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    #druck#isi inci#sascha belin#saschisi #finally wrote out what has been on my mind since episode 2
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    Guess who just watched s6 of skamfr just to catch up with s9

    #it is me #i thought og skam and druck would be the only versions id be caught up with #but yet here we are #skam France
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    #skam france#druck #i dont know about michi hating druck i can't confirm that but i do see his other post
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    no preconception

    tenth (!) in a series of missing scenes [ao3 link].

    in which Isi and Sascha take a night bus home.

    [Dec. 25] Saturday 02:23

    They were waiting for the night bus. Isi didn’t know when it was supposed to come. When Sascha sat down after examining the timetable, Isi simply sat down next to him and contorted himself until it was physically possible for him to rest his head against Sascha’s arm. But why himself? It was the first word that came to mind. Herself, themself. None of these was more correct than the other. Isi couldn’t get over it: this was allowed. He, she, they, everything was allowed.

    They yawned. “I had so much fun.”

    “I saw,” Sascha said, smug.

    They’d barely had any time together: Sascha at the DJ booth, Isi on the dancefloor, too self-conscious to come over more than two or three times, with nothing much to say but ask Sascha if he was getting a break anytime soon. When Sascha had his half hour off, he showed Isi around, introducing her to every person they met, until everyone at the party knew that their DJ had a very quiet, very star-struck friend. Strangers told Isi that she was looking great, but it felt as if they wanted to tell her that they saw what she was doing, and that it was good. Isi had thought that it was only Lou who saw it. Before Lou, nobody else got him. He did look great, and because he did, others didn’t have to get it. They wanted to have whatever he had, without knowing what it was. As the night went on, Isi realized that she might have been less unknowable than she had imagined. Every person in the room had a name-tag like hers, but whatever they had written on it, it meant a different thing to everyone. Everyone had a secret they didn’t know how to tell. But everyone in the room knew that there was a secret to be known, not in words, but in keeping others company.

    After Sascha’s break was over, he and Isi didn’t talk until the very last hour of the night, when the remaining dozen people were mostly sitting on the floor, chatting and playing seventies disco from their phones. Somehow, everybody knew every song. Almost all of them were students, with common gossip, common course readings and Twitter threads. A few of them, when they noticed Isi listening in, made an effort to include her, but she didn’t get a large part of their rambling explanations, interrupted by unpredictable tangents, singing, drinking, and laughter when another person in the group said something too funny to ignore. Isi felt like a new arrival in a foreign country, with nothing but hearsay and Google Translator to guide them. They’d never considered going to a group like that, not before Sascha had mentioned it. It felt too earnest. Just because Isi got a few dresses on the Internet, it didn’t mean that he wanted to sit in a circle, hold hands with strangers and sing kumbaya. Consti would never let him live it down, which was a reason enough to never go. By the time Sascha’d joined, Isi felt that it was too late. He couldn’t go to his first meeting at almost eighteen and tell everyone that he had no idea who he was. He’d die of embarrassment. Now, safe on the couch next to Sascha, listening to the conversation loosely unfolding around them, Isi was surprised by the distance they saw extending between themself, and the person they were remembering.

    They had to clean up before they left. Sascha was cleaning up with others – unplugging and rolling the cables, careful with the tiny lightbulbs – while Isi stood with empty hands, asking if there was anything she should do, or take, or carry somewhere, or, or, or. Sascha told him that he was a guest. “But I’m not,” they’d said. A guest wasn’t what they wanted to be. “Okay,” Sascha replied, directing them back towards the couch. “But you are falling asleep.” Isi wanted to help. “I know,” Sascha said. “I will ask you to do everything next time. Promise.” Isi would mind being made fun of so blatantly if Sascha wasn’t also looking at them as if he still couldn’t believe that they’d came and been there with Sascha for the last four hours. Isi knew how it felt: when she took it all in, she was so glad she couldn’t speak. They both paused, the cable half-rolled in Sascha’s hands. With every passing second, Isi discovered that he could be happier than he believed possible a second earlier. It was almost too much. Isi knew, waiting at the bus stop with her head against Sascha’s arm, that the feeling was still there, like a bottomless pool which she was crossing on a tightrope. If she didn’t focus, she’d slip and fall in.

