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    Song~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1Pq_nNhiAo&ab_channel=MarceloCardonaV%C3%A1squez

    Unleash the rope, see the inner heart~ For whom am I hurting myself?

    With this little hand I want to protect and wish strongly upon a falling star~

    Thousands of twinkling stars in the night sky, I pray that they someday will come to you!

    Along with this song is the seed of smile, I pray that someday you’ll make the flowers bloom!

    I send my song into the night sky, with a little magic, I don’t want to be alone in sadness forever!

    I look up at the starry night and make a wish, that someday a bright smile will be drawn!

    I look up at the starry night and make a wish that someday a bright smile will be drawn..~

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    Here are Card & Cry’s 7 children~

    Poka (14 years old)

    Moon Moon (14 years old)

    Marcus (12 years old)

    Amai (10 years old)

    Spooks (8 years old)

    Koichi (5 years old)

    Omamori (4 years old)

    (Cry & Moon Moon both belong to @ghostmeds)

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    Kids in the backseat

    Base~ https://www.deviantart.com/ayinraygleeful/art/Why-Im-Here-Base-Gravity-Falls-702565831

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    Poka Yukan’s Profile

    Name: Poka Yukan

    Species: Ghost-Demon Hybrid (That takes shape of a human)

    Sex: Female

    Age: 14

    Likes: Chilling, working out, exploring the forest or abandoned places, causing mischief, singing & leading her brothers like a pack

    Dislikes: People who try to mess with her brothers, know-it-alls, boomers, being called "Girly" & jackasses

    Soul: Bravery

    Personality: Chill/Mischievous

    Info: The only daughter of Cardis Yukan, Poka was the firstborn of the supernatural couple and seems to take after her ghostly father the most, having Card's bravery and being chill most of the time. Even though she looks like a classy young lady, she is a tough female who can easily put any kid her age in their place.

    Other Info:

    At a very early age, Card taught her how to defend herself and as a result she knows a thing or two when it comes to martial arts.

    She's usually the one who has to get her hands dirty and if someone messes with her younger brothers or her friends, she won't hesitate to beat them to a pulp.

    Being the eldest, her 6 younger brothers look up to her and always follow her lead, often getting up to mischief such as putting bath bombs in the toilet.

    While her friends always create chaos, she is the one in the friend circle who's the smartest and doesn't really give too shits about what's going on around her just like Card.


    BFFs: Hattie

    Good Friends: Gemma, Earlin, Chard & Jurgen

    Great Grandparent: Riku Yukan

    Grandparents: Momo Yukan & Shard

    Parents: Cardis Yukan & Cry

    Aunts/Uncles: Cardina Yukan, Cardassian Yukan, Cardashio Yukan, (Deceased) Carlos Yukan & the Bugixies

    Siblings: Moon Moon, Marcus, Amai, Spooks, Koichi & Omamori

    Cousins: Alexander Yukan, Yin & Yang Yukan

    Pet: Smirky


    Even though she keeps them hidden most of the time & prefers to her Judo skills in combat, she has inherited some of Card & Cry's ice and demonish magic and abilities.

    (Moon Moon & Cry belong to @ghostmeds​)

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    Circle you, circle you, Stay with us and play forever!

    Circle you, circle you, Close the door and leave us never!

    'Til we see the rising sun, This is only the beginning!

    Circle you, circle you, Aren't we having lots of fun?

    Song~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUoa4Ga00kw

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    BRF Reading - 6th of May 2021

    This is speculation only

    Card drawn 6th of May 2021

    Question: What is the relationship between Prince Charles and Prince William?

    Interpretation: They have a loving father-son relationship

    Card One: The Lovers. This is a card about relationships. It usually refers to romantic relationships, but it can be other relationships, and here it refers to the father-son relationship between Prince Charles and Prince William. To put it simply, they love each other. The card shows Paris choosing between three goddesses, and this tells me that Prince Charles and Prince William choose to have a relationship, i.e. they are both willing to put in the work to make their father-son relationship as close and supportive as possible. This picture shows their true feelings for each other:

    The Lovers can be a card about business relationships, as well as family, friend and romantic relationships, so this suggests that as well as being father and son, Prince Charles and Prince William are able to work together and have a friendship.

    Card Two: The Ace of Wands. This is the card of new creative ideas, and of a child or the idea of a child, and here it is coming across very strongly as the father of a child. The card shows Zeus, the King of the Gods, who also appears on the card of the Emperor, the card of a patriarchal father figure as well as a person in authority. Zeus, the god known for fathering children, is holding that thick wand with all that creative energy flaring out of the tip of it, and you don't need me to take the analogy any further, do you? This is Charles as a father and now William as a father. They have bonded over the shared experience of fatherhood, and it has brought them closer together.

    Card Three: The Page of Wands. As the Ace showed the father, the Page of Wands is giving me child energy. This is William as a son of Charles, and now he has sons of his own. Both men have made the journey from son to father, and it has given William an understanding of why his father behaved as he did when William was a child. The Page is rushing around on his golden ram, while Zeus on the Ace is standing firmly planted in the ground, but both are of the same suit, so they belong to each other. However much the son (William) rushes around and does things in his own (possibly headstrong) way, he knows that at the end of day his father will be there, waiting for him, and he can go and be with his father whenever he wants. His father is a stable point in William's life, ever present in the background, as Zeus on the Ace stands there and watches the Page run too and fro on his golden ram.

