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    Eli’s Dynamite Review

    X. Jon Moxley ©  vs Yuji Nagata. IWGP United States Championship:

    We open the show with the awaited IWGP US championship defense. We get a very old school entrance vibe from both Mox and Nagata.

    Nagata makes his entrance to a huge, very deserved, pop. Then, Moxley makes his entrance to “Wild Thing” by The Troggs.

    The match starts right away. A hard hitting contest with a few awesome spots. Perfect selling from both men. Nagata brought his classic Strong Style and Moxley was able to not just take it but to deliver it himself. Nagata’s kicks resonated throughout Daily’s Place.

    My favorite moment from the match was after Nagata hits an avalanche exploder on Mox and tries to follow up with his signature kicks to the chest but Mox gets on his knees and flips the veteran off. After a brutal looking Paradigm Shift, Moxley picks up the victory thus retaining his IWGP US Championship.

    After the bell there’s an incredible show of respect from Moxley to Nagata when he bows to the legendary wrestler who reciprocates with a bow himself.

    Shout out to Bryce Remsburg for an awesome call.

    X. Cody Rhodes addresses Anthony Ogogo.

    Cody makes his way to the ring to a decent pop, not too wild but not too tamed either. He starts his promo by stating that he is proud of being an American. He addresses how, even though his beloved country has many flaws (he names a few) he is proud of his country. He adds that Ogogo, a proud British man, is coming to his country pursuing “the American dream” and adds that if Ogogo is successful today is because he has an American Visa. He admits that the UK has created many fine professional wrestlers, naming a few, including “one of the best wrestlers in the world, Pac”.

    He addresses how America has been built up by immigrants. He talks about how before 1961 in Atlanta, his home state, there was segregation, and he gets emotional explaining how in 2021 his wife, an African American woman is going to give birth to a mixed raced baby in that same city.

    He adds that come Double or Nothing, Ogogo is not going to face “The American Nightmare”, he is going to face “The American Dream”, a name that only Dustin and Cody himself have the birthright to carry.

    I feel very conflicted about this promo and I only have one hope for this story going forward. I hope that they build Ogogo to be a heel because of his actions and not because of his nationality.

    I also believe that this promo could’ve benefited from less patriotic shtick because even though it endeared Cody to his American fans, it made him look like the bad guy to his foreign fans of which there are many around the world.

    X. Backstage segment: Sammy Guevara, Ortiz and Jake Hager call out The Pinnacle, saying that MJF got Santana detained and Jericho is unable to compete but they ask their opponents for a rematch.

    X. The Young Bucks © vs SCU AEW Tag Team Championships.

    We follow up with a match with many emotional ramifications. SCU make their entrance to a pretty tamed pop. The Young Bucks make their way to the ring to a divided audience, they are accompanied by The Good Brothers, Brandon Cutler and Don Callis, the latter joining the announcers’ table.

    The match starts off with SCU pretty much dominating, with the Bucks only able to get a few shots in. But this dynamic doesn’t last for long. Once the Bucks get SCU outside the ring, they start overpowering the veterans. Matt hits Daniels with a powerbomb to the apron and sets him up so Nick can hit him with a swanton. The Bucks’ domination is mostly on Daniels. We see several moments when referee Rick Knox benefits the Bucks with a few blind calls.

    Once Kazarian gets back in the ring, he dominates once again. At one moment they hit Matt with the Celebrity Rehab and prep Nick for a Best Meltzer Ever (BME) but Matt sends Daniels to the outside, but Kazarian is able to keep the fight despite the disadvantage.

    Nick superkicks Daniels onto a ringpost and he gets busted open pretty harshly. Nick gets distracted looking at Daniels and Kazarian takes this opportunity to regain the upper hand. He keeps on commanding the match but he is on a two on one situation. Kazarian rolls Matt up but Gallows distracts the referee who misses it. At this point, Kaz hits Matt with a Style’s Clash but his eyes are fixed on Gallows while he mouths the words “Fuck You” he follows this with a pin but Nick breaks it.

    Daniels is able to get back in the ring to hit Nick with an Angel’s Wings. He tags in but Matt instantly spears him, as he tries to stand back up, Matt prepares to hit him with a Superkick, he quotes the iconic line by Shawn Michaels, “I’m sorry. I love you” as he hits the Ring General with a vicious superkick. Daniels is able to get back up and tries to hit Matt with the Best Moonsault Ever, but fails on his first attempt. He tries once again, this time connecting perfectly but Nick, once again, breaks the count. They once again distract the referee and Matt takes this opportunity to spray CD on the eyes and hits him with the spray bottle straight on the head but The Fallen Angel is able to kickout of all of this. The Bucks hit Daniels with the BTE Trigger with Nick covering him for the win. After the bell, Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian embrace, signaling the official ending of SCU.

    X. Backstage Segment: Dasha Gonzalez interviews Christian Cage who announces he’s entering the Casino Battle Royal at Double Or Nothing but he is interrupted by Matt Sydal who announces his entry on the same match.

