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    23.04.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Cyberpunk 2077 Spoilers

    I find it really funny that people are still trying to use Alt to shut down Johnny Silverhand simps because bUT ALT!!!

    Girl is dead, digitized, and don't even want him anymore; but sure, Jan. I'm a homewrecker.

    #cyberpunk 2077#cp2077#johnny silverhand #cyberpunk 2077 spoilers #like going off the game alone #rogue is actually the better option and sHE STILL LEAVES HIS ASS DURING THE DATE #like i love alt and rogue they both deserve better #so i will take the bullet and smooch the gross rocker man #its a sacrifice im willing to make
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  • yuhimebarbara
    23.04.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    See you in the major leagues, Jackie....

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  • octaane
    23.04.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    KERRY EURODYNE ( @axeattitude​ ) said :   “ i’m just fuckin’ with you. ”

    octavio was this close to getting up and leaving kerry's house. well, that's probably what the rockerboy wanted most days when the stuntman just invited himself in his home, plopped down on the couch and started poking holes into kerry with questions about what they'd be doing that day.

    well, he was certainly successful if he really did try to get rid of the speedster by pretending he wanted to drag octavio along to do boring PR BULLSHIT. he wasn't really listening to what kerry said-- he understood like half the words kerry was saying.

    just as octavio got up to escape kerry's weird new ideas as quickly as he could, kerry just LAUGHED.

    ' i'm just fuckin’ with you. '

    the stuntman froze in his steps and turned around to look at his friend, optics narrowing into a squint. he wasn't sure whether he could believe him, but then again, octavio REALLY didn't like the thought of kerry losing his edge altogether. he usually just needed a little push in the right direction and he’d indulge in whatever chaos octavio came up with again.

    " ha-ha, very funny, cabrón. "

    a grin forms on his face, putting his hands on his hips as he remained by the doorway for now.

    " you scared me there, pal, almost thought you're actin' your AGE now. "

    #☠ ― my fans love you ! 「 MISC ; ANSWERED 」 #☠ ― i don’t push the envelope ; i shred it . 「 IC ; INTERACTION 」 #☠ ― life is too short to be slow ! 「 VERSE ; CYBERPUNK 2077 」 #☠ ― say cheese for all my followers ! 「 MISC ; QUEUE 」 #axeattitude
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  • nightcityheat
    23.04.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Cyberpunk Pokemon AU

    Make a pokemon team for your oc(s) basically I wasn’t tagged but I had this AU in my drafts for so long that now that I’ve seen it turn I ain’t loosing my chance 👀, I’m allowing myself to use @vos-videmus​​ free tag, thank you very much ♡ !

    Rome Kilgrave and the sloppiest team that ever walked. agsahdgsj I love each one of them like my own children.  Story and headcanons under read more. This AU destroyed me.


    They found each other at the time Rome was in his early teens, still living with his abusive uncle. He never really found out what happened to the Pokémon, but it seemed just as beaten and distrustful as he felt, abandoned in some dirty  backstreet of northern Watson next to Rome’s home. At first there wasn’t much he could do, as he certainly couldn’t bring it to the household, but he would feed it scraps, talk to it as he would hide from his uncle, and as time slowly went a trusted companionship developed. It was Trubbish that helped him find the courage to leave home, knowing he wouldn't do it alone, and they never leaved each other’s side since.  Curiously enough, Trubbish always refused to evolve. If it is because of the things that happened to him before it met Rome or because he got too used to being comfortably carried around by his human. 

    Salandit ♂️:

    It was gifted to Rome by the Moxes, during the time he worked for them. It was both an investment, to help the new guy settle in, and a symbol to his welcome in the family. Being a male specimen, Salandit doesn’t evolve, similarly, eventually Rome leaves the Lizzie’s for new horizons; that being said, the Moxes will always be family for him, and that he and Salandit share is proof of that.


    Rome stumbles upon Klefki more or less the same time he does Salandit. It’s the time in his late teen when Rome starts to earn his due in Night City, thanks to the Moxes’ support. He’s a thief, before all, a spy, a couple or eyes and ears that the gang can use without risking trouble with Maelstroms and Tygers. Rome is quick on his feet, young enough not to be easily scared or discouraged, but old enough to know better. Klefki seemed to be fascinated by the young boy and they’ve been partners in crime ever since.


    Toxels were often around Rome’s new clique. He was brought into it by his input of the time, an edgerunner with a taste for music and Rome’s first contact with the real mercenary world. He had never much cared for music before, but those years are his real formation about what truly makes Night City’s heart beat. His connections take place –El Padre, Dino Dinovic, Regina–, but, more importantly, it’s at this time he really falls in love with NC. An Impish Toxel falls into his arms as he watches the Gloryhole Bandits bandits perform, and –fuck, the music is so bad, and he’s smiling, he’s powerful, he’s hungry, he wants it all.  Years later, he’s back from Atlanta – back to Night City, the city of Dreams. Toxtricity is the first Pokémon he ever had that evolved. He’s ready to start again. He won’t run this time.


