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    You have 24 hours to request your role/s back after being unfollowed, when doing so please approach us politely and we’ll be more than happy to give you your role back. If you need a hiatus, do let us know!

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    Look what I finally got up today

    I didnt expect them to be so big 😂

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  • Tom Holland and Brie Larson requested by anonymous
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    September 28: Brie Yesterday in California.

    #brie larson #god shes gorgeous #my baby is back #she looks like an angel #my gay heart
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    Brie Larson

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    Originally posted by captainmarvelnetwork


    Originally posted by 416a6461

    So…You Think About Me?

    Request: @anon “While on a mission, Carol ends up on parallel universes but for some fucked up reason, she always end up seeing alternate versions of herself having sex with fem! reader whom she’s been pining for. This will make her horrified (hello, it’s live porn of herself) and jealous in au versions of her. When she comes back on her own universe, she’s going to be very flustered around reader, avoid her like plague but then confesses in the end. Smut would be wonderful.”

    Author’s Note: Let me know if you want to be on any Carol tags! ✌🏼😁

    Warnings! You wanted smut, anon, you got smut.


    Stop that, you look weird.

    Carol thought as she found herself staring at you again. Something she’s had to tell herself often whenever she was around you. Everyone was in the common room, Carol was leaning near the doorway while you were sitting at the table playing Uno with Sam and Bucky, with Bucky the old man that he was, he didn’t really know how to play as well as you and Sam. So you would have to stop your game in order to help him.

    How her fist glowed slightly whenever you would smile at him, or laugh at one of Sam’s (not so funny) jokes. She would think of ways to make you laugh but never act upon them out of fear. She would think of a lot of ways to approach you…but would think twice about it and keep it to herself. Just as the heat from Carol’s fist was about to bore its way into Bucky’s arm, Nat comes up from behind.

    “Instead of doing that, how about you just tell her how you feel?” She suggests as she lowers Carol’s arm.

    Carol sighs, the heat dying down in her fist. “You know I can’t do that…I chicken out every time.”

    “Well, Carol it’s either that or stand by and suffer.” She tells her. “And I’ve seen the way that Y/N looks at you. I think she feels the same.”

    “But what if she doesn’t? And then I look stupid?”

    “You already look stupid, so you don’t need to worry about that.” Nat jokes with a snicker, earning a sharp glare from Carol. “I’m joking, but what’s stupid is you torturing yourself like this, it’s obvious you want to tell her.”

    “I’m not torturing myself,” Carol scoffs. “I’m just minding my distance.”

    “Oh yeah?” Nat cups her hands on her hips and leans in close. “Then why do I hear you have wet dreams about her every night?”

    “I don’t have wet dreams about her!” The blonde says shrilly, her cherry-stained cheeks giving her away.

    “Could’ve fooled me.” She states with a smirk.

    Carol rolls her eyes. “Fine, believe what you want, I’m going to my room. I gotta wake up early for my mission tomorrow.” She pushes past her, making her way out of the common room to head into the elevator.

    “It’s only seven, Carol!” Nat calls out to her, Carol could hear the smile on her face.

    Carol stops in front of the elevator shaft and pushes the button to go up. She heard someone call her right as the elevator doors slid open, thinking that it had been Nat again, she chose to ignore it. That is until she saw you running down the hallway.

    “Hold the door, please!” You waved for her to hold the door.

    With a strong hand, Carol holds back one side of the door, forcing it open. You sped inside the elevator, holding onto the railing to catch your breath. She releases her grip on the door and allows the doors to close, the metal box moving up to the sixtieth floor.

    “Thank you,” You breathed out.

    “Um…you’re welcome,” Carol says, trying to mask the hot blush she had currently.

    “You know,” You turned to face her. “I was actually trying to catch you before you went to your room.”


    “Mm-hm, I bought a movie yesterday and I wanted to know if you wanted to watch it tonight in my room—or your room—if you want. W-With me.” Your (E/C) eyes fluttered down to your feet.

    Your eyes were filled with a kindness that seemed so innocent and genuine, endless like the sea. Everyone seemed to bend over backward for you, no one could ever say no to you, and it killed Carol to do it now,

    “I can’t, not tonight, Y/N.” She says quietly. “I um-I have a mission tomorrow and—“

    “Oh, um, okay. I’ll just ask someone else then, no worries.” You look up at her, feigning a smile. “Maybe next time.”

    “Yeah, maybe…” Carol nods slowly.

    Once the elevator reached your floor, you both walked out and went your separate ways. Carol mentally beating herself up for bailing on you. Maybe she could pretend to be sick in order to spend the day with you, but as an Avenger you can’t just take a sick day. But then again staying up late and watching a movie with you sounded like a dream. She smiled to herself thinking cute you would be tangled up and sleeping in her arms.

    But alas, she had chickened out once again.


