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  • erifnidne
    20.01.2022 - 49 minutes ago

    My All-Time Favorite Manga (currently)

    Yona of the Dawn

    Demon Slayer

    Mission: Yozakura Family

    Spy x Family

    Vinland Saga

    Black Clover

    Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun!

    My Hero Academia: Vigilantes

    My Hero Academia

    Blue Exorcist

    Dr. Stone

    Fire Force

    Kaiju no. 8

    Witch Watch


    Please Love the Useless Me

    Wolf King’s Bride

    Prince, Don’t Do This!

    Fairy Tail: 100 Year’s Quest

    One Punch Man

    Jujutsu Kaisen

    Rurouni Kenshin

    Elusive Samurai

    The Reason Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke’s Mansion


    Kono oto Tomare


    Hanakoi Tsurane

    Burn the Witch

    Same Difference

    Crazy Girl Shin Bia

    I’ve read hundreds of short manga. I used to fall asleep just surfing between little romances, but when it comes to the tried and true, these would have to be it.

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  • bowandcurtsey
    20.01.2022 - 1 hour ago
    #black clover fanfiction #black clover x reader #black clover imagine #black clover headcanons #black clover scenarios #black clover x you #black clover x y/n #langris vaude x reader #langris x reader #black clover langris #langris vaude #black clover imagines
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  • crazyclownthanos
    20.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    “The Sleeping Dragon Beauty”







    Meet Rekka Swing 🤩✊ Im super duper happy to announce that Rekka has the skin condition known as vitiligo, really an honor to contribute him 😳😳

    The Black Bulls strongest in form of strength, but yet the Black Bulls most sleepiest member. His soul is intertwined with the Magma Dragon, Rhaegal/Hephaestus. Known to be the largest dragon of the 12 ancient dragons. Due to being the largest dragon Rekka often becomes easily exhausted once transforming back into his human form. Rekka comes from the Japanese origin, meaning “flame” or “fire” 🔥

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  • melhiwatari
    20.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Eu não deveria ter feito isso, dêem zoom na foto para verem as "categorias"

    I shouldn't have done this, zoom in on the photo to see the "categories"

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  • the-black-bulls
    20.01.2022 - 2 hours ago
    #not a quote #black clover manga #manga talk#nacht faust#morgen faust
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  • punk-63
    20.01.2022 - 3 hours ago
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  • musingsofanextrovert
    20.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Willow (Fuegoleon Vermillion x Fem!Reader)

    Summary: You've been thinking, and overthinking about confessing your feelings for your childhood friend, and captain of the Crimson Lion squad, Fuegoleon Vermillion for quite some time. You go to couple of unusual sources for help confessing your feelings to him. But he catches you while you’re preparing to confess it to him. What would the outcome be?
    Warning: Anxiety attacks, mentions of injuries and coma, low self-esteem issues, bullying
    A/N: This is my first anime one shot on Tumblr and I’ve just finished watching Black Clover and I’m having a major brain rot. It will also be quite long, so I'm very sorry in advance about that.
    Also, if you like this idea, I might make this into a series where I'll write stories using Taylor Swift songs as inspiration. So, if you do, please let me know. Heart it, comment on it, or reblog it. But don’t repost this anywhere else on any other platforms. The plotline may be similar to a Disney movie (The Descendants), and the characters of Black Clover belong to Yūki Tabata, but the story is mine. :)
    Number of words: 2626


    Now this is an open-shut case

    Guess I should've known from the look on your face

    Every bait and switch was a work of art


    Fuegoleon Vermillion was the captain of the Crimson Lion Squad in the Clover Kingdom. Having been friends with him for so many years, you were close to him and his siblings, Mereoleona and Leopold. Also, you have been the peacemaker between Fuego and Nozel Silva, his distant relative and rival whenever they’ve been at loggerheads. Mereo often commented on how good you guys looked together, but the thought hadn’t honestly occurred to you by then.

