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  • kingfishcr
    21.01.2022 - 22 hours ago


    #guys #I’m dying at work #ain’t no rest for the cps worker or whatever cage the elephant said #idk when I’ll have a free moment to be here #I’m the only cps worker available in the county right now #because everyone else is out sick #with#yep #you guessed it #and now I’m stress #and exhausted#and overwhelmed #( kee your friendly mentally unstable neighborhood cps worker) #ooc || ᴏᴜᴛ ᴏғ ᴄɪɢᴀʀᴇᴛᴛᴇs #mobile ooc. #ooc tbd. #send hel.p #tw: cps#cw: cps #( kee talks shit )
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  • anatomy-lesson
    18.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    “NEGRO KNIFE BRANDISHER GETS JAIL SENTENCE,” Windsor Record.  October 18, 1911. Page 1. ---- Magistrate Bound to Stop Lawlessness Along Docks. ---- William Smith, a Florida negro, charged with having drawn a knife on Thomas Boyear, another negro, during one of the one of the scrapes which frequently occur among the negroes and half-breeds employed on the C.P.R. docks, was arrested last night and taken to the police station. On being arraigned before Magistrate Leggatt this morning, Smith pleaded guilty to the charge and was fined $29.50, with the option of spending 60 days in Sandwich jail. He went to jail. 

    Magistrate Leggatt is determined to stamp out this lawlessness and disorderly , . conduct along the docks, and the police officers have instruction to arrest any offenders. The longshoremen make a practice of getting drunk and raising rough-house every pay day, the Mills murder being suggested as the result of one of these orgies.

    #windsor#knife fight#knife attack #armed with a knife #railway dock #canadian pacific railway #railway workers#black canadians#african americans #racism in canada #anti-black racism #tough on crime #law and order rhetoric #sentenced to prison #essex county jail #crime and punishment in canada #history of crime and punishment in canada
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  • anatomy-lesson
    24.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    “Made Tug Into Kindling,” Toronto Star. November 23, 1931. Page 8. ---- Thought Boat worth $3,000 was Only Firewood ---- Haileybury, Nov. 23. - How a $3,000 tugboat was chopped up for firewood by a man who thought the boat was useless, was revealed at the trial of Charles Caya in police court Saturday.

    Caya pleaded guilty to stealing the wood out of the ship and was given six months’ hard labor/

    The boat had been hauled out and was left in the yards of the Hailleybury Lumber Mills. Caya chopped away the timbers until only a small part of the hull was left.

    #haileybury#lumber worker#lumber yard#stolen wood#firewood#axeman#tugboat#lumber mill#northern ontario #great depression in canada #sentenced to prison #county jail #crime and punishment in canada #history of crime and punishment in canada
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  • anatomy-lesson
    06.09.2020 - 1 year ago

    “Given Three Months,” Border Cities Star. September 5, 1930. Page 6. ---- CHATHAM, Sept. 5. - In city police court today John Whittington, Welsh farm laborer of R. R. No. 1, River Road, Raleigh Township, was sentenced to serve three months in the common jail on a charge of indecent assault. The offence took place in North Chatham about two weeks ago.

    #chatham#raleigh township#farm hand#agricultural workers#agricultural labourers #farming in canada #rural canada#rural crime#indecent assault #sentenced to prison #county jail #great depression in canada #crime and punishment in canada #history of crime and punishment in canada
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  • anatomy-lesson
    04.09.2020 - 1 year ago

    “North Bruce Vote Echo In Court Today,” Border Cities Star. September 3, 1930. Page 13. ---- Kincardine Father And Son Face Charges Of Influencing --- Liquor Mentioned ---- Case Resumes After Delay; Campaign in Riding Was Close, Bitter --- WALKERTON, Sept. 3. - An aftermath of the federal election in the riding of North Bruce, the trial commenced here this morning of William McLeod and Mirrell McLeod, father and son, of the Township of Kincardine, charged with supplying liquor with the object of influencing votes.

