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    rock a rooster 1991

    #rock a rooster #cody the blue jay #minny the pig #roostercleer #edmond the monkey #goldie the blue bird #garter #jack the tiger #hunch the rabbit #grand duke of owls #rock a doodle #1991 #bella the owl #1992#1993 #rock a doodle years of fun #40th anniversary#90s
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    1.6 - Bestest day eva // Just shut it Jake (partly written)



    "Niki, I know it's hard for you, but you need to hold it back."

    Niki focused his attention on you. He can feel his anger slowly decreasing, being replaced by the sudden anxiety that looms over him.

    Not again, he prayed.

    "I notice that there's something more personal than what is visible to the eye, so I think it'll be best if you talk about it separately. Not right now, at least. As you can see, right now is not the best of time either."


    "You're unstable right now." You insisted. "All of you are, actually. I'm just afraid that you will say things that you didn't mean, since you can't think straight because of the anger. I'm afraid that you will regret this later." You finally explain yourself, eyes softened at the boy.

    Regret, Niki thought to himself.

    He hate to admit this, but he agrees with what you said. People say things that they didn't mean when they're fuming with anger, and the matter he wants to sort out here is too precious to be risked with such thing.

    Find your reasoning logic, Niki sighed. Taking that as a sign of him finally give in, you glanced at Sunoo to help calm him down. Sunoo catch your signal immediately and respond with a nod.

    "Listen, Chaeri? Am I correct?" Having Chaeri's attention confirmed that you got her name right. "I honestly couldn't care less if you want to cry a river, but it's good to see you seem to have calmed yourself down."

    "Not so harsh, I said." Jay stated firmly, but you did not budge an inch.

    "You might have all day to continue this, or even a life time as well, but I'm not. With that being said, I'm going to the point, so you better listen carefully." You look straight to Chaeri's pupil when you continue. "First, your acting is good, but your drama is shitty."

    "Are you even listening to me? I said-"

    Jay haven't finished his line, but you haven't finished talking either. "Second, if you think everyone like you, no they don't. They're just being nice."


    "And last but not least, I can see what you're doing." You took some time to grin at the girl's annoyed face. "So if you think you're sly, then you must have realized how stupid of you to ever think so by now. Congrats!"

    "ENOUGH!" Jay shouted, finally reached his limit.

    Sonuu and Niki are visibly thunderstruck, Chaeri even jumped. Not only gaining everyone involved's attention, but also from others, strangers started looking at all of you weirdly. Some even started to recording with their phone, assuming that something fun is about to happen.

    Too bad Chaeri is already ran out of tears, you sneered.

    All eyes are on Jay who seem to have totally lost his mind right now, none of them see this coming.

    Jay's anger is hardly can be triggered, truth be told. Sonuu and Niki even barely ever see Jay gritted his teeth, let alone raising his voice like this.

    As for you, all that you can see right now is nothing but a sight of a helpless and pathetic Jay. He is so painfully clueless to the point that you, a complete stranger, feel concerned about the boy.

    Done examining your surrounding, you finally open up your voice. "I actually don't really have a say to you, but in case you had no idea—you messed up pretty bad."

    Jay halted at your remark.

    The thing that everyone have been saying to him, the question that has been filling his head lately. How can she said it so carelessly?

    Jay can hear Chaeri calling out for his name, but the voices inside his head is just too loud. Way too loud. But- is it all true then? That he messed up? So it's true? No- wait, ah, he doesn't know anymore.

    "I- is it true?" Jay mumbled. Almost under his breath that even Chaeri who is next to him is struggling to what he said, eyes looking straight at yours.

    Taking some moment scanning the look in his eyes, you're certain that he is eager to find out about the truth. You actually feel like you're not in the place to meddle any further since as you said earlier, there might be something more personal, something more serious than it might seen.

    Everything that had happened up until now, might be just the tip of the iceberg. Sure you can be wrong, but after learning the reaction and all, there's just no way that this matter is simply about the girlfriend thingy.

    Oh how you wish you can just turn away and leave. But at the same time, you also cannot deny that it's bothering you of how complex whatever is this turned out to be.

    So, you decided that you at least need to finish what you've started. The truth is what you're asking, right?

    Then I'll give you that.


    With one condition.

    "—you actually fucked it up."

    That you don't do sugarcoating.



