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    character: I've been through so much pain and torture, I can't even remember my own name.


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    Now, just putting it out there, would ya'll be interested in dark!reader kidnapping Bucky? 👀

    #talking to the void #I wanna know if ya'll would read it or if it's like ew someone already did that before idk #bucky barnes #bucky barnes x reader
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    For the Record - Chapter 4

    Bucky Barnes x F!Librarian Reader - Musician AU
    Chapter 4 Previous | Next
    Rating: Explicit. 18+ only. Please do no interact if you’re a minor
    Word count: 2.6k
    Summary: Dinner with Steve and the family goes great, despite some awkwardness. Bucky is having stronger feelings after all of your kindness and can’t help himself.
    Content: Language. Some fluff. Anxious Bucky. Smut. Oral (f receiving). Fingering. Vaginal sex.
    Masterlist | Series Masterlist | AO3

    Bucky sighs for what seems like at least the fifth time since you got in the car. He’s tapping his hands on the steering wheel. “Everything ok?” He looks over at you as if you woke him from a trance. “Sorry. I just got a bunch of texts before I picked you up from the band and manager. They announced the break up today.” “Oh? How’s that going?” He snorts. “No idea. I haven’t opened any of the messages or looked online.”

    “You’re not curious?”

    “Yeah, I... It just makes me feel a bit anxious.” You nod, understanding he was likely trying to avoid another panic attack. “I’m pretty anxious about the whole situation,” he confesses. “I’m giving up everything I know. But I also have hated everything I’ve done and known the past few years. I can’t stomach the idea of playing that music again and I have two more months of it.” He stops to take a breath in and sighs it out. “Fuck. Sorry.” You reach over and grab his hand. “Don’t apologize. I’m glad you’re comfortable venting to me.” He squeezes your hand but keeps his eyes forward. “But you have the opportunity to shape your future how you want. You could go solo and write whatever you want. Find a new band. Or even take time off and teach or something. I know some eager kids dying to learn guitar.” You smirk over at him. There had been a few teens asking, but you still hadn’t found a teacher within your budget. And most of them, it wasn’t something their parents could or would spring for. He chuckles. “Teaching?” “Could be something. Probably less pressure. And it’s not like you’d have to do it forever.” If you were being honest with yourself, the suggestion was 100% selfish. It made the likelihood of him staying greater. It meant maybe the two of you could explore whatever is here without the deadline looming over you. “Isn’t that the sign of failure? If you can’t do, teach?” “Depends on how you view failure and success. Something that brings you peace and happiness seems successful to me.” He glances over at you with a grin. “That’s one way of looking at it.” “Besides, you didn’t fail in any sense of the word. You succeeded in what you went after and made a choice to change things up. That takes guts.” He squeezes your hand again and you see a smirk playing on his lips. “How are you so perfect?” “Oh please,” you snort. Your heart flutters. You know he’s not completely serious, and you wouldn’t expect him to be. What an impossible thing to live up to. But no one’s ever said anything like that to you. He pulls into Steve’s driveway. Even though you’re excited, you’re a bit nervous. This is basically like meeting the family. You got along with Steve and Peggy within the walls of the library, as Librarian. Being on their turf, with someone they cared about felt different. The pressure to impress was higher. You were glad you had decided to spend your day baking cookies to bring. “There’s