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  • unusualsims
    26.11.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Everyone cross your fingers for my shitty laptop, it already froze once today

    #strange communication #if you listen closely the the whirring of the external fan sounds like ''I think I can. I think I can'' #the little 2013 laptop that could
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  • stoic-whumpee
    26.11.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Hi yes hey If you have an OC that matches my prompts or if you wanna talk about your OC/original stories with me feel free to send me an ask :)

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  • zekthesans
    26.11.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Wait I JUST realized the Blueprints Techno got at the end of the last stream wasn't for some cool weapon it was for the fucking prison how did I not realize this until now

    #dream smp#technoblade #like it should have been obvious #but it wasn't until the community post art where he has his sword through the blueprints that it clicked
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  • lankoshi
    26.11.2021 - 4 minutes ago


    Background is not mine but I really needed to spice up the drop, so here we are. Love this funky cat man :)

    #kazutora hanemiya#tokyo revengers#Tokyo#REVENGERS #tokyo rev x reader #anime art#anime scenery #artists on tumblr #character art#character sheet#doodle#drawing#furry#illustration#oc#digital commisions#community #not my background #so I’m sorry about that #kazutora imagines#kazutora smut#kazutora#hanemiya #hanemiya x reader #I love him so much #I feel bad for Mikey but we move #anyway love you all #<3#tr #tokyo revengers art
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  • spiceewater
    26.11.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    im gonna be honest. ”you CHLOROFORMED the JANITOR???“ is funnier than anything friends did.

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  • introverted-indefinitely
    26.11.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    When you inspire other poets and they send you lovely poems. You always hope that your words will make a difference… but it really makes it all worth it to have someone tell you that your work means something to them. 😊💛✨

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  • city-tickles
    26.11.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Mortal Kombat should’ve added this as a fatality option Source: https://www.deviantart.com/theinsanedarkone/art/Sister-issues-6-793084465

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  • aspl1tl1fe
    26.11.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    I was today years old when I found out...

    sims can have drinks in the hot tub in TS3 80 

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  • mbti-notes
    26.11.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    Anon wrote: INTP here. What I hate the most about myself is being passive. I can't stand up for myself. For some situations no matter how it impacts me, I tell myself that it may be a misunderstanding, or maybe I'm wrong or overcomplicating things. For other situations, I find the person intimidating or potentially harsh, so I tell myself to keep quiet and avoid confrontation in order to not cause a verbal or physical fight and not make things worse. They may yell at me or threaten me, and I may burst into tears or start shaking and that would be hell for me. I'm not sure if that's enneagram 9's effect or not.

    The consequence? I hate myself and see myself as a socially weak person. I can handle myself in isolation, but I can't stop thinking about these things when leaving the isolation. I can't stand for myself and don't even know how to do that correctly. The second consequence is that I try to avoid going to social gatherings as much as I can, and prefer my own company, even when I get bored.

    This has made me envious of two types of people (or a combo of both); a)People who are bold, confrontational argumentative and blunt. The type that defend themselves every time, never ever compromise and yell or yell back and nothing scares them. b)People who are so thick-skinned that traumatic past (social) events and arguments don't bother them at all and don't make them anxious or depressed.

    To give you a few examples;

    1. I was once working somewhere (an internship), and my boss expected me to do some tasks that weren't related to my job or studies, while the other staffs didn't. Guess what! I kept it to myself, never outwardly questioned him, worked hard and he was pleased with my work, but I felt miserable. (In this case, I would be jealous of a person who could potentially confront the boss and tell him that it's not their obligation and they won't do it as they find it disrespectful.)

    2. A guy catcalled me in a bad way on the street and I really wanted to get back and defend myself, but I realized how tall and big he was, and I was afraid of him yelling at me or harming me, so I kept it to myself and walked away, but still review it in my head every once in a while.

    3. A guy (driver) started yelling at my mom and bossing her around (when she was driving), and I sat there watching but didn't defend her, and I couldn't even look him in the eyes. I wish I could have the guts to defend her no matter what. And guess what. I rarely drive because I'm afraid of situations like this where I have to defend or assert myself.

    4. My lab partner and I did something together, and we were supposed to clean up together afterwards. At the end, I started cleaning things up all by myself, and I never confronted him. He was a bit older and taller and I was intimidated. I was _again_ afraid of the possibility of being yelled at or insulted. (In my head, I was jealous of a person who could jokingly or in a serious way confront the guy and tell him ; "Hey, we did this together and we're supposed to clean up together. You can't skip it and I'm not your maid.")

