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  • RWBY V7 Ch 6 Review: A Night Off

    Greetings, FNDM! Sasskage’s back with another (incredibly late) RWBY episodic review. This time, I’ll be talking about the sixth chapter of the ongoing volume, ‘A Night Off’.

    More like a night to remember with all that trauma and those feelsy moments, if you ask me.


    Actual Flipping Analysis

    The episode opens with a look at the aftermath of the riots that have escalated since Jacques sparked the fires of revolt. The protesters are being rounded up by the Atlesian authorities after the violent acts they’ve performed. Interestingly, Robyn herself is against the idea of rioting like this.

    We get a look at the voting polls and some dear old friends of ours show up — Drunk Scumbag and some of the thirsty moms. We also see the names of two more candidates running for the council seat in the polls, though they’re not given much focus and are obviously not relevant to the story. Still a nice detail, though.


    Heading to the training room, we get a look at our heroes training. Blake and Yang are training together. Additionally, Weiss uses her Arma Gigas summon creatively to win against Winter, something pretty rare.

    Good, she’s finally won a 1V1 for once in her life.

    Also, Weiss’s chuckle is the sweetest thing ever.

    We get Nora showing off her own upgrade. Along with that, Jaune’s Semblance control is improving. Turns out, he can boost his own Aura when he’s running low, something pretty surprising. I wonder whether it has any limitations to it, like the regeneration function not being applicable if his Aura goes down in one hit alone, thus disabling his Semblance. Otherwise it’s hella OP.

    There’s still the question of Oscar’s Semblance lingering, which fits with the overall volume. The official Amity Arena Twitter account hinted at Oscar’s Semblance being revealed this volume itself when asked whether there would be a unit for him in the game.

    Good, this precious boi really needs some onscreen character development for once in his life.

    Also, there’s Ruby’s split function that we saw back in the V4 character short. Maybe her teleportation function?

    Ironwood and Clover, Master of Bolo Ties, arrive with a little update for the team. They’re giving our heroes a night off to relax and go have fun. This is so that they can come back refreshed for whatever the election brings.

    We get a first look at the voting poll results and Jacques is so not having a great time. Robyn is in the lead. She’s not really one to trust Ironwood and has some ‘questionable’ methods, but she’s still a preferable option to Jacques. With her on the council seat, things could possibly change for the better in the kingdom.

    I have a gripe over this detail, actually. It’s been established that there are four candidates running for the council seat, so why do the votes obtained by Jacques and Robyn equate to 100%? What about the other two candidates? They’re probably not as popular, but they ought to get at least a tiny bunch of votes for the added realism. Jacques and Robyn shouldn’t have the total 100%, though they should definitely occupy a huge percentage.


    We head to Team RWBY’s dorm after this scene. Weiss is confused as to why her dad would go viva la revolution all of a sudden with no real gain. Blake and Yang are busy being in love and are just plain adorable.

    Turns out, the bees are going dancing for their night out. I can definitely relate to Blake’s phenomenal dancing skills, haha.

    However, she wasn’t established as a terrible dancer in the Beacon Ball in V2. I think that Blake is good at slow dancing but terrible at faster dancing, like a lot of people.

    Weiss’s unamused look is something being taken negatively by a lot of Anti-Bee peeps in the FNDM. It’s being seen as proof that even the RWBY characters themselves are being fed up of Blake and Yang being a thing, to which I strongly object.

    Firstly, Weiss herself was smirking during that Bee moment just three episodes ago.

    Secondly, Remnant is an LGBT-friendly planet (Like our world should be …) and non-straight people are pretty much considered a norm there.

    Therefore, Weiss has no negativity towards the ship. She’s just fed up of being the third wheel to the point that she goes to the movies with Jaune of all people. Well, at least he finally got what he’s wanted since V2. Plus, Oscar is joining them as well.

    That leaves Ruby to go to the after-election party with Ren and Nora, thus being the third wheel in this situation. Hoo boy.

    A lot of people have complained about Blake and Yang spending ‘too much time’ together. And I’ve got a lot to say regarding this stupid argument. If you click with a person, you’ll want to spend lots of time with said person and that’s perfectly normal. That’s just what love is. It’s not forced or anything like that. Anyone with relationship experience — or even a hopeless romantic — would say the same thing.