a huge chance this could be extremely awkward. I can’t promise this won’t feel like a dinner with mom and dad instead of friends our age,” Bucky laughs. You have to appreciate he seems to feel some of the same nerves. Once Steve opens the door and invites the two of you in, Bea runs out from the kitchen yelling your name and wrapping her arms around your legs. Luckily, Bucky manages to grab the plate of cookies before you drop them, her force making you stumble a bit. “Hello Miss Bea. Did you get the books I left for you?” She nods enthusiastically. “We read Oona,” she references the book about a young mermaid and her otter companion. “And did you like it?” “I’ve already ordered goggles and a mermaid tail online,” Peggy appears from the kitchen. You give her an apologetic look. “Sorry.” She laughs. “Better than the tattoos I had to get because of this one,” she points at Bucky. He has a smile on his face as Bea wraps arms around his legs in a hug similar to the one she gave you. Bea lets go of Bucky and shows off a fading tattoo of Belle on her arm, a proud grin on her face. You look over at Bucky who just shrugs, also with a proud smirk on his face. He’s clearly already made quite the impression on her. “Oh, I brought some cookies.” You grab the plate from Bucky and pass it to Peggy. Bea’s eyes light up, following the plate as Peggy takes it out to the kitchen. Steve picks her up. “After dinner.” She pouts but nods. “It’s almost done, love bug.” She cuddles into him before he sets her back down. “Thank you, you really didn’t have to bring anything.” “It’s no big deal. Gave me something to do today.” Peggy re-emerges from the kitchen. “Dinner’s ready if you’re hungry.” Bea grabs yours and Bucky’s hands and leads you out to the kitchen. She has you sit on the opposite side of the table as Peggy and Steve; her chair between the two of you. “We’re glad you were able to join us. I don’t think we’ve ever had a double date with Bucky.” Even without looking over at him, you know Bucky is glaring over at Steve. At least he anticipated Steve being a total dad tonight. Bea looks up at you with wide eyes. “Are you Uncle Bucky’s girlfriend?” You open and close your mouth several times, unsure of how to answer. After only a few days, that is definitely not something you’ve discussed. Not even close. As much as you were falling for him, you weren’t even quite ready for that conversation. You can’t imagine that’s anything he wants to think about. You glance over at him, he’s avoiding your gaze, nervous look on his face. Completely impossible to actually read beyond the awkwardness of the situation. Peggy looks over at her daughter with a stern look. “What did we talk about earlier, Beatrice?” She sighs. “No nosy questions.” Peggy nods and gives her another look. Bea scrunches up her face. “I’m sorry.” She looks between you and Bucky, a mix of regret and annoyance on her face. “It’s ok, Bea. You were just curious.” “Anyway,” Steve continues, smirking over at Bea. Something about the look told you that he didn’t have the same views on ‘no nosy questions’ that Peggy had. “You’re welcome any time.” You smile. “Thank you, hopefully we’ll get more opportunities.” You glance over sideways at Bucky, hoping it wasn’t too much. You can make out a small smile. The rest of dinner went better. Bucky seemed a lot more relaxed. Watching him with Bea was a treat too. He was a natural uncle. The right amount of fun and playfulness while still respecting Steve and Peggy. After dinner, Bea tried sneaking more than one cookie. And after some time was successful thanks to her uncle. Probably the only acceptable form of disrespecting her parent’s wishes. Steve caught on quick though, raising an eyebrow but laughing and shaking his head. Once it’s time for Bea to go to bed, you and Bucky excuse yourselves for the night. Steve repeats his offer of having you both over again.

