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    12.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    TXT (Tomorrow X Together) click and drag #7

    your birthday party with TXT


    my birthday it’s on October and still long way to go LOOL

    but anyways, happy birthday for anyone celebrate it today~


    -party decoration

    -his idea of this party

    -prepare food (include cake)

    -cover your eyes to lead you the place

    -start sing birthday song & everyone sing along

    -prepared the gift you want for so long

    all cr. myself
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    12.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Years To Get Over You || Taehyun || 🔥

    Summary: Taehyun and you had past together as a lover for 2 years before it went wrong due to you falling in and out love. Years passed by now and it hurt you to know that he has moved on and has someone replacing you.

    **Based from "Years" by Astrid and my own love life experience.

    Genre: Angst

    Pairing: Taehyun x Female Reader

    Warning: None

    Song Playlist: Years - Astrid

    You and your high school friends planned to go to a coffee shop nearby your high school for a get together (reunion) and that's where you are all at right now. All of you ordered some pastry dessert with a favorite drink in which you ordered a caramel macchiato.

    "Oh? You finally ordered a caramel macchiato?" Eugene, one of your friend asked you as if she can't believe her eyes. You might ask why is she being shocked over a simple drink order. Well here is the answer.

    Caramel Macchiato used to be the favorite drink of you and Kang Taehyun. Your first love and ex from high school. You would never order or drink a caramel macchiato after the break up because it would remind you of him when you're working hard to forget him.

    It took years for you to get over the break up and moved on from him because at the end of the day, you knew that it was your mistake that both of you ended.

    During the high school years, Taehyun and you used to be classmates for 3 years. Other than that, you and Taehyun also used to date each other for 2 years being each other's first love.

    But it was an on and off relationship. You fell in and out of love twice during the relationship which leads to the on and off relationship.

    He treated you well enough. He even forgive and gave you the second chance which you blew up. You don't know why but even you yourself just can't seem to find the answer why and how you fell out of love with him.

    At some point, both of you got into different class after the final break up and tried to move on from each other. The two of you stopped talking and interacting with each other at school.

    You'd passed by or bump into each other occasionally at school but both of you would try to ignore and brush it off ignoring each other's presence. And this goes on until the prom and graduation day.

    Fast forward few years later, both of you lost contact with each other. Which basically means that you don't know what he is up to or doing now. It would be a lie to say that you never miss him.

    In fact, you would think of him every single minute when you remember about those days when you're with him. The truth is that you knew that he moved on faster than you because you saw him with another girl which you identify as one of his classmate at that time during the prom.

    That's when you realized how much you've hurt him before and how broken he is when he was with you. When you love someone who has someone, you know that it's too late to turn back the time.

    "Yeah I'm starting to drink caramel macchiato these days. I missed the taste of it." You replied nonchalantly as you take a sip of your caramel macchiato. "You missed the caramel macchiato or you missed him?" Hana, your friend who sits on your left side asked trying to tease you being oblivious about how you're feeling about your past with Taehyun.

    "Ah, right. Did you ever contact him again? Or did he ever contact you? You know.. After the graduation." Eugene carefully asked afraid of hurting your feeling. You sip your caramel macchiato trying preparing yourself to open up to your friends. "No we didn't. After the graduation both of us made our own way and that was it. No contact, no messages or text, no phone calls, nothing.." You spaced out as you talk.

    Hana runs her hand on your back trying to give you comfort. "It must be hard for you.." Hana said sighing as she sympathize with your love life. You chuckled but there's sadness in it. "It's harder for him to be compared with me. I fell in and out of love with him. Twice. I was stupid to let him go and dumb for not knowing the reason why I did that to him. He deserves better than me anyway." You look away as you feel like crying.

    "Well.. We can't really blame you. I mean, uhh.." Hana took a glance at Eugene trying to find the right word to say to you. "You should stop blaming yourself babe. Past is past, okay? let bygones be bygones. There's still a lot of guys, men out there." Eugene hold your hand in her own trying to comfort and console you.

    "It's my mistake. I should have treat him better. I saw him with another girl during the prom. She was his classmate I guess. They look perfect together. I wish it was me that he hold, hug and kissed at that time. It hurt me when I saw him with her." You hung your head low as you remember the way you hurt him before.

    Eugene then hold your hand while Hana hug you sideway to give you emotional support knowing that you still need the time to get over the break up and move on from Taehyun for real.

    Eugene then managed to change the topic which lightened up the mood so the three of you spent a good time during the reunion. Skip to few hours later, you're on your way home when you remember about what Hana said to you as you parted ways from the coffee shop.

    "Hey, I forgot to mention this but I actually have Taehyun's number. I date this Soobin guy and turned out he is friends with Taehyun. Bestfriend to be precise. So.. I'm one call or text away if you want his number." She then pats your shoulder as she bid you her goodbye.

    You took a shower and cook yourself a dinner after a long day of catching up with Eugene and Hana. As you eat your dinner in silence, you began contemplating whether to ask Hana or not about Taehyun's number.

    You've made up your mind and was about to call Hana when she called you first saying that Soobin is holding a reunion party at a restaurant that he already booked for tomorrow. "Hey, I hope I don't disturb you or anything but I just call you to let you know that Soobin is holding a reunion party tomorrow at xx restaurant. You straightened your posture as you listen attentively to what she's saying.

