in the city.

    "Oh. Are you his-?" She asked, traling off so that I would fill in the blank.

    "Old friend... I've known him for years since before I moved to Gotham." I said, something about the word friend didn't sit right with me, but I wasn't going to hash that out with Bruce's one night stand.

    "I see. You must know him really well, then." She said with a shy voice, scooting her stool closer next to mine. I wasn't sure why, but I kept calm and answered her.

    "Absolutely, I do." I said with a smirk and a raised eyebrow. Whatever she was about to ask, I already had an answer. I was pretty confident that I knew what she was up to.

    "Do you think you could tell me what he likes in a woman?"

    Bingo. Let the games begin. Alfred had left the room, so now he couldn't give me any looks to stop me from my mischief. My smirk broadened into a fake, manipulative smile, and I could feel in my bones the havoc I was about to wreak. I just couldn't help myself.

    "You know, I'll be honest. Bruce is usually into blondes..." I paused, seeing the look on her face change into one of not only surprise, but a bit of disappointment. "Chubby ones." I added.

    "Oh." She sat back into her seat from her leaned position, and I needed to look away in order to keep a straight face.

    "Yeah... that's why I was, well.... surprised when I saw you walk in. Bruce doesn't usually skew towards such beautiful women." I commented, seeing her face twist from disappointment to confusion. She looked as if he didn't understand.

    "So he does like me, then?" She asked, and I had to hide my smirk with my coffee cup when she looked right at me.

    "Oh I'm not sure about that. With Bruce it's hard to tell, but I'll give you some advice. If you play hard to get, and I mean really hard to get.... he'll show more interest." I was not only about to exact revenge on her, but also on Bruce. If you keep me from sleep, then you better watch out. I am a force to be reckoned with.

    "Really?" Her eyes lit up. She probably felt amazed that she had a chance with Bruce Wayne. I knew she didn't, but I felt the need for evil this morning, so I nodded and continued.

    "Oh yeah. In fact, when he comes in here, you should slap him and leave dramatically. That will definitely catch his attention. He'll be thinking of you all day." I said matter of factly, with my facial expressions doing their job to fillt convince her.

    "Slap him? Not too hard though, right? Or is he into that?" I nearly choked on my coffee at that last remark, but it would work to my advantage if I used it.

    "Oh he loves it. Use which ever hand is strongest." I added, taking another sip from my drink to hide my smug grin.

    "Thank you so much, I bet Bruce is lucky to have a friend like you around." She said, standing up with a smile.

    "Oh, you have no idea." My smile was broad and genuine now, as I watched Alfred approach the room. Bruce seemed to be trailing behind. Oh joy.

    "Miss, uh-" Alfred began, waiting for her correct title to be given.

    "Ashley." She said sweetly.

    "Miss Ashley, your cab has arrived." Alfred told her. The cab was here, thank God. I did not want to have to endure both her and Bruce before work.

    "Thank you." She told him, before I saw Bruce finally make his appearance today. He glanced at me across the room and he already looked like he had guilt. He was about to be even more sorry.

    Ashley stepped up to Bruce, looking at him for a moment before slapping him hard and turning to leave. She smiled and nodded at me and I gave her a nod and the 'ok' hand gesture before she was out the door and headed for the main entrance. I doubted I'd ever see her again and for that I would thank my lucky stars.

    Alfred follwed her to let her out, and Bruce looked at me dumbfounded, as I held the biggest smile on my face.

    "What was that about?" He asked, coming over and sitting down next to me. I didn't make eye contact with him. I was still mad at him, or at least partially.

    "Sweet, sweet revenge." I replied. I was finally at the bottom of my giant coffee mug, after taking many small sips throughout the wonderful morning.

    He felt guilty. Alfred had told him what he'd done and he felt horrible. Not only did he keep me up, but I was practically mortified at just hearing the sounds of Bruce and another girl going at it. "I'm sorry."

    "Yeah, you're gonna be." I said, my bitterness still in my voice. I should probably lay off, since he and I had to patrol tonight for the first time. I didn't want to be fighting.

    "I'll make it up to you, I promise."

    "Don't worry about it, now I have a get out of jail free card." I said, giving him a smile. I couldn't stay too mad at him. Not for long, anyway.

    He leaned over and tried to hug me, but I hopped up from my stool, taking my mug to the sink and cringing.

    "Wash your hands before you hug me, I don't know where they've been." I joked. He rolled his eyes, making a point to come up beside me by the sink. He washed his hands then shook the water off at me. I laughed and immediately all was forgiven. Too bad I was so gone for him, it made it hard for me to actually show him my anger.