    After Steve’s, neither of them brought up what was asked at dinner. He wasn’t sure where she stood, it was hard to figure out her reaction. And he wasn’t quite sure where he was to be honest. He’s not opposed to the idea. But there’s too much to think about. He’ll be gone for at least couple months in a little over a week. He’s not sure what he’s doing after, if he plans on coming back. He decides it’s best to think of it later. Not to get himself worked up now.

    Back at her place, she invited him in to watch a movie. It started innocently enough. Cuddling and enjoying another comedy. Something with Will Ferrell. Then she gave him a quick kiss. He pulled her back for another and then they were making out. He couldn’t help himself. Something about everything the past day made taking it slow seem impossible. It wasn’t even just sex, he needed the closeness, the intimacy. Something new for him. His hands make their way under her shirt, smoothing over the soft skin before reaching for the hem to push it up. She pulls back and looks up at him, a playfulness in her eyes. “What happened to taking it slow?” “Do you want me to stop?” She shakes her head and sits up to make removing her shirt easier. His lips return to hers before moving to her jaw. Down her neck as he reaches his hand behind her back to unclasp her bra. He tosses it aside and sits back to look at her. She seems nervous for him to really see her, but he’s not sure why. She’s gorgeous. “So fucking beautiful.” His hands gently trace over her curves before he leans in, pressing his lips between her breasts. She arches her back into him. Her movements and sounds spur him on. With open mouth kisses he makes his way to one breast, tongue flicking over the nipple before bringing it into his mouth then repeating on the other side. Her fingers find his hair, tugging. Soft hums turn into moans and he’s never heard anything more beautiful. He lifts his head to look up at her as he moves to hover over her, laying her back gently. She caresses his face and guides him back to her. Tongues tangling desperately yet deliberately. His hands move to her jeans, unbuttoning and pushing them off her hips.  She’s all too happy to lift them, get rid of the extra fabric. She lets out a whine as he pulls away to remove them from her ankles and toss them aside. Fuck she looked beautiful. The quickie in his car didn’t leave him enough time to truly admire her; most of their clothes had stayed on. He stands up off the couch before kneeling down. He reaches for her hips and pulls her towards the edge. The giggle she lets out makes him grin. He could listen to it all day. Hooking his fingers around the waistband, he tugs her panties down slowly then spreads her legs so she’s completely bare to him. Her legs push against his hands a bit, wanting to close out of embarrassment. He gently pushes them back, one hand moving to her center. “So pretty,” he grazes his fingers over her. She’s already so wet. He presses kisses up one of her thighs all the way to her center. He kisses her slit before he starts licking at her folds. Slowly, testing how she reacts. She sighs out and he looks up through his lashes to make eye contact before diving in. “F-fuck. Bucky-“ she cries out, hands flying to his hair. There’s nothing he’d rather hear than the sounds she’s making right now. Especially the ones she makes as he sucks on her clit. Quickies on the road didn’t usually lead to really pleasuring women, a lot of times due to his own selfishness, and he really wanted to savor it. Savor her. Taking a quick breath of air, he starts rubbing circles with his fingers. Slowly, he sinks one into her, watching her reaction. Her head rolls back and hips rock against his hand. With a smirk, he brings his lips back to her clit and pumps in and out of her. He adds another finger. He knows he’s hitting the right spot when her cries get more high pitched “Fuck fuck fuck.” She cries out curses and his name, rocking her hips down to meet him. He continues fucking into her until she starts jerking away. He hovers over her, lips still shiny with her slick. She grabs his wrist, sucking his fingers into her mouth. His jaw falls open. “Shit... you are so fucking sexy.” He captures her mouth with his, kissing her breathless. How the hell did he get so lucky? How did he manage to trick someone so compassionate and sexy to take any kind of interest in him? She reaches for the button on his jeans and he’s suddenly very aware of how clothed he is. He pulls his shirt over his head and tosses it to the side. His jeans already unbuttoned and unzipped thanks to her. “So eager.” He reaches for his wallet in his back pocket, grabbing out a condom before tossing it aside. He makes quick work of kicking off his jeans and rolling the condom down his length. Just as quickly, he’s in front of her again, lining himself with her entrance. Slowly, he rolls his hips forward, pressing into her inch by inch.

    Shit. He feels so good. Once he’s fully inside you, he stills his hips and leans in to kiss you. You try moving your hips against his but he holds them down, smirking against your lips.

    “Please- fuck.” “Please what?” He smirks at you, hands gripping you tighter. “Fuck me.” He gladly obliges. You definitely hadn’t been expecting this at the beginning of the night. Not even when you got back to your place. You’re vaguely aware of the movie in the background now. It hadn’t been on long when you decided to kiss him. You were enjoying the night, had a great time at Steve’s, loved just being with him. When he pulled you in for another kiss, it caught you off guard, but in a good way. Then it escalated. And god, were you glad it did. He pulls out and you whine at the empty feeling. Yanking you up off the couch, he flips you around so you’re leaning against the back of the couch. He grabs your hips again, pulling them towards him as he kneels behind you.

    He slides back into you easily, not giving you a chance to adjust before he picks back up his pace. You move your hips back to meet his thrusts. With a soft chuckle, he leans over and presses a kiss on your shoulder. He makes his way across your shoulder. Up your neck. To your earlobe, tugging it gently with his teeth. He slides a hand from your hip to between your legs, rubbing small circles. The other arm wraps around you, hand resting softly on your throat. No pressure. Just holding you closer to him. His lips are back on your neck; licking, sucking, nibbling. All the of the sensations at once are almost too much in the best way possible. Your legs are trembling, you’re almost there. “S-so close,” your voice barely above whisper. He doesn’t let up; getting you closer and closer until you’re tipped over the edge. His thrusts get sloppier and he nuzzles into the crook of your neck, pressing open mouth kisses. “Fuck,” he growls out, hand reaching out to the back of the couch to steady himself. His head drops to your back as he catches his breath, kissing your spine. After a few seconds his breathing stills and he pulls out and goes to the kitchen to dispose of the condom. You lay on your stomach and watch him. It amazes you how quickly you’re getting used to having him around. Watching him walk around your place naked isn’t an experience you’ve had before, but it feels almost familiar. It feels right. He walks back around the counter, smirking. “What?” You sit up and shake your head. “Nothing.” He reaches out for your hand and pulls you to him, wrapping his arms around you. The skin-on-skin contact makes you want to jump him again. Your thigh rubs against him, he’s half hard already. He grabs your ass, pressing you closer to him. His other hand reaches for your face, caressing your cheek, a smirk on his lips. “I hope you don’t plan on getting much sleep tonight.”

