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    ✨Made batches✨

    I can’t paint i tried

    #lbgtqa+#my art#art#art stuff#bisexual#transgender#trans#gay#agender#asexual #my friend is agender so i thought why not #I don't know how to paint
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  • Sometimes I forget how important representation is, but the show I’m watching just sprung surprise representation on me, and my breath stopped and my heart sped up, and I was just filled with validation and warmth.

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  • Hey shout out to the lesbian couples where both of them are really butch and the gay couples where both of them are really feminine. Y'all are so valid 💙💙

    #i feel like couples like these only get portrayed to be laughed at and thats good for no one #lgbt#lesbian#gay#bisexual#wlw#mlm#trans
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  • just a reminder bisexuality/people and pansexuality/people can coexist and that they are not mutually exclusive! sexuality cannot be contained in rigid, blocked off labels because everyone’s experiences are different! positivity without lables is still positivity, and negativity without lables is still negativity!

    #bisexual#pansexual#bi positivity#pan positivity#panphobes dni#biphobes dni #biphobes don't interact #panphobes dont interact
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  • ???????????? how come my mom knows im bisexual and sorta encourages it but refuses to believe that ‘being bisexual’ is a thing????????????????? shes like i get it ur a lesbian, ur dating a girl its fine i support you (im not a lesbian or a girl, my partner also wasnt a girl but she didnt believe that either) but then shes also like you like boys right? :))

    like. i told her abt how i broke up with my partner and she was like comforting me and stuff, at one point she said “its ok, maybe you can try dating someone new. a girl. or a boy.”

    but then when ive told her several times “yeah theres a word for that, exactly, i like boys AND girls” she just calls me slurs and says its made up??

    #bisexual#biphobia #????? #whats the deal ma #vent
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  • Can we please stop with the “being bi is liking all women and three men” stereotypes? You guys try so hard to emphasize that bisexuality isn’t 50/50 but create posts that are just as harmful. As a bisexual who prefers guys, seeing posts like that makes me doubt my sexuality and sends me down another loop of “what if I’m straight and I’m faking it for attention”. Altough I usually come back to bi, the period of questioning because of an instagram post is really stressful for me, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like this.

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  • i want my neck kissed

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  • Hello

    Ok. So I no longer have a crush on either of the people. But, I actually have a boyfriend now. It’s been hard since his parents have threaten to Clarkhe police on me. Alongside that my partner is ftm and his parents don’t expect the lgbt at all.

    as for my old crushes, both are doing good. I keep in contact with the girl not the guy as much.

    I am still pol, but I’ve decided to wait a lot longer to try and find another person with all the drama that is happening with my boyfriend.

    love you all

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  • To my fellow members of the LGBTQ+ community and to all others who feel lost or confused about their personal identity:

    Even if it is “just a phase,” it is okay to identify with that which you feel fits you best in this moment.

    Let people have “phases.” Let them be who they are in this one individual moment. Who cares if it doesn’t last? In this exact moment, this is who I am. If that changes in the future, that doesn’t invalidate how I felt in the past. It is okay to go for what feel best in this exact moment, to live for the present, to live for the individual moment, and to live day by day. In fact, living in the moment is healthier that being anxious about the future.

    Right now, in this single, split-second instant, what feels best to you to be? Gay? Bi? Trans? Asexual? Genderfluid? Pansexual? Be it. Be what fits best at each individual moment.

    Be who you feel you are in this exact moment, and worry about the future when you get there.

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  • hmmmmmmm tonight we will open the toy bag for the first time in a while

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  • We need to open a conversation about the closet bisexual experience, because it sure is different from the gay/lesbian one.

    There’s a hell of alot of convincing yourself you can just ignore your same sex attraction since your already “” staright"“ and your not hiding anything… there’s just.. alot to unpack yall

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  • “Do you remember Katy Green?” He asked, his head rising and falling with each breathe she took, his head resting on her chest. They lay snuggled up in the bed of her truck, overlooking the gravel parking lot and the last puddles left of the lake. 

    “Of course! I dated her in high school.” She said, her laugh jostling his head.


    “Well we didn’t tell anyone.” She said, “We just sort of made out after church. Why?”

    “I got a friend request from her on facebook.”

    “How’s she doing?”

    “Just got married to the hottest woman I’ve ever seen. Their wedding photos are incredible. They had swords.” He said. She laughed again. Her laugh carried through the air, caught up in the tiniest breeze. 

    “Oh good for her.” She said. “She was way too pretty for this town.”

    “Mhm.” He agreed. “Seems her boyfriend was her best man.”

    “Oh hell yeah!” She said. They both laughed. 

    “I was thinking.” He continued, “Why don’t we do something like that?”

    “Get married with swords or get a boyfriend?” 

    “Well both sound nice but I meant the married with swords.” 

    “That’ll sure shake up the town. I can imagine see the gossip: those two homos got married to each other, she cut the cake with a sword while he screamed like a barbarian.” They both laughed again and he squeezed her tighter. 

    “I still can’t believe you actually want to marry me.” He said, his cheek resting against her chest. She ran her fingers through his hair. 

    “Why’s that?” She asked. 

    “Well you’re also like way too pretty for this town. For me.”

    “Bullshit. You’re the hottest guy in town.”

    “I’m not hotter than Joey Valentino.”

    “You are.”

    “Literally how?”

    “He’s straight. Automatic debuff.” He laughed and she wrapped her arms around him as best she could in their position. “Look, I want to marry you, dumbass. I want to have the biggest stupidest wedding this town has ever seen. I want swords and candelabras and gargoyles and for your sister’s dog to be ring bearer. I want to spend my life with you, here, somewhere else, I don’t care. Honey you’re hot as fuck.” He buried his face in her chest to hide his blushing and she laughed uproariously. A breeze sailed by them again. This time it was just a tad cooler. It maybe even suggested fall. Who was to know? It smelled like the future. 

    “Are you blushing you nerd?” 

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  • my dream man is Matthew Gray Gubler and my dream woman is Aubrey Plaza so just imagine how insane it was for me when they were both on criminal minds at the same time for a few episodes (where they also did kiss at one point). that right there is the bisexual dream.

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