    Both cards being of the suit of Wands says that this can be a very creative relationship (Wands is the suit of creative ideas). Being of the same suit, the Ace and the Page tell me that Charles and William understand each other on a basic level, even when they don't agree with each other (they are both water signs).

    Underlying Energy: The Hierophant. This is the card of institutions, and here it stands for the BRF. William knows that one day Charles will be his king, just as he in his turn will follow Charles as king. They have a relationship as future ruler-heir, a relationship that relates to their positions in the hierarchy of the BRF. The above cards show that as well as this formal relationship, William and Charles have a loving relationship as father and son. They are not just Family, but family.

    Major Arcana Cards: The Lovers and the Hierophant. Their relationship as father and son, and their relationship as Prince of Wales and his heir. Both relationships are present as strong forces in this reading, and with one card for each they are evenly balanced - one does not take precedence over the other.

    Energy Reading: The energy from this reading was lovely. It was a surge of loving and respectful energy. I get the impression that their relationship has been a bit of a rocky road in the past, and I don't think that Charles and William agree on everything, but they have put in the work to resolve their differences and they respect each others opinions, and this is the foundation for their relationship. They obviously care about each other very much. It was such a sweet reading. :)

    Conclusion: Prince Charles and Prince William currently have a loving father-son relationship as well as the more formal relationship based on their positions within the BRF. They are family as well as being Family.

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    Netflix just released a new teaser trailer for ‘Stranger Things 4’

    Countless TV shows were derailed by the pandemic, but few more highly-anticipated than Stranger Things. The third season left viewers with a series of major cliffhangers and questions that needed to be resolved, and in all likelihood, season 4 would have made its debut and answered at least some of those questions before the end of 2020 if not for COVID-19. Filming began in February -- just weeks before the TV and film industry was forced to shut down -- and didn't pick back up again until late September, likely pushing the release date back significantly. We still have no idea when Stranger Things 4 is set to land on Netflix, but on Thursday, the streamer released an all-new teaser for the upcoming season on YouTube. It's the first official footage we've seen from the new season since the Russia teaser last February, which confirmed that Jim Hopper was still alive. As you'll see in the teaser below, Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine) seems to be alive and well, and back at Hawkins Laboratory, where experiments on young children continue. It's also worth noting that the description of the new video simply reads "002/004," while the description of the teaser from early last year has been edited to read "001/004" this morning. This seems to suggest that there will be two more teasers before the official trailer lands. Of course, it's also totally possible that the fourth video will be more substantial and reveal the long-awaited release date. And for that matter, there's also a good chance that this is a flashback -- we don't get a great look at Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), but the fact that she is in the same facility as other supernatural children suggests that the new season will include an Eleven origin story to help us fill in the blanks of her past: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILwLN6hV-X8 Here's what the Duffer brothers had to say about the new season when the first teaser was released:

    We’re excited to officially confirm that production on Stranger Things 4 is now underway—and even more excited to announce the return of Hopper! Although it’s not all good news for our “American”; he is imprisoned far from home in the snowy wasteland of Kamchatka, where he will face dangers both human…and other. Meanwhile, back in the states, a new horror is beginning to surface, something long buried, something that connects everything… Season 4 is shaping up to be the biggest and most frightening season yet, and we cannot wait for everyone to see more. In the meantime—pray for the American.

    We still don't know when Stranger Things 4 will be ready to air, but we can hope that we won't be waiting another year between teasers. If so, the fourth season might not begin streaming until some time in 2024. Jokes aside, the fact that Netflix has begun ramping up marketing again suggests a 2021 launch might be in the cards. from BGR https://ift.tt/3uk4sN3 via IFTTT

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    Character Sheet

    Kirettara “Kira” Springdale

    The Basics ––– –

    Age:     30

    Birthday:     August 15

    Race:     Human

    Gender:     Female

    Server:     Moon Guard

    Physical Appearance (Taken from her current TRP) ––– –

    Wardrobe:: Clad in leather, her clothes are both utilitarian and simple, providing ease of movement and the dark color easily hiding both dirt and blood. A black cotton shirt is worn beneath her tunic, to help prevent chafing. Flexible leather boots stop just beneath her knees, soles worn but well maintained. A removable 'collar' is affixed to her tunic, which can be used to protect her throat during battle. Thin gloves complete the ensemble, protecting her hands from any immediate harm, though they are more suited for one who needs as much freedom of movement as possible.

    Hair: An angular face is topped with an abundance of medium brown hair, most usually kept in a bun. On the rare occasions she allows it to flow free, her tresses reach more than halfway down her back. A small wooden fetish of a bat, familiar to those who study the Loa as Hir'eek, is nestled within the bun

    Eyes: Hazel green 

    Height: 5′11″

    Build: The first thing one would notice about the woman was her muscular frame. Her body is well toned, showing evidence of one who relies on their strength and agility in everyday life. She carries herself with ease, almost a dancer's grace, long legs used to quick movement and the weight of the body they support. * The below picture represents nearly exactly how I imagine Kira to look, though with different tattoos/scars. 