    He always loved the Net. The rapid pulse of it in his temples –behind his eyes, like a living thing. He sold his soul for better cyberdecks, curious to extend his reach, to understand. It was a weird drug, once so mathematical, so precise, and yet so freeing. Nix guides him towards Bartmoss and his story, and, eventually, with his corpse, Rome finds more than he expected. Elgyem eyes him curiously, intelligent beyond words. Whatever it is he is looking for, it seems to find, because it never leaves Rome’s side since.


    It’s Johnny’s. Johnny’s companion, the only real one. Faithful to a fault. Only Johnny’s determination to find it after all those years is as strong. It’s rabid, after all those years of determinate loneliness, almost driven crazy by the hope his master was going to come back. It’s Rome’s task to convince it to come with them. That, not only Johnny lives within him now, but that their quest is worth it. Maybe, as he does so, he will start to believe in it himself.

    #cyberpunk 2077#Cyberpunk2077 #cyberpunk 2077 v #male v #cyberpunk 2077 pokemon au #pokemon au #oc : virus #sorry not sorry? #i'm just very involved
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    23.04.2021 - 16 minutes ago
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    23.04.2021 - 23 minutes ago
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  • theamari-blog
    23.04.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    Arx Erebos Extras: Outtakes from The Boneyard and an Arxian Townies Lookbook.

    I made this little video/ gif to be a part of Part Three but it didn’t make the cut. My posts aren’t that frequent, but I do spend a sh*t-ton of time editing lots and townies to fit into Arx Erebos-- so even if I’m just doing game-play stuff -- my lots do function, and any townies wandering around look like they belong there (though I have not figured out how to stop them from wearing wrestling outfits and animal costumes whenever it strikes their fancy.)

    For awhile there, I tried just using EA clothes to get the look, so these townies have relatively little CC, but they’re all made over to be more maxis-mix as well.

    Thorne Bailey:  Jacket [Get Famous] // Pants [Outdoor Retreat // Boots [Get to Work] // Necklace by @mochizencc

    Octavia Moon: Top [Island Living ] // Skirt [Get Together] // Shades by @savage-sims (adfly warning) // Earpiece by @strangestorytellersims // shoes by @mmsims // Armband by @ladyspira // Headband by @richierichiet //

    Uke Hekala: Helmet [Get Famous] // Shirt with Rashguard [Island Living] // Pants [Base Game] // Sword Scabbard by @winglysimmer (broken link) // Shoes by @mmsims

    Kaori Kobayashi: Hat by @toskasims (broken link) // Dress by @coloresurbanos // Sandals by @mochizencc (Simsdom warning)

    Poses by @wyattssims (here) and @helgatisha

    @mmoutfitters & @maxismatchccworld

    If you’re into sim stories you can start reading Arx Erebos here.

    #Sims 4 cyberpunk #sims 4 lookbook #Worldbuilding Arx Erebos #townie makeovers #sims 4 scifi #sims 4 my townies #thorne bailey#octavia moon
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  • itshazell
    23.04.2021 - 49 minutes ago
    “About time you showed up... I missed ya...”
    #when you're the only one that makes the bossman go all soft <3 #Talbot#Cyberpunk 2077#Cyberpunk OC#myedit#not v
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  • amen-diares
    23.04.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    Valerie and her team :))

    This was so much fun to do, @pinkydude you’re the best for coming up with this idea!
    If you’re reading this, I tag you! Go go go I wanna see more OC teams plz 💕
    #cyberpunk 2077 #my team makes no sense lmfao
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  • dice-of-rolling
    23.04.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    Kerry I’m sorry sweetheart they’re WRONG

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  • abi-graphy
    23.04.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    Swipe left ➡️ for tutorial . . . Created by @abi__graphy_ . . . #cyberpunk #cyberpunkcosplay #entropism #necessityoverstyle #cosplay #getcyberpunked #cyberpunkcosplay #cyberpunkcosplaycontest #kryscos #cdprcommunity #cyberpunk #cyberpunkz077 #cyberpunkart #cyberpunkaesthetic #eyberpunkstyle #cyberpunkgirl #cyberpunkartwork #scifiart #sciencefiction #scifi #cosplaygirl #vaporwave #digitalart #illustration #futurism #hladerunner #webpurk #cyber #moxes #reotokyo (at CyberPunks) https://www.instagram.com/p/COAyKKxpZcP/?igshid=134lljc91syci

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  • panamlovebot
    23.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    another reminder that i love poc and trans v’s <3 mwa

    #seeing poc v’s is so refreshing #and trans v’s especially :) #!!! #some of y’all have the cutest lil v’s #cyberpunk 2077#v
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  • noonvvraith
    23.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    so im making an oc for shadowrun and im here thinking about all the possible cyberpunk haircuts to give her like “NO, she has the 20s curly haircut because shes classy”

    #ambie.txt #listen... i have good taste #(cyberpunk hair in general is kinda wanky why cant i have a cyberpunk game with RETRO vibes why)
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  • kjmsupremacist
    23.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    warm like a gun (nct + rv)

    A city, walled off to the rest of the world, the last monument to human society. A string of mysterious disappearances. A government that can’t be all that it seems. A faceless threat. A broken system, and growing dissent among the general population. And a group of friends, circling and stumbling closer and closer to the truth.

    Welcome to NeoCity.