    "Who did he invite? Do you know any people that he's going to invite?" You asked with hidden agenda.

    "He invited some of his friends and other people from our batch. From what I know, he's inviting Choi Beomgyu, Choi Yeonjun and definitely Hueningkai. He told me that I can invite my friend as well so I'm inviting you and Eugene. She's gonna come so I really want you to come as well."

    You sighed. "I'll think abou-" You didn't managed to finish your word as Hana beat you to it. "Taehyun is gonna be there too!" Hana exclaimed followed by the silence from the two of you. "Please, do come. I'll text you the detail later. I'm expecting you to come." Hana said her last word before she hang up on you.

    You passed out lying on your bed with your eyes shut. "Shit what do I do now?" your heart whispered. And the next thing you now you're picking out your outfit for tomorrow.

    As soon as you've arrived at the reunion party, Hana and Eugene immediately greet you. "We know that you can make it! He hasn't come yet but you gotta wait for him." Eugene gave a nod to Hana's word. "Yeah, let's take a seat first." And so, the three of you picked a seat next to each other. You just listen to the conversations there without a feeling to say anything as you wait for Taehyun's arrival.

    It's only 20 minutes later that you finally see the figure that you've been missing. "Hey guys, sorry that I'm late. I picked up Hera earlier that's why." He then show his signature smile. The one that you would always see when you're still with him years ago. All of people there tease Taehyun as he showed up with a girl. The fact that you recognized her as the girl from the prom day with Taehyun hit you hard.

    "Oh? Are you and Hera like.." Beomgyu made a gesture with his fingers. "a thing now?" Taehyun hung his head low as he chuckled before he turned to Hera and smiled at her. "Yeah, It's been 3 years now." Hera said with her hands linking to Taehyun's arm. Soon after that, the whole space filled with clap and teasing from our schoolmates there.

    "Damn that's like.. Was it during the prom year or a year before that?" Soobin said in disbelief. Couldn't handle the fact and the information that you've heard especially coming from him, you grabbed a glass of soju pouring it into your glass silently.

    You drank it in one go before you placed it a little bit hard on the table which create a loud sound. Everyone is too focus and caught up in Taehyun's dating news except you including Hana and Eugene who's worried for you. Little did you know, Taehyun does noticed your presence from the moment you pour yourself a glass of soju.

    "Hm? I see that you're here too." He smiled. "It's good to see you again." He softly mentioned your name. You try your best not to cry as you reply to him "Yeah. Hana invited me so I'm here." You're about to pour yourself another glass of soju before he beat you to it. "You sure like soju I guess. It's your second glass already."

    You stopped pouring it midway. Eugene put the glass away from you. Now the atmosphere turns cold because some people there did know about your past with Taehyun.

    "Nah, I still like caramel macchiato better than soju." You replied nonchalantly to him which captured his attention more than ever. "Ah, I see. I guess you- No. We haven't changed at all. Do we?" He said emphasizing the "We" in his word. Hera shifts beside him while the other didn't know what to do. Thankfully, Eugene save the situation and the atmosphere there.

    "Ahaha, I think that's enough introduction over there. Now that everyone is here, shall we dig in the food? I'm already hungry over here." putting on an act of rubbing her stomach, you are really thankful to her.

    But you don't feel like eating so you excused yourself to the toilet. Hana and Eugene exchanged glances with each other before Hana get up and followed you to the toilet. As soon as she enter the bathroom, she saw that you're crying and immediately hug you rubbing her hands on your back.ding

    "I'm so sorry babe, I really am. I don't know that he is still with her and I swear I wouldn't ask and invite you to come here. It's all my fault, I shouldn't have encourage you to come now look at what I've done to you." She cries along with you. You shook your head which she's holding at the moment.

    "No Hana, you did nothing wrong. It's all my fault.. If only I treated him well back then." You couldn't continue your word as you keep on crying because that's all you can do right now.

    After time passes by, you have finally calmed yourself down with Hana helping you to fix your make up and smile. She went out first to give you some time to yourself which you appreciated it. When you go out of the bathroom, you saw Taehyun leaning onto the wall as if he's waiting for someone there.

    You tried to pass by him but it failed because he managed to catch one of your hand when you walked over him. "Can we talk?" You froze hearing his word. "Please, privately. Just the two of us. It will be quick I'll make sure of it." Taehyun tried to convince you.

    You take a deep breath before you agreed to his request. "Sure." You nod your head. He then slowly let go of your hand as you followed him to a more private and quiet space to have the conversation. "How are you doing?" He asked as both of you look at the city view from the large window at the place where he brought you.

    "I'm doing good as you can see now." He turned his face to look at you. "But it doesn't look like it to me." This time you're facing him. Which makes the both of you looking at each other. "Then why did you ask if it's obvious to you?" You don't mean to sound harsh to him but you just can't help it when you still love someone who has someone.

    "I just want to know if you're gonna be honest with me. You really are the same person that I used to know before." He said as he put his hands on the pocket of his jean. You blinked your eyes numerous of time as tears are threatening to fall on your face. "Did you just bring me here only to hurt me more? Stop putting the salt into my wounds. I don't need it and I don't need you to fake your friendliness."