    Common Accessories: Due to their length, her two sharp hand blades are kept sheathed across her back, much like swords, though in easy reaching distance. A sharpened rondel of true iron hangs from her right hip, its' handle wrapped with a crimson ribbon of silk. On her left hip, a revolver (courtesy of the Goblin engineer Gerud Coltboom) is holstered, well polished and loaded.

    Jewelry/piercings: A red pendant, secured with a leather thong, hangs from her neck. There are multiple piercings in each ear, but she rarely wears earrings in them. She also has several piercings that she prefers to keep private, acquired on a dare.

    Distinguishing Marks/Scars: Kira’s body is a font of scars, mainly from a failed mission in Draenor that ended with most of her scouting party eaten by podlings. She also has a thick scar approximately five inches long across her left hip from a training accident. a Darkmoon Faire insignia on her right bicep, a small flock of black bats bisected by the scar on her left hip, left ankle circled by what appear to be thickly tattooed runes. The ankle tattoo seems to be covering up a stylized script of some word (Is that a C? An L?)

    Personal ––– –

    Profession: Soldier for hire, Darkmoon Faire acrobat and highwire performer

    Hobbies: Drinking, fishing, cooking, arm wrestling, playing dice and cards.

    Languages: Common, Orcish, Darnassian, Zandali (mainly Darkspear), Thalassian (still tentative with her speech on this one, so it may come out more formal and stilted). She can also understand some Ursine and Nerglish, but it’s hit or miss at best.

    Residence: last residence was Stormsong Valley, now has returned to Darkmoon Island.

    Birthplace: Duskwood, Eastern Kingdom

    Religion: She was brought up as most humans, worshipping the Light. Several of her siblings have gone on to become priests and paladins. While Kira falls back on that by habit when speaking, she has been a devotee of Hir’eek for many years. Though word has reached her that he is ‘dead’, she has a sliver of hope that he still exists somewhere. It’s all that keeps her going some days.

    Relationships ––– -

    Spouse: None

    Children: None

    Parents: Mother is deceased, father is alive

    Siblings: Fifth of seven children:

    Davidson – The eldest, he is a father to three and a grandfather to two. Had taken over the farm to help his father.

    Collin – UNKNOWN. Disappeared during the Fourth War in Drustvar. Assumed dead.  

    Wynton (twin) – priest, nearly extreme in his devotion to the Light. Also, an asshole.

    Brayce (twin) – Paladin. Wife Helena and 3 year old daughter Isabella died at the same time as the Springdale matriarch

    Dariandria – Studying the way of the sword, rather vain and fussy about her appearance.

    MaryAlyce – priest, healer, sweet and quiet. The baby of the family, so she has been nurtured all her life and protected.

    Other Relatives: Any current or former member of the DMF, Katriam Grayhammer (considered extended family). These and her siblings are the only ones that are allowed to call her by her childhood nickname, ‘Kitty”.

    Traits ––– -

    * Bold your character’s answer.

    Extroverted / In Between / Introverted

    Disorganized / In Between / Organized

    Close Minded / In Between / Open-Minded

    Calm / In Between / Anxious

    Disagreeable / In Between / Agreeable

    Cautious / In Between / Reckless

    Patient / In Between / Impatient

    Outspoken / In Between / Reserved

    Leader / In Between / Follower

    Empathetic / In Between / Apathetic

    Optimistic / In Between / Pessimistic

    Traditional / In Between / Modern

    Hard-working / In Between / Lazy

    Cultured / In Between / Uncultured

    Loyal / In Between / Disloyal

    Faithful / In Between / Unfaithful

    Additional information ––– –

    Smoking Habit: smokes hand rolled cigarettes, the tobacco smelling faintly of anise. Usually only smokes when stressed or drinking in excess

    Drugs: Very rarely. She’s dabbled, tried things, but nothing lasting.

    Alcohol: Functioning alcoholic.  

    RP Hooks ––– –

    In most cities, Kira can be found in the local inn, having a whiskey or whatever her coin will buy her that day. She’s a people watcher. Catch her eye and you’re welcome to approach.

    Where you might know her from: She was in the Darkmoon Faire as an acrobat when she was 15-21 years old, and has now returned. A native of Duskwood, she was a member of the militia, and her unit was sent to Draenor. She lived in the Dwarven District for about a year with a much older man, and they frequently spent time sparring. She went to Argus, where she served under a Sin’dorei named Drael Brightspear.