    Chapter 17   |   Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4   Chapter 5   Chapter 6   Chapter 7   Chapter 8   Chapter 9   Chapter 10   Chapter 11   Chapter 12   Chapter 13   Chapter 14   Chapter 15   Chapter 16   Masterlist

    Characters: Kun; ot23 nct, ot5 red velvet

    Genre: Cyberpunk, dystopian, adventure, some romance

    Warnings: Violence (murder, kidnapping, etc), VERY dark themes

    Rating: Mature, for the violence

    Length: 6.3k

    Kun pushes away from his desk with a sigh, checking his watch. It’s nearly morning already. He’s lucky they’re still on break.

    He yawns widely. Doyoung stayed up to help him, but he ended up giving in to sleep hours ago. He's in Kun's room, napping, while Kun runs more tests.

    The initial analysis gave them more or less what they needed to know—that the mod arm Seulgi and Sooyoung stole is made of a mix of synthetic and organic skin cells. He'd done some other tests and taken a closer look, but hadn't been able to figure out much more. All he could tell was that because the organic cells were mixed in with the lab-grown ones, the skin could take on a preservative without compromising the feel. It was nice to know how exactly they were made, but Kun wanted to know why. Synthetic cells aren't perfect, sure, but the point of mods is that they're replaceable. When the cells eventually wear themselves down, the owner can just get a replacement. And so what if they feel just the slightest bit unnatural? It's not like mods are a secret. Lots of people have them.

    Besides, organic material only functions well when it's attached to a real, living host. So even though the skin feels more natural, the skin will degrade faster this way. Maybe they're just trying to get people to buy more—by making sure their products aren't built to last. It's not like UltraViolet has a whole lot of competition. People wouldn't have another choice.

    He carefully puts everything away, his stabilizers the only thing stopping him from breaking something in the process. His vision swims a little bit. He needs to sleep.

    He runs through some information just to make himself feel better as he pads upstairs to take a shower. Chenle is working on his father to try and get some information. We should know soon if he can help us. He slips into the bathroom, turning the water on in the shower and waiting for it to warm. The UltraViolet girls are looking into the company some more, to see if we can get more material to test or maybe a new lead. Kun steps into the shower. Hyejin is looking into hospital records to see if we can figure out where these limbs are coming from. And tomorrow, Doyoung and I will start trying to come up with ways to leave a trail in case any of us are next.

    He showers quickly, eager to crawl into bed and forget about all of this for just a few hours. The warmth of the water is nice, but he knows his bed will be better, where Doyoung has already built up a soothing bubble of body heat.

    Kun towels off somewhat aggressively, stumbling a little when he swings his head up too fast. He secures his towel around his waist and creeps into his room, dark but for the sliver of light coming from where Doyoung had left the curtains cracked for him.

    Doyoung is fast asleep in his bed, curled up with his back to him, barely visible under the covers. Kun looks over to his dresser and sees his pajamas already on top, folded neatly. Doyoung, as usual, looking out for him in weird little ways.

    He tugs on his t-shirt and steps into his underwear and then his shorts. He hangs his towel up on the back of his door, and then carefully picks his way across the floor to his window, where he shuts the blinds completely. He's plunged into blackness, and he feels his way back to the bed.

    Doyoung stirs as he climbs in beside him. "What time is it?" he croaks.

    "Still early," Kun replies. "Go back to sleep."

    "Not early enough," Doyoung grumbles, rolling over and extending an arm. "What were you doing?"

    "Running more tests," Kun replies sleepily, letting Doyoung pull him close.

    "What for?"

    "I don't even know," Kun admits wearily. "I was tired, but... I don't know. I just didn't want to do nothing."

    "You're not doing nothing," Doyoung says quietly as Kun finally, finally, shuts his burning eyes. Doyoung's hand is in his hair, brushing rhythmically. "You're with me. Am I nothing?"

    "No, stupid," Kun mumbles.

    "I'm not stupid, either," Doyoung says primly. "Go to sleep, Kun."

    Kun doesn't need telling. He's already halfway under. The last thing he registers is the warmth of Doyoung's body next to his.


    When Kun wakes, Doyoung isn't beside him. The room is still dark, and the scent of food hangs heavy in the air. Blearily, he pushes himself up, and then lurches to his feet.

    He makes his way over to his window and pulls at the blinds. Bright sunlight streams in, momentarily blinding him. He squints, turning now to his dresser, and gets changed.

    His parents are already gone to work; it's 11.00. Doyoung is in the kitchen, and he passes Kun a portion of instant bread, along with a couple of eggs and a small cup of freeze-dried fruit when he comes in.

    "I already ate," Doyoung says by way of greeting as he sets a pan to soak in the sink. "I stole your phone, I hope you don't mind. I just didn't want it to wake you if someone called. And they did," he added, holding it up before setting it down on the counter and sliding it to Kun. "Seulgi says they found something—a door to a wing in the main UltraViolet building that shouldn't exist."

    "What?" Kun asks, eating faster. "Why didn't you wake me?"

    "You're no help to anybody when you're dead on your feet," Doyoung says. "Besides, it's not like we know how to get in. We'll need Jungwoo to work with Seulgi and Sooyoung to get through security, and he's actually being good and resting—unlike the doctor that gave him that order."

    Kun rolls his eyes. "Jungwoo was shot in the calf less than a week ago, of course he should be resting," he replies. "I wasn't shot in the anywhere."

