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  • and finally, baby time!

    baby #47: benji

    baby #48: blake

    father: cameron fletcher

    #ts4 #dang 100? #the sims 4 #sims 4 #100 baby challenge #bb47#bb48#benji#blake #d: cameron fletcher
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  • July 12, 2020. Day 285

    Today I woke up at 7:58 AM.

    There is not much to report. I woke up to a large sound from the correctional room, which is why I woke up earlier than usual. Dr. Hall told me to go back to sleep, but I couldn’t.

    Mia and I had breakfast together. We had waffles with syrup. I don’t think I like waffles.

    I didn’t see Ezra at all today.

    During lunch I sat with Blake and Willow. The meal wasn’t complex. It was just cup noodles. Dr. Hall didn’t care today, I think.

    For dinner we had meatloaf. I think it’s Dr. Wallace’s specialty. I liked it, but Blake didn’t.

    Now I’m in my room. There is nothing else to do today, and not much else to report. Dr. Hall told me I should listen to music. I don’t know what to listen to.

    It is currently 6:08 PM. I will not be falling asleep yet.

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  • image

    Concept Blek!


    Maam,,,i luv you.


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  • July 11, 2020. Day 284

    Today I woke up at 2:47 PM.

    I forgot to write down my dream, so all I really have left is this weird feeling of happiness. Is that the right word? I’m not sure, but the dream was definitely a nice one. It’s too bad that I can’t remember it.

    Dr. Hall made me eggs when I woke up, even if it was past breakfasttime. She told me they would taste good if I put salt and pepper on it, so I did. She was right. I think if I hadn’t, it would have tasted plain.

    I cleaned my room a little bit, but Ezra messed it up again. He told me he didn’t like it when it was clean. Dr. Hall yelled at him and brought him into the correctional room.

    For lunch, I had a sandwich. The taste was complex, but I still knew what I was eating. Bread, mayonnaise, salami, ham, turkey, lettuce, tomato, and provolone cheese. I was proud of myself for guessing, but Dr. Hall had a weird look on her face and she wrote something in her clipboard.

    At dinner, me and Ezra sat together with Blake. I think today was Blakes 30 day anniversary. After we ate our spaghetti, we sang him a song. I don’t think he understood it.

    Currently it is 10:16 PM. Goodnight.

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  • Interrogation (21)

    Warnings: None

    Summary: When Blair escapes from prison Reid is questioned about it.

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    Hotch had planned on talking to Reid about Blair the second they got home from the urgent case that they had received first thing Monday morning. That plan quickly changed when they landed back home to find that another branch of the FBI had been waiting for them to bring Reid in for questioning. Everyone had been beyond confused and outraged by what was happening, even Hotch had a few choice words on his mind that he had to restrain himself from sharing.

    “Why are you arresting him? He’s done nothing wrong.” Hotch said to one of the officers.

    “We need to bring him in for questioning.” The man replied simply. That looks like a bit more than questioning. Hotch wanted to say.

    “What happened?”

    “That’s strictly need to know.”

    “Well I’m his boss and I need to know why my subordinate won’t be returning to the office to do his job.” The officer hesitates before replying.

    “Blair Grant escaped from prison on Wednesday. He’s the only person that had contact with her while in prison. That’s all I can say. If you have any more questions I suggest you take it up with your unit chief.”

    “He’s been on the field with his team since Monday morning. He had nothing to do with this.”

    “We’ll see.” And with that they drive away leaving the BAU team standing there furious.


    “Where were you Friday afternoon between 9 and 10 pm.” The first cop, Larry, questions.

    “In California on a case. It would be between 6 and 7 there so I was in the station reviewing evidence with a coworker.”

    “Does this coworker have a name?” The second cop, Tim, leans down next to Spencer’s ear in an attempt to intimidate him.

    “Yes. Jenifer Jareau.”

    “And What exactly were you doing?”

    “Sorting through evidence found at crime scenes. We reviewed physical evidence, reexamined crime scene photos and narrowed down our geographical profile.”

    “Okay. I will check that later.” Larry says. “Now, tell me Spencer. Why did you reach out to Blair while she was in prison?”

    “Because I wanted to talk to her.”

    “Even after she tormented your team? After she kidnapped and manipulated you?” Spencer stays silent. He knew it was wrong to write. He didn’t need anyone else to tell him that. “What did you talk about? In the letters? During the phone calls?”

    “Anything I wanted to really. She’s the only one who listens to my long winded rants.”

    “Making your ‘situation’ seem worse than it actually is for an excuse won’t work. You could have talked to other people.”

    “It’s not an excuse. Not even my therapist will listen to my random overshared bits of knowledge. Name something you want facts about. I will ramble until you cut me off like everyone else does.”


    “Humor me.” The officers looked sceptical but officer Larry decided to see where this went.

    “Okay. Sharks.”