    He slightly chuckled as he make one step closer to you. "So it's true that you still can't forget me and move on. I never fake anything around people I am with unlike you. I should be the one to say that because we both know who's the victim here. We can still interact with each other but I hope that you would stop playing the victim in the relationship. It's gonna make you look bad."

    You clenched your fist and teeth as you heard him talking. "What do you want?" At this point you don't care about the tears on your face or the humility and embarrassment that you feel right now. You just want him to disappear and be gone infront of you.

    He give you one last hug which taken you back being shocked by his unpredictable action. "Consider this as our last hug because I want to let you know that I can't return your feelings. I have someone that I have to take care of her feeling and we both know who she is already. I don't want to hurt Hera the way you hurt me." You shut your eyes tightly not wanting him to continue with his word because you know it's gonna wreck you more.

    Taehyun ran his hand on your hair softly brushing them still not breaking the hug. "I hope you understand. We can still be friend and that's all we will ever be from this moment. I'm sorry but I really can't accept your feelings. I might and will care for you but only as a friend, no more and no less than that." His hand stopped brushing your hair and the hug broke as he look at you before he wipe the tears on your cheek.

    There's not a single tear on his face which break you more inside knowing that he really meant what he said. Seeing that you have nothing left to say to him, he made his way out of the place leaving you there alone by yourself crying over your mistake again. It's your mistake and you know your heart is gonna break over and over again.

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    12/05/21 Soobin’s Tweet

    여러분 진짜 이거 한번 들어주실 분? 

    진짜 딱 한번만 속는셈 치고 앨범 전곡재생 해보실 분?? 

    진짜 노래 너무 좋은데.. 진짜로 

    미쳤는데 진짜... 



    Everyone can you give this a listen just once? 

    Really please, just one time and then would you listen to the full album too??

    The songs are so good.. seriously

    For real, it's really insane..


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    ~ Soobin Lockscreens ~

    ✨Like/reblog if you save✨
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    -ˋˏ txt + random angst prompts i think ab before i go to bed ˎˊ-

    [ ༻❁༺ ] foreword : have i cried from said prompts before? yes.

    [ ༻❁༺ ] warnings : angst, mentions of insults, infidelity, and implied death

    [ ༻❁༺ ] genre : angst

    the other members under the cut !

    choi yeonjun ; he didn’t mean those words.

    yeonjun held his breath as he realized the words that just left his mouth. the red he saw in his eyes dissipated into thin air, realizing the weight of his anger as he watched his hurtful attacks sink into your system. his hand twitched to reach out to you, his throat itching to say something, anything to take back what he just said. he didn’t think it would, or could escalate this far. his heart clenched as he watched you close your mouth, taking back anything you were going to say back to him. countless regrets were swimming in his head in that moment, and he was unsure if he could ever reverse the damage he already dealt.

    he watched as you simply turned away from him amidst his growing self-loathing, his legs paralyzed as he watched you turn around and exit the door with tears pooling in your eyes. in the blink of an eye you were gone; truth be told, he didn’t know when he forced himself to stumble to the sofa and sit down, his breathing heavy and panicky. you weren’t in the wrong for any of this, he only had himself to blame. yeonjun had no excuse to lash out the way he did—you didn’t deserve to become his punching bag.

    yeonjun sat in silence, unmoving as he hoped and prayed you’d walk back through those doors for a chance to explain himself and apologize profusely. he waited hours in the same position, zoning in and out of his thoughts with a rigid posture over the sofa. he needed to tell you he didn’t mean what he said. you should know, right? that he’d never do anything to hurt you.

    but the longer he waited, the more he realized just how little of a chance he was going to get.

    choi soobin ; you were almost enough.

    you didn’t understand how soobin could be so cruel with pushing you away, his face void of any emotion as he placed his hands in his pockets. his words were indefinite, and though you tried so many times to see through his harsh attitude, all attempts were futile in the end. he was wicked enough to let you believe you were worth staying for, when you should’ve known the truth from the start.

    it took soobin everything in him to stop himself from yelling out to you, his fingers shaking as he watched you disappear into the distance. did you not notice the way his voice faltered when he told you to leave? did you ignore how he purposely didn’t look at you? he was sure it was a sign he didn’t actually mean it. he’s the one who always told you that he didn’t mean anything he said unless he was staring into your eyes. his heart fell to his stomach as the image of you fading, lifting his hand to his face to the fresh feeling of crying.

    you didn’t deserve to have your feelings toyed with, nor did you deserve to be treated like a game. soobin’s lips quivered as he clutched a fistful of fabric around his chest, unsure of what to do next. he was such a fool to let you walk away so easily, he was the idiot for not trying hard enough. even worse—you left thinking that you weren’t good enough. the words were there, right at the tip of his tongue—he knew he wasn’t worthy of you, nor your heart.

    you left thinking you were almost enough for him to stay, but soobin stayed knowing you were always more than enough—and he’d never be able to measure up.

    choi beomgyu ; you weren’t different from the rest.

    there was a different kind of pain that traveled through beomgyu’s system as he came face to face with you, your face horrified at the scene before you. the body that clung to him, lips pulled with the smirk both you and him knew all too well. he didn’t even have the strength to pull away—how could he? you saw the damage he dealt. you saw how he broke his promise, his end of the deal. you didn’t even need to ask why—you had always known he would never be satisfied, even if facing the truth brought pain.

