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  • metalheart2373
    10.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Harriet's Teams

    Harriet Biggle as Psycholess of Sheep

    Mr. Biggle as Psycholess of Goat

    Clark Malkinson as Psycholess of Boar

    Ellen Malkinson as Psycholess of Pig

    William Daniels as Psycholess of Wild Ass

    Mrs. Daniels as Psycholess of Mule

    Bob White as Psycholess of King Cobra

    Mrs. White as Psycholess of Boa

    Mr. Rodriguez as Psycholess of Elk

    Mrs. Rodriguez as Psycholess of Reindeer

    #Bob White #mrs. white #Clark Malkinson#Ellen Malkinson#william daniels #Mrs. Daniels #Harriet Biggle #Mr. Biggle #Mr. Rodriguez #Mrs. Rodriguez #sp psycholess of parents
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  • kymanismyshit
    25.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Rewatching the special I spotted Scott’s parents and it relit my hatred for Scott’s father Clark after the Basic Cable episode

    Fucking ugly ass bitch with his ugly ass bald forehead receding hairline looking ass hope you’re suffering in that retirement home that’s why your son looks better than you 🖕

    I hope Scott’s mom, Ellen is doing well though and isn’t suffering too much she’s a sweetie 🥰 You raised a great boi

    #bre needs to shut up #south park#sp spoilers #south park post covid #south park post covid spoilers #scott malkinson#Clark Malkinson #sp scott malkinson #sp clark Malkinson #Ellen Malkinson #SP Ellen Malkinson
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  • t1g3rsp1r1t
    04.06.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Bad drawing of my fav south park dad, Clark Malkinson

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  • branch-823
    14.03.2021 - 10 monts ago

    Scott's parents

    A decade before we'd seen them, it has been hinted that Scott's home life is not that great. In "Butters' Bottom Bitch", after getting kissed by Sally Darson, he says "It's almost like having someone care about you."

    In "Skank Hunt", when ranting to Mr. Mackey about quitting Twitter, he says that his dad told him he's better off without it.

    In "The Fractured but Whole", it was implied that his mom is an alcoholic, as he says that gin and tonic always knock her out.

    When we finally get to see them in "Basic Cable", I was right about his dad Clark, because it's not like all the dads of South Park are any different these days. Being a massive prick to him, even mocking his diabetes behind his back.

    As for Ellen, at least she does care about Scott, considering he asks him about his blood sugar, compliments on it being at a normal level, and congratulates him on him finding a friend in Sophie Gray. Going back to TFBW: now that I think about it, Ellen might've tried a gin and tonic one time, and Scott exaggerated her response to it.

    Going back to Clark: he belittles his own son out on insecurity. I thought about this last night, and both he and Ellen are out of shape, so Clark makes himself feel better by using his son as a lightning rod. I don’t know what T&M have against dads (or parents in general), but I’m getting tired of it.

    Also, it's good that even Clark has standards, as shown in the "Vaccination Special", where he think Garrison was a shitty teacher/president.

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  • real-south-park-confessions
    08.03.2021 - 10 monts ago

    Good looking Dads:

    Randy, Steve Black, Stuart (a little bit of showering and he's good to go).

    Ugly looking Dads:

    Steve Stotch (ugh he looks so unmanly pass!!), Gerald, Thomas Tucker , Mr.Testaburger, Mr. Tweak, Roger Donovan, Mr.Stevens, Clark Malkinson,

    #south park #south park confessions #randy marsh#steve black#stuart mccormick#stephen stotch#gerald broflovski#thomas tucker #mr. testaburger #richard tweak#roger donovan #mr. stevens #clark malkinson #(a little bit of showering and he's good to go) SENT me #jus give him a quick rinse and we're all set #great confession anon
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