    The following day was the mission, and Carol found herself on an odd planet, one that heavily resembled the Amazons or maybe Pandora from Avatar; however less colorful. But the heat and humidity pressing into the skin were still the same. The sounds of the insects and the alien-like birds howled loudly, pulling her into the jungle deeper.

    Leafy arms fell over the way she had gone in, blocking her motions in every direction, almost swallowing her whole. A sweet and floral smell filled the air, like inhaling a warm soup made up of aromatic blossoms.

    Tony then calls her on the comms, “How is it looking up there, Blondie? Anything interesting?”

    “What am I supposed to be looking for again?” She asks.

    “Anything worth bringing home?” Tony questions. “Life forms of any kind?”

    “Not unless you want beetles the size of sewer rats,” Carol comments dryly. Her ears perked up once she heard a loud hollering-like sound rip through the air, coming from her left. “Tony, I heard something just now, I’m gonna go check it out.”

    “Be careful.”

    She heard the sound again, the scream tearing through her like a great shard of glass, she started running towards the sound, her legs pounding furiously against the muddy ground. Her ears straining to hear more sounds, until she finally reaches…the compound?

    “What the hell?” Her eyes wander around taking in the building in front of her. Her mouth pursed but slightly open and loose, raising her wrist to speak. “Tony?”


    “Tony?” She called again. “Why isn’t he answering? Hello? Helloooo?”


    Carol makes her way into the building, everything was quiet and entirely empty, eerily so. She ventures in further, listening again for the sound and half-expecting fall down a rabbit hole at any moment. It was like she was in a dream, it felt like a dream. But it also felt real. Maybe she was lucid dreaming, maybe she only thought she went on this mission but actually didn’t go, that does happen, right?

    Further inside the building, she hears the noise again, this time it came from the very upper level of the building. Wasting no time, she flies up to the top, the sound leading her into the same hallway that her room happened to be located in. The sound echoing down the hallway, urging her to go forward.

    Carol stops by a door that had been cracked open slightly, a look of shock once she had realized that it was her door, and the sound was coming from inside.

    “Harder, Captain,” A voice moans. “Don’t stop.”

    Carol pushes the door all the way open, stopping in the doorway to see you on her bed as well as her…on top of you? You were gripping the headboard as she was pumping her fingers inside you, your legs intertwined with hers as your moans were times with each thrust. Taking a small break to plant kisses between and all-around your breasts.

    “Faster, Captain.” You mewled, pulling her closer and pulling her lips into a hot kiss.

    The other Carol (real Carol) had only watched in horror as well as shock. She tried pinching herself to see if she could wake up, it didn’t work. Slapping her cheeks, didn’t work. Even biting her own hand, it still didn’t work. The sounds of your moans filled her ears so much that she couldn’t concentrate.

    She ran out of the room and went into where Nat’s room was supposed to be. Only to find you two in there and in a different position. This time you were on top, your back arched and grinding your hips into hers. Her hands firmly locked onto your hips, goading you on. Real Carol then went into the next room, the same thing there. Then another one—then the next one—then the next one—until she finally snapped out of it. Appearing in the very same spot that she was in before.

    “Blondie? Yo! You there?” Tony called from the earpiece. “I’ve been calling you for an hour now. What the hell happened?”

    “I’ve been calling you!” Carol shouts. “What the hell were you doing?”

    “You’ve gone off the grid for an hour, I was gonna tell you to be mindful of this plant that grows there. It’s like a lotus flower but it makes you hallucinate if you inhale the fumes.”

    “You tell me this now?” She huffed. “What if I died?”

    “Did you?”

    “No, but—whatever.”

    “You ready to come home now, sassy pants?”

    “Yeah. Be there in a bit.”


    Back at the compound, it was already night time, being inside the real thing made her paranoid. Mentally preparing herself every time she had to walk inside a room. Carol absolutely dreaded seeing you, she wouldn’t know what to say if did she run into you. She didn’t want to think about it either, mainly because she was nervous and the other part…was that she couldn’t get the sounds of your moans out of her head.

    Just as Carol was about to head into her room (pressing her ear against the door and listening for noises on the other side) you come up from behind her.

    “Welcome back,” You beam up at her. “How was the mission.”

    Carol quickly turns around. “Hey, um it was good. H-How about yours?” She asks, soon realizing that that sounded stupid. “Uh—ignore that.”

    You giggle. “Well, I haven’t watched that movie yet, that is, if you want to come over.”

    The blonde froze, you were once again giving her the opportunity for her to tell you how she felt, to actually admit her feelings for you, and to stop acting so shy about it. But all she had managed to say was,

    “Maybe another time, I’m actually really tired.” She watched your smile die into a frown, which killed her a little inside. “I’m sorry, it’s just—“

    “No, I understand. It was silly of me to think that I could keep you up.” You admit quietly. “Maybe next time.”


