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  • This has been months in the making. In this video I got over multiple aspects of RWBY’s animation for Volume 6. Including, character and action animation, Squash and Stretch, Yang vs Adam, and more.

    Please let me know what you think as I am pretty happy with how this video turned out. I did have to include a bit to correct myself about one of my arguments.

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  • RWBY Talk: I Have Issues With Cordovin

    Let me get this straight: If this whole blog is evidence enough, I don’t hate RWBY at all. Quite frankly, my feedback towards Volume 7 has largely been positive and you know it. With that being said, I should be brave and explain why I don’t like a certain character – Caroline Cordovin.

    This is not meant to be condescending towards Cordovin fans at all. You can like her character and that’s okay. You can read this essay and end it completely disagreeing with me, or you can leave it alone if you don’t want to read it. You’re not stupid for liking her at all and I can see your reasoning pretty well, actually.

    Now, let’s get this started. Hoo boy, this is gonna be ugly.

    > The tone of the volume.

    Upto the finale of V6, the tone of the volume had been largely dark and gloomy. After learning that Ozpin had been keeping secrets, discovering the truth about Salem and having to go through the ordeal at Brunswick farms, the team had a short and much-needed break with the Terra-Cotta Arcs only for Jaune to lash out at Oscar unfairly, and then moving past his grief over Pyrrha.

    Yeah, this was a pretty dark and serious volume, mostly. And what did we get in the finale? A goofy showdown with a goofy character.

    One of my biggest issues with Cordovin was that she just didn’t fit the volume, tone-wise. She was way too goofy and comical for this volume.

    In fact, she was originally supposed to be in V2 and I think that would’ve been far better tonally, because V2 was still pretty light-hearted. V6 wasn’t the place for her, in my opinion.

    > Cordovin’s pettiness.

    I know that it was the point of her character in the first place, but she was just so petty that it came off as ridiculous even writing-wise. I know that this probably won’t make sense, but there’s a limit to how petty a character can be. Beyond that, it’s just … way too petty to enjoy.

    Cordovin reacted to the situation so ridiculously, using a mech designed for taking out large Grimm for a bunch of inexperienced kids and a drunk old man. And, like, did she even need the mech for that in the first place? I get what they were going for but it was rather ridiculous.

    Oh, well. Guess they gotta advertise gen:LOCK.

    > Regarding the introduction to Atlesian superiority culture.

    A lot of people found Cordovin to be a great introduction to the Atlesian system based on superiority and privilege, and I get where that comes from, but I have to disagree.

    Going back to my point regarding the mech fight, I feel like it just showed Cordovin as petty and a poor example of what they were trying to represent. And I get that it was supposed to be comical in the first place, but I feel like it could have been showcased better. A fight between our heroes and a bunch of Specialists could have come off as entertaining and goofy and it could be cut short by the Leviathan appearing afterwards, instead of finishing with one side defeating the other. Or better yet, just move Cordovin to V2 and replace her with someone else in V6.

    > The volume’s theme.

    The theme of the volume was on going forward even if the situation seemed hopeless, and while Cordovin didn’t reflect that, Ruby definitely did. In fact, the top highlight for me during the mech fight was Ruby’s character development and I actually enjoyed it. 

    I would’ve preferred an antagonist who represented these ideals more closely, though, and I feel like that could’ve been a much more satisfying wrap-up to the volume.

    Now, that’s been a lot of negativity from my side and I’m exhausted. I think I should bring up some positives to balance the whole thing out.

    > I enjoyed the mech fight.

    When I ignored the absurd circumstances surrounding it, the mech fight was pretty fun, actually. I loved how our heroes used their abilities creatively, like Qrow transforming into a bird or Weiss using the Queen Lancer summon to move around the battlefield.

    > Ruby’s role.

    I said this before but Ruby had awesome character development and her moment facing the mech solo showed her newfound maturity that had developed over the course of the volume. I was rooting for her when she took the mech down single-handedly.

    > Cordovin’s voice acting.

    I feel like the VA fit the character perfectly. Cordovin’s voice acting was splendid and that alone added a lot of positives to her character. The voice of a character is an important and often overlooked part when it comes to analysing animated productions, and I feel like the VA captured her character’s superiority complex perfectly.