    beomgyu couldn’t stop you as you simply feigned calmness, his face dropping as you smiled at him, nodding in understanding as you simply took the initiative to walk past him. he managed to pull his arm away from the other as he tried to follow you, but with each step he took, you seemed to walk faster. no words were shared between the two of you—he knew he messed up. the worst part was, he’d never get another chance to make up for it.

    he promised he’d mend his ways for a chance with you. thinking about it now, beomgyu didn’t even know why he relapsed back into how he was before. he was better than those temptations, that the only physical contact he needed was with you. you warned him, so many times—you’d leave if he went back on his word. you reminded him over and over again, for fear you’d get hurt in the end. and he swore up and down that he’d never do anything to hurt you.

    but in the end, you ended up being the same as everyone else. and he was left alone, back again at square one.

    kang taehyun ; give up, he’s won the war.

    taehyun didn’t realize just how much you knew of the enemy, how easy it was for him to slip up and get too comfortable with you by his side. he filled your visions of a romeo and juliet fantasy, where the two of you could run away together and start anew. and you fell for it—you fell for him. a perfect man, so charming, endearing—

    until you found out he wasn’t.

    his heart sank when he saw that knowing glint in your eyes—the one that told him that you knew everything he wished you didn’t. how he was in on the plan to use you for infiltration, to tie your heartstrings to the kite that would soar for his family, warring against yours. taehyun didn’t know how or when something changed in him, how your smile enchanted him in ways he promised his father he’d never succumb to. he wasn’t allowed to fall for the bait—yet his heart yearned for him to admit the truth when you appeared, tear-struck and betrayed in front of him.

    he wasn’t allowed to apologize for the things he did—the plan was fool proof, he just happened to land in the worst case scenario. he created an apathetic facade as you tried to search for answers through him, looking for any sign that this was just a nightmare. he rooted his feet to the ground when you realized you wouldn’t get anything from him, clenching his jaw as you took a deep breath, wiping your tears before walking away.

    taehyun was the reason they won the war, but he felt no desire to celebrate. what good was a victory, when loss was all he received in return?

    hueningkai ; he’ll love you when he’s gone.

    hueningkai didn’t know how to comfort you in such a heartbreaking time, reeling from the way you cowered into a corner when he appeared in your bedroom, his body translucent and shimmery—the way ghosts would appear in movies. his non beating heart wrenched in agony as you screamed profanities at him, yelling for the hallucinations, the misery to leave your head. he wanted to reach out and touch you, to comfort you that everything was alright.

    his departure from this world was all too soon—there were so many things he wanted to do with you, to see with you. hueningkai wanted to stay with you. he watched you shrink into the corner of your bedroom, lethargically walking step-by-step forward to not alarm you. you had no more fighting power to throw anything his way—your chest heaved with pain as the ghost of your beloved knelt beside you, a sad smile on his lips as another round of tears welled up in your swollen eyes.

    he didn’t know what to say, how to apologize for hurting you the way he did. he didn’t know how much longer he had left before he had to depart from this world—but he had to try. hueningkai reached forward and tried to caress your cheek with his thumb, gulping nervously as he watched you try to lean into his touch. he felt nothing, but the way you closed your eyes to imagine him next to you was enough for him to relax. no words were spared between the two of you as he spent his last moments with you, nothing but love shared between you two until he heard bells ringing from afar. he turned to you then, noticing how his own body flickered in front of you.

    though you cried once more, you nodded and whispered goodbye, before you’d lose the opportunity for good. hueningkai left a final kiss on your forehead—a sign that he’ll always love you, even when he’s gone.

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    11.05.2021 - 13 hours ago

    fight, flight or FREEZE ❄

    the concept trailer is so cool!! (the pun intended)

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    11.05.2021 - 17 hours ago

    내 영원이 돼줘 내 이름 불러줘 Run away, run away

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    11.05.2021 - 20 hours ago

    choi soobin - misfortune pt.3 (final)

    Pairing: Choi Soobin x Reader | Genre: angst, fluff, enemies to lovers, best friend to lovers | Warnings: hints at sexual assault, alcohol consumption, reader is a bit of a bitch at times, swearing, mentions of suicide attempt, themes of depression, mental health struggles | WC: 2.5k

    pt.1, pt.2, pt.3 (final)

    A year later

    True to your words, Soobin had you back. You two talked constantly either over phone calls as well as facetime or just simple sms. He had filled you in on everything that had happened since you two stopped talking. How he had hoped that you would come barrelling down the stairs to the train on the day he left to tell him you were sorry and that you were happy for him. Or how nervous he was when he was chosen to be in the debuting group that year and wanted nothing more than to call you but he couldn’t. The nerves and anxiety he experienced when they chose him to be the leader because he didn’t think he really had any leader qualities and wouldn’t fit the position well.

    How nervous he was when it was finally time for them to step on stage and debut, how relieved and happy he felt after. Though, he was sad that he couldn’t call and tell you all about it, he just wished that you had watched it to begin with. He wasn’t all that surprised when you told him you hadn’t. That you had completely ignored anything having to do with him so that your heart would stop aching.

    His schedule was busy and you couldn’t talk all the time, but whenever he did have free time, he was calling you. The two of you had grown a lot closer the past year and it felt like old times. Almost. There was a budding feeling in you that you scarcely felt back then that was hitting you full force this time around.