    And over time that’s how it was, every time you would try and talk to Carol, she would bail and tell you that you guys would hang out next time. Next time was always the excuse, and when the next time came it was always pushed to another time. And it even got to a point where Carol would just ignore you, walking away every time you would try and talk to her. At this point, you started wondering if she had just not wanted to talk to you anymore. Therefore, you decided to give her the space that she needed.


    It had been a while since you both had seen each other, and it was hurting Carol immensely, and as the days went on, Carol noticed changes in you as well. Whenever she was around you would ignore her and talk with the people around you, she assumed that you were mad at her which tore her up inside.

    This is all my fault.

    She sighs softly, almost deflating; her shoulders slumping in defeat. She thought distancing herself would make her feel better, but it only made her feel worse. And in turn, you.

    Now she had to talk to you, no—needed to talk to you, apologize for everything. Maybe it’ll make things right. Who knows?

    Carol walks over to your door, knocking quietly. She clears her throat, “Y/N…it’s Carol. Can—Can I talk to you?”

    No answer. Maybe you were sleeping.

    Just as she was about to turn around, you appear from behind, you were in an oversized t-shirt with a pair of red briefs, your eyes heavy with sleep, and your hair, loose and cascading down your shoulders. You have never looked more beautiful.

    “Carol?” You blinked up at her. “Why are you doing here?”

    “I came to talk to you.” She murmurs. “About…this.”

    “Oh,” Was all you could say. “I understand that you wanted your space. You’re a busy person and I didn’t want to overstep—“

    “I like you,” She confessed. “Like a lot—and I think about you all the time. This past week was agony because I couldn’t stop thinking about you, and there’s no excuse for how I treated you. And I’m really sorry for doing that to you because the last thing that I want…is to hurt you—“

    You stand on the tips of your toes, pressing a gentle kiss to Carol’s warms lips. She’s taken aback by the kiss at first but warms up to it. Placing a hand below your ear, and another to your cheek caressing it as your breaths mingled. The kiss slow and soft, comforting in ways that words would never be.

    “I like you too.” You rasp as you pull away from her.

    With that, she had slammed her lips to yours, knocking the air out from your lungs. You barely had any time to react before her tongue pressed against the seam of your lips and, at your grant of access, delved inside your mouth. Carol’s hand that was at your head now went down to your hip. Settling there and pulled you closer, your breath hitching in your throat as your tongues fought for dominance.

    Carol pulls away, slowly, her eyes darkened with her lust. “Can I do something?”

    “Like what?” You ask innocently.

    “I wanna feel you.” She husks. “But if you don’t want me to I understand.”

    “I do,” You tell her, pulling her in close. “You can do whatever you want to me…Captain.”

    Unexpectedly, Carol presses your body against the wall, attacking your lips again. Her breathing quickened, as did yours when you felt her lips assault your neck. With every kiss, your brain lit on fire and the warmth spread throughout your entire body. Including down there. A gasp tore out from your lips when you felt her teeth nip at the base of your neck.

    Her hand clamped over your mouth in an instant, her head peaking up from your neck to look at you. “I need you to be quiet, honey, I don’t wanna wake up everyone.”

    Wait, was she going to fuck you out here?

    The hand at your hip traveled down your shorts and into your panties, though muffled, you gasped loudly at the feeling of her digits slowly stroking your outer walls. You felt yourself dampen at the feeling, Carol’s fingers delving inside gingerly. You grip at the back of her shirt as she starts fucking you slowly, lewd squelching sounds of her moving in and out of you echoing throughout the quiet hallway.

    “Carol!” You moan against her palm as she begins to pick up the pace.

    Carol lifts up your leg, pumping inside you at a vigorous pace. “Does it feel good, baby? Let me know.”

    Her fingers curled up, hitting that delicious spot inside you, your walls clenching and fluttering around her as you struggled to keep your balance. Both hands gripped on Carol’s wrist, digging your nails into the skin as you felt yourself reach your peak.

    “You’re gonna cum aren’t you, baby? I feel your walls tightening up on me. Cum in my hand, honey, I wanna taste you on my fingers.” She moans into your ear.

    Your eyes went heavy, vision blurring as you released into Carol’s hand, she uncovers your mouth so you can catch your breath. Your body stuttering and heaving against hers. Carol withdraws her hand, leaning in to clean her fingers, instead you take them into your mouth. Looking into her eyes as you licked them clean.

    “Fuck,” She rasps, watching you intently.

    You slowly remove her fingers from your mouth, keeping a hold on that same hand. “Um…can we do that again?”

    “Are you kidding?” She smiles. “We can do that right now.” You squealed as she lifted you over her shoulder, quickly going into your room and locking your door.

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    thinking about this look tonight

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    like or reblog if you save.

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