    X. Orange Cassidy vs Pac to determine the number one contender for the AEW World Championship.

    We continue the show with the match to determine who is going to face Kenny Omega at Double or Nothing.

    #1 ranked, Orange Cassidy makes his way to the ring to a positive reaction. He is accompanied by Best Friends and Kris Statlander but Cassidy signals them to go back in.

    #2 ranked, Pac, makes his entrance, he is accompanied by Penta El Zero Miedo and Rey Fénix. They too make their way to the back as soon as Pac gets in the ring.

    The bell rings and Orange Cassidy takes his sunglasses off and puts them on Pac who, after visibly enjoying the gesture, takes them off to break them. Pac goes for a quick attack but Cassidy is able to connect with Beach Break, covering Pac to a 2 count. Pac quickly rolls out of the ring, Cassidy poses with his hands on his pockets and hits Pac with a Tope Suicida . OC proceeds to send his opponent against the guardrails several times, the last one he sends him flying over the barricade. Pac then, creates some offence by crashing Cassidy throat- first against the guardrail. The Bastard then gets the upper hand by stomping on his opponent’s chest and his back. Pac continues to dominate the pace, at one point even sending Cassidy crashing against the turnbuckle.

    Pac gets up on the ropes to deliver three vicious Shotgun Dropkicks to his opponent, the last one, hitting Cassidy on the back of his head. The Bastard goes up once again, this time looking for the Black Arrow but Freshly Squeezed rolls away all the across the ring. Pac then follows Orange and tries to hit his finisher but Cassidy avoids it one last time, posing with his thumb up. When Pac tries to follow up with his offence he gets thrown against the middle turnbuckle, OC picks up some advantage and goes for a roll up, but this only gets him a two count. Pac comes back from this with a Thrust Kick to the head following this by a brutal Liger Bomb. At this point in the match, we see that Orange Cassidy is not very responsive, he barely moves and we see Referee Audrey Edwards checking on him. Pac continues his attacks but he is stopped by the ref so OC can get tended to by the doctor.

    Don Callis makes his way out rushing the competitors to finish the match, and while he distracts the official, Kenny Omega hits Pac with his championship belt and runs out. Neither men is able to get up before the count of ten so the match ends on a double count out.

    Callis celebrates the fact that there’s no winner so Kenny won’t have a challenger for the PPV but he gets interrupted by Tony Schiavone delivering a message from Tony Khan, on May 30th Kenny Omega will face Pac and Orange Cassidy on a triple threat match for the AEW World Championship.

    *NOTE: The original finish of this match was supposed to be a 20 minute draw, but after taking that Liger Bomb, Orange Cassidy was unable to continue, so the match had to be called on the spot.

    X. Backstage segment: The Young Bucks call out Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley and they challenge them for a match at Double or Nothing and they also announce that next Wednesday on Dynamite they’ll defend their titles against Varsity Blondes.

    X. Backstage segment: Alex Marvez interviews Hangman Adam Page with the Dark Order and asks him about his recent lose against Brian Cage. Hangman says that Cage only beat him because Team Taz jumped him before the match so he challenges Brian Cage to a match at Double or Nothing but asks him to leave Team Taz behind.

    X. The Coronation of The Pinnacle:

    MJF, Tully Blanchard, Wardlow, Cash Wheeler, Dax Harwood and Shawn Spears, The Pinnacle, make their way to the ring followed by six women. MJF, wearing a crown, celebrates their victory over the Inner Circle at Blood and Guts. He praises Shawn Spears, by calling him a “Canadian God” and he declares himself the new “Demo God” and demands to be called “The Greatest Of All Time” from now on. Tully Blanchard criticizes the Inner Circle for submitting and gifts the members of The Pinnacle with new luxury watches. While everyone is taking their new watch, a loud noise interrupts the ceremony and out comes a personalized truck carrying a big metal structure that reads “A Little Bit of the Bubbly”. This vehicle is driven by Ortiz, with Jake Hager riding shotgun and Sammy Guevara standing on top. MJF, visibly upset, tells them that they are no longer interested in the Inner Circle and that we will never see Chris Jericho again. In this moment, Jericho stands up from the back of the truck and asks MJF once again for a rematch. MJF refuses it so Jericho orders Sammy to open fire. Guevara douses the men in the ring with Bubbly. On ringside, we see Cash, Dax and Shawn Spears trying to get away and inside the ring we see MJF and Wardlow struggling to run away. Max grabs the microphone one last time and announces that at Double or Nothing, The Pinnacle will once again go up against the Inner Circle on a Stadium Stampede match but he adds one condition. If the The Pinnacle win, the Inner Circle will be no more.