    [TAGLIST]; @liliansun

    Synopsis :

    It's probably the bizarre new fascinating feelings of how different yet similar you both are, but something definitely struck when your and his gaze meet each other. What could it be?

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    25.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    the best content to come from the jays tonight was bo x teo in the dugout and also stacked with bo, saying the braids might make a return for a game ? absolutely sign me up

    #words cannot express my love for bo ok #he’s so !!!!! #also him choosing cavan to challenge…… please #toronto blue jays
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    from the ground up || randal grichuk


    Author’s note: Hello, hello! It’s funky fic time! Don’t ask what that is. I just made it up because it sounded cool. To get back on track, though, this fic exists because I had a little mental breakdown today because I desperately want to be in the reader’s situation. So, yeah. That’s where I am mentally right now. If you wanna know if I’m alright, I have no idea. Anyways! GIF credit to socialboxsports!

    Warnings: Nothing, I don’t think! Feel free to tell me otherwise and I’ll add it for you!

    Word Count: 1.1k+

    Title: From the Ground Up by Dan + Shay

    Additional: Despite the premise of this fic, I made the language of it vague so that the reader could be read as gender-neutral. Because like. Anybody with a uterus could theoretically be in this situation. And not everyone with a uterus falls under the feminine umbrella. So, yeah. I did the best I could to make it seem like the reader was gender-neutral. I hope I did alright! As always, constructive criticism is welcomed and I hope you enjoy this!

    Tagging: @whimsical-daydreams​ @donttelltheelff​

    Toronto had won their baseball game but you were still nervously pacing around your house. You had told yourself that if the team won the game tonight, you would tell Randal some big news you had been withholding from him. It was some news that needed to be shared sooner rather than later or Randal would find out on his own. And you would much prefer to tell your boyfriend the news yourself.

    When the front door opened about an hour later, you wanted to rush over and greet Randal as you normally did. You refrained because you had laid out a plan in your head for how this was going to go down. Even if that plan meant deviating from the routine that Randal was accustomed too.

    “(Y/N)?” Randal called out as you heard his walking through the foyer towards the living room where you were seated. “Are you home?”

    You stood from the couch and appeared in front of Randal in the hallway. Randal jolted a little, holding his hands up in surprise.

    “Oh... oh... hello there,” Randal chuckled nervously, stepping back a little. One of his hands fell on top of his pocket. You though that was odd but you didn’t comment on it; instead, you allowed Randal to continue speaking. “I didn’t think you were here because you didn’t come see me when I got home.”

    “I’m very much here,” you smiled awkwardly. “There was something I wanted to show you, though. Can you follow me to the kitchen?”

    Randal nodded, a half-hearted smile cracking his lips. You leaned forward and pressed a kiss to your boyfriend’s cheek; Randal returned the favour, kissing your temple and squeezing your shoulder. You both smiled softly at each other as walked the short distance from the living room to the kitchen.

    Once in the kitchen, you directed Randal to the breakfast nook; that’s where you had set up the surprise you had wanted to give him. Randal gave a sideways glance to the gift bag that was sitting on the table as he slid onto the seat. You took out your phone, opened the camera, and started recording a video.

    “Alright, birdie,” you said, pointing to the bag. “Go ahead and look inside.”

    Randal gave a thumbs up and a bright smile to your phone before he dug through the filling paper in the bag. A moment later, he pulled out a bracelet box and held it up for the camera—and you—to see. He examined the outside of the box, turning it over several times in his hands. He ran his fingers over the logo that was emblazoned on the lid.

    “A Charmed bracelet?” Randal chuckled, holding the box up so your phone camera could see it again. He pulled it back a moment later, placing it on the table. He popped the lid open and pulled the bracelet out. “Did Charlie put you up to this?”

    “Just look at the bracelet, Randal,” you replied, somewhat annoyed by the accusation that Randal’s coach was the one that made you do this. “It has nothing to do with Montoyo and everything to do with you and I.”

    Randal held one of his hands up in surrender before he went to work examining the bracelet. It took him all of two seconds to see the charms that you had bought for it. He held one of them in his hand, directing it towards the phone so your phone camera would capture it more clearly.

    “A baseball? Nice!” Randal dropped the baseball charm and moved his attention to the one next to it. He held it towards the camera, a small smile on his face. “Your first initial? That’s really cute.” Randal looked at you and raised an eyebrow. “What’s this for anyways?”