    "Yeah, well," Doyoung says, clearly ready to move on. "Chenle also called. He said he couldn't get much out of his father, but it sounds like his father is working closely with Chairman Kim. He said that his father mentioned protecting the family 'at any cost,' which, understandably, raised a couple of red flags in Chenle's head."

    "I'd hope so, otherwise I couldn't say I raised him," Kun notes, standing and carrying his empty plate to the sink. "So what's the plan for today?"

    "Nothing yet," Doyoung says, shrugging. "We have to let the hackers work something out before we can proceed."

    "Okay," Kun says. "Then let's get started on that communication plan."

    Doyoung looks like he's about to argue, but then he just nods, resignation settling over his features. He knows Kun's happier when he's busy, even if he runs himself into the ground. And for all of Doyoung's sensibility, Kun knows he's the same way. They deal with fear by working; it's all either of them know.


    "Scanner for you." Jungwoo places it on the table in front of Kun. "And for you." He moves along to Hyejin, then Yerim. Seulgi is turning hers over in her hands restlessly. "Okay." He slides into the seat at the head of his dining table. "Ten drew a map up for us based on what Yerim and Seulgi told him, so it should be pretty easy for you guys to find your way around."

    It's a few days later; Jungwoo is nearly healed thanks to a couple of injections. He hardly limps now, but he won't be coming into the UltraViolet facility. Kun is going with Hyejin, Seulgi, Yerim, and Jaemin. They decided to keep the group relatively small so that movement would be easy, while still having enough people for protection and a range of skills. Kun and Hyejin will be able to understand the biological side of whatever it is they find; Seulgi will understand the mechanics. Jaemin is there to help them pick locks and sneak around, and Sooyoung has been teaching Yerim to code, so she'll be able to help with that. Originally, they had wanted to take Jisung, but Yerim said she wanted to see everything for herself, and Jungwoo said he'd need Jisung's help managing the security overrides.

    Joohyun had protested at first when Yerim insisted on going, but Seulgi shouted her down pretty quickly. Hyejin, surprisingly, had also backed Yerim up, pointing out that this was Yerim's family they were talking about, and she had every right to see whatever was behind those doors with her own eyes. Yerim had been uncharacteristically cold and unforgiving with Joohyun as well, which Kun suspects had a large hand to play in Joohyun giving in.

    The scanners were mostly for sensing personnel. Some of the camera systems were either nonexistent, or, more likely, on private servers behind cybersecurity that even Jungwoo and Sooyoung couldn't crack. The scanners would be able to pick up heat signatures even through a few meters of concrete, so they wouldn't be walking into rooms entirely blind. The scanner is also able to image the rough shape and size of the room on the other side of the wall—Jungwoo built it with technology from old bomb scanners that they used to use in airports in the early 2000s.

    "They change shifts at 23.00, so we'll wait until the new shift is in place before we start knocking out cameras," Jungwoo says. "There won't be another shift change until early in the morning, which should give you plenty of time to get in and out. All guards have a tracker in their uniform to help with security, and Yerim was able to get her hands on a map that shows their location, so avoiding guards shouldn't be a problem. Yuta and Hyejin have been working together on changing the serum in those spider bots we have, so if we need to use them, they should keep the average person unconscious for about three hours. It would be better if we didn't need to use them, because it'll be less suspicious that way, but it's a good backup."

    Kun pockets the scanner. It's a good plan, he tells himself. Seulgi and Yerim will wait inside the building—it isn't odd for them to be in and out even late at night. Kun and Hyejin wouldn't even be strange guests for them to have, but Jaemin poses a bit of a problem. They'll all be coming from different areas of the city, and they'll be using face coverings to thwart any face recognition tech, but on the off chance that they are discovered, Kun and Hyejin are easy enough to explain away. Jaemin, an uneducated pickpocket from the matchboxes, is a completely different story.

    Kun will go to Chenle's to wait, since his place is closer to the business district than Kun's. Hyejin will be coming from Joohyun's apartment, and Jaemin will be coming from Jeno's.

    Kun and Doyoung had come up with a sort of cursory idea for communication with anybody who’d been captured. They asked Jungwoo if he could secure some kind of network. They knew Morse code wouldn't be a good plan since only a few of them knew it, so they need something that allows people to send recorded or typed messages. Jungwoo said he'd work on it when he got the chance.

    Kun goes to Chenle's around dinner; his parents are used to seeing him over every now and again, so it's not out of the ordinary that Chenle would invite him. They like him, because Kun is a doctor and he has perfect manners, so they think he'll be a good influence on their son. Chenle is not nearly as impressionable as Kun suspects his parents wish that he was, but he also likes to think he's had a hand in raising him.

    This is all to say, Chenle opens the door with one hand on his hip, giving Kun an (undeserved, really) appraising look, his red eyes steely and focused. "You know, Doyoung mentioned that he feels like a housewife sending her husband off to war."

    "Why on earth would he say that?" Kun asks mildly as Chenle shuts the door behind him.

    "Well, you have more masculine energy than he does, to be fair," Chenle says, as if this settles it. "My parents are delighted, by the way. They say you haven't been over in ages."

    "Just because you see me all the time doesn't mean they do," Kun points out.