    Man, the haters must really suck at romance XD.


    The scene that we actually get this episode is the Renora plus Ruby outing. Surprisingly, we get the method of Salem’s defeat and the question of Jinn’s wording addressed. Maybe Silver Eyes do stand a chance. I hope it’s more than Ruby just skadooshing Salem into oblivion with her eyes, though, because that would be pretty cheap.

    They head over to Robyn’s victory party and this new song is killing it.


    Also, Nora confirmed Bumblebee. Hooray!

    I should address another point that people have brought up, regarding Ren’s views on Bumblebee. Let me repeat myself: Remnant is an LGBT-friendly world. There’s no possible way Ren could be uncomfortable with the idea of Blake and Yang being a couple. This is just him being out-of-touch with emotional matters and focusing solely on the situations at hand.

    And this ties in with the debate that breaks out afterwards. Nora’s fed up of Ren cutting her off like that. She wants him to show her that he does indeed care, because she loves him. He’s not expressing his feelings and it’s hurting her.

    With this bickering session going on, Ruby decides to escape and finds Penny. Thus, she’s no longer the third wheel in this event.

    After that, we get to learn more about Robyn’s Huntresses. May Marigold, judging from her appearance and last name, might be our dear Henry Marigold’s sister. Is she from an upper-class family? That’s quite interesting, seeing that she’s fighting for the betterment of Mantle. It’s good to see that there’s more to the Atlesian elite than the ‘rich people are pricks’ thingy. May might be an allusion to Maid Marion.

    We also get to see Joanna Greenleaf, who’s probably based on Little John and Reynold Greenleaf. And Sheep Girl AKA Fiona Thyme is based on Friar Tuck.

    We get a better look at Robyn’s character. It’s clear that she’s a morally gray character who’s willing to break the law to help those in need, especially because she believes that the law is unequal. Robin Hood was my childhood crush and I’ve always loved different imaginings of this character.

    Yes, I just said that Robyn Hill is my crush.

    With the morally gray side of her covered, it’s obvious that she does care about Mantle and equality. Her Huntresses definitely respect her and she’s got this soft look towards Fiona that proves that she cares about her partners in turn. Her words aren’t just political propaganda — she’s legitimately someone who cares about the cause she’s fighting for.


    We also have Ren’s issues with aloofness addressed in this episode. He and Nora went through a shared conflict via Kuroyuri that brought them closer to each other. However, Ren isn’t one to let his emotions get in the way of the mission and that’s bothering Nora. In order to get her point across once and for all, she kisses him.

    The cinematography of this scene is absolutely spectacular. I love how the world blurs out as they kiss, as a metaphor of how their feelings for each other are all that matter in the moment.


    However, things aren’t gonna be too happy forever. Looking at the screens at the back, one can notice Jacques’s vote percentage rising as Robyn’s falls at an alarmingly high rate. And as it turns out, Watts is using a set of scrolls and rings to rig the election.

    Tyrian’s there for the real fun to begin. Ruby recognises him, but it’s too late as the lights go out and pandemonium takes place.

    I’m gonna try and explain Marrow’s usefulness in the dark. Dogs actually do have night vision and can see less than cats, but a higher number of targets at once. Additionally, there’s their colour blindness. Red and green appear to be yellow to them. Magenta, cyan and purple aren’t visible shades of colour to them. Plus, they can’t see stuff in very high contrast.

    Yeah, doesn’t sound like he’s much help in this situation. The volume itself also made it clear with Marrow sending Blake into the darker section of the aband Dust mine instead of going there himself.

    As for Tyrian being able to fight in the dark, I’ve got another argument to defend this writing choice. Assassins can actually be trained to fight in the dark. An example of this in fiction is Arya Stark in Season Six of Game of Thrones. She temporarily loses her eyesight and has to adjust accordingly, and that’s how she learns to fight without having to see.

    Also, Penny isn’t glowing that bright. Please. Observe for yourselves, nitpicker squad.

    The party massacre scene doesn’t shy away from brutality and I absolutely love this aspect of it. It shows that RWBY isn’t afraid of embracing its darker side.

    Tyrian’s Semblance seems to be an Aura Break function — disabling one’s Aura to give him an opportunity to kill the target. Definitely efficient for an assassin.

