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    Caribou bull, Alberta, Canada ( Source )

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    16.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

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    100 Gecs - Ringtone Holy Ghost! - Slow Burn Brandi Carlile - Sinner Saints and Foos The Queers - Love Potion Number Nine Blackalicious - 4000 Miles Furrows - Grey Cities Caribou - Home Smallpools - life of the party Hot Chip - The Warning The Juan MacLean - I’ve Waited for So Long YACHT - Blue on Blue The Breeders - Cannonball Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps Rage Against the Machine - Bulls on Parade Sundur - Heart of Stone The Who - My Generation The Strokes - Hard to Explain ONETWOTHREE - Buy Buy Tycho - Pink and Blue The World is a Beautiful Place and I am Ready to Die - Queen Sophie for President STRFKR - Golden Light Shakka - Take it There Ween - Pretty Girl/You were the fool We Are Scientists - Fault Lines Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - The Waiting The White Stripes - I’m Finding It Harder to Be A Gentleman Zeph - scared of everything The Ramones - Judy is a Punk Jon Spencers Blues Explosion - Orange

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    Nouveautés 16 SeptembreCa va être bon pour le bedon :L'Octant - Microbrasserie- ToucanCette bière inspirée du style New-England IPA, nous transporte directement dans les forêts tropicales.- KiwiProcure des saveurs de sauvignon blanc, de fruits tropicaux,de lime et de citron.- HéronHoublonnée avec la variété Idaho 7 qui lui procure des notes de fruits tropicaux, d’agrumes, d’aiguilles de pins, de thé noir.Emporium Microbrasserie- GoonNEIPA de couleur dorée et très voilée aux arômes intense d’agrumes et de fruits exotiques comme le fruit de la passion et l’ananas.- Pilsen LoveSaveurs: Céréales, Miel et fleursBière Boréale- IPA du Nord EstUne IPA pâle et voilée aux arômes fruités et à l’amertume modérée.- Diamant brutSous ses airs de IPA fruitée et juteuse se cache en réalité une création raffinée, à la bulle vive et la finale sèche.La Barberie- Tarte au citronArômes dominants de citron, céréales aux notes de biscuit Graham, acidité mordante et douceur meringuée du lactose. Microbrasserie Pit Caribou- Lac de la fermeBière pâle de fermentation basse offrant un corps riche.Microbrasserie La Chasse-Pinte- Courant marinIPA sûre affinée en fût de Chardonnay

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    Goodbye little Elk


    At first glance this panicked creature may look like a fully grown Cervitaur of a Caribou, and it may appear that he has an antler deformity causing his antlers droop down to the sides of his head. But this is not the case, this is in fact this is an adolescent Irish Elk Cervitaur with a scientific name of ‘Megaloceros giganteus Elaphocentaur’. His future fossil records suggest that he is around the age of 15 to 16, and that he lived approximately 8000 years ago. This specific individual also appears to have some form of hyperpigmentation disorder on his lower half, causing the normally brown fur of the species to appear black. This young bull has been separated from his herd and has been searching for it for the last several hours. But little does he know his search is about to come to an end in the worst way possible.

    Danny was well aware that he was a dumbass, his sister would constantly remind him of this fact. Of course it was all in good fun.   “MOOOHEEEEEUHHMmmm” He called out to his mother knowing that his shrill cry out to her would carry for miles. While keeping an even paced trot, he scanned the foggy horizon of the chilly morning dew fields for her and his sister. Tears began threatening formation, he had at this all night and there hadn't even been a response call back. His self-hug tightened in on himself as he slowed to a stop, the tidal wave of emotions and realizations that he had been holding back we're starting to crack the dam.

     The tears that now fell freely down his face were much warmer than the chilly air, a dry heave came up through his throat as the conclusion that he had been ignoring for the last several hours finally reared it's ugly head. He was alone, completely and utterly alone. He had no idea where his herd was and they had no idea were he was. For all they new he could be being eaten by a saber tooth right now. He knows how dangerous it is to stray from the heard, his antlers aren't even two feet long yet so why the hell did he wander.  