    “Sharks. They are actually very misunderstood creatures. For one there are no man-eating sharks. Sharks don’t generally like the taste of humans so when an attack occurs it’s because they mistake us for a seal so when they bite and find out we are not what they wanted they will swim away, or it’s an exploratory bite which great white sharks do to better understand their surroundings. They are also extremely intelligent and-“

    “Alright Alright fuckn hell. You made your point.”

    “Told you.”

    “Fine. You needed someone to talk to. That’s why you started talking. But you still could have helped her plan an escape.”

    “I didn’t and if you look at the saved recordings that every prison keeps of calls made with prisoners you will hear for yourself what we talked about.”

    “We have people doing that now. We’ll see if you’re speaking the truth soon enough. For now I’ve got one last question for you. Where is she now?”

    “How am I supposed to know? I never left the cabin. Have you checked there?”

    “Don’t be smart with me kid.”

    “I’m not a kid. I’m a 32 year old adult. I’m an FBI agent, I have 3 PHD’s, an IQ of 187, and have an eidetic memory. While I don’t agree knowledge can be accurately quantified I do know that I am not some ‘stupid’ troubled kid you can push around and blame for not giving you something that I don’t have. If I knew where she was I would tell you. As sad as it is, she’s the only person I can really talk to and now I don’t have that.” Larry glared at Reid and leaned over the table, getting in his face.

    “Here’s what’s going to happen agent Reid-“

    “It’s doctor.”

    “Okay. Fine. Doctor Reid. Me and my partner are going to leave and check to make sure you are telling the truth. While we are gone I highly suggest you lose the attitude.” And with that they exit leaving a frustrated and slightly scared Reid behind.


    “Garcia? What can you tell me?” Hotch asked as he walked off the elevators and into the office with the rest of the team trailing behind him.

    “Okay. So Blair Grant had escaped from prison on Friday. The security footage showed prisoners exciting their calls at 9 pm but no alarms were activated until 9:30. By then Some were escaping while others had been left behind. Surprisingly enough no one had been killed but nearly every guard and multiple prisoners had been injured. Most of the inmates have been recaptured besides, well obviously Blair, and a few drug dealers.”

    “Well how do they think Reid is involved?” Blair asked, still confused on why he had been arrested.

    “He has been in contact with her for seven months. Five of those months they had sent letters but the past two they had been making calls to each other. Since he’s the only one who had been in contact with her they must assume he would know about it or know where to find her since she’s among the ones still missing.”

    “Garcia, you said they captured most of the people that had escaped? How many people got out?” Garcia types quickly on her tablet.

    “Uh…. 13.”

    “How did so few people get out? They had a 30 minute head start.” Morgan points out.

    “What if that wasn’t her plan?” Rossi starts. “It’s possible she planned to start a riot or something of the sorts and leave in the commotion so no one would catch her.”

    “It does say there was a riot and that was the cause of most of the injuries. Every guard had either been locked in a cell or handcuffed to a rail to watch or became a human punching bag in some cases.”

    “Okay then. If she didn’t stick around for the riot to escape and all the guards were unable to do anything then who activated the alarms. Obviously the prisoners wouldn’t set them off if they could avoid it.” Morgan points out. That question seemed to stump everyone.

    “Do you think Blair had another connection besides Damian Fox?” Blake pitched in.

    “It’s certainly possible.” As they continued to question the possibilities Jj had stepped out to answer a phone call.


    “Hello is this Jenifer Jareau?”

    “This is she.”

    “Hi my name is agent Larry Brown. I’m checking an alibi for agent Spencer Reid. Friday afternoon between 9 and 10 pm. Where was he?”

    “He was with me in California. We were working a case involving some missing children. We had been reviewing evidence and trying to narrow down a geographical profile.”

    “And you can account for his whereabouts for the entire hour.”

    “Yes. I can.”

    “Okay. Had he sent or received any messages around this time?”

    “No. None.”

    “Alright. Thank you for your time.”

    Jj hung up and walked back in the conference room.

    “Who was that?” Hotch asked.

    “One of the officers called to check Reid’s alibi.”

    “Ah.” Things were silent for a moment.

    “You’d think being in a different state literally surrounded by police officers would be enough of an alibi.”

    “Well I guess they have no other leads. Maybe something led them to believe that someone from the outside helped her. Like the alarm being set off late.”

    “Yeah. Hopefully they don’t hold him thinking he knows something when he doesn’t.”


    Reid sat in silence for what felt like hours. Needless to say he was getting quite bored. He had already run through five different books in his head. He was ready to just go back to his office and do paperwork. At least then his mind would be kept busy.

    The sound of the door opening caught Reid’s attention.

    “Well it looks like everything checks out. If I have any more questions I’ll be in touch. You’re free to go.” Spencer gets up and goes to leave.

    “Um… Where’s my bag? And my phone?”

    “Come with me and we will grab it.”

    Reid went through the process of getting his things and signing out before being driven back to his office by an officer. He was more than happy that he had been released and that they believed him. He had a bad feeling about those cops, but it’s in the past now so he figured it was best to brush aside the feeling for the time being.

    The second Reid walked through the glass doors he had been engulfed in a hug from Garcia.

