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  • adhdgideon
    13.05.2021 - 37 minutes ago
    #ask game #am just a little buggy 😌 #inthemindofaghost#pant rambles
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  • chubsono
    12.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    I spent a total of 6 HOURS today trying to fix the god damn dark brotherhood quest line but tbf I have absolutely fried my game with mods to make my character look like a bad bimbo bitch

    #skyrim#dark brotherhood #i hate astrid #she messed up the game #buggy skyrim #thank god for cheat room #being able to use console commands on xbox is a blessing lemme tell ya #finally got my precious little jester to appear tho
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  • spenserversorger
    12.05.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Microdosing on psychological torture by listening to @flamingpossums music

    #((jsndjdhsj sorry buggy for bullying him here too)) #((if y’all wanna. send Spenser anon hate as a farrow stan I think that would be fun)) #band au
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  • 0100010101001000
    12.05.2021 - 23 hours ago
    #vids#insects#moths#bugs #im waiting until it gets dark for me to release him #buggy#fuzz fairies#personable
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  • whereistheonepiece
    12.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    My brother asked me how tall Buggy is. He said he was talking about One Piece characters in one of his servers and Buggy got brought up. My brother brought up our headcanon that Buggy's in his dumb tarp form because his ego won't allow him to be too much smaller than the Giants that work for him. Someone said Buggy's kind of small in his natural form. My brother said "I forgot his actual size. I know it's the perfect male height for you."

    I died. I also know how tall he is.

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  • reblog-house
    12.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    OP au in which the character are the same as the concept ones.

    #carime rambles #gunslinger sanji. battle-axe nami. ex-buggy pirate zoro. ugly-ass chopper. etc #I think it'd be fun
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  • ginkgocrown
    11.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    saw this snippet from an interview over on twitter and I HAD to draw it. kinda hot tbh

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  • cherrydreamer
    11.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Billy and Max are both self-proclaimed Punch Buggy champions. They have a whole damn bunch of house rules that they’ve devised between them. Thinks like having to state the color for it to count or ones parked up in driveways only counting for a half a hit. And then they come up with things like ‘any yellow car counts for three punches’, or ‘a dog in the car gives the spotter free reign to add in a wet willy’. And the more they drive together, the more the rules develop. Billy invents the utterly vicious ‘Twinsies Twist’ pinch for spotting another Camaro and then he almost busts a gut laughing a few weeks later when Max makes a snorting noise before jabbing him with her thumb, and thus creating ‘Pig Poke’ for whenever they see a cop car. 

    (Max also learns the tells for when Billy can't deal with any more hits that day. Learns when she needs to keep her touches light, more a playful bump of her shoulder or a flick of her fingers on the back of his hand. And she gets to know when it's a really bad day too, a day when all Billy wants to do is play licence plate poker while he drives them both to the diner just out of town where he can order a strawberry milkshake and steal all of the cherries from her sundae.) So when Billy first plays it with Steve, first leans over and thumps him hard on the bicep and yells out 'Punch Buggy Blue!', he’s a little taken aback when Steve just gives him a wide-eyed look of confused betrayal and asks, "What the hell, man?", because apparently Steve never played those games growing up. Never had a sibling to annoy on long car journeys. Never played anything more than the occasional ten minutes of ‘I-Spy’ or the licence plate game when his Mom got fed up of him tapping his feet or narrating the journey or demanding to stop at ever roadside attraction. So Billy teaches him. And as soon as he learns the rules, Steve’s always ready to play. And he plays to win. Because Steve is observant, OK? He can spot the cars coming up from miles away. Has the 'Punch Buggy' out of his mouth before Billy's lips have even met around the ‘P’. And he knows Hawkins. Knows who owns a Beetle or a yellow car and he knows the routes where he's likely to spot them, and he'll find any excuse to make a detour if Billy’s been getting cocky. And even when Billy does spot one first, Steve is a sneaky fucker. He writhes and wriggles and ducks around to avoid Billy's fist, claiming some entirely fictitious five second time limit for all punches. He'll even unbuckle his seat belt and leap into the backseat or shuffle down into the foot well while Billy's driving (he once half-attempted to do it while he was driving, until Billy grabbed the wheel and yelled at him and then refused to play ever again until Steve promised not to be such an idiot.) And Steve's also petty as shit. He'll make up a dozen reasons why Billy’s perfectly legal call doesn't count, insisting 'that's clearly blue, not green, Hargrove, are you color blind?' and then start adding in his own rules like, 'so now that's a bonus hit to me and immunity for the next three blues or until we see a yellow, whichever comes first...' and Billy will roll his eyes and call him out on it but he’ll still somehow end up playing along with Steve’s dumbass, nonsensical made-up rules anyway because, well, it’s worth it to see the happy little smirk on Steve’s face when he thinks he’s won. Then later on, when they start dating and end up doing a lot more late night driving, Steve decides to introduce Billy to one of the few car games he does know- ‘Padiddle’. He starts with the original version, the one where you get to kiss your sweetheart whenever you see a car with a burnt out headlight or brakelight and then, when the nights start getting a little warmer, he tells Billy about the risque version, the one involving losing items of clothing for every missed ‘padiddle’. And Billy feels his competitive side start to rise again. Because he’s pretty damn ruthless when there’s a prize like that on offer.

