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  • hardcoregamer
    16.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 Ends With a New Record

    In the last ten minutes or so of the event, during the final battle with Liquid Snake in an Extreme, All Bosses run of Metal Gear Solid, the audience’s donations managed to finally topple the record set by Awesome Games Done Quick 2020, with around 3.18 million dollars raised by the end compared to the final total of $3,131,475 from two years ago. However, that 3.18 million was merely the total raised through direct donations. After adding in revenue gained through Twitch subscriptions, bits, sponsors and such, the final total clocked in at a whopping $3,416,729 raised for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

    Check it!


    #awesome games done quick #games done quick #charity stream#record breaking#new record
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  • rainbowharadise
    16.01.2022 - 1 hour ago
    #harry birthday 28 #really hoping we can get some donations in #we did amazingly well last time but sadly I don’t think we’re going to hit target this time :( #harry styles#charity fundraising
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  • andthenthereweretw0
    16.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Heart Transplant Help

    I've never made a post like this, but this important to me. A co-worker and friend of mine is in need of a heart transplant, and they're struggling to work whilst waiting to get on Disability.

    They originally had a double heart attack followed by a double stroke, and their condition has been worsening sense. They're only in their late 20's. Our job hasn't been very understanding of this, to say the least. They need to be able to pay for a transplant, as well as the treatments beforehand.

    There's more details and specifics here, or linked below, both of which link to their GoFundMe.

    They're a very kind person with a wife and many pets, they run their own LGBT+ charity, and have endured many hardships all the while trying to help others. I hope we can make some kind of difference back. Thank you for your support.

    Even if you can't give anything, please share.


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  • mackenzie-boyd
    16.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Looking forward to Mack’s scenes with Cain this week because I love their scenes and he’s away from Charity when he’s with Cain so that’s a plus. Dreading the shit with Ryan. It sounds boring and it hasn’t even started yet

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  • wine-porn
    16.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    So Fresh

    Bangin at all your green floral cravings, a sharp vegetal ripeness is your vibrant young Cote Rotie nose. A bouquet swaying even into the riper, fleshier crus of Beaujolais, with tomato-vine and earthy ire resplendent on clearly warm fruit. On the palate, there’s no denying the sear of the Ballard Canyon brand. Bottomless plump cherry in a pie-thickened reduction not only washes the attack, but…

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    #Ballard Canyon#Charity wine#GSM#La Cuadrilla#Natural wine#Peter Stolpman#Red blend#Red Wine#Ruben Solorzano#Sangiovese #santa barbara wine country #Santa Ynez Valley #Stephen McConnell Wine Blog #Steve McConnell Wine Blog #Stolpman #Stolpman La Cuadrilla #Stolpman vineyard#Tom Stolpman#wine1percent
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  • fuckyeahmackenzieboyd
    16.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    A scene of Mackenzie feeling like he’s been punched in the stomach cause Sarah reminds him he’ll technically be her Grandad if he marries Charity. 

    Please and thank you.. 

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  • demonicrosebushsims
    16.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Charity: “What’s wrong, Faithy?” Faith: “I miss dad...” Charity: “I know, I miss him too...”

    #Charity Strawroof#Faith Strawroof #Gen 7: Paladin #Gen 8: Ranger #DRS DND#DND#DND Challenge #DND Legacy Challenge #Dungeons and Dragons #Dungeons and Dragons Challenge #Dungeons and Dragons Legacy Challenge #The Sims #The Sims 4 #Simblr
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  • welcomepeople
    16.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Hi all, please take the opportunity again to contribute in my campaign fundraisers. Your Donations and Support matter much more than you realize. I appreciate all the efforts. Thank You Everyone.

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  • theadventureproject
    16.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Getting back into the swing of things during the new year can be tough. At The Adventure Project, great friends help us find a little extra joy during busy times!

    What are you doing this weekend that brings you joy?

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  • themackenzieboydchronicles
    16.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Moira calls a Family Meeting.

    The family come up with a plan to support Mackenzie.. and Mackenzie Confides in Charity.

    Mackenzie Boyd Fanfic

    "Mackenzie is devastated about Meena. We've all got to be there for him so we'll take it in turns to stay with him" she told everyone after they had all arrived at Butlers. "He can't be left on his own and he's insisting on staying at the cottage."

