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  • ratbears
    24.01.2022 - 4 minutes ago

    fighting demons and they are my comfort characters I CAN ONLY DRAW YOU SO MANY TIMES

    #im so sorry for sll the random ass content today ive been sick so like #i had the time #to go absolutely insane #apprently
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  • softdrewstarkey
    24.01.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    YALL- we have more drew content with his sister and father alongside kent state women’s basketball team members ❤️‍🩹

    #drew starkey#outer banks #drew starkey obx #obx cast#obx netflix#rafe cameron#rafe obx #drew starkey content #drew starkey pics #obx #obx drew starkey #drew starkey photos
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  • magma-cjay
    24.01.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    Just saw the tweet about Legends comics and I'm here screaming- which characters are gonna be in it?

    #legends of tomorrow #you already know... #ray? ray please #please? #please... #ray? #RAY #come on there is NOT enough Ray art out there #i need adorable ray art i cant #come on pls #i need more ray content i cannot #i will combust if i see his adorable lil tiny baby skrunkly-
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  • gabbigabriella
    24.01.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    💚Brat energy💚

    Onlyfans(only $6 for new & expired subs)/Manyvids💚

    #my face #check out my onlyfans for the full set #onlyfans.com/subpixie #manyvids.com/subpixie420 #onlyfans sale#brat#gothic#fishnets#short skirt#gabbigabriella #support content creators #androgynous#she/they#lesbian#lgbtqia
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  • archaelonunderscore
    24.01.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    moon !!

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  • nieznamcie
    24.01.2022 - 8 minutes ago

    American ppl, i cant stress enough how much I count on you and your phone cameras in coming days and weeks

    #the band ghost #nameless ghouls #i crave content
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  • h0tmess-express7
    24.01.2022 - 10 minutes ago

    That’s it.

    #funny content#lol memes #please what is this
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  • honeydazai
    24.01.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    when their s/o wears lingerie for them

    feat.: Viktor, Jayce Talis, Silco, Vander, Vi, Caitlyn, Mel, Sevika, Jinx

    warnings: nsfw content, thigh riding, praise, dirty talk, pet names

    The moment you decide to surprise VIKTOR by showing him your new set of lingerie, his cheeks flush slightly, a smile curling his lips. He's absolutely smitten by you — not only by your beauty, but by your whole presence and by the fact that you've bought lingerie while thinking about him.

    He's actually quite good at complimenting you and he truly does his best to keep up a gentlemanly composure, but he soon finds himself unable to keep his hands off of you — not that you want him to do that, either.

    Viktor has you lying on your back with him between your legs, from where he slowly kisses his way up your thighs; honestly, he just wants to worship you. You're squirming and mewling beneath him, the thin fabric of your panties drenched as you press against him with need, and he's soon thrusting into you, because he's secretly just as impatient as you are — how could he not be when you're beneath him, looking picture perfect with lace draped over the curve of your hips and tits? Oh, and also, the fantasy of you wearing lingerie beneath your normal clothes to the lab now never leaves his mind anymore.

    “Your beauty knows no bounds, dear. You look truly ethereal right now; especially when you're spread open on my cock like this, mewling like a slut. Ah, apologies, I didn't mean to be crude — even though you seemed to like that name given how you just clenched around me.”

    Honestly, JAYCE is absolutely in love with everything you do — and this is no exception. The second you join him in bed while wearing some skimpy lingerie, he's a blushing mess and stumbles over his words as he tries to compliments you. It's not that he's particularly embarrassed; he's simply so enthusiastic that his mind works faster than his mouth does.

    He's on you immediately; pinning you to the bed with one of his big hands holding both of your wrists together, and, god, he can barely contain himself — he grinds his hips against yours, already impatient and needy and obviously excited if his hard-on is anything to go by.

    Only a few moments later he's thrusting into you, so so eager, and he can't stop staring at your gorgeous body as you moan and writhe beneath him, your head thrown back and your nails digging into his back. He's not particularly possessive — well, most of the time at least, because right now he's sucking hickeys into your skin and littering your throat in bite marks to show everyone you're his.

    “God, I can't believe how pretty you are, princess. So gorgeous, I'm so glad I can call you mine. You're the prettiest thing I've ever seen, really; 'm gonna make you feel so good. Gonna mark you up so no one thinks they'd ever have a chance with you.”

    The second you enter his office wearing a huge coat, SILCO knows something's up. He simply raises his eyebrows in question and, as soon as you open the coat to reveal your body clad in nothing but tiny lingerie, hums in appreciation. His gaze is intense as it's fixed on you from his position on his office chair, and he's not opposed to you doing a little twirl to show your outfit off.

    Then, he beckons you forward and you're soon propped up on his lap, one of his thighs between yours as you grind down against it, tiny needy whimpers leaving your throat.

    It's evident in the frantic way you move that you want more, though Silco only chuckles at your impatience. His hands guide you to rub your cunt against his thigh again, and by the mischievous glint in his eyes you already know it'll take a while until you finally get to have him inside of you.