    “Isi.” Sascha moved, jolting Isi out of it. “Isi, the bus.”

    After the generous darkness of the deserted streets, getting on the glaringly bright bus was as unpleasant as German border control. A group of drunk tourists hooted when Isi and Sascha boarded, as if the fact that they were all on a bus together at two in the morning made them natural friends. Isi and Sascha passed the party-goers, the unconscious drunks, and the single miserable woman dressed for work. They sat right next to the last door.

    Isi stuffed his hands inside his pockets and took out the name-tag. She turned it around in her fingers. Sascha shifted in the seat next to her when he’d noticed. Isi considered the men and women on the bus, the men with the women, and the men together, and looked back at the piece of paper in her hands. The glitter was getting on her fingers.

    “Do you mind?” They weren’t looking at Sascha.

    “What do you mean?”

    “If it’s not just for tonight.”

    Isi stopped playing with the card and looked at it, properly. It had felt good when he’d done it, and when Sascha had seen it. It felt as if Isi had finally figured out how to give him something real. Himself, herself, themself. She’d finally had a grasp on it. It was terrifying, but she was doing it – and Sascha had understood her, this. But now that the party was over and Isi was on this bus, all she could think was, God, what a mess. They tried to hold on to the certainty they’d felt with the group, but it was dissipating. The people outside the centre would see Isi as childish, indecisive, an attention-seeking emotionally immature drama queen. It was okay to dress up to go out, but in real life there were rules: suck it up and grow up.

    “Why would I mind,” Sascha said. He was upset that Isi had asked. Isi wished that they could let it go and stop ruining the mood, but they didn’t know how.

    “Because.” They looked at Sascha helplessly. Wasn’t it going to be exhausting? For Sascha, too? Sascha could pretend that it didn’t matter, but it did. “It’s more than what you’ve signed up for.”

    “Don’t say it like that.”

    Before Isi had the chance to argue, Sascha took his hand, and the name-tag with it. “Are you happy,” he asked, very seriously.

    “I –“ Isi looked around to see if anyone was watching them, but then she focused on the sensation of having their hand held by Sascha. They took a deep breath. “I am,” they said, steadier. “But it’s going to be hard, and…” Stop, they told themself. Go back. “But I am happy.”

    “Then that’s all I want.”

    Sascha let go of her hand and settled back into seat, but Isi was still looking at him. The bus, and the drunks and the hooting tourists receded, and Isi was aware again of the pool opening up under the very thin tightrope. Any second now, it would become too much, and they would fall in. It was the same feeling, they realized, as the one he had the day Sascha painted his nails. She’d begun to recognise it as wanting to kiss him. She waited for Sascha to see it.

    Then, he did. They didn’t – they were on a bus and it had been only a few hours – but Isi knew that they were both seeing it, and that they both knew what it meant.

    #druck#saschisi #i said i needed to sleep on it but a long walk did the trick. #anyway. it's done now.
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    nobody asked but i just want you all to know i associate this song with sascha okay bye

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    Coming full circle: Umut and Isi 💞

    “Hey! How did it go, big guy?”

    „Very nice, abi. But the others are all older than I am.“

    „Abi? Can we please play switch with Sascha and make pancakes? I‘d really like to do that.“

    I love that they gave Isi a younger brother and actually gave us glimpses that they have a good relationship, in the beginning. It only went sour when Umut changed schools, the football team and had another social circle influencing him. We obviously didn’t get enough of them. Which is sad, because of the missed potential (s7… why?).

    I remember someone saying that Isi really put work into fixing things with Umut, which he didn‘t do with his other relationships (mainly Ava), when this was the only conflict he wasn‘t responsible for.

    I agree and that’s why it hurt so much when they weren’t on good terms and why my heart melted when Umut finally used the term of endearment again after all the conflict. It felt earned (not like other things).

    …and Sibling bonding moments just get me. 🥺

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    Next section

    Isi made her way, knocking, to the address Sascha had sent her. Smiling, she looked at the streets, all covered with the white splendour.

    About twenty minutes later, Isi arrived at a small park. Here, too, almost everything was covered in snow. Isi felt her heart speed up when she recognised Sascha. Isi only saw his back, but she recognised the boy immediately.