    You had feelings for him. More than platonic feelings.

    A large smile would spread across your face when you would see his name pop up in your notifications. Butterflies would erupt all around your stomach when you would watch their performance videos or see his bunny smile on your phone screen.

    It didn’t take long for Jisoo to catch on that someone else was in your life. And it didn’t take long for her to break you down and for you to spill everything to her. How you knew him a few years back, with a lot of history, briefly touching on why you two stopped talking, the shock when you saw him again, the day you two had met up to talk and now.

    “How can I tell him?” You whined as you rolled on to your stomach and buried your face in your pillows. 

    Jisoo snorted at your dramatics and rolled her eyes, “Just tell him, Y/N. Fate brought you two together again for a reason. It’s meant to be!”

    You groaned in annoyance. You loved Jisoo dearly, but her belief in all this fate and soulmate crap really got on your nerves sometimes, “Are they even allowed to date? They can’t date! His fans would literally murder me.”

    “Heard about a secret relationship? It also makes it that much more exciting,” Jisoo winked at you and you flipped her off. She huffed, “I’m only trying to help.”

    You knew she was, but confessing that you have feelings for someone who is supposed to be your best friend? That was scarier than confessing to an absolute stranger. Plus, you were pretty sure that Soobin didn’t even feel an ounce of the same way you did. He simply saw you as his best friend. Besides, the two had just gotten things back to normal. He was finally back in your life and you in his, you couldn’t jeopardize that. Then again, maybe you were just having these weird feelings and emotions right now because you two were finally talking again and you had missed him. That had to be it.

    Soobin, on the other hand, was experiencing the same dilemma. He always loved you in some type of way, he just never expected it to blossom to be more than a friend or sister, “You look troubled, my friend,” Beomgyu teased as he handed him a bottle of water. Soobin took it and drank some, shrugging his shoulders.  

    “How do you tell someone you like them?” He asked and Beomgyu choked on his drink.

    “You think I would know?! I’m just a baby!” Soobin rolled his eyes and the topic was dropped as Beomgyu droned on about how he was too young to know how to like girls or talk to them.

    “Who do you like?” Yeonjun asked with a glint in his eyes. Soobin narrowed his. Yeonjun knew about you and he also knew that Soobin was talking to you again. Soobin told him about when you two had met up because he was gushing to tell someone.

    “Y/N perhaps?” Yeonjun teased with a smirk.

    “The ghost girl? The one we aren’t even sure exists?!” Taehyun played along.

    “Yah! She’s real,” Soobin scolded and the others just laughed.  

    “Sure, sure hyung,” Taehyun said, Whatever helps you sleep at night.”

    For weeks you two tip-toed around the tension. There would be times you’d catch Soobin staring at you when he thought you were too occupied by whatever you were doing. Sometimes when you two had the opportunity to walk around the town, you would catch him going to hold your hand then stop himself and shove it in his pocket instead.

    You found yourself complimenting him a lot more than you normally would. When he would change his hair you would tell him how good it looked. Sometimes you’d compliment his clothes even if it was just a simple t-shirt and sweatpants. He’d do the exact same, always compliment you too and a few times he had tucked a few strands of stray hairs behind your ears without a second thought.

    “Jisoo!” You whined as you collapsed on her bed.  

    “Jeez, did you gain weight? You’re breaking my knees! Get off you piece of lard!” She pushed you off her but you only rolled and whimpered out again.

    She sighed at your large puppy-dog eyes, “What can I help you with today princess?” She teased as you scowled at her. 

    “I really like him,” You whined again and she sighed. Quite frankly, Jisoo was starting to become really annoyed at your whining. From what you had told her, anyone with eyes would be able to see that Soobin felt the same way about you.

    “Just tell him, dammit!” She chided and you smacked her knee.  

    “I can’t! You know that,” You exclaimed

     Jisoo sighed in frustration, “No I don’t. Why not?”

    “Because what if he doesn’t feel the same? What if I say something and then it’s awkward and then we stop talking and never talk again? I just got him back in my life, Ji. I don’t wanna lose him again. I can’t.”

    Jisoo sent you a warm smile before flicking your forehead, “Yah!” You narrowed your eyes at her and she smiled sweetly at you.  

    “You’re so naïve and oblivious that I just want to shake your brain around some. Just tell him. Or I will!” She jokingly threatened.

    Jisoo got off her bed and skipped away and you groaned again, sprawling out like a starfish. Maybe Jisoo was right. At least if you told him you could get confirmation on what you already believed to be true and could start getting over these feelings.

    You pulled your phone out and messaged him.

    [ 4:07 pm ] Can I come over?

    Almost instantly you had a response and he told you it was fine. They had an off day today and the others were out and about.

    [ 4:08 pm ] I was getting bored anyway

    You giggled at his message back to you and got ready to make your way over to his. You were about to lay everything on the line and you hoped it didn’t ruin everything you two had built back up.

    Soobin ran around the dorm like a mad man as he tried to make it seem like five boys didn’t live there. He was nervous about you coming over and he could definitely tell something was a little off by your message, but he wasn’t sure exactly what. It would also be the first time you two would be alone behind closed doors. Pushing his nerves aside, he grabbed some air freshener and sprayed it around.