    “Ah, this is certainly a surprise, dear. Did you come all the way to my office looking like this? How very naughty of you. Really, just imagine if someone saw you in these skimpy panties, especially when we both know only I get to look at you this way.”

    VANDER isn't shy to immediately rip your clothes off of you the second he sees the lace of garter belts peek out beneath your skirt — though he tries to be careful if you complain to him about your destroyed clothes. It's not his fault he's this excited, really; he just wants to touch you so bad.

    His hands are on your ass, shamelessly groping your soft skin through the fabric, and even though he's the one who's dick is straining against his trousers just because of how pretty you are, he huffs out a teasing laugh as you gasp against his lips.

    He doesn't even bother taking the lingerie off — honestly, the fine hooks on your tights are too delicate for his big fingers anyway — and instead just pushes your panties to the side so you're able to ride him.

    “Fuck, baby, you're so god damn gorgeous. If I wasn't this hard I'd have you sit on my face right now — god, you're so hot. 'm so lucky you're mine, hope you know that.”

    VI gives an appreciative whistle as you drape yourself over her lap, all dressed up in pretty pink lingerie that wraps around your body. She can't help herself; her hands start wandering almost immediately, even though she had just been focusing on something else a moment ago.

    Calloused hands grope your tits through the fabric of your nearly translucent bra, kneading soft skin until you're moaning and grinding against her, your eyes fluttering closed at the sudden pleasure.

    Vi quickly scoops you up in her arms and carries you over to your shared bed, spreading your legs for her as she pulls your panties down your thighs. Her warm breath fans against your wet folds, making you whimper — and her laugh. Still, she doesn't feel like teasing you right now and instead swirls her tongue around your clit until you're squirming.

    “Damn, doll, all dressed up for me? You shouldn't have. Joking, of course. You should do this way more, like, just look at how good your tits look in this! Fuck, c'mere, baby. Lemme touch you. I'll be damned if I don't eat you out while you're looking this pretty for me.”

    When CAITLYN spots you wearing some lingerie she's never seen before, she's excited and doesn't hesitate to tell you just how pretty you are immediately. When your cheeks flush a lovely red, she chuckles and presses a kiss to your lips.

    She's definitely not opposed to go lingerie shopping with you now that she knows you enjoy wearing it — and you could even get matching colours, too!

    Caitlyn is quick to move this over to her bed where she positions herself between your legs, a teasing smile on her face as her fingers rub over the already slightly damp fabric of your panties, making you squirm.

    “You're so pretty like this, dear. I had no idea you enjoyed getting all dolled up. If only you had said something, we could have done this sooner. Well, anyway — I better show you just how gorgeous I think you are right now, hm? Come on, spread your legs a little wider, love.”

    The moment you enter the bedroom with nothing but sheer lace and frills covering your body, MEL smirks, her expression equally as curious as intense. She's already sitting on the bed, her back against the headpiece, and all you have to do is lay down between her legs to already be in the position you want to be in.

    Though Mel doesn't let you get away this easily — she's quick to order you to lay down on your back and takes her sweet time appreciating your pretty underwear and your gorgeous body. She definitely insists on buying you more lingerie in the future.

    Her lithe fingers push into your panties to rub tiny circles around your clit, her lips first meeting yours in a kiss before she bends down lower to close them around your nipple, revelling in your whiny mewl.

    “You're so pretty, baby. Ah, I how about we go and look for a new set of lingerie for you together tomorrow, hm? What do you think? Because, honestly, I won't go around making promises that this one is going to survive this night.”

    SEVIKA is another one to wolf whistle as soon as she sees you, her eyebrows raised as she smirks. She immediately grabs your hips and lazily pulls you down into her lap, her hands roaming over your body and curiously touching the fine fabric that's draped over your hips and chest.

    She's usually not overly fond of lingerie — lace rips way too easily, especially under her mechanic arm —, but she does appreciate it when you get all dressed up for her.

    Her lips quickly find your neck as she sucks a visible hickey into your skin, too high to cover it up with any clothing, and two of her fingers move underneath your thin panties and slowly push into you, making you squirm at the stretch, even though you're wet enough for it not to hurt. Quite the opposite — it's simply not enough for your greedy hole, and Sevika huffs out a laugh at how desperate you already are.

    “You know, 'm not usually a fan of these fancy topside lingerie sets, but you look as delectable as ever. Hm? Wanna ride my fingers, baby? Come on then, show me how desperate you are.”

    When JINX looks up from her tinkering to glance at you, she can't help but raise her eyebrows in surprise. Then she's smiling and quickly moving towards you, already cooing at you about how pretty you look right now.

    She wraps her arms around your body and pulls you closer, her body pressing against yours, and only a few moments later you're both kneeling on the bed, one of her hands fondling with your breast and one teasingly rubbing along your wet folds. She's good at multi-tasking with her hands, and even better at making you whine and whimper beneath her touch.

    Jinx might want to add some colour to your lingerie though; it's just so horribly topside-like and boring with it's pastel colour — by the way, are you up for some sexual body painting sessions?