    I will end this essay by saying that you are allowed to disagree with me over Cordovin. Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong. This is just a bunch of opinions here and, well, my opinions aren’t fact.

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  • I want to start this by saying that people who were smarter and more qualified than me have talked about other problems with the character of Pyrhha and the writing behind her, and also with other things like the Arkos dynamic. But this has been something I’ve been thinking about for a long time, and I wanted to ask the question in the title: Did Pyrhha dying really raise the stakes of the series? The answer after I’ve come to about this is no, it didn’t, but we as an audience believed they had been. Let me sort of explain what I mean by this, and use some other series as an example.

    When Pyrhha died, we knew very little about her. We knew she was an arena fighter and was one of the best of the best. We knew that this had left her to be mostly friendless, and wanted to be viewed as normal, based on her interactions with Jaune, we can tell she felt good that someone was seeing her as a person and not The Invincible Girl. And we know that Pyrhha is socially awkward, with her habit of apologizing for things that aren’t her fault, and the sort of awkward way she would say ’ Hello again.’ But beyond that, anything for Pyrhha is a head-canon or a bit of a deeper reading of what’s present. We didn’t know if she had a family at the time, what her goals were at Beacon, and for the rest of her life. We know the above things, and that she liked Jaune. An important thing to note is for the most, we are told these things. We are told she doesn’t really have friends, and we are told people put her on a pedestal. But we aren’t shown this. This is less effective as we have no context for this.

    I think a lot of people will agree that when characters die in fiction one of the saddest things is the fallout other characters go through as a result of their death emotionally. When I think of some of the saddest deaths in fiction, it’s usually not the death itself, but the way people around them react. One of the best examples of this for several shows ( spoilers for all will be here, hence the spoiler tag) is the death of Maes Hughes from FMA and FMAB. Maes Hughes was a supporting character, but we knew a lot about him. He was Mustang’s best friend, supportive of the Elric brothers, and a loving husband and father. We also know he was very supportive of Mustang’s plan to advance and change the world once he had more power. Importantly, for the most part, these things are shown to us. We see Hughes on the phone gushing about his wife, we see Hughes showing tons of photos of his family. They didn’t have to tell us ’ Hughes cares about his daughter’ because we knew that. And so when he died, it was devastating to the audience because we had to see how everyone reacted, and these were characters we knew also. Everything from Mustang crying and saying ’ It’s a terrible day for rain’ to Hughes’s daughter crying and asking ’ Why they’re putting dirt on daddy’ at the funeral. These are characters who we cared about, and so seeing them in pain was awful to experience.

    But with Pyrhha, we don’t really have that. I forget the exact volume, 6 or 7 but even when seeing a redheaded woman talk to Jaune at Pyrhha’s statue when they leave flowers, we don’t know who that is. We don’t know if that was her mother, her sister, an aunt, or just someone who had known Pyrhha. Everything about that ( unless RT has revealed on social media) is speculation, and while a good scene, it doesn’t really solve the problem I mentioned above, we don’t really know people like a family who would be the most affected by the death of Pyrrha.

    Jaune and Ruby were both affected by the death of Pyrhha, with Jaune reforging his armor to be a tribute to her. But the problem is, at least to me that it doesn’t feel deep enough. Using a different example, the death of Peter Parker in Infinity War. Some of the first words Tony says in Endgame are ’ I lost the kid.’ At first, Tony is not willing to risk his wife and child on the chance of bringing back everyone else, because he got incredibly lucky. We’ve seen the arc of Tony, and this, while maybe selfish is understandable, he’s always made the sacrifice play, and so seeing him saying for once he won’t is satisfying. But then he sees a picture he has with Peter. Trying to play it off as curiosity, he sees if he could actually invent time travel, and then he does. It’s subtle, and it’s not tossed in our face, but it’s there that the death of Peter really affected Tony and played into his survivor’s guilt.

    One could say that Jaune wants to kill Cinder for what happened to Pyrhha, and that is a fair example of growth. Volume 1 Jaune probably couldn’t fathom taking a life, and by Volume 5 he was trying to murder Cinder in the battle of Haven. But Ruby saw her die. And other than activating her silver eyes ( Another issue others have talked about is how she doesn’t really wonder what the silver eyes are) I can’t remember really her ever commenting on it. Contrast this with the death of Penny, which is some of the best voice acting the series has for Ruby.

