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  • Cranky Pants by Kayt Miller

    Cranky Pants by Kayt Miller

    Title: Cranky Pants

    Series: Pick-Up Lines #1
    Author: Kayt Miller
    Genre: Contemporary Romance
    Release Date: February 23, 2021

    Maggy Fitzgerald is happy. She works at her best friend’s flower shop with the full knowledge that this is probably as good as its going to get. That is until that same friend talks her into going out to a biker bar so they can “live on the wild side” for a night. Nate…


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  • I’m sorry for the demon I am when I’m not caffeinated or high

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  • Poor Miao. He just wanted Nala’s attention, but she was being cranky pants. It’s endearing how he reaches out to her right at the end of the vid before she stomps off. 😿

    #nala#miao#cranky pants#bff fail #they really are bff though #cats rule the world #my vids
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  • important question: will I be able to work at home today or will the sounds of this FUDSAIO;FJIVKZXCKLVJ CONSTRUCTION drive me to the library to skulk in the corner and hiss at anyone who so much as looks my way???

    #fuCKigndsaffajk DRILLs #I want to throw all power tools out the wINDOW #cranky pants#entreblahblah
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  • I’m in the mood to make eight different desserts so I need to have an impromptu dessert party.  Except I don’t want to deal with anyone besides the mister because I’m hella cranky.  Which is probably why I want to make many, many desserts.   

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  • (Me on FB): Man. Everything’s garbage and everyone is screaming at each other and everything is stupid. Maybe I’ll take a break and see what Tumblr is up to. Haven’t been on there in a while.

    (Me on Tumblr): …tumblr was a mistake…

    #no joke#cranky pants#misanthropy #going back to living under a rock
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  • #cranky pants #not looking for advice fyi #just venting #minor health stuff #now with bonus connectivity complaining #tbdlp #do not reblog anything under a readmore
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  • He angwy 👿

    #cranky pants#ieyasu#slbp #samurai love ballad party
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  • I’ve had a terrible February. I started the month with flu, then I had bronchitis on top of the flu I was still recovering from. The flu went away after 5 days but the bronchitis is still lingering and now I have either a bad cold or another strain of the flu. Also a few days ago I burnt my hand on the toaster and have blisters all over my fingers.

    Honestly I am a cranky unhappy little right now. I just wanna feel good so I can go play at the park and have a picnic. Its so nice outside and I’m tired of being sick and stuck at home.

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  • *kicks feet*
    I’m not tired and I miss daddy…
    But I have to be up for work in about 6 hours… but…. I need him right now
    *pouts and kicks blankets off*

    #me #Maybe I'm cranky #But I want daddy #rn please#cranky pants
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  • Itchy hell week begins today woo

    I.e. I’m retrying going off my allergy meds for testing which mean I get hives automatically for some reason - and the only thing I can take now is steroids which just make me crankier

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  • I hate those supposedly inspirational messages along the lines of “Just look at what famous/incredibly talented person did in same number of hours of the day you have! There’s no reason you can’t get ‘Simple Thing X’ done!”

    Um, yes, there very well may be plenty of reasons. Reasons like chronic depression, crippling anxiety, or invisible disabilities that make just getting out of bed some days an achievement in and of itself. And in fact, being made to feel somewhat worthless because you can’t similarly accomplish the amazing things that made someone else a huge success in life? Generally is the opposite of actually motivational and helpful.

    But maybe don’t mind me, because here I am about to get in a car to drive four hours just to make sure my mother can get a simple, small legal letter done tomorrow, then drive back so I can work on Tuesday, because otherwise her severe depression will make it impossible for her to get it done. And I’d rather not be hearing next about the consequences of her not getting it done. 

    Sometimes instead of cheerleading, it’s more actually helpful to get off your ass and see if you can help someone who needs a hand and instead of being all judge-y about they can’t get done - and supposedly should be able to get done - on their own.

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  • More dental nonsense

    Keep reading

    #whiny whinerson#dental stuff#cranky pants #personal stuff and nonsense
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  • Ugh, I had an unexpectedly physically exhausting and emotionally draining day and now all I want is to go to bed, but it’s not even 9pm, jeezum crow. 

    But, good news!  Because of Karl and John doing press together, I’m now lowkey shipping McCoy and Sulu.

    #cranky pants#whiny whinerson#entreblahblah #all the star trek rare pairs yay
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  • Uuuuugh. Apparently even if I stay up until midnight, I wake up at 6:30 on my day off.

    Today I woke up with a head cold, too. Ten days out from the triathlon, I’m already behind on the project, and I have plans today to see a friend who’s in town maybe once a year. I really. Fucking. Don’t. Have. Time. To be sick.

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  • Irritability levels are high today, with a strong chance of looking askance. 

    #today's mood forecast #cranky pants#entreblahblah
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  • Been posting at least something daily for a few weeks now and love the outlet factor of it. But had my cranky pants on all day, got up early for a dentist appt, and then got stuck at work for ten hours. Still cranky about it all and about nothing in specific, so it’s time to escape into sleep and try to refresh for tomorrow. Hopefully sleep can rinse my brain out.

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  • ‘cuz my hand is all swollen from over drawing. :(  I’ve been taking tylenol and tossing a bag of frozen lima beans to try to hasten the healing process. So now I’m all grouchy and depressed because I can’t draw.

    Also, nearly got caught in a thunderstorm on the way home from work. Nothing like the terror of imminent death.

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