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  • propaganda-for-poets
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    post-welton chameron reunion my beloved <3

    both of them being now mature enough to apologize and communicate properly my beloved <3

    cam being away from his parents and having more space to discover who he is and be so much more confident and happy my beloved <3

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  • mauvefayette6
    26.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Being Gay and In Love With Him

    DISCLAIMER!!: For this fic i will b using he/him pronouns!!

    Charlie Dalton: Charlie Dalton is charismatic, he is sensitive and a huge flirt. On valentines day despite it being an all boys school he'll receive 10 anonymous valentines day love letters. You were one of the unfortunate ones to be in love with Charlie Dalton, not only that but one of his closest friends. His best friend to be exact, you could never tell him how you feel mostly not when Charlie rejects everyone (he didn't want to "settle down").

    Gerard Pitts: All you could do was look at Gerard from afar, you were far too shy to do anything. All you could do was watch him, watch as he talked to his friends, his brown hair, his brown eyes, his flawless face and face structure. You took notice of everything about him, the way he scrunched his nose at the smell of oranges, or how he held up his pinkie despite drinking a soda pop, or how his hair manages to stay up even after he played soccer. You had a deep crush you knew would never be reciprocated.

    Knox Overstreet: Knox is one of the popular kids at Welton Academy, he had all the girls drooling and all the boys envying him. Except for you, you wanted to be with him, something you had troubles coming to term with. You were close friends to Neil Perry, who knew of your crush but didn't dare bring it up. You just watched Knox as he talked to Charlie. Jealousy would creep because Neil could freely talk to Knox without stuttering or your face heating up. You wished and longed for the opportunity to just kiss him, just hold his hand...

    Neil Perry: The first time you saw Neil was at the play, you had auditioned and got a minor part, much to your dismay. You wanted to play the main girl part but couldn't, only because they wouldn't allow you to. You watched as Neil rehearsed tirelessly. You watched as his face light up whenever he was on stage. Soon enough you found yourself crushing on him deeply. Although you wouldn't show it in fears of being kicked out of the play or banned. You just confirmed to being his friend and "mentor". You were sad but would rather be his friend then be nothing at all.

    Steven Meeks: You admired Meeks' intelligence and love for science. You thought it was admiration until you pointed it out to your sister who very boldly told you that you were in love with Meeks. You couldn't believe it at first, you? in "love" with another boy? Impossible... That's until you reflected and understood that most of the guys you "admired" you actually crushed on. It was hard but you accepted it. You got close to Meeks during chemistry when you two partnered up for a chemistry project. You felt yourself falling for him faster and faster.

    Todd Anderson: It was tricky being in love with Todd Anderson. Having to be not only with him but the leech of Neil Perry. Getting "alone time" with Todd was hard, he shared a room with Neil, had the same friend group as Neil, did all the same things Neil Perry did. You couldn't stand it, you just wanted to be friends with Todd and, but you just couldn't get Neil away from Todd. You understood though, Neil was his best friend but you couldn't help but just be jealous of their friendship longing that it was "you and Todd" and not "Neil and Todd".

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  • hannibalsvest
    25.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    dps headcannons

    u know the drill lol

    ~when the boys are all gone charlie streams 1989 by taylor and yes he knows all the words

    ~todd is such a good artist he specializes in drawing tho definitely an amazing shader

    ~every time neil finds a flower he picks it and gives it to todd and then todd presses them into a little journal with the date and where they were

    ~pitts tries to do his eyeliner sometimes, he isn’t the best but he tries and gets rlly happy when he makes small improvements sometimes 

    ~even when meeks gets to choose his own outfits all he wears is sweaters especially bright colored ones

    ~knox can’t watch horror movies for the life of him and the boys love to tease him about it 

    ~some times they all put on secret little plays in english class. lots of shakespeare 

    that’s all i can think of rn but i definitely wanna make more

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  • renmeissance
    25.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    nobody, not a single living soul:

    my brain, on loop: “use meeks’ coat.” “use meeks’ coat !!1!1!1!”

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  • girl-at-welton
    25.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Alright, friends! If you have any requests for fics or headcanons for any of the dead poets x reader, please send them in!

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  • my-mausoleum
    25.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    jeffery anderson is bisexual and i take absolutely zero criticism

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  • thecharliedalton
    25.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    I would like to request Charlie Dalton’s hand in marriage. 