    I’d like to point out that Tyrian’s Semblance Sets him up against Jaune’s Aura Amp, a clear red flag for a conflict between the two. Our assassin has definitely shown an interest in the knight in the past. Additionally, Jaune is associated with yellow and Tyrian with purple. These are actually complementary colours on the spectrum. Neat symbolism there.

    Also, Tyrian must suffer for what he’s done to Sheep Girl. HE WILL PAY.

    Along with that, Watts is mashing this up with footage of Penny fighting the Grimm and uploading it on the Internet. Man, this’ll be a hard one to get out of.

    I wonder whether the real footage is recorded in Penny’s cameras, though… .

    When the lights go back on, we get the bloody aftermath of the events that just transpired. And man, what’s Tyrian got against the thirsty moms? They didn’t deserve that.


    My issue with this scene is that Penny’s blades weren’t covered by blood in any opportunity as that would’ve made the evidence against her even stronger. So yeah.

    As the people turn against her, it’s clear that Ironwood has been framed. Along with that, Jacques has won the council seat. And Robyn sure as hell is pissed and coming for payback after Fiona’s death. If last week’s episode was the spark, these are the real fires of revolution. And Atlas is doomed to fall (Probably literally… .).

    The Grimm come to wreak havoc in the city and Penny, with a sad look in her eyes, flies away from her friends. And the episode ends with a Manticore horde coming to Mantle.


    This is definitely a stronger episode than the last two, and up there among my favourites. I won’t deny that it’s got its issues here and there, but some of the hot takes made by the haters really bug me and make me question their intelligence levels, like seriously.

    I think the next episode has the setup for the Tales of Ba Sing Se-style episode that’s been teased. I mean, Blake and Yang have an opportunity to talk things out. And Weiss, Jaune and Oscar form a separate group. Now to see where this goes.

    Score: 9/10

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    Well, that was… an episode. I honestly had difficulty writing this review and needed a few days to think things through properly, especially with the ending and some important characters coming back. So, let’s just get into it!

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  • image

    I’ve now resigned to my fate of pushing out reviews a week after the actual episode came out. Still, at least other fans will have watched it before reading, so let’s just jump right in!

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  • Just to have this all down in writing

    Remove-kibble’s True™, Accurate™, and Extremely Valid™ Theory on why Adam Taurus from RWBY is a Reference to Famed Spanish Painter and Anarchist Pablo Picasso

    Basically Adam’s got a lot of similarities to Picasso that I found interesting. It’s probably not a reference, honestly, but I thought that the number of similarities was ironic. Below are just a couple.

    - Philosophy: Picasso was famous as a proponent of anarchism, and spent a great deal of his fortune to support the anarcists/republicans in the Spanish Civil War. Adam is similarly an anarchist, fighting against established society for the liberation of Faunus.

    - Appearance: When he was younger, Picasso had a very similar appearance to Adam. Both were relatively tall men with slight/sharp chins, wearing their dark hair short and very similar styles. It’s not the strongest connection, although the connection becomes more compelling when you look at stylistic similarities

    - Picasso and Bulls: Adam Taurus is a bull faunus, which mirror’s Picasso’s fascination with bulls. Picasso saw bulls as a symbol of spain, and often went to see matadors and bullfights. Picasso tended to see himself as a bull, often representing himself in his art in a sort of human-faced bull form.

    - Eyes: Perhaps a minor connection, but one of the most common features of Picasso’s artwork is people with deform, asymetrical eyes. Adam Taurus was branded on his left eye, leaving it deformed and maimed.

    - Treatment of Women: Picasso was famous for being a womanizer, having multiple wives and mistresses throughout his life. Behind his art and his politics, his (mis)treatment of women is the most famous part of Picasso. Adam, similarly, is categorized by his mistreatment of the women around him, abusing Blake, maiming Yang, and killing Sienna Kahn.

    - Adam’s ‘abstract’ fighting style: A common theme in many of Adam’s fights is that the fight looses detail and becomes more ‘abstract’ at key moments, such as the end of the Black trailer, and when Adam cut off Yang’s arm. This is similar to Picasso’s art style, which was famous for its low detail and abstract nature.