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    Me, a new mcu fan who has grown an attachment to Wanda Maximoff and the rest of team Cap: 😇

    Also me, finding thousands of anti Wanda Maximoff and anti Team Cap fics on AO3:

    #marvel #pro team cap #wanda maximoff#toxic#tony stark#fan fiction#mcu#Bucky Barnes#natasha romanoff #They told me it would be bad #but I didn't think it would be that bad!  I died right then and there #and the amount of kudos! somebody kill me right now. Just leave me and my babies alone! #i visibly gasped #may as well have put a knife through my heart #anti team iron man #But I'm not really anti anybody! I just don't  like the Tony Stans :(. #team cap #team iron man #Can't y'all just be nice :/ #I already block all the antis on Tumblr #what can i say i'm weak #At least I have my hundreds of pro Wanda fics!! #But seeing them next to the thousands of antis made me gag #Steve Rogers#scarlet witch
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    So This Is Love: Part 6

    Fandom: Marvel (College AU)

    Pairing: Chubby!Bucky x F!Reader

    Summary: Your friend and roommate, Bucky, is a bit of an annoying fuckboy. He sleeps around as well as tries to be as annoying to you as possible. But here’s the thing: you don’t mind any of it.

    A/N: shoutout to @solarsystembitch for the wonderful idea. Also.. NO TAGLIST WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR THIS SERIES.

    Series Masterlist | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

    You're kneeling behind Bucky, tying his hair back with a scrunchie, "You need to cut your hair, Buck." After it's in a small, messy bun, you move to sit beside him.

    Bucky gives you a look of disbelief, "What? No!"

    "Why not?"

    "Because I like when women pull my hair during sex," he gives you a wink and you pretend to gag, which makes him laugh, "I'm joking! ...sorta." He gives you a smirk and you roll your eyes, grabbing the clay mask mixture and stirring it. It's been a week since Bucky confessed his feelings for you. Things have been the same as they were before, but also different. You know now that the things Bucky does now is because he loves you. You see that's become softer with you. He's still his annoying, somewhat perverted self, obviously, but it's only because he still likes to get a rise out of you and making you laugh.

    "Okay, but really, Bucky. Cut your hair."

    "Noooooo," he whines and leans into you, "If I do, you won't comb it with your fingers and massage my heeeeaaad! And I like it when you do that!"

    You move to sit in front of him and begin to spread the clay mask onto his face, "I can still massage your head if you ask."

    Bucky smirks, "Will you massage my other head too?"

    You pause and glare at him, "Don't make me slap you."

    He chuckles, "I'm sorry, Peaches. I'm only joking. "

    "Mhm. Now stop talking so I can finish putting this on you." Bucky pretends to zip his lips and remains quiet, silently watching you as you put the mask on him.

    You feel his eyes watching you and your cheeks started to heat up. So you quickly finished his mask so you can put yours on, "So it should be fully hard-DON'T YOU START WITH ME JAMES BUCHANAN BARNES!"

    Bucky fell onto his back bursting into laughter, "I'm sorry! You just make it so easy, Peaches!"

    You stand up and lightly kick his leg and started to walk away. Bucky scrambled to follow you, "Waaaaait! Noooo! Peaches! Don't leave meeeee!"

    "Buck! I'm just going to the bathroom so I can put the mask on me!"

    "I can do it!"

    "I don't trust you."


    "Go cry about it."

    "Can I cry on your shoulder?"


    "You're so mean to me, Peaches. I confess my undying love for you and this is how you treat me?"

    "Not my fault you're an annoying little shit, Buck," you smirk as you begin to apply the mask onto your face.

    Bucky gives a hum and then kisses your head, "I'm gonna order the food and get the movie ready." When he walked out of the bathroom, he put his hand on his round stomach. There were butterflies flitting about and he actually like the feeling.


    Bucky inserts a fry into your mouth. You two were sitting on your bed munching on McDonald's and watching Legally Blonde. It was a Friday night and, usually, Bucky would be out on a date or hooking up with someone. But now, he's spending his Friday night like this and, honestly, he really likes it. The clay masks were washed away, his face felt as smooth as a baby's butt! He's cuddling with you, watching a rom-com, and munching on shitty fast food and...he's never felt so happy.