    Really small scenes could have helped a lot with this. Some of the examples of things I think could have helped-

    When Jaune is calling out team attacks, he accidentally calls out Arkos or a move which relied on Pyrhha, only to realize she wasn’t there, and there’s a brief moment of silence as it sinks in all over again. ( Example: Shotaro from Kamen Rider W calling for Phillip in the last episode but Phillip wasn’t there)

    Jaune or someone else does a move in combat that Pyrhha had taught to them. Some of the others see it happening, and they briefly see Pyrhha with them. ( Example: Kakashi seeing Minato in front of him when Naruto performs the Rasenshuriken)

    Let the characters talk fondly about Pyrhha with a sense of wistfulness. An example of this would be a difficult battle, and then after the battle, they say something like “ If Pyrhha had been there with us, well that would have been easier.” Tense silence, and then someone, maybe Jaune chuckles and agrees. It’s okay to talk fondly about those who are no longer with us. ( Example: The Justice League cartoon when in an alternate world, Flash is dead and Green Lantern and Hawkgirl talk about him with playful annoyance.)

    No one really talks about what her death means for them or how outclassed they seemingly are. An example of what I mean is in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid when a character named Kiriya, or Kamen Rider Lazer dies. The characters are told he died because he ‘knew too much’ and so a lot of time is spent in uncovering what it was he knew. It became a meme of sorts in the fandom about ’ the real reason Kiriya died.’ On top of that, the characters lament on how it’s concerning that their enemy has a Level 10 form while the highest they can reach is Level 5 as an example.

    Pyrrha’s death and the fallout from it ultimately remind me of the Justice League movie. We’re told the world misses Superman and is a worse place without him. But the DCU hadn’t spent enough time building up a Superman the world at large would mourn for, or a Superman who did so much for the world that in his absence, things fell apart. I felt the same way with Pyrhha’s death, we were told that it mattered more so than anything.

    Now that I talked about what I feel is the emotional failure of the death of Pyrhha, I want to move into the other side of it, raising the stakes. Yes, killing a character is a great way to raise the stakes. It’s the most lethal version of The Worf Effect (TVTropes some it up very well, basically a character we know to be strong losing to a new character to establish the new character is strong, IE Thanos beating the Hulk as Infinity War opens). But I feel that Pyrhha was not the right character to do for this for the following reasons

    We don’t really know strong she is. We are told she was a prodigy, but we are never really shown what that means. The only fights we see her in are CRDL, students at Beacon, and while she does beat them all, this is also the only extended fight we have for them, so we don’t exactly know how difficult it would be to beat them. Mercury, but he threw the fight purposefully to get information on her, so we have no idea how they would have stacked up if they fought. ( I think she would win but still) Penny, which even if the fight ended in tragedy is the best possible matchup for her since her Semblance lets her control metal, and the fight which ultimately cost her life in Cinder. We knew Cinder had the power of half a Maiden and got the other from killing Pyrhha, but we don’t really know what 'half a Maiden’ amounts too because we don’t know how strong Cinder was before becoming a Maiden, so it’s impossible to say what the amp was. I’m not an expert power-scaler, but killing a character to show someone is strong works if we have a much better sense of how strong they were. The example of this is the death of Jiraiya against Pain in Naruto. We know how strong Jiraiya is as a member of the Three Sanin, which by the narrative would roughly put him on par with Tsunade, the head of the village at the time, and Orochimaru who had trained Sasuke. Jiraiya dying shows the audience that Pain is stronger than the current Hokage and protector of the village, and most of the cast. We never got to see Pyrhha sparring with RWBY or other members of JN_R to show how much stronger than them she is. If we had seen this, and then Cinder killed her anyways, it would have been much more d effective and plant a question in our mind: “ How can the main cast hope to defeat Cinder?”