    I could probably find more if I looked deeper, but these were just some of the most obvious ones to me.

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  • RWBY V7 Ch 3 Review: The Ace Operatives

    Greetings, FNDM! Sasskage’s here to talk about the latest — and gayest — RWBY episode in our hands! And boy, do I love it.


    Actual Damn Analysis


    The episode starts off with some brief exposition delivered by Clover, regarding the latest mission for our heroes. It’s not really slow and dull like the V5 rambling sessions, however. (That’s right, guys, exposition actually has the capacity to be good. Don’t @ me.)

    What keeps this part of the episode interesting is that, over the narration, we also have some pretty short scenes covering other stuff like the characters getting upgrades. I’m glad that the Vytal Tournament was brought up when it came to this subject because it wasn’t really used as an effective plot device following V3. The show didn’t depict characters being fans of the Vytal Tournament combatants, or distrusting them (Especially Yang). So yeah, it’s nice seeing this serve as a minor contributor to RWBY and JNR’s training for this volume.

    Another thing I like is the implication that Jaune and Blake chose to get haircuts as a way to start afresh. While I’m a bit disappointed that this episode didn’t have the Gambol Shroud haircut scene, that’s more of a personal grumble than a serious plot-relevant detail, so I won’t let this affect my overall opinion of the episode. After all, I can post one-shot fanfic for my self-satisfaction, right?

    I think the entire FNDM is disappointed over not getting a montage with the characters trying their clothes out, but even that won’t affect my opinion. This is more of a personal want than a writing thing, so yeah.


    I was a bit skeptical over the new outfits for a while following the release of the V7 trailer, but I have to say that they look pretty neat, actually. Ruby’s hairstyle is sick, and Weiss looks really graceful and elegant while coming off as more of a Huntress than she did with her previous outfits. Blake’s hair actually does look nice, and the weird shot from the trailer was definitely just the wind combined with the angle.

    Ruby’s using the landing strategy she utilised back in the V3 episode, Heroes and Monsters. Weiss has adopted a new strategy involving the sword of her Arma Gigas summon. Blake and Yang haven’t really changed that much from past volumes, though.

    Of course, the thing that the FNDM is truly crazy about right now is Jaune’s landing strategy. Man, am I proud of this boi. He finally has a landing method other than falling! *wipes tear away*


    Also, I love Elm already. She’s awesome.

    One pretty cool highlight of this episode is the interaction between Blake and Yang. It didn’t feel nerfed or forced one bit. It threw strong implications of a romance between the two later on in the story and was a pretty realistic fluffy scene. Blake’s blush was adorable and Yang’s behaviour was so hilarious that I couldn’t help but laugh at her awkwardness.

    I’d like to point out that, if someone flirts with a person s/he isn’t that close to, the chances of feeling awkward tend to be lower if that person is confident to begin with. However, showing attraction towards or flirting with someone you’re close to will actually feel awkward during the initial stages. Thus, this portrayal of Yang’s awkwardness over her physical attraction for Blake is pretty realistic.

    The characters get some new, sick-looking scrolls. Other than the designs of these models being more sophisticated, I wonder whether they have any special functions that the older models lack.

    One little thing to note is that, when Blake checks the Aura levels of her teammates, Yang’s is still full but Ruby and Weiss have lost a bit due to them utilising their Semblances during their landings. Nice little detail right there.


    I’m really glad that Ruby’s decision to keep the truths about Salem and Jinn hidden was addressed. While Weiss and Blake agree with this precautionary step being taken, Yang and Oscar aren’t too happy about this.

    I’d like to point out that a lot of people with PTSD tend to develop a mistrustful approach towards people, and that’s something I’ve seen in Yang since V5. While the majority of the fandom sees this as a result of Yang learning to question people instead of just following direction, I’ll bring up a scene that comes up before Yang’s meeting with Raven in the Branwen camp.

    In the episode “Lighting the Fire”, when Yang is ambushed by the bandits, she already hears the sounds and raises her prosthetic arm up to shield herself. This proves that she was on high alert throughout this scene and wasn’t letting her guard down. Additionally, she isn’t even taken by surprise at the fact that she’s been betrayed. It’s like she’s been expecting this in the first place.