    You were unsure of when your feelings for him began because, first, you’d felt a sense of respect when you were around him. Fuego wasn’t just a tall man with purple eyes. It wasn’t his long, straight vermillion hair, that was neatly combed to the back while leaving his long fringe combed to the left in a wavy hairstyle. It wasn’t the red earrings he wore, the markings around his eyes, and the diamond-shaped mark on his forehead that made him even more appealing to you.

    There was this charismatic aura he had around him. You saw him always be respectful to elders. He was a stickler for rules (to a point where you found it funny, so you’d tease him). Also, he wouldn’t hesitate to put his life on the line if it came to it so that he’d be able to protect others.

    Second, you felt a strong sense of adoration for him as friends. He never looked down on you when you were having trouble with controlling your magic. Instead, he, along with Mereoleona and Leopold, had a special training session for you to grow and master your ability to sense your Mana Zone. He was the first captain to raise his hand when you’d applied for the Magic Knights Entrance Exam.

    Even though you didn’t need to apply, having connections in the Vermillion family, you wanted to forge your own path. He confided in you whenever he felt conflicted in making complicated decisions. There was a special bond between you two that you’d not want to adulterate. Thus, you did not want to confuse your feelings and misinterpret them, so instead of at once confessing to him like you would’ve, you waited for it to stew.

    When you saw that Fuegoleon’s right arm was severed, inducing him into a coma, it made you an emotional mess. This caused you to kneel and cry incessantly. While this shook Asta, Noelle, and Leo to the core, that’s when Fuego’s image burned into your head when he was alarming you to be calm at all times. So, you stood up and held Leo’s shoulder to calm him.

    As time passed by, you, along with Leo, stayed by his side whenever you two weren’t busy on missions. Leo kept insisting that he’d stay, but you told him it was okay and that Fuego needed him to grow. The thought of him going away from your life seemed so scary that your shared memories flashed before your eyes. It was at that moment when you were holding his left hand; the realization hit you. You were a branch of a willow tree that bent right to his ferocious wind power. You were falling for him and you needed him back to hold on to him because you were “lost in (his) current like a priceless wine.” Caressing his face while tears were streaming down your cheeks, you whispered, “Fuego, come back. The squad needs you, your siblings need you. I need you.”

    »»————————- ♔ ————————-««

    Ever since then, whenever anyone mentioned Fuego’s name, or even the word, “captain,” you’d blush, like a reflex. You would care about your attire, mannerisms, and appearance because you wanted to impress him. He consumed every single thought in your brain. Not to mention he had a fan club you were aware of, having read the letters that were sent to him, but he wasn’t. Whenever you two passed by them, the girls would glare at you and grit their teeth. Their stench of jealousy was so palpable that you’d scoff at them and grin at them as you walked with Fuego.

    While he was in a coma, the said fans constantly poked at, and made fun of you, who’d remark, “You’re the reason Fuegoleon-sama is injured!” “Where were you when Fuegoleon-sama was fighting?” “You should leave the squad. You’re a disgrace to Fuegoleon-sama’s name!” While Leo and Mereo hung around you and retorted at them with nice quips, this still hurt you. “(Y/N),” Mereo tells you when she places her hand on your shoulder, “you don’t have to listen to what they say. You’re perfect for him,” she smiles while Leo nods in agreement, causing you to smile, but the pain hurled by their words still lingered.

    When he came back from his coma and was blessed by the Fire Spirit, Salamander, it filled you with renewed hope as you looked into his eyes and he smiled at you (the one in the GIF) and said, “I’m home, (Y/N).” When you hugged him, that was when you knew you needed him in your life, no matter what. At the next Captains’ and Vice-Captains’ meeting, you approached one of your closest friends in the Kingdom, Dorothy Unsworth, the captain of the Coral Peacock squad, as her spell could help you practice confessing to Fuego the way she helped Charlotte Roselei, the Blue Rose Squad Captain confess to Yami Sukehiro, the Black Bulls Captain.

