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  • i-ve-no-idea
    21.10.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    in math class I got bored :)

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  • frostbittenbucky
    21.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Still can’t get over that Constantine fucked this shark 😔

    #cursed post#king shark #king shark is queer 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 #yes this is satire (it is it? 👀) #john constantine #my post unfortunately #my post #Batman?… #dc
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  • brucediana
    21.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    I'm sure Diana was looking at something, right? 😏

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  • wwprice1
    21.10.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    Gotham City Villains Anniversary Special cover by Dan Mora!

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  • lovnightwing
    21.10.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    requests open!

    i am excited to announce that i am opening requests for the blurbs below :D

    rules: send me a character and 1-2 blurbs only! please refer to the characters i write for here. let me know what genre you want (fluff, angst, suggestive, smut - selective for certain chracters) or if you want me to surprise you :D also let me know anything that might trigger you if you choose angst or smut!

    here is the link to the source! i just wanted to copy and paste them here to make it easier: prompts

    ❛ was that a friend of yours ? ❜

    ❛ quick ! this way , before they see you . ❜

    ❛ is this what you wanted ? ❜

    ❛ you look like you’ve just seen a ghost . ❜

    ❛ i’ll still be here when you wake up , i promise . ❜

    ❛ may i borrow this for a short while ? i promise i’ll return it ! ❜

    ❛ you’re late . ❜

    ❛ none of this would have happened if you’d just listened to me ! ❜

    ❛ give me one good reason why i should believe you . ❜

    ❛ someone’s in a good mood today , i see . ❜

    ❛ if you have something to say to me , spit it out already . ❜

    ❛ you’ll be no help to anyone if you run yourself into the ground . ❜

    ❛ i never thought i’d see you again . ❜

    ❛ i’ve lost so many people . i can’t lose you , too . ❜

    ❛ may i have this dance ? ❜

    ❛ don’t treat me like a child . ❜

    ❛ i’m really not one for crowds . ❜

    ❛ tell me it’s not true , [ name ] . please tell me it’s not true . ❜

    ❛ you don’t have to hold my hand , you know . ❜

    ❛ i need to step away for a bit , i’m sorry . ❜

    ❛ i can’t do this without you . ❜

    ❛ this isn’t our fight , [ name ] . it’s my fight . ❜

    ❛ don’t come any closer ! ❜

    ❛ i would never lie to you . to others , yes , but never to you . ❜

    ❛ rough day today , i assume ? ❜

    ❛ that is not an appropriate question to ask someone you just met . ❜

    ❛ hey ! what was that for ? ❜

    ❛ god , i have no idea how you do this every day . ❜

    ❛ you’re such a coward , aren’t you ? ❜

    ❛ why don’t you just kill me ? ❜

    ❛ i’m not leaving you , [ name ] . not now . not ever . ❜

    ❛ i know i’m not the person you want , but ... i’m here . ❜

    ❛ is that my shirt you’re wearing ? ❜

    ❛ who the hell invited you ? ❜

    ❛ you knew ! you knew , and you didn’t tell me ? ❜

    ❛ you’re going to get us killed . ❜

    ❛ you’re terrible at flirting , you know . ❜

    ❛ i see a lot of myself in you . ❜

    ❛ i didn’t realise you were in so much pain . ❜

    ❛ you should have thought about that before you engaged in a fight . ❜

    ❛ why can’t i come with you ? ❜

    ❛ what are you doing out here by yourself ? ❜

    ❛ no more lies . no more secrets . from here on out , we’re honest with each other , [ name ] . ❜

    ❛ stay with me . just for tonight . ❜

    ❛ trust me , these people are not your friends . ❜

    ❛ how many more people need to die before you are satisfied ? ❜

    ❛ i know you better than you think i do . ❜

    ❛ you know ... you’re really cute for someone with such a terrible personality . ❜

    ❛ i just wanted to see you smile again . ❜

    ❛ being strong doesn’t mean never asking for help or admitting that you’re in pain . ❜

    send me as many requests as you want! i will update this post whenever i decide to close requests :)