    Thirty minutes later you were knocking on his door and he opened it with a warm smile, “I thought you were going to blow me off,” He teased as you pushed past him. You rolled your eyes. Maybe it had taken you a little longer to get here because you wanted to look nice.

    “Can we talk?” You asked almost immediately as you looked up at him. You didn’t want to sit on this because you knew you’d talk yourself out of it. Then Jisoo might really find a way to shake your brain. Or get his number from your phone and tell him herself. She always loved to play matchmaker.

    “U-u-uh, sure,” He stuttered, scratching the back of his neck, “Everything alright?” You followed him to the living room, sitting down on the couch and nodded your head.  

    “I think so. There’s just something I need to tell you so shut up and listen,” He chuckled at you and nodded.

    “How do you tell someone you like them?” You asked. You were truly out of your element right now.  

    Soobin’s cheeks turned red and his eyes went wide, “I-uhm-just tell them?” You groaned at him and threw your head back, feeling the tips of your ears burn.  

    “Just tell them? Just like that?” You questioned, wide eyes.

    Soobin took in a deep breath and sighed, “Well, you could always start by saying how much you care about them,” You could feel his gaze on you but you refused to look back at him. At least for right now.

    “You can just be honest. Tell them how amazing you think they are and how you feel this tingling in your stomach when you see them smile. Or how your heart races when they call your name and smile up at you. How their laughter is like music to your ears.”

    You peeked up at him and saw his cheeks were still a flaming red but his gaze was directly on you.  For whatever reason, you didn’t look away.

    “How scared and worried you are when you don’t hear from them right away or how you check your phone a million times a day to see if they replied to you. Or how despite being apart for some time, and hearing about the hardships they faced alone makes your heart break being apart. How you love their little quirks like when they pick their nails when they’re nervous or unsure.”

    You quickly sat on your hands because you were doing just that right now. You stopped breathing for a second. There was no way he was talking about you. At least your brain couldn’t wrap that sentiment around. Maybe you should let Jisoo shake it a little to knock some sense into you.

    “How I want to hold your hand and just kiss your lips but can’t because I’m afraid of ruining everything.”

    Your eyes snapped to him again and he was looking down at his lap now, “You want to hold my hand?” You asked and Soobin froze. He had said that out loud. He hadn’t meant to but of course, you would hear it.

    “And you want to kiss me?”

    He didn’t say anything, clenching his jaw, “You know,” You scooted a little closer to him and placed your hand on his knee, “I pick my nails when I’m nervous and unsure.”

    His brown orbs met yours and you saw the fear and worry in them which you sure were mirrored in your own, “And I don’t want to ruin anything either.”

    “Y-you don’t?” He choked out and you hummed, eyes fluttering down to his lips for a split second before they went back to meet his gaze, “But at the same time, you gotta risk it to get the biscuit.”

    With that, you closed the space between you two and pressed your lips to his. It only took a moment for Soobin to realize what was happening before he placed his hand on the back of your neck to pull you closer. You pulled away after a few seconds, your fingertips brushing your lips.

    “Risk it to get the biscuit? Really? That’s how you lead into a kiss?” Soobin teased and you looked at him. He had a large smile on his face and his cheeks were a deep scarlet as his hand was holding yours, you made no attempt to let go even if you wanted to hide your face.

    “I-I was nervous! It was the first thing that came to mind!” You tried to defend yourself and Soobin only laughed at you, throwing his head back. He was right; his laughter was music to your ears. After calming down, he gave you a warm look, tucking your hair behind your ears.

    “I think I love you,” He said quietly but this time, he kept his gaze level with yours, “I think I have for a really long time,” As much as you were relieved, you were quite surprised, “Probably since we were in middle school,” He murmured and you gasped a little. Was that why whenever he would date another girl it never lasted long? Or why he would turn people down?

    “I-think I love you too,” You whispered and he smiled at you, cupping your cheek. 

    “Yeah?” You nodded and he smirked, “Well it’s about damn time,” He chuckled as he pressed his lips against yours once again, but this time, it wasn’t awkward or tense. It was full of passion and love.

    After kissing for some time, he pulled away to catch his breath as he rested his forehead on yours. You grabbed his wrist, eyes still closed. You were still trying to take everything in, still trying to process everything that’s happened in the last few minutes.  

    “So, we’re doing this?” He asked and you fluttered your eyes open.

    “We are. If you’d let me that is.”

    He smiled, pulling away and kissing your forehead, “Good,” He chuckled, “Without a doubt, no questions asked I’d have you.”

    Never in a million years did you think you’d be sitting here right now. Never in a million years did you think that you would catch feelings for Choi Soobin and he actually returned those feelings. Maybe Jisoo was right about her fate talk.

    You could believe in that now that you were sitting here, curled up with Soobin. Maybe fate had really wanted you two to be together but needed you two to grow up a little before it could happen.

    Fate or not, you felt happier than you had felt in years. And giddy.

    You were in love with your best friend and he was in love with you.

    You were ready for this next adventure of your life.  

    As long as he was by your side, you could handle any misfortune.

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    굿͙나͙잇͙˚₊✩‧₊ ❅˚. txt freeze is coming

    some ly's about soobin !!

