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    16.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Buddy Finner and Chucky Luger

    Lovers, who joined a fight because the other joined.

    Chucky Luger, American, Elaine, Arkansas

    Chucky Luger, the jokey trickster of the two, a sweetheart and goofy. Chucky is blonde and taller with emerald green eyes. Airborne and proud, a problem solver unlike his significant annoyance who is a problem starter. Chucky is always pulling Buddy out of fights and arguments. Chucky always needs a list of things he will have on his person, he has a big fear of forgetting things. Can sense danger from a mile away. Leader of his own Vanguard group, with Buddy as his second, along with Daniel Yatsu, Constanze Muller, and Sonny Walter

    “Tell me, did I mess my pants up?„

    Buddy Dinner, American, Elaine, Arkansas

    Buddy Finner, the strick short fused of the two, a quick thinker and boy does he have an arm on him. Buddy is the red-headed and shorter with dark brown almost black eyes. Also Arbonne and proud, the problem maker but he'll always finish what he started and will fight for his team till his last breath. Though arguing with the others quite a bit, he makes sure that their taken care of, he's a big softly once you get to know him. Buddy is always reminding Chucky things he has forgotten but damnit if Chucky ever reminds Buddy something he's forgotten.

    “We're all misfits here, but we're here for each other„


    Sonny Walton

    Sonny Walton, German, Arnæs, Germany

    Sonny Walton, much like Constanze was forced to be part of the Reich and don an uncomfortable uniform. Untill that is he met Constanze and they turned into as the Reich would say Traitors but as their team keeps saying they are heroes. Constanze being nineteen and Sonny being twenty two at the time, he began taking taking on the role of a big brother for her. Listening and learning about her like and as they caught their way to Poland, they met a Polish resistance fighter and join to help stop the Germans. Watching Constanze fall in love with the Polish resistance leader, warmed his heart but soon they were called to an important mission. Thus making them join Vanguard and meeting the others. His raven black hair and tall with grey eyes makes him easy to remember this is very dangerous when their team makes intel runs into Germany. He very much enjoys his new uniform.

    “Hey! don't even try making those eyes at her! I will snap your neck like a popsicle stick!„

    #Chucky Luger#Buddy Finner#Sonny Walton #*me taking the thought of Vanguard takes my two favorite operators and make a team for them* #babies in charge of babies #😭😭
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    24.10.2021 - 3 monts ago
    #thank you for sending in the prompt!! #sorry this turned sad; I swear I didn't intend to make it that way; but it just kind of went that way lol :/ #taz#taz ethersea#taz fanfic#amber gris #devo la main #zoox anthellae #a gift from Gab #written works of Gab
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    #toonkind dnd #bobbin augmet cantizari #jacques macabre#asclepius ash#phasmus veil#(by technicality)#halloweentown #sorry this took so long i have had no brain for my asks
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    04.07.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Master list fics for ocs ❣️

    Current ask game , ask game

    Christmas lists: 2021,

    OC challenges: 1, 2, 3, 4

    if you want an x reader just specify

    Wattpad: Flashbangthrgthedoor

    Headcanons ocs

    Smirnoff family tree

    OCs info: 1, 2, 3

    Holiday special stories: Snow,

    Non-oc stories:


    MW OG timeline

    For Nov: self serving fic , fuck the desert, Fractures 1 2 3 4 ,

    For Guts: Halloween never been the same,

    For Harv: yes I killed him, Sorry, summer nights, we knew the ending from the start, HARV! BROKE HIS THROAT!, Halloween, Harv and the accident , I had it a second ago

    Russell Démon:

    Sweets Shepherd:

    Duke Bradley:

    Davy Petty: Stowaway



    Dva Smirnoff: Morning, pretty boy

    Odin Smirnoff: I know, ow



    For Lear: it could have been happy, I'll be there for you , Chances 1 2 3 4 5, Boxers, untitled, Stakeout, undercover, piss/fight/jail, Addictions are painful 1 2 3, horrible and harmful, Problems, Untitled 2, Bury me in roses, calming, Kiss me

    Viktor Bellwood:

    Rex "Mini Russell" Jackson:

    Alexander "Bell" Hartfield:


    WW2 timeline

    For Sammy: capture the flags, drowning, mail

    Sargent Raphael "Grape" Martinez: home , Accepted

    Captain Rosemary Martinez:

    Buddy Finner:

    Chucky Luger:

    Sonny Walton:



    Salvador "Salvage": the start, Normal isn't our thing,


    Justice Turner:

    Arthur Carnage: Please let me go,

    Angus "Brodie" Ferguson:

    Cooper Bloodbone:


    Other: history hates lovers,

    The wheel of pain aka I got bored spun my cursed/interesting ship wheel: A one-time deal, Read for anything , Unlikely

    Playlists for ocs can be found here


    Cod WW2 oc platoon/group

    The tank boys:







    German Task force 51(MW2019+)

    Karl Bierhals:

    Otto Dietrich:

    Tobias Ludwig:

    Hans Ludwig:

    Rudolph Heinrich:


    The Marble au

    Info dump: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

    One shots: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

    Dodge: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

    Sparky Junkyard:

    Spins Wayne:

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    CJ current events 5 mar 21

    SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A KPIX 5 reporter investigating a series of auto break-ins around Twin Peaks in San Francisco was robbed of his camera at gunpoint Wednesday.**
    On Wednesday afternoon, the smash-and-grabs turned into armed robbery. KPIX 5 reporter Don Ford was on the story Tuesday and again on Wednesday, and was preparing to interview nearby homeowners when a white luxury sedan with four men inside pulled up.
    “The car came up here while we were about to do an interview, three guys jumped out,” said Ford. “One had a gun and put in my face and said, ‘We’re taking the camera.'”
    The whole encounter with a Glock in his face took less than a minute. “My whole thought at the moment was be calm. Let’s not get this guy excited. He’s got the gun. I don’t. So you take you the camera. It’s yours Buddy.”*** https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2021/03/04/kpix-5-reporter-robbed-gunpoint-auto-thefts-san-francisco-twin-peaks/


    Two members of the Aryan Circle (AC) pleaded guilty this week to their roles in a violent assault of a man in October 2016.
    Michael Martin, aka Aryan Prodigy, aka AP, 38, of Austin, Texas, and Bobby Dayle Boney, 50, of Sulphur Springs, Texas, each pleaded guilty to assault resulting in serious bodily injury in aid of racketeering. Martin and Boney committed the assault as part of their membership in the AC, a gang that operates in Texas and other states throughout the country.***
    Prior to October 2016, AC members learned that another member wanted to switch his gang affiliation, or “patch over,” from the AC to a different gang. Martin ordered AC members to attack the former member in order to “X” him, or remove him from the gang, because it violated the AC’s rules to join another organization. AC members, including Martin and Boney, held a “church,” or meeting, at an AC member’s home in the Tyler, Texas, area where they planned the logistics of the assault.
    On Oct. 2, 2016, Martin, Boney, and other AC members met at a park near Tyler to carry out the assault. On Martin’s order, Boney and another AC member violently beat the victim, including kicking the victim in the head while he was on the ground.*** https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/white-supremacists-plead-guilty-violent-crime-aid-racketeering


    The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has executed a search warrant to obtain data from the “black box” in the car that was crashed last week by famed golfer Tiger Woods, sheriff’s personnel confirmed Tuesday to USA TODAY Sports.*** Cherney and other accident reconstruction experts told USA TODAY Sports that the evidence indicates Woods wasn’t paying attention when he left his lane and kept going straight instead of sticking with his lane as it curved right. He instead went over the curb through a median, knocked down a sign, went into opposing lanes, then went off the road, hit a tree and rolled over in a single-car crash. After hitting the initial curb, he traveled about 400 feet in a relative straight line without apparent evidence of steering out of it or braking in the form of skid marks. If he had been looking down at his phone momentarily, the theory is that he wouldn’t travel that far in a straight line without trying to steer out of it or without leaving more evidence of braking on the road.***  https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/golf/2021/03/02/tiger-woods-update-sheriff-executes-search-warrant-suv-black-box/6894601002/***


    DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The Dallas Police Department arrested Officer Bryan Riser this morning. He was charged with two counts of capital murder.***
    The 13-year veteran was taken into custody on March 4 and transported to the Dallas County Jail for processing.
    He has worked for the department since August 2008 and is currently assigned to the South-Central patrol division. Although Riser is in custody, he is on administrative leave pending the outcome of an Internal Affairs administrative investigation.
    Chief García said the charges against Riser stem from two unrelated murder victims in 2017. One was a woman named Lisa Saenz who was kidnapped in March. She was found in the Trinity River deceased from multiple gunshot wounds. Three men, Kevin Kidd, 28, Emmanuel Kilpatrick, 31, and Jermon Simmons, 35, were arrested at the time and charged with capital murder.
    The other victim, Albert Douglas was kidnapped and killed in Feb. 2017. García said Riser had a relationship with at least one of the victims. *** https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2021/03/04/dallas-police-officer-bryan-riser-charged-capital-murder/


    HOUSTON (CBSDFW.COM/AP) — A Texas police officer pursuing a robbery suspect opened fire minutes before midnight on March 3. He killed a man driving a car linked to several robberies, but also critically injured a baby inside the car of a bystander.
    According to Houston Executive Assistant Police Chief Troy Finner, officers tried to pull over a black Mercedes about 11:30 p.m. Wednesday because the car had been connected to several aggravated robberies. The driver did not stop, crashed the vehicle and then ran to a gas station, where a woman was outside her vehicle pumping gas.
    The man jumped into the woman’s vehicle and a responding officer saw that he had a gun. The officer opened fire, killing the man but also hitting a 1-year-old child that was in the backseat, Finner said.
    Officials say the officer did not know the child was in the vehicle.*** https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2021/03/04/baby-innocent-bystander-critically-injured-texas-police-shooting/


    The father of Michael Brown and other activists from Ferguson, Missouri, are demanding financial support from Black Lives Matter after the organization revealed it raised over $90 million last year.
    Michael Brown Sr., whose son was fatally shot by a white police officer in August 2014, along with the other activists who helped propel the movement, want $20 million from the group to help their community.
    “Where is all that money going?” Brown Sr. asked in a Tuesday press release from the International Black Freedom Alliance.***
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