    OOC Info  ––– –

    PM me for Discord or Bnet info. I’m good for in-game or Discord RP, though I can be kind of shy. I also suffer from irregular bouts of severe depression and GAD, so there may be times I’m slow to respond to messages or need to cancel a pre-set RP session. Of course, that also means I’m very understanding about the IRL issues of my RP partners. I enjoy just random RP, adventuring, helping with character plotlines that are meant to help them with development, and I’m open to something more long term if wanted, but Kira is a little gun shy when it comes to commitment. I’m 35+, and while I have found people both in their early 20s and in their 40s to be excellent RPers, interacting with minor characters or minor RPers is on a strictly rated G level. Just remember, I’m old enough to be your mom, and that’s just beyond icky – plus illegal. I do not judge characters with ‘lore abiding’ or not. Heck, one of my dragons was involved with a dragon for nearly two years (and it took her more than a year to figure it out!). HOWEVER, if you are a douche IRL, homophobic, racist, sexist, or extremely religions, we probably won’t get along. IC=/=OOC BUT DOUCHERY OOC = AIN’T NOBODY WANNA PUT UP WITH THAT

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    Ninja Agility Course - Outside Toys For the Garden

    Household Crafts: 5 Outside Tasks for the Entire Household to Take Pleasure In

    The youngsters are home ... it's a lovely day outside ... it's time to obtain crafting! Allow's begin the craft suggestions countdown!

    It's Time to Rake Leaves!

    Just joking, yet you do need to find a few really cool ones! This craft project is everything about print making using leaves in all shapes and sizes as stamps. From your home you will require: paper towels, Styrofoam plates, tinted building paper, as well as various shades of craft paint. First fold a paper towel in fourths then position it on a Styrofoam plate. Put sufficient repaint into the facility of the towel to make it into a stamp pad. Repeat this step with added paint shades to include in your marking shade combination. Dip the rear end of a leaf into the paint to lightly cover it. Press the leaf onto a paper carefully pulling it off when done. Include more leaves to your photo till you are pleased with your design. When dried you can mount it, make it into a card, utilize it for covering an existing, or suffice up for use in a collage.

    An additional concept: utilize textile paint for imprinting your fallen leaves on tees, round caps, cooking area towels and even more!

    Pine Cone Bird Feeders

    This is a fun and also extremely simple household craft. What you require are yearn cones, peanut butter, wild bird seed, twine, a superficial plate, paper and also a timber craft stick for every relative. Initially cut an item of twine 3 to 4 feet in length. Link it to the top of a pine cone to make a garage. Smear peanut butter over and right into the pine cone. Put birdseed right into the shallow plate as well as roll the pine cone over the seeds till covered. Set the seeded cones aside on an item of paper till all set to await a tree. Note: Some crafters like to position the completed pine cones right into the fridge freezer for a hr prior to hanging them in a tree. This aids bind the seeds and also the peanut butter together (optional).

    Pet Rocks

    This is an excellent family members craft that will encourage not just creativity however a great deal of laughs! Initially go on a yard hunt for a bunch of various sized rocks (golf ball sized work well). I like to use smoothed encountered rocks that can conveniently be painted. Take some crafting products consisting of paint and/or paint pens, yarn, chenille stems, bow, feathers, buttons, grains, pom-poms, wiggle eyes, really felt, glitter, and craft foam (basically anything that you as well as the children would like to use to develop your family pets). You will also need the basic devices like glue, scissors, repaint brushes, as well as paper towels. First scrub your rocks of all dirt and also grime. When dry select and organize the rocks you will wish to make use of for your pet dogs head, body, feet, etc. Starting with your pet dogs' head make its' little face. Wiggly eyes, a fuzzy pom-pom nose, a painted or thread mouth are https://kidwee.com/how-to-make-an-obstacle-course-outside/ all wonderful ideas. Include some chenille stems or feathers for hair, a couple of painted freckles, and also maybe even ears. Once completed glue the head to its body and also allow dry till completely adhered. Now embellish the body, include the feet and also hands if desired and embellish those as well. Have a good time creating your pet dogs and have fun being with each other crafting.

    Make a Toad Town

    Giving toads as well as frogs a hiding area in your yard is not just enjoyable yet it additionally is a great way to help manage flies and also insects. Take a couple of blossom pots and/or empty coffee canisters, paint guide (for steel coffee cans), outdoor paint, clear acrylic paint for securing, and also any tiny ornamental items you might intend to include in your homes like marbles, busted ceramic or discolored glass pieces, any items that can be utilized outside that are interesting or fun.

    Beginning by seeing to it your pots and also canisters are extensively cleansed as well as dry. If making use of coffee cans paint them with guide and also let dry. Usage outdoor paint in your choice of colors to create your toads follow. Paint on little doors and windows, a tiled roof, as well as flower boxes are a couple of concepts for you to use. An additional idea for your village is to mosaic the blossom pots utilizing ceramic and glass pieces. Once ended up give your house a couple of coats of the clear acrylic paint and let completely dry.

    Bury your coffee containers on their sides half means down into the dust to keep them from rolling away while giving your toads the dust floors they enjoy. Establish the blossom pots upside-down on the ground then increase up one side using a rock to hold it in place. This gives the toads an entryway right into their brand-new residence. To include even more fun, information your toad village to consist of little roads in between your homes, make little access means indications, pebble pathways, include a few little plants, and also also a few little plaything cars and trucks as well as individuals would be cute. Make it a location for toads and also children to play.