    It’s thus highly possible that she didn’t trust Shady Perv in the first place and expected something to happen, considering that he was just so willing to take her to Raven even though it should’ve been impossible for most people.

    Yang made Ozpin promise her not to hide stuff from everyone anymore, and he didn’t stay true to his word. Thus, she was pretty upset (Though her reaction right after he had to relive something highly traumatic was definitely a bit inappropriate …). So seeing Ruby do the exact same thing is definitely a shock for her, considering how mistrustful she’s been to people hiding stuff.

    As for Oscar, well, this will be easier to explain. He got his ass kicked for Ozpin’s actions in V6. And that was highly unfair, because he himself was unaware of Ozpin’s secrets and lies despite having yielded his memories and thoughts to the guy. So yeah, having Ruby of all people do the same thing is no doubt a slap in the face for him.

    Also, it looks like Nora is nowhere close to getting past Ren’s cold, distant demeanour yet. It was mentioned in the RWBY companion novel that Ren does have feelings for Nora, but he keeps them hidden for some reason.

    Also, Jaune … are you still clueless in the field of romance, boi?!


    On the subject of Clover and Qrow, I actually have quite a bit to say. I loved their interaction and I see them working together as comrades in the future. I even ship it to a small extent and if you’re gonna attack me over it, you can hit the unfollow button and never lay your eyes on this page again because I don’t want your hate. People can ship what they want as long as it isn’t abusive or pedophilia. LET PEOPLE SHIP WHAT THEY WANT.

    I don’t think this ship is gonna be canon, but I see them becoming effective teammates, and even friends. (Of course, there’s still character development potential for Qrow with a possible romance arc … but for now, I’ll stick to my fanfics so shut up.) I’m not sure about the whole thing with Clover possibly betraying Qrow in the future. If that happens, though, I’ll be emotionally destroyed forever.


    I’m definitely wondering whether this mine is where Ilia’s parents died, since the backstory actually fits well like a jigsaw puzzle. Judging from Blake’s facial expressions as she talked about it, it looks like this memory hits her pretty hard. I’d like the question about Blake’s parents working in this very mine to remain unanswered because it’s a fun thing to just theorise on. Kinda like the red-haired woman in the V6 episode “Lost”.

    I enjoyed the interaction between Weiss and Blake as the Heiress apologised to her teammate for everything that her family had done, as well as her own bigoted behaviour in the first volume. I can see the two teaming up to change things in Atlas for the Faunus later on in the Atlas arc. After all, this volume is definitely keeping the Checkmate platonic interactions going.

    I like that Marrow, a Faunus working in the military, comments on the discrimination faced by their kind. It’s been a common complaint that the fact that the Faunus getting employed to pretty high-status jobs is something invalidating racism. However, black people in our world get lavish employment opportunities too. Yet they’re still discriminated. I wonder whether Marrow gets ridiculed by his fellow military men due to his Faunus nature.

    Getting the action started off, Blake gets sent into the darker parts of the mine due to her night vision. After that, we get jumpscared to death as the Geist pops outta nowhere. Man, how is CRWBY so good at horror? I mean, look at “Alone in the Woods”. That was one great episode.

    Also … jeez, those Centinels are nasty. Like … ew. Just ewwwwwwww!!!


    Let’s all remember the moment Nora went for Ren’s fine booty. (I swear, if ‘Ren’ autocorrects to ‘REM’ one last time… .)

    We get some pretty sick action with the reveal of some of the new upgrades. Ruby’s scythe blade can now do a 180-degree turn sideways. Ren’s StormFlower has grappling hook thingies attached to his pistols via cords. Also, those guns actually do look like guns now.

    In addition to Jaune’s shield having a force field expansion and being a device efficient for hovering, it’s also infused with Gravity Dust that can be used for propelling him upwards, or repelling his opponents.

    Yang can now shoot fireballs out of her prosthetic arm. Plus, she can also fire manually detonating bullets. It’s pretty neat that she’s requested this as an upgrade, considering her arc involving her becoming more tactical than just literally punching through her problems.


    Also, we get Marrow doing the Korean heart thingy. It’s probably a signal to his teammate Harriet. Maybe the entire Ace Ops have different signals to communicate with their teammates during battle. That would be pretty cool.

    Also, who could Harriet allude to? Sonic? Deku? The Flash?