    "They like you better than they like me," Chenle says, but he's grinning.

    "That's nonsense," Kun protests anyway. "Your parents love you."

    "Oh sure," Chenle agrees, "but I can't imagine they like me."

    Kun is spared from answering because Chenle's mother sweeps into the room and wraps him in a tight hug, and pulls them into the dining room.

    Dinner is, as it always is with the Zhong family, an affair, even if Chenle's brother couldn't attend. They aren't left to their own devices until around 22.00.

    Chenle helps Kun suit up, handing him his gloves while Kun adjusts the collar of the jacket, frowning at his reflection.

    "Jungwoo asked Dejun's mom to have that custom-made," Chenle says pointedly, sensing his distaste.

    "It's uncomfortable," Kun replies, tugging his gloves on.

    "It's protective," Chenle retorts. "Here, your mask."

    Kun realizes as he takes the mask from him that Chenle is only hovering now because he's worried. That's why he has been snippy all night, why he nudges Kun a little too hard now, telling him he's all set.

    "I'm gonna be okay," Kun says softly. "We're all gonna be okay. And either way, we need to do this."

    "I know," Chenle says, rolling his eyes, but Kun sees his shoulders sag a little. "Just make sure you bring back something useful."

    "I'll do my best." Kun lets Chenle lead him out of the room, running his thumb over the scanner in his pocket. My best, he repeats to himself, even if it might not be enough.

    Chenle sees him to the front door, and waves once before shutting it. Kun waits until he rounds the corner before he puts the mask on, not wanting to scare Chenle's neighbors. It's cold out, but the jacket, in addition to the protection it offers from electronic devices, is also very warm. He walks at a brisk pace anyway, not wanting to be the last one there.

    He arrives first, even after a detour around the far side of the shopping district when he realized he had extra time. The building is close to the main police department, so Kun keeps his distance, overshooting by a couple of blocks and weaving between buildings to make his path a little hard to follow. He waits in a nearby alley, squinting out at the street to see if he can see any of his friends coming.

    Hyejin eventually comes into view in the alleyway opposite him, and Kun sees Jaemin approaching in the distance. Hyejin has her snakes tucked into a hat, so nothing glints as she steps into the gleam of a streetlight. Kun steps out too, and the three of them meet, wordlessly, in front of the doors.

    As soon as they're near, the doors open automatically, and they step into the strange, still darkness of the building lobby. Kun's eyes have barely begun adjusting to the darkness when Seulgi comes forward, gesturing for them to follow her down a hallway.

    They all walk quietly, the whispering of fabric the only sound as Seulgi leads them deeper into the building. The little holo map glows faintly as it bobs with Seulgi's movements; she's projecting it from a wristband. The guards are all shown as green dots; their group shows as blue. Seulgi makes the occasional sudden turn in order to avoid the green dots, and Kun can do nothing but follow. He hopes they don't get separated because he's already lost in the maze of identical hallways. A few paces ahead, Yerim and Hyejin's shoulders brush with every few steps, and Kun finds himself smiling in spite of the tension. Jaemin comes up beside him and holds out his hand. Kun blinks, and takes it.

    After about five or ten minutes of walking, including the descent of several flights of stairs at seemingly random intervals, Seulgi draws them up to a stop.

    "It's ahead," she says very quietly. "There are guards, though."

    "We need their keys, anyway," Jaemin says. "Let's use a bot."

    Seulgi looks over at Yerim and Hyejin, and the three women have a silent conversation for a moment before Yerim pulls one of the spider bots out of her pocket. She powers it up, and it unfolds its legs, its small blue camera light blinking on as it finds its footing in her palm. She sets it on the floor, and they wait a minute for Jungwoo, who is controlling remotely, to notice that they've turned a bot on.

    After a second, it blinks its light rapidly, and then turns quickly and scuttles down the hall and around the corner, out of sight. Its light has turned red.

    "Morse code," Yerim whispers. "He said good work and good luck."

    The bot comes skittering back around the corner a few moments later, the camera light back to its usual blue. Yerim collects it and shuts it off, and Seulgi creeps around the corner.

    Two guards lie motionless in front of the door at the end of the hall. Jaemin goes right up to them with Yerim, and after a few moments, he produces a peculiar skeleton key.

    "That's all?" Kun asks.

    "Bet it's got electronic reinforcements," Seulgi says, taking it from Jaemin. "Can you grab the guy you got it from? We usually use a retinal scan."

    Jaemin hoists the guard up, one arm around his chest and the other under one of his arms so he can reach up and hold his eye open.

    Sure enough, when Seulgi slots the key into the lock, the door whirs and clicks, and the key emits a holo scanner. Jaemin pushes the guard into the light.

    "It's dual-authentication," Seulgi murmurs, looking at the panel next to the doorknob, which is now glowing. "It needs a handprint from the other guard."

    "This is really quite complicated for a system that's easy to bypass," Hyejin comments, pulling on Kun's arm so he'll come help her with the other guard. "You should really speak to your father about that, Yerim-ah."

    "The hand, quickly," Seulgi says.

    Kun shuffles around Yerim, supporting the guard's body while Hyejin pulls the glove off and presses it to the panel on the door.