    ⊱ ──────── { .⋅ ✯ ⋅. }──────── ⊰

    “Don’t run away, (Y/N)-chan! Don’t run away from your feelings,” Dorothy cried as she ran after you in the corridors of the Magic Knights Headquarters. Although you came to her as you needed help to confess your feelings, you feared even mentioning his name, as that very thought caused you to be rubescent. When Dorothy said, “Oho! I see. You wanted to confess your feelings to Fuegoleon-san, right?” You feel flushed all over again. This caused you to scream and run out of the ladies’ restroom where you two were. On the way, you spot Vanessa Enoteca, one of the Black Bulls and a good friend, as she’s waiting to go with Asta and Yami back to their base. You approach her, screaming her name, “VANESSAAAAAAAAAA!”

    Your gorgeous pink-haired friend chuckles at you as you hide behind her as Dorothy looks for you. Vanessa replies, “Ara, ara, (Y/N)-san! What happened to you today? Has Rouge caught your tongue?”* Having no time to explain, you click your tongue, hold her by her wrist and run ahead. When Dorothy finds you, she releases a multi-hued mist, touches you and Vanessa, and causes both of you to be pulled into her spell, Dream Magic: “Glamour World.”

    The Glamour World held a myriad of fantastical items out of your and her imagination. She could manifest anything under the Sun in this world. For Dorothy, this was her sphere of influence, her realm, her comfort zone, and she wanted you to come out of yours by helping you. This was what you’d signed up for when you approached her.

    However, even thinking of him caused you to be embarrassed and unable to think clearly. “Dorothy, why are you doing this?” You grunt as you land on a bed along with Vanessa, who then imagines a glass of wine out of nowhere and is just being her cheerful self. “What is holding you back, (Y/N)-chan? Why are you finding it difficult to confess it to Fuegoleon-san?”

    Your expression turns gloomy as you think of the girls of the fan club who were ready to come at you every chance they’d get. “Dorothy-chan,” you reply gloomily, “I wonder whether Fuego does like me or is he too devoted to his job to notice me? There’s also the ‘fan club’ that’s so hellbent on knocking me down...” That’s when you feel Vanessa patting your shoulder, saying, “Oh, (Y/N)-san, when have you let the opinions get to you? Captain, would it be possible to please imagine...” “On it,” Dorothy exclaimed as out of nowhere, a mirage of Fuegoleon appears. Your eyes lock up to his, and he smiles at you. “Fuego, I, I, I...” you stutter as you smack him, only for the apparition to vanish. You sigh in defeat, saying, "If only I was confident enough..."

    "What are you afraid of, (Y/N)-chan?" Dorothy looks at you in wonder. "You're the most confident person I know of!" Vanessa nods her head in agreement. "You're also a wonderful Vice-Captain, what is holding you back?"

    "Fear of losing him and our friendship, Dorothy!" You reply. "What if he rejects me and this causes a disturbance in our equation? I do not want that at all, but, I..." you couldn't continue talking as you slowly broke into tears causing Dorothy and Vanessa to imagine some tissue boxes for you.

    Then, an idea sparks into Vanessa's head. “Maybe I could ask for help in the Witches Forest to send a couple of love potions or truth potions to use in something edible? Let’s ask Charmy to make a couple of lovely dishes and buy a nice bottle of wine for him to drink."

    Dorothy gapes her mouth wide open, saying "Ooh, Vanessa-chan! That's a good idea. After which, we’ll put drops of the potion in the food and alcohol which you can give Fuegoleon to eat and drink. If it's the love potion, the food will make him fall in love with you. If the truth potion, he'll confess his feelings.” The two girls high-fived each other in agreement. Your mouth gapes wide open, and you say, “Vanessa, Dorothy-chan, are you serious?! Should we even do this?” Vanessa then winks and replies, “I mean, every bait-and-switch should be a work of art, right?”

    You nod your head in denial, chuckling, "That's not how bait-and-switch works, Vanessa."

    »»————- ➴ ————-««

    At lunchtime, you’re at your usual lunch spot with the Vermillions. All of you were laughing, chattering, and discussing the things that happened in your respective missions. Mereo would often joke about how she should've thrown Leo into the giant chasm to train, causing her and Fuego to bicker and you to giggle.