    Hand-print Stepping Rocks

    This is my favored family craft. Developing customized tipping rocks installed with hand-prints or impacts are so enjoyable to make and can last a life time. There are several techniques of making your very own stepping stones but the most convenient without a doubt is using the rock topper technique. You make use of a pre-made garden stone and top it with concrete mortar using duct tape to hold it in position. Given that there are no packages to purchase you can enhance the rocks anyhow you would such as allowing your kids to utilize their remarkable creative imaginations ahead up with distinct designs. This is a great project for even moms and dads to imprint their very own hand and/or foot prints. Youngsters have a blast determining their growth each year to their moms and dads' prints. It's also enjoyable to consist of the pet dog's prints right into tipping stones. You simply may just intend to produce an entire path of tailored stones.

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  • celticcrossanon
    06.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    BRF Reading - 6th of May 2021

    This is speculation only

    Card drawn 6th of May 2021

    Question: What will be the downfall of Meghan Markle?

    Interpretation: Meghan's downfall will be brought about by herself and her own actions.

    Card One: The Ace of Pentacles. This is a card of new beginnings, especially new financial beginnings. The way Meghan continually tries to get more and more money will be her downfall. This can be acts like her alleged manipulation of expenses while part of the BRF (get clothes on loan for free and charge Prince Charles for them), it may be related to her Archewell Foundation (Aces can be children, the Ace of Pentacles would be an earth sign child, and people have commented on the similarity between 'Arche' and 'Archie'), or it could be some other connection with a money making scheme. As I mentioned, Aces can be children, and the Ace of Pentacles is an earth sign child, so Archie may be involved in her downfall in some way. The Pentacles suit is the suit of material reality, the here and now, what is in the real world, which leads us back to the question of 'does Archie exist, or is he a PR construct?'. As the Pentacles suit involves money, axes and the IRS may also be involved in some way.

    Card Two: Strength. This is the card of Leo, Meghan's sun sign. It is also the card of inner strength. Fortitude, courage, inner strength, being able to endure the horrible things that happen and to keep on going, being able to temper your ego and use it in a constructive manner, loyalty, a quiet confidence - all these are attributes of the Strength card, and all these are qualities that Meghan has shown herself to lack. Instead we have whingeing, alleged bullying, letting her ego run rampant, complaining when things don't go her way, cowardice, running away from things, disloyalty, constant attention seeking - all these things are the opposite of what the strength card stands for. Meghan is contributing to her own downfall simply by being herself and showing the world how awful she really is.

    Card Three: The Ace of Swords. This is the card of a new idea or strategy, a new way of thinking, a new project. One of more of Meghan's constant new projects or new PR strategies/images may be involved in her downfall. Aces can represent children, and the Ace of Swords can be an air sign child, so Meghan's new baby, if born in Gemini season, could be a reason for her downfall. The Ace of Swords can also be the idea of a child, so something about the idea of a child or children could also be a part of her downfall.

    Underlying Energy: The Hierophant. This is the card of institutions, and here it stands for the BRF. It is directly underneath the Strength card, and these two cards are the two major arcana cards in the spread, so they form an axis on which the other events will occur.

    By letting Meghan go, the BRF have created a space where Meghan can bring about her own downfall by her actions. She no longer has the BRF covering for her and their PR helping with her public image. Instead she has everything done the way she wants. As a result, she has shown herself to the world to be a liar (the Oprah interview), a poor worker (one podcast released for her Spotify contract and nothing for Netflix in over a year), disloyal (telling lies about the BRF in the Oprah interview), attention seeking (jumping on every bandwagon with one PR appearance and no follow-through), someone who uses her child for attention (Archie's appearance at the end of the podcast and in the Oprah interview), a coward (not returning to Britain to face the BRF once she left), and someone who runs a constant victim narrative.

    The energy exchange between Meghan and the BRF - the way Meghan reacts to the BRF (provocative), and how they react to her in turn (ignoring her, protecting their own interests) - will be a major part of her downfall. Her constant need for acknowledgement by the BRF and her continual attempts to destroy the BRF will be what brings about her downfall. The actual events may be connected to her time as a member of the BRF. If she would fade away graciously and work at making a new life for herself, she would be in a much better position, but her continual use of her title to get opportunities and her constant sniping at the BRF in her PR will be contributing factors in her eventual exposure.

    Conclusion: Meghan will bring about her own downfall by how she acts. It will be related to her use of her title and her constant sniping at the BRF and whingeing about the BRF, i.e. her overall attitude and actions towards them. Her constant schemes for more money and her constant output of new projects to get attention will be a part of her exposure. Her child Archie and her unborn child may also play a part, as may the IRS.

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    “I never thought it would hurt so much.....”



    Raindrops gracefully emerged from the black clouds above, barely visible in the night sky. They fell one by one. No moonlight was visible. No bright dots. Just dark, depressing clouds. All the birds had gone to sleep, gone home with their families. That’s what he wished he had right now.

    Every drop that kissed his skin, every tear that ripped away from his eye, every hair that blew in the calm wind.......it hurt.

    “I thought losing you would be easier but.... but.... i was so wrong”.

    His mind was spiraling and spinning, he could barely think. One minute he was thinking about the happy and positive side and the next, the complete opposite. It was uncontrollable.


    Heart aching.

    Light headed.

    Throat sore.

