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  • In a period of depression, Craig Foster returned to the kelp forest of his youth. He developed a friendly relationship with a local octopus, and recorded all of their interactions. Over the course of a year, he learned much from the intelligent, nearly liquid cephalopod.

    My Octopus Teacher (2020) is not as horny as the internet might lead you to believe, but let me tell you, their relationship is special. It’s not romance, but it’s not nothing. It’s fascinating to learn about the octopus, and also really touching just to see a bond between a man and such a strange animal. 

    This film makes me think of Jean Painlevé’s credo “science is fiction,” the idea that more than just scientific research, nature is full of stories. We project human traits onto animals because we have an instinct to relate to them. It’s a cool nature documentary that blends a human relationship.

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  • “Most of the time she’s jetting or crawling or swimming. But occasionally, two legs come out. She walks. And off she she goes, striding away walking, bipedally.” MY OCTOPUS TEACHER

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  • “’Okay, I trust you. I trust you, human, and now you can come into my octopus world.’ And she’s moving towards me and my natural instinct to gently back away. And then I just wanted to keep still, so I held onto a rock. She just kept coming and then covered my whole hand. I’d been underwater for quite a long time, so I just gently pushed for the surface, thinking she would move off my hand. But she didn’t. She just rode my hand right to the surface. There I was, just staring into the eyes of this incredible creature.”
    My Octopus Teacher (2020)

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  • What if every day we went out into the world, we interacted with it the way Craig Foster interacts with that ocean? And, what if we treated each interaction with Another, the way he approached and interacted with that octopus? What if we each had that kind of connection? What kind of world would we each live in, even if we chose to do so without the support or agreement from others? Are we brave enough to even try, and even keep trying when we fail many days? What if, and why not?

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  • “I realized I was changing. My relationship with people, with humans was changing. What she taught me was to feel you’re part of this place, not a visitor, that’s a huge difference.”

    - Craig Foster, “My Octopus Teacher”

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  • The Striped catshark extracts aragonite from sea salt to build a series of mirrors on the back its eyes. This allows it to see 10 times better then humans underwater in low light.
    ©Craig Foster/Sea Change Project

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