    BITTER CAMPAIGN EVIDENCE of a sensational nature was promised to be heard before Magistrate F. W. Walker when the case came before him for the second time, there having been an adjournment previously at the request of the defense. North Bruce in the last election saw one of the bitterest and hardest-fought campaigns ever held in Ontario with a great deal of keen animosity on both sides. The two McLeods were known as active workers for Hon. James Malcolm, former minister of trade and commerce, who won the seat from William Mitchell, manufacturer, by 83 votes. In 1926, 1925. and 1921. when Mr. Malcolm ran before and was elected, his majorities were always far above the 1.000 mark. SEVEN WITNESSES Information against father and son was sworn out by Inspector Rae, of the Kitchener detachment of the Ontario provincial police after an investigation which he personally carried out. Seven witnesses have been subpoenaed to give evidence as to the charge, which reads: 

    ‘That on July 23 last, in consideration of the influencing and obtaining votes in the Dominion election, held on July 28, 1930, did unlawfully give and supply liquor contrary to the provisions of section 72 of the Liquor Control Act of Ontario. 1930.’ 

    The evidence is expected to show that both father and son made large purchases of liquor during the last month of the campaign. When they came before him last Saturday the magistrate intimated that he desired that there should be no further delay. In view of the importance of the charges the magistrate has postponed arrangements for a holiday to hear them. Interest in the affair is keen throughout Bruce and Grey counties where the spectacular campaon in North Bruce has been watched closely.  

    #walkteron#bruce county #1930 federal election #election count#vote tampering#vote buying#tight race#federal riding#political corruption#kincardine #get out the vote #election workers #house of commons #parliament of canada #member of parliament #great depression in canada #crime and punishment in canada #history of crime and punishment in canada
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  • besthinditech
    09.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    California Issues New Guidance on Quarantine and Isolation for Healthcare Workers

    California Issues New Guidance on Quarantine and Isolation for Healthcare Workers

    Healthcare workers who test positive for COVID-19 but are asymptomatic may return to work immediately without isolation and without testing. Healthcare workers who are exposed to COVID-19 and are asymptomatic may return to work immediately without quarantining and testing. Both groups will be required to wear an N-95 mask and avoid other healthcare workers when possible. The return-to-work…

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  • detective-crescend
    09.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    guess who got COVID three days after she was made to return to the classroom to teach!!!!!

    #im so fucking pissed #i feel fine but I swear to god if something happens to this baby because capitalism forced me into work I’m going to burn shit #frothing at the mouth with rage at the way we’re treating teachers and healthcare workers #I’ve given up so much of my life not to get sick!!!!!! #and now I am and this baby is going to pay the price and hehejskkfjdjjrjdkdh #I feel so guilty for even keeping it now like positivity rates when I got pregnant were sub 3% #I thought it’d be okay #but look where we are now #my county is at 25% #and we still had kids coming into school everyday #refusing to wear masks #being given no PPE by employers #i regret all my life decisions #covid19#tw pregnancy
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  • maxrehab
    30.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

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    Maximum Rehabilitation Services

    #Functional capacity assessment #Work hardening #Work related accidents #Worker compensation#feet numb#Hands numb #post-surgical rehab physical therapy #Orthopedic Injury therapist in Cook county #Car Accident Therapist in Cook County #Speech therapist Centre in Cook county #Occupational therapist in Cook county #pain specialist doctor in Cook County #Physiotherapy Centre in Cook county #Pain management in Cook County #Physical therapist in Cook County
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  • healthymke
    29.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #unaffiliated health worker covid vaccine milwaukee county #covid 19 vaccination registration milwaukee #covid vaccinator enrollment milwaukee wi #phase 1a health care workers milwaukee
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  • healthymke
    29.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #unaffiliated health worker covid vaccine milwaukee county #long term care facilities covid vaccine milwaukee #Covid-19 vaccinator registration milwaukee #Milwaukee Unified Emergency Operations Center #provider enrollment for covid 19 vaccine program milwaukee
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  • kirinda-ondo
    29.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    We're so dead at work my coworkers are now advocating for just bringing in some headphones and just watching shit in order to not go insane from boredom

    But I know what I'm going to do

    #I swear I'm actually a good worker we just don't have anyone coming in because half of our shit doesn't work and the city has not fixed it #and we've had multiple days where we have 0-2 people coming in over an entire eight hour period #we are doing what we can to not either fall asleep or go insane from the boredom #I mean if they wanted to pay us to sit here and do nothing they could have just let us keep staying home #but the county wanted us open so we're open #kateh's art tag #shitty phone doodles ahoy
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  • kidjacked
    25.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    This holiday was tough. I miss you my forever babies. Santa forgot me again. The day I have you in my arms again will be the Christmas of all Christmas’.

    Mommy loves you.

    Misses you.

    Prays for you….

    I hide from everyone just to dry my tears.

    My heart is beating just to exist and even this isn’t an existence.

    Sadness is all I know…grief and despair. But you my loves….I was most happiest with you even during our most darkest hours.