    5. I don't participate in online debates or arguments as I can't handle the potential of being insulted. Even when I recieve a rude comment from a troll, I just ignore it. (I'm jealous of people who argue back, answer back and stuffs like that.)

    6. When someone criticizes something about me (my haircut, my clothing style, etc), I either ignore the comments or change the subject. (I'm jealous of people who confront people and tell them it's none of their business and it's how they themselves like it.)

    7. I had a surgery and I was in the hospital. The other person in the room constantly openned the window. It was cold and I had to avoid cold weather after my surgery. But I didn't confront the lady because she seemed intimidating.

    These are some of the things I have experienced. I think I have become a soft and weak person. I can't defend myself or the people I love. I don't even know when it's ok to defend myself and when it's not. My parent constantly tells me to toughen up and defend myself.

    It may theoretically be related to my family-abuse history, and being beaten everytime I defended myself. However, many people experience such things as not all relatives are perfect. But they don't end up being unable to confront people or assert themselves.

    How can I fix this terrible situation? I need to drive, I need to get a job, these situations need being able to defend oneself. I internally feel ashamed everytime that I don't stick for myself or the people around me. How can I learn to become brave, confrontational and argumentative? How can I learn to look angry and abusive people in the eyes and fight back? How can I not be afraid of being yelled at or confronted and not burst into tears? How can I deal with favoritism, workplace dictatorship, or opportunistic coworkers who want to take advantage of me? How can I even know when I'm wrong or right? Could you please help me with that? Or could you suggest some websites, books or philosophical schools and mindsets that could help me fix myself?


    There are several points to unravel here:

    1) Type: Are you certain of INTP? If not, the first step is to do a proper type assessment. Almost everything you've described is glaringly inconsistent with the type. In some ways, you're describing someone who is the diametrical opposite of INTP, and it's unclear how to reconcile that. So far, I can't see any type development cause/explanation/connection behind your problem, which makes me question your type. If I'm in doubt, I can't address function development right now, as it could risk sending you in the wrong direction.

    2) Emotional Dysfunction: You seem to be indirectly describing symptoms of social anxiety. Anxiety is a mood disorder or an emotional problem that requires you to improve your emotional intelligence. It appears that you have a habit of disowning your feelings and emotions by reframing them as "a rational response to a credible threat". This allows you to believe that the problem is outside of you rather than within you, which will block you from getting to the root of the problem. Doing this is what stops you from having better command over your emotions. If you do indeed suffer from social anxiety, one underlying cause of the problem might be in your perception, specifically, how it is always slanted toward extremely negative possibilities and expectations. In short, your fear is generated by you and, if you hope to stop generating it, you must first take full responsibility for it.

    3) Cognitive Distortions: How do you generate fear? Your perspective of the world makes it seem as though everyone is about to fly into a rage and kill you at any moment. That's simply not reality. The majority of people aren't so unstable or evil, unless you live in a prison or something. Sure, people get frustrated and angry, but that doesn't mean they will certainly get physically violent. It seems that you have no nuanced understanding of emotions. In your mind, people can only be at 1 or 10 and nothing in between.

    In essence, the fear that you describe is too often out of proportion with the situation you're facing. This doesn't mean that you don't have any reason to fear people. Yes, past trauma will continue to unconsciously influence you when you haven't properly understood it and resolved it. Furthermore, you haven't provided this info, but if you identify as a woman and have been victimized by men in the past, you might also have to work through some of your beliefs about gender, in terms of holding certain stereotypes like "women are inherently helpless" or "men are inherently violent".

    Having distorted perception of reality and holding to false beliefs that only reinforce your fear are best rooted out with cognitive-behavioral therapy. You seem to lack the self-awareness that is required to get deep enough into yourself to root out your cognitive distortions, so I strongly suggest that you get professional therapy.

    4) Low Self-Esteem: The first step in doing anything is to believe that you are capable of doing it. You have no faith in your abilities. It's likely that this is because you never had the opportunity to learn good communication skills, which includes conflict mediation skills. You shouldn't be blamed for your upbringing. However, as an adult, it is your responsibility to make up for your skill deficits, if you hope to live your life well.

    If you keep avoiding the social situations you fear, you keep closing the door on learning opportunities. We generally learn people skills through doing and learning from mistakes and slowly building up self-confidence. However, if your fear of social situations is too extreme because you basically have no people skills that help you feel confident enough to socialize, there are other ways to learn. I have already provided book suggestions on the resources page about how to improve things like your emotional intelligence, communication skills, and relationship skills. If you seriously want to learn and improve, there is no shortage of resources out there. However, to truly improve, remember that whatever you learn conceptually, you will eventually have to put into practice in real life. If necessary, the middle step is to go to therapy and role-play with the therapist, to practice difficult social situations before you confront them in real-life. The therapist can also help you correct or adjust your strategies and learn from them after the fact.