    “Reid! Oh my god you’re okay! They told me you had gotten arrested and I was so worried!” She pulled away before continuing her ramble. “You’re okay right they didn’t try anything did they? Cause if they did I will hunt them down and-“

    “Garcia.” Reid lightly placed his hands on her arms and looked her in the eyes. “I’m okay.” Garcia smiled.

    “You’re talking again.” Reid’s smile faltered a moment at the comment.

    “Yeah. I am. I’m sorry about that day. Not that it’s an excuse, but I was in a bad mood that day. The way I treated you was not right at all. You did nothing to deserve that and I’m sorry.”

    “You are forgiven. I’m just glad you’re here. And safe.” Garcia gave him another hug before Reid talked to his other coworkers. After about 30 minutes of talking about what had happened they all moved to their desks to start on their piles of paperwork.


    Things felt like they had gone back to normal. Reid and Hotch briefly talked but Reid had said he wasn’t ready for a longer conversation about it yet. So, they made a deal. If he had another off day say something. No more hiding it and refusing to speak.

    It had been a few weeks since Reid was questioned and he had yet to visit the bunker again. He knew it was risky no matter how much he wanted to see her.

    Spencer had just gotten home after a long day. He put his gun away in the safe and took off his sweater vest as he entered his bedroom to change. The second he walked in a hand grabbed his mouth and he was shoved up against the wall. A moment of panic washed over him before he realized who it was.

    “Shhhh.” She hushed as she moved her hand away from his mouth. She pressed a button on the remote control in her hand causing music to play in the background.

    “Blair?” Spencer whispered. “Are you nuts? What if someone saw you? What if someone is listening?”

    “I wore a disguise. No one saw me. And no one can hear us. That’s what the music is for. I could turn it up if it would make you feel better, but I didn’t exactly come here to talk.” Blair traces her finger down Spencer’s neck, down his clothed chest, and down to his belt where she hooked a finger in the loop. “It’s boring being all alone. Maybe you could entertain me.” Blair undoes Spencer’s tie and drops it to the floor. Spencer cups her cheek and grabs her hair to pull her close as he engulfs her in a lustful kiss. They start to pull off their clothing one piece at a time as they slowly move towards the bed.

    It was going to be a long night for them, and maybe for Spencer’s neighbors too.


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  • Some dumb Knightshade stuff. If you don’t like it, sue me. Ok don’t sue me, I’m poor and I’m doing my best.

    In the middle of the night. Outside jaunes sister’s hours. (I forgot how to speed her name)

    Blake: I’m sorry Jaune, but we can be together.

    Jaune: *Hold her by the shoulder and looks her in the eye* Of course we can. You are the woman I love and I can’t imagine my life without you. You mean everything to me

    Blake: Jaune I love you too. You are the most caring and selfless person I know. Every time I look at you a just want to kiss you and never let go, but we are not meant for each other. *looks away*

    Jaune: Blake I-

    Blake: *Looks ant him* No Jaune, I’m was a terrorist. I did things that I’m not proud of. *Starts to cry* I’m not a good woman and having you love me after all I have done is not fair to the people I hurt in the past.

    Jaune: *Hugs her* Blake no matter what you have done in the past. The person you are today is not that person your mention. You are a great woman and a great friend to our teams. I fall In love with you, not besucase of your beauty, but beucase you are willing to face your mistakes and help the people in need. Blake, you are the reason I keep moving forward. So I can stay by your side and face the world together.

    Blake: Jaune I- I love you. *Hugs him tightly* I love you so much.

    Jaune: I love you too, Blake. *Lets her go, and hears Blake’s stomach make some noise* Hahaha, I guess you were not able to eat because of this. Come on, let’s get back inside and get some thing to eat.

    Blake an Jaune go to the kitchen and they both get a bowl of cereal. That way they don’t disturb their friends that are sleeping.

    Blake grabes the milk and pours it on her bowl and then grabs the cereal.

    Jaune: Did you just pour the milk before the cereal?

    Blake: Yeah, I do it all the time.

    Jaune: YOU DO WHAT!?

    Sorry for the bad English. Is not my main language.

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  • Commissions | Ko-Fi

    did the 6 outfits challenge over on twitter for Lari and Blake!

    Look at them being so pretty

    and here’s an extra switcheroo 


    Lari you’re so short

    Blake you’re too tall

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    • Conquest: Balakay. Where is Balakay at? No Balakay here today?
    • Blake: My name's Blake...
    • Conquest: Bla- Are you out of your god damn mind? Blake? What?
    • Conquest: Do you want to go to war Balakay?
    • Blake: No.
    • Conquest: Because we could go to war.
    • Blake: No.
    • Conquest: I'm for real. I'm for real. So you better check yourself.
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  • Do you like Blake’s 7?

    Of course you do, you’re a person of taste. So join the Gauda Prime Social Club Discord for light-hearted discussion about Blake’s 7! We make so many jokes!


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  • My friend giving me more ideas

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