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  • jiminaaaahhhh
    11.05.2021 - 1 day ago


    pairing: soobin x reader

    genre: fluff

    word count: 1830

    warning: best friend hyuka <3, mutual pining, like the summary, says; it's painful to watch. well, in this case, it's painful to read.

    summary: Soobin and you, both have shy personalities. It was a miracle that the two of you could even be able to talk to one another. After all, you were in the group because of heuningkai. As your friendship with Soobin progressed, you realized how much you actually like him. But how would you confess? It was honestly painful to watch

    a/n: lol I'm done with this after ages 😭😭😭

    You had always been shy. Since a child, talking to other people had always scared you. That was until you had met Heuningkai. Heunigkai was like a social butterfly. Even going as far as having a conversation with some random person walking on the streets.

    He had soon introduced to Taehyun, who was the same age as you. Taehyun first did have a cold demeanor, making you question if he wanted you around or not. But as you stuck around a little more, Taehyun had warmed up to you, even cracking jokes.

    When Beomgyu came along, you couldn't believe you could hold up a conversation with him. Beomgyu was bubbly and energetic. The boy always found a way to crack everyone up, especially you. Since you were on the shy side, he made sure to include you in all his shenanigans.

    Everything changed when Yeonjun became part of the group. You had expected him to be the older, much wiser friend you could always ask for help. But turns out, he was a child at heart. Since you were like a younger sibling to Yeonjun, he made it his mission to look after you. He exposed you to activities out of your comfort zone.

    The five of you would always try something crazy on the weekends. Yeonju and Beomgyu being the masterminds behind most of the plans. But it was that one day when Yeonjun had introduced everyone to his blue-haired friend. Yeonjun had made everything difficult for you.

    Soobin was shy, not as modest as you. The two of you couldn't even meet eyes, let alone talking to each other. It was your best friend Hyuka who broke the ice when he schemed a plan that had made you want to kill him.

    It was a sunny morning when you walked into the pleasing ice cream shop. You were not expecting to see Soobin there. You had started to panic mentally. When Soobin saw you, he gave you a crooked smile, waving at you as he walked towards you.

    The two of you sat in silence waiting for the other to start a conversation. The two of you were waiting for one of your friends to arrive to end the endless awkward silence between you.

    "Are you sure the rest are coming?" Soobin asked, looking everywhere but you.

    "Hyuka said that everyone was coming..." You mumbled, but he caught it. Then it struck the two of you. Hyuka. Your best friend.

    "That brat, I'm going to kill him!" You mumbled more to yourself, but Soobin heard it, laughing at you. It was the first time he had laughed with you.

    "I would like to see that. Call me when you do it." He said, looking at you with amusement.

    "You'll be my first call." You said with a wide smile. Soobin looked at you surprised. Had he made you smile? He felt all fuzzy inside at the idea.

    From that moment onwards, you and Soobin spent hours talking to each other. Maybe you should thank Hyuka for this... after killing him of course.

    "Hey, y/n, can I sit next to you?" Soobin asks as he smiles down at you. You nod your head, 'yes', looking back at your work. Hyuka and you had spent most of the night on a video call. Completely forgetting about school or the overbearing homework that you guys had.

    "I like the thesis," Soobin comments as he watches over your shoulder at what it is that you had been writing. You nod your head 'yes', as you continue to write. Soobin takes this opportunity to watch you.

    How you would bite your lip when you had made a mistake. Or, how you would mumble to yourself when forming a sentence that seemed appropriate. You looked very endearing to him like this. All in your element.

    When the class had started, you realized the boy sitting next to you was none other than Choi Soobin. Sure you were very enamored by your work, to not notice exactly who was sitting next to you, but now? Now it had become difficult for you to work since the was nothing less than a distraction.

    His cologne filling your senses as he drummed the pen in his hand against the desk. Usually, if it were someone else, you would have gotten annoyed. But it was something about soobin that made it okay for you. That's when it hit you; you had a crush on Choi Soobin.

    When you had realized your crush on Choi Soobin, you had stayed home for three days. You used the excuse "I'm sick, no one bother me". You couldn't believe the situation you had landed yourself in. Sure you have had crushes on other guys, but this was different. Choi Soobin actually meant a lot to you. Even.

    Though you and Soobin were shy, you two had been able to break the ice a little. The two of you could now have a free-flowing conversation. You didn't want to mess that up. You tugged at your hair, confused about what it is that you could do. But the sound of a knock had pulled you out of your head. A knock you knew belonged to none other than Heuningkai.

    When you opened the door, you were also welcomed by Taehyun. He looked at you up and down to examine if you were sick or not.

    "You don't look sick to me," Taehyun says giving you a narrowed look.

    "Why don't you two step inside?" You ask as the boys walk into your tiny dorm.

    Beomgyu and Yeonjun watched as Soobin paced around in the living room of his dorm. He was running his hands through his hair deep in thought. Yeonjun and Beomgyu had never seen Soobin like that. Soobin had always been shy, so he wouldn't think about a crush as much as he thought about you.

    "Soobin, this is serious. You like y/n." Beomgyu says with a chuckle.

    "I know Gyu, I know. But what do I do? How do I ask her out? Does she even like me?" Soobin bombards the other two boys with his questions.

    "Soobin, first calm down. Wait a while okay, let's see if y/n likes you or not." Yeonjun says with a chuckle as Soobin glares at him.

    "This isn't funny hyung," Soobin says with a pout. Beomgyu shakes his head at the older male.