    His ears shot back on a swivel point and he froze as he was pulled back into reality, he had heard something out there. Slowly he turned himself around to point in the direction of the sound and flicked his ears forward straining them to pick up the smallest sounds. There out in fog was a small movement. 

    Danny took a step forward leaning his human body forward and subconsciously extending his opposite back leg out to balance his already tremendous weight. Danny squinted and placed his hand above his eyes to block out what ever early morning rays were able to creep through the overcast sky. He sat there staring out over the land for a moment or two try to see if he could spot what ever was out there. 

    The wind picked up and blew in his direction just as he was beginning to abandon his side search and a familiar sent slammed into him. His eyes widened in recognition and his ears dropped down to the side of his head. He could practically hear his own heart begin to palpitate in his chest. “No, no no no no”  A loud howl erupted a good ways away the source of it being shrouded by the fog. A pack of dire wolves was approaching him. 

     Danny stumbled backwards away from the smell as he began to hyperventilate, he stumbled over his own four feet as he turned around to flee. The thunderous sound of his hooves slamming into the dampened dirt cut through the other wise quiet and serene landscape. The beat of his hooves hitting the floor alongside his heavy breaths that were laced with fear created a harmonious rhythm that was only interrupted with splashing as he ran through what he believed to be a shallow pool from the other days rain. 

    Danny’s pace was slowed significantly once he entered the pool, he internally cursed himself for not just going around the shallow puddle. Although the puddle was much shallower than he originally believed it to be and the ground was much softer in the dirt in the surrounding area. Perhaps the water pulled above it combined with how hot it was the day before had made the ground soggier.

    Danny’s heart felt like he had just jumped from a cliff with realization.

    A Tar pit.

    He was stuck in a tar pit.        “OHH GOD” he yelled out. “SHIT” He leaned his upper half forwards with one of his front hooves in an attempt to move himself out of the tar. He may have succeeded if he pulled up out of the tar and then moved it forward, but fear clouded his judgment and the offset caused him to tilt forward and land sternum first into the tar. Danny lay on his human stomach and his deer rear facing skyward, his arms spread out in front of him in an attempt to keep his head off of the tar. He could feel his back hooves slowly sliding away from him, in a split second before another wave panic struck him, he wondered if his legs would slide out from under him or if they would buckle under his weight first.

    His question was answered for him as a squelching sound from his hooves sliding through the tar reached his fuzzy ears. And in the moment that his hindquarters landed on the tar he attempted to push himself up with his front legs, only to feel them sink deeper into the pit.  He cried out in shock as this happened, although the new position removed some pressure off his neck, which not only had to hold up his head but as well as his antlers that reached a little over 5 feet from tip to tip. And he knew as soon as he put his head down the underside of his antlers would become stuck in the tar, if that were to happen it would become impossible to remove his head and seeing that in this position, he was barely able to hold his head up let alone put out of the sticky oil what spell disaster for his already doomed self.

    Danny breathed in deeply in an attempt to calm himself before taking a moment to collect himself to pull all of the emotion that he had been feeling throughout the day to place it on a back burner. His sister had always told him that if he got himself into danger, he needed to be able to think clearly. So he took another deep shaky breath before starting the grounding exercise she had taught him to do. So he sat there in tar quietly feeling the sticky tar cover his under belly, the tar itself smelt like shit. It also felt like shit in his fur. 

    The smell reminded him of the onetime his sister dared him to stomp on an abandoned terror bird nest. He felt warm rays of the sun as they begin to peek through the clouds is it ascended into the sky. Feeling calm enough he decided to attempt his stand once again, the sense of calm but he had managed was quickly overshadowed by fear and dread as sudden shift in weight began to pull him further into the pit of crude oil.

     He began to panic and pulled his top half off of tar a sudden boost in strength given to him bye fear, that new weight combined with his panicked flailing pulled his legs even further under. “MOOOHEEEEEAAAAAEEEEUUUHHMmmmmmm” He struggled and cried out again for his mother, panic filling his voice.     He cried out for her again and again only stopping when the winds sudden change in direction reminded him that he was not alone.  