    "I'll do tonight" Faith volunteered.

    "Sarah and I could stay for one night we can play with his VR headset" said Noah.

    "That's very kind of you Noah. I'm sure Mackenzie will appreciate your company" said Moira. "But we've got to be aware Meena is on the loose and God forbid she comes after Mackenzie, so it maybe best that the adults only stay for now"

    "Give me that shotgun Moira. She'll have me to to contend with if she comes near" said Faith. "She's as mad as a box of frogs"

    "Well Mackenzie did you sleep OK?" said Faith passing Mackenzie tea and toast after spending the night at the cottage with him.

    "Off and on. My head is spinning Faith"

    "I'm not surprised you did some chuntering in the night" said Faith.

    "What was I saying?"

    "Couldn't make it out but you sounded so troubled. Hope you're not blaming what Meena did on yourself. We're all proud that you didn't hit the bottle this time" said Faith

    "That is my biggest worry Faith. Because if I start that again I won't stop" said Mackenzie eating his toast.

    "Come here" said Faith giving Mack a hug. "Oh here's Charity she's staying tonight. I'll be off then"

    "Right should we watch a film?" Charity asked Mack after Faith left "and I'll cook you something after"

    "A sandwich will be fine" said Mack.

    "Fancy Schindlers List?" asked Mack.

    "Yes that's fine by me" said Charity. Charity made some cheese and pickle sandwiches and a pot of tea and they both sat down on the settee and watched the film on Netflix.

    "Pass me the crocks and I'll put them in the dishwasher" Charity said when the film was finished stretching over for the dishes.

    "There's some Christmas cake that Brenda made. We could have a slice of that after" said Mackenzie.

    Mack and Charity stood up at the same time. Mack lost his balance and stumbled awkwardly towards Charity and before they knew it they were kissing"

    "I'm so sorry" said Mack.

    "Why?" said Charity.

    "For kissing you. I don't know what came over me."

    "Mack don't worry about it. I enjoyed it" Charity said winking at Mackenzie as she filled the dishwasher up.

    "Right sleeping arrangements" said Charity.

    "Faith has put clean sheets on the bed so it's ready for you" said Mackenzie.

    "Mack don't take this the wrong way but do you want me to sleep with you tonight" said Charity quietly. "Faith said you had a nightmare last night"

    "I'm not ready to get that close to anyone yet Charity. I haven't got over Meena" said a shocked Mackenzie "and at the moment I'm good for nothing. Its completely knocked the stuffing out of me"

    "Mack I don't mean like that" said Charity. "In case you have another nightmare. Honestly nothing more than that"

    "I don't want to disturb you" said Mack.

    "Disturb me? Never! I'm made of hard stuff" laughed Charity. "Come on there's a smile in there somewhere" teased Charity.

    "I really appreciate you all looking out for me" said Mack.

    "Did you really love her Mack?" asked Charity.

    "At the beginning I was so in love with her. But the moods and verbal abuse brought bad memories back from my childhood. I was holding on coz I thought after the baby came she would go back to her lovely self"

    "She was ill Mackenzie. Well it's questionable whether she was mad or bad" said Charity. "Oh I'm sorry Mack I've upset you now. Here's a tissue"

    "Yes I know and I blame myself for not seeing it. I feel so guilty about the people she murdered" said a distraught Mackenzie. "I feel I failed her by not seeing it before she killed someone"

    "Come here" said Charity giving Mack a cuddle "None of this was your fault. She started killing before you were together"

    "Doesn't stop me from feeling guilty though. My stomach is churning. I remember I was with her on and off when Leanna died" said Mack. "She was always there for me when Aaron messed me about"

    "Right back to the sleeping arrangents. No way are you sleeping on your own in this state. I don't mind bunking up with you and I don't mean like that Mack. I will be wearing my flannelette onesie and you'll need a can opener to get into that" said Charity trying to cheer Mackenzie up.

    "I must admit it would be nice to feel someone's arms around me" said Mackensie holding his head down "Not for sex, I just want to feel loved" said an embarrased Mackenzie. "I feel everyone hates me"

    "You're just a lost little boy under that mop of hair aren't you" Charity said. "And no. Sex is definitely off limits"

    "Thanks for looking out for me Charity" said Mack

    "What about you and Aaron?" Asked Charity ruffling Mackenzies hair.

