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  • Electric Bus Ride | Mango Meadows Agricultural Theme Park | GoPro Hero 7

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    Bus ride home.

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  • Some of Aziraphale’s questionable activities on the day of Armageddon are clarified on the bus ride home from Tadfield, from AO3:

    “Oh, I didn’t burn up in the bookshop fire,” Aziraphale corrected breezily.

    Crowley unpretzeled in a flash and leaned across the plastic transit seats, hissing.

    “What. What did they do to you.”


    “I don’t know who. Heaven. Hell. Whoever. What did they do,” Crowley growled.

    “Well they um – after you drove off to the stars, as you said – how did you plan to get there anyway?”


    “Well I got socked in the gut by Uriel, and that was not particularly pleasant.”

    “And then the demons showed up?” Crowley was quivering straight up in his seat, knuckles whitening.

    “What? No. No demons. I went to –”

    “Aziraphale.” Crowley squirmed, all coiled dark energy. “How the everlasting FUCK were you discorporated?!”

    Aziraphale froze as the realization hit. He covered his open mouth with one hand and his eyes flew wide. “Oh Crowley, you’ll never believe it, I was –” the angel’s entire body began to shake, breath stopped, eyes squeezing shut.

    Crowley panicked.

    He cursed his stupidity for demanding the recitation of such a recent trauma. All bristle and rage dissipated and his hands fluttered helplessly. “Shit, oh fuck me, sorry, you don’t have to, can you just breathe –”

    But Aziraphale was laughing. Laughing so hard he made no sound, so hard his face was turning scarlet. He was fit to have a tea party on the ceiling. He was beyond all help, and his demon was utterly at ends.

    “I was – I was – I was –” choked Aziraphale, finally, “exorcised.”



    On the list of words Crowley expected to hear, that might have been the very last.

    “What?! How! That’s not even a-a-a thing!”

    “Sh - Shhhhh – Shhhhhhadwell –”

    “Not – what!”

    “He – he was – he was – hehehehehehe…” Aziraphale could not continue, it was all too absurd for words.

    And at last, because the idea of Shadwell + exorcism + Aziraphale was inconceivably ridiculous, the contagion of laughter swept Crowley up as well.

    The passengers on the bus began to share looks and psychically bond in their terror, wondering when this ordeal would end with the loud drunken incomprehensible laughing sooty – what were they even? Londoners. Must be Londoners. And when was the Gloucester Green Station stop coming up?

    Crowley and Aziraphale laughed til they cried and it wasn’t about exorcisms anymore. They were overcome by the Day, by the decade, by 6000 years of the Ineffable Plan itself. Aziraphale finally recovered his breath enough to recount contacting the Metatron, phoning Crowley, Shadwell’s wrathful bookshop invasion, and the confrontation with the Quartermaster – all through prodigious giggling.

    “You’d be proud of me, I swore something awful just as I ascended. The timing was lucky, I nearly said it on the other end, up in Heaven!”

    Crowley raised his glasses enough to wipe his eyes. “Wish I’d’ve heard that, hoohoo, phhhoooooooo.” He threw an arm across the back of Aziraphale’s seat.

    “You know my dear, just today I’ve been exorcised, I’ve been a spectral apparition, I possessed a medium. And I lied to you, I lied to the Metatron, I renounced the military duty for which I was created, I attempted murder, I stood against the Heavenly Host, and I faced down the devil. I Questioned the Great Plan to Gabriel himself!”

    “You even held hands with the Antichrist.”

    “Quite. It’s been a rather demonic day for me, my dear.”

    “Pffffffffft sssss, ’s well done then, couldn’t be prouder.” Crowley patted his arm approvingly.

    A small frown. “Stay tuned for my grand finale,” Aziraphale declared in his stage magician voice. “A promise of hellfire or your money back.” He laughed one last time, dark and fey, before lofting the wine and closing his eyes.

    “Thass not – ’s not funny angel.”

    “I know.” Another drink. “But it is a bit.”

    “Not really.”

    “I know.”

    Aziraphale turned the interior bus lights all the way down, so the only illumination came from passing headlamps on the M40. Crowley drained the bottle dry and dropped it to roll noisily to the back of the bus. He wrapped his free arm around Aziraphale’s chest and laced fingers in a heap on the angel’s far shoulder – the swaying clasp of drinking fellows from time immemorial. Except they remembered all the time, all of it. So far.