    Killing Pyrhha wasn’t really an objective for the villains, and it was more so good luck that happened along the way. Sure, Mercury gathers data on Pyrhha, but it seems like Cinder wanted to destroy Beacon more than get Pyrhha out of the way. Even the set up of Emerald making Pyrhha kill Penny amounts to nothing, as in the same volume, Pyrhha dies before the consequences of this can be addressed. Pyrrha was in the way of what Cinder wanted, and Cinder killed her which can be an effective set-up, but in my opinion, it’s more effective if the villains have been planning specific things, like toppling a public figure like Pyrrha. In BNHA, people try to take out All-Might, and for good reason, he’s seen as the Symbol of Peace. Small scenes could have built this up for Pyrhha also. After Mercury gets information on her, just have the villains make small statements about how she’s in the way, and that they have to do something.

    Pyrrha being chosen to be the Fall Maiden doesn’t really make the most sense. From a set-up perspective, it does, the villain killing the hero before they can achieve a powerup, and said power-up is the hero’s best hope. ( Examples of this being the Muteki form in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid) But we’re not shown why Pyrhha was chosen. As I said above, because we don’t really know how strong she is, it could have been Weiss, or Yang, or Blake, or Nora because we don’t know what qualities she was chosen for. On top of that, both Glynda and Winter were there, and arguably more powerful than Pyrhha, and would have been better choices. The set-up for me just doesn’t work, and so by extension to me, Pyrhha’s death felt like they wanted her out of the way, and needed a reason.

    This was an incredibly long-winded post, but I hope I was able to get my points across. What do you think?

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  • Analysing the Posters of Every RWBY Volume

    I have decided to pick an obscure topic for analysis because rarely ever does anyone ever do this. Also, I need distraction from reality.

    So what is the significance behind every poster? Does it narrate something storytelling-wise, or is it merely there for promotion and to look flashy? Well, it’s time to find out.

    Volume 1


    The first ever posters of RWBY were all variants of the same basic designs and they’re still the face of the show to this day. Whether it’s the silhouette version or the fully-fledged variants, every version of this design has been striking. It was actually this design that instantly got me into RWBY.

    Storytelling-wise, it only gives the four main protagonists and the colours they’re based on, but that actually reveals a lot. Colour is an important aspect of the show as a whole, going into the history of Remnant, the character designs and the names, as well as providing hints to what/whom the characters allude to.

    Basically, simple, but striking and iconic.

    Volume 2


    The Volume 2 poster is also pretty simple, but it manages to be my second-to-most favourite poster of RWBY till date. The visuals clearly have a lot of creativity put into them, with the antagonists of the volume, Cinder, Mercury, Emerald and the White Fang displayed on what happens to be Ruby’s scythe blade.

    Ruby herself seems to be occupied in combat, looking like a true Huntress. This shows her and her team’s bigger involvement in stopping the villains than in the previous volume. Her cape appears to be stylishly elongated here, seeing as it extends into the patch of red in the background that dissolves into rose petals.

    Finally, we see a silhouette of Beacon Academy in the background. While a simple addition, it ties up the whole poster without making it look too busy.

    Volume 3


    This poster shows Team RWBY, with the background being Amity Colosseum. This one’s supposed to represent the Vytal Tournament-related part of the plot, not really focusing on much of anything else. I don’t really have much to say about this one, other than the fact that this poster seems to have some foreshadowing regarding Yang’s arm.

    I’m not sorry.

    Volume 4


    This poster marks a major change in the art style of all RWBY promotional material, one that stuck around for the rest of the show (at least by far). The art is much more detailed now, the lighting looking more realistic.

    As well as showing Team RNJR on their journey to Mistral, it also shows the other members of Team RWBY, giving an idea of what journeys they have ahead of them. The four members of our main team are separated in the poster, like they are in the show.

    Eyes are, according to anime philosophy, the windows to the soul. And the fact that Blake’s eyes are focused on shows that she’s doing some soul-searching by heading back to her parents in Menagerie to sort things out with them and recover from the events of the Fall of Beacon.

    Weiss looks regal, elegant and like the daughter Jacques wants – the perfect image of the heiress of the Schnee Dust Company. Behind her lie patches of the colour red (that happen to be a stylistic extension of Ruby’s cape. Along with that, there’s a separate red glow behind her. This probably symbolises the bits of red she no longer wears in her outfit, and that she’s under the control of her father again. However, some portions of her dress glow a faint red, showing that she’s still not done fighting.

