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    210302 | 🌌

    Don’t Call Me’ ☎️❌ Jacket Photoshoot | Behind the SHINee :Minho ❤️


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  • “Me miré al espejo y sentí lástima por lo roto que estaba.”

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  • Happy Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Keychain/Ornament via /r/cute https://ift.tt/3sN8zjk

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    it’s 2021 and we’re dressing like sluts and hexing our exes

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  • March 3, 2020

    I felt asleep in front of the movie spy hard. I loved those Leslie Nielsen movie’s ; they are so funny.

    3 Mars 2020

    Je m’étais endormi devant le film; L’agent secret se découvre. J’adorais les films de Leslie Nielsen, ils étaient tellement drôles.

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  • Geçenlerde bebeyim mi ne demiştin bı daha desene önemli

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    Originally posted by ryik-the-writer

    (Author’s note:Thanks for sending in your request @just-mimebomb !)

    Edric Blight x female!reader:

    • One for sure that is going to happen is amity getting her “revenge” on edric.She tells you some embarrassing things he has done which you may find funny or cute.
    • Emira helps amity in this since she wants to see what happens.Also since she has a lot of things to tell you that edric has done.
    • When it came to meeting his parents you were a bit nervous.Even if your parents were friends with the blights you were nervous mostly because of his mother.
    • Though it didn’t go bad it went good since you were the top student in the healing track in your class.As his parents asked about you and how well was your magic which edric held your hand.
    • Since that was one of the things that would help calm you down.They also liked the highlights you did in your hair with the help of edric as you were matching edric.
    • Long story short meeting edric’s parents wasn’t so bad since edric treated you to your favorite candy and gave so many cuddles to you.Since he knows what it’s like while growing up as a blight as the moments he would get from being nervous.
    • Since edric sometimes ditches class with emira he tries to get you to come with him.Sometimes it works other times it doesn’t which edric understands and won’t force you to go.
    • “Hey sunshine I was wondering if you wanted to go somewhere else than class?”edric asked as he was talking to you at your locker grabbing your books for healing class
    • “Edric love I can’t, my parents wouldn’t let me see you if they found out that I ditched class with you.Which they like you I don’t want them to start hating you.”you said as you gently scratched your locker as it closed its mouth since you had everything for class
    • “I could make an allusion of you so you don’t get caught.Since I’m good at making allusions.”edric said as he walked with you to your healing class
    • “Sorry edric but I can’t.Goodbye have a nice day see you later.”you said before giving him a kiss on the cheek
    • The other times edric convinced you to ditch class with him are for another time
    • Edric likes showing you the allusions he can do which he teaches you some spells.Every spell that’s correct you get a peck or a compliment from him.
    • If you get it wrong he’ll encourage you to try again.If you don’t want to try the spell again edric wouldn’t force you he’ll just show another spell.
    • The library is another spot where you and edric hang out.Mostly because of the pranks you do with edric sometimes emira joins in too.
    • Other times you wanna check a book and edric looks for books he thinks you’ll like.If you’re ever swooning for a fictional character from your book series edric may get a little bit jealous.
    • Which you find cute but you do tell edric that you do love him.As you’re just liking what the character did and how they did it.
    • When you went to the knee with the blights edric made sure to take cute pictures of you.He even did matching couple outfits with you that were for winter.
    • Edric would do a small snowball fight with you which you won by the way but edric says he won.You have to convince edric to let go of the small bat he caught even though you wanted to keep it too.
    • Since both you and edric wanted it as a pet after hearing amity that it wasn’t going to be food and not to eat it
    • Though when you and edric have time you visit the knee to see how the small bat is doing.Sometimes bringing it food and try to play with it.
    • “Hey y/n I got a question I wanna ask.”edric said to you as he was petting the small bat as it flapped its wings gently.
    • “Yeah what’s up?”you said
    • “Once we’re adults can we have this as a pet?Since we both seem to like it and it likes us.”edric said before looking at you
    • “Of course edric to be honest I was going to ask the same thing to you.Though I wonder how big will it grow?”you wondered which you made a mental note to check the library for books about it.
    • Edric likes it whenever your playing with his hair when you’re cuddling.It’s just something that helps him relax more.
    • If not he also likes it when you read to him as he likes hearing your voice.Like honestly edric thinks you can make a boring spell book seem interesting with you just reading it.
    • Edric somehow gets your favorite author’s signature in your book.You were so happy and it made edric smile seeing your reaction.
    • If you ever need help when it comes to your hair or choosing an outfit.Edric is there to help.
    • Edric finds you cute in whatever you’re wearing but if you need help finding an outfit.He’ll help after hearing you and what type of outfit you’re trying to go for.
    • With hair if you need help edric will be there passing you what you need.He ever brings some hair accessories for you as a small gift.Edric asks you if he could do your hair for you which most of the time he just plays with it cause it’s so ✨soft✨.
    #toh edric #the owl house #edric x reader #edric blight #edric blight x reader #cute#request
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