    His ears flipped back and his eyes widened at the sound of large paw pads slamming against the earth. At this point his level of panic had reached its Max and he could do nothing but watch as the dire wolves walk carefully around the edges of the puddle searching for the piece of land that had the shortest distance to him. one of the younger possibly less experienced wolves paced impatiently as its elders searched for a good entrance point.

     Several of the rougher looking wolves had already decided that they were to wait until he tire or pass out for exhaustion, they let him know this by going and laying under some underbrush nearby not once taking their eyes off him. The majority of the wolves however, continued to sniff along the edges of the bank gauging the distance between himself and the edges of solid ground. The younger impatient wolf disappeared behind him out of Danny’s line of sight.

    Then suddenly Danny feels a great force impact him from behind, the wolf has jumped onto his back. The sudden force from the impact sends his body down several inches more into the tar and the wolf begins to scratch and bite at his human back. Danny cries out in pain and through his hands over his head reaching desperately for the wolf. Danny in an attempt to reach back further he bends his upper half backwards and successfully manages to grab the wolf by its scruff. feeling the matted fur in between his fingers Danny throws himself forward, sending the wolf sailing overhead landing upside down in the tar. The force of the impact since the wolf down several inches into the thick oil and begins to whimper loudly as it realizes that it's back and entire face have been submerged in the tar. The force of him throwing the wolf over his head and into the tar cast himself to be slammed into the viscous black liquid and now he lays on his stomach his arms spread out in front of him to keep his head from landing in the tar.

    It has been several hours since he has sent the wolf flying overhead, since then the wolf has stopped moving completely. The sun is now completely overhead it's heat evaporated bear entirety of the puddle that hid the tar pit from view. Danny lay miserably in the slowly heating tar as it radiated heat and bubbles slowly rising to the surface popped around him at random.

     His throat was sore form calling out to his mother and he was beginning to feel lightheaded from the intense heat and the amount of water that he had lost and crying. One of the elder wolves stood up and began to slowly make its way over to the edge of the solid ground. Danny let out a single self-pity filled chuckle as he eyed the wolf. his neck and arms felt as if they were on fire he had never needed to hold up is heavy head like this for so long.

     His arms had begun to tremble a while ago and he could feel the muscles giving out underneath him. And just like that his arms buckled from the weight of his own antlers, he wondered to himself how much longer would he have lasted if he did not have them. And with a resounding splat he landed in to the tar, he miraculously managed to keep his chin above the tar as it fell. Danny tilted his head to the side and allowed his antler to touch the tar, he was not going to be getting up from this anyways, so it didn't matter now. His eyes slid shut as he began to pass out from exhaustion the only sound now was of the wolves getting ready to feast on him.

    #Elk#irish elk#Danny Phantom#danny fenton#cervitaur danny#cervitaur#centaur #extinct species Danny #extinct species #extinct species of center #extinct species of Cervitaur #tar pits #If the link does not work just look up elk screaming
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    So I would like to mention and talk about Mutations in Zips, so they are basically Quirks form My Hero Academia, but there are Zodiac versions and a bit different because everyone has a different zip from one another in a different way even if it is a small or big difference, anyways Each Zodiac Zip has a different Mutation that goes along with their Zodiac, So I will tell you the Zodiac Mutations, also They each have their Zodiac Symbol on a different part of their body like their inner left or right Eye, Thigh, Arm, Cheeks, Palms,Back hands, and Tongue, their hair can also can change color depending on what zodiac they are, Anyways let’s get onto the 12 zodiac mutations, Aries is the ram zodiac meaning she has Ram horns, Taurus has short yet small bull horns because Taurus is a bull, duh, Geminis has Two horns one is black the other is white because the twin signs zodiac meaning twins is 2, Cancer really doesn’t have much for mutations except the fact that she has a fork tongue because why not I couldn’t think of much if you have any suggestions please tell me, Leo has Lion ears and tail because Leo is a lion she also has sharper/longer canine teeth, Forgot to mention their eyes eventually change color, Virgo has small caribou/reindeer antlers because Virgo is a maiden and seemed dull so I gave her small antlers, Libra has wolf ears and tail because I always saw the wolf as a sign of good and evil which is balanced since Libra is Scales, Scorpio gets a scorpion tail and she can control weather or not her extra set of eyes can be visible or not because Scorpions are arachnids, Sagittarius has a horse tail because Sagittarius is a centaur, Capricorn gets goat horns because Capricorn is a goat, Aquarius has large bird feet but they are mostly covered in feathers besides the talons and feet she also has a large pair of wings, Pisces gets shark teeth kinda like Kirishima from MHA and a shark tail because fish. and that’s all for today!