    Judging from the fact that her Semblance is speed-based, she might serve as a mentor for Ruby throughout this volume.

    As for Clover, his Semblance being Good Fortune and his fishing … pole … thing make his fable reference really easy to guess. He’s obviously the Lucky Fisherman. I think his cockiness stems from the fact that events have pretty much always been in his favour, just like Qrow’s Semblance and how it affects his negative outlook on himself.


    Turns out, the Ace Ops end up defeating the Geist in the end. The whole thing with the Grimm possessing Dust particles might be a reference to Dr Merlot’s experiments in Grimm Eclipse. It was even hinted years ago by CRWBY that we might actually see Dust-infused Grimm in the show, so this is probably what they were talking about.

    The Ace Ops have a pretty methodical approach to defeating this Grimm — aiming for the limbs and yanking the Geist right out of the ice by its face, and then catching the Dust crystals as they fall.

    Turns out, Ruby’s Semblance isn’t an ordinary Speed Semblance and there’s probably more to it. In the companion novel, it was stated that her Semblance is also part-teleportation.

    Looking back at the V4 character short, Ruby seemed to split into three bundles of rose petals in one scene. I thought this was probably just a weird stylistic choice, but it’s possible that it’s actually the teleportation part of her Semblance coming into action. Another scene that supports this theory is before Ruby bursts out of the church window, there are shots of rose petals slowly flying upwards, without the actual character in sight.

    Definitely something to think about while watching this volume.

    With the Grimm cleared out, the characters all sit and party. Yang and Nora are dancing and I absolutely love it. Harriet carrying Ruby is just adorable.

    Of course, however, the best part of it all is how Weiss is just standing there like a statue, staring deep into the unknown.


    The last scene in this episode shows Forest being angry and silly like the last time. Tyrian pops up out of the shadows like Jack the Ripper and, boy, that is scary.

    It’s official, RWBY is a horror series in disguise.

    I totally dig the new purple colour of Tyrian’s eyes but I hope Forest isn’t dead. Well, maybe Tyrian might keep him alive for information. Or to make him a spy. We’ll have to see where this goes.


    I absolutely loved this episode, if it wasn’t obvious already XD. It really brought back the feels of the earlier volumes, while incorporating RWBY’s current, more complex storytelling style. The pacing, storytelling and character interactions were absolutely great and I don’t have any major faults with this chapter.

    With that being said, it looks like the first act of this volume is now complete — we’ve got some info regarding the kingdom’s political and economic situation, Ruby’s getting some seeds for character growth, Blake and Weiss may have a connected arc, crap will go down, and the gays will reign. Looks good by far.

    I’d like Ruby to have a thorough discussion with Penny regarding her return. I also want Blake and Yang to sort their issues out with a heart-to-heart, once and for all. Till then, I’m not jumping on board the ‘Everything is rushed and meaningless’ train because this is just the beginning of the volume. We’ve got ten more episodes and, judging from the present storytelling style, that means a lot of info is headed our way.

    Also, anyone thinks we’re getting consistent runtimes for this volume? All the episodes have been about 17-18 minutes long by far.

    Score: 10/10. Not the best episode ever, but definitely nearly flawless and among the show’s greatest by far.

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    This review was originally going to be posted after last week’s episode aired but I procrastinated too long and now it’s already Saturday again. But better late than never!

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  • Storytelling Via Design in RWBY: Yang Xiao Long


    The final member of Team RWBY, Yang’s outfits actually do a pretty neat job at sketching out her character. I definitely prefer them to Blake’s outfits personally when it comes to the storytelling aspect of the designs, but aesthetically, I actually like most of the outfits in the show.

    So yeah, I’ll quit yanging around with this introduction and actually begin the analysis.

    Volumes 1-3


    This outfit is my personal favourite in two categories: Team RWBY’s original designs and all of Yang’s outfits. And I’m going to explain why I love this design so much.

    For starters, the style of clothing, the amount of skin being shown, and the bright, sunny colours all bring out Yang’s personality as an adventurous, flirty tomboy who loves partying and primarily just wants to have fun in life. Also, the lack of symmetry in the outfit shows that she’s not a character you can put in one category. She’s asymmetrical and does her own thing, and that’s what truly makes her beautiful.