    If there was already snow, Isi wanted to take advantage of it. She knelt down, formed a snowball and tiptoed slowly in Sascha's direction.

    When he was close enough, he threw the snowball. The snowball landed on Sasha's back. The brunette flinched in fright and turned around. Isi started to laugh. Sascha rolled his eyes with a smile. "You really can't let it go, can you?" he exclaimed questioningly. Isi shook her head and smiled gleefully. "Nope."

    And then Sascha formed a snowball as well. He started running towards Isi, Isi managed to form a new snowball as he ran and tried to throw it in Sascha's direction.

    It felt good to just forget that they were teenagers now. They were just two teenagers having fun and loving the snow. In between, they ran after each other with snowballs.

    But at some point they ran out of breath. Sascha leaned his back against a pine tree. His cheeks had turned a shade of red from running. He looked good. Isi smiled as she gasped for air. He leaned against the trunk with his right arm.

    When her breathing had calmed down again, Isi looked at the boy with a smile. They leaned their heads against the tree and Sascha did the same. He smiled happily and couldn't help staring at Isi.

    Sascha could feel that pleasant feeling in his stomach again. Just like three years ago.

    "I won.", Isi murmured with a grin. Sascha rolled his eyes with a smile. "Dork." "You love me.", Isi teased the boy affectionately. Sascha noticed Isi staring at his lips. Again Sascha rolled his eyes, smiling.

    And then Isi didn't hesitate a second more. He put his left hand to Sascha's cheek, approached the boy carefully and kissed him. Without hesitation, Sascha returned the kiss and put his right hand to Isi's cheek. It still felt so fantastic.

    It hadn't just been a snowball fight.

    It had been a snowball fight that had provided intense feelings.

    Because the way they were kissing, it seemed like they could definitely get used to it.

    Kissing Sascha was something Isi wanted to keep doing.


    Sascha's room was quite darkened. All that filled the room with light was his bedside lamp. Isi lay with her head on Sascha's lap while he ran his hand through her hair. Isi smiled tiredly. They could undoubtedly get used to this. He gave a soft sigh. He opened his eyes and looked into those of Sascha. Sascha smiled gently and stroked Isi's face with his left hand. Then Isi stared up at the ceiling. She began to think.

    "What are you thinking about?" asked Sascha softly.

    Isi thought for a moment. Then she looked at Sascha questioningly. "Things are going to change, aren't they?" Sascha shrugged his shoulders. "Possibly," he said. He smiled slightly. "I've been 'thinking a bit' on the trip," Isi replied. They sat up and then leaned their arm against Sascha's. He rested his head on Sascha's shoulder. "About what?" "About us," Isi explained. Uncertainly, he bit his tongue. "Weren't you afraid it might go wrong?" she wanted to know. Then Sascha thought about it. Thoughtfully, he stroked Isi's hand. "Yes, I was," he said. "But now ... now I'm not afraid any more." "Honestly?" Sascha nodded. "It would have hurt me much more if we had decided to be just friends."

    "Me too," Isi admitted. Sascha smiled in relief. "We probably wouldn't have been able to stand it anyway." Isi laughed softly as she stroked Sascha's hand.

    At some point, Sascha reached for his mobile phone to check the time. His alarm clock was not working yet, he had simply been too lazy to buy new batteries.

    "It's almost midnight," he reported and looked out of the window. He could see the moon.

    "You know what I'd like to do again sometime?" Sascha looked at Isi with interest. "A night walk like that." Sascha smiled meaningfully. "We could do that now." Isi smiled enthusiastically. "Seriously?" Sascha nodded. "Yes, seriously." Isi approached the boy so she could kiss him. Without hesitation, Sascha returned the kiss with a grin.

    And when Isi broke away again, she looked at Sascha with a smile. "Put on a cap right now." "Do I really have to?" pouted Sascha. "I'm sure it's not that cold." Isi shook her head stubbornly and ruffled Sascha's hair. "Yes. Your ears always turn red so quickly when you're cold." Sascha rolled his eyes with a smile and pressed a kiss to Isi's nose. "Fine, okay."

    As a reward, Isi kissed the boy again.


    Ten minutes later, the two were outside and walking across the courtyard. They could have walked through the city, of course, but Berlin could sometimes be a bit scary at night. And they didn't want to risk that.