    Deep down, however, you were nervous about what would be the outcome of the consumption of the potion-doused food and wine. You decide to give Fuego his favorite dish along with newly bought wine to taste. No sooner does he take a bite and sip and find it tasty enough, than he shares the wine with Mereo and the food with her and also, much to your shock and confusion.

    You think to yourself, “Uh, oh! I guess I am in trouble!” To your surprise, however, Mereo doesn’t just compliment the food and the wine. She also spills certain things about herself that she kept hidden all along. “Btw, (Y/N),” Mereo speaks to you, “Did you know Leo has been fancying someone?” As she speaks more, Leo covers her mouth and they both chase each other, much to Fuego’s dismay, and oddly enough, your relief.


    In the evening, when the Sun was about to set, you, wearing a crimson halter neck gown, were standing in front of a mirror, practicing. “Okay, (y/n), you can do this!" you tell yourself as you look into the mirror. "Fuego, I’ve been meaning to say something to you…”

    “I know. Mereo told me,” you heard a familiar voice that caused you to turn and twitch in shock. “Oh, oh, Fuegoleon! Hey! I didn’t notice you…” Your voice fades away as your two index fingers point at each other, showing your nervousness as your cheeks flush again when you look down.

    “(Y/N),” he calls out to you softly as he picks your chin up, “you never call me by my full name. I sense there’s something troubling. Come, let’s go to the balcony. The dinner with the Silva’s can wait.” You smile and notice that he was wearing his uniform, but you felt he looked even more handsome today. You nod your head and hold his hand as he takes you to the balcony.

    "So, you were planning on saying something to me, weren't you?" Fuegoleon broke the calming silence as the Sun's setting rays shone on his countenance. "Fuego, how did you know?" He scratches his head and replies, " Well, after you left to attend to your duties, Mereo accidentally spilled it out to me when she was eating a morsel of what you brought for me. It tasted very different from the ones we usually cook. Did you use a potion in it?" Your eyes widen as he figured it out, biting your lip in nervousness. With your eyes looking down on the ground, you confess, "Uh, uh, yes, I wanted to..."

    “...tell me how you feel about me without regretting?” He smiles at you as he completes your sentence. There was one question that was bugging you. “Fuego, how did you know about the potion?” He replied, “The aftereffects wore off and I could sense the mana from the food. I'm assuming Charmy-kun helped you cooking, 'cause I felt my magic regenerating. Tell me, love,” he continues as he puts his hand on yours, “why did you hesitate in confessing?”

    “Two reasons, Fuego,” you continue, “One, you have a lofty goal ahead of you. I feel that my feelings, should they be accepted, would only come in the way of your desire to be the Magic Emperor. Besides, you have a fan club that’s been jealous of me for a long time.” You roll your eyes as you didn't want to remember all the stuff that was said to you.

    “Wait, a second!” Fuego’s eyes widen. “I have a fan club?” You chuckle in response to his bewilderment. “You have the highest number of fan clubs, other than Nozel, that is.” He curls his left arm into a fist and grits his teeth. “Oh god, Nozel, stop being my rival in everything!” You giggle in response, causing him to calm down and smile. “Also,” he continues, “I can only achieve my goal as long as you are by my side.”

    “What?!” His response took you aback. That meant only one thing. “I love you too, (Y/N). Always have. I can’t imagine my days without you. You didn’t need a potion to get that out of me.” He smiles and cups your cheek while caressing it with his thumb. You respond by apologizing to him. “I’m sorry, Fuego.”

    He shakes his head as to say, “you don’t have to be. Now that I think about it, Mereo was pissed with a group of ladies who were upsetting you. They don’t see what we see in you, my love.” He comes closer to you, with your faces only inches apart, and says, “that’s what I see in you.” All hesitation fades away as his lips land on yours and you both engulf in a passionate kiss while you two interlock fingers. Nothing mattered, neither anyone’s interferences nor what people were going to say. At that moment, it was just the two of you who’d seen the places where others gave you two scars, whose responsibilities, for a moment, had seemed like drudgery, until this very moment.