    Another interesting detail in this design is the presence of the colour violet, which is the complementary colour to yellow, Yang’s defining colour. It’s a trend in design to include two complementary colours in one piece of art because the combos look stunning if used right.

    The colour is present in Yang’s eyes. As eyes are the windows to the soul, this defiance of her design’s standard colour scheme shows once again that she’s more than people think.

    Additionally, violet is actually a combination of red and blue, and Raven’s and Tai’s eye colours are exactly those in respective order. Hence, Yang has violet eyes. (Because of the laws of anime genetics, apparently.)

    The last thing to note is that violet is a colour present in Blake’s outfits, and thus the eyes are also representing Yang’s connection to her.



    Her weapon, Ember Celica, pretty much shows that Yang is a character who solves her problems by punching through them — quite literally. She’s rash, impulsive and guided by her temper frequently.

    So yeah, this covers my analysis of her first outfit.

    Volume 2 Alternate Outfit


    This outfit is another one that I absolutely love and adore. Out of all the alternate outfits we got in V2, this was what mostly stood out for me. It once again brings into focus Yang’s confidence, flirty and fun-loving nature. I think the darker bits of her outfit really balance out the brighter ones nicely, and I am definitely a sucker for the bits of purple present.

    Of course, like the usual, I don’t have anything much to say for this outfit so on to the next!

    Volume 4 DGAF Outfit


    This is a huge shift from Yang’s previous outfits, and it no longer shows her as a confident, energetic thrill seeker. That’s because she’s lost that spark after the events taking place during the Fall of Beacon. She isn’t herself. She’s just … a shell of who she once was.

    What I like is the fact that Yang is wearing Tai’s shirt over her own, as a symbolic representation of the relationship between the two. A significant difference between the concept art and the actual version of the design in the show is her hairstyle. In the series, it’s a ponytail, which isn’t something the old Yang would have worn. This shows yet again that she’s not her usual self at her current mental and emotional state.

    Initially, Yang refuses to wear the prosthetic arm, displaying that she’s given up and is uncertain whether she’ll go back to who she used to be. However, after her talk with Tai, Port and Oobleck, she begins her road to recovery.


    Eventually, as she finds herself, she paints the arm so that it’s more … Yang. This represents her rediscovery of herself and her return to form.

    Volume 4-6 Outfit


    This outfit marks her ongoing journey to return to form, showing that while she’s not okay just yet, she’s getting there. This is definitely a more combat-oriented outfit like her first two designs, but unlike those outfits, it doesn’t have that same adventurous vibe. This symbolises that Yang still has yet to complete her journey to recovery.

    Even the promo art has her in a position in which her right hand is on the hip, while her left one is near her face. In her earliest promo art, she has the same pose but the hands are performing the opposite actions to one another in comparison to this picture. Thus, she isn’t exactly the same.


    With that being said, it’s definitely a badass outfit, though not exactly having the energetic vibe like her previous ones. One thing I’m disappointed about is that we rarely got to see the coat-tails in the actual show. I feel like she would have looked really awesome in combat, personally. This is more of a nitpick from my side than actual valid criticism, though, so don’t take it seriously.

    Volume 7 Outfit


    Initially, I wasn’t the biggest fan of this outfit and I grumbled over how similar it is to her previous ones in general.

    And now my dumbass brain has realised that this was actually the whole point behind the outfit in the first place.

    Granted, it’s not the most efficient attire for a tundra, but it falls along the lines of Yang’s older outfits, thus showing that she’s slowly returning to form. While she may never fully be the same, she’s still getting to a better place.

    I still am seriously questioning the onesie, though I have to say that it actually looks nicer in the animation. Those boots and the jacket are totally killing it.

    One thing I really like is the belt. It’s a nice nod to Ruby’s designs, thus showing the close bond between the sisters. Also, that upgrade to the prosthetic arm is definitely sick.

    In short, Yang is gonna kick ass in Atlas.


    What are your thoughts on Yang’s outfits? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Anyway are we ever gonna get an explanation about Ren’s ability to sense things? Because it would make far more sense for Blake or Maria to sense something about to happen. There’s just, no explanation for why Ren can?

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  • Weeeeee are back, people!