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    Caribou Bull & the Northern Lights by Dr. Wayne Lynch

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    Paraná 0 - 1 Atlético Mineiro: Finished | | Brazil Serie A | Yahoo Sports

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    Record bate o martelo sobre novela bíblica que entra no lugar de Gênesis; saiba.

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    At La Serrezuela Mall. It’s pretty wild to be walking into what once was a legit bull fight arena. Cartagena has a lot of things to do and see ❤️🇨🇴 • • • #cartagena #bolivar #colombia #colombia🇨🇴 #cartagenacolombia #southamerica #suddentripsarethebest #onthego #awayfromhome #aroundtheworld #edücation #parce #colonialcartagena #cartagenadeindias #ciudadamurallada #touristincolombia #imincolombia #i❤️colombia #plazadetoros #bullfightarena #laserrezuela #countrynumber51 #caribbean #caribe #caribecolombiano #cartagenaescultura #cartagenadeindiascolombia #travelingisliving #travelingaroundtheworld #viajandoporelmundo (at Ciudad Amurallada, Cartagena, Colombia) https://www.instagram.com/p/CRAxVeBjFNF/?utm_medium=tumblr

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    Bull caribou from 2018, the real trophy is the meat that fills my freezer, but these antlers will last long after the last meal has been cooked

    Bull caribou from 2018, the real trophy is the meat that fills my freezer, but these antlers will last long after the last meal has been cooked https://ift.tt/3op1eWh Submitted May 18, 2021 at 02:22AM by AK_Bandit88 via reddit https://ift.tt/3opWf83

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    Bull caribou from 2018, the real trophy is the meat that fills my freezer, but these antlers will last long after the last meal has been cooked

    Bull caribou from 2018, the real trophy is the meat that fills my freezer, but these antlers will last long after the last meal has been cooked https://ift.tt/3op1eWh Submitted May 18, 2021 at 02:22AM by AK_Bandit88 via reddit https://ift.tt/3opWf83 #huntingshop

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    Trabajo Recopilado por Chente Graterol.

    Historia Médica del Estado Falcon, Sus Médicos.

    Breve Biografía del Dr. TULIO MOLINA IBARRA ( Coro 09/05/1923 - Coro 18/02/2018)

    Médico Gineco-obstetra, Fundador de la clínica San Juan Bosco en Coro.

    Hoy 09 de Mayo de 2021, se cumple el 98 aniversario del Nacimiento del Doctor Tulio Molina Ibarra, eminente e ilustre Médico Venezolano, orgullo Falconiano y de la Corianidad. Consagrado médico Gineco-obstetra que se destacó por ser uno de los más brillantes en esta especialidad en el Estado Falcón.

    Hoy le rendimos Tributo a su memoria, lo recordamos como un ser humano excepcional que se dedicó al servicio público en pro de la salud del pueblo Falconiano, al ejercicio de la Medicina. Tuve el orgullo y la satisfacción de conocerlo, compartir y conversar en varias oportunidades en su casa de Habitación junto a su sobrino, mi amigo, hermano y compadre Vladimir Petit Medina. Es por ello, que quiero Con esta humilde semblanza y recopilación biográfica hacer un reconocimiento no solo a su trayectoria en el Ejercicio profesional de la medicina, sino también a su comportamiento ligado a los valores que representa está digna profesión médica, la integridad, honradez y responsabilidad que resaltaba su empeño por el bienestar físico de los Falconianos. Un reconocimiento a su trayectoria como persona y ciudadano, un hombre de gran vocación de servicio, lleno de virtudes, de ejemplo y rectitud.