    Why was the universe so cruel?

    “I know that 2 weeks is...... a long time.....”

    Why couldn’t it all have been a dream? Something he’d wake up shaking and terrified from but relived that it was all over. Relieved that he wasn’t alone. Why couldn’t it all ended happily? This wasn’t supposed to be a tragedy story. It was supposed to end with both hand in hand, saying goodbye to their children - and maybe even grandchildren - before passing over to the afterlife.



    “It feels like forever.”

    Another drop, tricking down his cheek, the same spot he’d been kissed by her soft lips and she said her goodbye to him. That kiss... washed away for all the eternity.

    “Why did you have to leave?”

    He couldn’t believe it. Every day he hoped he’d awake from the cocoon of his blue sheets and memory foam mattress, seeing her stood in his doorway, a wide smile on her face, ready to drag him out of that cloud continent. But, just like always, it had been a figure of imagination.

    “Why couldn’t you see how i was?

    Why couldn’t you have just stayed?”

    It’s like the world had handed him the “ sadness card” - a free pass from him to sob continuously.

    They say that behind sadness hides anger but that was the only thing he wasn’t feeling. Anger. How could he be mad the one he loved? Crying was cleaning of the soul. The cleaning of the mind when it was in pain. Except this was so much more that just pain. It was so much than hurt.


    Thinking about their last moments together made his heart break. He didn’t have the chance to say goodbye to her. He’d expected her to stay and they could work things out together. The only thing he wanted was for them to be together. It’s the only thing that would fix him now that he was broken.

    But seeing her jump off that edge into the endless sea... he felt helpless. Had he not be persuasive enough? Had he not been a good person with her?

    “No, stop, wait, listen!” He chased after her, desperate.

    As she headed toward the edge of the building they’d previously been hiding in, he felt himself panic. This was the last thing he ever wanted.

    He needed to stop her. Intercepting her wandering, he held dis hands up, catching her attention.

    She just seemed so...lifeless.

    “Something’s wrong with you”, He told her “You have to concentrate. You have to focus. You have to turn back”.

    Even thought he knew what was coming, he still tried to keep positive. If he showed that there was hope, then maybe she’d stop and listen.

    Except she didn’t.

    He thought that as soon as he stopped walking, then so would she.

    But again, she didn’t .

    He couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t believe that he was about to lose her. What was he going to do? He needed her. He couldn’t be himself without her.

    Without thinking, he spun around and attempted to grab her hand, somehow thinking it would work.

    “No! He cried, “Don’t leave me.”

    That line.... that line was the one thing that made her stop. It was clear that she hadn’t even thought about leaving him so hurt...pained....She never wanted to hurt him.

    Her heart broke as she turn to face her love, the very form of life she used to be. He didn’t need her,right? He could be himself on his own, right?

    His face..he was so scared. The fear in his eyes made her shudder. Leaving him like this was something she hated the thought of. But what choice did she have?

    She smiled as she wandered back to him slowly. She glanced down at his hands, imagining all those times where she used to be able to hold them and her heart would flutter. If only it could happen one last time....

    Her warm,smooth hands joined with his, making him feel hope for once. But even he knew that hope was useless. There was no denying what was about to happen. But he so badly wanted it all to be a nightmare.

    He looked up at her once again, his eyes locked with hers as if for the last time. He didn’t understand why she had to go. To him, she was so perfect. It didn’t matter who she was or what she looked like. As long as they were together, he was happy. She couldn’t just leave like this.

    She raised a hand and put it to his face, gently stroking his cheek. This was her goodbye.

    He refused to let her go of her hand but it was out of his control. He didn’t want her to let her go.

    She was her girlfriend. The love of his life. The only one he’d ever cared about like this.

    It wasn’t fair.

    As she wandered to the edge yet again, he glanced down at his hand, a large droplet of water dripping free from it. The one thing she’d left behind.....

    He watched as she stepped onto the edge, ready to face her destiny.

    He took another step forward, a somewhat feeling of hope. He hoped that at least he was a good reason to stay. He hoped that she’d realize that leaving him was a bad idea. But this feeling of hope was definitely misleading.

    “I-I love you....” He cried

    She smiled, tell my mother I understand now. That’s the way the cookie crumbles.”

    As she turned back around, readying herself to jump, he’s heart race. The panic in him was building up, almost unbearable. She couldn’t do this. He needed to stop her NOW.

    “No,” he reached forward slightly, desperately begging her to come back, to fall right into his arms again. He didn’t want anything else. Just for her to come back.

    She wasn’t allowed to do this. Not in his eyes.

    “No, no, NO!!!,” he panicked lounging forward, his arms out, ready to grab her and pull her back to him as he’d donde so many times in the past. He didn’t even think about the fact that his hand would probably just go right through her anyway.

    And that was it. The last time he saw her.

    “No come back!” He cried, reaching over the edge as she dived into the ocean.

    She’d disappeared. Not only from there but from his life too.