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  • jrondolo
    21.10.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    Happy Wonder Woman Day ⚡⭐✨ #WonderWoman #WonderWoman1984 #DCcomics #Batman #Superman #Shazam #Aquaman #GalGadot https://www.instagram.com/p/CVTvtGQBtVx/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • plainiack-arts
    21.10.2021 - 20 minutes ago
    #art#fanart#cartoon #artists on tumblr #cartoonist#artist #cartoonist on tumblr #artist on tumblr #Batman#btas#the ventriloquist#arnold wesker#scarface
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  • faclubebatbase
    21.10.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    Enquanto isso... nos supermercados de São Paulo... #panetone #ligadajustica #panettone #justiceleague #saopaulo #brasil #brazil #dccomics #batman #wonderwoman #superman #aquaman #greenlantern #batbase https://www.instagram.com/p/CVTvo7-FGOs/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • faclubebatbase
    21.10.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    Art by @mario_foccillo_art . . . . . . . #mariofoccilloart #graphicnovel #fumetto #fumetti #fumettoitaliano #fumettiitaliani #bandedessinee #bandedessinée #comics #comicsart #dccomics #batmantattoo #batmanbegins #batman #arkhamknight #batman🦇 #art #batmanfan #batmanart #batmancosplay #comicbookartist #arkham https://www.instagram.com/p/CVTvKmsl2fh/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • misterfries
    21.10.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    "This is how I'll remember you; surrounded by winter, forever young, forever beautiful. Rest well, my love. The monster who took you from me will soon learn that revenge is a dish...best served cold."

    #;self promo #new url slightly new promo #dc rp#batman rp#arkham rp#idk
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  • yourfavehasbpd
    21.10.2021 - 36 minutes ago
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  • tamdrry
    21.10.2021 - 41 minutes ago
    #batman#batfam#batfamily#art tutorial #i don't know if I can call it that tbh #this is very messy I hope it makes at least some sense #bruce wayne#dc
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  • marhaernandez
    21.10.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    Batman Under The Red Hood //Jason Todd y tu// - Prologo (on Wattpad) https://www.wattpad.com/1144878002-batman-under-the-red-hood-jason-todd-y-tu-prologo?utm_source=web&utm_medium=tumblr&utm_content=share_reading&wp_uname=MarielaMorales435&wp_originator=3GISIsyj87SYTLvm8wNM5zfDPcJPKdHIZcKv23hMbf0bPFm7hh6r5R8bEeOsjd%2BwUHDNgxIFuZS5xr0bN19fx2zEFQBkQ55BKzz5mWqn7uZf0ojlcnbUjCwtdj6KDdvw Ra's al Ghul había hecho un trato con uno de los villanos más peligrosos de Gotica para poder distraer al superhéroe de esa ciudad, ya que tenía algo planeado y no quería que el superhéroe se interpusiera, pero no tenía planeado que el villano con el que se alió iría más lejos de lo acordado. Así que quiso remediar el problema que había creado, pero en cuanto creyó que lo había arreglado otro problema resulto.

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  • sadspoookyboi
    21.10.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    Batfam as taylor swift songs (sad vers.)

    bruce: champagne problems

    dick: the last time

    barbara: all too well

    jason: innocent

    cass: dear john

    tim: this is me trying

    steph: mirrorball(i’m right you’re wrong shut the fuck up)

    duke: hoax

    damian: the archer

    alfred: never grow up

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  • aveula
    21.10.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    Cass warm up

    Do not repost without permission
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  • fortune-fool02
    21.10.2021 - 57 minutes ago

    Would anyone be interested if I started writing for Cobblebats Telltale?

    #batman telltale#telltale #batman telltale season one #bruce batman telltale #oswald cobblepot telltale #oswald telltale#oswald cobblpot #oswald cobblepot x bruce wayne #cobblebats #bruce wayne x oswald cobblepot #telltale bruce wayne
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  • jervis-tetch-my-beloved
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago



    Edward: Where’s Jervis-

    Jonathan: NO!

    #edward nygma#riddler#jonathan crane#Scarecrow#jervis tetch#mad hatter#I’m sorry #for context Jervis is normally 4’11 and I thought this would be funny #gotham rogues#batman rogues #batman rogues incorrect quotes
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  • a-reader-and-a-writer
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Wrong Place, Wrong Time

    Whumptober 2021: #7. Helplessness, #14. Crush Injuries, #20. Lost & Found, #21. Pressure, #31. Disaster Zone

    Fandom: Batman, Batfam, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd

    Word Count: 1822

    “I don’t know, I thought it was pretty good.”

    “Pretty good? That movie sucked! I am so sick of these endless reboots and pointless sequels. You told a good story. It’s over and done, move on and give us something new.”

    You chuckled. “Yeah, this coming from ‘Robin 2: The Adventure Continues’.”