    This is the first episode of RWBY we’ve had in 8 months, and it’s coming on the heels of a year where RT finally had to reconcile with its many changes: the Glassdoor controversy, the general less-than-expected success of gen:LOCK, and of course the layoffs, all this culminating in the complete restructuring of the company last month. A big question on everyone’s mind was “Will this restructuring, which is supposed to allow better quality of life for Rooster Teeth’s animators, equal a better-made show?”

    Well…the answer in my eyes is actually a little complicated…

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  • I’m going to be using this blog to mostly just back up my rants/metas to a place where people can read them easier (instead of looking through multiple threads of tweets on Twitter). This account might get RWDE, but I just want to air my criticisms. 

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  • This literally applies to any fandom. Just because you like something, doesn’t mean you can’t criticize it. It’s a clear sign you care. So take your pick.

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  • Penny’s new hair is, uh, kinda stupid

    #rwby#ctrq #is it crtq? I guess its crtq #fndm
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  • I think RT should push back RWBY Volume 7.

    It’s the best thing they can do to ensure their employees are well and that the story is well thought out and paced. I’ve waited for years for seasons to come out from other anime shows and they didn’t disappoint. If they want to release RWBY in December even January of next year, instead of October, I’ll be fine with it 🤷🏾‍♀️.

    #crtq#rwde#thoughts #like atlas is critical for weiss and faunus discrimination
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  • Ruby’s character design even all the way from the beginning has always peaked my interest. Her main outfit for Volumes 1 through 3 is simple, but effective. Her alternate outfit from Volume 2 is a lot more stylish and appealing through good variance of color and a more pronounced symbol. Her Volume 4 outfit is torn in places, especially in her cape. This being a representation on the damage inflicted from the events of Volume 3. One consistent attribute of her design is the hood, but its use has been very limited.

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  • Can Blake get her own song in Volume 7? A song just in her perspective? All of her songs have been duets with someone.

    • Adam (From Shadows)
    • Sun (Like Morning Follows Night)
    • Ghira (This Time)
    • Yang (Nevermore)

    Wings is ambiguous since it can be a song for Monochrome, RWY to Blake or Blake herself 🤷🏾‍♀️

    Let Blake go through some realizations on her own especially in Mantle.

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  • Rewatching a bit of volume 6, and it kinda annoys me how nervous or startled Weiss looks whenever something unexpected happens. She’s lost the laser-focus determination and confidence she had in the previous volumes, even up to volume 5.

    If it’s a result of going back to Atlas, I wish they had addressed that more in the volume. The two small scenes she had expressing her worry were both when she’s affected by a mood-sapping grimm, so it sort of invalidates her reservations in the grand scheme of the things (especially when Yang was saying the same things in her own scenes). And even possibly in the eyes of her teammates. After all, Ruby immediately pushed back against Weiss down in the cellar in e6, without even exploring why Weiss might not want to go back. It was actually pretty inconsiderate of Ruby to do that, thought that might have been some awkwardness in the presentation of the scene since the audience was supposed to suspect some other force at work on the kids.

    (And it DID work, by the by. Everyone knew something was affecting the kids, so that little nrrative was successfully presented as it should have been.) Having Ruby stop and consider why Weiss might be hesitant over traveling back to Atlas would have strengthened Weiss’s own valid feelings and weakened the Apathy’s narrative. But in hindsight it makes Ruby so determined to see the mission through she comes off as bullheaded, disregarding signs of her friends’ traumas for the sake of the relic. It’s an imperfect situation for both Ruby and the audience’s interpretation of Weiss’s arc this volume (what little of it there was), because getting the relic safe in Atlas’s vault is number one, but with the limited runtime of the episodes it ended up being at the cost of Weiss’s very important DV storyline from the perspective of a survivor.

    #rwby#crtq #not tagging this as rw/de because it's not really a complaint #weiss schnee #its rambling but something i've been thinking about #oscar's arc got the same treatment #they put a lot of emphasis on adam as an abuser too #but didn't set up Weiss/Jacques's relationship with the same passion? #especially as we enter Atlas and the start of Weiss's arc as a DV survivor who got out #and is going to cross paths with her abuser again #it just feels like a bit like Weiss's story isn't getting the attn it needs #(okay so maybe the tags got a bit complainy lol)
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