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  • awesomegang
    06.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Featured Author: Stuart Newby

    Tell us about yourself and how many books you have written. I currently have 2 books published on Amazon and a 3rd on the way. I am a semi-retired engineer looking to ease myself away from my day job and into a full time writing role. I love to bring my life experiences into my writing and as an expat veteran of over 10 different countries I tend to bring in those experiences by varying the settings of my stories as much as I can. I also like to share my experiences of living abroad and my experiences of travelling and visiting countless other countries.

    What is the name of your latest book and what inspired it? My latest book is Kingpin, the first novella in the Dan Shaw Collection. I love crime novels/tv shows and films and I noticed a while ago that services such as Interpol and Europol are under-represented and often when they are included they take a huge amount of stick. I wanted to create a storyline that showcases how important their services are throughout the world.

    Do you have any unusual writing habits? Not particularly! I do tend to work in short, highly productive bursts and then take a long sometimes underserved break!

    What authors, or books have influenced you? I love Bernard Cornwell and the epic storytelling of George RR Martin. I am also a fan of older authors such as Lewis and Forester.

    What are you working on now? I am in the middle of writing the second instalment of the Dan Shaw Collection ‘Web Of Crime’.

    What is your best method or website when it comes to promoting your books? Awesome Gang! I also love interacting with other authors and fans on Twitter.

    Do you have any advice for new authors? Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Everyone will get criticism these days but don’t let the idea of that scare you.

    What is the best advice you have ever heard? Hard work is worth 10 times natural ability.

    What are you reading now? Children of Time

    What’s next for you as a writer? I am open! I love Fiction but I know that I want to impart more wisdom before I am done so I am sure another Non-fiction book will be on the cards at some point.

    If you were going to be stranded on a desert island and allowed to take 3 or 4 books with you what books would you bring? The Inheritance Cycle. I have read the entire series at least 4/5 times now and it still doesn’t bore me.

    Author Websites and Profiles Stuart Newby Amazon Profile

    Stuart Newby’s Social Media Links Twitter Account

    from Awesome Gang https://ift.tt/2PSjbzI

    #Authors #New Books Awesome Gang
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  • killian-whump
    06.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Game Night! [Liveblog #4]

    I’m gonna try to finish up the last game and the end of the video in this post, so we better get right to it!

    The last game they’re going to play is called Quiplash. Okay, they’re going to be given a prompt... and whoever finishes the quip in the funniest way wins. Kat warns that she’s a master at this and that everybody’s going down. Colin seems impressed by her bravado, but incensed to win nonetheless. “Here we go,” says Sam unenthusiastically 😂


    ...or it’s meant to be on. Sam’s not joined the game yet. Seems to be having some sort of technical difficulty. “You scared of losing, Sam?” Colin asks helpfully. “All the rest of us got in pretty easy...”

    Sam has joined. His name is now Colonislosin 😂 It’s hard to see exactly how it’s spelled. I don’t think any of them can see it that clearly, either. Sam has to tell them what it says.

    “We’ll see,” Colin says. “We’ll see.”

    The game begins. “It’s more like Col-on is losin,” Sam says. “Col-on.”

    The audio is breaking all up in this segment, and Josh even comments on “Low internet signal. We’re doing great.” Hmm. I paid $10 for this, you damn well better find a stronger internet signal.

    ROUND 1! The first quip is: We can all agree that... The two answers are: “Covid sucks” and “Josh... is... hairy” “Covid sucks” wins ~ and Colin gets all the points.

    The second quip is: A terrible name for a funeral parlor. The two answers are: “Happy Times Palace” and “We put the Fun in Funeral” “We put the Fun in Funeral” wins ~ and Kat gets all the points.

    The third quip is: “Knock Knock” “Who’s There?” The two answers are: “Me DUH” and “Get the fuck away from my door” “Get the fuck away” wins and Josh gets most of the points. Colin gets some too, I think, for his answer, because Sam voted for it.

    The fourth quip is: “Something that would make a creepy replacement for the horses on a merry-go-round.” The two answers are: “Mini Josh’s” and “Creepy Princes” AREN’T THOSE THE SAME THING?! 😂 “One and the same,” says Sammy. “You don’t want to sit on a mini Josh, do you?” Sam ponders. Josh forgets to even vote, and Sam gets points for “Mini Josh’s”

    At the end of Round 1, Sam is in the lead, with Kat and Colin tied for second.

    I wanna take this moment to apologize for how BORING this post is so far. During the games, all five people (the three stars, Josh, and Sammy the producer) are in these miniscule windows on the far right of the screen. You can barely even see them. And during this game, there’s little to no conversation going on between/during the quips. As much fun as this game might be to play, it’s not a lot of fun to watch. The last one was better, but even that tended to DRAG for the audience at home. Josh really needs to work on the games he’s having stars play if he plans to keep charging $10 a month to watch this stuff. Also, the audio keeps breaking up in this segment, so even when they talk, some of it’s hard to decipher.

    “I respect that Colin is doing this instead of reading bedtime stories to his children tonight,” Josh says as everyone’s entering in their answers for Round 2. “[That’s] how committed I am,” Colin replies. Kat says something that is so broken up, I can’t even begin to figure out what it is. Something about bedtime stories and Colin’s kids. It’s probably funny. 🤷‍♀️ I’m getting mad about my $10 gift card being gone again.

