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    Training is hard. Sometimes you just need to take a nap

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  • I tried to be gender inclusive, I apologise if I didn’t hit the mark with it. 

    There was a hurricane. Rain smacked against the window and beat against in with an effort to break it, the one time the wall window wasn’t particularly appealing to Derek or y/n. Even though you weren’t in Beacon Hills or California anymore, you were both in a loft so similar to the one back home that you wouldn’t think you were in a completely different town. Due to the hurricane you’d moved the bed as far away from the window as possible and into a corner where if it shattered during the night the werewolf and your human self would be alright. 

    A heavy branch being thrown against the glass made y/n jump awake and you quickly sat up, looking around to try and find the source of the noise their eyes soon fell on the fragile glass. It was the only source of light but due to it being late at night and the gloom which surrounded them it was unlikely that there would be any light at all. 

    Seeing as there was no danger, Y/N settled back down into the bed pulling the duvet up and over your shoulders. It was so cold and it crept up their body like a thousand ants. Shivering beneath the sheets, you brought their knees up to their chest in hopes of conserving some warmth. The movement woke Derek up and he rolled over subconsciously to get more comfortable. 

    As he did, his feet gently tapped against your own and the ice feeling which shot through him made him snap his eyes open. Lifting his head up, he glanced at the back of the figure’s head who had their eyes shut tightly. Reaching up, he pushed his hand against your cheek and the intrusion made you reach over and bat it away. 

    “What are you doing?” You hissed in a confused and groggy tone. 

    “You’re cold,” he pointed out, “really cold.” 

    “Congratulations captain obvious.” You could hear him sigh but you were too bothered about figuring out a way to get back to sleep. It was harder now that you’d had the disruption. Within seconds he’d reached out and flipped you around so that you were facing his chest, “Derek,” you groaned out as he became the obstruction to your sleep. 

    He wrapped his arms around your figure, pressing you closer to him and whilst he was being a pain you also couldn’t hide the fact that he was cosy. “I don’t want you getting ill in our own bed,” he pointed out his nose brushing against your forehead. 

    “You’re very warm.” 

    “See, you complain but you enjoy it,” he mused a small smile forming on his lips. Reaching out, you gently gripped onto his t-shirt to keep him closer as the effects of the hurricane slowly began to defrost. Everything was so peaceful and so safe in his grip. 

    “That’s because you keep waking me up,” you muttered back. He pressed his lips to your forehead before snuggling his head into a more comfortable position. “I love you. Especially when you’re a breathing space heater.” 

    You could feel the gentle chuckles rumbling through his chest as you pressed your head against him, “you know I love you to, y/n.” 

    #derek hale #Derek Hale x reader #Derek Hale x OC #Derek Hale x y/n #Derek Hale x you #Teen Wolf#Scott McCall#Stiles stilinski#Isaac Lahey#Lydia Martin#Cold#Cuddling#Cute#fluffy#pg12#Noah Stilinski#Allison Argent#cuteDerekHale #Protective Derek Hale #Cuddle Derek Hale
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  • #Claire&Lyssa #bonded box babes #pet whump#lady whump#box babes#cuddling #is this fluff? #this is as fluffy as it gets in my head lol #micro fiction
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  • Victor:* screaming in agony with his hand on his chest*

    Robert : * kicking down the door* I’m coming in there

    Henry: what’s happening to Victor I demand to see my boyfriend!

    Adam: I don’t know what’s going on he told me that he was going to do an experiment with the new chemical Jekyll got him I didn’t know he would try it out on himself because that’s what it sounds like!

    Elizabeth: okay so Victor open this door please you’ve been screaming in pain for the last minute

    * Victor is on the floor shaking and puking convulsing and a half empty bottle is right next to him and Victor is starting to grow wolf ears*

    Henry : Babe! I’m going to have to have words with that so-called doctor he has no right to give him my boyfriend chemicals without his consent!

    Robert: Henry your boyfriend is turning into a werewolf right before our very eyes act calm

    Earnest: I heard screaming is someone dead?