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  • rsbry-beret
    25.09.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Chameron shippers come get yalls juice

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  • deadpoetssocietyexept
    25.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Modern dead poets society except Chris forced Knox and the other poets to get acrylic nails

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  • mauvefayette6
    25.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Music He Listens To

    Charlie Dalton:

    At heart Charlie Dalton is a Jazz lover, but nothing pumps him up like some rap. Yes Benny Goodman, Eliza Fitzgerald, and Frank Sinatra are bangers to him. Put some 50 cent, Akon, or Eminem and there's not stopping him. His favorite song being P.I.M.P by 50cent and Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice.

    Gerard Pitts:

    Gerard loves all sorts of music, he'll listen to anything on the radio. But if he was DJ while you drove (or while he drove) he'd put some Bon Jovi, Journey, David Bowie, or Queen. He knows all the lyrics to all songs by Bon Jovi and wished he could go see them perform. He'll randomly start singing "Who's Crying Now" or Bohemian Rhapsody.

    Knox Overstreet:

    Contrary to popular belief Knox is a huge lover of pop music. Ariana Grande, Doja Cat, Lana Del Rey, you name it. Play any song by Doja Cat and Knox becomes a stripper out of no where, pole and everything. He introduces you to Lana Del Rey and collects her albums in Vinyl.

    Neil Perry:

    Oh yes stereotypically Neil would be into Musicals, and he is! The Rocky Horror Picture Show being one of his favorites simply because of how weird and complex it is. But his favourite genre of music is nu-metal. Envision Neil Perry listening to Korn while he studied. His friends would've never seen it coming that he was listening to a bunch of white men screaming. He truly loves it though and he'll randomly start to sing "Twist" by Korn or attempt to sing along to Psychosocial by Slipknot.

    Steven Meeks:

    Steven Meeks, the true lover of the radio. He loves all sorts of genres and would hate to limit himself to only one genre. But he truly loves Cumbia and Banda. He rarely understands anything they're saying but adores the sound of their voices. He'll occasionally listen to Reggeton, som Bad Bunny or Daddy Yankee, but nothing hits the same as listening to "Los Ángeles Azules".

    Todd Anderson:

    Todd Andersons true heart lies in old-fashioned music. Not 80s or 90s but 50s, 60s, and some 40s. He loves to dance to Elvis Presley or Doris Day. He collects Vinyl's and consumes media from that time. He disagrees with the 50s/60s/40s and their ideologies but adores the music. His favorites being swing music and some jazz but mostly pop music from the time.

    master list

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  • mauvefayette6
    25.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Getting High Together


    Charlie Dalton: Charlie is a super happy when he is high, he is full of energy and would do anything if he was asked. You thought he'd be more peaceful if he were high but nope not even indica made him calm.

    Gerard Pitts: Gerard and you were 420 friendly. Getting high after school/work at all times. Gerard did it more so he could relax after something stressful you did it for funzies and because why not? Gerard is very relaxed when he is high very different to you.

    Knox Overstreet: Knox didn't want to get high, he didn't like it because he wanted to take care of his lungs. So instead you gave him some edibles and he loved it. He is mild when it comes to being high, he thinks everything is funny but sadly his eyes turn red so he has to wear sunglasses.

    Neil Perry: Neil takes a wee bit of indica before a show so he could relax and not go crazy. He doesn't take it for anything else but for when he performs. You like to take it with him in his dressing room. His eyes don't turn red and he acts mostly like his usual self except more relaxed.

    Steven Meeks: Steven is very very 420 friendly, as a person who loves to research things he did some research about weed and its benefits and the bad. He found that it would help his performance and help him stay grounded. You and him liked to smoke a bit before classes and before major events.

    Todd Anderson: Todd didn't like weed, he thought it smelt terrible and you chose to not smoke in front of him. That's until he asked you, you gave him a hybrid of indica and sativa and chose to give him edibles. He liked how floaty he felt when he was high. He thought everything was a lot funnier then it was and he was a lot more creative when high.

    master list

    #charlie dalton#gerard pitts#knox overstreet#neil perry#steven meeks#todd anderson #dead poets society #dead poets society scenarios #dps #charlie dalton x reader #gerard pitts x reader #knox overstreet x reader #neil perry x reader #steven meeks x reader #tod anderson x reader
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  • mauvefayette6
    25.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Wearing Matching Clothes

    Charlie Dalton: Charlie and you were that cheesy couple that had a matching sweater you bought at an amusement park. You liked wearing his hoodie more though, only because it smelled like him. "You two are the cheesiest couple I've ever met." His friends would say whenever they saw you two wearing the matching sweater. "You're just jealous." He would say back sticking his tongue out.

