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  • Dragon Age Inquisition: Love me like you do

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  • I wanted to draw something to use as a header, but time got away from me. Next week for sure, I promise.

    Though the Darkness Comes Upon Me, part 1

    “I Shall Embrace the Light” Chapter 10: Lilies

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    Where are we?

    A safe place

    Who’s here?

    Me and you. Only me and you.

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  • So I started a new DA:Inquisition and every time I go into the war room…. That little saunter that Cullen does. It just… I love it. He’s so… He’s… I can’t even describe it.

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  • Characters: Cullen Rutherford, OC: Rayne Amell / Warden Amell
    Rating: SFW, AU!
    # of Words: 930

    The beginning passage is the ending to my multi-chapter fanfic The Lion and The Wolf


    Cullen’s hands slid around her middle, his body pressed tightly against hers and he nestled his face in the nook of her neck.

    “It will be interesting to see.” Rayne said opening her eyes again and covered his hands with hers.

    He chuckled, tickling her neck in the process.

    Rayne didn’t know what would come. But, as she had said, it would be interesting. And she will gladly face whatever was to come with her family.

    A family she never dreamed she would have…

    With those final words written she set down her quill and stretched long, her calf nearly cramping in the process. She had been sitting there for too long.

    With a content sigh Rayne stood from her desk and blew out the candle, noting to herself that she was going to need a new one, before venturing outside where the bright sun made her blink. Once her eyes adjusted she looked around. As usual the garden was quiet, only the lay Sisters milling about below and none of them giving her a second glance.

    She heaved a sigh and made her way to the inside of the Keep. As soon as she opened the door the silence that surrounded her was broken by the clamoring of voices.

    Even though Alec was away on some mission, it didn’t stop the flow of people from coming. For at any moment the Inquisitor could return, and these people could immediately bombard him with their problems and the need for the recent gossip. Rayne didn’t envy him.

    As quickly as she could, she maneuvered through the crowd, ducking her head hoping that no one would see and recognize her. One of the downsides of joining the Inquisition, everyone now knew who she was. She missed the anonymity. But luck was on her side and she managed to get to the exit without being seen, even by the eagle-eyed Josephine that was pandering to the nobles.

    Rayne stood outside a few moments breathing the fresh air, even in just a short time the Keep could make her feel claustrophobic. She looked around at the various people in the courtyard; from nobles to commoners to traders, it was always an interesting array.

    She never would have thought when she joined the Inquisition that she would have so much free time on her hands. She didn’t travel with Alec on his missions, she was strictly there in an advisory capacity. And with the threat of Corypheus now over, she had even more time on her hands, if that was even possible. And Maker, she was twitchy. She hadn’t had this much free time since… well since before the Blight, when she was just an apprentice mageling.

    And the one person who noticed her anxiety was Varric. And what was the dwarf’s brilliant idea to help use up some of her free time?

    Writing, of course.

    Initially she had scoffed at the idea. But then she thought, why not? What else was she going to do? Which lead to her now finished, quite long, book.

    Rayne walked down the steps to the courtyard lost in thought. She wasn’t much of a writer. Or so she thought. She had initially struggled to think of something to write, almost giving up entirely, thinking herself a lost cause to writing. But once she figured that detail out, it just seemed to flow.

    “Raise your shield higher, you’re likely to lose your head that way!” A familiar voice rang across the field.

    Her attention turned below to Cullen in the training area with the latest batch of new recruits. Though Corypheus was gone, the damage done could still be felt and see across Ferelden and Orlais, and people were still needed and willing to help.

    The sort of muse to her book. Over the course of her life Rayne had quite a few regrets, but probably her oldest was the relationship she once had with Cullen. Back when he was simply a Templar Knight and her an Apprentice Mage. Back when it was forbidden.

    She always regretted the way things had ended between them, being conscripted into the Wardens tends to put a damper on clandestine romances. She had always felt they never got closure with it. And then the uprising with Uldred happened, and then the mess that was Kirkwall…

    Rayne sighed heavily.

    Cullen tensed and turned, no doubt sensing he was being watched. Seeing her, he gave her a friendly smile and waved.

    She did the same in return and he turned away to watch over his soldiers.

    Though they were friends they would never be more than that. A shame, at least to Rayne. But there was just far too much baggage there, for both of them. Too many hurtful words said and too many things done – or not done – in the past to overcome.

    And thus her book The Lion and The Wolf was written. A fictional what-if. What if they had overcome their pasts and became close again? What if that turned into something… well more? So much more… A story of sex, love and a family.

    Though no one would ever read it, it had felt good to put all her fantasies and desires down on parchment.

    Rayne turned away from the training area. Away from Cullen. As she made her way to the tavern she couldn’t help but wonder: How does Cullen feel about their missed opportunity? Does he ever think about their past?

    And just like a book that would never get read, they were questions that would never be asked.

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    A small list of suggestions for your weekend reading! Under the cut because of length.

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  • “Just kiss me.” a slight smile spread over Meara’s face.

    The room was dim, the candles had gone out from the breeze blowing in through the open balcony door. Only the fireplace was left to stave off both the chill in the room and the darkness that threatened to creep in. An empty bottle of Abyssal Peach from Emprise du Lion cast a shadow nearby as his hand reached to place the mostly empty glass next to its mate.

    A smirk spread across his lips, “Is that a request or an order?”

    Meara reached for Cullen pulling him in closer by the edge of his shirt, she simply smiled in return to his question. “Just kiss me.”

    Cullen slipped an arm around her waist pulling her into an embrace. Meara watched how the flicker from the fire lit his eyes reflecting the bits of amber that danced through the chocolate brown. Goose flesh rippled along her arm with the soft touch of his lips as he leaned in and placed a single kiss on her.