    Decía el Doctor Gabriel Briceño Romero "El espíritu Falconiano bulle en su alma con sonoras vibraciones emocionales". Pocos como el han consagrado a la tierra natal tanto afecto y tanta fe en su gloriosos designios. Por esa razón, al alcanzar tras múltiples sacrificios su título doctoral se trasladó a su provincia para ofrecerle las primicias de su labor científica y profesional con reverencia de hijo agradecido. Fue en el Medio rural de Falcón en donde hizo las primeras armas contra la enfermedad y contra la muerte para rescatar las existencias de humildes coterráneos de los flagelos que tradicionalmente las han abatido. En esa tarea empeño su inteligencia Juvenil, su esfuerzo intelectual y físico y su deseo a los más modestos devolviéndoles la salud pérdida.

    Este hijo Ilustre de Coro, Estado Falcón, nació el 09 de Mayo de 1923, fueron sus padres Don Manuel Vicente Molina y su digna esposa Doña Gabriela Ibarra, contrajo matrimonio con la distinguida Dama, Marbella Medina

    Sus hijos siempre fueron el centro de su atención, Marbella, Michelle, Tulio Agustín, Manuel, Ángel Vicente (Ten), Tulio Alfredo y Gabriel. Como decía su hija Marbella siempre buscaba algún motivo para reunir a cada uno de sus hijos y su respectivas descendencia.

    Tulio Molina Ibarra vivió su infancia y adolescencia entre Cumarebo y la Población de Piritu. realizó sus estudios secundarios en el Colegio del Sagrado Corazón de Los Dos Caminos, en la Ciudad de Caracas en donde se graduó de Bachiller. Realiza sus estudios Profesionales en la Universidad Central de Venezuela en donde se gradúa de Doctor en Ciencias Médicas el 31/07/1950. Luego del doctorado, regresa a su estado natal a ejercer su profesión, con idoneidad en los siguientes cargos: Médico Rural de Adicora, 1950-51; Médico Rural de Las Piedras 1951-52; a su llegada a Coro, inicia sus labores como Médico Residente del Hospital de Niños y de la Maternidad de Coro junto al Doctor Rafael Calle Sierra.

    Posteriormente, se desempeña como el primer jefe de obstetricia y Ginecología del recién inaugurado Hospital General de Coro, labor que cumple durante 17 años. Siendo allí donde desarrolló la mayor parte de su carrera profesional, ganandose el aprecio, el respeto y la admiración del personal de dicha institución y de sus discípulos a quienes con esmero se dedicó a enseñar. Como médico también fue un Maestro, que supo inspirar a sus discípulos, pasar revista, discutir un caso clínico con ellos, además de su preocupación por enseñarles valores en el ejercicio ético de la medicina.

    Desarrolló una intensa labor como médico Especialista en Ginecología y Obstetricia, contribuyendo a la fundación de varias instituciones y asociaciones relacionadas con su labor médica, fue cofundador del Postgrado de Ginecología y Obstetricia del Universidad del Zulia, con sede en el Hospital General de Coro y fue promotor en el desarrollo de subespecialidades en el ámbito de la Ginecología y Obstetricia ya que nunca dijo no a la entrada de nuevas técnicas y conocimientos de la medicina moderna, logrando así traer al hospital el primer equipo de ecografía.

    Fue fundador Junto a Monseñor Francisco José Iturriza, al Doctor Alberto Leal y al Doctor José María Espinoza de la Clínica San Juan Bosco. Hoy la Unidad de Ginecología, Obstetricia y Ecografía Perinatal que fue inaugurada en dicha Clínica, lleva el nombre del eminente Dr Tulio Molina Ibarra.

    Finalmente se dedica al libre Ejercicio de la profesión médica.

    Desde el punto de vista Gremial Perteneció al Colegio de Médicos del Estado Falcón, a la Federación Médica Venezolana, a la Sociedad de Obstetricia y Ginecología de Venezuela ( SOGV) y a otra entidades culturales, profesionales, científicas y sociales. Dedicándose fundamentalmente a la práctica de la medicina.