    #harringrove #i can already see billy out there with steve's bat #busting out headlights all over town #and don't come at me with punch buggy/slug bug talk #i asked around #i googled #i got conflicting answers from SO MANY sources!
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  • gunthermunch
    11.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    cat cafe actually happened but there was one (1) cat on shift and he was a devil spawn apparently

    #cats are so buggy in this gam #e#ts4 #we still love them tho #munch#gunther munch #and a very blurry yuki behr #q
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  • mishaboyd
    11.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    One Piece 30 Day Challenge

    Day 5 Favorite Devil Fruit: concept/Bara Bara no Mi | using/Gomu Gomu no Mi

    I really like idea of Bara Bara no Mi and i genuinely want to see serious fight with Buggy.

    That's out of the way and now will be dealing with "seriously? out of all df out there you choosing rubber?". Yes, i am.

    You see, i usually doing stuff like climbing trees, buildings, shady stairs, fences, just random junk and being rubber while you're at it would be really useful. Plus i could jump of the buildings and be fine. AND BE BOOLETPROOF. AND EAT A LOT CAUSE MY STOMACH IS RUBER TOO. HOW COOL IS THAT?

    Climbing up trees would be so much easy! And i could sneetch stuff from people (it's called stealing, dumbass)

    So yeah Gomu Gomu no Mi is cool period

    #one piece #one piece 30 day challenge #day 5 #monkey d. luffy #clown buggy#devil fruits
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  • ben-the-hyena
    11.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    My own headcanon basing itself a little on the old PM to justify and fix the reason behind the Mélanie from the new PM

    That's not her in the doombuggy in the end. She acts too differently from how she did during the whole ride waiting, guiding us and crying. Now she is menacing and laughing evilly like crazy, nagging even and somewhat trying to tempt us

    But keep in mind that right before, "hitchhiking" us is the Phantom. Like he did in the old ride when he was corpse-looking while he was skeleton-looking before... and was the one with us in the doombuggy afterward

    What I tryna mean is

    What if he can shapeshift since he's a ghost ?

    And the Mélanie in the end is him, both to mock her as well as to scare us away from her so we won't help her ?

    That could be in-character and explain things all while keeping the real Mélanie untouched and enhance how he is indirectly controlling her at all times everywhere and she resigned (now he is behind her on the ballroom balcony and in her mirror's reflection haunting her/watching her) and why we don't see her guide us out anymore, because we *avoid* her after what we saw and who we thought to he her, plus now he "guides" us out so that he can keep his prey for himself forever

    Plus who knows, since after all he was already a ghost when he killed her fiancé on the day of their wedding, mayne he lured him in by passing as her

    "She" even looks scarier/different from what she in the old ride now, with greyish skin and pronounced black eyeshadow as if he wanted to pretend she was turning scary like a banshee and truly scare us

    Furthermore, in a way, we tend to forget that maybe it was already the case in the old ride : in the end of it, we would see a doll-sized Mélanie sounding more evil and telling us in a mocking/nagging/tempting way to hurry back because she was dying in loneliness which completely contradicts the whole purpose she had for the whole ride helping us out. So what if even back then it was the Phantom under her traits, and he could even shrink and did so so he could fit in the wine holder and scare us with surprise, back then wanting us to stay so that he could trap us or scare us away too all while mocking her ?

    I don't think he possessed his own body back when we saw his corpse self, even with the coffin at his side, I take it as him being extra to scare us even more

    That could also explain why he now has red pupils and other times not. He chooses to depending of his mood and level of scary

    In short : the Phantom can change size and looks and look like other people, and uses that power to forever keep his daughter miserable

    #them bastards ! #ride#phantom manor#the phantom#henry ravenswood#mélanie ravenswood#mélanie's fiancé #the wandering bride #murderer ! #death#doom buggy#shape shift #this is devil ! #oh poor one... #...and since he's incestuous I don't want to imagine what he does alone under her traits #moi
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  • wyvernfins
    11.05.2021 - 1 day ago


    #one piece#captain buggy #buggy the clown #buggy one piece #one piece fanart #digital art#my art #artists on tumblr #fanart
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  • pawsomelybuggy
    11.05.2021 - 2 days ago
    #buggy asks #i was busy on and off pfff #i didnt forget ;o;
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  • outofcontextstuff
    11.05.2021 - 2 days ago
    #buggy the clown #post timeskip#anime husbando#shampoo#commercials #out of context #out of context quotes #out of context screencaps #funny #out of context chats #out of context discord #out of context screenshots #anime#pokémon#pokemon#fathers
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  • urecognized-talent
    10.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    Just a spider-bee enjoyin' some cake.

    I need to draw him more, my little crushy blushy heart demands it-

    #sketch#fanart#Kirby#Dark Taranza #My handsome buggy #Chub bug with a sweet tooth yes indeed
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  • mishapcorner
    10.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    Sometimes I think about the fact that Shanks caused two people to eat devil fruits that we know of. How many more victims have fallen to the swirly fruit because of him?

    #probably so many #he wasn’t even sorry about Buggy #my guy could not have cared less #shanks #red hair shanks #one piece
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  • mama-nature
    10.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    There’s finally new DLC for We Happy Few & I’m so excited I’m shaking!

    #this is my FAVORITE game ever I play it constantly and have played it fully like 6 times already #the DLC they put out last year was SO GOOD I’m so ready for new stuff #the story line is so amazing and tragic and incredibly well done #I only wish the game itself wasn’t so buggy but it’s so good I just move past it #even when I fucking blue screen without saving #we happy few #ps4#gamer girl
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