    The snow crunched pleasantly beneath them. Isi loved that sound. It was really damn cold. But that didn't really bother the two of them.

    Smiling, hand in hand, they walked through the snow-covered little garden. When they reached the small wooden iron bench, they sat down. Sascha rested his head on Isi's shoulder while Isi ran his hand through his hair. The conifer was still lit; Isi's mum had left the fairy lights hanging, but wanted to bring them back in soon.

    Silently they listened to the sounds. They couldn't hear very much, just the wind, an owl in between and the rustling of the leaves. Fortunately, the sky was cloudless, so they could look at the stars and the moon.

    At some point, after a few minutes, Isi got his heart together. "Sasha?"

    "Huh?" Sascha raised his head and looked at Isi, waiting.

    "Can I tell you something?" asked Isi, almost a little shyly. She played with the white ring on her finger. Sascha nodded. "Sure."

    "I ..- well, um-" Sascha grinned slightly. It was adorable when Isi was this shy and awkward. "What I'm actually saying is ... I like you. I like you, Sascha. For quite a long time now. I just never knew how to tell you that. I was afraid because I didn't understand what those feelings were. And I was afraid to tell you because I didn't want to lose you. I tried to suppress it, and that's why I never said anything. But I never stopped feeling anything. They got stronger and stronger as time went on and I had no plan what to do. That's why I hung out with Lou so much, thinking that eventually the feelings would just go away. But then, when we argued, I realised how much I actually need you. I didn't realise that I had started to drift away from you when I was with Lou and Constantin all the time. And I was so scared. I was so fucking scared to admit that I liked you because I just didn't want to lose you."

    Sascha could feel a warm feeling in his chest. Smiling, he lowered his eyes and stared at Isi's hands. Then he reached for Isi's left hand.

    "I like you too, Isi. For three years, to be exact. I really didn't know what it was for a long time and it scared the hell out of me. Remember that snowball fight three years ago, on the 24th?" Isi nodded. Then Sascha continued talking: "That day I understood that I didn't just want to be friends with you. I wanted much more, but I was afraid of ruining our friendship. But then, when you met Lou, it became much more intense. I never really understood you and Lou. I don't know, I thought I should be happy for you that you were getting along so great with her, but it just bugged me. It really bothered me and I didn't want you two to get together. Ava also said that I should just talk to you about it, but I never knew how to bring it up. It just caught me off guard. I couldn't do anything about it. You were just you and every second I started wishing you wanted me as much as I wanted you."

    Isi's eyes lit up with joy, and Sascha loved it.

    Gently, Isi went over Sascha's head with her right hand. Then he pulled off his green cap. He lovingly tousled Sascha's hair.

    "I want you, Sascha.", Isi said softly, it was almost a whisper. "I want this, us."

    Sascha's heart sped up. And then he had to smile happily.

    Slowly, Isi leaned forward to kiss Sascha.

    This kiss was somehow different from all the other kisses they had shared before. The kiss was good and right, but above all it was one of love.

    Maybe, just maybe, Sascha began to think, true love did exist. Maybe it grew with patience and time, like a plant. Love has to be nurtured so that it can stay alive.

    And when Sascha detached himself, he looked at Isi with a small, amorous smile. Now was a good moment. Now Sascha felt ready.

    "I love you, Isi." He said it so softly, as if these words were meant for Isi alone.

    Isi smiled. Then he approached the boy until their noses could touch. They both closed their eyes. Gently, Isi reached for Sascha's with his left hand and placed his right in Sascha's neck. Gently, Sascha nudged Isi's nose and Isi lovingly nudged back.

    All this with him felt absolutely right. The kisses, the tender touches. The way they teased each other. The way they looked and smiled at each other every time.

    Isi was sure of it. He was in love with Sascha. She loved this boy and she never wanted to share him with anyone else.

    And then Isi could only listen to her heart. "I love you, Sascha."

    So they kissed again.

    They kissed under the starry night sky and the stars seemed to shine more intensely today. It seemed as if the stars were shining only for Isi and Sascha today.

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    We love girlfriends with a height difference

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    I reblogged this gif set today.

    And I just thought about how this one

    always seems so soft and kind and has the biggest sad puppy dog energy.