    At last, the key turns in the lock, and the door opens a crack. Kun, Hyejin, and Jaemin put the guards down carefully, arranging them close to the wall so that they're not as noticeable, and then they file through the door behind Seulgi and Yerim.

    "Does it lock from this side?" Yerim asks.

    "I think you just need the key," Seulgi replies. "Let's test it."

    Yerim goes back to the other side of the door and closes it behind her. She puts the key into the lock and turns it easily, letting Yerim back into the hall.

    "Amazing," Seulgi says drily. She hooks the key on to one of her belt loops and taps the little map back to life. "Let's go."

    Kun watches the map as they walk. It seems they're in some kind of main hallway, and it branches off as they go. It's dim; there are only a few small light fixtures spaced across the hallways, and some of them seem to be out of power. They step in and out of puddles of light as Seulgi leads them down the halls.

    "Shit." A few dots appear on the map not too far ahead of them. Seulgi ducks down a side hall, and the rest of them follow as quickly as possible. They keep walking, watching the dots carefully. The dots pass by the turn they took without pausing but Seulgi keeps moving anyway, leading them away from most of the dots. They keep walking until they hit a door.

    "No floorplan," Yerim says, nodding at the map. "That door's out of Jungwoo's range. We can't go through it. We'll be seen."

    "Let's use the scanner, at least." Hyejin steps forward, pulling her scanner out and holding against the wall until it buzzes. She pulls it back, and it displays a low-quality laser holo of the room in front of them.

    There's a curved hallway first; it disappears off the holo quickly. It must not be a wide hallway, because the scan shows structure beyond the far wall. Blurry heat signatures appear in huddles, except for the ones that seem to be individuals, stationed at even intervals along the curved wall.

    "What is that?" Jaemin hisses. "Where are we?"

    "I don't know," Seulgi replies. "I'll mark our location and we'll image it when we get back."

    "It looks like a huge circle," Hyejin notes, studying the holo. "It's like a big cage. These ones here—" She points at the small heat signatures stationed along the wall. "They look like guards."

    "We're gonna run into some guards if we don't get moving," Yerim says, pointing at Seulgi's map. A couple of green dots are drawing near. "Save the image, Hyejin. We'll look at it when we get back."

    Seulgi takes up the lead again. They stay near the outskirts of the mapped area, though they slowly make their way back towards the center. There's a block of the map missing, Kun sees, as they keep walking. A rectangle in the center has nothing, not even green dots. A few seem to be lingering outside this area, but whatever it is, they have no visibility.

    "What do you think is in there?" Jaemin asks Kun quietly, his gaze glued to the dim glow of the map.

    "No idea," Kun replies, "but I bet it's what we're looking for."

    After a couple of detours, they reach the outer wall of the empty space. Yerim pulls out her scanner, and after a few seconds, she turns around.

    The holo image is curious. It's a large rectangular room with short sections of wall interspersed throughout.

    "They look like cells," Jaemin says. "D'you think it's some kind of prison?"

    "What would my father need with a prison?" Yerim asks. She isn't being dismissive; her tone is cautious and a little hurt.

    "Well, we've walked far," Hyejin points out. "We could be under the police department by now."

    "Yeah, but we can still access it from the UltraViolet building," Yerim says.

    "There aren't any heat signatures," Kun says. "So I don't think it's a jail. Even if there are no guards inside, the scanner would still pick up the prisoners."

    "Unless the prisoners aren't human," Jaemin suggests.

    "If they were droids, they'd just disassemble them and melt down the pieces," Seulgi says. "So I don't think that's it, either."

    "Maybe it's some kind of workshop," Yerim says. "Or like, testing area."

    "Maybe," Seulgi agrees. "Well, if there's nobody inside, we should try to get in and have a look around.

    "I bet they're guarding the doors here," Hyejin says, pointing at the green dots nearby.

    "Should we use the bot again?" Yerim moves to reach into her pocket.

    "No, we might need them awake to help us get in." Seulgi sighs. "The only trouble is, they'll shout for help before we'll be able to get answers out of them."

    "One of my snakes produces a sedative," Hyejin offers quietly. "We can get close, and I'll hit them with that first. It doesn't knock them out, just makes them quiet, sluggish, and agreeable. And then—" She twists her hands. "I have a truth serum as well."

    Kun only stares. "That's impossible," he says. "They've been trying to manufacture one for ages without succeeding."

    "Yeah, well, maybe if they had hired me, there'd be one on the market," Hyejin says. "I promise it works. It's not approved because I've never submitted it for government testing. I just think—it's too dangerous. I didn't even tell all of you because it would be disastrous if the wrong people got their hands on it, you know?"

    "You're right," Yerim says gently. "Of course you'd keep something like that a secret. It is dangerous."

    "We'll discuss this later," Seulgi says. "If Hyejin says it works, then I'm sure it works. Let's go."

    They creep along the side of the room until they reach the corner. Hyejin goes ahead a few paces while the rest of them remain down the hall a little, hidden in the shadows. She pulls her hat off carefully, and her snakes unfurl. The glittering green of their eyes creates an eerie sort of halo of light around her head. They hover and bob; Hyejin is stock-still. She seems to be talking to them.

    "She looks magical," Jaemin whispers.