    “Because I’m your good luck charm,” you replied quietly, shifting back and forth from foot to foot.

    Randal grinned. “Damn right you are, babe.” He grabbed the next charm and held it towards the camera. His face had a small look of confusion as he looked down at the bracelet. “A pacifier? What’s that for? We don’t have kids.”

    “You have two good luck charms now.” You placed a hand on your stomach as you looked nervously at Randal.

    Randal blinked in surprise as he put the bracelet back into the box. “Fuck off.” He pointed a disbelieving finger at you. You just patted your stomach to emphasize your point. Randal dropped his finger. He had a wholehearted smile on his face and it suddenly looked like he was two seconds away from tears. “Really?”


    “Fuck yeah!” Randal jumped out of the nook and hurried over to you. He wrapped you in a hug, picking you up off the ground, and spinning you around a couple of times. When he put you down he bent down and placed a hand on your stomach. “Hey, Little Grich. This is daddy. I can’t wait to meet you! I’m sure your other parent is just as excited. Isn’t that right, babe?”

    “Absolutely.” You affirmed what your boyfriend had said, slotting your hand over top of his.

    Randal took his hand out from under yours and stepped back. He slipped his hand in his pocket before looking at you.

    “There was, um. Something I wanted to give you too.”

    “Oh? Yeah? What would that be?”

    Randal pulled a little black box out of his pocket and got down on one knee. You gasped, blinking a couple of times in surprise. Randal opened the box, revealing a simple ring. The ring you had been eyeing when you and Randal had visited that jewellery store in the Eaton Centre two weeks ago.

    “Happy anniversary,” Randal smiled, grabbing your left hand. “You gave me a really nice present so here’s my present to you. Marry me?”

    “Yeah! Of course!” You suddenly remembered that the video was still going so you hastily shut it off and shoved your phone into your pocket before you pulled Randal up by his shirt collar. Randal chuckled as he pulled the ring out and slipped it onto your finger. You examined the ring, smiling when it was just as perfect as you’d imagined it would be when you saw it in the store. “Thank you so much.”

    “You’re welcome, babe,” Randal replied, kissing your hand.

    “Can I confess two things though?”

    “Of course. I’m not gonna judge you.”

    You smiled weakly. “I forgot today was our anniversary because of pregnancy brain. You’re not mad right?”

    Randal shook his head. He kissed your forehead, running his thumb along your cheek. “Of course not. I’m not gonna be mad at you for something you can’t control.” He kissed your forehead again before he raised an eyebrow. “What was the other thing, though?”

    “You actually have three good luck charms. I’m having twins!”

    “Say sike right now.”


    #randal grichuk#randal grichuk/reader #randal grichuk x reader #randal grichuk imagine #randal grichuk self insert #randal grichul fic #toronto blue jays #toronto blue jays fic #toronto blue jays imagine #toronto blue jays self insert #baseball#baseball fic#baseball imagine #baseball self insert #mlb#mlb fic#mlb imagine #mlb self insert #robin writes #gender neutral reader #fic#fanfic#fanfiction#writing#not hockey
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    bo giving teo head scratches 🥺

    #bo bichette#teoscar hernandez#jays lb #blue jays lb #toronto blue jays
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    #THIS IS NOT A DRILL #god I hope he doesn’t hurt himself again #jays lb #Toronto blue jays #George Springer
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    Bo Bichette you are in the wrong profession

    #bo bichette #toronto blue jays #mlb
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    #hnnng #i love his hair so much as well #hehe would kiss him #😚😚😚 #idk bro i just think ✨him✨ #bby ask#jay bahadur #im kinda jealous of his clear skin here... #queuess me like you miss me #pirates of somalia #fun fact apparently my sister went to high school with this guy and apparently(?) now he's on the blue jays hockey team?? #*this one guy
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    Lourdes Gurriel Jr. - Good Luck Charm

    Fandom/pairing: Toronto Blue Jays; Lourdes x gender-neutral reader Word count: Almost 1k Warnings/notes: This is for @lam-ila! I hope it's okay, this is the first fic I've written for Lourdes

    Tag list: @lam-ila, @bo-bitch-ette, @donttelltheelff

    You tied your cleats for what felt like the tenth time since putting them on, a nervous habit you couldn’t help. Your soccer team were playing a crucial game tonight, and to make matters worse, your boyfriend was there to watch.