    Lastly, Yang. Her hair seems to be glowing orange and releasing sparks as it catches fire, showing that her inner flame is reigniting. She doesn’t look defeated like she did in the end of V3, but rather, ready to start taking on the world again and going on the path to recovery.

    So basically, a very symbolism-heavy poster and my third-favourite out of all the posters in RWBY.

    Volume 5


    The Volume 5 poster is incredibly similar to the previous one in terms of the palette of bright, energetic colours. The main difference here is that Team RWBY is shown in one spot in the poster instead of multiple ones, foreshadowing their reunion. Weiss and Yang actually might be together here, which makes sense considering that they are the first of the team members to reunite with each other.

    Behind them there’s Oscar along with Qrow, hinting at their interactions and their dynamic through the volume (Not that the constant rambling was much fun … but whatever, that happened two volumes ago, let’s move on).

    At the top right, there’s Cinder. Strangely, what’s supposed to be her Grimm arm seems to still look human. Of course, it’s gloved, but it still should be larger than this.


    It might be an artistic choice to make the hand look more human than it actually is to keep the plot twist from being revealed to us.

    Lastly, the thing we were all excited about on seeing the poster – Raven. Her mask is a representation of her tough, cold and apathetic exterior and her allegiance to the Branwen Tribe, but it’s also just that – her mask. And the fact that she’s removing it shows that there’s more to her than the persona she created as a bandit, something that gets explored throughout the volume.

    Interesting, even though Cinder and Raven are standing together, they’re facing the opposite motives. While they are teaming up, their ulterior motives are what truly make them rivals.

    Volume 6


    While Volume 6 has the same general art style as the previous two posters, the colour palette is drastically fitting. The bright pinks and violets have been replaced by dull shades of green accompanied by greys and white, fitting the darker tone of this volume.

    What stands out to me the most is the smoke obscuring parts of this poster. Not knowing what to do now that they know about Salem’s immortality, they’ve got no plan and they see no miracle arriving to help them out. And additionally, Salem is portrayed as this dark and frightening figure lurking above the protagonists. Not only is she above everyone else in her power, she comes off as visually threatening and terrifying, adding to the ominous feel of the poster.

    In the middle are Oscar and Ozpin. They stand facing away from each other, showing that they may have a similar role, but they’re not the same people when it comes to their ideals. Ozpin believes that hiding the truth is the right approach to the battle against Salem, but Oscar believes that victory lies in honesty. Additionally, Ozpin’s head is down showing how hopeless he truly is about the situation, but Oscar’s looking up hopefully.

    Team RWBY are pretty much just there because, well, it’s a RWBY poster, so there isn’t really any symbolism with them. I like how the scythe blade’s creatively drawn around Oscar, Ozpin and Blake.

    Also, I knew that was Cinder the moment I saw her LOL.

    This is pretty much my favourite poster in the whole show and this level of greatness was what I expected for Volume 7. However … I was a little bummed out.

    Volume 7


    This is not a bad-looking poster at all. In fact, visually, it’s really good. It’s just that the new outfits of the characters are the only thing that’s focused on here, and there’s no heavy symbolism like there was in the last few posters.

    I guess I could say that the bottom of the poster, coloured in red, represents Mantle at the bottom of the societal structure in the kingdom. It transitions to blue as it goes up, possibly representing Atlas. But quite frankly, I’m grasping at straws even with this. It’s most likely just a gradient added for aesthetic purposes alone.

    Overall, it’s a nice-looking poster and the colours go along well with each other. But it’s not as strong in terms of symbolism and storytelling on its own, like the previous few posters were.

    So yeah, this is my weird and unconventional analysis on the posters of RWBY! What are your thoughts?

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  • RWBY Talk: My Opinions on RWBY Critics on YouTube


    The RWBY fandom consists of a crazy number of critics with a varying degree of opinions on the show. I don’t even know all of them and I’ll have to dig around on Twitter and Tumblr to have an opinion about everyone, which would take forever.

    So I’ll be covering all the RWBY critics on YouTube alone and explain my thoughts on their content. This is not to attack them on a personal level, but rather to provide my honest views in a civil manner and to give a guide to people who are new to the fandom and introduce them to the sort of content they can expect from each critic.