    And then I remembered a tiny (literally!) detail from an insta post of his and yeah… he is a normal teenager like all the others. 😅

    Sure, Sascha. Just look at Isi with these big puppy eyes while drawing dicks. It worked in the end, I’m not judging.

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    If we get an Ava season I want different writers. I want writers who actually care about fatphobia, bullying and the consequences of it in a young girl. I want writers who stop excusing Isi and the instas for the things they did to Ava for the purpose of romance. I want writers who talk about the time she spent in the health center and how she recovered in Alaska. I want writers who don't force Ava to hang out with people she didn't felt confortable at all for two seasons. I want writers who focus on her and give a healthy environment to be in.

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    Next section

    "Have any of you seen my shoe?"

    It was still quite dark and Isi was hopping helplessly on one foot. Her second shoe had disappeared. He could hear Josh yawning loudly. "Nah, sorry," he said sleepily. "Me neither, sorry Isi." said Finn, who had already crawled back under his thin blanket. "Was safe 'n fox.", Finn mused with a laugh. Isi groaned in annoyance. "Whoever's got it dude, I'll shoot it." "Do you mind if I leave you alone for now? I'm going to walk around a bit," Josh said. "Nah, it's cool," Finn replied.

    And then Josh trotted off.

    Isi gave a half-hearted yawn, then lay back in the car and joined Finn.

    Tired, the two of them closed their eyes.

    Finn heaved a sigh of relief. "It really is the end of the world here," he mused and opened his eyes. Isi opened her eyes too and squinted over at Finn. She couldn't help thinking about yesterday. About the conversation, about breaking up, about Finn and Zoe, but most of all about Sascha. "Are you still thinking about Zoe?" asked Isi cautiously. Finn took a few seconds before answering. "A bit," he admitted. "It's just complicated."

    A question burned on Isi's tongue. Actually, they didn't want to talk about it, but maybe it helped. She really wanted to stop repressing all worries and fears. He had repressed so many things that had been weighing him down for far too long. "Tell me ... how did you actually realise you were in love with her?"

    Isi knew she had feelings for Sascha. But was she also in love? After all, there was a difference between having a crush and being in love.

    Finn smiled slightly. "I always smiled when I thought about her."

    Isi secretly thought that was really cute. "Cute." Finn chuckled softly. "Mmm. My mum thought I was on drugs."

    "Weren't you afraid of losing your friendship with her?", Isi then wanted to know.

    Finn thought about it for a moment. "Hm," he began, "I think I thought about it for a moment, but ..." Then Finn frowned in confusion. "Why do you ask?"

    Embarrassed, Isi averted his eyes. Nervously, he bit his tongue. They exhaled softly. "I just had the same thing with a friend of mine," they admitted quietly. "With who?" asked Finn with interest. Isi was silent for a moment. Then she looked at Finn uncertainly. "With Sascha." Finn didn't answer. He looked at Isi, waiting. So Isi kept talking, "We kissed on Friday ... and now I kind of don't know what's going to happen with us." Isi was more scared than he wanted to admit. Finn was starting to get why Isi was so depressed. "Fuck, you're relating everything to you and Sascha right now, aren't you? Isi, please don't do that!" he said directly to calm them down. "I'm just questioning everything right now because I'm in a bad mood. I don't regret the relationship with Zoe at all, it just doesn't work with us anymore. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try with Sascha!" In Isi's eyes Finn could see something like hope. "Really?" Finn nodded. "Isi, don't be afraid to tell Sascha that you like him."

    Isi paused for a moment, and then she dared to smile a little.

    Her mobile vibrated, and when he saw that Sascha had texted him, he smiled even more. He quickly opened WhatsApp and clicked on the chat with Sascha.

    💛 Good morning

    The car door opened again. Josh was back, and he had found Isi's shoe. Isi grinned gratefully and reached for the shoe. "Yo, thanks dude." "It was next to a foxhole," Josh replied with a laugh. Isi quickly put the shoe on. Then she took out her mobile phone and started typing.

    Good morning 💜

    Back home around noon. I look forward to seeing you ☺️

    It didn't take long for Sascha to start writing.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you, too 🙈 By the way, there's snow here, it snowed during the night

    Isi put her mobile phone aside and closed her eyes again.

    And then he had to smile. He was looking forward to seeing Sascha again.

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