    Asistió a diversos congresos y Jornadas nacionales e internacionales a los que asistía también otros médicos de la Región, sus grandes amigos Efraín López Navarro , Henry Curiel Chirinos y el Dr. Gabriel Zambrano y junto a algunos que eran considerados sus Discípulos los Doctores Luis Alfredo Jiménez Molina, Manuel Chirinos, Fernando González y desde luego su hijo Tulio Agustín.

    Recibió innumerables condecoraciones y reconocimientos por sus méritos, por su intensa labor como médico, a su integridad moral, a su honradez. En el 2003 siendo Alcalde del Municipio Falcón el Dr. Harold Dávila se realiza la Ampliación y Remodelación de la Sala de Parto del Ambulatorio Urbano "Simón Bolívar" de Pueblo Nuevo de Paraguana, la cual fue inaugurada con el Nombre del Doctor " Tulio Molina Ibarra" por su trayectoria en el campo de la medicina, trayectoria que inicia cómo Médico Rural en la Península de Paraguana específicamente en la Población de Adicora del prenombrado Municipio; En la XXVI Jornada Nacional de Obstetricia y Ginecología que se realizó desde el 26 al 28 de septiembre de 2012 en el Hotel Villa Caribe, Convention Center & Beach Club. Los Taques Paraguaná, Estado Falcón, Se realizó homenaje a este insigne gineco-obstetra de la región, maestro de generaciones a lo fines de reconocer su ejercicio profesional ejemplar siendo el Presidente Honorario de esa jornada el Dr. Henry Ramón Curiel Chirinos, cuya semblanza estuvo a cargo del Dr. Efraín López Navarro.

    El Ilustre Doctor Tulio Molina Ibarra muere en la Ciudad de Coro a los 95 años de edad. Siempre será recordado como un patrimonio Moral de los Falconianos del que siempre estaremos profundamente orgulloso, por su honradez, por su ejemplo de rectitud, por constancia y su aporte a la salud del pueblo Falconiano, por su dedicación al ejercicio de la medicina, mitigando el sufrimiento de los enfermos.

    No es casual, que el Doctor Otto Rodríguez Armas individuo de Número de la Academia Nacional de la Medicina , Sillón IX, lo reconociera como maestro de maestro, con máximo honor diciendo "Tu pueblo te eleva a status de Maestro Tulio"


    #Nota: Información recopilada :

    ●del Libro “El Estado Falcon y sus Médicos Nativos hasta 1950” de Gabriel Briceño Romero.

    ● Revista de Obstetricia y Ginecología de Venezuela versión impresa ISSN 0048-7732 Rev Obstet Ginecol Venez vol.73 no.1 Caracas mar. 2013

    ● Instagram @marbellamolina

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    Very fortunate to harvest my first bull Caribou last season.

    Very fortunate to harvest my first bull Caribou last season. https://ift.tt/3dM0tTy Submitted April 25, 2021 at 02:11AM by SirTardtheewise via reddit https://ift.tt/2PmvhB2

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  • huntingshop
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    Very fortunate to harvest my first bull Caribou last season.

    Very fortunate to harvest my first bull Caribou last season. https://ift.tt/3dM0tTy Submitted April 25, 2021 at 02:11AM by SirTardtheewise via reddit https://ift.tt/2PmvhB2 #huntingshop

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    Firen Lhain:  Chapter 609:  The Power of Friendship:  Part II/III

    RWBY + JNR + Qrow, Oscar, and Ilia stood in the gymnasium. A man and a woman walked down the stairs, both wearing firery, traditional Mistralan clothing. They approached the centre of the gym. "This is Master Feng." Aurora gestured to the man, "and Master Huang." she said, gesturing to the woman.

    "Are they twins?!" Nora called out.

    "Indeed." Master Feng stated.

    "They are known as the twin masters." Aurora continued.

    "OOooh." Nora voiced.

    "Together, they are masters of all the traditional Mistralan animal styles."

    The two once again bowed. Jaune walked up to the two and bowed himself. "I am Jaune Arc. And let's introduce in RWBY order."

    "Me?" Ruby asked.

    "That's Ruby Rose." Jaune said, and Ruby waved. "Next to her is Weiss Schnee." Weiss curtsied. "Then we have Blake Belladonna." Blake did a shy, shallow bow. "Then we have Yang Xiao Long."