    Keep in mind that I’ve never watched much of Fatman Falling’s or The Judgemental Critter’s content, so I don’t know much about them and I won’t be talking about them on this post.

    Unicorn of War

    This guy’s a favourite among many fans and for good reason, too. He’s one of the most balanced when it comes to expressing his views and he’s pretty friendly. When he comments on an issue with the show, he does it in a snarky manner but it never comes off as rude and disrespectful because it’s meant to be funny and it’s clear that he loves this show. I don’t always agree with his points since I’m a bit more nitpicky than him, but he’s still a good critic overall. He’s also a writer and looks at the show from a storytelling perspective, which is something I find really useful because I’m an aspiring writer myself.


    He’s a lot like Unicorn of War when it comes to his views on the show and he presents criticism in a friendly manner that never comes off as malevolent in any manner. His episodic reviews are incredibly detailed and in-depth and while they’re all pretty long, averaging about half an hour, it’s worth the watch.

    Vexed Viewer

    Now, this is a bit of a controversial one here. A lot of people despise this guy, saying that he’s just your average hater.

    I’m going to start by saying that Vexed is pretty civil if you’re civil with him. I once commented on a Tweet, saying that I disagreed on most of his points on Yang except for one, and he still gave me a like on that comment. He’s even retweeted a thread by a person who’s a known Yang fan and Bumblebee shipper, who stated that she didn’t agree with most of his points on Yang respectfully.

    You can have pretty fun and civil discussions with him if you’re nice to him. Plus, when he likes something, he says so and it’s genuine.

    Of course, I agree that he’s made problematic statements on social media and he should watch what he says about people. That’s something I won’t brush off. He does need to avoid using the word ‘wench’ to describe a character considering that it’s got one meaning that’s controversial and people aren’t wrong to feel offended by it.

    So overall, my opinion on him remains mixed. I don’t hate him but I won’t act like his social media behaviour has been perfect either.


    Cal is a pretty balanced critic and it’s clear that she’s a genuine fan of the show. Her videos are pretty in-depth and worth the watch. She’s gotten along with multiple RWBYtubers that have differing opinions and she respects that no one has the same opinion on a subject, while still being vocal on problematic arguments that people have brought up. Basically, a pretty good moderate.

    Xiao Long

    Xiao Long is a fun person to have speculative conversations with. She’s in a group chat with me on RWBY Amino and many members of that group, myself included, have had great conversations with her. She’s also pretty balanced when it comes to her reviews and analysis videos.


    Hoo boy, this guy. I used to love his content in the past because he had a lot of unconventional views and looked at things from an interesting angle. He had a certain unique presence among the critics of RWBYtube.

    I feel like he’s been treating his speculations like they’re supposed to be how the show goes, which is not a healthy and civil way to be a theorist. Some of the points he’s made against Bumblebee are questionable and even gross at times. He’s even made a biphobic comment that I don’t think he ever apologised for.

    He still brings up aspects of the show he likes and he’s not a total hater, but I find his videos hard to watch since they comprise of a lot of snark, and not the sort like in Unicorn of War’s videos where it’s actually amusing.

    So, honestly? Not my favourite RWBYtuber ever.

    Hero Hei

    I wish he hadn’t changed the way he has. Hero Hei used to be a nice guy and a lot of people who knew him online years ago have said as much. He’s changed a lot and it’s really sad just to think about.

    He’s shamed a lot of people publicly on his videos, and some of those people are my friends. This has led to a lot of people being bullied and a minor was even doxxed by one of his followers.

    Hero Hei comes up with clickbait and conspiracy theory videos for the sake of the views. A lot of his content is fabricated on lies and it’s clear he only cares about the money he gets from it.

    Basically, not a great guy. If you’ve subscribed to him, please stop supporting him.

    Adel Aka

    This person’s considered the worst of the RWBYtubers and for good reason. He’s made creepy jokes about sexual assault in terms of characters who are minors (on a public platform, too) and he’s a pervert (the freaky variety). He’s incredibly misogynistic and transphobic as well and he recently shamed a friend of mine in one of his videos, dismissing the true meaning behind what my friend said and framing the situation in a different manner. He’s also dedicated to bashing the show on every aspect, no matter how good an episode is. Basically, a really disgusting person.