    "Yeah, fuck that guy," Bucky murmurs as he stuffs a chicken nugget into his mouth, "If he truly loved her, he wouldn't break up with her for status and shit. If he loved her, he'd respect and love all over her, every part of her. Fuck his status and future career!"

    "He wants to be a politician, Buck. What do you expect?"

    "True." he presses his cheek against your head and sighs, "This is nice. Can't believe I've been missing out on stuff like this. Can we do this more often?"

    "Sure, Buck. Whatever you want."

    He snorted, "Careful what you say, Peaches. Might end up takin' advantage of that," he kisses your head again and continued to watch the movie.

    While he does, you're starting to have some mixed emotions. Bucky kissing your head and cuddling with you was a recent thing. Bucky did it without thinking and he started to freak out, but you reassured that it was fine. And it was! Bucky kissing you felt...nice. You had to admit you felt a little warm every time he did it. And then when started being clingy and cuddly, it was something incredibly different, yet not unwanted. You've never been held this way, experienced this kind of affection. It was a strange yet exhilarating feeling.



    "Do you...like spending time with me?"

    You smile to yourself and nod, wrapping your arm around Bucky's belly, "Yeah, Buck. I like spending time with you." You focused back to the tv, completely unaware that Bucky was beaming from ear to ear.

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    I just cleared out my ask box so, send me some headcanons

    #bucky barnes x reader #buffy the vampire slayer #george weasly x reader #fred weasley x reader #spencer reid x reader #jesse pinkman x reader #john bender x reader #richie tozier x reader #headcanons
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    #that's ok #I didn't need to be happy ever again #fuck man#loki#loki spoilers#bucky barnes#tva
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    url change


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    So I was using SnapChat and saw this cartoon face filter. So I used one of Seb's picture and look how it turned out!

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    Sebastian Stan: *tells fans he knows we exist and he loves us by sharing our pages*

    Us: *panic and start hiding the porn*

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    #shadow and bone #six of crows #grishaverse #bucky barnes x reader #nikolai lantsov x reader #kaz brekker x reader #jesper fahey x reader #june answers <3
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    Sam and Bucky helping Y/n: You treat an outside wound with rubbing alcohol.

    Y/n: And you treat an inside wound with drinking alcohol.

    #sam wilson#bucky barnes#spiderman#the falcon#captain america #the winter soldier #the white wolf #avengers incorrect quotes #bucky barnes incorrect quotes #sam wilson incorrect quotes #the falcon and the winter soldier #cacw#civil war #bucky barnes x reader #sam wilson x reader
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    Peter to Sam, pointing at Bucky: He is on a flip phone, Mr Falcon. I mean he is either poor or a time traveler.

    #marvel incorrect quotes #mcu incorrect quotes #peter parker#sam wilson#bucky barnes#spiderman#the falcon#captain america #the winter soldier #the white wolf #avengers incorrect quotes #avengers #peter parker incorrect quotes #bucky barnes incorrect quotes #sam wilson incorrect quotes #the falcon and the winter soldier #cacw#civil war
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    Daisy shirt appreciation post 😍🌼

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    so is anyone gonna make a hour long videoessay extensively covering the romantic tropes and intentional queerbait in the captain america franchise or do i have to do everything myself

    #there are like three very good videos on youtube and that's it #and they each cover just one part too like #can we compile an organic argument ranging from the hays code #to the canonly gay character bucky is based on #going to analyze the use of light camera angles and scenery in the tavern scene while the howlies sing a literal scorned lover song #and then the intentional queerbaiting put into tws that was vital for the story to work and that they also employed in promotional material #of cw (your pal your buddy your bucky) and that's even still surviving in tfatws because they realized it was LUCRATIVE #(theres no way the tiger photo line was coincidental) #and then we should also link to the forced heteronormativity pushed on steve who never wanted to settle down in canon #and how they wrote no interactions for the last two movies after they saw how much it was trending #and im sure there's more but this is already a crazy long tag mumble so I'll stop #but fr it's either i record myself having a breakdown while compiling these sources this summer or #some of my friends are gonna have to listen to me for a good two hours the next time i get drunk #i just want more stupid in depth brian-gilbert-style content on this. tumblr posts are good but not enough. #also SAM IS FREAKING GAY CODED TOO I NEED TO ADD THAT #i could write four pages on the 'end of the line' track ALONE #cap
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    #slutty ask #letter opened <3 #bucky barnes smut
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