    It is a reminder every second that you are lost but never gone. I know my babies you are not so much babies, but I have frozen us in time, with your innocent laughs and smiles…spirit protects me from the most darkest areas of my subconscious, but still shines the light of my most fondest memories of each of you in every aspect of life.

    I remember how you looked at me and I looked at you…your weak mother with no money, no umbrella, all of us soaking wet from the sticky rain…and you all told me I was the best mom in the world…to you.

    The people that hurt us, their time is coming.

    We remain strong in spirit…I am protecting you from beyond what is my control until you are back in my loving arms again.

    Merry Christmas to my loves…

    The loves of my life…

    The life that was taken from us…I’m living for you. I am strong for you.

    And I am building for you for our next chapter…



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  • anatomy-lesson
    25.03.2021 - 9 monts ago

    “Special Meals For Prisoners,” Border Cities Star. March 24, 1931. Page 3. --- PLUMBERS IN JAIL --- Singer and Associates Are Locked Up ---- Sheriff’s officers were quite flurried yesterday afternoon when it became apparent that Louis M. Singer, K.C., Commissioner of the Amalgamated Builders’ Council, and Charles E. Paddon and Herbert Ward, prominent Windsor master plumbers, were going to have to spend the night in jail. The court attendants were not used to having King’s Counselors as jail guests and there as some confusion as to how the prisoners should be fed, as they hadn’t the least desire to sample Governor Warden’s regulation fare for prisoners at the jail.

    Finally it was arranged that the prisoners should be taken by a constable to a hotel to eat, and then be returned to the jail for the night.

    When judgement was handed down yesterday afternoon ordering Singer to pay $8,000 or spend eight months in jail, while Paddon and Ward were each fined $800 or two months, it was too late in the day for arrangements to raise the money to be effective. It was expected that Paddon and Ward would be able to post tehri $800 each today, while Singer who lives in Toronto, was making arrangements to raise his $8,000, The fines must be posted in cash as property is not accepted in such cases, it was stated, although all of the three men are appealing their convictions. Mr. Justice Wright after sentencing them, refuse to give an arrest of judgement, which would have permitted the three to stay out of jail while they were making their arrangements.

    #windsor #essex county jail #remand prisoners #fines and costs #master plumbers #amalgamated builders' council #building trades#strike#illegal strike#plumbers#construction workers#strikebreaking #great depression in canada #crime and punishment in canada #history of crime and punishment in canada
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  • anatomy-lesson
    23.09.2020 - 1 year ago

    “Fifth Conviction Brings Two Years,” Ottawa Journal. September 22, 1930. Page 12. ---- Special to The Journal. KEMPTVILLE, Sept. 21. - His fifth conviction in two years, Lawrence Crawshaw, 21, of Montreal, was sentenced to two years in the penitentiary by Magistrate H. Atkinson for breaking the locks on a gasoline pump and also breaking into the home of Mr. and Mrs. Kirby, of Prescott, on September, 19. Since 1928, Crawshaw has received one suspended sentence, two terms of six months each, and a one-year sentence.

    [AL: Crawshaw was born in Manchester, England, but grew up in Montreal. He had served most of his sentenced in the Shawbridge Boy’s Farm and the Montreal Jail. At 21, he had already been married and separated, was heavily scarred on his hands and legs, worked for the circus, and travelled around Ontario and Quebec a great deal. At Kingston Penitentiary, he was prisoner #1852. He was transferred to the Collin’s Bay minimum security prison camp in April 1931, and worked at construction there. He was paroled July 1932.]

    #kemptville#grenville county#breaking locks#gasoline pump#stealing change #break and enter #housebreaker#housebreaking#suspended sentence #long criminal record #montreal#circus worker #sentenced to the penitentiary #kingston penitentiary #great depression in canada #crime and punishment in canada #history of crime and punishment in canada
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  • anatomy-lesson
    13.09.2021 - 4 monts ago

    “Cannery Worker Beaten Stones Smash Windows,” Toronto Star. September 12, 1941. Page 01. ---- Two Face Disorderly Conduct Charges in New Toronto Strike ---- MORE FROM FARMS --- Rocks were thrown through windows of a non-striker’s home and a non-striker was waylaid and beaten about the face on his way home from work last night as the strike of 200 at the Campbell Soup Co. plant, New Toronto, continued.

    Three windsows in the home of Steve Soloduk, Sixth St., were broken at 2:30 a.m. today and glass fell over the sleeping forms of three girls. One rock narrowly missed five-year-old ‘Snooks’ Soloduk.