    As the last rays of the Sun were about to set, both of you pull away from the kiss, and you put your arms around his neck while he put his arms around your waist, and you looked into each other eyes and smiled. Fuego was right. You didn’t need a potion to help you confess your feelings for him and those girls’ ‘love’ for him didn’t matter at all. He was there all along, waiting for his ship to reach your harbor for safety. You were his home, and that was enough.


    "Has Rouge caught your tongue?”* - Since Rouge's Vanessa's cat and the usual statement is "has the cat caught your tongue?", I changed the statement a little bit. Poetic license hehe :D Thank you for coming this far, btw. I hope you like it <3
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  • dumplingfaye
    20.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Black clover Spoilers

    Aww he uh he uh at least it’s something



    I mean even I would me pissed About having my sexy horse tripped by a brat but it’s just hard to look


    even when he’s being brutally beaten and probably the brutalized he’s still looking after his sister’s boyfriend so cute

    Second devil not doing anything Charlotte and presumably Ril being brutal as it is not a pretty sight and of course


    (T  Д T)




    Uhh that’s um ......................................Uhhhhhhhhh ehhhhhhhhhhh.........................hmmmmmmmmm

    I um em ah uh harlarrrrrrr

    I mean at least it’s Memeable

    Asta: (struggling to breathe being brutally beaten brutalized choking on his own blood pissing himself from lack of bladder control because of all the injuries bleeding externally and internally coughing up blood as well as well as getting brain damage)

    Yuno Grinberryall: IT’S MY TIME TO SHINE

    meanwhile Nacht Faust: (watching everything going on from the sidelines while protecting civilians from the gravity zone)

    you are Senpai you really are also what is Yuno gonna do???? except get even more shaft than our angel was also people are upset about the concept of Mimosa healing Asta which is psychotic I’m fine with everyone else dying but not him (or Nacht)

    #Black clover #Black clover Spoilers #BC Spoilers #Black clover Asta #Asta #Black clover Yuno #Yuno #Black clover Yuno Grinberryall #Yuno Grinberryall #Black clover Nacht #Black clover Nacht Faust #Nacht Faust
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    20.01.2022 - 4 hours ago
    #anime#manga#demon slayer#genshin impact#tokyo revengers#writing#x reader#black clover #the way to protect the female lead's older brother #91 days #bungo stray dogs #bnha#mha #my hero academia #boku no hero academia #chainsaw man#jujutsu kaisen #thanks anon! #request
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  • the-black-bulls
    20.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Black Clover Online Exhibition Comparison from 2020 to 2021, and my own expectations for this year. We still have 2 to 3 months until the next exhibition, and I’m in constant anticipation for the chaotic events that it’ll hopefully bring.

    📌 potential spoilers for anime only below


    1) Promise

    (2020 / early 2021 ver.)

    (2021 / early 2022 ver.)

    (2022 / early 2023...)

    Uh oh, no promise, and Yuno... I’m getting Lumiere and Licht vibes 🔥

    2) Pride

    (2020 / early 2021 ver.)

    (2021 / early 2022 ver.)

    (2022 / early 2023...)

    Step your pitiful pride aside, captains, for pride is rightfully Lucifero’s and it’s his alone! Yami and William though... nah, I hope we will lose some captains 😛

    3) Complex

    (2020 / early 2021 ver.)

    (2021 / early 2022 ver.)

    (2022 / early 2023 ver.)

    Claw marks... I pretend not to see them... ok look, does this look like a person who’s losing? Nah, no, nope, not at all, my brave girl Noelle is going to survive this and will take full leadership of the situation, even her complex is still intact and she’ll not lose it ever 😤

    4) Friendship

    (2020 / early 2021 ver.)

    (2021 / early 2022 ver.)

    (2022 / early 2023 ver.)

    Oh boy I’m really concerned and scared here... the other slides have cut and burns marks, but here all the Black Bulls are stained in blood. So much blood. And the blood stained letters in the word friendship are “s, h & i” and if you put them together you get the japanese word for death, “shi...”