    X. Jim Ross has a sit down interview with #1 Ranked, Dr. Britt Baker, DMD.

    JR reminds Britt how almost a year ago, Shida and Baker fought one on one but the outcome was not favorable for the Doctor, cause she got her nose broken. Britt Baker explains how she needed to have surgery after that but she says: “Pain, you can let it hurt you or change you” and she explains how that changed her for the better. She says that it’s poetic that the version of Britt that Shida created is going to dethrone her. She explains that the only way the champion can stop her is by killing her but she adds that she is “pretty fucking hard to kill”.

    Jim Ross asks her if she is getting too emotionally involved into this situation and uses an example of how Britt Baker stopped Tony Khan’s photo shoot for Forbes by asking for a picture with the Women’s Championship and, when Shida refused to let her take her belt, she attacked her. To this, the Doctor adds that the photos are going to be published in a few weeks and she wanted them to have a picture of the new Women’s Champion by then.

    She continues by praising Shida for being the Champion during the pandemic when there were a lot of wrestlers unable to compete due to traveling restriction and injuries but she finishes by saying she is the Role Model and the heart and soul of the Women’s Division.

    X. Thunder Rosa vs Jazmin Allure.

    Thunder Rosa comes out to a very huge pop. Her opponent is already in the ring. The match starts and we see Rosa controlling the match from the get go. She corners her opponent and delivers two hard Chops but Jazmin is able to Irish Whip Rosa all across the ring. She gets a few shots in but Rosa immediately regains control hitting Allure with a combination of a Shoulder Breaker and a Fire Thunder Driver for the quick victory.

    X. Main Event: Darby Allin © vs Miro for the TNT Championship.

    Main event time, Miro comes out to mixed reactions. The current TNT champion, Darby Allin, accompanied by Sting makes his way out to a big pop but Miro attacks him mercilessly before the bell rings. Referee Paul Turner tries to stop Miro several times but the assault continues outside of the ring. Darby gets thrown over the barricade as Sting watches on. At one point, Miro hits Darby with a Belly-To-Belly over the barricade. We see Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page sitting in the crowd laughing as the brutal attack continues.

    Back in the ring, Darby, sitting in a corner, gets hit with a Running Knee to the head. The ref checks on the champ to see if he’s able to start the match and rings the bell. Miro hits a vicious kick right away to a two count. Darby rolls out and hits the challenger with two surprise Shotgun Dropkicks. Miro tries to throw the champion against the ring post but Darby counters and throws the challenger crashing against the steel pole and he follows this with a Cannonball Tope Suicida. Darby goes for a Coffin Drop but Miro catches him and hits him with a German Suplex. On the outside, we see Sting being blindsided by Scorpio Sky who, followed by Ethan Page, runs away.

    Back in the ring, Darby tries to regain control of the match but is stopped by a relentless Miro, who sends him crashing against the turnbuckles. Miro continues his attacks with an Uppercut and an Elbow Drop to the champ’s face. The brutal assault continues until Darby is able to fight back by putting Miro in a Sleeper Hold but it’s noticeable that he can’t put too much pressure on the hold due to his injured shoulder. Miro breaks the hold by reaching the ropes and rolls out of the ring. Darby follows him and puts him in the same hold one more time. This time, the challenger sends the champion crashing spine first against the stage.

    As Sting watches on, Miro gets Darby back in the ring and gives him various elbow shots to the injured shoulder, he follows this by Slamming Darby into the ropes. The champion desperately looks at the Icon, looking for advice, they fist bump and Darby finally gets back on his feet. Allin starts fighting back with a slap to the face, followed by a few Chopblocks and a Stunner, he rolls Miro up unsuccessfully. Darby doesn’t stop on his quick attacks, he hits another Stunner and goes for a Coffin Drop for the second time in this match but, one more time, Miro is able to catch him and throw him across the ring. Darby quickly rolls Miro up to a two count. Allin hits his opponent with a Code Red and covers him but Miro is able to kickout. The challenger gets back on his feet and, because of the strength advantage, he locks Darby on the Game Over. The champion passes out so the referee calls for the bell. And just like that, we have a new TNT Champion, Miro.

    Before the show is over, Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky come back out to attack Sting but the Dark Order make the save.

    Lance Archer and Jake Roberts come out and the new champion and the Murderhawk have a stare down.

    Alright guys, this is my review for this week’s Dynamite. In my opinion a pretty decent show with two very strong championship defenses and an awesome interview moment from Britt Baker. In my opinion, Darby should’ve retained but I’m interested on what Miro will do with the belt.

    See you next week :)

    Big big big shoutout to my two favorites because they were my test readers and my confidence boosters: @archbishop-of-maxlow and @deathtriangles ❤

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    June Carter Cash (June 23, 1929 – May 15, 2003)

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    How Long can the Fifteen Dollar Subscription Hold Out?

    How Long can the Fifteen Dollar Subscription Hold Out?

    I remember, way way back in the day, a user review for EverQuest that was an all caps exercise in outrage over the fact that, on top of the purchase price for the game it required you to pay a fee every single month you wished to play.  It ended with a call to boycott the publisher of the game to put a stop to this complete rip-off of a business model. I think EverQuest was $9.95 a month back…

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