    Merton Wilson told New Toronto police he was stopped by two men and a woman while returning from the plant of 10:10 last night. He said they waited for him in a car parked by the curb near his home, and that one slugged him with his fist before he managed to escape. He has a cut lip. Charges of disorderly conduct have been laid against Ronald Milligan and Charles Harrison of Long Branch, both said by police to be striking employees of the plant.

    Meanwhile the strike, in its seventh day, showed no signs of settlement. The plant stepped up production strongly today with the arrival of 153 more workers from Kent county tomato fields. This second expedition brings the total number of farmer ‘imports’ under Premier Hepburn’s protection plan to 264.

    D. M. Mounce, plant manager, said today that with the new arrivals, a number of volunteer workers from Toronto district and with non-striking employees, payroll strength at the soup factory almost had reached the normal 500.

    At noon today, 60 of the strikers, many of them women, were said to have approached company officials, and told them they wanted to go back to work. J. M. Hoerlie, an official from company head offices in the United States, assured them the would be given police protection.

    ‘We are ready to take you back just as fast as you want to come,’ he said. ‘We are read to listen to any grievance committee of the employees, but we will not deal with the C.I.O. under any circumstances.’

    He told the workers, speaking to them on the front lawn of the plant premises, that pay to the strikers for their last week’s work would be ready by 1 p.m.

    ‘When you collect your pay you will have to turn in your buttons, and if you are re-hired later it will be as a new employee,’ he said.

    An emergency meeting of the strikers was called for mid-afternoon. It was understood that a majority of those who spoke with company officials this morning would attend the meeting before going to the plant to collect their pay.

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  • anatomy-lesson
    11.09.2021 - 4 monts ago

    “Asserts Gasoline Supplied On Order,” Toronto Star. September 10, 1931. Page 03. ---- York Township Employees Being Tried on Theft Charge ---- Charged with the theft of gasoline from a drum at a municipal sewer job. Ernest Duly, former employment inspector for Ward 3 of York township and G. W. Wootton, a night watchman on a township job in Ward 3 appeared before a jury to-day in the sessions.

    Duly claims that the gasoline was supplied to him late at night by Wootton on a signed transfer slip.

    #york county#york township#theft#night watchman#stolen gasoline#municipal  work#municipal workers#gasoline#employment inspector#inside job #stealing from the boss #great depression in canada #crime and punishment in canada #history of crime and punishment in canada
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  • slettlune
    24.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    there’s an ongoing project happening in my rural home county where they’re searching for and digitizing old photographs concerning the history of the county, and to fund it and “proof test” it they host so-called “historical evenings” where the head researcher presents their most recently unearthed historical photographs on screen in the local movie theatre, explains what they know about their contexts, and lets people in the audience (mostly elderly) shout out if they recognize people or places or occasions (or failing all else, finding a probable date by comparing cars and fashion and products) -- which is recorded and added to the database

    i’m always the youngest there, i don’t have any useful knowledge to impart, but i love how for almost every picture the researcher will say something like “we know from the inscription that this was taken in the spring of 1928, and it looks like it might be somewhere around bønsmoen?” and people will go “yes that’s my late husbands uncle, torgeir ambjørnsen, in the checkered shirt. he was was born in 1898 and this was taken before he lost his leg in that harvesting accident” and four other people will go “oh gosh yes, that’s torgeir, you can see the mole by his left ear” and one will add “also this was taken outside old rigmor’s house, i can tell by that notch in the window frame where accordian-lars misfired his rifle”. believe me it’s MAGICAL

    but the best thing of all is that i go there with my dad, who struggles with some memory issues following a traffic accident, but who will point out every single person or place he recognizes from his childhood, or lean over to me and whisper how that café in the corner of the scratched photo was where he had the best waffles in his life when he was eight

    #i really appreciate how the historical focus is just as much on regular working class people #as it is about the ONE very rich very influential family that's always 'managed' our humble little county in the countryside #like they will show a photo of the servant staff at the festival hall or the workers who rebuilt the bridge after it was bombed in wwii #and people will go 'THAT'S MY UNCLE REIDAR' and that's written and corroborated as IMPORTANT HISTORICAL INFORMATION
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  • jaclynwashereagain
    17.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Built in 1973

    updated in 1976

    #trailer home community #Fort Myers#FLorida#real estate#Lee county #Jesus the Worker Catholic Church #Fort Myers Shores #Laredo Lakes
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