    Justine: there is no acting calm round things like this

    * Victor is halfway transformed*

    Victor : run

    * everyone except Henry runs but Henry hides behind a flipped over table *

    Victor : *howling*

    Henry: oh no this is worse than I thought my boyfriend is now a werewolf

    * Victor starts whimpering and crawls over to Henry for a cuddle and they cuddle*

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  • I have to say it. I have to. Cuddling is uncomfortable.

    There’s always a part of your body that’s in pain. Whoever said that putting you head on someone’s shoulder is nice was a liar because it’s extremely uncomfortable. We’re laying and my back hurts. My legs are in a weird position. I can’t move them but my knees hurt. My neck is in pain. I have their hair in my face of some bone digging into my side.

    Mentally tho ? That’s the Shit

    #I cuddled with mum mom earlier #well we hugged laying in her bed for a while #she was with my grandma the entire week and we had only seen her for a few dinners #I missed her !!! #so yeah I stayed there #does it matter if it’s painful when you’re hugging someone you love ? #cuddling#hug
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  • Under Extreme Duress

    by sssrha

    T, 33k, wangxian, WIP

    Summary:  Later, curled up at Lan Wangji’s side in a meadow behind the Cloud Recesses, something suddenly occurs to Wei Wuxian. He sits upright. “Lan Zhan,” he says, “my brother thought we were having sex. Why would he think that?”

    Lan Wangji glances pointedly at the forehead ribbon that’s currently wrapped around Wei Wuxian’s wrist. Wei Wuxian laughs. “Ah, fair enough.”

    Or: Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji bond over being the only betas in the Cloud Recesses, surrounded by horny alphas and omegas who just want to bang. And, of course, they’re the ones tasked with making sure no one has sex, because the universe apparently hates them.

    My comments:  Oh, this has such a delightful and unexpected premise. Both wwx and lwj are their Sect Betas, which means it’s their job to wrangle the sex-obsessed alphas and omegas from a VERY early age, which actually leaves them both sex-repulsed, since they’re tripping over people getting it on every time they turn around. It also has the effect of making wwx very responsible (much to his chagrin), and he and lwj immediately hit it off and become close friends because of their unusual position. (Betas are very, very rare.)

    The tone of the story is very light, cracky and often silly: I read it with a smile and a groan for these two boys, because they (and MianMian over with the Jins, and Nie Zonghui of the Nies) have such a unique and burdensome role to play, and the alphas and omegas they are surrended by are truly, utterly shameless.

    Story ends at 6/8 chapters, but author said everything was written, so I have hopes….

    a/b/o, non-traditional a/b/o dynamics, beta wei wuxian, beta lan wangji, asexual wei wuxian, asexual lan wangji, sex repulsed wangxian, every other human is constantly and shamelessly horny, humor, students at cloud recesses, platonic cuddling, platonic romance, crack, accidental baby acquisition, (eventually), no miscommunication, “everday” is cuddles, no sunshot campaign, sect leader wen qing, @sssrha

    (You may wish to REBLOG as a signal boost for this author if you like – or think others might like – this story.)

    #Wangxian Fic Rec #The Untamed#wangxian#MDZS#a/b/o #non-traditional a/b/o dynamics #beta wei wuxian #asexual wei wuxian #beta lan wangji #asexual lan wangji #humor#crack #students at cloud recesses #platonic cuddling#cuddling #accidental baby acquisition #Under Extreme Duress #sssrha #medium fic 15k-49k #WIP#teen
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  • The sun streams through the open window like honey, painting everything in the sluggish gold of late afternoon. Still damp from their shower, Dean runs the pads of his fingers up Cas’s bare side, eyes fixed on the way he meets the touch like a cat, how he languishes like some young and tempting god. His eyes turn to slits and he sighs and Dean’s mouth traces the Enochian over his ribs. He ventures up further still.

    “You know what they call these?” Dean asks against Cas’s right pec, draping himself half over his bare torso and palming thigh to ass and back again.

    “Nipples?” Cas teases.