    "Well we are just friends. I can't let myself get too close to him as he's hurt me so many times. And I can't handle any more rejection." explained Mackenzie "All this with Meena has just about finished me off. So God knows what Liam and the others are going through. How do I face people knowing what she's done?"

    "Well what will be will be" said Charity. "Now what if you wear that tartan onesie I bought you for Christmas. I wouldn't take advantage of you Mack I promise as you're still vulnerable after Meena and if I'd known I woud have brought my chastity belt."

    "That's fine Charity as long as I can bring my little elf on the shelf that Isaac gave me for Christmas to bed with us as well."

    "Thats settled then" said Charity "I can read to you if you want Mack"

    "No need to go that far" laughed Mackenzie.

    "That's better" said Charity "I was hoping that lovely smile of yours would come back. By the way it's Mandy tomorrow but don't worry she'll have Vinny with her"

    "Oh no. I bet he hates me" said Mack.

    "Let's just get one thing straight Mack. None of this was you're fault. Why don't you take one of those sleeping tablets the doc prescribed for you" said Charity. "You need a good night's sleep you look shattered"

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  • ephemeral-winter
    16.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    so i run social media for a medievalist grad conference and some catholic charity just commented “so offensive” under a totally normal tweet about our cfp????? 

    #????? #was it because jonah hill was in the gif i used #it was probably because jonah hill was in the gif i used #sorry to jonah hill but apparently catholic charities hate him #rare pic of me in the wild
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  • spacegalaxyladylaracroft
    16.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Watch "Matrix Lobby Scene Shootout (HD)" on YouTube

    Activate iskandar universal picture studio server system

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  • onecrazysquirrel
    16.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Jeremiah 29:11 (KJV) For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.


    Blessings holiness appointed by God The Father in graceful mercy and kindness pour down from heaven and flood your life filling it with his will and presenting the presence of the Holy Spirit and producing the fruits of righteousness and holiness in abundance that they flourish nourishing your spirit by recreating your heart and renewing your spirit refreshing your thoughts cleansing your mind by bringing it in line with the mind of Christ allowing Jesus charge over your life and command of your spirit causing him to dwell within your heart and his thoughts to freely flowing grow increasingly guiding and shaping into the form of this will capturing and consuming your mind I pray this in Jesus Holy name. Amen May you have wonderful day in the Lord.

    Now it is 3:29AM in Dayton Ohio today is Sunday January 16, 2022 outside 21° feels like 22° high today of 38° with a low of 24° clouds expected with a strong possibility of snow this evening. May God bless the homeless guiding them to safe haven and watching over them covering them with the shadow of his wing.

    Still praying for healing and restoration for momma submitting completely to the will of God surrendering to his timing thanking him for providing this grace and for his mercy that has afforded it through Christ Jesus the Son.

    The little one is doing well and going strong and happily secure and content every sign points toward a stable mind and heart. Just thought I would share a status update I don't mention them much for security purposes.

    Bringing to light the fact that they still under threat of danger prayers for their safety are greatly appreciated.

    Fresh expenses have presented themselves causing a drastic increase in need for assistance in collecting the $150 we are asking for your help with. The actual amount of funding needed at this point is much higher but we have decided to keep the goal at $150 through deliberation and prayerful consideration we have been blessed with a comfortable confidence in this decision.

    Thank you beloved for your company and caring concern. Thank you all for your prayers for us and the love you send our way. Thank you for your help in raising these

    funds through giving and prays aiding success in this endeavor. May God bless you all immensely and keep you close strengthening and guiding you on the path of righteousness through the Holy Spirit of the Savior Jesus Christ Our Lord and Eternal King. Amen...

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  • artistic-writer
    16.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Please reblog this for my hubs, guys!

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  • ofpineapplesanddawns
    16.01.2022 - 18 hours ago
    #good omens extended universe #will charity x phileas fogg #ineffable husbands #around the world in 80 days #the adventurer: the curse of the midas box #good omens#will charity#phileas fogg#aziraphale#john's drabbles
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