    Muffin Man Dan

    This is definitely gonna be a controversial one. I think plenty of us know the stuff he’s said in the past and the fact that he was … not exactly the best guy around.

    Let me get this straight, though – Muffin Man Dan has owned up to everything he did in the past, acknowledging that he was pretentious and a conspiracy theorist who was biased about his views on the show. He’s become one of the most objective moderates in the whole community.

    His videos presently reflect his true persona – a relaxed guy who just wants to watch a show and have fun. His latest video even addresses one of the conspiracies he promoted during his earlier days on YouTube, and it’s clear that he’s trying to undo the stuff he did in the past.

    He’s a fun person to have conversations with and even I’ve interacted with him on multiple occasions. We’re mutuals on Twitter and I’d go so far as to call him a friend. I don’t care whether people hate on me for this because it’s the truth.

    Basically, he’s a really nice man and I feel like he deserves a chance to show how much he’s changed.

    So that’s it for my personal opinions on the RWBYtubers. I’d be surprised if nothing controversial pops up due to this.

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  • I know this has been discussed before, but it’s very telling how the FNDM regards male and female victims of abuse, and the double-standards of sympathy and lack there of given. All one needs to do is see how people in the FNDM talk about Mercury who lost the use of his legs due to his abuse, or how some people talk about Whitley, and how those same people talk about Emerald, the abuse Cinder would have suffered working for Salem, and Weiss during her time in the mansion. Not to downplay how horrific abuse is to anyone, but I think the FNDM may be one of the worst when it comes to this double-standard. 

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  • Y’all ever wonder about how RT would handle Sun getting rejected by Blake? I worry about it because I don’t think RT has shown with RWBY they can write the nuance I personally would hope for ( IE still tries to be happy for Blake, and is happy for her, maybe a little confused, and trying to move on) and would instead probably opt for something like him either just being completely okay with it ( erasing his feelings) making him angry about it ( fundamentally missing the point of his character) or just making a joke out of it. 

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  • Ya know, I don’t think it’s fair to call Fair Game “queerbait” specifically because we’ve seen plenty of LGBT rep in RWBY where both parties are at least in an ongoing (implicit) relationship or both people are still alive and well, along with plenty of “straight” couples fall apart. I don’t think it’s fair to say that because one half of a same-sex couple dies for The Drama™ this means we were “baited,” especially when it’s far from the only same-sex relationship in the show.

    That said, I’m sick of people saying Clover was “never confirmed” to be gay, that his interactions with Qrow were just platonic and it was just those nasty dirty-minded fujos misinterpreting some friendly banter for full-on flirting and because Clover didn’t walk in the room with shutter shades and a pink feather boa saying he likes doing it in the butt we can’t verify with 100% certainty that he was gay. From the bottom of my heart, y’all sound stupid as hell saying this.

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  • #rwby#blake belladonna#crtq #owl speaks. #post,answered. #fandom,rwby. #q. #vol 1 - 3 blake was my fave and i'll #forever be smad the writing did That™ to her #angrycat.png
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  • #rwby#ruby rose#crtq #owl speaks. #post,answered. #fandom,rwby. #q. #i wasnt a Huge fan of ruby from the beginning and #it just feels like with every volume #other characters just have something #that makes them stand out and more relatable than ruby is #i wouldnt even know where to begin to try and fix this problem #without just scrapping the show and starting again lmao
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  • So uh…I stopped writing RWBY reviews because I’m liking this season so much I don’t feel like doing a deep dive.

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  • image

    Well, that was… an episode. I honestly had difficulty writing this review and needed a few days to think things through properly, especially with the ending and some important characters coming back. So, let’s just get into it!

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    #rwby#rwby spoilers #rwby volume 7 spoilers #episode review#crtq #I put all these points in a doc last week and with the newest episode out #my thoughts on some things have changed #it'll be elaborated in the next review
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  • RWBY Manga Take

    Yang most likely is gonna have her Burning the Candle talk in Mount Glenn. Remember in Volume 2, team RWBY discussed why they wanted to be huntresses. Instead of Yang saying she wants to be a huntress for the adventure, she’ll most likely say what she said to Blake in Burning the Candle but will be said to Ruby and Weiss as well. Also, the manga is a canon retelling of the show.