    Jason glared at you, but Dick burst out laughing. “Oh, oh! How about ‘Robin 2: The Second One’.”

    “‘Robin 2: Electric Boogaloo’!”

    “‘Robin 2: The Rise of Jason Todd’!”

    “And the gritty reboot ‘The Red Hood: Return of Jason Todd’.”

    “Alright, alright, I get it. Very funny. Make fun of the dead guy.” Jason rolled his eyes as you and Dick high-fived each other. He jammed his hands in his pockets and began storming off.

    “Formerly dead guy. You can’t keep playing that card forever.” You said teasingly, reaching out and linking your arm with Jason’s. You felt Dick link arms on your other side, so the three of you were all connected as you walked down the sidewalk.

    Crime had been surprisingly low the last few days, so you had decided to enjoy yourselves and catch an afternoon movie. It wasn’t often the three oldest of Bruce Wayne’s wards managed to find time to hang out, and it felt like old times.

    Jason had reluctantly dropped his scowl. He glanced over at the storefront on his right and stopped abruptly in amazement. He scoffed, “Oh my god! Did you guys see this?”

    As you and Dick turned, you let out a small chuckle of surprise as you saw display after display of merchandise bearing a variety of bat symbols. All of you were represented in some form or another. Bruce’s Batman on a shower curtain, Dick’s Nightwing on a blanket, Jason’s Red Hood on a bathrobe, Tim’s Red Robin on a coffee mug, and Damian’s Robin on a coloring book. But the thing that really caught your eye was the hoodie that looked like a replica of your costume, complete with mask built into the hood and your signature Bat-Insignia across the front. Glancing at the sign, you chuckled again at the name. The Bat Cave.

    “Did either of you know about this?” you asked.

    Dick and Jason both shook their heads in disbelief. Then Jason snorted, “I think somebody owes us some royalties or something. Those things are trademarked.”

    You laughed, but knew he was probably right. Suddenly, you realized something was missing. Cursing under your breath, you turned and hurried back towards the theatre. Both boys turned to watch you speed away.

    “Where are you going?” Dick called after you.

    You yelled back over your shoulder. “I forgot my sunglasses. I’ll be right back.”

    Just as your hand reached the door to the theatre, you heard Jason yell, “Hey dumbass!”

    Glancing back, you saw Jason smirking as he pointed to the top of his head. Reaching up to your own head, you felt the sunglasses perched there. You blushed as you placed them on your face, sheepishly turning back to the boys. You shrugged dramatically and took a step in their direction. That’s when the theatre exploded.

    Jason and Dick were thrown backward by the blast, landing in a heap about ten feet from where they had been standing. Groaning, both boys struggled to sit up and regain their bearings. People were screaming all around them and smoke curled out of the scant remains of what had just been the theatre.

    All the blood rushed out of Jason’s face as he muttered, “Y/N.” He scrambled to his feet as Dick paled and frantically followed suit. They took off running towards the area they thought they had last seen you, but it was almost impossible to tell where anything had once been. When they thought they are in the approximate area, they began shifting desperately yet carefully through the rubble, screaming out your name. Jason couldn’t help but wonder if this was how Bruce had felt as he searched for Jason’s body years ago. Finally, Dick moved a hunk of cement and saw as a hand appeared from underneath of it. He instantly recognized the bracelet that he had given you for your birthday on the wrist.

    “Jay, over here! I found her!”

    Feverishly, the two boys moved pieces of rock and debris, slowly uncovering more and more of your broken form, until the only wreckage that remained was a large section of the theatre wall that was too heavy for them to move. It was still pining you to the ground from the waist down, but there wasn’t any more they could do at the moment, so they began assessing your injuries.

    You were laying awkwardly, half on your side, half on your back. Every inch of you was covered in a thick layer of dust and grime. The left side of your face was skinned raw where you had skidded across the asphalt. Your sunglasses were destroyed, the remains of which dangled haphazardly from your face. Dick carefully removed what was left and noticed that they had been rammed against your nose with such force, they had shattered bones and blacked both of your eyes. The rest of your body was littered with bruises, burns, blood, and small cuts while your breathing was irregular and strained. Dick and Jason both crouched down next to you and tried to rouse you but at first you barely stirred. Finally, they watched as your eyes flickered open with a pained groan.

    “Wha – what happened?” Your voice was hoarse and weak.