    "Yo!" Yang said, with a wave.

    "Next we have Nora Valkyrie and Lie Ren." Nora energetically waved while Ren peacefully bowed. "And finally Ilia Amitola."

    Ilia accidentally briefly shifted her colours to match the surrounding, before weakly bowing.

    The twins then looked at Qrow. "He won't be joining us." Jaune voiced.

    "No," Huang affirmed, "he will not." Huang stated.

    "He is already set on his path," Feng added, and then looked between the rest, "the rest of you are still discovering yours."

    Nora raised her hand. "Does this mean I'm going to learn to fight like a wolf or something?"

    "Hey!" Ruby exclaimed, "That my thing!"

    The Twin Masters smiled widely.

    "What?" Nora asked, and the Twin Masters looked each other in the eyes before turning back to her. The two almost looked like they were about to laugh. "What?" Nora nervously asked.

    "I'm afraid," the Twin Masters said at once, "that your path differs from ours."

    "Your young bull..." Huang started, with Feng finishing,

    "...will be a guide upon your path."

    "Bull?" Nora questioned.

    "They mean me." Jaune said, and everyone looked at him. "Bull is what's usually used for caribou. I just prefer hart." he added.

    "He once had a master..." Feng stated.

    "Who was once," Huang added, "but is still with him."

    Jaune simply looked at them with moist eyes. The Twin Masters bowed towards him, "We are terribly sorry, but your path also differs from ours."

    "That's... not a problem..." Jaune voiced, and slowly stepped out of the limelight.

    "Just have faith in your path." Huang stated.

    "And believe in your master." Feng added. Jaune causually waved without looking back at them. He then looked to the stairs, and made his way around the outside of the gym. "I'll be..." he tried to say, but found the tears coming.

    "Young valkyrie." Feng voiced.

    "Me?!" Nora asked.

    "Your bull travels down his path." Huang added.

    "OH!" Nora shouted, and ran after him. Jaune just slumped as he climbed the stairs. Equally because of his mood and, the fact he had to maneuver his antlers to get up the stairs. He heard Nora's steps behind him, but was not sure how to act.

    "Careful to try and not copy his hooffalls." Feng stated.

    "He can walk more perilously than you." Huang added.

    "What does that mean?" Nora asked them.

    "A deer and hawk can share the same goal, but must take very different steps." the Twin Masters voiced. Nora looked at them questioningly before turning back to the stairs, running to catch up to her leader.

    Weiss looked Qrow in the eyes, who simply shrugged. Weiss then looked Aurora in the eyes, and then at the stairs. Aurora lightly nodded. She stepped off towards the stairs.

    "Her path is not set, either." Feng stated, and Aurora slowed and stopped and turned to look at them.

    "Even if she believes it is." Huang added. Aurora just shyly turned back to the stairs and slowly climbed them.

    * * *

    Jaune slowly walked out onto the patio, slowly looking around. Nora leapt from behind him and grabbed onto his back, grabbing his antlers with one hand. "Hey," Jaune voiced, and paused, "Nora." Jaune voiced.

    "Hmm..." Nora voiced. "Sit down?"

    Jaune slowly sat himself down. Nora kneeled down behind him, still clutching to him. She looked over his shoulder as the two looked out over Mistral. "I... shouldn't surprised... how warm you are." he voiced.

    Nora snuggled up to him for a moment before realizing what he meant. She quickly stood up, and Jaune patted the ground beside him. Nora quickly moved over to sit down. "You know?.." she asked, "We always kind of figured Pyrrha would always be with you?"

    Jaune hung his head down for a moment before lifting it back up. "Us..."

    "Us?!" Nora asked, "Of course!" she exclaimed, as if it had just occured to her. "As long as we're with you, Pyrrha watches over us too!"

    Jaune really wasn't sure what to say to that, and so simply sat, and stared out over Mistral.

    * * *

    Jaune pulled himself to his feet. He gestured for Nora to join him, and she quickly jumped up to do so. He slowly turned, looming over her, but she just cheerfully looked up at him. "Now, let's teach you to fight with something other than your hammer."