    Alright. Round 2.

    Quip #1: It never ends well when you mix ___ and ___. Answers: “poo and oatmeal” and “Sam and Josh” Okay, that second one is gold. Who did that? Apparently Colin did “poo and oatmeal” and Kat did “Sam and Josh”. Bless her. Colin gets the points with more votes, though.

    Quip #2: The worst car feature that ends with “holder” Answers: “penis” and “diaper” Sam is just blinking rapidly. Now he’s laughing. “How does that work?” he asks. No one answers. “But I wanna know,” he says. “How does it work?” Josh wins the points with his “penis” answer - which Colin voted for, by the way - but no one cares now. “Does it move?” Kat asks. “Or does it just-” “Don’t ask too many questions,” Josh says. “What kind of size is it?” Sam asks. “Is it stationary or is there a motor feature?” Kat asks. “Maybe it’s a good idea...” Sam concludes, as Josh laments the kind of dreams he’s going to have now.

    The third quip is literally happening in the background now, as everyone talks about the penis holder. Colin is noticeably silent on the topic XD

    Quip #3: Something upsetting you could say to the cable guy as he installs your television service. Answers: “you smell like fart” and “want to see my murder room?” I’m sitting here going, “don’t be Colin, don’t be Colin” while simultaneously knowing 100% that Colin absolutely typed “you smell like fart” into his phone and... Yeah. Yeah, I’m right. That was him 😂 And he got 0 points. “Oh, boooo,” says Colin. Honey... Honey, I’m sorry, but that was bad.

    Quip #4: The name of the reindeer Santa did not pick to pull his sleigh. Answers: “ohdeer” and “tipsy” Neither of these are very good. I hate this game. Kat gets the points with “tipsy”.

    OH WOW, YOU GUYS. The final points are tallied and...

    WHAT IS THIS TOMFOOLERY?! Colin is LOSING?!?! I mean, I know “you smell like fart” was bad, but this is unbelievable! I call shenanigans!!!

    Colin is literally sitting forward in his chair now, lmao. The determination is intense, you guys. I once again cannot handle him right now. I wish he wasn’t in the teeny tiny window so I could show you guys better, but look at him getting his fucking game face on:

    This man is a peanut and I love him with every fiber of my being. Look at him being a competitive little somesuch in last place. I can’t, you guys. Bury me here, etc, etc, I’m just a goner for this ridiculous man.


    Last Round: Quip: Strange side effect to hear during a drug commercial. Answers: “cream cheese will come out of your butt” “seeing double horowitz” and “the screams of baboons” - there’s only three because Kat didn’t get her answer in before the time was up. Aaaaaaand the sound’s breaking all up again 😣 Josh is wondering what the point is of voting, if all you’re doing is giving points to your competitors. “Do you have to give all three votes?” Colin asks. “See,” Josh says. “Colin is thinking strategically, like me.” “Well, I’m not entirely sure the other two, I think, deserve any more than one point.” But it’s... it’s the WAY he says it, OH MY GOD, lol. Lemme... I gotta... Okay, I screen recorded it for you guys.

    That O’Donosass is actually almost worth $10, you guys.

    Which is good, because the audio is getting worse and worse on this and it’s starting to piss me off. Anyway! Everybody’s got a lot of points, because those were ALL good answers (Colin’s was “the screams of baboons” which I quite like). Let’s see the final tally...

    Josh is the winner! But Colin managed a come-from-behind close second, so I’m really proud of him :D Sam mentions how Josh invited them all there to play games and then BEAT them. Josh is closing out the show, saying he hopes everyone enjoyed it... “I enjoyed it,” Josh says "But maybe that’s just 'cause I won at the very last second.” “No, well, you won ONE,” Colin cuts in. “You won ONE game.”


    “Colin won the first round,” Josh says.

    “...and then we have these two other people.”

    Incidentally, I wish everyone’s webcams were as clear as Kat’s.

    Anyway, now there’s some sweet summing up... and Josh hawking everyone’s current projects... (gee, it’s like this is promotional content or something) and the show closing down and-

    “Can I win next time?” asks Sam Heughan.

    ~ The End ~

    I hope you guys had fun reading this. I gotta say...  this one video isn’t worth $10. I can see if you’re a huge fan of Josh’s or really into celebrity culture, $10 a month might be a fine price to pay for a bunch of this kind of content... but for a one-time video when your fave happens to show up on his channel? Nah. He really should have a “one time access” fee available for individual videos that’s a LOT less. Like, I’m talking, like... $1 or 2. This is literally a zoom call... and as such, the quality’s only as good as his guests’ webcams and audio and everyone’s internet connections. Also, I found the game format enticing... but ultimately boring due to the games chosen. The Would You Rather was the most fun of the three, because we actually got to hear from the stars and get some banter going. The games relied too much on the stars interacting with their devices instead of each other or anyone really engaging the audience. Honestly, if it was any of my faves other than Colin in this video, I might not have even watched the whole thing. Colin’s adorable competitive streak and eagerness to win play games is what kept me watching. The idea is cute, but it needs some work. And the price is too high - especially with the audio issues in the last ten minutes or so. That’s my final verdict.

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