    “Just a kiss?” he asked in a low rumble.

    Meara felt her knees go weak and a slight blush rushed her face as if she was a young girl having her first kiss again. Regaining a bit of her composure but unable to fight the flush she moved closer meeting his eyes with her gaze in a hope that he wouldn’t notice the red now burning on her cheeks.

    Placing her lips ever so close to his she answered as best she could, “Is that what that was? It all happened so fast…”

    Before she could finish her sentence Cullen pressed his lips against hers, parting them gently with his own and kissing her deeply.

    Every hair on Meara’s neck stood up, wrapped in his arms and lost in that kiss, in him as the moment overtook her senses. The sensual hints of musky oakmoss and embers from the fireplace enveloped her, the taste of peach wine lingered on his tongue and the chill from the room slipped out of notice.

    Slowly Cullen pulled back and pressed his nose against hers.

    Slightly breathless, Meara smiled and spoke softly, “That may be the longest we have gone without a word about missives or reports.”

    Cullen smirked and tightened his arms to pull her into his embrace even more, “Would you care to see if we can break that record?”.

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  • @kemvee It’s done

    I spent the about the past month working on this as a gift for Kemvee. This is a scene from her Highwayman!Cullen AU fic, Highwayman of Haven, which far is one of my favorites.

    I recommend supporting this wonderful person as well as giving her fic a read

    #This was definitely a labor of love #Kemvee I hope you love it #Dragon age #dragon age fanart #cullen#cullen rutherford #highwayman of haven #highwayman!cullen #commander cullen #cullen x trevelyan #Gahhhhh #I love painting light #Evelyn go get some #digital art#digital painting
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  • The idea of Cullen actually being fairly bookish and maybe, at the end of the day, preferring to sit in a library with a cup of tea and read some scholarly drivel on Andraste, and then immediately switch to ancient runes, and then maybe having to light a candle and finish up with wild beasts of the Frostbacks (or insert location here), is so powerful —

    #fuck if i’ll ever finish this fic #i’m almost done with origins by the way and i love the mood of this game #cullen#cullen rutherford#dragon age
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  • Cullen all disheveled in bed will you draw him? Please !!!😍😍😍Yes I know, I’m a little cheeky …😁😁😘

    @raflesia65 yes. Yes I will ♥

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  • I thought ALL DAY yesterday that it was Thursday. Now that it’s Thursday, I keep saying Wednesday! So here’s your WIP Wednesday on my brain’s messed up schedule. 

    Morgan grinned then. “You’re sweet on her. More than I thought you were. As long as you know that you still deserved that punch. I’m not even a little sorry about that.” 

    “You’re completely right,” Cullen agreed, rubbing his sore jaw, “I did deserve that.” 

    #just a little tiny bitty baby blurb #space trash#morgan trevelyan#cullen rutherford
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  • Cullen and Diana for @raflesia65

    3700 followers art giveaway.

    #cullen rutherford #cullen x trevelyan #dragon age #dragon age inquisition #da:i fan art #art
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    Cullen XPS render by Sister Amell

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    So it’s an age since I’ve done one of these but feel like now is a good time seeing as I have lot’s of new followers *waves*

    Kemvee, she/her, old enough to know better but still very much living my best life. This includes writing and drawing NSFW content - if you are a minor or find ‘bodice rippers’ triggering then please move on.

    This blog is all about Cullen Stanton Rutherford. If you make Cullen art/stories I will find it and reblog it but my Queue is literally over 100 posts long so it may take some time XD

    Anything not Cullen or not by me goes here @kemvee-reebees

    Please feel free to say hi, drop me a prompt or an ask even on anon if you’re shy. I like hearing about what people are up to and will always strive to lift up my fellow content creators or wonderful supporters :)

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  • #ask meme #THANK YOU!!! #dragon age#da:i#Cullen Rutherford#Josephine Montilyet#Cullen/Josephine#pining #at least on his part #he's so touch starved #rarepair #never written them before #please enjoy! #jentrevellan
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  • A birthday gift for the lovely  @bitchesofostwick of Cullen, her Ellinor, and her cat. I love you, my chef gourmet!! My favorite Virgo, I hope you had an amazing day! 

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  • I mean… do we need any words…xd 
    That surprise and lust in his eyes along with softness at once gets me every time xd

    #Dragon Age Cullen #cullen romance#commander cullen #cullen x trevelyan #cullen rutherford #cullen stanton rutherford #so cute#watercolour art#Digital Illustration
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  • This was prompted by a post I came across while searching for Cullen Rutherford quotes. And though the post did have some very valid points,  but some of it was generalization which just rubbed me the wrong way. 

    I will be breaking the whole post down into sections because the original post itself was pretty long to begin with, and I’d just add about twenty more pages with my comments.

    (( For this post i kept the sources of the quotes anonymous. Not for any petty, vague posting reasons. It is 100% for the fact I don’t want people who love Cullen to go harass, belittle or rage at the original poster. I’m here to make points not to hurl damaging insults. If the original poster sees this and wants me to add a link to the post I will do so.)) 

    ALSO I WANT TO MAKE THIS VERY CLEAR: I”M ALSO NOT A RAGING CULLEN STAN. I KNOW CULLEN WAS SHITTY IN HIS PAST AND MADE SOME SHITTY CHOICES. I’m not here to say how he is the ‘bestest uwu boi evar’ I’m here to counter points that I personally disagree with with some of my own and people can come to their own conclusions. of what they want to believe. 

    Warning: LONG post a head with anti-Cullen language. 

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