    “We did it though,” said Aziraphale. “We did your plan. All the way through somehow, even with the cock-up. She must – She must’ve approved or She wouldn’t’ve let us.”

    “D'we even do all that much in the end?”

    “Well we helped. Or we tried. Or something. We witnessed?”

    “We made it there.”


    From the series The Longest Night, read the rest on AO3.

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    meh morning, but this bus ride was the turning point in my day. 20 mins of chill to reset the soul 🌧️

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  • In the bus..

    Two boys, definitely british folks, sitting across me.. 

    English-czech vocab/lexicon in front of the older one. He is furrowing his brow in confusion and determination.. 

    And then he speaks to the younger one, probably like 13 years old kid: “ How do the hell I pronounce sausages… Its written here something like ‘usenej clobassy’ ”

    The kids furrow his brows in confusion too: “that’s weird, show me!”

    The next ten minutes of my bus ride, they tried to pronounce it differently

    Then I finally was about to get off. 

    I stood up, say hi to them and say the right word and get off.

    I know that czech is hard for foreigners.. heck, it’s even hard for natives!

    But this made my, already awesome, day even better!

    Btw. Sausages - Uzené klobásy (yes, I know, czech’s are extra)

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  • O’hare | Chicago, IL | November 2019

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  • Just added chapter three! No smut in this one, I’m truly sorry, but we’ll get there.

    Ekstasis, Chapter Three

    “I’m sorry,” said Aziraphale.

    “It’s all right, it’s all right.” Crowley stopped pacing, and put his hands up. “Let me just think it through again. We can do this.”

    He could see it so clearly. His corporation, the glamour and flesh of it, slipping off to mask Aziraphale while the angel slid out of his own. More challenging than, say, shapeshifting, or possessing a human (although he hadn’t done that in millennia), but it should be doable. But they couldn’t do it.

    “Come on, let’s try one more time. Right, on the count of three.” He sat down across from him, brought his hand up, and together they counted, and snapped. Nothing happened except for a pop and a dimming of the lights. Crowley threw them a frustrated glance and they brightened up immediately.

    “Be back,” he muttered, and strode out of the room, down the hall, to his office. Paused to pound his fist briefly on the desk. Checked his watch. 4:42 am. The sun wasn’t up, but it was coming. Completely illogical, but Crowley had always felt safer in the dark. At the least he couldn’t feel anybody looking for them, yet.

    Those bloody bastards. He took off his glasses, rubbed his face. Sighed.

    If they couldn’t get this to work, then, then he would kiss Aziraphale. Because if they only had a few more hours together… but he couldn’t, honestly, bear to finish the thought. He glanced at the TV, turned around and walked out, closing the door behind him.

    Back down the hall to where Aziraphale sat at the kitchen table in a pool of light. Crowley stood in the doorway for a minute. The angel had his forehead resting on one hand. He looked as tired as Crowley felt.

    Crowley coughed, and Aziraphale sat up straight. Glanced at him and shook his head.

    “Please don’t be angry with me.”

    “I’m not,” Crowley said automatically. Then he cocked his head. “Should I be?”

    “I’m beginning to suspect the trouble is on my end.”

    Read the rest on AO3.

    #good omens fic #crowley/aziraphale #crowley loves aziraphale #ineffable husbands#bus ride#body swap
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  • How come

    Half the stops on my way to work aren’t lit up?

    Like, idk if where I live is considered a “bad neighborhood” (even tho I’ve lived here for 2.5 years 🤦🏽‍♀️) but, it’s not the nicest looking. But I’ll be fine

    #me#personal#bus#bus ride #laughs away the fear #it cool tho cause i got a knife in my pocket #but don't fight me cause idk how to fight
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  • Anytime I meet an SAO fan in public, my first thought is always “Are you on Tumblr or AO3? Have you seen my content? This could be awkward…”

    Like, these fans likely have no idea who they’re talking to and I’m internally like…don’t mention you read Yujikiri fics…or rec Tumblr blogs to me…you shall never know.

    But shout-out to the chill person on the bus who saw my Kirito and Eugeo phone background and that I had Neko Atsume downloaded and decided to say hi. If you do follow me. Uh. Surprise? Haha.

    #personal#bus ride #sword art online
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  • Bus Ride

    Some boy on my bus had a straw and a girl goes “What about the turtles?” she was being serious but the boy goes “I got scrunchies too besides the turtles have had worse.”

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