    Gerard Pitts: You bought him a matching t-shirt when you and your family went to Paris on vacation. He loved it so much he would wear it all the time. Meeks, his best friend, would notice a lot and just grin. You and Pitts wore it at the same time unintentionally once and his whole friend group wouldn't let it go.

    Knox Overstreet: Knox and you shared the same wardrobe practically. He dressed just like you and you dressed just like him. Although fortunately you two didn't go to the same school so his friends wouldn't notice. That's till you showed up at a Poets meeting wearing the exact same thing as he did.

    Neil Perry: Neil loved buying you stuff and he found it adorable buying you shirts that he had too. You found it too cheesy but loved how excited he would get when he would hand you the clothes. His friends didn't like it very much and would yell "get a room" a lot of the times.

    Steven Meeks: Steven and you had very different taste in clothes and shopped at completely different stores. That's until you found one of those "I'm with stupid" t-shirts. You thought it was hilarious and couldn't help but buy the shirts. Steven hated it, but after hours of begging he finally wore it.

    Todd Anderson: Although it wasn't very "matching" you and Todd wore similar outfits although different colours/style. He would have a white suit and you'd have a black suit/dress. That or if he ever wore a suit you'd match his shirt, say his shirt was black you'd wear a black shirt and white suit/black dress. Or you's match his pattern. If his shirt was plaid your trousers/skirt would be plaid.

    master list

    #charlie dalton#gerard pitts#knox overstreet#neil perry#steven meeks#todd anderson #dead poets society #dead poets society scenarios #charlie dalton x reader #dps #gerard pitts x reader #knox overstreet x reader #neil perry x reader #steven meeks x reader #tod anderson x reader
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  • propaganda-for-poets
    25.09.2021 - 18 hours ago

    cameron would absolutely love autumn.

    he'd love to go on long walks by himself, watch how the leaves have rusted and flown of their branches, how the lake reflects the clouds covering up the clear blue of the sky, he'd love the chilly weather and the people running around in their coats and their gloves and their collars covering up their necks, he'd love the bright colors of the children's hats in the park breaking out from the bronze of the season, he'd love to sit in his dorm late at night, memorizing latin translations while the rain patters on the window, as if asking to be let in, he'd love that he can finally breathe cool air again after the heat of the summer. he'd love autumn, even if he always had to spend it alone.

    and then charlie comes along, and he won't ever catch him leaving the room without slipping into his shoes and insisting to come with, to walk along the lake together, to stomp on the fallen leaves and hear them crunch, it's something cameron had never noticed before about autumn and he finds it endearing that charlie has. charlie's scarf is colored bright green and he'll let cameron wrap it around his shoulders, and the color is so out of place, cam would complain about it, how much it stands out from orange trees and orange pavements, but he actually does love that scarf, it would be so unlike charlie to blend in with the warmth of the background and he doesn't, charlie's always been a man of spring anyways. but he notices how cameron fits right in, with copper hair and rosy cheeks and face pattered with freckles all over, how he'll inhale the season and recharge his whole body, and he'd love autumn, cause it was so clearly made for cameron.

    #🩹 jace posts #pov it's autumn and you're hyperfixated on dps #it's OUR SEASON Y'ALL #GO NUTS #dead poets society #dps#richard cameron#charlie dalton#chameron #AUTUMN CHAMERON <33333
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  • mauvefayette6
    25.09.2021 - 18 hours ago

    They Love Him ... (Todd Anderson x GN!Reader)

    (They/them pronouns)

    Todd Anderson is know to be the shyest person at Welton Academy. He has friends, not many, but he has friends. His best friend is Neil Perry, arguable the most popular at Welton Academy and one of the smartest there.

    Neil was always in the spotlight, parties, football, and on stage. Todd didn't like being in Neil's shadow, even his parents would compare the two.

    "why can't you be more like neil?"

    "where did we go wrong as parents?"

    "you should learn something from neil"

    It went on and on, his parents never let it go and Todd began to become frustrated.

    That's until a new student came to Welton Sophomore year. Oh and they were just so breathtakingly attractive.

    They played sports, were in hundreds of clubs, their hair shined, and they were outspoken and kept their head high.

    It was safe to say that Todd had fallen in love with them the second he set eyes on them. But again, Neil was always first when it came to making friends.