    Dean rolls his eyes. “Angel kisses.” His exasperation does little to hide the way his ears pink. Cas can feel the heat of Dean’s cheek against his skin.

    Angel kisses.

    A far cry from angelhood now, Cas considers this, dragging the tips of his fingers over the nebula of freckles on his shoulder. The same hand slides along his back to rest at the nape of his neck. “You’ve been kissed a lot,” he points out, deliberately obtuse.

    Dean snorts. Looks up red-faced and lovely. Cas wonders when he’ll stop marvelling at this man; when he’ll stop feeling skin hunger for a person he already has—craving the softness between Dean’s rucked-up shirt and waistband, the curve of his bicep—the urge to bite and kiss and be close, even when they’re lying together like this, doing nothing.

    Cas guides him into a smiley kiss, fingers flirting along the line of Dean’s jaw. “I think I missed a couple of spots.”

    Since they’ve started doing this thing together—the kissing, the sex, the cuddling—the token protests in the face of unabashed, earnest sweetness have become less and less. Dean grumbles and mutters something about cheesiness, but otherwise leans into the kiss like a flower to the sun, chasing when Cas makes to pull away. “Y’know, there’s uh, other places I don’t have freckles,” he says, mouth quirking up in a smirk.

    Cas flips them in a flurry of tangled limbs and shouted laughter, raining kisses on Dean’s face and nose and mouth. “Huh,” he says, beaming as Dean grins underneath him. “We’ll have to fix that.”

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  • Grucy Summer Piggy Ride Vibes

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  • my social battery is so low, i just want to cuddle with you and fall asleep in your arms

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  • fills the “umbrella” square for my @goodomensbingo - this square was initially going to be Crowley singing Umbrella, or the Bentley playing it. but then I got depressed so now it’s angst.

    R: Gen
    Ship: Aziraphale x Crowley
    Tags: Angst, Fluff, Noah’s Ark, Nightmares, Cuddling, Rain

    Word Count: 900

    Read it here

    #goodomensbingo #aziraphale x crowley #aziraphale/crowley#ineffable husbands #crowley x aziraphale #crowley/aziraphale #good omens fanfiction #good omens#fanfiction#fanfic#fic #good omens fanfic #good omens fic #angst#umbrella#cuddling#fluff
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    𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘴𝘶𝘯 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘩𝘦𝘳 𝘧𝘭𝘰𝘸𝘦𝘳𝘴

    #poetry#poem#rupi kaur #the sun and her flowers #rupi kaur poetry #rupi kaur poem #short poem#short poetry#cuddling #I miss you #insomnia#insomniac
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  • i wanna cuddle someone close and while they’re playing with my hair i want to kiss their cheek and tell them they’re my comrade

    #i really wanna be in a relationship with someone that's super leftist like me and we go to protests together and hold hands and stuff #leftist#anarchist#communist#socialist#yearning#lgbtq+#cuddling#anarchy#communism#socialism
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  • when quarantine has made you even MORE touch starved than you were before to the point that you have dreams about platonic cuddling your broskis-

    i don’t know what this says about the state that my brain is currently in but i CAN tell you that it doesn’t say anything good

    #demi says words #dreams#cuddling#touch starved#hhhhh#HHHHH #i’m sadddd and LONELY AND I MISS MY FRIENDS *sobs violently* #vent post #sort of? but not really? idk doesn’t hurt to tag it
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  • Human!Cas is very much a cuddler. He loves curling up and tangling his limbs with Dean in bed, arms wrapped around Dean’s waist and tucking his nose into the back of Dean’s neck. On nights when he can’t sleep next to Dean, if they’re on separate hunts or Dean’s stuck researching with Sam, then Cas ends up with a pillow tucked into his arms. Or a teddy bear. Or the blankets wrapped up into a ball. All those substitutes are warm and he likes them, but there’s nothing like sleeping curled up with Dean. It’s Cas’ favorite thing in the world; to match his breathing with Dean’s and to feel Dean’s head resting on his chest as their hands slot together and their bodies curl into each other. Oh yes, Cas definitely likes cuddling when he sleeps.

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