    I want to be a huntress so I can find my real mom and know why she left me. I want to protect my sister and be like Summer who’s Super Mom-slayer of monsters and baker of cookies.

    Also the manga got rid of Yang participating in a racist-like stereotype (using a laser beam to get Blake’s attention.)

    Remember, Faunus are a minority. Apply this to our real world. It’s like trying to get an African American’s attention by using fried chicken and watermelon as bait. Yang isn’t racist, but she’s very ignorant about Faunus issues.

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  • image

    I’ve now resigned to my fate of pushing out reviews a week after the actual episode came out. Still, at least other fans will have watched it before reading, so let’s just jump right in!

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    #rwby #rwby volume 7 spoilers #rwby spoilers#crtq#episode review #me: the review will be out tomorrow #me a week later: I know what I said but LISTEN
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  • Just to have this all down in writing

    Remove-kibble’s True™, Accurate™, and Extremely Valid™ Theory on why Adam Taurus from RWBY is a Reference to Famed Spanish Painter and Anarchist Pablo Picasso

    Basically Adam’s got a lot of similarities to Picasso that I found interesting. It’s probably not a reference, honestly, but I thought that the number of similarities was ironic. Below are just a couple.

    - Philosophy: Picasso was famous as a proponent of anarchism, and spent a great deal of his fortune to support the anarcists/republicans in the Spanish Civil War. Adam is similarly an anarchist, fighting against established society for the liberation of Faunus.

    - Appearance: When he was younger, Picasso had a very similar appearance to Adam. Both were relatively tall men with slight/sharp chins, wearing their dark hair short and very similar styles. It’s not the strongest connection, although the connection becomes more compelling when you look at stylistic similarities

    - Picasso and Bulls: Adam Taurus is a bull faunus, which mirror’s Picasso’s fascination with bulls. Picasso saw bulls as a symbol of spain, and often went to see matadors and bullfights. Picasso tended to see himself as a bull, often representing himself in his art in a sort of human-faced bull form.

    - Eyes: Perhaps a minor connection, but one of the most common features of Picasso’s artwork is people with deform, asymetrical eyes. Adam Taurus was branded on his left eye, leaving it deformed and maimed.

    - Treatment of Women: Picasso was famous for being a womanizer, having multiple wives and mistresses throughout his life. Behind his art and his politics, his (mis)treatment of women is the most famous part of Picasso. Adam, similarly, is categorized by his mistreatment of the women around him, abusing Blake, maiming Yang, and killing Sienna Kahn.

    - Adam’s ‘abstract’ fighting style: A common theme in many of Adam’s fights is that the fight looses detail and becomes more ‘abstract’ at key moments, such as the end of the Black trailer, and when Adam cut off Yang’s arm. This is similar to Picasso’s art style, which was famous for its low detail and abstract nature.

    I could probably find more if I looked deeper, but these were just some of the most obvious ones to me.

    #rwby#adam taurus #is it crtq? I guess its crtq #crtq
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    This review was originally going to be posted after last week’s episode aired but I procrastinated too long and now it’s already Saturday again. But better late than never!

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    #rwby #rwby volume 7 spoilers #rwby spoilers#crtq#episode review #im sorry for taking so long with this one BUT #the newest review is currently underway so expect it ehhhhhhhhhhhh #tomorrow
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  • Anyway are we ever gonna get an explanation about Ren’s ability to sense things? Because it would make far more sense for Blake or Maria to sense something about to happen. There’s just, no explanation for why Ren can?

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  • Weeeeee are back, people!

    This is the first episode of RWBY we’ve had in 8 months, and it’s coming on the heels of a year where RT finally had to reconcile with its many changes: the Glassdoor controversy, the general less-than-expected success of gen:LOCK, and of course the layoffs, all this culminating in the complete restructuring of the company last month. A big question on everyone’s mind was “Will this restructuring, which is supposed to allow better quality of life for Rooster Teeth’s animators, equal a better-made show?”

    Well…the answer in my eyes is actually a little complicated…

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  • I’m going to be using this blog to mostly just back up my rants/metas to a place where people can read them easier (instead of looking through multiple threads of tweets on Twitter). This account might get RWDE, but I just want to air my criticisms. 

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