    They followed Neil and Todd everywhere, parties, clubs, during lunch, breakfast, and dinner. Everywhere they went they followed along.

    Todd didn't mind, in fact he loved having them around. That's until Neil got close to them.

    "want to go to a party?"

    "going to the game?"

    "oh! you're joining the play?"

    Todd felt jealousy creeping and wasn't very happy.

    "Hey Todd, want to go to a party with Neil and I?" They would ask. Neil never protested, Neil adored Todd.

    "Oh, sure! I'd um.. really like to." Todd would smile and follow them to wherever the party was.

    "You'll love it there. Knox's girlfriend invited us, and well I love it when it's the three of us." They would smile at Todd causing him to blush.

    "Oh, thanks for inviting me then." Todd would shyly smile looking at the floor before Neil would chime in.

    "We're close, just a few more blocks!"

    Soon enough they arrived at the party where unfortunately they all separated.

    Neil walked to Knox who was with a group of people.

    (Y/n) walked over to Chris and a group of girls.

    And Todd, well Todd just sat down on a couch where a group of couples were making out.

    A drunk high school student stumbled his way next to Todd offering him a drink.

    "No thank you." Todd said.

    "I sense a sad energy here, most likely coming from you innit? What's your deal?" The high schooler would ask.

    "There's no issue. Never has been." Todd muttered as the high school rolled his eyes.

    "The names Jake, I go to Ridgeway, you?" Jake asked taking a sip from his drink.

    "Todd." He replied.

    Todd looked around before spotting (Y/n), they were standing there drink in hand laughing and chatting.

    "You like them don't you?" Jake said taking another sip of his drink. Todd scoffed looking away before turning back to look at them.

    Just as he turned to look at them Neil inched closer to them and put his arm around their shoulder laughing.

    "They like him..." Todd sighed turning away not wanting to look at them. It pained him how unable he was to just talk to them, just tell them, it couldn't hurt.

    "You should tell them." Jake whispered taking another sip of his drink before standing and stumbling away.

    'You should tell them' rang in his ears, as if mocking him.

    Todd stood up and left the party. The cold air hit him instantly as he made his way back to Welton. He wasn't going to stay another minute at a place he knew he wasn't welcomed at.

    Besides he wasn't invited so why should he be there?

    "Todd!" Someone called his name but he didn't turn, he continued to walk. He heard loud foot steps nearing him before he was yanked and forced to face the individual.

    "What?" Todd asked angrily.

    "Excuse me. I should be the mad one here, what the hell?" They said, Todd glared at the ground scoffing to himself.

    "Why does it matter? It's not like my presence was needed. You and Neil could've managed just fine." Todd said allowing a fee tears to fall from his blue eyes.

    "Todd quit being dramatic. We invited you because we obviously wanted you there!" They shouted letting go of Todd's arm.

    Todd looked into their eyes, Carpe Diem. Todd placed his hand on their cheek and brought them in for a kiss.

    (Y/n) was surprised to sag the least but kissed back immediately. They deepened the kiss their hand now on both of Todds cheeks.

    It was a while before they bulled away, Todds face pink and hot. (Y/n) place their forehead on Todds and with a smile they pecked his lips.

    "Bold. I like the bold Todd Anderson. I thought you would never kiss me." They laughed placing their hand on Todd's hand.

    "I-" Todd began but was cut off by (Y/n) placing their lips on his, he kissed back and thats how it went.

    They'd pull away smile, laugh then kiss again, long pecks, short pecks. It was cold and Todd's nose turned pink. They headed back to the party where a drunk Neil was dancing on the table sloppily singing to "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen.

    master list

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  • inureflower
    25.09.2021 - 18 hours ago


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  • mauvefayette6
    25.09.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Dating Charlie Dalton Would Include:

    • Hand kisses

    • Diner dates

    • Sharing a milkshake

    • Swing dancing

    • Teaching you how to play the saxophone

    • Him playing his saxophone

    • Him playing a random instrument while you try to study

    • Dumb arguments

    • Weird nicknames

    • Quoting "That 70s Show"

    • Lots of "Dammit Jackie!"

    • Sneaking out at night

    • French kissing

    • Cuddles

    • Reading him poetry

    • Sending him love letters

    • Calling him Romeo

    • Him throwing rocks at your window to catch your attention

    • Watching Disney movies

    • Lots of Vacations

    • Flirty jokes

    master list

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