    Suddenly, one of her snakes extends, shooting out and around the corner. A few seconds later, it retracts, its eyes flickering off, head resting on Hyejin's shoulder.

    "C'mon!" She waves them forward, pulling her mask up, and together Kun and the others follow her, securing their masks as well.

    The three guards sit slumped against the wall, looking around dazedly. Hyejin crouches next to the first one, one of her snakes drawn up to eye-level, poised to attack.

    "How do we get inside?" Seulgi asks.

    "Who are you?" the guard asks quietly.

    "How do we get in?" Seulgi repeats, ignoring them.

    "We should call," one of the other guards says slowly. "For backup. They shouldn't be here."

    "My earpiece is missing," the third guard says, sounding more confused than worried.

    "Sorry." Jaemin holds three earpieces up in the faint light for them to see. "You won't be calling for anybody."

    "Just inject them," Seulgi says.

    Hyejin blinks, and her snake lunges forward, sinking its fangs into the guard's neck. When it pulls away, Kun can't even see the mark. The guard groans quietly, tipping their head forward. After a second, they raise it again, slower this time.

    "How do we get in?" Seulgi asks for the third time.

    "We each have a key." The guard's voice has gone monotonous. "You need all three to open the door. We are not allowed to open the door without the chairman's presence, so it requires a drop of his blood as well."

    "That's stupid, you could just get a vial from him beforehand, or drag him here unconscious," Jaemin says.

    "Mm-mm, we use this tech often," Yerim says. "It requires an injection; the needle goes in first to check your vitals, so you would have to actually drag the chairman here. Once it's ascertained that it's drawing from a live person, not a vial or something, it takes a drop of blood and runs it through a genome sequencer. It takes a minute or two, but eventually it determines if the sample matches or not."

    "Hang on," Kun says. "Sequencers take forever. I have one of the best ones, and it still takes like fifteen minutes to run through the entire human genome."

    "Yes, ours only looks for specific genes. The idea is that no one is similar enough to my father to be able to pass the matching test," Yerim explains.

    "You'd need to be related in order to bypass the machine," Hyejin says slowly.

    "Yes," Yerim says, calm. "And my sisters and I are my father's only living relatives."

    "Guess he never thought you'd be a problem," Seulgi says fondly. "So? Do you think your blood will work?"

    "It should," Yerim replies. "My father uses this for some of his vaults. He wanted to make sure we had access in case something happened to him."

    "Wouldn't that make you guys targets, though?" Hyejin asks as she extracts the key from the guard and stands.

    "Well, no one is supposed to know about it," Yerim says. "But my father always said to just let whoever might want to steal from us use our blood if it meant we got away with our lives, so I think he was well aware of the risks."

    Kun goes to search one of the other guards for another key; Seulgi is working on the third guard. "I'm assuming he did not tell you that your blood also unlocks whatever this is."

    "No," Yerim says. "There are a few vaults in our house and around the city, but he never mentioned anything here."

    "Well," Seulgi says, handing the key to Hyejin. "I hope it works."

    "We came all the way here," Yerim says as Kun gives the key he found to Hyejin as well. "We might as well try."

    Yerim and Hyejin insert the keys together, turning them simultaneously. A little tool extends out of the door. Yerim offers her finger for it to prick. After a moment, it chimes softly and pulls away.

    "Now what?" Jaemin asks.

    Yerim shakes her hand out, wincing slightly. "Now we wait for it to sort through my genetic material.” She pulls her glove back on, watching the door.

    "If it doesn't accept you, what then?" Kun asks.

    "Then we run," Yerim says with a shrug. "I don't think it'll be a problem, though."

    "Well, it better hurry," Seulgi says. She's pulled up the little map again, and she's pointing at a couple of green dots. "There's guards headed this way."

    "What do we do with them?" Kun asks, pointing at the guards at their feet.

    "Stand them up and hope they don't stop to chat," Hyejin says. "One of us will have to stay outside to watch them anyway."

    Kun, Jaemin, and Seulgi pull the guards to their feet as the device chimes.

    "All clear," Yerim says as the door clicks open. "Who's staying?"

    "I'll do it," Jaemin said. "The rest of you need to be in there."

    "Take a bot." Yerim hands him one of the spider bots. "Try to knock the guards out before they see you."

    "Thanks." Jaemin takes it, and Kun turns and follows the girls inside. The doors shut behind them, and the lights hum to life.

    The sight that greets them is as mind-boggling as it is terrifying. What they thought were cells are actually tanks of a strange, pale blue liquid. What's worse than the odd glow from the liquid is the naked figures floating in these tanks.

    "Father?" Yerim whispers, staring up at the nearest one.

    It seems to be the chairman. His eyes are closed, and he doesn't seem to have any of his mods, but it is the chairman—or, at least, his body.

    "There's more." Hyejin's voice shakes. "Look."

    There are a few more of the chairman floating in identical tanks further into the room. And behind them are the figures of girls.

    "Oh my god." Yerim's voice cracks. "That's me." She hurries over to a tank further down. Kun looks up at the figure's face. It's Yerim—except it's not Yerim, because Yerim's standing right in front of him with tears welling in her eyes. But it is, somehow; there are three Yerims behind the girl Kun has come to know, floating, unconscious.