    Dick and Jason exchanged a worried glance before Dick said, “We’re not sure. There was an explosion in the theatre. You were still at the door and it seems like you took a pretty bad hit. You were completely buried when we found you and we still can’t move that big piece off your legs. It is too heavy for just the two of us. Jay, you stay here and I’m going to go get help.”

    “No…. don’t.”

    “Sweetheart, we have to get you out from under that thing. You need medical attention immediately. Who knows what kind of internal bleeding you have or if there are any worse injuries this piece of wall is concealing.”

    “You’re right, which is why it won’t matter. I can feel it. My leg…. Well, I’m pretty sure the pressure from this wall is the only thing keeping me from bleeding out immediately. As soon as you move it…. So, yeah, it’s too late to do anything.”

    Jason sat back on his heels, horrorstruck, as Dick shook his head vehemently refusing to believe what you had just said. “We can at least try. As soon as the paramedics get here, they can help us. They’ll know what to do.”

    You smiled hazily up at your brothers. “It’s okay, Dick. I’m not in much pain at the moment, it’s more numb than anything, but if you move that piece of wall, it’s going to be utter agony. And it still won’t matter. So, please, just let me go in peace.”

    Jason hissed in fury, “We can’t just sit here and watch you die!”

    “I don’t want you to. It might be too late for me but you two can go help the other people who were injured. You might still be able to save them.”

    “We’re not leaving you.”

    “It’s what we do. We’re heroes, Jay.”

    “Not today we aren’t.” Dick said through a clenched jaw. You furrowed your brow in confusion. “Today we are just three siblings who wanted to spend the day together. Who just deserved a goddamn break for once in their lives. And instead, this happens. So, no. Today we aren’t heroes. There are enough other people walking around helping right now. We’re going to stay with you for as long as we can. I don’t care what that makes us.”

    You grabbed Dick’s hand as tightly as you could manage as tears began to flow down his face. “It makes you a good brother.”

    You smiled up at him and started to say something else, but a chest rattling cough cuts you off. Your brothers held you down, so you didn’t hurt yourself more as your body was racked with the intense hacking fit. Finally, when it subsided, you relaxed, blood dripping from your mouth. You looked up at Dick and weakly said, “I guess you were right on both accounts. Internal bleeding and a concealed wound. Huh, who knew?”

    Before either boy could answer, you gave a dry chuckle and said, “You know, I always thought I would die in the suit. Going down swingin’ with my Bat Symbol proudly on my chest and my mask firmly on my face. Instead, it’s going to be flip flops and Jason’s old t-shirt.”

    Jason thought for a minute, then stood up. “I’ll be right back. Dick, stay with her.” Dick just nodded numbly.

    A few moments later, Jason came rushing back carrying the hoodie resembling your suit you had seen in the souvenir shop what seemed like a lifetime ago. For the first time since the explosion, tears filled your eyes.

    “It’s not your suit, but it’s the best we’ve got at the moment.” As carefully as he could and with Dick’s help, Jason gingerly wrapped the oversized hoodie around you and zipped it up as much as he could. Then he pulled the hood down over your face, so the built-in mask framed your eyes.

    You slowly lifted your fingers and traced the familiar emblem that rested over your heart. “Thank you, Jay. It’s perfect.”

    “Least I could do.” Jason kissed you knuckles and smiled sadly down at you. Keeping ahold of your hand, he began rubbing his thumb lightly over the back of it, a constant reminder he was with you. Dick shifted so he was behind you and lifted your head so it was resting comfortably in his lap. You felt that the tension was so thick with all of the unspoken things between the three of you, that it was almost suffocating. Or maybe that was just your blood filling your lungs.

    You felt your head starting to get fuzzy as your vision began to blacken around the edges, and you knew you didn’t have much time left. You nuzzled your cheek softly into Dick’s leg and gave Jason’s hand another squeeze. After taking a few deep breaths, you managed to croak out, “Hey…. I love you guys.”

    “Back at you sis,” Jason tearfully bent down and kissed your forehead.

    You smiled up at them as your world went black. Jason felt your hand go limp in his, and he frantically looked to Dick, hoping beyond hope his older brother would make this all betters. But Dick just gazed down at your empty, staring eyes, tears streaming down his face. All he could think in that moment was, “How the hell are we supposed to tell Bruce?”

    #whumptober2021 #no.7 #no.14 #no.20 #no. 21 #no.31 #helplessness#crush injuries #lost & found #pressure#disaster zone#fic#batman #batfam x reader #batfam#jason todd #jason todd x reader #dick grayson #dick grayson x reader #whumptober 2021
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