    "We should come up with a plan," Soobin suggests as the rest laugh at him in amusement.

    "Wow y/n-ie! I am proud of you!" Hyuka says clapping his hands as he gives you a bone-crushing hug.

    "Y/n, are you sure he likes you back though?" Taehyun asks as you shake your head no.

    "Hmm... I have an idea." Taehyun says as your eyes widen.

    "Tyun?! I'll buy you ice cream for your help." You say as he chuckles at you.

    "It's simple. You make Soobin hyung jealous." Taehyun says as you tilt your head a little, looking at him confused.

    "How?" You ask, curious.

    "Just be BFFs with Heuning. Simple." Taehyun says as you nod your head yes.

    Time to put the plan in action.

    "Hyung, I can't be mean to y/n like that. She is too precious." Soobin says as he pokes Yeonjuns arm.

    "Junnie hyung, this fool head over heels for y/n," Beomgyu says looking at Yeonjun with amusement.

    "I can see that gyu," Yeonjun replies looking at Soobin in bewilderment.

    "Soobin hyung, all you have to do is be a little mean. That is all. Then watch her reaction. Simple." Beomgyu says.

    Soobin nods his head yes as he mentally prepares himself. Y/n was going to be his and his only. He is going to get her and would destroy anything in his way. And he meant every single word of it.

    Before y/n and Soobin had even told the others about their newfound information, it was pretty clear to the rest. Heuning and Taehyun had already found out about it when y/n had not returned home sulking and crying. She had not cursed Heuning about his little stunt. She looked very happy.

    But to test the theory out, they waited a little longer to see their interactions with each other. That was when Yeonjun and Beomgyu had hopped along on the trail. They complained about Soobin only talking about y/n and how annoying it was getting.

    It was painful to watch, to say the least. How you and Soobin would get very shy around each other, trying to beat around the bush for the other to get the hint. But the other never got any. Sometimes the boys would have to hold Yeonjun down so that he wouldn't march his way up to the two of you. All he wanted to do was knock some sense into both of your knuckleheads.

    "Hey y/n, um... would you like to go with me to the library?" Soobin asked looking everywhere but at you.

    "Sure."You mumble as you look at your feet.

    Soobin doesn't wait for you as he starts to walk ahead of you. You struggle to catch up with him, but the trail along nonetheless. When you reach the library, Soobin keeps on handing you books, not caring if they were getting heavy for you or not.

    For you, you not sure about what was going on. Had you done something? Soobin wasn't like this. When the two of you sat on a desk, Soobin pulled the books out of your hand, sitting to finished his work.

    "Soobin, did I do something?" You asked confused.

    "Why don't you ask Heuningkai? You have been spending so much time with him, he sure will help you decipher all your questions." He spat, taking you by shock. You sit in silence, not knowing what to do or say.

    "I'm sorry y/n, I took it all out on you. But I mean I wish you had been spending more time with me. I like you." Soobin said in haste, making your eyes go wide.

    "You like me?" You ask as Soobins eyes widen.

    "Ye- yes, I like you." He says as his face turns the color of pink roses.

    "I like you too dummy." You say as your face breaks out into a wide smile.

    "Yeonjun hyung and Beomgyu helped me with advice," Soobin confesses chuckling to himself.

    "Taehyun and Heuning helped me try making you jealous." You confess back as Soobins eyes widen in disbelief.

    "Well, then you should make it up with a kiss," Soobin says making you a flustered mess. He laughs at you, not taking notice of how you were leaning forward to press your lips against his. It took him by shock.

    "Woah," Soobin says when you pull away, making you chuckle.

    "So what do you say Choi Soobin? Be my jealous boyfriend?" You ask in a teasing tone as the boy shakes his head yes at you.



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    11/05/21 Soobin’s Tweet


    저희 컨트 보셨나요 여러분~ 

    곧 나올 우리 앨범 많이 사랑해주세요 



    It’s Soobin! 

    Did everyone enjoy watching our concept trailer~ 

    Please give lots of love to our album that’s coming out soon


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    i am here today to talk about him:

    #he is my bf guys... #soobin#txt#tomorrowxtogether #tomorrow x together #choi soobin
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    ⠀⠀➣ ⬚⵿⃔📃 ⠀ՙ࣭̣᥄ ຮ᪶ꦦ࠘ꫀ᪶ꫀɬ ꪒ᤻ຮ ჩ࠘ᦱ᪶ᬪ࠘ꫀꪩᵎᵎ⠀▒ ﹞

    ⠀⠀❥᪶𝄒 㯓⠀⠀©᪶⠀ beomgyu layout⠀𝆎𝆎⠀。♡/↺ ⠀ִֶָ⠀

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    yeonjun and beomgyu: *incomprehensible yelling*

    soobin: what’s going on?

    taehyun: they’re arguing about whose surname they’ll take if they get married.

    soobin: oh.

    soobin: they have the same surname though?

    taehyun: they have the same surname.

    #in this au they’re not dating or anything #just hypothetically if they WERE to get married #choi is a better surname than choi obviously #incorrect kpop quotes #kpop#incorrect kpop #incorrect kpop texts #kpop memes#incorrect txt #incorrect txt quotes #incorrect tomorrow x together #tomorrow x together #choi yeonjun#choi beomgyu#choi soobin#kang taehyun#beomjun
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