    "Your sisters, too," Seulgi whispers. Kun follows her arm. Though he's never spoken at length with any of Yerim's siblings, he recognizes Yoorim's face immediately. The two smaller ones must be Yeeun and Chaeeun. "Are they droids?"

    "I think they're like clones," Hyejin says. "Look, Kun. That's for growing cells, isn't it?"

    She's pointing to a machine on the wall that's hooked up to some kind of incubator. "Yeah," Kun says slowly. "But if they were clones, they'd have to age. Growing the cells alone doesn't spit out a fully-formed human person. The chairman would've had to have been growing these clones since he was born. I think... I think they might be some kind of droid-clone mix. Like—like a mod, except instead of an arm or a leg, it's a whole body."

    "UltraViolet would have the parts," Seulgi murmurs. "But how would you—I mean, you can't just pluck out your brain and put it into a new body. And even if that were possible, it would do nothing if your brain was no longer functioning."

    "I don't know," Yerim says. Her voice is no longer shaking. Kun turns to look at her and her eyes are dark, but determined somehow. Her expression is cold and hard. "But my father has clearly been hiding many things. I don't know if he has even gotten it to work yet, but it looks like he has found his solution. Build us extra bodies in case something happens to the ones we were born in. If he had this tech when Mom was alive, he could have removed her brain from her body somehow and put it into a new one after Chaeeun was born."

    "With tech like this, you'd literally never die," Seulgi says. "Especially if he finds a way to separate your consciousness from anything physical. You'd be able to upload your brain onto some external hardware, and back it up on some secure server. Even if someone shot you in the head, you'd be able to download into a new body, sitting ready in a lab. It might not even have to be your body—any empty body would do."

    "It's not right." Yerim casts her gaze around the room. "I'm sure there are plenty of powerful people that want this tech as soon as it's ready. We have to stop him."

    "No wonder the Umbra are working with him, then," Kun says. "Yuta said they were all about finding the key to immortality. Looks like the chairman is the key."

    "Well, as much as I'd love to stay and poke around," Seulgi says. "I think we've been here too long. We need to get this information back to the others. I don't want to risk getting caught."

    "Yes," Yerim agrees. "We should go. My father can't know that I know."

    Seulgi pulls up the map again; there are a few green dots gathered outside, but no one has come to disturb them yet, so she pulls the door open.

    Jaemin is waiting outside with the spider bot in hand. He points down the hall a ways. "Got them before they even saw these three," he says. "They'll be out for a while."

    "Let's put them inside. Less noticeable that way," Seulgi suggests. Jaemin nods, and Seulgi follows him down the hall to retrieve the guards. They pull them into the door while the other three keep watch.

    "And what about these guys?" Hyejin asks, nodding at the three guards that she sedated.

    Yerim looks at them for a second, and then draws a small pistol from her pocket. "They have memory chips," she says. Kun doesn't know what it is in her tone that makes the hair on the back of his neck stand up. Or maybe it's just the click of the gun in her hand. "Even if they don't recognize me, the security team will play back the footage, or they'll ask them to describe us, and my father will know."

    "What are you—?" But it's too late. Yerim fires three shots, quiet thanks to the silencer on her pistol. The guards drop to the floor.

    "Quickly, get them inside," she says. Kun can only obey numbly, though his skin feels like it's on fire. Faintly, he hears Jaemin gasp; he assumes he's just noticed his surroundings. "Hold their head to the side, your right, their left." He presses the side of the guard's face into the ground and waits, watching Yerim bend over one of the other bodies out of the corner of his eye. After a moment, she comes up beside him, flicking open a switchblade, and slices open the skin behind the guard's ear.

    Seulgi joins her, peering through one of the lenses stored in the band on her head. "Right here," she mutters, reaching out with tweezers to remove something that Kun can't see. She drops it into a small container that's come out of that band as well. "Why did you do that?" she asks Yerim as the tools fold themselves back into the band. "You didn't have to kill them."

    "It's the only way they can't tell what they saw," Yerim replies. Her tone is still chillingly calm, but when Kun looks up, he sees a great deal of pain in her eyes. "My father can't know."

    "We don't even know if that's true! What if he already has the tech to retrieve someone's consciousness and put it in a body?" Seulgi protests.

    "If he did," Yerim replies. "He would've brought my mother back from the dead already." She stands. "Come on," she says. "The guards outside the first door will wake soon, or they'll be found. We need to be gone before that happens."

    They lock the doors, leaving the keys hanging from the doorknob, and head back the way they came. Luckily, the little map comes with the ability to retrace their steps, so it's easy for them to find their way. Soon, they’re nearing that first door again. They dodge guards easily, never coming close to crossing paths with one. With every step they take, they get further from immediate danger. And yet, Kun’s heart still races. His hands shake at his sides.

    Jaemin pauses, waiting for Kun to catch up with him. He takes his hand again and leans close. "I thought Yerim was nice," he says, loud enough just for Kun to hear. "I thought she was sweet. What's going on?"

    Kun just shakes his head. "I don't know." His voice is trembling; his whole body is trembling. "I didn't think she was capable of that."

    "I mean," Jaemin says. "I guess it kind of makes sense."

    "What do you mean?" Kun gives him a confused look.

    "If I saw my clone," he replies. "I think I'd go crazy, too."

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