    It was rare that Lourdes was able to attend your soccer games. He was often at his own games or travelling for the next day’s game. But, by some miracle, he was there in the crowd, eagerly waiting to watch you play.

    The game was scheduled to start in about five minutes. You looked up, scanning the crowd until your eyes caught those of your love.

    He grinned at you and gave you a thumbs up.

    You smiled nervously at him, tugging at the collar of your jersey.

    Lourdes’ smile faltered upon seeing your expression. He made his way to the edge of the field, standing a few feet from you.

    You glanced over your shoulder and after seeing everyone else still getting ready, you closed the gap between you and your boyfriend.

    He opened his arms to you, smiling gently as you went into them.

    “You look like you’re about to go skydiving, not play a game,” Lourdes teased. “What’s gotten you so worked up?”

    You shrugged your shoulders and sighed, already feeling more relaxed being in his arms. “It’s just such an important game. And it’s my job to make sure the other team doesn’t get points. Our offense is good, but ultimately it’s up to my defense in the goal that can make or break the game.”

    Lourdes took you by the shoulders and met your gaze. “Hey, listen to me. You’re an amazing goalkeeper, okay? You’ve played harder games than this. You can do this. And your biggest fan is here to cheer you on.”

    You smiled softly. “Honestly, that’s part of the problem, too. I just… don’t want to disappoint you.”

    His expression softened. “Babe, you could never disappoint me.”

    Your smile widened. “Really?”

    “Of course. You’re incredible, Y/N, on and off the field.” He glanced over your shoulder. “You can do it.”

    You nodded, exhaling slowly. “I can do it.”

    Lourdes pecked your lips. “Go get ‘em.”

    You cast him a smile before jogging over to your position in front of the goal.

    As the rest of your team went to their respective positions, you cast a final glance at the crowd. Lourdes was back in his seat, smiling proudly at you. You smiled back, feeling ready to win.

    And win you did. You and your team were victorious, which elicited cheers from the crowd, the loudest of all from your boyfriend.

    Lourdes rushed down to the field once you and your team had finished celebrating and congratulating one another. He ran to you, arms open and a broad smile on his face.

    You ran into his arms and laughed loudly when he picked you up and spun you around.

    “I knew you could do it!” he exclaimed, laughing along with you.

    You grinned at him. “I couldn’t have done it without you.”

    Lourdes kissed your lips softly as he set you down on your feet. “I’m your good luck charm.”

    You smiled, cheeks warm. “I think you are. I just wish you could come to all of my games.”

    Lourdes’ expression changed to one of bittersweet. “I know. I do too, and I wish you could be at my games. But I’m always supporting you, wherever I am.”

    You nodded. “I know. And I’m always supporting you, too, you know.”

    “I know,” he said with a grin. His eyes lit up and he reached his hands behind his neck.

    Your brow furrowed as you watched him undo and take off his chain necklace. He then took your hand, palm up, and laid the chain inside.

    “Here,” he said with a smile. “Now, you’ll always have a part of me with you for your games and you’ll always have your good luck charm with you.”

    You closed your fingers around it, the metal gently biting into your palm. You beamed at him, your heart throbbing with affection. “Thank you.” You looked down at yourself, trying to find something you could give to him, but all you had was your sweaty uniform. “What can I give you so you can have a good luck charm, too?” You looked up at him to see a slightly guilty expression on his face. At that, your brow furrowed. “What?”

    He rubbed the back of his neck and chuckled. “Uh. Well, I already have a good luck charm.”

    “What? Your hair?” you asked, smiling as you reached up and ran your fingers through his hair, which somehow always managed to stick straight up.

    “No, uh. You know your grey t-shirt from college?” he asked.

    “The one I lost months ago? Yeah, what about—” Your eyes grew wide. “No… You have it?”

    He laughed at your expression. “I’ve been wearing it under my jersey every game.”

    “I thought I left it in a hotel room!” An affectionate smile spread on your face.

    “I may have borrowed it,” he confessed. “You had left it at our place before leaving for road games and I missed you, so I wore it. Then it just kind of became a tradition.” He shrugged and took your hands. “So I always have a part of you with me, and I never forget how much you love and support me.”