    "Come here." He held his arms out and I walked into him.

    "This isn't gonna be a regular thing, is it?" I looked up at him, only lightly tilting my head to the side.

    "No. Only every once and a while. I have to make it seem like it's happening every night, though. Can't have any nosy people getting suspicious. Even one conspiracy theory could blow this whole thing." He explained. I understood the reasoning for it, I just didn't like it. Too bad it wasn't my decision.

    "Speaking of... I'm gonna probably come home from work early. I'll need a few hours more of sleep if I'm gonna pull off anything." I told him. The look of guilt crossed his face once more but he didn't want to bring the subject back up. He'd apologize in a better way later, probably with something more expensive.

    "If you wanna stay home, then-"

    "No. I'll be fine." I assured him. I backed away from his embrace, looking him up and down before I stepped towards the counter again. I glanced at the clock on the microwave, and sighed. "I've gotta go, I got a press conference at ten and I wanna get to the briefing before that."

    "I'll see you." He muttered, watching as I rushed for the door that would lead to the garage.

    "I'll see you." I smiled before leaving out of his sight.

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    18.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    The bat and his bird

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  • rewrittens-ads
    18.05.2021 - 2 hours ago
                    the year is 2012  …  again .   the  avengers  had  thought  that  it  was  a  done  deal :   they  go  back  in  time  ,   they  stop  thanos  ,   &  everything  goes  back  to  normal  -  and  of  course  ,   they  get  back  the  people  they  were  missing  for  those  five  years  .   alas  ,   nothing  would  go  perfect  for  the  avengers  ,   would  they ?   something  goes  wrong  ,   and  when  they  try  to  go  back  …  there's  a  flash  .   everyone  wakes  up  moments  later  .   and  they’re  still  in  2012  .  

    REWRITTENHQS  is  a  marvel  +  dc  rpg  centered  around  the  multiverse  ,   taking  place  in  the  middle  of  ENDGAME.  instead  of  the  avengers  returning  back  to  their  timeline  ,   not  only  are  they  STUCK  in  2012  ,   but  it  seems  others  have  been  brought  back  to  2012  nyc  just  as  well  .   


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  • sorrowsofsatan
    18.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Jack Napier by AmberGizmo

    #batman mask of the phantasm #batman the animated series #batman tas#btas#the joker#jack napier#gorgeous artwork
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  • adazzlingsakura
    18.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I just had to make this post. Sorry Not sorry for all the broken hearts around here.

    Bruce and Dick:

    Bruce and Jason:

    Bruce and Tim:

    Bruce and Damian:

    Bruce and Cassandra:

    (Really sorry if this has been done already)

    #I am feeling sentimental today #So yeah I will just go by the corner and cry a little #or maybe a lot #We all need some good Batfamily content and I am here to provide #If I don't go insane #condition applied#batman#bruce wayne#dick grayson#nightwing#Jason todd#red hood#tim drake#red robin#damian wayne #damian al ghul #robin #batman and robin #batdad #good dad bruce wayne #batfamily#batfam#dc comics#dc#cassandra cain #cassandra cain wayne #orphan#batgirl
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  • onstage-weirdo
    18.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Oswald reeks of rancid milk and fish

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  • smuggsy
    18.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    bruce wayne must be the most tired™ vigilante out there. seriously. dude looks like he lives off coffee and 2 hours of sleep. smb give him a blanket and let him nap and unkill his parents

    #(edit: okay i remember those wild photos of ben affleck looking tired of the universe and i think that might just be ben affleck.) #really #i had never seen ben's batman until last night and he looks DONE WITH HE WORLD #well more like done with gotham #BUT HE LOOKS SO EXHAUSTED #i want to bake him something and watch him sleep #in like. an uncreepy way #i think i relate #gosh honestly he looks like he's falling asleep on his feet half the time #is this just me? hello? anyone out there to back me up? #i'm a DC newbie #batman#bruce wayne #batman v superman #the justice league #dceu#dc comics#rambling
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  • the---hermit
    18.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    So apparently in the early 1950s a few people got super mad at Batman comics, because they assumed that his representation with Robin could be seen as homosexual propaganda.

    #i had to put this out there #honestly dc shouls make it canon #lgbtq+ history#history#historyblr#batman#comics#batman comics#studyblr#rant#txt#lgbtq+
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  • pineapplecrazed97
    18.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    If this year DC doesn’t give me Hal, Barry, and Bruce teaming up and going on a date afterwards, I am going to f*cking riot.

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