    5) Low Self-Worth: The people you envy don't really exist, at least not in the way you believe. People who are incapable of fear or never feel affected by anything are called psychopaths. Is that really what you want to aspire to? The fact that you envy such people means that you have unrealistic expectations about what you should be and you hold your own humanity in contempt, as evidenced by the repeated statements of how much you "hate yourself". Hate is violence. How can you heal with hate?

    Having shortcomings doesn't mean that you're a bad person deserving of hate. We all have shortcomings, so taking your belief to its absurd conclusion, you should look at everyone in this world with hate, shouldn't you? Do you really want to go through life having no faith in humanity whatsoever, which actually means that you will never have any faith in yourself? Contrary to what you believe, having shortcomings only means that you're human. We all deserve a chance to learn and grow and improve.

    Perhaps because of your upbringing, you believe that no one will ever show you empathy and care about your needs. That's simply untrue. There are plenty of kind and caring people in the world, you just have to know where to look. Yes, there are also callous and violent people, but that's not the real issue. The issue is that you will never know who out there will show you care and compassion because you never allow anyone any opportunity to extend it to you, and that stems from you never extending any to yourself. You're always thinking about what other people are feeling and, as a result, you are the one who steps all over yourself and disrespects your own feelings, before anyone else has a chance to.

    The way that you treat yourself is how you teach others to treat you. If you are always afraid of being hurt, the first thing to look at is whether you are always the first one to hurt yourself. Do you understand that the best way to carve out a proper space for yourself in social situations is to first believe that you are deserving of that space? That belief manifests in your willingness to be the first person to extend care and compassion to yourself. When you believe that you are deserving of love, you will stand up to request love from people as well as demand respect as necessary.

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  • liuway
    26.11.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    that one scene in i'm mouse, he's keyboard in parkour warriors-

    *poke poke

    #fruitninja fanart#fruitninja#fruitberries fanart#illumina fanart #GOD THEIR DYNAMICS IM CRYING #and they were roommates #going through adoption by the fruitninja community #illumina1337#fruitberries
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  • babymcyt
    26.11.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    Lil George Kit ~ 🍄

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  • cyber-dragon-123
    26.11.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    I'm an extroverted introvert, which means I want to talk to people but don't have the mental energy to. Also I'm obsessed with [insert intellectual property here] which is completely unrelated to my introversion.

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  • sanosexual
    26.11.2021 - 21 minutes ago
    #メイル - mari #literally the leader of the dilf community #no one is doing it like him
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  • hiddenqveendom
    26.11.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    OC NOVEMBER CHALLENGE : [ nov 26 , people change people ]

    ⤷ relationship tropes ft. rita grange & katie benson ( @multifandom-oc-hell )

    tag list : @nightstorms-universes , @mer-writes , @sgtbuckyybarnes , @anna-phora , @decennia , @reggiemantleholdmyhand-tle , @ocfairygodmother , @raith-way , @scootermcooter , @stanshollaand , @lokitrasho , @coldspoons

    send me a message to be added / removed !

    credit [ x , x ]
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  • sweettoothselfships
    26.11.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    omg is it promo hour?? 🍭

    🎂 hi i’m arthur, 19, and i can be your bisexual eurotrash selfshipper mutual 👋

    🍦 i have a lot of weird f/os from weird sources and i’m happy to share them but encourage you to take a look at my f/o list in my pinned! some of the sources i ship from are the mum.my (1999), gho.stbuster.s, s.tar tr.ek voy.ager, n.ight at the muse.um, spy k.ids, and h.h.n, and i have platonics from gothic lit and univer.sal horror movies, d/c and mar.vel comics, sim.psons, g.otham, and a bunch of other really random stuff. lotta villains on both lists, i’ll just say that up front 👉👈

    🍪 i got adhd and autism (these are both selling points), i’m deeply friendly even though i’m not very good at keeping up conversations, i make ask games sometimes (like the f/o photo scavenger hunt one, the acrostic alphabet one, and i did platober a little while ago) and i draw <3

    🍰 i love old media, horror, and animation!

    🧁 i’m just some guy who stands under 5’0” and beams images of deeply unusual men (and like 3 beautiful women) into the heads of anyone who has psychic AirDrop on, and i’d always love more self shippers to follow

    💛 if you wanted to give this a reblog that’d be real sweet, have a good day guys 🤍

    #self ship #self ship promo #self ship promo hour #f/o community #self ship community #f/o promo
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