    "If you think that's best." Nora voiced.

    Jaune raised his eyebrows as he looked into her eyes, "I do." Jaune then squared up to her, pulling his right hand back. "I'm going to hit you..."

    "How hard?" Nora asked.

    "You'll see." Jaune said, "Just block it."

    "Okie-dokie." Nora replied. Jaune's punch hit the crossed arms in front of Nora's face, with the shockwave passing through it, blowing her hair as if in the wind. Jaune then stepped back. "What was that?" she asked.

    "Aura." Jaune stated. "Your power doesn't come from your muscles..." Jaune voiced, "Especially not YOUR muscles..."

    "Why am I so special?" Nora asked.

    "Because you are a girl, and fun-sized." Jaune grumbled.

    "Soooo?" Nora asked.

    "Women... naturally have a LOT less strength than men do..."

    "But?.." Nora asked.

    "Like I keep saying, you make up the difference with Aura." Jaune replied.

    "but... but?.." Nora asked.

    "Hm?" Jaune replied.

    "I mean... like... in all of my fights... all I do is, like?, swing my hammer around."

    "The weight of your hammer, and the length of your haft, give you tremendous striking power."

    "Force!" Nora exclaimed.

    "No." Jaune said, "Power. Power is force times velocity. It's the total energy to give to the target, which for you is absolutely devasting."

    "So, why am I learning to fight with my hands, then?" Nora asked.

    "I don't know?," Jaune anxiously asked her, "in case your hammer gets knocked out of your hands."


    "And so you can learn to use Aura."

    "Pfft." she replied, "Since when are you like an expert with Aura?.."

    Jaune leaned down, simply staring deep into her eyes. "Where - do - you - think?"

    "Is this a trick question?" Nora eagerly asked him.

    "No." Jaune simply stated.

    "Theeeeeeen?.." Nora asked, as she looked down to think it over before looking him back in the eyes, "PYRRHA?!"

    "YES!" Jaune warmly replied, and pulled her into a powerful hug. She had a brilliant smile as he ruffled her hair. "I thought everyone knew how Aura worked, at least everyone but me. But apparently Pyrrha was one of the only people on Remnant who actually knew how Aura works. Anyways, you're going to learn to do what I just did."

    "Make enough wind with my fists to mess up your hair?" she eagerly asked, and he just glared at her. He reached forward, and pretended to steal her nose. "What was that?" Nora asked.

    Jaune showed her the thumb sticking out between his fingers, "I stole your nose."

    "YOU - WHAT?!" Nora exclaimed, with burning rage.

    "Oh?" Jaune asked, "That get you angry?" Nora looked like she was fuming. "Well, you don't get it back until you can mess up my hair." Nora angrily pointed at him before swooping in to try and punch him. Jaune barely reacted, moving just enough to block the punch. "You are going to have to try harder than that."

    * * *

    Nora jumped off the roof and used her wings to aim herself at Jaune. He simply stepped aside as she passed by, and she looked at him with shock.

    * * *

    Nora crouched as low as possible, hoping to get an uppercut under his guard, but again, it was to no avail.

    "What's the matter?" Jaune asked her. "What happened to your muscles?"

    "I'll show you muscles!" Nora exclaimed, and stood up, trying to land a straight. Once again the punch barely struck Jaune's arms, barely seeming to phase him.

    * * *

    Nora tried to punch him from 3/4 to his right, but he just brought his right arm back enough to deflect it. She then moved left, trying to punch him in the back, but he once again turned back around to deflect it. She jumped back, breathed in deep before dashing forward. She put everything she had into one last punch... and the shockwave passed through, indeed, messing up his hair. Nora tiredly tried to raise her arms in celebration, but ran out of steam half-way and simply fell forward, only to have Jaune quickly move forward to catch her. He held her torso barely above the ground as Nora breathed in heavily. "Ready?" Jaune asked. She wanted to turn to look at him, but could not. She wanted to ask him ready for what, but could not. What happened was Jaune pulling her up into his arms, carrying her like a princess. He carried her inside and put her on the couch, gently kissing her on the head. "You did good." Nora wanted to say something in reply, but all she could do was pant.

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