    You smiled, unable to stay mad at him for “borrowing” your shirt. You really didn’t mind. It was touching that he had it with him and wore it so much. You leaned up and kissed his cheek. “You’re just a big hopeless romantic, you know that?”

    Lourdes chuckled and smiled down at you. “Only for you.”

    #lourdes gurriel jr x reader #lourdes gurriel jr #toronto blue jays x reader #toronto blue jays fanfiction #toronto blue jays #tbj #black and white #mlb x reader #mlb fanfiction#mlb #major league baseball
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    Blue Jays plunk Rays' Kevin Kiermaier in apparent retaliation over pitching card dispute

    Blue Jays plunk Rays’ Kevin Kiermaier in apparent retaliation over pitching card dispute

    Perhaps everything isnt “aqua under the bridge” between the Blue Jays and Rays after Toronto reliever Ryan Borucki committed an apparent act of revenge against Rays center fielder Kevin Kiermaier in the teams’ series finale on Wednesday. With Tampa Bay comfortably leading 7-1, Borucki opened the eighth inning by hitting Kiermaier directly in the back. Both benches immediately cleared, and both…

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    24.09.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Also!! I'm going to spend waste more time later working on several more fics for the blue jays. One for Lourdes, one for Bo, and one for Cavan. So keep your eyes peeled for those and let me know if you want to be tagged in them, or if you have any requests!

    #jennifer talks baseball #toronto blue jays
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    Help I'm losing it over this

    #toronto blue jays #bo bichette#😂😂😂
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    Bo looking freaking adorable while playing Stack'd pt. 3 [1, 2]


    #and more because I have no self control lmao #that last side eye one was going to be its own post but i don't want to completely spam yall #bo bichette #toronto blue jays #blue jays#mlb #major league baseball #tbj#my gifs #jennifer talks baseball #last ones I promise lol
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    Bo looking freaking adorable while playing Stack'd pt. 2 [1, 3]
    #here's moooore #because he's just too cute not to make like a million gifs #bo bichette #toronto blue jays #mlb #major league baseball #tbj#blue jays#my gifs #jennifer talks baseball
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    Bo looking freaking adorable while playing Stack'd pt. 1 [2, 3]
    #I just... he's so soft #also... hands in the second 👀 #bo bichette #toronto blue jays #tbj#blue jays#mlb #major league baseball #stack'd#my gifs #jennifer talks baseball
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    Bo Bichette of the RED HOT Blue Jays talks AMAZING flow, playing with Vlad Jr. & other MLB sons
    #i haven’t watched this yet but I love it already #the excitement I got when I this #whoever is in charge of the blue jays social media and media appearances has been listening bc we are getting so much Bo content #it’s wonderful#Bo bichette #Toronto blue jays #tbj#blue jays#mlb #major league baseball #jennifer talks baseball #Youtube
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    ohohoho, it’s about to get LOUD in here 🤩

    #BRING IT YANKEES #Toronto blue Jays #Jays lb#mlb
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    1.5 - Once and for all (fully written)



    Fully aware of what just happened, Sunoo swear he almost throw some fits if it wasn't for the fact that she is Jay's girlfriend. His bestfriend's girlfriend. So instead, he glared at Jay before massaging the bridge of his nose, frustrated, while Niki hardened his jaw, and Jay remain silent.

    "I didn't know that it'd end up being cancelled, I thought it'll be just fine with just the three of you." Sunoo idly replied.

    "But stiiill~" Suddenly put her shopping bags on the ground, Chaeri unexpectedly making her way to go in between Sunoo and Niki, only to link her arms with theirs. "It's not fun if you guys not coming. Soo I told Jay to just cancel it and we'll go picnicking instead!"

    "It's actually supposed to be a date, but now that I get to see you guys, I thought it'll be great if you guys coming too!" Finished her line, Chaeri stole a glance at you.

    She proceed to grin at you, proudly at that, then put her attention back at the two; looking forward for their reaction with the best smile she could offer.

    Ah... that must be it, you finally found it.

    The reason why something feels off.

    Uncomfortable with the current situation, but trying his best not to cause any commotion—because to be honest he never wanted to throw someone outta the building so bad—Niki attempt to untangle Chaeri's arms from his in the most respectful manner ever.

    "Let's talk about that later, alright? We have somewhere to go right now, you see. So if you excuse us..." Niki hanged his sentence, hoping that Chaeri can magically understand what he's trying to say.