    “You're so gorgeous, darl! I love that look on you! Where did ya get it? Ah, come on, you didn't even cum once yet, sugar. I bet you can still answer me properly. Try again, yeah? For me? Then I'll even show you that new toy I've been working on, promise!”

    notes: i've started playing Twisted Wonderland and they're all hot

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    tags: @my-awakened-ghost , @afidiofobia , @helloyellowsheeps , @yuuotosaka3, @sccarymonster @satoruislove @pastelsbaby @artsyxabbyx @cyan-skulls @arboranimus @marina-and-the-memes @vislovelywife

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  • halfeatenhotpocket
    24.01.2022 - 13 minutes ago

    Possible hot take, i kinda want to see more of the dsmp lore written out in the way wilburs doing. Not that i dont love the lore streams, they're always great to watch, especially Quackitys big streams, but i feel that it could just be a good idea in general. Between scheduling issues, cc's doing big things outside of dsmp and just generally everyone doing their own thing, it makes sense to me at least to also have it as a written story. It may also help with making sure everyone knows everything that happened, instead of being lost for awhile cos you missed one stream, in addition to the cc's being confused by plot points being added that they weren't told about. Plus it could just overall make it more cohesive of a story, like its fine now but there are so many streams that ive never seen and ive just read the wiki about those events. And im not saying they should stop the streams, it being streamed is a big reason that its as popular as it is, but it would be nice to have the written story as an option. I personally dont always have the time/attention span for lore streams but i know i could blow through a written version so fast. Idk i just think it would be cool ya know. And thats not even going into the things they could do without being restricted by minecraft.

    #dream smp#dsmp #theres also stuff that just cant be done with written content so theres that as well #i would know so much lore if i could reread the events instead on rewatching streams #like wilbur said his is like 8-9k words #bro i would fucking demolish that
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  • grimcrypt
    24.01.2022 - 13 minutes ago

    thanks bestie <3 

    #so glad that cheezbot recognizes quality content. #to be deleted.
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  • spacesuitsforemergency
    24.01.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    No literally I love Kenako so much so maybe Kennedy just says fuck it and dates the girl who’s the daughter of the guy trying to kill her dad cause like….GIRL PRETTY-

    #also I’m sorry but their hurt comfort content was SO GOOD
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  • gabbigabriella
    24.01.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    💚I'm taking a ride with my best friend💚

    Onlyfans($6 sale for new & expired subs!)/Manyvids

    #my face #onlyfans.com/subpixie #manyvids.com/subpixie420 #dancing gif#weed#short skirt#gothic #support content creators #onlyfans sale#gabbigabriella#androgynous#she/they#lesbian#lgbtqia
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  • sebs-aston
    24.01.2022 - 17 minutes ago

    weird opinion but making gifs for a niche audience it's actually somewhat freeing

    #yes not many reblogs it'll be just you & two people yelling about it #but also no stress & you can take your time #and people still get happy bc content!! uhulll #lol
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  • nsuiswitch
    24.01.2022 - 18 minutes ago

    i want to be gently misted like the veggies in the supermarket

    #oh to be loved #OH TO BE LOVED #no one can achieve that level of pure contentment #not like those veggies do
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  • darkherolovercroissant
    24.01.2022 - 20 minutes ago

    Upcoming projects:

    -Rise of Fiersome

    -Oneshots based off Taylor Swift songs

    -Bucky Barnes content

    -Gift of Arsyss

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  • pricechecktranslations
    24.01.2022 - 23 minutes ago
    #though as an abridgment it's a little odd #that some of the videos massively expand content that consisted of a few paragraphs in the novels themselves
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  • crimeparrots
    24.01.2022 - 25 minutes ago

    mumbo jumbo really be out here like

    i like riding my bike, i’m insecure about my organic building ability but am more than capable of blowing my own and everyone else’s expectations of me, dog walks are cool especially when you can look up at the clear nights sky at the same time, i figured out how to build a blaze farm without killing any blazes using a dog and a shield, my redstone skills outweigh what most people accomplish in minecraft in a lifetime, i love and make the silliest of puns that make me laugh at myself for minutes on end, oh and i make gorgeous looking, thought provoking films.

    #WHO THE FUCK IS THIS MAN AND WHY IS HE THIS IMPRESSIVE #mumbo jumbo #i hadn’t watched any of his videos since hermitcraft season eight (which i started a few days ago) #and i feel like i’ve been massively missing out on the most glorious mc content since i joined this fandom #hermitcraft
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  • powerxtraffic
    24.01.2022 - 27 minutes ago

    #Motivationstraining 10 beste Tipps & Tricks für dein #Mindset bit.ly/3ASDtLw Die #Motivation ist mega wichtig, hier gibt's 10 beste #Tipps & Tricks für dein #Mindset #Erfolg im Leben ist planbar! Mindset BASICS - 7 Geheimnisse der #Bambus #Strategie für Anfänger:

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  • wormsmith
    24.01.2022 - 27 minutes ago

    i realize most of my posts are thorin based so i need you all to know that elrond is on par, if not higher than thorin in my simp level statuses

    #there's just so much less content for him ;-;
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