    Me: *soft cry* do not...
    Me, seconds later: *holds breath* ...do it!

    By the way Nacht looks suspiciously clean... 👀


    What do you think guys? Feel free to share your thoughts in the replies, reblogs, or my askbox. Remember this is only a yearly exhibition to get people hyped, not an official sources of spoilers.

    #black clover #black clover manga #manga talk#discussion #asta black clover #yuno black clover #yami sukehiro#william vangeance#noelle silva#nacht faust #the black bulls #black clover manga spoilers
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  • the-black-bulls
    20.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Rill: The game is "two truths and one lie." Charmy, you go first.

    Charmy: Okay, my hair is black, my eyes are brown, and one time I was summoned by the gods to save the universe with my special seven transformations.

    Rill: Right idea, Charmy, but you have to make it more challenging—

    Luck: Her eyes are green.


    Rill: YOU DID WHAT?!

    #black clover#rill boismortier#charmy pappitson#luck voltia #black clover incorrect quotes #source: schitt's creek #rill#charmy#luck #the black bulls
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  • the-golden-dawn-bc
    20.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Yuno: *walking into the room, eyes watering and sniffing* Klaus...

    Klaus: Oh my god. What happened? Why are you crying?

    Yuno: I’m not crying, actually...my eyes are just stinging from the smoke that’s coming off of the fire in the kitchen.


    Klaus: God help you now, because Hamon won’t.

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  • thoughtfullyrainynightmare
    20.01.2022 - 7 hours ago
    #yuno x reader #yuno grinberryall x reader #black clover fanfiction #black clover oneshots #black clover x reader
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  • anotherblackcloverblog
    20.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Btw, where's Ram Horns? We haven't seen him in a while.

    #black clover #black clover manga
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  • anotherblackcloverblog
    20.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    *squints* I hope this upcoming fight doesn't go the way I fear it will go...

    #black clover #black clover manga #black clover leaks
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  • thoughtfullyrainynightmare
    20.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Okay, on 320, based on spoilers, it's looking bad, and I hope that Tabs doesn't take the easy way out and just have Yuno save the day, because... where is the character development? I'm not the most passionate spokesperson for this, but I think it'd only be fair for Yuno to have to go through something. As in, he is royalty yes, but so are a lot of the other characters, who have trained for years to be where they are. And Yuno just picks up his grimoire and maybe defeats the Demon King who's serving Captain roast? Tabs... why do you hate Yuno and don't want to give him character development? Of course this is just my opinion, but I think there should be something more especially if Yuno was supposed to die early on, then there should be a need to give him purpose.

    But there is something in the spoilers that makes me happy credits to spoiler image goes to @/silvyavan

    #black clover #black clover spoilers
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  • httptamaki
    20.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    black clover manga spoilers under the cut

    nozel i love you but please sit your ass down youre gonna get yourself killed😭 even asta is laying on the ground all powerless

    #snow talks❄️#black clover #black clover manga #black clover spoilers #nozel#nozel silva
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  • silvyavan
    20.01.2022 - 9 hours ago




    All that work just to slash a horn...

    Doesn't mean nothing to Lucifero apparently












    #black clover #black clover manga #asta black clover #black clover spoilers #black clover leaks #lucifero black clover #silv writes#bc leaks#bc spoilers
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  • sherylsong
    20.01.2022 - 9 hours ago


    Oh boy, imagine **** dies cause he protects ****, that would be a twist I like 👀

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  • the-black-bulls
    20.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Asta: Have you ever been so stressed that you’re calm?

    Finral: That is my constant state.

    Magna: My chill is fake.

    Nero: “How are you so calm right now?” I’ve passed beyond stressed, beyond hysteria, into the grey misty indifference of complete shutdown of all but emergency services in my brain.

    Nacht: Mood.

    #black clover #asta black clover #finral roulacase#magna swing #nero black clover #nacht faust #black clover incorrect quotes #source: tumblr#asta#finral#magna#nero#nacht #the black bulls
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