    But of course, things not always go the way we wanted. Yeah, shit happen sometimes. Especially when it's related to Chaeri, for her who always need to get what she wants.

    "Oh, can I join you?" Chaeri said, and silence followed after. "We, actually. Me and Jay, can we join you guys?" She continued.

    "What?" Sunoo slipped, eyes pierced straight to Chaeri's.

    Sunoo can't believe she just said that. He, of course, know how shameless this person next to him can be, but he just didn't think that she actually would go that far. And seeing that there seems to be no sign of Jay wanting to meddle in this just worsening everything.

    Observing the situation that unfolds before you, you can sense that Niki might seems holding to it well, but he actually is on the edge of his limit. He's like a ticking bomb, waiting for the final trigger. One more fatal move and he'll blow up.

    Meanwhile Jay, you quitely sighed at the view of him.

    He seems... hopeless? You're not sure either, but his eyes is not overflowing with the same spark as earlier. It's rather empty now. That is when you caught yourself wondering, just how much he has been damaged?

    "Oh, and hey?"

    Chaeri's voice sober you up.

    "Can you help me with my shopping bags? My hands are full, you see?" She referred to her arms being linked with Sunoo and Niki's.

    Niki, Sunoo, and even Jay almost say a word when you scoffed. The attention is all on you now, and Chaeri's grin slowly vanished. This is not what she imagined would happen.

    "And what makes you think I would say yes to that?" You asked, looking straight at her eyes.

    "W- what?"

    "Ah, you can't hear well? That explains why you cut me off earlier. Gosh, I almost thought that you were doing that on purpose!"

    Everyone is surprised by your sudden change of behaviour, but as for Chaeri, she also found herself struggling. "I- don't understand... w- what are you talking about...?"

    Dramatically gasping, you covered your mouth with both of your hands. "Oh my, you keep on concerning me. Are you really okay? Maybe you should go see doctor or something, I'm afraid you have some problem with your head?"

    Chaeri can feel her blood boiling, this is not how it supposed to be!

    She's so full of rage right now, but she doesn't want to give up just yet. She must have what she wants, and all that she wants right now is to bring the girl in front of her down, down so bad.

    Slowly unhooking her arms, Chaeri started to cover her face. To everyone's surprise, she can be heard sniffling right after. And of course, Jay immediately come to rescue.

    "I'm sorry... I'm such a dummy, hic, I'm so sorry..." Chaeri mumble between her, obviously, fake sobs.

    Caress his girlfriend into his embrace, Jay trying to calm Chaeri. "Sssh, no it's not your fault. It's alright, don't blame yourself."

    Oh wow, what a sight.

    If someone told you that you're watching a live theater right now, you could have believed them instantly.

    Jay then proceeds to look your way. "Can you refrain from being so harsh? Chaeri is soft-hearted."

    Successfully prevent yourself from choking over the boy's remark, you're able to maintain your coolness.

    Just what she had made him think of her?? An angel????

    "Seriously, hyung?" Niki suddenly interfere in the conversation.

    "What, Riki?" Jay give the younger a sharp glare.

    It took some moments for him to lets out a sigh, then continue. "I'm not even talking to you, just stay out of it."

    Niki clenched his fist. It has always been like this, him being treated like a child nor not being taken seriously just because he is the youngest in the group.

    It's actually okay since at least he has Sunoo, the only one who doesn't treat him in such way, but with the Chaeri thingy, he just can't put it up any longer.

    He of course treasures the friendship a lot, he cherishes it so much. He meant it. But this—this is just too much. He need to end it right here, right now, once and for all.

    Synopsis :

    It's probably the bizarre new fascinating feelings of how different yet similar you both are, but something definitely struck when your and his gaze meet each other. What could it be?

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    he's so cute i wanna d*e

    full video ↴

    #look at how he drew the blue jay omfg #loml #i would die for him #he's so fucking cute #look at him #d8ebe9wkqpnsbdoaa0#my beloved<3#bo bichette #toronto blue jays #blue jays#jays#mlb #major league baseball #baseball#baseball boys#stack'd#jenga#cavan biggio #vladdy guerrero jr. #vladimir guerrero jr. #idk how tags work #idk how to tag lmao #gay#Youtube#my gifs #my gif post #baseball gifs
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