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  • astraltrickster
    09.12.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    I've been meaning to write about this moment for a long, long time.

    What does it normally mean to contract with a Servant? Well, it means you're going to participate in a Grail War, of course - or if not, it means you want to work with them for some kind of purpose. It's a business relationship. It's utilitarian. It often becomes closer than that over time, but generally speaking it starts out as strangers partnering up to work toward a common goal.

    This moment is...not that.

    These two already know each other...sort of. A little. They've known each other for a day, and that has been enough to get them...very attached.

    Of course, for Astolfo, that's just normal. Astolfo is just Like That. Astolfo loves people, Astolfo is a dutiful paladin with a strong moral compass; when those two factors collide it's a recipe for attachment. I often refer to first-24-hours!Sieg as Astolfo's rescue puppy, because, well, I'm not wrong now am I?

    For Sieg? Well, there is no "normal" for him - he's been alive outside of a tank, making his own choices, even breathing on his own for no more than a day - but whether this is normal for him or not (and later on I would argue that it somewhat is, and that Astolfo's madness and loving nature is contagious), he's so attached that it overrides any of his other desires, any sense of reason.

    Just a day before this he was dragging himself through broken glass and his own blood, on legs that could only support his weight because of the power of sheer terror, risking an earlier but more drawn-out and painful death, in hopes of maybe, possibly, finding a miracle that would let him out of this war. That would let him survive.

    Which always became irrelevant when he saw Astolfo in danger.

    Wanting a chance to survive so badly he was willing to spend the rest of his possibly minutes of life in self-imposed agony for it - it all went out the window when he saw Astolfo about to lose to Mordred, just minutes before this.

    He knew he couldn't win that fight. He knew he would die, and probably only buy Astolfo a few seconds of life with it, but he did it anyway.

    Because he couldn't just stand back, do nothing, and watch him die.

    Wanting out of this war?

    Well, look how that went.

    But what of Astolfo's end?

    Fair warning: from here, this is going to involve some discussion of his previous Master, which is going to mean some discussion of sexual violence, so from this point on it's going under a readmore - read the rest at your own discretion.

    Astolfo was never summoned to this war to win. It is established in the novels - Celenike knew, from day 1, that she wasn't a good enough mage to actually win, no matter how good of a Servant she summoned. So, she got an extremely specific catalyst to summon someone renowned for being a very skilled and attentive lover-

    So that she could break him. So that she could claim him as property. With very little success, until moments before her death. Even as she assaults him, Astolfo is just...bored. But he's interested in other people - be they random strangers in town, or a rescue puppy of a homunculus - which she takes as a grave insult.

    I would say this begs the question, "well, why did you look for such a specific catalyst to summon the guy who slept with 1,000 married women to test whether monogamy was a natural human instinct or just a social construct to improve health and safety in a time before condoms, then?" but really, the answer is because he did that - someone who would be happy with an exclusive relationship would be less satisfying for her to break and force into one. And I feel disgusting typing that out, but it's all there, she's disgusting.

    There is an...appropriately disturbing sexual overtone to her breakdown, in the novels especially. Making him suffer, damaging him, scarring him to claim ownership, was the goal all along - and by the use of that Command Spell, she nearly succeeded.

    But as soon as she's gone - this happens.

    In this moment, he went from being bound to someone who only wanted him around to satisfy her own sexual sadism, to someone who wanted - more than his own life, which is a high bar to clear - for him to continue to live.

    From a partnership where the cruelty is the point, to one based on what is a truly irrational level of mutual respect and caring; they have known each other for a day, and they have now entered into a contract, normally formed short-term for utilitarian purposes between strangers, by which Sieg is officially part of the war - no longer protected as a noncombatant - and Astolfo's life depends on him. Not because they want to fight, not because they're seeking the grail, but just because they want to protect each other for as long as they can. It is a major commitment, when one of the parties involved could otherwise have walked away from the dangers of the war.

    And yet, there is no version of this story where one of them walks away from this moment alone. There is no version of this story where this contract is willfully broken.

    It's a transition from cruelty to intimacy; from selfish sadistic lust to selfless love; from "I want you to suffer to entertain me" to "I want you to just be alive and happy and keep putting the same kindness you showed me into the world."

    From "well, fuck it, if I'm already in this death game I might as well have fun with it, let's find a good victim" to "I'm not part of this war, and I never wanted to be, but I will be, with all the risks it entails, if that's what it takes to keep you alive and happy, and not just because you've already proven you'd do the same for me."

    How beautiful, then, that in the end, this act of love ends up being crucial to saving humanity.

    #fate#fate/apocrypha#fate apocrypha#sieg#astolfo #tl;dr: from a literary standpoint there is something incredibly beautiful about the fact that both of Astolfo's Masters #never expected to win the war #and just wanted him around #but for OPPOSITE reasons #one because she was a piece of shit who just wanted to own him #the other because no matter how you slice it #whether you read that L-word as romantic or not #he loved him more than life itself #even after fighting so hard for the right to live that life #still tl;dr: we basically just watched them get married
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  • oakleaf--bearer
    09.12.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    also the rqg finale being set in dover has made me want to Go Off about dover castle, she is the most beautiful lady you have ever seen in your life, big beautiful strong lady who has been there for a very long time :))))

    #lass is old #like #iron age hillfort old #and she's beautiful :) #this is what it's like to be partners with a medievalist
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    09.12.2021 - 3 minutes ago
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  • cruelsister
    09.12.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    i feel like such a lesbian for just not giving a fuck about mandy patinkin in yentl but butch barbra streisand makes me feel weak and feverish and like i need to be taken to the seaside like fetch me my smelling salts im having a fit of delicacy.....

    #the whole tag is always just him and people going crazy over him and it's like... #avigdor is the villain of the film!!! #i think there is also an interesting like mlm reading to be had but... its much less SAD if you take it as a butchfemme romance ngl... #otherwise like avigdor is a self hating and transphobic and misogynistic gay man #and yentl is a trans guy in love with someone who sees him as a. a woman and b. inferior #like from what I gather the book is dif #I read a bit of the Confession Scene and it seemed very different #whereas in the film like.. its distressing to watch #i dont know that the desired takeaway is yentl and avigdor are the height of romance #like obviously if u think mandy is hot that's understandable. dont personally relate but i support your self expression #but omg when i went in the tag after first watching and theres barely even any hadass at all #when she is for real the most beautiful woman who ever existed in earth ever
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  • mesothulass
    09.12.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    anyway i watched encanto, stan luisa my beloved

    #beautiful gorgeous show stopping spectacular #i love her so much #shes so pretty and sweet and her voice is so nice and i love her #encanto
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    09.12.2021 - 6 minutes ago
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    09.12.2021 - 7 minutes ago
    iconic black & white album covers.
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    09.12.2021 - 10 minutes ago
    #navybrat answers #choose your harem #i approve#beautiful men#leisurelypanda #love you ❤️❤️ #asks are always appreciated
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    09.12.2021 - 10 minutes ago
    #starset#dustin bates#song#songs#song lyric#song lyrics #this part of the song is so vivid. so beautiful it's one of my favorites i love it so much i can't get over it #horizons#starset horizons #starset horizons album #music lyric#music lyrics
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    09.12.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    me defending my lady sufjan:

    #my beautiful princess #courtly love
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